A Man and a Woman (1966) Script

A Man and A Woman received...

...THE GRAND PRIZE - 20th Anniversary International Film Festival, Cannes 1966...

...GRAND PRIZE of the International Catholic Office of Cinema...

...and THE GRAND PRIZE of the Superior Technical Film Commission...

...for Best Cinematography.

So the little girl started to undress.

She got into her granny's bed.

The little girl was puzzled, because her granny was acting funny.

Then she said:

"Oh, Grandma, what big eyes you've got!"

And the granny said, "All the better to see you with."

"Oh, Grandma, what a long nose you've got!"

"All the better to smell you with!"

Then she said, "Oh, Grandma, what long teeth you've got!"

"So much the better to gobble you up with!"

And she gobbled her up!

Did you like that story? No.

Why not?

It's sad.

What story would you like now?

Blue Beard.

Blue Beard?

Let's see. Once upon a time...

A Man and A Woman


Pull up the top, please.

To the golf course.

No, to the go-carts.

No, the harbor.

No, to the golf course.

On second thought, let's go to the go-carts.

You hurt me.

Did I? I'm sorry if I did!

When I took your hand off the wheel? Yes.

I'm sorry.

You've lost weight. Why's that? I don't know.

Don't you eat at school? Don't you like the food?

Do you want some chocolate?

No, I want a cake.

A cake?

I don't know if we'll find a bakery around here.

What sort of cake do you want?

Look what I've done now! It's funny, isn't it?

These boots are nice.

You want a pair like these? No, I want a cake.

You want a cake.

Hurry! Otherwise, I'll miss my train! See you Sunday, darling.

Don't get cold. Hurry, go inside, quick!

Go on! Bye. See you Sunday.

Come on, children!

We're in the middle of December, and you drive with the top down.

It's not me. It's Antoine.

Blame Antoine! Come and have supper, darling.

There you are! Can I eat now?

Yes, darling. Come on.

Come on, Antoine.

I promise you that if you're good all week, next Sunday we'll go boating.

No, tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, you work. Next Sunday!

Go and have supper.

There, now. You spoil him, you know.

It's only once a week.

But he doesn't work very hard. He's lazy.

Intelligent, but lazy.

He takes after me.

What are you going to do about it?

Antoine's been in your care for two years. You've done wonders.

I'm certain you'll be able to do even better.

In two years, we haven't talked seriously.

I cannot talk seriously to a pretty woman.

Be careful. It's foggy this evening.

Maybe the roads are icy. Ice?

There you are!

Do you often miss trains?


I'm not very punctual.

Do you always manage to get a lift?


I sleep in Deauville.

She doesn't work too well.

I see. She's intelligent, but lazy.

Who told you that?

What's her name?

Francoise. ,




That's nice.

Do you go regularly to the school?

Well, I come every weekend when I'm not working.


I come every Saturday.

And Sunday too, sometimes.

May I?

Why, sure.

You mustn't laugh.

These songs made people cry in 1914.

Are you married?


You don't look married.

What does a married man look like?

What does your husband do?


Do you mean he's an actor?

Well, not quite.

He's more than an actor.

Funny job that, stuntman.

How does one meet a stuntman?

In a gully?

In Texas?

On a burning plane?

Am I close?


I give up.

Your story is like a soap opera.

Except for the stuntman, it's not original.

I don't claim to be original.

You meet someone, marry, have a baby.

It happens all the time.

What can be original is the man you love.

Your husband must be original.

For me, he is.

He's so fascinating, so exclusive! A man of great integrity.

He's passionate about things...

...about people, ideas. About countries...

He sounds like God.

For me, maybe.

For instance, I spent a week in Brazil without ever having been there.

Pierre was in a film there.

When he got back, he talked about samba for a week.

Samba came into our lives.

Samba came into your life!


"To sing a samba without sadness...

...is like loving a woman who's nothing but beautiful."

These are the words of Vinicius de Moraes.

A poet and a diplomat and the author of this song.

In his own words: "The blackest white man in Brazil."

I am perhaps the most Brazilian French man.

I would like to tell you about my love of samba...

...like a lover who dares not speak to the one he loves...

...and speaks of her to everyone he meets.

João Gilberto.

Carlos Lyra.

Dorival Caymmi.

Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Vinicius de Moraes.

Baden Powell...

...who composed the music to this song and many others.

I salute you.

Tonight, I'd like to drink until drunkenness...

...to better rave about those I have discovered thanks to you.

And who made samba what it is. Saravá!


Noel Rosa.

Dolores Duran.

Cyro Monteiro. So many others.

All those who are coming. Edu Lobo.

And my friends who are with me tonight.

Baden, of course.

Ico, Oswaldo, Luigi, Oscar, Nicolino, Milton. Saravá!

They make it impossible for me to pronounce this word without quivering.

A word that shakes a whole people, making it sing...

...their hands to the sky. Samba.

Where to, in Paris?

Rue Lamarque.

Rue Lamarque? Where's that?

It's in Montmartre.

Is this it? Yes.

I didn't know this street.


A painter lived here during World War I.

In 1917, he engaged a Russian servant whose name was Vladimir Ulyanov.

One year later, he was Lenin.

Thank you very much for giving me a lift.

No, please, I can manage.


By the way, I'm driving to Deauville next Sunday.

Would you like to come?

I'd love to meet your husband.

Cut! Okay, let's do it again.

Pierre! Come here a minute.

Not bad. But next time, don't take so many risks.



I'm sorry.

The way you talked about him, I didn't know he was dead.

About Sunday, that's most kind, but I'm not sure I'll be free.

Call me Saturday midday and I'll tell you.

I don't have your number.

Montmartre 15-40.

Good night. Good night.

Montmartre 15-40.

- -He'd be holding a press conference in the near future...

...about the salary increases.

And now for the sporting events. There's motor-racing on the agenda...

...with the forthcoming Monte Carlo Rally.

In one week, the 35th Rally will be on its way.

Cars are being tuned...

...manufacturers are leaving nothing to chance in the rugged competition.

Among the favorites, the Toivonen team driving a Cooper and a DS21...

We know that this week...

...they've been training to the hilt, getting the maximum from their cars.

Any good?

One seventeen.

Forty-three, four.

Not bad.

How many revs?

Eleven thousand.

Forty-three, seven.

How many revs now? 10,300.

We've won with 200 revs. It's perfect.

Operator, put me through to Montmartre 15-40.

No, no, could you put me through in five minutes, please?


Hello, Montmartre 15-40?

This is Jean-Louis Duroc.

I gave you a lift from Paris, from Deauville to Paris, last Sunday.

Yes. How are you?

I'm planning on driving to see my son at school in Deauville tomorrow.

I thought you'd like to drive down there with me.

Whenever you like.

Around 9, 9:30, whatever.


Nine o'clock. Nine it is, then.

Hello, there.

I'm late.

Not at all. Could've been worse.

As you might have guessed, that melody is called "Love."

Performed by Daniel Walt's orchestra.

On this Sunday morning, we'd better talk about the weather.

We're in for a bad spell.

I can tell you right away that the weather forecast is rainy.

There'll be rain all over France.

And roads are flooded, particularly in the south and central highlands.

As for the Parisians who may be getting the picnic basket ready...

...for a ride in the country...

...they may as well stay home, go to the movies, or have a game of cards.

Or listen to the radio. I'll be on the air all day Sunday...

...probably talking a lot of uninteresting nonsense.

So it's going to be a rainy Sunday, with wet roads everywhere.

A flash from the news...

...that illustrates the weather has just come in.

A man and a woman were killed earlier today...

...when their sports car skidded off the road.

I hate hearing that.

Especially when driving.

Do I drive badly?

No. You drive normally.

Now, let's change our mood and listen to some light music.

Here's one you all know.

You haven't told me what you do.

I've got a job that's... That's very unusual.

Very original.

Which makes loads of money.

Shame on you! And apart from that?

I've got a good front.

I'm in the motor business. I'm a test driver.

A racing driver? Yes.

I think you soaked those people.

They're hunters.

No mercy on hunters!

She started to cough on Friday.

Nothing serious, but keep her warm.

There! There you are.

You're not cold, darling. You're okay.


I'm not surprised. What?

I'm not surprised.

I didn't see you on the 9:00 train.

Well, thank you. Goodbye.

Come on.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Bye, madame.

Are you happy?

Tell me some more about your job.

My job? Not about yours.

Antoine, talk about my job.

What? Don't you want to?

No, but I'll tell you all about my job.

Go on, then.

The job I'll have when I'm big...

Tell us. I want to be a fireman.

There'll be 36 firemen with me.


But with me, it will make 37.

You'll be the chief. Yes.

You know what? We'll have two big fire engines with big ladders.

Very big.

The two fire engines will be huge for the big fires.

What will you do about small fires?

What about small fires?

We won't need the ladder.

That's all. And we won't use much water.

If it's locked, we'll take the axes and...

Well, we'll use them to hit and that's it.

And then we use a little water. That's it.

Tell me about your job.

My work is largely technical. It bores women to talk about technicalities.

But I can tell you some trivia.

It wouldn't bore me.

Take superstition, for example.

We racing drivers are superstitious. No car has number 13.


No car ever...

No car ever bears number 13.

Another number is 17, many accidents for that one.

In Italy, for example, there's never 17.

The Italians are very superstitious.

Have you ever heard of Ascari?

I think so. Yes?

He was a driver, one of the best.

He died a few years ago.

Yes, I see now.

If Ascari saw a black cat on the track or on the side of the track...

...he'd stop.

Antoine, your napkin.

Maybe they should eat, they're hungry.


I don't like shrimps.

You don't like shrimps? No.

Françoise, do you like shrimps? No?

How come? Last week you ate some.

Do you want tomatoes? Do you like tomatoes?

I'm not hungry. Not hungry?

It doesn't matter that you don't like shrimps.

But she likes shrimps. Do you?

But these are fresh, Antoine.

But, Françoise, you must eat something.

What do you of think while racing?

What is the most important thing?

The throb of the motor.

I know an engineer who uses organ pipes for his exhaust.

It's something that you feel through your whole body.

It grips you like a fever.

I'm not thirsty, hungry. Sorry. I see.

Antoine, say "Coca-Cola" in Spanish.


Same as in French. No.

Because the Spanish is "Coca-Cola."

How do you say "I want a Coca-Cola"? I want a Coca-Cola.

The waiter's a Spaniard, so ask him in Spanish for a Coca-Cola. Go on.

Go on and ask him for it.

One Coca-Cola, for me. Yes, sir.

And one for the girl.

He can give me some. We'll get you another glass.

Another glass, please.

Another glass, for the girl.

How come he speaks such good Spanish?

Actually, he speaks English too.

Ask for a glass in English.

Yes, but the waiter is Spanish. He's also English.

His mum's English, his dad's a Spaniard.

He understands both languages.

I'd rather say it in Spanish. You're right.

Because it's more practical.

After an accident, how do you feel?

You feel ashamed.

It's true, you're ashamed.

It's stupid, but that's how it is.

When you have an accident...

...it's your fault, because you took a bend too fast.

For instance, a bend that you're used to taking at 140...

...if you go in at 141, you leave the track, at 139, you lose the race.

You have to find the right speed.

Say "I love you" in Spanish.

To who? Francoise. , I love you.

When something's not serious, we say it's like a film.

Why aren't films taken seriously, do you think?

I don't know.

Maybe because we go when everything's okay.

So we should go when it's not?

Why not?

It's gone. Taken off. The plane has taken off.

Can I clear the table, sir? Yes.

May I, madame? Yes, thank you.

Why do you break your cigarettes? To smoke less.

You could smoke one less. True.

Antoine's suggested it.

Have you ever thought of becoming an actress?

Yes, but it'd bore me.


I'm not sure.

Maybe because you need a little, or not too much... I don't know.

It's not that complicated, is it?

No more difficult than being a script girl or editor.

Really? I don't know.

You must have an idea. After all, you watch films.

I don't know, it's not that difficult.

It's not a question of it being a difficult job.

Everyone has their trade.

When you're good-looking, it's not that difficult to...

You're handsome.

The director matters most.

Why aren't you an actor?

You're not bad-looking.

No. The idea never crossed my mind.

But if I worked in the film business, I'd rather be an actor, I think.

No, I'm delighted with my own craft.

No, I wouldn't have liked acting.

It's more serious to be...

It's not more serious, it's more genuine.

I have so many questions. I go to the movies pretty often.

I have lots of questions.

You must know a bit about films.

No more than most. I know a few things.

I read some film magazines.

Well, you know, I'm not...

As I've been in films for a short time, I haven't worked with the veterans.

Tell me more about actors and actresses.

Are you that interested? Of course.

You are a little girl and you are a big girl.

And you are a big...

...boy, and I am big boy.

A big boy? No. Yes.

Have you had enough to eat?

Yes, but I'd love a coffee.

Coffee, please!

Antoine, be quiet!

What do you want to do?

Me, nothing. I want to play, that's all.

How about a boat trip?

Yes! Let's go on a boat!

On a boat? Yes!

I promised? Yes.

You remember I promised? Yes.

Have you been good? Yes.

All week?

Yes, he was!

Was he good? Yes, yes.

Were you a good girl?

Shall we find a boat? Yes!

Well, let's go! Come on. We're off. Yes!

I'll get there first!

Go and get your coats quickly, then.

You think it's okay for us to go on a boat?

They are loving every minute.

They get along pretty well together.

They've been friends for a long time.


Antoine noticed her ages ago, he said Françoise was pretty.

He said he'd only spoken to her a couple of times.

It's so cute.


Beautiful, that man and his dog.

They walk alike.

Yes, they do.

Do you know Giacometti, the sculptor?

Oh, yes. He was handsome.

Well, Giacometti once said:

"If caught in a fire and I had to choose between a Rembrandt and a cat...

...I'd save the cat."

"And then I'd let the cat go."

Did he say that too? That's what's so wonderful.

Yes, it is.

Between art and life, he said he'd choose life.

Beautiful. Yes.

Why did you ask me that?

About Giacometti? Yes.

Because of the man and his dog.

You never speak about your wife.

My complete love is with you always and forever.

Every second, till the end.

I love you, my darling! I love you!

Drivers are reminded it is forbidden to have your engines running...

...before the starting signal is officially given.

On the ready places, please.

Everyone clear the track, please.

One minute to go!

One minute to go.

Thirty seconds to go!

Four seconds to go!


This is the first lap.

I can't tell you what's going on now, but it's going to be very exciting.

Millions of viewers...

...have joined us for this race and will stay with us for the next 24 hours.

By the time we get to our next report at 10 p.m...

...we have no doubt that the result in the race will be far more predictable.

As of this moment, the Ferraris are leading.

As you know, Jean-Louis Duroc has had a smashup.

He piled up his car on the straight run of the grandstand. It looked bad.

Jean-Louis Duroc was rushed to the racetrack operating room.

He is still in a coma, but we will keep you informed on this subject.

Right now, doctors are operating on Jean-Louis Duroc.

The fiendish pace continues with the Ferraris still holding their lead.

Last night produced a lot of dramatic incidents and strained the machines.

Fifty percent of cars dropped out, to say nothing of Duroc's serious accident.

We reported Jean-Louis Duroc's accident.

You know he underwent a three-hour operation.

But a personal drama took place in the hospital as he was unconscious.

However, let's go back to the track to Graham Hill.

He's at the pit and still has a chance to win.

A sheer tragedy stalked the corridors of the hospital.

Duroc's wife got to the hospital...

...only to be told of her husband's critical condition.

Then something awful happened.

Mrs. Duroc was very seriously shocked, and she suffered a nervous breakdown.

It has just been confirmed that she has taken her own life.

For the moment, we have no further details.

We shall keep you informed as they come in.

And now back to the track.

All of next week, I'm going to be driving in the Monte Carlo Rally.

But as soon as I come back...

...Montmartre 15-40.

Well, then, good night.

What time is it?

Five past 1.

Did you have a good trip?

How's your son?


And you? Fine.

I've got some bad news for you.

I knew you didn't find my desk. I don't suppose you looked for it.

I went to all the antique dealers in Deauville, but no desk.

Too bad.

Aren't you going to undress?

Right away.

When am I going to meet your son?

When he's old enough to seduce you.

I'd make a good mother.

I'm sure you would.

What's all this about you going out with twins?

Who told you that?

The racing magazine.

This one?

Which page?


That's true.

You missed the best parts.

"Today, the driver Jean-Louis Duroc met a young woman in Deauville.

They spent the afternoon together...

...had lunch together, and drove 400 kilometers together.

They left each other just over half an hour ago."

Why are you telling me all this?

Because it's the truth.

This paper never tells lies.

Here in Rheims, capital of Champagne, the town is bubbling with excitement.

Excitement for the start of the 35th Monte Carlo Motor Rally...

...which is not being made any easier by the difficult weather conditions.

At this very moment, other competitors leave from Oslo...

...Minsk, London, Athens...

...Lisbon and Hamburg, 273 competitors in all.

They are about to start the 5000 kilometers of this very difficult race.

And among those 273 competitors...

...Jean-Louis Duroc driving the Mustang number 145...

...is about to leave.

Jean-Louis Duroc will share the driving with his partner, Chemin.


Straight ahead, now.

Fork left.

Two kilometers.

Now, hard left.

As I speak to you, many contestants dropped out of the race.

Out of 273 cars that began, only 80 are still in the running.

Many accidents have occurred and countless difficulties...

...because of the extremely bad weather conditions.

They have literally transformed the roads into ice rinks.

Hairpin bend on the right.

Sharp bend, left!

The last and 42nd competitor has just arrived at Monte Carlo.

Forty-two cars...

...these figures speak for themselves.

A tough, grueling race for both drivers and their cars.

Tonight, Monte Carlo, famed for its casino...

...is decked out to give a big welcome to the tired heroes of today's race.

We had hoped to bring you live pictures of the prince and princess...

...but they were not able to be present for the finish of the rally...

...as we understand they are away skiing.

Therefore, they did not present the trophy to the winners...

...who in fact aren't the real winners...

...because, as you know, Makinen and the other competitors driving Coopers...

...should have won.

However, a detail in one of the many regulations deprived them of victory...

...but these trifles, we expect, will be overlooked at tonight's banquet...

...given in honor of the competitors at the Sporting Club...


Hello, I want to send a telegram to Monte Carlo.

Yes, I'll wait.

Yes, Monte Carlo.

Mr. Jean-Louis Duroc.

Duroc. With a C.

I haven't got the address with me, unfortunately.

I'm sorry to trouble you.

It won't be difficult to find him.

He's in the Monte Carlo Rally.

That's most kind of you.

Yes! That's it.

The Sporting Club will find him. Let me see, now...

"Bravo! I saw you on TV. Anne."

No, no, wait a second.

"Bravo! I love you. Anne."

Yes, please, yes.

Montmartre 15-40.

Miss, how long will it take?

Thank you.

Evening, sir. Sorry to draw you out in this cold.

It is a bit nippy tonight, but we mustn't complain.

Comes during this time of the year.

Super or regular?


Fill it up, please. Fill it up?

I'll fill it up for you, but it's difficult for us.

Never comes out even and all the odd change.

Every morning I have to do my accounts, and that's not my strong point--

Okay, then make it 50 francs. 50 francs, that will be fine, sir.

Aren't you going to turn it on? Yes, but your cigarette.

Sending that telegram really is something. Takes guts to do that.

Imagine, a beautiful woman sends a cable like that to a man.

I'd never have the guts to do that.

A wonderful woman.

If I keep going like this, I should be in Paris around...

...say, 6:30.

She's still in bed at 6:30.

What will I do? I can go to a bistro...

...give her a call...

When a woman sends you a telegram, "I love you"...

...you go and see her.

Sure, I can go and see her...

...but I don't know which floor she's on. I'd have to wake the concierge.

The concierge will say, "She's not in, " or, " You can't go up."

I'll answer, "Look, I'm sorry, but I've just driven 5000 kilometers...

...in fact, 6000 kilometers to come and see her.

I'm very sorry, but...

...I'm going up!"

Up I go! I ring the bell, once, twice.

No, I think I'll only ring once, don't want to upset her.

Once is enough.

She'll take time to wake up, perhaps she doesn't open her door.

She says, "Who's there?"

And I answer, well...

What will I say?

I can't say, "It's Jean-Louis."

"Antoine's father," I'll say.

Antoine's father. Yes, that sounds better.

"Who's there?" "Antoine's father."

She opens the door...

...and we're face-to-face.

She's a little embarrassed.

After all, she sent me a telegram, "I love you."

She's embarrassed. It's normal.

She's home, and she's embarrassed.

And she says, "I'll make some coffee.

You've come a long way, you need it."

I walk in-- No, now I have to say something.

What a coward! So I say...

Should I stop off in Lyons and send her a telegram?

Yes, it's a good idea. No, it's not, it's stupid.

My telegram would arrive only a few minutes before I do.

She'll break her sleep, and when I get there, I'll wake her again.

Lucky I've still got time to think of something better.

Anne Gauthier's apartment. Third floor.

Sorry, but I can't get any answer.

She doesn't always tell me what she's doing.


I think she went to Deauville to see her daughter.

Much obliged.

I was extremely surprised to see you back.

I saw you on television last night at the Monte Carlo Rally.

Do you think that if I go that way I may run into them?

Yes, you're almost sure to. Past the big pier.

The pier? Oh, yes!

If they come back while I'm looking for them, tell them to wait for me.

See you in a while!

Goodbye, Daddy. Goodbye, Mommy.

But why?


Because of my husband.

But he's dead.

I think I'd better take the train.

Prepare my bill, please. Room 41.

And when is the next train for Paris?

Is it direct?

No, I have to change.

For what reason did you say your husband was dead?

Because he is.

Not yet, for me.

Some Sundays start well and end badly.

It's hard to believe.

It's crazy to refuse happiness.

If I had to go through this again, what would I do?

Is there anything else I could do?

To see her for months on end as a pal.

What happens? You end up being pals, maybe.

She wired, "I love you."

Admit it, boy, you just don't understand women.

Her husband must have been quite a guy.

Maybe if he had lived...

...he'd have become an old fool, but as it is, he'll always be quite a guy.

Though he might not have turned into an old fool.

They might've made a wonderful couple...

...or a dreary pair of old fools.

- Are the Lyons sausages hot? Yes, sir.

- Where are they? Hors d'oeuvres.

I don't see it. Where is it marked?

Lyons sausages. Milan sausages, that's cold, isn't it?

Oh, yes, always cold.

What is the salmon steak à la maréchale?

Freshwater fish imported from Finland.

Do you know it? No.

- What am I going to have? I don't know.

I'm not hungry.

Would you like a steak?

Yes. I think so.

Chateaubriand's the most tender, isn't it?

That's right, sir.

Two Chateaubriands, grilled.

Well-done or rare?

Rare, for me. Rare for me too.

And hot! Of course, sir.

Last night, what time did you leave Monte Carlo?

I left...

You want nothing to start with, then?

He's not too pleased with us. We didn't order enough.

You want me to make him happy?

Waiter. Yes, sir?

Do you have a room?