A Journey Through Time with Antony (2015) Script

There is a whale named Alice She does not have any companion, friends or family The frequency of the sounds she makes is much higher than other whales Maybe Alice does not even know herself that she is going through the wrong path When she sings, no-one can hear her When she is upset, no-one comes to her I really want to try and look for her

On 31 October 2014 MSN Messenger officially ceased operations worldwide A decade ago it was the first program I installed when I got my laptop What it stands out from others when you log in the two icons spinning together gave me the feeling that, no matter how far apart we would always be connected And I had found a space there to upload my feelings and thoughts

My name is Anthony Soon, I'll be leaving Dalian where I was born and raised to go study overseas Before that, l did three things Number one: take photos

I took photos of Dalian, the city where I grew up

My favourite mode of transport is the tram I'd sit in the very left seat at the back Dozing off from the rhythm of the tram's movements I feel like crossing the city in a split second Excuse me, sir Sir We're at the terminus I'm sorry

I took photos of my family

Here comes the sneaky monkey Here

Take a bite It's still warm, one bite How many times have I told you not to buy snacks from the street before dinner But don't you like them?

You better enjoy that while I'm still living...

Say that again? What did you say?

What you're talking about?

Talking nonsense again?

You're not a kid anymore

Please take a bite One bite

Oh, you silly child!

Com'on you!

Mum I'll miss your cooking so much Once you're away from home you have only yourself to depend on to You'll miss me and my cooking

Son Yeah Come, see Now with item no. 1 2, your luggage is all done

Oh well, but you've lost your other sock Dad, when I get to Australia they'll all get mixed up anyway You know, my boy One of the greatest joys in life is finding your own order amidst the chaos Got it

I found it!

I'm sure we'll be together again some day Go get yourself a bigger suitcase Pack your things It's dinner time!

Let's eat!

Want some chilli?

Yes It's your favorite Go on And this Dalian menzi Here Have more

Number two: meet with my buddies

Sometimes I think every McDonald's is the same Serving the same purpose at different cities It's a place you can always chill out Enjoy a little break from life Why are we having the farewell party here?

They got McDonald's in Australia Right, Anthony?

It's my idea cos l know Andy's paying There aren't fries this cheap in Australia, okay?

There ain't cheap Chinese food as well You only left one line on MSN

"5pm at our usual spot"

I know we always come here but some of us would've gone to school instead?

Damn! Ying's not here yet She would've gone to school, right?

What should we do Tony?

You think Ying is as dumb as you?

Who did you call dumb?

My buddies all have different nicknames for me Some call me by my name Right, Anthony?

Others call me Andy It's just becos Andy...

Some others call me Tony What should we do Tony?


Sorry I'm late! The visa for Japan took a while Thanks Toto Only she calls me Toto My high school literature teacher said the repetition of words stresses the tone It's delicate, affectionate and profound I wish you guys didn't have to go!

Get online more often then!

MSN, QQ and all that We know you won't go online when you're busy At least let us know what you're up to Alright, I'll put my entire schedule online School, work and all that, ok?


Our scheduIe right now would be stuffing ourselves and to go watch the fireworks!

Ying had decided a long time ago that she'd go study sound design in Japan I admire how she made herself the lead actor in the screenplay she's written for her Iife As for me apart from knowing I got to work hard I see no role I must play

Watching fireworks can be a lonely experience You're alone in the act, even in a crowd

Where's everybody?

In the crowds over there It's a pretty view from here Yeah

Hey, what you doing?

Don't tell me you can identify the type of fireworks with your ears just like the anime superheroes?

I made a wish A wish?

See how fireworks look so much alike shooting stars when they're coming down?

I heard that shooting stars have traveled thousands of years before they reach our eyes So l think they're more precious than fireworks And both of them make us feel blessed and loved So when you wish upon the fireworks your dream will come true It's your turn Com'on!

Close your eyes


I'm not gonna recognize who this is when I turn into an old man I'll take... some more of your nose and ears and patch all these photos together If you can recognize someone just by a detail of their face that particular person would mean the world to you

Such an insensitive fool I was that I didn't realize what warmed my heart until I recalled it Iater

Number three: buy a suitcase What's your budget?

Around 200, I guess Same here

Do you like it?

It's big enough If l can't find a place to stay over there I'd live in this Let's see if it'll cIose Stop kicking me, com'on Try! Get in!

Hi, we're Iooking for suitcases How many? 20% off for two

This one, two please Please wait I'll take away this one Take away Get in here Lately, rumour of renowned singer Faye Wong's retirement has spread widely Today, Faye's manager admitted that the singer will be taking a break and will not release any albums or films As for how long this break wilI last she said Faye has no plans at the moment My favorite singer once said if the day came for her to quit singing she'd hope everyone would forget her

But how can one forget those who are most important to you?

It's almost time for me to leave There's nothing cool or speciaI about me so l can't make a cool speech All I wanna say is please don't forget me


Are you Mrs.Wong, the landlady?

Yes, I am

When we spoke on the phone earIier I had an image of you in my mind and I painted it. It's for you You look more or less like how I imagined Thank you Oh, yes I've brought the things you asked for They're not for me Come with me. Com'on in Okay Anthony's here


What's this?

Chin...Chinese...Drugs Drugs? No! No! No!

No...no drugs...


Babe I'll get your herbal bath ready!

Xiaohei, majors in Veterinarian, is a pretty cool gal Her passion only shines bright when she's with animals

Thanks Jiaming, in acturial science, Ioves spicy food I'm from Chengdu. I Iike things hot How much chilli can you eat?

Numbers are cold, and chillies are hot I guess by adding up the two together he can find the balance of life Thank you

Just one box?

Custom regulations only allows one Could've asked others to help Pierre was originally called Peter He thinks that's too ordinary so he took on the French version He claimed he's studied Geography Anthropology and Cognitive Science but he faiIed in all of them Memories for Sale On weekends, he sells bric-a-brac at vintage markets I've always wondered how a China man managed to gather so many Western antiques

Waste not your youth Capture the best memories Mister, would ya like to buy or sell?

That'd work too It's a gift from Mrs.Wong I'm looking for something to frame it

Let's see Look how great the oId ones were And now the one you've got it ain't no bon-ton!

No It's Anton I like it

I didn't feel anything has changed until I woke up next morning I glanced at my watch

8 a.m.

Then I checked the cIock on my bedstand

1 1 a.m.

The 3 hours that had slipped away make me accept that I'm far from home

This is the western campus You'll find bars, restaurants n' all that here And the lecture theatres?

Not sure Did you ever go to cIass?

Not much these 2 years

I want a burger, and one beer Do ya want somethin'?

Drinking in broad daylight seems a bit...

Make that two

Thank you

Soon I found my first job If you're Iate, I'll deduct your pay If you smoke, I'll deduct your pay If you talk on the phone, I'll deduct your pay May I ask under what condition you won't deduct the pay?

Sure only when you work overtime

Our wage is AUS$1 0 an hour All clear?

Nelson! Watch out You'll break all the stock!


It's getting crinkled

Mum Hey, l can hear him Mum, stand back a bit There he is!

Son! Move back a bit You're...You're blocking it What? Where am I...?

Who am l bIocking?


It's my nose. Allergies Dad

Your dad's gibbering He's talking nonsense Just now he brags about how he can hook this up Fiddling around here and there Then I saw this window pop out and another popped out I couldn't bear it I almost called the computer technician Alright, aIright How are you?

Have you been eating properly?

Everything's quite expensive here Whatever you do, don't save on food If you run out of money, just give us a call Your dad will send it

Don't worry about me I found a job here And I'll work hard I'll do my best to earn a living Don't burn yourself out Remember the most important thing is your studies

I know, don't worry about it

Don't stay up too late


Hello, Anton

Alright students, weIcome to cIass Books out, let's go!

Now picking up from Iast lecture...

Okay, during my lecture I expect complete siIence That gentleman talking thinks he's Ned Kelly trying to hold up the rest of the gang

What are you doing?

The customers will think you're a burglar!

Take it off, or I'll deduct your pay!

Hey bro Would you mind? It's been there for a week

Work is pretty exhausting But when I figure I'm making one renminbi a minute that gives me the strength to carry on Anthony This is yours Thank you boss!

Anton The novelty in this city amazes me I think I'Il be meeting lots of friends having one adventure after another I always believe that when you've done something right it'll solidify the ground you stand on this planet You'll feeI at ease assured

Honestly, I'm not feeling assured Is that because I haven't done the right thing making right choices all along?

My friends on the other side of the world are you feeling the same?

Will we meet the ones who we loved again?

Will we reminisce the moments that once touched our hearts?

Now I understand why we're having our farewell dinner at this place You can find this chain anywhere I just need to go into one and it'll bring back all the memories of our sweet moments together

Friends forever, for better or for worse!

I do!

You free?

Sure, what's up?

Wanna try working in a kitchen?

The pay is great!

Twenty-five bucks!

Deal! Where?


See ya

Here you go Oh! Bless you!

Please take this Oh, don't worry about it. It's okay

Have a nice day You too. Thank you


Sorry, l beg your pardon?

It's a long email address I know But now you owe me 20 cents How are you gonna pay me back?

Right Could you say it again?


Don't bother about the 20 cents I'm glad I can help you out This is for you

Take this instead I want this!

An orange has 70 calories This one made me run 5 min for it I've burnt 38 kcal That means if I eat it I'll only gain 32 kcal That's the healthiest orange ever!

It's true that girls are experts on counting calories Hey I have to run Bye

Oh sorry Sorry

Sorry Bye Bye

Hey Anthony You're here The manager asked me to give you a briefing Go and get changed first

This kitchen looks so cool And the food here is super cooI There're really strict rules in the kitchen Sourcing ingredients, cleaning the sides and garnishes, the cooking, the plating and the dishwashing everything has its pIace

Why are the chopping boards and knives in different colours?

Hygiene is the first priority in here Green for vegetables Blue for seafood Red is for meat

Basically just do as they say and watch out for yourself So l'll leave you to it

How many times did I tell you this is supposed to be as thin as angel's hair

Like this Okay?

Thank you, chef!

I want a virgin tongue!


You? Come over here!

Yeah, yeah you...come, come I want you to taste that

It's good!

It's so good!

This beef is so tender!

This is amazing!

Anton Perhaps it has something to do with how the earth rotates when the water goes down the drain it goes clockwise but in China it goes anti-clockwise How about kids living at the equator?

Do they have whirlpools to play with?

And for myself I seem to find a motivation to march forward in the whirlpool of inverse direction

I dunno what to do My folks are gonna be so disappointed about me switching majors

What does cooking mean to you?

How should I put it I think everyone in uni they all look so carefree having a bright future and all but not for me I've been quite confused

Then I started to learn about Western cuisine and I have a feeling that's what l wanna do Whenever I have time now I'll go and try different restaurants I don't feel lonely dining alone The food here is fresh and delicious It's also very creative I want to create such wonderfuI dishes

I hope culinary arts can become my way to connect with other peopIe and the world I think that if l'm able to express myself through my dish I'd be on top of the world

I'm sorry I have no idea, I'm just bubbling

Do you know which country that was supposed to rule Australia?


You're supposed to learn French instead Once upon a time British and French navy set off towards the untouched lands of Australia The French ship arrived first The crew got off excitedly That vast piece of land beneath their feet will soon be theirs As the French captain setting up their camp he discovered a species of butterfly that he'd never seen before As an ecologist, he was captivated It was right then that the British ship arrived thinking they'd be returning home empty handed To their surprise, there're no sign of occupation The British were ecstatic and immediately claimed the land for themselves So when the French captain returned the coast with his butterfly the land that was meant to be theirs had slipped from his very fingers

You're trying to telI me to hold on to what matters to me However siIly it might seem to others?

If that's how you're interpreting the story you've made your decision

Right Thank you, Ying Toto I believe you'd Iook really nice with a big white toque on your head

Thank you

Dad, mum I've changed my major I'm studying Western cuisine I wanna become a chef What?

You foolish child You've gone wild huh?

Why would we spend so much effort sending you abroad to become a chef?

Your mother here is the best cook I could've teach you myself!

Mum That's completely different Have you think twice about it?

Stop it What's with you?

Sit down first...

Come, sit down He's gone mad!

What's wrong with him?

Let's hear him out Mum, dad This is what l want I'm not interested in working with numbers Besides I can hardIy imagine putting on a suit and tie everyday in the future I've decided I wanna become a great chef Well...

Son, look We don't support the idea of you changing major

You see

You've been in Australia 127 days In 528 days, you'd graduate with a degree in finance And during this time you've already spent this much


Whatever Live your Iife the way you want to Have you lost your mind?

Have you lost your mind too?

Listen to me, listen You're both nuts! Alright, alright

Son I think that being able to pursue what you're passionate about it's a blessing As long as you must pursue this passion with perseverance and positive attitude Give it alI you've got Some day it'll return your embrace

I'll do my best

I don't like this You don't need make-up in your food Take it off I...

I haven't gone a day without make-up since I was 1 3 I've never had to expel a student becos they wouldn't take their make-up off You wanna be the first?

No, no, I'm sorry

I don't like this Tie your hair up and take the bracelet off I'm sorry, sorry

Can you please change into the right hat?

You You're much taller than the gentleman behind you Move to your left

I'm your instructor, John I'll be teaching you different skills every class so you gotta bring in all your tools Your full attendance is expected or else there is no way you can complete this course and if you are late...

Sorry, l'm late Iike this

You have 1 0 seconds to do what you think you should do to the onion in front of you Begin

Do you understand...

Time's up! Stop

Describe your onion please I...I lost my contact lens when I removed my make-up so I cannot see anything I'm sorry, I'm sorry It's fragiIe It collapsed with just one cut There are always onions in lndian food I don't see anything wrong about it at aIl No I can't see the veins in it It looks

Go on It looks like

the ones we would throw away at the supermarket That's what I want to hear Anthony is right These onions are about to go bad When onions rot, they let off an unpleasant smell and lose their lustre which is easy to detect As a chef you need to realize right away when ingredients aren't fresh No matter how skillful you are if you don't use ingredients at their prime you'll never be able to create a great dish Now, Serena will start by showing you how to dice an onion

Hi, everyone Two steps

One, cut aIong the grain

Two, cut against the grain

It's better for releasing the flavors and gives a great texture


You just need to finish cutting before your eyes start to water Start practicing!

You need to be at least half as fast as Serena What?



Do you need swimming goggles?

I know a great shop Thanks But I gotta go I've found a part-time kitchen job It's my first day It's like every time we meet, you're in a hurry Why are you keeping yourself so busy?

You gotta enjoy life!

Serena Do you wanna go to the movies together?


You're such a nice guy, Anthony If you said yes earlier he would've gone to the movies alone Bye!

Alright, bye!


Let's go

Whatever we're cooking in class Becomes our meal that day That's not acceptable

You need to really beat air into the eggs, hmm?

Understand? Yeah Why can't we use electric beaters too?

Did you lose some brain cells too When you cut your fingers?

What's going on?


I've eaten nothing Been waiting for you all day I know, that's why I made a trip before going to work Good man!

My best buddy!

You two vuItures

Here are our herbs We have basil, chillies mint, sage...

Herbs add that last Iittle bit of magic to really complete the dish Hi, kids!


This is Phoebe You can pat her like this!

There is a Chinese saying "jie di qi"

I never get what it means until I met Serena She has come to Melbourne for 3 years and completely integrated into life in the city Every move she makes is full of energy Her every smile is so bright and genuine How about me?

Have I... connected with the spirit of this land?

See you! Bye

Hi, Serena Hi!

Just then John took us through the herbs garden There're pIenty of signs saying

"Planted by Serena"

Yeah I'll be here on every weekend Let you in on a secret My herbs are super popular I actually think you're gonna succeed in everything Really?

I believe so too My biggest dream is to become a great chef and open a restaurant that carries my style How about you?

Have you thought of having your own restaurant and what kinda food you'll serve?

Yeah If l have a chance I hope I'd open a bistro in somewhere that's nice and quiet The kind where there's a blackboard menu I'd sell coffee and do fine dining as well probably sandwiches and cheesecakes too If it isn't too busy in the afternoon I can take a nap or polish wine glasses In fact I've thought of a name for it Wouldn't it be the name of your dream girl, no?


It's for you I hope your dreams come true To chef!

Chicken is a very dangerous creature It marinates in its own filth from the time it dies to the time you put it in the oven It is a haven for bacteria

It's been chewin' nonstop for 3 hours Nothin' else but eating

Looks like we won't record much today Let's come back another day okay?

It's my friend's birthday tomorrow It's a present for her Oh Your friend's a girl?

Huh? Yes

Oh Well...you must realIy like her

Hey, he's asleep

I'm a koala What you doing? I wanna sleep now What's with you? You guys should leave Didn't you sleep much already?

Happy birthday!

Thank you Any birthday wish?


Part of it has already come true The university I wanna get into in Japan they've accepted my application!

I still need to submit a sound design project before they confirm my acceptance It's a shame my voice doesn't sound good otherwise I would've been able to help Silly!

I'd need to record aIl sorta different sounds and edit them into a narrative Oh l see Then I can be your assistant Yes sure

Hey, bye Hey, see you tomorrow


Hello? Ying Hello?

Can you hear me?

Toto! Hold on a sec!

Okay It's okay now Ying, happy birthday!

Thank you It's not midnight here yet Oh right I forgot there's one hour difference It's alright It's not like I was born at midnight anyway Hey It sounds pretty lively over there Are you ceIebrating with friends?

Nah, no-one here knows it's my birthday I'm actualIy at work Oh? I won't bother you then Alright, talk later Okay, bye

Have some Okay These chestnuts are so nicely roasted Hear the cracking sound of it It's so imaginative

Sounds like it's bursting in joy?

It's the sound of a heart breaking But you're right about how l feel now

It's done. Wanna listen to it?


Hi, Ying I'm about to go offline Oh...Uh...

Is something wrong?

Uh...no, um...

Cooking There're tons of terms to memorize I got your present Thank you Koalas look so cute, I can't believe how awful they sound Yeah I'm quite jealous of their lives They spend twenty hours sleeping two for eating two for daydreaming and call it a day I prefer striving for what l love while I'm young and able and slow down to enjoy life when l'm old Are you working today? lt's your birthday You've worked really late last night I have to work extra hard for my birthday present I wanna get more recording equipment Let's live our lives to the fuIlest while we're young and energetic!


What's with you today?

Bye bye Anton I'm so young and curious of this world I don't mind pushing the limit And if everyone thinks l'm living the life I guess I actually am or maybe it'll get even better

Christmas in Australia is in summer Santa's beard must be a real torture That's why I think he's probably topless while giving out presents


Merry Christmas, Serena Merry Christmas!

Thank you

Looking good but I wonder how it'Il taste Well

How can I Iive up to your standard?

You're the top student Not really Few months ago we have to prepare a dish for creative cooking I thought for days but I couldn't come up with anything Then that I realized I'm seriously lacking in creativity and imagination I was pretty upset with myself Oh yes, I gotta show you


Remember the first time we met?

At that time, we're both chasing after an orange My mind was completeIy blank You're running for it and then I was pulled along My eyes have never left that orange When I picked it up a sudden wave of relief washed over me Iike I've taken some kinda pilI Later while I was hoIding the orange again my inspiration flowed and I created this starter

"That Orange Moment"

I've used crab, my favorite and mixed it with orange Given that you're one of the creators You get to try first

How is it?




You know You're the one who inspired me Thank you

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, the finest of wines You're drenched!

You know Us young'uns need no umbrellas Embrace the rain!

I'm told young'uns don't get hungry either I suppose I can skip your share then Please don't!


Yeah! Merry Christmas!

It's kinda funny wearing t-shirts and shorts on Christmas day Pour the wine It's no crime!

You're off key!

Your wish is my command!

Wow, look at the light Reflecting off my bum!

What ya doin'? A bit warm, are ya?

Take that Iong sleeves shirt off! I'll help!

Come on, take it off!

Off! Off! Off!

Off! Off!

Don't! No!

Off! Off! Off!

Don't! Don't do it!

What's that sound?

I'll go check it out

Quick, come back in My husband's paintings, I must bring them in!

Don't you worry, l'lI go!

We...we'll go! Stay inside!

The paintings Don't worry, they'll get 'em Pierre, Jiaming! Let's go!

They're all wet They'll get them Oh young'uns

Quit looking, go!


My husband's paintings are all there

You're freezing There's still so many

They're alI here now Come on Dry yourseIf off, come here

Excuse me, miss Can I have a towel, please?

Oh, sorry

Here you go The two of you can continue

Why you're taking so long? Where have you been?

This one got blown far away And based on my reguIar pace if l ran over 300 metres my energy Ievel will certainly drop Thank god it didn't go further than 300m

Go take a hot shower



Darling, do you think that ship is bound for China?


Actually, I know nothing about painting After my husband passed away I just felt like it whenever I thought of him And that's become my way of recording life


I found it

It doesn't say where it's heading

Too bad we don't know the destination I only know wherever I'm with you that's our "JlA" (home)

I'm grateful the storm didn't blow my memories away I remember every moment I watched him paint My husband once told me here to live in the present I'd say I'm a pretty obedient wife!

Thank you my dears Not at aIl Yeah it's nothing Oh right We actually haven't started Our Christmas feast yet! Yeah! Yeah!

Let's go home and eat, Mrs.Wong Let's go then! Come on, let's go!

Mrs.Wong You'll get to try everyone's cooking tonight My hometown specialty, menzi from Dalian I particularly asked my mum for her recipe Mrs.Wong This is my signature dish, l'm real proud of it Luncheon meat and frankfurters with instant noodles Thank you Mrs.Landlady These are dumplings from my hometown I made them myself And you must serve dumplings with chilli sauce

I'm from Sichuan I made Chongqing spicy hotpot with Christmas ham Bon appetit! l'm starving!

Bon appetit!

It's the best meal I've had since I've come to Melbourne It's served and saturated in love and friendship

1 - 2 - 3, say Melbourne!

That's the taste l'lI never forget

Breathing the air of Melbourne in late summer time it's already been a year and 8 months During this period of time I've changed my major and in my second year now I've watched a movie saw a theatre production went to two art shows Haven't been particuIarly homesick but I do think of you sometimes

Preserve our youth in memories It's everlasting

A new semester I moved into the student dormitory When I first came to Australia I had in my suitcase a duvet bedsheets a ricecooker a dictionary and well wishes from family and friends And this time it's packed full with photos knives and memories that are too good to be true

You're fucking fired mate Did you even notice that?

Piss off And go colIect your soccer bet winnings I can find a job anywhere!

We're in a sticky situation here What're you gonna do about that media night next week?

I cook, you do the hiring Excuse me Who's this kid?

Sorry Such a beautiful place here Yes This was the residence of an English earI It's now a heritage Iisted buiIding We host events, weddings Can I help you with anything?

My name is Anthony Are you looking for help in the kitchen?

What do you know?

I'm only in my second year at cooking school but I realIy like cooking

Okay, kid!

You've got one hour to make me one entree, one main and one dessert The kitchen's all yours If you don't finish everything in time You can show yourself out

Roast duck in French style Avocado and smoked salmon salad Flourless orange cake I've learnt them all, it shouldn't be too hard But the duck takes time, the salad needs to stay fresh and the cake needs to cool down No, this isn't easy at all I gotta prepare all other ingredients while I'm roasting in a reverse order

Let's do it


Oh, no!

You have twenty minutes left Twenty minutes then outta my fucking kitchen


Five minutes left!

You can do it

You're doing a great job Take it easy. Stop the bleeding first Thank you

Yes Okay Time's up Take your bloody hands off

That looks very nice These three dishes look attractive But you can forget about being a real chef if you can't make them properly

The roast duck is too intense The cake is too soft and the flower will fall apart with the sIightest touch Sorry I'm sorry I failed you Oh, no. Don't be silIy Hey, I haven't finished Sorry You're hired Really?

A great chef needs to believe in their own ideas but is concerned about the people that they're cooking for These three courses would've normally taken 1 -2 hours to complete And if you hadn't have sought the help of others you wouldn't have completed them in time Cooking is all about mastering teamwork and building relationships with other people Do you wanna be my assistant to the big dinner next week?

I'll try...

No! I'll do my best!

Let's go Kandagawa together

Ying How many frames per second in a film?

24 fps What did you record it as?

25 fps What?

25 fps We all know that movie camera runs at 24 fps Why on earth did you record it at 25 fps?

Where's your attention to detail?

How could you possibIy mess it up?

I'm sorry I'll contact the actors to do dubbing and record the ambience you need Then what's the point of shooting sync sound?

Why did we bother huh?

Are you aware of what we're making here?

It's a film A film!

What does it mean to you?

It's an art, it's sacred!

Not many students have the chance to shoot in celluloid Do you know how precious that is?

Every exposure, every shot will last forever I'm sorry. I'll try to make amends for it How? What can you do?

Some moments can never be rewound nor edited

I understand I'm sorry

You hardly understand how that one single frame could mean so much

It's raining outside

Sorry. The number you have diaIled is currentIy unavailable Please leave a message...


Come! Coming

Come on guys This is it!

This is the big fucking night If we fuck up tonight, we are doomed

Alright It's time, time for service Bring it on, baby!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Your chicken roulade, madam Thank you

It's tender It must be locally grown

It's dessert time people!

Yes! Chef!

No! What the fuck is wrong with you people This is not set! Fix it!

What the hell? What's goin' on?

What the fuck?

Someone please tell me what the fuck is goin' on in here?

Power outage!

The counciI just calIed Fuck! When will it be fixed?

Hopefully tomorrow Fuck!

That's it, we're screwed I can't...I can't serve in the dark It's not dinner in the fucking dark!


We can make it a candlelight dinner We have around 30 boxes of candles back there And I think there's a few hundred The wholesale company, they made a mistake And they never came to pick 'em up Shuuu...

Okay Let's do this All the floor staff go n' get the candles Light 'em in the kitchen first n' then the restaurant Just tell the guests that it's all part of the surprise And we're changing the menu Same ingredients, but something that'll suit this fucking situation We're doing...

Bombe Alaska!

I can't make it all by myself!

Fuck, who knows how to make Bombe Alaska?

I do, chef!



Ladies and Gentlemen It's now the long awaited dessert time Tony, our executive chef has speciaIly arranged them for you So, enjoy

Oh, this looks interesting. Thank you


Sorry The number you have dialed is currentIy unavailable Please leave your name and message after the tone

(How are you?)

(Send to: Ying)

The loneliest whale in the worId Her name is Alice

In this world there are many Alices among us

Anton She once said that when you try hard to think of someone's face that someone must mean a lot to you But what if I can always think of hers without even trying?

There's a whale named Alice She doesn't have any companion, friends or family The frequency of the sounds she makes is much higher than other whales

So no other whales can ever hear Alice?

Can she change her frequency?

I don't know Maybe Alice doesn't even know herself that she's going through the wrong path When she sings, no-one can hear her When she's upset, no-one comes to her How about humans?

Can we hear Alice at all?

Yes, we can I really wanna try and look for her You must think this is ridiculous

Anthony Are you going to do a recording?


Thanks for driving me all this way Oh well, that's how it goes when you don't have a license!

How will you get back later?

If it's too late I might stay a night here You should head back first


I don't think it's ridiculous Thank you, Serena Drive safe


Welcome abroad to the best whaIe-watching tour Hey, what's your name?

Anthony Okay, great Take the fIyer. See you on board Welcome to the best...

Hello everyone Thank you for joining us on the whaIe-watching tour

Whales are the world's largest mammals They live in groups and mostly communicate through sounds Clap together to a beat and watch them appear

Anton I didn't find Alice I didn't see a single whale But I've found where my heart lies


I miss you!


Hi How's everything?


Isn't this your creation?

Yes, I gave the recipe to the owner here

You know each other?

Yes Actually, he's about to retire He offered to sell the restaurant to me in a very good price Opening your own place huh

But John said he would refer me to work in a starred restaurant in Sydney That's great!

Which one would you choose?

I'd choose you

As for the name of the restaurant I can leave for you to decide

My English isn't good enough Let's run the restaurant together What do you think?

I can't, I haven't even graduated yet Anthony

I love you


Don't say you're sorry

I just...

I just want you to know

Are you going to see her?

So are you really

in love with her?

I thought I simply think of her but now I realized that

I miss her a lot, and that's different

When I think of a person

my mind... is clear and straight

But missing her it's like I'd make space for her and push away every other thought She's engraved in my mind I can't think of anything but her

Well since

you won't be missing me

Could you at least promise to think of me sometimes?


Anthony I hope you will remember that

Toto, your suitcase's broken?

It doesn't sound right Ying, you didn't even open your eyes and you can tell it's me. You're great

Can we drop by the courier desk first?

I gotta give them the package Brought something over?

Yeah, for free air tickets But I can only stay for 2 days Did you bring a kangaroo?

Let's go

Here we are

Can the suitcase come through alright?

Yours could make it through then it shouldn't be a problem


Here, let me

I'm home!

Welcome home!

Is there someone else?

Nah, just a custom in Japan You get home, you'd say "I'm home"

Whoever's home calls back "Welcome home"

I'm just saying it to myself Same thing in AustraIia even when we see a stranger we don't say "Hi" but "How are you?"

It's obvious you've fit in then Cause every time you text me, you're like

"How are you?"

Make yourself at home

Sorry, it's a bit of a mess in here No, it's fine

I have something like this in my dorm too but my photos are normal ones Can you find yourself there?

You have a photo of me?

Of course

That's me?

Yep You look different now?

I've been cutting my hair now Barbers in Australia are so expensive Let me see Turn around

Not bad huh Your hair Iooks shiny too!

If a person can recognize you just by looking at your hair I guess you must mean something to them I'll take you to get a nice haircut!

I suggest you take the JR line to see Tokyo Tower Or you may get off half way in Asakusa and visit the temple I'm working on a project and I gotta go check on it I'll meet up with you later Can I join you?

Really? That's boring though There's not much to do in Australia. Don't worry I won't be bored Then let's go

Wow it's so pretty It almost feels surreal It's not at its best moment yet It's the prettiest when the petals fall Isn't it interesting Chinese enjoy seeing flowers bIossom While peopIe here love to see flowers faIl

It's a part of the installation Once all the components are ready we'll send them to the coast for display Excuse me Good job everyone Hello Good morning, sir Hello Thank you very much Oh, good job This project looks impressive We have students from other faculties coming in to help too You're like a leader here The academic hierarchy is taken very seriously here There's no chance a foreign student could be the leader It's my first time participating in a sound installation exhibition It's really exciting It's like a whole new aspect to what we've learnt in class And I got paid!

You know, working with people who share the same vision and being able to make a living it's so good so l've been working really hard Hello Hello This is ready

Thank you This is my piece in the project

Can you teIl the shape of it?

It's a heart!

Is this okay?

Okay Okay Thank you Welcome

The wind bIows through this whistle and it'll make a sound?

That's right Pigeon whistle produces lovely sound Hello Hello Hello

Hold on to this for a sec

How's it?

Not happy about it Listen

Did you feel it?

The whole thing is...

The metallic pieces aren't interacting It's monotonous It doesn't sound good Kataoka said there's no time to fix it

Each one has 750 grams Do you think they'll help?

Putting these two together that works perfectly well Then we won't have to change anything!

Two become one A match made in heaven!


Great job everyone


Anthony Toto, Fang Jie Hi, I've heard a lot about you from Ying I'm from Dalian too We went to the same high schooI I was here a few years earlier Majored in film studies You guys are all so awesome Not really I couldn't find a proper job after graduating Doing odd jobs here and there trying to make a living Take a break everybody Yeah! Let's have a break Take a break Thank you Good job Thank you Come. Good job everyone Thank you Good job

This is...?

Hi, I'm Anthony Anthony?

Oh You're Ying's boyfriend from Australia?

He told me that

I'm so sorry, Ying I misheard "good friend" as "boyfriend"

It's okay

You guys can't really blame me Ying's such a beauty I can't beIieve she doesn't have a boyfriend Anthony If your girlfriend know about this I'm sure she'll go mad Huh?


I'm still single Seriously?

A guy who can cook is every girl's dream WeiWei

Anthony What's your plan after graduating?

Work your way up to become a chef there?

I'm not sure yet I believe you just need to folIow your passion The future will take care of itself As long as you're happy Here Cheers, Anthony And a toast for happiness Welcome, Anthony!

And wish me a safe journey home

You're going home?

But you toId me you want to stay here to become a film director


I've decided to work for Wei's father What do you mean?

Her father is getting old It's tough for him to run the company all by himself I'd be able to help him out Though l'm not a professional in that field I did at least study abroad How about your dream in filmmaking?

You don't care anymore?

To be honest, Fang feels responsible for me We'd rather go back to China instead of staying here chasing after something unrealistic There's no way we can achieve anything Besides my dad knows a lot of film producers He can introduce Fang to them Right?

Yeah The Mainland market is booming Many financiers are keen on producing fiIms Maybe someone will recognize my talent I'll have a chance to be a director and make my own movie

That's right Filmmaking ain't the same as cooking a dish It's not something you can achieve overnight Right, Anthony?

Someone once encouraged me to hold on to what I'm passionate about Regardless of how siIly it seemed But probabIy only those who really care about me won't think it's silIy

Congrats Director Fang

I'll stay here and make my dreams come true

I also had someone who told me that you can't rewind or edit the past It really seems that way now

Anyway l won't allow my present to be a mere shadow of my past

Com'on, we're gonna miss the last train

You know what?

When you're shooting a movie both the camera and the sound recorder have to operate at 24 frames per second Otherwise the visuals won't synchronize with the sound One frame off and it's ruined I reckon filmmaking is like living out our lives Every shot is a lost opportunity Every frame has its own regrets

24 fps, 25 fps

One frame more and it's out of sync

Do you know why I came to study in Japan?

I told everyone that it's my dream Honestly I just wanna get close to the person I love To breathe the same air To wake up in the same timezone To feel the rain pouring from the same storm To see the rainbow shining in the same sky If it went well we'd live the same dream

That's all I asked for

Now he's leaving

You said you admire how I take charge of my life and make myself the Iead actor in it

But the truth is I'm just a nameless dispensable extra

I used to think that I'd be happy with whatever role I was given as long as I was in it

But now I know

it hurts like hell

I used to think it will be painful to see the person l love falling for someone else It never occured to me it will be much worse to see the person I Iove Iosing that someone

Tonight I am not drunk But my heart is broken

Ying Why did you quit school?

We've talked about it right?

Going overseas at the end of second year?

Don't be so surprised I can't change my mind now?

I just don't get it You always plan ahead Why do you make such a rash decision?

I got it aIl planned that's why I've waited long enough I'm gonna Iive my life on my terms starting tomorrow

Dear Ying This city is so inspiring I can feel my pursuit of filmmaking is coming alive here I'm into visual You're into audio I wish you were here with me Together we'd make this dream come true Fang Jie

Sounds like it's bursting in joy?

It's the sound of a heart breaking

Good morning!

Did you sleep well? Yeah

I'm gonna go to Osaka after this There's a project recruiting I wanna be a part of it I'll go for two months

Then what about this apartment?

Well, not much I can do about it But it's quite nice to think that there's a city waiting for me

I'm leaving tonight I'll make time to see you off It's alright You go do your thing Work is important


You don't have to worry about me I'll be fine

Oh, wait

When I arrived in Japan I saw this scarf in a boutique and I thought of you I never sent it over It's cold here today Put it on


I'm here for you

"Although we're in different timezones"

"There's no distance between us"

"Our intimacy brings warmth"

"To the lifeless monitor"

"Living our lives on our own"

"Chasing the dreams we won't abandon"

"It's summer here and winter there"

"Because of you it becomes enchanting"

"Will our Iove be in sync"

"I choose you but you fall for him"

"I can only hope"

"Fate will bring you to me one day"

"Our love is not in sync"

"You've already told me in our secret language"

"Our hand sign has spoken"

"We are best friends forever"

"You love the stories that sounds tell"

"I love the passion that flavors bring"

"Alice the whale sings"

"At the frequency of our loneliness"

"Falling into the whirlpool of memories"

"You've always filled my heart"

"Even in my thoughts"

"I'm hoplessly thinking about you"

"Will our Iove be in sync"

"Or will it end the way like"

"The sound of opening chestnuts"

"A breaking heart"

"Our love will not be in sync"

"This will be my last gift to you"

"The sound of falling blossoms"



"But silently"

I wish I'd graduate successfully I wish I'd get used to life abroad I wish the person would love me back

The wind bIows through this whistle and it'll make a sound?

That's right Pigeon whistle produces lovely sound Pigeons have a language of their own that we don't understand But attached this little whistIe on its tail the way she spins, dives and weaves through the air the wind can speak for them I wish l'd given everything in this world that doesn't have a voice a channel to express themselves Even the wind has secrets it yearns to express Please take care of yourself

I wish you well

I hope that your every dream will come true

Someone said When leaves scatter We learn to treasure our time together When petals fall We understand the frailty of our youth

Friends forever, for better or for worse!


It's the people we meet define our lives The buddies who've accompanied me everyone of you has left a mark on me You guys have shaped me into who I am today Be still!

Happy birthday to you Dad, mum, Iet's take a photo

1 , 2, 3 My name is Anthony I left hometown in the spring of 2005 I brought with me my clothes my jackets toothpaste made in Yunnan Head n' Shoulders shampoo My laptop is in Chinese operating system novels written in Chinese an electric blanket and even a Chinese cleaver

At that time wandering in the city I didn't feel I belong yet I'd keep my head up I feel obligated to make my people proud To keep my spirits soaring high Well done, Anthony

You are weIcome Hey, Henry!

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My dearest Anton It's amazing to think that anyone wouId be interested in reading my silly ramblings But now that l have this chance I don't know who I should share it with

Anton I've finalIy found AIice