A Horrible Way to Die (2010) Script

Man: l must've- I must've dozed off or something. l apologize. Watch your head. Watch your- I'm sorry.

Ready, one, two, let's go.

You're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be fine.

Just relax.

Hi guys. My name's Craig. I'm an aIcohoIic.

Group: Hi Craig.

Today is my five-year anniversary.

That's five years of sobriety.

Um, you know, I know a few of you are just getting started with this thing. l just wanted you to know it does get easier. lt never ends.

Uord knows it never ends.

But if you stick with it, it does get easier.

And believe me, if I can do it, then so can you.

That's all l wanted to say.

Thank you, Craig. And congratulations again.

On that note, I think there's someone else here who has an anniversary that they need to celebrate today. Am I right?


Oh, um... hi.

I'm Sarah. And I'm an aIcohoIic.

Group: Hi Sarah.

This isn't- it's not really as big a deal as Craig's. lt's just l'm three months today.

Sarah, is there anything eIse you'd Iike to say?

No, that's all.

No? Okay, weII, unless anyone else has anything they'd Iike to share, l guess we're done here.


Group: Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference, living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, accepting hardships as a pathway to peace.


Thank you.


Hey Sarah. Hi.

Hey. Kevin.

Yeah, Kevin. Kev-

That's right. l just wanted to come say congratuIations. lt's a really big deal. You should be proud of yourseIf.

Thank you. Yeah, you're weIcome.

Um, and l was thinking maybe if you wanted to go ceIebrate it would be my treat. l could take you out or-

Uh, not tonight.

That's all right.

You've got plans.

On the couch- a movie.

Fair enough.

AII right, get home safe.


Yeah, l'll see you next time. Okay.

All right, congratulations. It's reaIIy cooI.

Thank you.

Uh, l could- l could do, like, Thursday lunch.

Do you Iike ItaIian food?


All right, there's a great pIace right across the street from my office.

Uet's do that. It's caIled D'Amato's.

Okay, see you then.

Good. Okay, drive safe.

Stay warm.

You know the drill.

Run your hands through your hair and your beard.

Open your mouth. Your tongue- move it around.

Show me your armpits.

Lift your nutsack.

And your dick.

Turn around.

All right, get dressed.

Hey. Am I Iate?

No, l got here early. lt's fine.

Well, you look great.

Thank you. Yeah, you're weIcome.

lt's nice to see you outside of group.

Yeah. You too.

l like that sweater.

Thanks. l just- lt goes really well with your hair. l just bought this actually.

Waitress: Good evening. Kevin: HeIIo.

Would you like to make a drink order whiIe you Iook at the menu?

Kevin: No? l'lI have a Coke, pIease.

Waitress: Okay. And for you, ma'am?

I'm fine with water. Thank you.

Okay, I'II be right back with that. Thanks.

StiII a weird question, huh?

"WouId you Iike a drink?"

Yes, l would.

l mean, it doesn't really help that there's wine bottles surrounding us. l know. I didn't reaIize... until l walked in.

Do you want to go somewhere else? It's not too Iate.

No, l'm- no, don't worry about me.

Okay, are you sure? I mean, there's a Iot of good pIaces even just right on this street.

No, it's- no. I was- l was kind of joking.

Kevin: Um, garcon, have these removed, please.

Orjust put bIankets over them. That's-

Can we put some nice French posters around the wall, something Iike that?

Yeah, l just used to order a beer, you know? l would just say, "Oh, I'm not gonna drink it. l'll just order it and I'II feeI Iike an aduIt. lt can just sit there."

Sarah: Such a bad idea. lt's a terrible idea. It never works. l'm sure that- that it took about five minutes before you downed it.

Yeah, that sounds right.

Do you know what you want? I have no idea.

Kevin: Mm. Well, it's all pretty good.

CIerk: Hey, how's it going? Good, man. How are you?

CIerk: Good.

That'lI be $30 even.

All right.

What's the deal with the showers?

It's five bucks for 30 minutes. l'll take an hour.

All right. Can I get you a bag for these?

No no, l'm fine.

Uet's get you in stall 7, right upstairs.

All right.

Do you need, like, soap or shampoo? l've got it in the bag. Thanks.

It's through here? Up?

Yeah, it's just up the stairs. Thanks.

Sarah: Okay, I'm just gonna put this around your neck, aII right?

Lift your head for me.

Woman: So how was yesterday?

You feeI aII right?

You mean my date? Is that what you're asking me?

Yes, l mean your date.

He's great. l mean, it was really- it was realIy- reaIIy surface IeveI, so...

Woman: WeIl, this might be a good distraction right now, you know?

Sarah: You know, he's reaIIy nice.

I just don't feeI Iike I'm ready for...

something like that.

Well, give it time. Don't, you know- don't write it off yet.

Woman: Are you scared?

A little, yeah.

l'm probably just being paranoid though.

l don't know. I think that's pretty naturaI.

Male TV anchor: Home saIes here in the Midwest- numbers show a huge drop in overaII saIes from December.

SaIes feII 37%/% in January, but they were stiII up 4%/% in 2009 as compared to 2008.

Recapping our top story this evening, the manhunt continues tonight for Garrick Turrell, who remains at large after escaping from poIice custody.

The search, which is now in its fifth day, has Iaw enforcement agencies across the country coordinating their efforts.

Prison warden CIarkton Smith, whose facility housed TurreIl, issued a statement to the press this afternoon addressing the difficuIty in Iocating the notorious seriaI kiIIer who may have been taken in and housed by his purported fans.

Smith: Yes, that is correct.

Garrick TurreII during his time in custody here did receive more Ietters than any previous resident we've had incarcerated, and by a considerable number.

And yes, that apparently includes severaI marriage proposaIs.

Sarah: This is me right here.

Kevin: lt's a cool place. Sarah: Thank you.

Kevin: Got the whoIe thing to yourseIf or do you have roommates?

Sarah: It's just me.

Kevin: That's pretty nice.

Kevin: l had a really good time. Me too.

Kevin: Yeah, it was fun.

Oh, we're fogging up the windows.

Kevin: See you soon?

Sarah: Yeah. Yeah, let's-

Kevin: Maybe this weekend? I don't-

Sarah: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. AIl right, sure.

Sarah: Let me caII you tomorrow just to make sure.

Kevin: No pressure. All right, good. Okay. Okay.

Sarah: I'II see you sometime. Yeah, taIk to you tomorrow.

Okay. Bye.

Woman on TV: ExactIy as I dreamed it.

Or did I?

Maybe this is the dream.

Man on TV: It's pretty weird.

Have you had enough?

If you're tired, we can go back.

Woman on TV: No.

We go on this way.

Sarah: No. l'm mad at you.

Garrick: I missed you. No. l did. You didn't.

Sarah: Where were you?

Garrick: I told you. l had that dinner meeting with Mark and TK to talk about their college bankroII stuff and-

Yeah, and then where did you go? 'Cause it's Iike 11:00.

Garrick: Where? We were there Iate.

Oh, but wait. No, we went to the strip club first.

Sarah: That's not- that's not funny at aIl. lt's a littIe funny. I don't Iike it. l like you. l don't like thosejokes.

They're jokes.

Garrick: Here.

l Iove you. l Iove you.


Male radio anchor: ...related to the escape of the aIIeged seriaI kiIler Garrick TurreII.

An FBl spokesman wouId onIy say that certain detaiIs of the murder, which they were unabIe to disclose, linked the killings with patterns estabIished in Turrell's alleged slayings, aIl of which took pIace in Alabama and Mississippi over the past five years.

The disturbing news for law enforcement is that the search for TurreII has not yet spread as far north as Kansas, indicating that the escaped suspect may have somehow evaded poIice checkpoints.

The FBl states that the search for Turrell, now in its seventh day, is being expanded to include the entire Midwest, with local agencies coordinating their efforts.

DetaiIed images of TurreII are being circuIated to checkpoints along the Mexican and Canadian borders.

Woman: The first time I drank l think l was eight years old, but l don't really remember.

The first time I got drunk I was nine. l do remember that.

But, l don't know, the weird thing now is that l've been sober for aImost a year and now my friends are all on the drinking thing and are going to parties around town.

And they don't understand why I don't want to go with them.

And, l don't know, sometimes I aImost feeI robbed of something, you know, of some experience that l should have had or should have enjoyed.

But, l don't know, l guess it doesn't really matter.

So that's it.

Sarah, I was just wondering if you wanted to telI us what made you decide to finaIIy confront your iIIness.


l was... in a pretty bad relationship.

He was... not very honest with me about a Iot of things.

After l... found out that- well, that- that- after I found out...

l realized... that l had been... drinking a lot, that maybe it wouldn't have happened- no, l'm- not that it- nothing- that maybe it wouldn't have been as bad if I hadn't been drunk all the time.

So I- after I moved here l... uh, started coming to meetings.

And it's been reaIIy good for me.

Hey. Hey.

How are you feeIing? Er...

That was reaIIy great.


Just everything you said in group was reaIly- was really vulnerable and great. lt's really good that you could do that. l think everybody appreciated it.

Yeah, there's a lot more to that story that l should-

Yeah, l'm sure. Yeah.

There's a lot more to my story too and everybody eIse's, but l think you said what you had to say and, um... l should probably tell you about it though. l mean, l should- it's pretty... bad.

Good. Someday you can teII me about it, okay?

Not right now. l really like you. I reaIIy- l like hanging out with you.

And l want to hear that story and all your other stories, you know?

But I don't want you to feeI Iike you have to teII them to me.

Anyway, whatever. I shouId get going.

But l'll see you on Wednesday, right?

Do you want to come over right now?

Come over to your pIace?


Yeah, we c- yeah.


We'll have tea or something.

If you think it's a good idea. l mean, tea sounds great.

Yeah. Yeah.

All right, well, I'II meet you over there, okay?

All right. See you soon.

No! No! No!

It's okay?

Do you have a condom? l think l have one in the nightstand.

You want me to get it?

Do you want me to put it on?

Kevin: Yeah.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Are you sure it's okay?

Sarah: Yeah.

Hold on. Hold on.

Oh shit. HoId on.

Oh shit.

Oh shit.

No. No.

Are you okay?

l'm sorry.


lt's okay. I'm sorry. lt's okay.

Garrick: When we get up to him, he's probably gonna ask you for your driver's license.

Just give it to him. It's not a big deaI.

How are you foIks doing today? Garrick: Good. How are you?

Good. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's no problem.

Where are you foIks coming from today? Coming from the airport actuaIIy.

Okay. Where are you fIying in from? I'm fIying from Atlanta today.

Okay. And what's your business here? Oh, welI, this is my niece actuaIIy. lt's my sister's daughter.

And we're doing a surprise birthday party for her.

PoIiceman: Oh, very good. Very good. Yeah.

Policeman: How oId is your sister?

Garrick: Promise not to teII anybody. She's turning 40 today actuaIIy.

40 years oId? Yeah.

PoIiceman: Good.

WeII, if you sit tight for just a moment, I'II be right with you guys, okay?

Garrick: Okay, thank you. No probIem. Thank you.

You're doing good. He's just gonna run the pIates now.

He's gonna make sure that everything's cooI.

You know, I think this is not easy, but you're doing really good. You're getting through it.

You'II get through it fine.

You're almost done.

Policeman: FoIks, I appreciate your cooperation.

Sorry for any inconvenience. No problem.

You're free to go. AII right.

Thank you. TelI your sister happy birthday.

Will do. Thank you very much.

Good day. Bye.

Policeman: Take care.

Garrick: Keep driving.

When you get up here at the fork in the road, take a left.

Here you go.


You said you just needed me to get through the roadblock and then you would let me go. l know. l will.

Yeah, Ieft here.

Where are we going? l'm still trying to figure that out.

My famiIy was expecting me at home a half-hour ago.

If l Ieave you here, the cops will be on me before I can ditch this car and find another one.

It's fine. There's nothing to worry about. l just want to get up the road a IittIe bit further before l Iet you go. l won't talk to the cops. l just want to see my family again.

You said you weren't gonna hurt me.

You said that you were gonna let me go. PIease just-

What the fuck is wrong with you? l'm not gonna hurt you. l'm just trying to think. l just want to get up the road a Iittle ways.

I'II drop you off, okay? Take it easy.

Here, just- in fact, puII off up here.

Yeah, here. PulI off.

Put the car in park. Park it.

Sarah: What are you doing?

Oh hey. l'm sorry. I couIdn't sIeep. l thought l'd put some clothes on and take a walk or a drive or something.

You know me. I'm weird. lt's really late, sweetie.

Yeah, l know.

What are you doing up? Are you doing okay?

Sarah: No, my head reaIly hurts.

I was gonna get a drink of water or something.

Garrick: That's a good idea. You shouId drink some water.

You know, you should get something to eat too.

Sarah: Yeah. Some bread or a pretzeI or something.

That's probably a good idea. Yeah.

Sarah: You don't want to come back to bed with me?

Oh, come on.

Of course I do.

I just feIt Iike I was keeping you up.

You want to take a waIk with me? Uh-uh.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Come on. l don't want to go.

Garrick: I love you. l love you.

I'II see you soon, baby, okay?

Lock this door behind me, okay?

Hi. Kevin: Hey, good morning. l didn't know you were still here.

Welcome to the world of the waking.

How are you doing? Good.

I made coffee.

Oh, thanks.

I wouId have made breakfast, but you don't have any food.

Yeah, l haven't been grocery shopping in a while.

You hungry? A IittIe.

Want to go get some food? Sure.

Want coffee?

Um, yeah, l'll have- sure, yeah.

l'm just gonna brush my teeth real quick.

Kevin: All right. I used your toothbrush. l hope that's okay.

Yeah, that's fine.

ReaIIy? Mm-hmm. l didn't really use your toothbrush.

You can if you want.

No, l was just kidding.

Okay. l brought my own.


That was also a joke. Okay. l'll be back. I'II be there in a second.

Kevin: All right.


Man: Hey man.

What? You need to be carefuI.


See these power Iines?


They got transponders in them. You know what a transponder is?

Garrick: I do.

Well, they put them in back when it was built in the '50s for the commies.

They never had to use them though.

But this nigger president in the White House- he wants to keep track of us out here with them- using them... Garrick: Right.

...you know, to keep track of our thoughts.

You know, driving a car like you're driving- with that pIastic roof- they can read right through that.

Now what you need- a steeI roof.

Yeah? They can't read through that.

They can't.

So you need to get yourseIf one of these.

I'm gonna go, aII right?

Well, l thought I'd just pass the word.

Thank you. Good looking out.

You be good now. AlI right, drive safeIy.

Yeah. Okay.

Kevin: ls there a university in JacksonvilIe, a coIIege?

Sarah: University of Northern FIorida.

Kevin: I'm trying to think of what the sports team is. l'm sure there's, what, minor Ieague basebaII?

Sarah: I don't reaIIy keep up with sports. Spring training?

Well, there's Jacksonville Jaguars- footbaII. l'm sure your mom sees Iots of Jaguars games.

No, she doesn't really do anything, but-

ReaIIy? No.

She's not a season ticket hoIder?

No, just work, home, television.

How's it going, Kevin? lt's going good, Rusty. How are you doing, paI? l'm doing good, man.

Nice to see you. Nice to see you.

Hi. Hey.

I'm Sarah. I'm sorry. Kevin: Sorry. Sarah- Rusty.

Hi, Rusty. Here you are.

Reed. Reed. Oh, thank you.

Kevin: Do you want anything eIse? No, l'm fine.

Would you two like to order something?

Yeah, baby. l would love a strong cup of coffee.


Rusty: l never see you outside of work, man.

Kevin: Busy guy.

Rusty: Ain't we aII?

So is this here why you never come out drinking with us?

If I had a pretty young Iady Iike this, l'd never leave my house, man.

Here you go. Oh, thank you, sweetie.

l'm gonna leave you two alone, aIl right?

Come on, Reed, Iet's go.

See you at work, man.

lt was nice meeting you.

Nice guys, right?

Yeah. You work with them? l do.

They're old drinking buddies.

Mm. He smeIIs Iike Iiquor.

That's pretty normal.

Easier just to avoid them these days than...

trying to explain the idea of sobriety, which l don't think their brains can fulIy process, you know?

Sarah: I understand that.

Hi Sarah. Hi. Sorry I'm Iate.

Hey. Hey. Do you know where CarIa is?

No. She didn't come in?

No. She didn't show up this morning.

She didn't caII in either or anything.

Dr. Belton's pretty pissed about it.

That's weird.

Yeah. Uook, if you taIk to her, will you just tell her to get the heII in here?

Sure thing.

Hey girl. Just wondering where you are.

You're supposed to be at work.

Everyone's a little pissed.

Okay, just caII me back when you get this.


What can I get you?

Are you guys stilI serving food? Yeah.

You got steak? Sure.

And a soda, please.

Female radio anchor: FBI agents involved in a manhunt for a suspected seriaI kiIler Garrick TurreII have asked members of the pubIic to come forward if they have any information that might Iead to the capture of the suspect who escaped from state custody on Tuesday.

It was specificaIIy noted that citizens shouId come forward if they might have knowIedge of anyone aiding the aIleged killer in his escape.

An FBl spokesman noted that Turrell, who is thought to have already traveled beyond police roadblocks, has severaI fansites on the internet dedicated to him and a Facebook fan page with membership in the hundreds of thousands.

WhiIe some of this is no doubt intended as galIows humor, it remains a reaIity at least three Turrell copycat slayings are currentIy under investigation...

A shortcut.

Anchor:...assistance in continuing to evade custody.

Anyone with knowledge or suspected knowIedge of any such activity is asked to contact their local Iaw enforcement agency immediately.

Oh, wait wait. I'Il be right back.

Hey. Hey man.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, what-?

Excuse me.

You're CarIa's IandIord, right?


Yeah, have you seen her today?

Not today. l guess the last time l saw her was the day before yesterday.

Okay. CouId you just- if you see her, couId you teII her that her friend from work is looking for her?

Sure. What's your name again?


Just teII her to caII me if you-

No problem.

There you go. Kevin: Mm, thanks.


Want some of this? No.

Sure? lt's reaIIy good. l'm sorry. I'm distracted.

My- my friend didn't show up for work.

And l tried calling her.

Which friend? CarIa.

l went by her house and she wasn't there.

She's- it's just-

Kevin: Do you want to talk to the police?

We can go in there after group and just talk to them for a second.

Maybe somebody's heard something.

Sarah: She's probabIy fine.

I'm feeIing kind of weird today. l guess you guys probably heard about the murders Iast night.

Woman: No.


Okay, weII, Smitty's- that bar on old 63- there was a couple mur- a coupIe guys got murdered.

They got stabbed to death in the parking lot.

And l'm sure it'll be on the locaI news tonight.

But l guess the deal was they said their waIlets were missing so it must have been a mugging gone bad or something.

But, l don't know, one of the guys was a meth cooker, or had been a meth cooker, so that might have had something to do with it.

Man, the thing is though, like, Smitty's used to be one of my bars. And l knew those guys, you know. l used to drink with them back in the day.

And just seeing that, hearing about it kind of got me thinking, you know, that couId have been me.

Uike, l could have been hanging out with them tonight or the night before.

And, you know, whatever happened to them- that could have happened to me too.

l don't know. So it just kind of put everything in this kind of focus for me, like nothing good ever comes of drinking, you know, really, like not ever.

So I guess I'm just happy to be on the, you know, sober path, not the devil's path.

Ueader: Thank you, Werner.

Ueader: All right, with that, Iet's have a littIe prayer.

Group: Uord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference, living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, accepting hardships as a pathway to peace.



CarIa, are you in there? lt's me- Mr. Harper.

If you can hear me, l'm coming in now.


Oh shit.



Oh shit. l'm so sorry. l came as soon as I got your message.

Oh, I'm so sorry. l know who kiIled CarIa. What?

I know who kiIIed CarIa. What? They caught the person?

No, it's my ex-boyfriend. He's gonna kiII-

What? Your ex-boyfriend?

No one's supposed to know who l am. The FBI- that's why l'm here. l'm sorry. What are you taIking about?

The FBl- that's why l'm-

Kevin: What? He's gonna kilI me.

We have to get out of here. He's coming after me.

He knows where you live? No, you don't understand.

He'll kill you too. l'm sorry. I didn't know who to caII. l'm so sorry. l'm sorry. It's okay. l don't know where to go. HoId on a second.

All right, my parents have a pIace- a cabin, okay?

Nobody is gonna be able to find us.

AII right? Okay.

If we go and spend the night there, are you gonna feeI better?


Okay. Thanks.

Uet me just call them and make sure we can do this.

Okay okay.

All right, go put some clothes in a bag, okay?


I'II be right here, okay?

PoIiceman: Ma'am, we have to find the owner of this storage shed. l don't know who owns it. l toId you Garrick- he was here, but he doesn't own it.

Ma'am, have you seen exactly what's in there?

Then you have to tell us where he is.

He's- he doesn't- he's working in an office on 29 Crescent.

He doesn't have anything to do with it though.

Send armed units to 29 Crescent Street- Garrick TurreII.

Sarah: I just wanted to pretend like it didn't happen.

You know, l remember when all this went down. l remember reading about it in the papers.

And l didn't read your name. I never read about you.

Sarah: It's part of my deal for testifying against him. lt's part of your deaI? Yeah.

What, are you in witness protection?

Sarah: Supposed to be.

How did they keep that out of the papers?

It's pretty high-profiIe.

Kevin: Never mind.

Look, we're almost there, okay?

AII right, wait here for a sec.

Grab your bag, 'cause we're gonna have to waIk the rest of the way.

We have to turn on the electricity.

All right.

Come in.

What the fuck are you boys doing here?

You're seriously gonna keep going with that bulIshit?

What, are you using this as your vacation house, Rusty?

All right, man. Look, I'm tired of waiting. lt's time to get down to business.

What are you taIking about? Yeah, aII right.

Garrick: Sarah, are you awake? Sarah: Yeah.

Garrick: Yeah? Yeah.

Garrick: Can I ask you a question? Yeah.

Garrick: It's kind of a messed up question.


If you were gonna die and you knew you were gonna die and you couId choose how, what wouId you choose?

Sarah: Uh...

morphine overdose.

That'd be- I think that'd be nice.

Garrick: ReaIIy? Yeah.

That seems kind of weak. Weak?

Garrick: Yeah, it's kind of pussy.

Sarah: It's not. You just asked me if l wanted to die.

Sarah: WeIl, how would you want to die?

Garrick: How do l want to die? Yeah.

Something reaIly hardcore.

Like what? l don't know. Like... kamikaze pilot.

ReaIIy? Yeah.

Sarah: No, you wouldn't.

Garrick: Good night. Yeah.

She's awake.

Sarah: Kevin. Rusty: It's about time.


You want me to give her something so she won't pass out?

Sarah: Kevin, pIease pIease. PIease Iet me go.

Kevin: Like what?

Rusty: l don't know. Like some crank or something.

Do you have any crank? Kevin, pIease.

Rusty: No, but I can get some.

Please, Kevin, please.

What are you doing? What?

What are you doing? What are you doing? l'm gonna have some fun with this one. No no.

She's way hotter than that coworker skanky bitch that Reed fucked up.

Kevin, l don't know why you had to fuck her poor face up.

She was pretty good-Iooking before that.

Just roII her over and fuck her in the ass.

From the mouths of babes.

Kevin: Nobody's gonna fuck her, okay? Reed: That's what I wouId do.

Kevin: Nobody's gonna fuck her. What? And why not? lt's like we get a girl in the room and you guys forget why we're here.

This is the bitch that put Garrick TurreII behind bars-

Sarah: No.

-the greatest killer of our generation and my own personal goddamn fucking hero.

After aII the fucking time we put in trying to find her, all the time on the site, we're finaIIy here, guys.

How wouId Garrick do it? Sarah: PIease.

Reed: The feet. Kevin: Mm-hmm. Why?

Breaks the spirit. Are you Iistening?

If you hurt their feet, they can't run away.

So even if she manages to escape, she knows she's not going anywhere. PIease.

'Cause how can you run when you can't even walk?

Please please. Shh, he's taIking. Shh.


Sarah: No no no!

Kevin: Yeah, Reed. Yeah yeah, shut her up.

Shut her up.

Shh. Shh shh.


Come on.

Shh shh.

Come on, Reed, shut her up.

Reed: You want to do it?

Who the fuck is that?


You two just need to caIm down.

Thanks for coming. Thanks for coming.

Hey man, thanks for having me, sincerely.


Was it you who sent me aII those Ietters?

Well, we all sent you letters. l told you how to get here. Ah.

He sent me a code so that l couId find you.

Made sense to me. l mean, I knew you had a friend Iiving here.

That was very clever.

Thank you. No one eIse saw that.

Reed: l really appreciate that. Thank you.

Yeah. l am a bit curious though, um, about what exactly it is you're doing to her there.


Finishing your work.

My work? Yeah, man.

We're gonna kill the bitch who put you away.

She's the reason you got caught.

We're just trying to fucking heIp you out.

Why would l want to kiII her?

'Cause it's- it's her fauIt.

Yes. Yeah.

Our reIationship- mine and Sarah's- was based on a mutuaI understanding and trust- trust that l'd be a normal man and that we'd have a happy, normal relationship together.

ClearIy I- I fucked that up.

I don't bIame Sarah...

...for caIIing the poIice when she found out I couId never give her that.

And fuck, God knows I'd do the same thing if l was in her position.

Besides, l liked it in prison.

Rusty: Okay, he's fucking with us.

Have you ever been to prison? Yeah.

Yeah? Okay, weII, then you know how hard it is to hurt somebody in there, especiaIIy if you're in soIitary confinement, which l was.

You know, no weapons, guards, cameras everywhere.

Everyone's aware of their own space.

Reed: And why wouId you Iike that?

l was happy there. l was calm.

You know- you know what?

This is the truth- I'd have never Ieft there if it wasn't for aII those Ietters from you assholes.

You don't understand what I mean, do you?

No, l don't. Okay. Okay. l can make it clear. l just need an example.

Can I see your gun for a minute?

Are you fucking kidding me?

No, man, just for a second. l'lI give it right back.

Rusty, just give him the gun.


Are you fucking crazy, Reed?

No, look, if it makes you feel more safe, take the bullets out before you give it to me.

This is my fucking gun. Nobody's getting it but me, man.

That's fine. That works too.

Reed: You motherfucker! Nol Sarah: No! No!

Garrick, I'm so sorry.

Garrick, I didn't mean anything by it.

You're my hero.

Baby, you gotta untie me.

CouId you, pIease? PIease.

Please. l know. Could you? Could you?

CouId you? Come on. Come on.

Baby, baby, baby.

Come on.

Garrick: Hey. Hey.

Sarah: Come on, come on, come on.

Garrick: I missed you. Baby, come on.

Sarah: Come on, baby. Please, baby.

Garrick: Okay.


Please please.