A Haunting in Cawdor (2015) Script


[Bus Driver] Last stop, Cawdor.

(bus engine running)

Subrip by DanDee

(train horn blowing)

(wind howling)

[First Witch] Beware the man that swings from the rafters!

[Second Witch] Beware the man that swings.

[Third Witch] Beware!

[First Witch] Who never lets go, can't let go, beware!

(eerie music)

[Vivian] Have you been here long?

Not really.

Maybe awhile, I'm not sure.

Feels like I've been here forever, my ride will be here soon though.

Where are you going?

Not far, the Cawdor Barn Theater.

I love the theater.

Something really special about it, don't you think?

I've never been to the theater, it's just something that I have to do.

You'll like it.

Oh, my ride really needs to hurry up, I'm tired of waiting.

I'm tired of waiting.

(sobbing) Hey, are you okay?

(cans clanging)

[Roddy] Morning, Miss!

Good day for collecting cans, huh?

You just get off the bus?

Uh yeah, yeah.

All right, well welcome to Cawdor.

Nice having you in town, you visiting friends?

No, working, at The Barn Theater?

Oh, The Barn Theater, that's such a great place.

It's been here as long as I can remember.

But, you know, I always stop in there and say hi, they really like me.

You know what, I'll come by and visit you.

Who are you?

I'm Roddy.


You going home after?


Nope, no, there is no home.

(car honking)

Oh, that's my ride.

See ya later, Vivian.

Wait, Roddy, did you see where that girl...


Vivian, I am so sorry, I am so behind.

(wind howling)

(soft piano music)

¶ When the night speaks far in the corridor

¶ Asleep, the wind, lullaby baby dear

¶ Here in the dark, this lullaby

¶ La la la, la la la ¶

(song distorts and fades)

(blows whistle) Everybody, tighten it up!

Eyes front, roll call!

You hear your name, I wanna hear a yes sir!

Lance Cole.

Yes, sir.

[Charles] Brian Daly.


I said I wanna hear a yes sir, you get it right!

Yes, sir.

Gary Baines.

Yes, sir.

Michael Cross.

Yes, sir!

Neil Stams.


Tina Bailey.

Yes, sir.

Mackenzie Cane.

Yes, sir!

Teri Welles.

Yes, sir.

Lisa LaFontaine.

Yes, sir.

Vivian Miller.

Yes, sir.

Okay, I wanna introduce you to the Camp Coordinator and Theater Owner, Mr. Lawrence O'Neil.

Thank you, Chuck.

Welcome to The Barn Theater.

Because you've earned enough points for good behavior from the camps you were are, we were able to strike a deal with your Probation Officers for you to complete your phase three work release program here.

Now as you've probably surmised, this place is not like any other camp.

In fact, we don't even like to call it a camp.

The State does mandate that we run it like one.

I won't lie to you, there's tough chores ahead, and you will need to continue your GED studies while under our supervision.

In between, we will put on a stage play for the locals which falls under the category of behavioral therapy.

Now it's a special year, an anniversary.

After 20 long years, we're gonna do a play that's close to my heart.

Superstition says that we never say its name in the theater, instead, we refer to it as The Scottish Play.

Participation is mandatory, and you will get to perform dual roles as well as rotate backstage duties.

A word about security.

I want you to look around you.

Go ahead, look.

As you can see, there are no fences here.

No barbed wire, no watchtower.

That's because they're not necessary.

We're over 20 miles from the nearest town, you will be caught, so put the idea of escape out of your minds.

Our staff, Mr. Kosack will be in charge of your work duties, Mr. Seals, head of our studies, and I of course run the theater program.

Make the most of your time here and it will pass quickly.

Mr. Kosack will now give you your orientation.

Thank you, Chuck.

[Charles] What, Brian?

I've never really acted before.

I'll chip in here, fundraise or something, I could maybe sell some weed.

It's kinda how I came to be here.

I'll bet you're a fine actor.

Shit, you've been acting like a fucking asshole for a long time, right?

Unlike the courts, we don't do a three strikes and you're out around here.

One rule violation and you're gone.

The judge will double your time.

You will be behind bars until the snow flies next Christmas, any questions?


Seriously, I'm no actress, so what am I supposed to do?

Well, you can address me as Sir, little girl, and when it comes time for the play you can stand in the back and be a fucking tree.

I don't really care.

Meantime, you can clean the shitters.

Now let me be perfectly clear.

I can't make you do anything you don't want to do, but I can make you wish you had.

Trust me.

Let's go!

(dramatic music)

Welcome to your new home for the next three months.

By day, it's a working scene shop for set building, we got your paint room, my tools which will be locked up, and by night you got your sleeping quarters.

Big curtain on the ceiling comes down every night for a little privacy.

Men over there, women on this side.


It's gonna get cold pretty soon, you got any heaters to keep it warm?

We got some space heaters if it gets too cold.

Some barn fans for some air flow.

Up at 6 AM for roll call, calisthenics, breakfast, and then the fun begins.

Paintings, grounds striders, (creaking) set building, and rehearsals for Macbeth.

[Tina] Thought that was bad luck.

Ah, that's just theater folk.

I apprenticed at Chino State Prison.

We didn't worry about no Shakespeare curse up in there.

Moving on!

(dramatic music)

All right, everybody grab a seat.

All right.

Back there, dressing room for the guys, women's on the opposite side, got lockers and showers inside.

TV room for a couple hours after dinner for fun.

No cable, but all the plays we've ever done on DVD.


With cable down here, you little shits would never leave.

It's a couple hours after dinner and then lights out.

Ladies, stay put.

Men, follow me.

Come on, all right, let's go.

Let's go, let's go!

All right.

Your name, padlock, and key are on your locker, lose your key, you run a couple extra miles in the morning.

If I catch you stealing, I call your probation officer after I kick your sorry ass.


You feel me?

Work clothes are in your locker.

Dress and be out front in 15.

Man, love that guy!

Dude, he'd just as soon shiv ya as look at ya.

Chino State Prison, man, he'll mess you up.

Go get him, man, we'll all be right behind you.


Big slow bastard, wouldn't know what hit him.

Cool down, sweetheart, or it's gonna be a long three months.


All right, dress and be out front in 10.

Well, we're not waking up from this nightmare anytime soon.

Let's go.


I think I need to get in there.

Oh, sorry.

No problem.

I don't think we've met yet.

I'm Tina.

Possession of a controlled substance and a DUI.

Hell of a night.

I'm Vivian.

What, no sharing your rap sheet?

Oh, shoplifting, I got caught one too many time.

Life in the big city.

(eerie music)

(loud bang)

(loud bang)

(ghostly whispers)

Number 10, late!

Sorry, sir.

Okay, work details.

On this board each morning, start your day looking at it.

It's already past noon, be a short one today.

All right, dinner bell rings at 6 PM, after that Mr. O'Neil will talk to you about the show and tomorrow's auditions.

Okay, find your job, get to work!

Let's go!

Brush clearing?

Bunch of shit.

What the hell are you bitching about, me and Vivian gotta clean toilets.

Well ladies, you get bored in there, I could entertain you.

Oh dream on!

Let's go.

(wood chipper running)

Don't stand there, dummy, it's dangerous!

Pay attention, huh?

All right, there's the wood pile.

I want you to finish that before dinner.

You're kidding, anything else?

Yeah, watch out for snakes.

(wood chipper revs)


Supplies are here.

Mmmm, I'm gonna go check out the girl's bathroom.

I'll be right back.

(door opening)

(stall doors opening and closing)

[Roddy] Hey!

(laughing) What are you doing here?

I told you, I come by here sometimes, I saw your name on the board and, you know, saw where they put you.

I'm sorry, are you okay?


Anyway, hi.


Kind of stinks in here.

It wasn't me.

Yeah, well I've cleaned worse.

Roddy, maybe you shouldn't hang around, Charles might not like visitors.

They like me here, it's all good.

When did you work here?

(wood chipper running)

You know what, I don't wanna get you in trouble.


Charles might be off his meds.


I'll be around this Fall.

Now I got a reason to visit.



Help me please, help me!


Hurry, it's Brian!

[Charles] What the hell happened?!

Goddamn chipper!

Almost chewed me up is what happened!

I told you, you gotta pay attention.

You're lucky I saw you and hit that kill switch.

Could have had Brian chips all over.


It's not funny!

I nearly died!

Goddamn chipper tried to kill me.

Okay guys, hang back.

Ladies first.

Our meals are a little different here than what you get in Juvie.

This is food you can actually eat.

Go ahead.

Tonight, we got beef stroganoff, fresh lake trout, some kind of vegetable, strawberry shortcake.

I got my eye on you.

(classical music)

Well what kind of group we got this year?

Eh, nothing I can't handle.

Eyes front!

[Lawrence] Let's see what these kids are made of.

All right, who here...

Has heard of William Shakespeare?



Well William Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest playwright known to mankind.

In fact, every 12 minutes one of his plays is being performed somewhere in the world.

Now why is that, hmm?


400 years ago, he was writing about things that still matter, that still resonate today.

War, sex, violence, betrayal, ambition, lust, murder.

Things that I'm sure some of you can relate to.


Now this play...

This play is about a man's...

Ultimate quest for power.

And his wife's driving ambition to achieve their dreams at any cost.

It's perhaps the most violent of his plays and includes all the things I just mentioned including witchcraft.


Which accounts for the superstition associated with the play.

Now I don't want you to be intimidated by the text.

Don't overanalyze it, okay?

All the answers you need are right there on the page.

Now of course if you have any questions, you can always come to me or to Frank.

We'll be happy to help you.

I will bend and twist you band of misfits and delinquents into the most marvelous characters ever written for the stage.

We start tomorrow, so hit the script, and I'll see you all in the morning, okay?


[Charles] Okay, wrap it up!

Lights out at nine.

Hey, we're all gonna go watch old plays in the TV room, wanna come?


So on a scale of one to 10, how bad do you think this run's gonna be in the morning?


[Brian} Uhh, Man of La Mancha?

[Lance] No!


[Brian] A Flea in Her Ear!

[Lance] Oh sweet Jesus, no!

[Brian] Richard the Third.

[Tina] Oh come on, blech!

Yeah, here we go, crazy kids, stabbing horses, nudity!

Equus it is!

[Voiceover] Have you never seen a DVD player before?

You know (mumble).

[Tina] Okay, all right.


This one particular horse called Nugget, he embraces.

The animal digs his snout into his cheek, and in the dark.

[Melissa] (on TV screen) Take your sweater off.

[Kevin] (on TV screen) What?

I will if you will.

(eerie music)

(door lock clicks)

(ghostly whispers)

I put it in her.


(door creaks open)

(whispers intensify)

[Voiceover] (on TV screen) He was in the way.

[Kevin] (on TV screen) No!

No more!

No more!

Equus, thou God seeth nothing!


Kill me, kill me, kill me!

[Tina] Well that was some fucked up shit.

(laughing) Yeah.

So 'cause the guy couldn't get it on with the girl, he just stabbed the horse's eyes out?

It's not that simple.

Religion and God and sex are all mixed up for the kid, plus he saw his old man coming out of a porno show, that'd give anybody limp dick.


You're smarter than you look.


Hey big boy, that was a compliment.

Hey Mackenzie, walk with me and I'll show you exactly how smart I am.

Let's go!

Charles'll be busting our chops soon anyway.

(laughs) All right, well I'm hitting the hay.

Ha, no pun intended.

Me and the comedian are gonna get out of here.

Goodnight, Vivian.

Yeah, I get it.

You don't like me.

But maybe you're frigid?

You don't know me.

I know your type.

The hot girl, thinks she's better than everybody else.

Thinks that perfect guy is going to come along and take her away from her shitty life.

Well that guy don't want you, you're damaged goods.

You say you're in here for shoplifting?

I say bullshit!

Whatever you really did, you better get used to guys like me 'cause I'm all you're gonna get.

(dramatic music)

Macbeth, 1994.

(thunder booming) Help me!

Help me, Vivian!

(gate slams shut)

Jesus, Roddy, what the hell?

That's how my mother used to greet me.

Sorry, I just, you surprised me, but what are you doing here?

I was looking for some part time work, but I think Lawrence is already in bed, so I'm just gonna have to keep coming back.

[Charles] (blows whistle) Hey!

You two in the bushes!

Knock it off, lights out!

I think that's my "cue".

(laughs) You get it, 'cause we're, 'cause it's a theater, right?

Because in the th.

(footsteps approaching)

Come on, Vivian.

You follow the rules like everybody else.

Didn't you hear my whistle?

Yes, sorry, I just, I lost track of time.

(gate closes) What was that?

Okay, Vivian.

Hey, just do what you're told, these next three months will fly right by, okay?


Okay, now get.

(static sounds)

[Mackenzie] (sharp inhale) Oh, you are bad.

Real bad.

[Lance] Shhh.

(door lock clicks)

(eerie noises) (ghostly whispers)

[Vivian] No, stop please!

[Charles] (blows whistle) Okay smokeys!

Rise and shine!

Time for the morning run, get that blood flowing, huh?!

(blows whistle multiple times)

[Tina] We're up!

Come on, I want to see those feet on the ground, that's it, ladies, now you see how it works!

(blows whistle) Come on, wakie wakie!

I stop blowing when I see all your pretty feet on the ground!

You'll always blow!

(blows whistle loudly)


Did you just shit me?

You don't give me shit!

I give you shit!

Now drop and give me 10!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine, nine, nine, 10!

Suit up for roll call!

(blows whistle) Come on, assholes, try and keep up, let's go!

(dramatic music)

Can I help you?

Mr. O'Neil.


Good morning, I'm Doctor Lazarus.

Oh, hi.

I wanted to talk to you about a woman in your care, Vivian Miller?


This'll only take a few minutes.

Yeah, come on in my office. Thanks.

Where did you drive in from?

Oh, Ann Arbor.

Oh, nice.

Beautiful place here.

Thank you.

Excuse the mess, I wasn't expecting visitors.

Where would you like me?

Sofa is fine.

Want some coffee?

Yeah, that'll be great, thanks.

Milk, sugar?

Black please.

A Tony Award.

Oh, heh.

Pretty heady stuffy, you must have been the toast of Broadway.

Well for a moment.

You know what they say.

You're only as good as your last hit.

Three straight bombs and your table at Sardi's is gone.

In fact, you're lucky to get a table at the Carnegie Deli with three bombs in a row.

Yup, Broadway loves a winner, but it crosses on the other side of the street for a loser.

You know what most people don't understand is that art can be like, like a popularity contest, you know?

You do what you feel is your best work, love what you do, but if the audience doesn't show up then you're out of a job.

Most people don't work under those conditions.

But enough about me, you're here about Vivian.

I've been her Psychiatrist for six years the entire time she's been locked up.

I thought it'd be best if I gathered some info for you.

What is it exactly that you do here?

Oh, we focus mainly on behavioral therapy, psychodrama, we get the kids to act out their issues on stage and break their bad habits, form better relationships, and hopefully in the process broaden their horizons a little.

We feel if we've gotten through to at least one of them that we've accomplished something.

Do you know what Vivian was in for?

No, I haven't gotten to her file yet.


She was 15, abuse was going on.

Got a plea deal down to Manslaughter, but she's been in and out of psych wards ever since.

The court request that I meet with Vivian on a regular basis to review how she's doing before the release.

I'd like to see Vivian right now if it's okay.

Yeah, sure, should just be finishing up her run.


Oh come on!

Vivian, someone here wants to speak with you.

Hi, Doctor Lazarus.

Can we talk once you've cleaned up?

[Charles] You filthy pig!

Sure, yeah, after breakfast in the Dining Hall?

Dining Hall is right through those double doors, Doc.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

[Charles] Breakfast in half an hour!

Ladies, your auditions are today!

Men, your duties are on the board!

How you holding up?

I'm getting too old for this shit.

You and me both.

So there any lady queens in this group?

We've got a few queens in this group, if you know what I mean.


Why don't you go shower up and I'll see you after breakfast.


Kind of noisy last night, weren't you?

What are you talking about?

Like shooting fish in a barrel around here.

So guess your aim is off then.

You didn't shoot nothing, right?

[Gary] Or he's shooting blanks.


Kiss my ass, bee-yatch!

So did you hear about the first screw?

Yeah, we know it was Lance, we're just trying to narrow down the ho.

Yeah, my money's on Mackenzie.

Oh well, we'll figure it out.

It's gonna be a long 90 days, hmm?

[Jeanette] (ghostly wail) Help me!

(classical music)


It's good to see you, Vivian.

How's this place treating you?

It's better than a normal camp, I guess.

You look tired, are you getting enough sleep?

A little.


I think I need to be back on my meds though.

Okay, I left some with Mr. O'Neil.

A small dose, I want to start weening you off of it.

No no, I need to be on my regular dose.

Is the OCD getting worse?

No, it's not, it's not, it's not getting worse, it's just, it's there, you know?

What else?

I've been hearing things.

What kind of things?

Things that may not be real?

Okay, like what?

Well earlier by my locker there was this tapping sound.

Are you sure there's no construction going on upstairs, maybe sets being built?

Yeah, maybe there was, but then I swear I heard a voice.

What'd the voice say?

It asked for help.


Anything else?

Yeah, just yesterday at the bus depot, I saw this girl and she was just so different, it was like I knew her somehow?

Where from?

I don't know, I'm probably wrong, never mind.

You know Vivian, you had a real tough time not too long ago.

I really feel that our time together has improved your situation, I'm not saying that there's not work left.

But I agree with the court, in less than

90 days you can re-enter society, live a normal life.

I'll never be normal.

You will.

I feel that the anxiety or stress of your transitioning from the juvenile then prison system are causing these problems.

You'll be okay, I promise.

You'll be okay, Vivian.

Hey, who's the stiff?

Proby Officer?

Yeah, kind of.

So do you wanna look over this Lady Macbeth chick, 'cause she was kinda bat-shit crazy.


Morning everyone, sorry I'm late.

Ladies, front and center.

Okay, I take it all of you have read the play and none of you understood a word, right?

I remember the first time I read Shakespeare, I felt the same way.

I promise you, it'll get easier with time, all right?

You guys ready to do this?


All right, let's have some fun.


All right Chuck, who's first?

[Charles] Mackenzie, front and center.

Okay, Mackenzie, let me give you the setting.

We are in the Scottish moors sometime in the 11th century.

Do you know what period that is?

It was a long time ago, I get it.

This Macbeth dude was all.

Stop stop stop stop stop, outside, let's go.

[Charles] Everyone out, let's get, let's go!

Come on, let's go, let's go!

Come on, come on, ladies, outside!

(suspenseful music)

[Lawrence] Come on, outside, outside, come on.

All right, once, twice, thrice.

Now spit.


Just do it, spit on the ground.

Just do it.

All right, now curse.


Because it's the only known remedy for saying the play's name in the theater, curse, go on.

This is fucking bullshit!

Good enough, okay, inside, inside.

Thank you, Chuck.

And don't do it again!

The curse can only be kept back so long if you keep summoning it, okay?

Okay, Mackenzie.

The lady queen is the devilish wife of our hero and her deadly ambition drives him to murder so that he can be king and she can be queen.

Subsequently, their murders drive her to madness.

Now let me ask you something, Mackenzie.

Have you ever wanted anything in life so badly that you would go to any extreme to get it?


This one time.

No no, don't tell us, don't tell us.

Use the secret inside of you.

If you share too much, you lose all that magic and power, you understand?

Just use the words, okay?

Whenever you're ready.

I have given suck and know how tender

'tis to love the babe that milks me.

I would, while it was smiling in my face, have plucked my nipple.

Um, okay, okay, hold it right there.

Chuck, if I could have all the ladies on stage please.

Life happens from the inside and leaves you from your pores.

It's the same with acting.

You absorb it inside and only then can we see the affect outside.


Never say result.

I'm sorry, what's your name again?


Thank you, Tina, how did you feel about Mackenzie's reading?

It sucked.

Fuck you.

Okay, Mackenzie, how did that make you feel when she said that?

You feel what, regret?


Embarrassment, anger?


Same things I feel every time I look in the mirror in the morning.

That's oozing out of your pores right now.

That's what we want, don't act, be.


You all have the potential to do something great, you just feel it inside, use it.

Don't fight it, just let it be.

You have a very expressive face, you're very free.

Give it another shot?

Okay, all right, Chuck, who's next?

[Charles] Teri.

[Lawrence] Okay, Teri, let's give it a go.

I have given suck, and know how tender

'tis to love the babe that milks me.

I would, while it was smiling in my face, have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums and dashed the brains out had I so sworn as you have done to this.

Okay, Teri, you have just told your husband you would pull your newborn baby off your nipple, while it was still feeding, and kill it by smashing its skull.

I want you to go back and look at that sense with that in mind, okay?

Thank you.

All right Chuck, next please.

Vivian, front and center.

Okay Vivian, whenever you're ready.

Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts.

Unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe, top-full of direst cruelty; make thick my blood, stop up the access, and passage to remorse that no compunctious visitings of nature shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between the effect and it.

Come to my woman's breasts and take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers, wherever in your sightless substances you wait on nature's mischief.

That was...

That was very good, Jeannette.

Vivian, sir.

Oh, Vivian, I meant Vivian.


Chuck, give me a moment here please.

What's going on?


Not here, Tess, let's talk outside, okay?

Come on, let's talk outside.

You're really gonna do this play again?

Are you sick?

Have you finally snapped?

No I haven't.

I need to open this up, we need to open this up.

Nothing needs to be opened up.


I forbid you to do it.

What are you talking about forbid, you're not in any position to forbid anything.

You know the agreement, I keep creative control here.

You're gonna cast that young girl as the queen, aren't you?

Yeah, I think so.

Because you're fucking her?

Hey, that is way out of line!

I maintain a professional relationship with these kids and you know that!

Like the kind you had with Jeannette?

Are you gonna drag that up again?!

Nothing happened, all right?!

She just had an infatuation with me, that's all!

This play is cursed, Larry!

Oh come on, that's just superstition.

It cursed us!

We can't keep living in the past, Tess.

We need new memories.

I need to do this.

Okay, Larry.

But what's done cannot be undone.

We're all going to regret this.

(dramatic music)

(car revs)

[Vivian] Jeanette.

(eerie music)

(thunder booming) Please, Vivian!

Find me!

Help me!

(thunder booming)

(dramatic sting)

Help me, Vivian.

I want you to know I'm not a big fan of medication.


Well they tend to dull your senses.

You read very well the other day.

This is an important role for you.

Why do you say that?

Because of all the things you're holding onto inside.

What do you mean?

Doctor Lazarus told me everything.



Wanna talk about it?


How am I supposed to get through to you, Vivian, if you don't let me inside?

The whole point of this process is to get you guys to lower your defenses.

It's all about honesty, sharing.

I can't help you if you don't help me.

You know, the theater is a lot like therapy.

You can express yourself and say things on stage that you don't get to do in real life.

You can show a side to yourself that even your best friends have never seen.

I don't have any best friends.

I know.

I think this part can give you a chance to communicate your feelings.

Let those demons go that torment you.

And they do torment you, don't they, Vivian?

I want you to know...

We can get through this together.

It's what I'm here for.

Thank you.

Can I go now?

Mmhm, sure.

[Charles] Hey George, you wanna take the ladies out for some yard work?

Men, go wait in the wings.

[George] Come on, girls, let's go.

Come on, move it!

Chuck, can you send Vivian Miller down here please?

As the queen, she needs to watch the auditions.

Let's go!

All right Chuck, who's first?

[Charles] Brian.

Just read any part.

Okay Brian, which part will you be reading?


Whenever you're ready.

What I believe I'll wail, what know believe and what I can redress, as I shall find the time to friend, I will.

What you have spoke, it may be so perchance.

This tyrant, whose sole name blisters our tongues, was once thought honest.

You have loved him well; he hath not touched you yet.

I am young, but something you may deserve of him through me and wisdom to offer up a weak, poor, innocent lamb, I appease an angry god.

Okay, thank you, Brian, that was very nice, thank you.

Was that it?


Did I get the part?

Well all the roles will be posted on the work board outside.

Shakespeare's shit.

I'm sorry, what did you say?

I said Shakespeare's shit!

Oh really?

Let me tell you something, Brian.

Shakespeare died over 300 years ago, but he's still being talked about today.

Who will remember you three minutes after you're dead, huh?

Will you have accomplished anything of any value or worth in your life?

The system and everybody else has given up on you, but I haven't, not yet.

All right Chuck, who's next?

(dramatic music)

(no audio)

(heavy breathing)



Open the damn door!

(laughs) About damn time.

Hey, take it easy!

Jesus, rough day at the castle?

You don't know the half of it.

What's up?

(new wave music)

[Charles] (PA system) Everybody to sleeping quarters, lights out in 10 minutes!

[Tina] You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I think I am.

[Tina] Wait up!

Gary, Teri...

Boy, you guys look guilty.

I know nothing.

Uh huh.

Goodnight, chuckle heads!

(dramatic music)

[First witch] Is this a dagger I see before me?

A dagger, a dagger.

The handle toward my hand?

Come, let me clutch thee.

(dramatic sting)

(toilet flushing)


(dramatic music)

Okay, okay.

(Vivian hyperventilating)

Okay okay okay.

What the hell happened, Vivian?

He was in my bed, he was wear...

He was wearing a cloak and he was choking me.

Who was it?

I don't know.

How did anyone get in here?

Couldn't have.

No goddamn way.

Who did this?!

All right, everybody back in bed!


Put her to bed.

[Lance] How now, what news?

He has almost sucked, why have you left the chamber?

Hath he asked for me?

Know you not he has?

We will proceed no further in this business.

He hath honored me of late.

Whoa, wait, wait, hold on guys, hold on.




Where's our sound cue?

[Charles] Gary called it.

Come on, guys!

Pay attention!

[Lawrence] What's going on?

There's something wrong with the deck.

There's no power.

How long will it take you to fix it?

It's gonna be a few minutes for sure.

All right Chuck, let's take five.

May I get some water, sir?

[Charles] Yeah, two minutes.


Roddy, you can't sneak up on me like that!

Well I can't stay long.

I just, you know, wanted to say hi.

It's been a little while.

Yeah, I thought you were gonna get some part time work here and hang out some more.

Why, you miss me?

Well I, no, it's just that I.

Relax, I'm kidding.

Nah, they don't need me.

It kind of pisses me off, I mean I wanted to hang out here more.

Looks like you're playing the lead.


Lawrence is the greatest, he's the best teacher.

[Lawrence] Places everyone!


Listen, I actually, I need to get back, I don't want Lawrence to get mad.

This play is so much fun, but I'll see you.

We have got to call the electrician.

We need this fixed by tomorrow.

Okay, I'm on it.

Let's get everybody up front.

Everybody, front and center!

Okay everyone, unfortunately the sound deck problem is actually a booth electrical problem.

It can't be fixed right away, so you're all excused.

I'm sure Mr. Kosack has some things to keep your minds occupied, thank you for a great day's work and we'll see you all tomorrow.

Okay, thank you.

[Charles] Okay everybody, in your work clothes, let's get some yard work in!

(group groaning)

Shut it, come on, let's go, let's go.

(eerie music)

(door creaking) (ghostly whispers)

(dramatic music)

[Lawrence] All the world's a stage.

And all the men and women are merely players.

There's magic in an empty theater.

All the possibilities.

Wouldn't you agree?

I know so little about the theater.

Only what you've taught me.

Well you know about life, don't you?


Isn't the unknown more exciting...

More intriguing than the known?

Sometimes, I guess.

It's why people think they can get up on the stage and entertain a thousand people at a time.

Make them laugh, make them cry.

Without ever knowing their name.

But you have to be willing to fail, take chances, be bold.

And bury your past in the theater.

Recreate yourself, start anew.

That's what I did.


I never really thought of it like that, I've always been afraid of what I didn't know.

I was the same way.

So how did you get out of your morning run?

I started in the back and just dropped off.

(chuckles) Well you must not be too afraid of life 'cause Chuck is gonna be on you like thunder when he finds out.

You know, actually I've been feeling kind of lightheaded.

Maybe I should go lay down.

I'll square it away with him.

Thank you.

(ghostly whispers)

(eerie music)

(music intensifies)


What the fuck are you doing?!


You are in deep trouble, young lady!

Skipping out on the run is a serious rule violation!

I did, I wasn't, I didn't feel.

[Lawrence] It's okay, Chuck.

I told her she could miss the run.

She wasn't feeling well.

Can we talk in my office?


So what's on your mind?


I've been here 20 years.

I owe you everything, we both know that.

And I've always backed you up.

It's just, I gotta tell you, I'm a little worried.

About what?

That kid has got some serious problems.

Come on, Chuck, they've all got serious problems, that's why they're here.

You really think it's a good idea to cast her in the role of a psychotic murderer?

Yeah, she gave the best reading.

You read her file, Larry.

You don't think that's kinda risky, putting her in that state of mind?

I mean look at her.

She looks like she's ready to crack.

That's the whole point, Chuck, is to get these kids to work through their trauma on the stage, remember?

I don't know, man.

I know what I'm doing, okay?


I mean, you're the boss.

Is there anything else?



See you at rehearsal.


[Lawrence] So we have the lady queen going slowly insane from the murders, she imagines that she cannot get rid of the blood stains on her hands which leads to her death by suicide, okay?

All right, you guys are ready?

Let's do this.

Places everyone!

Chuck, ready?

And lights up!

[Mike] Look how she rubs her hands.

And here is a spot.

Hark, she speaks!

I will write down what comes from her to satisfy my remembrance the more the better.


Damn spot, out I say!

One, two, why...

'Tis time to do it.

Hell is murky.

Fie, my lord, fie!

A solider and afeard?

What need we fear who knows it when none can call our power to account?

Yet, who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him?

(wire snaps) Move!

Holy shit!

Are you okay?

What was that?!

[Voiceover] Mike, are you all right?

[Lawrence] Stand back, stand back, stand back!

Are you all right?


You sure?

Yeah, I think so.

All right, let's get her to her feet.

Clear the stage please, everyone.

Chuck, deal with this.

[Charles] Where's the damn safety cable?

There's a first aid kit in the dressing room, you might wanna take a look at that.

(dramatic music)


(dramatic sting)

(dramatic music)

[Witches] Enter his world, Vivian.

You must enter his world.

You must enter his world.

[Group] Hey! (cheering)

Get your ass over here and have a drink.

All right.

[Mike] How you doing?

Better, thank you.

Glad I saw her coming!

Ha ha, ha ha ha, that's so funny.


So how do you do this, what do I do?

I just have it like this?


I can't...

[Tina] Aw, you're so close.

[Vivian] Oh, I did it!

[Mike] First try.

[Vivian] Oh my God, I bet I can't do it again.

I should not...

That's awesome.

Oh my God.

What the fuck, don't fucking touch me!

What, you've never been touched before?

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you! What the fuck is wrong?!

Get the fuck off me, Lance!

[Tina] Get out, asshole!

[Vivian] Get out of here!

Get the fuck out!

Fuck this place and fuck you!

[Vivian] Fuck you!

[Tina] You okay?

[Vivian] Yeah, I'm fine.

(eerie music)

[Charles] (PA system) Everybody to sleeping quarters, lights out in 10 minutes.

All right, come on.

Right here, right here right here.


(dramatic sting)

Where's Brian?



Anybody seen Brian?

[Group] No.

Not since dinner.

Damn it.

Okay, we gotta find him.

Let's go, let's go!

Two teams.

You guys go around the front, we'll go around the back.


(dramatic music)


Have you seen anything? No, nothing.

Get everybody inside right now.

(music intensifies)

Oh my God!

[Teri] He's not moving!


Oh my God.

What's going on?

Get inside right now, ladies, go go!

Oh my God!

Everybody get the fuck inside right now!

I'm not fucking around!

Guys, it's Brian.

What's going on? [Lance] Come on, come on!

What the fuck do you mean it's Brian?

[Neil] Lance!


I'll just be a minute.

[Witches] What's done cannot be undone.

What the fuck?

Jesus Christ.

(thunder booming)

(dramatic music)

Vivian, please help me, I'm so scared!

What's done cannot be undone.

What's done cannot be undone.

(music intensifies)

(thunder booming)

Vivian, you have to leave, he'll kill us both, you have to leave, Vivian!

(mumble) come on, we need to leave right now.

(mumble) Vivian, (mumble), oh my God!


Please, please just let me go, (mumble).

(gagging noises)

(thunder booming)


Let me in!

Open the door!

Let me in!

The hell do you want?

The police want to question you.


Brian's dead.

Oh my God.

I'm gonna lose everything.


They're gonna shut this place down.

I can't believe it.

After all that hard work...

For nothing.

This play is cursed.

Who killed Jeannette?


That poor, sweet girl.

You did it, didn't you?

You made me trust you and I haven't trusted a man in a really long time.

You killed her, you sick bastard!

You have an overactive imagination.

No, you called me Jeannette at my audition.

What, were you fucking her?!

You're not well, Vivian.

I'm gonna call Doctor Lazarus and have him come over right now.

Jeannette was murdered!

No she wasn't, she ran away.

You said no one could escape from here!

Well she did.


You are not telling me everything!

My whole world ended that day.


No, that is not possible, that is not possible, that is not possible!

For a long time I just went through the motions.

This year felt different, I felt alive.

I thought I could finally exorcise my demons and maybe help your exorcise yours.

No, no, Roddy is not dead!

He is not, I saw him and I talked to him and he was there, he was there at the bus stop, and he was there at the theater, you are lying, you are lying!

What are you talking about?!

You are lying!

My boy is dead!

He's dead! No he's not, no!

He killed himself.

No, no, no, no, no.

I cut him from the rafters myself.

He's dead.

No, no he's not!


He's right there, he's right there!

He killed Jeannette.

I loved Jeannette.

She loved him.

You all fall in love with him.


(sobs) I tried to breathe life into him, but I couldn't save him.

(sobs) No, I...


I couldn't save him.

[Roddy] Goodbye, father.

(suspenseful music)

[Witches] Is this a dagger I see before me?

A dagger, a dagger.

Come, let me clutch thee.

(music intensifies)

Okay, no no no, why won't you fucking work?

What's wrong with me, Vivian?

I just want to love a pretty girl.

But you all fall for him, my dad.

Oh my God, I don't love your fucking dad!

You shut up!

Don't you lie to me.

It's too late for that.

You're just like Jeannette, aren't you?

I have a lot to offer.

I mean I'm just as good as Lawrence, all I ever needed was a chance.

Then let Jeannette go.

Roddy, just stop, just stop killing her.

You keep playing the tape!

You're making me kill her!

Now it's your turn.

Vivian, I can kill you here or in my world with Jeannette.

The choice is yours.

What's done cannot be undone.


Damn you!

(thunder booming)


Vivian, he's coming!



Why won't you love me?!

You're just like her!

Why won't you love me?!



(clenched screaming)



(angelic choir music)

Charles, I found her, she's on the stage!


George, call 911!


(police radio feed)

Twice in one day?

What the hell is going on around here?

I don't know, I...

Is she taking any medication?

Yes, but under supervision.

Have you been drinking, sir?

A little, yeah, why?

Okay, we're gonna have to forget about tomorrow's sit down, Mr. O'Neil.

You need to come to the station right now.

Nobody leaves!

I want a statement from everybody, lock this place down now!

Detective, we have a video camera.

[Jones] I don't know, tag it.

Whoa whoa whoa, who are you?

I'm Vivian's doctor.

What are you treating her for?


She's been severely abused for years.

My God, was she attacked?

[EMT] I've done a rapid trauma exam and found no severe lacerations on her body.

She's unconscious, but her vitals are stable.

[Jones] Doctor, please, I need to ask you a few questions.

I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault.

I gotta go.

(dramatic music)

(heart monitor beeping)

[Charles] Candace Malone.

[Candace] Here, sir.

[Charles] Natasha Gloden.

[Natasha] Here, sir.

Franklin Lee?

[Franklin] Here, sir.

[Charles] Theater Owner and Camp Coordinator Lawrence O'Neil.

Good morning.

Welcome to The Barn Theater.

My name is Lawrence O'Neil.

Because you've earned enough points for good behavior from the camps you were at, we were able to strike a deal with the courts and your probation...

We're just going through the tape again one more time.

I don't know, I just don't think there's anything on it.

Okay, bye.


[Taylor] Just static.

[Jones] It's a cold case then.

[Taylor] Yes, sir.

(dramatic sting) (thunder booming)

Subrip by DanDee

(soft piano music)

¶ When the night speaks far in the corridor

¶ Sleep, the wind, lullaby baby dear

¶ Here in the dark, this lullaby

¶ La la la, la la la

¶ La la la, la la la

¶ La la la, la la la

¶ La la ¶

(electronic synthesizer music)

¶ Memories burn, bruises fade

¶ I want to purge all possessions

¶ It's hard to clean up messes

¶ And if we lose all connections

¶ Will you hold on to me sweetly

¶ On to me sweetly

¶ I can make room for this moment ¶