A martfui rem (2016) Script

Based on a true story


Can I walk you home?

Why did you lie that you slept at your mother's?

Why did you say that?

You know you've got no alibi for the night of the murder.

Think of something else!

Or admit it! You were seen at the scene. Understand?

Don't admit it if you didn't do it! You hear me?

Don't feel forced to admit it. Understand?

I understand, but...

Say something! Finish the story!

When are you gonna move in with me?

I'm sorry, but it's off!

But you said...

I don't want to and that's final.

But you said different!

You promised!

I got a divorce so we could raise my kid!

Ákos, I never agreed to that!

You misunderstood.


Why did you lie?!

You hear me?!

I just thought that... What?!

I felt sorry for you.


Were you at his place?!

What makes you think that?

Here... in this exact spot.

I lay on top of her.

And she groaned: "Oh, dear God!"

Over and over.

And afterwards?

I tore her clothes off...

Don't believe it, Mother...

...I ripped her bra off...

To have intercourse, I pulled her panties off.

Like this!

The material was soft.

They could have been silk. It got me excited.

It went hard.

And it stayed rock hard... right up until...

I had trouble getting in.

And I groped her breast.

Marika, you can stand up now.

I think I wiped the blood off on her dress.

Man, you said you wiped it on newspaper!

Is that what I said?

This is what happened, Comrade Judge!

The defendant admitted, that after committing a murder of passion he washed the front of his overalls at home, that were stained with Erzsébet Patai's blood.

Then he tried to get the rest of the blood out with acetone.

Then he went to bed and slept until 5 am.

News of the murder quickly spread in the factory.

Witnesses say that the accused reacted to the news... indifferently.

I'd like to request for the neighbour and driver be re-examined.

Comrade Judge, we've already questioned them.

Why the request?

There are contradictions related to where and when they saw my client that night.

They were examined under oath.

I know. But, Comrade Judge...

Don't waste any more of my time!

Request denied!

This is about my brother's life!

You have to interview them 100 times if need be!

In the name of the People's Republic!

Ákos Réti, accused of murder and necrophilia, taking all circumstances into account, is hereby sentenced to death by hanging!

Take him down!



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Why did you pull me up, sir?

I don't like drowned corpses! I still felt fine!

This isn't a game! I enjoy it!

Defend yourself, you shit!

Hit me!

I told you to hit me or I'll mop the floor with your head!

Hit me! You pussy!

Easier with women, hey?

Come off it! He's too soft to give a woman a good fucking!

Stop, what are you doing?

Let me go, stop it!

No, don't do it!


Clear off, the lot of you!

Hey! That's enough!

I said that's enough!

Get in!

Ákos Réti, is found guilty of the charges placed.

But due to alleviating circumstances and no previous charges, the former sentence of death by hanging will now be commuted to life imprisonment.

25 years... I'd rather die!

7 years later

Stop it!

Hello, Ibolya! Hello!

Gimme a ride? Sure, hop on the back!


That hurts, stop it!

No... that hurts! Stop!

There's a rope on her wrist...

But why? I don't know yet.

I'm ordering a post-mortem.

I'm gonna take a look around...

Did you say they only reported her missing 3 days later?

It looks like she wasn't important to anyone.

We found this on the upper stretch, but...

But what?

Gáspár got his hands all over it.

I swear I'll get that idiot sacked!

You'll be able to do it in a couple of months.

Just watch and learn!

This is a dangerous place.

You'll work on the conveyer belt the first week.

Then you'll get a machine like this one.

Ági, watch you don't get your hand under the needle!

I'd give you something much thicker!

Get back to work!

That was mild for this place!

Much worse things have happened here!

She was pregnant.

In around the 4th month.

I don't remember a ring.

They don't need a ring nowadays!

Was she dead or alive before the water?

If she was alive, she'd have drowned after a couple of breaths.

The water did that...

But they look like fish bites.

Her bones are intact, so she wasn't brutally injured.

Then could it have been suicide? Possibly.

It would be good if you were right.

I could start my job sooner at county headquarters.

They promoted you already? So soon?

I deserve it, don't I? Sure, you deserve it.


I didn't say until it was certain.

The only question is who's gonna boss me about now...

A student of mine. He's talented... at that, too.

Then we can close it as suicide.

Isn't it a bit odd that she killed herself in the nude?

Can I go with you? Not today.

Okay then!

Isn't András coming for you? He's too busy...

Hold it!


Hold it harder!

Where did they find her? There, by my colleague.

Hey, you there! What are you doing?

You're trampling on evidence!

Move! We meant to help...

Fuck the lot of you!

I need to question her! Absolutely impossible!

Her head was struck with a blunt instrument, possibly hammer.

I think she was raped.

That's why I need to question her urgently.

Impossible! She needs surgery!

That's why the bastard“ get away... by the time they give someone I can question!

Juhász, bring that camera over here!

Maybe the bastard came on a motorbike...

Hey! Hey, you! What are you doing here?

This is a closed crime scene!

I'm the supervising prosecutor, Zoltán Szirmai.

I want to be at all witness interviews.

All of them? Even I'm not at all of them.

Maybe you're won't, but I will be.

Why do want to be there? More eyes see more.


I'm a colleague, but I'll come back later. Wait, wait!

Come in, I'm done.

Was she raped? No... She's got no bruises...

Is there a lover...

...a fiancé... or enemy, or something?

Don't know of any...

Here... it'll help...

You can believe me.

I believe you.


Well? I told you...

I need sharper blow-ups!

Then the negatives need to be sent to town!

They've even sent word from Party HQ.

What an honour!

You wouldn't have such a big mouth there! Not there.

How come no one in this town has seen or heard anything?

This little town is deaf and blind, but you were sent down here to bring light, only it still hasn't arrived.

I don't appreciate your jokes. It's not a joke.

It should be your job to catch him!

And put a guard on the girl's door!

Just say a word.

Tell me who hurt you.

You can do it.

Don't hold back.

You can talk, it's just the two of us.

Hey! Hello! Hey!

God bless you, sweetheart! No sorry, the Party.

Don't be scared.

Hey! Stay with me!

You hear me?!



Doctor! Someone!


Someone come!

You hear?!

Can you hear me, sweetheart?!

Hey! At least blink!

Don't doze off!

Hey, what are you doing?!

I brought her back.

Did you hear the attacker's voice?


What colour was his hair?

I don't remember, I only saw him for a split second.

What was his build?

Like you, only... shorter...

Strong boned...

His eyes? No idea.

But... he wore a hat... a black beret.

What are you doing?

We'll meet up later.

Hey, you! Stop!



Hands down!

Grab his hands!

Agnes Koves claims that on October 12th, at 10 pm, you attacked her and hit her.

Me? No... no... no.

Had you had an argument?

I hadn't, she had.

She came to Martfú for me, I'd left her.

Then why did you run?

The fish... What fish?

We'd been poaching. Don't mess me about!

Really! And they're really cracking down on it!

And that evening?


I was with my fiancée Vera. Will she back that up?

Sure! I proposed that day and... that's why she slept with me.

Ági, that filthy little slut!

Réti! Visitor!

Your sister.

I'm not going. I said I'm not going.

You going down or do I have to kick you there?

What's that for?

He needs a father.

He's better off without one.

I'd have been better off.

What are you doing this for?

Because I committed... a crime.

I don't know. But you are doing now.

Mum died because of me. I'm in the right place!

We shouldn't be ashamed to be alive!

And we try our best to live!


Please try and ask for a retrial!

A 20-year-old colleague of mine was attacked, and you can tell them that!

She died? She survived.

Maybe the same bloke did it.

7 years later? That's ridiculous. We can't know.

I'll come again tomorrow. And the day after.

Until you write that bloody appeal application!

This is for you to look at.





Come for your supper!

Didn't you go to meet mum? No, I went out for some air.

Why? Isn't she here? No.

Come on!

I didn't see his face in the dark.

What colour were his clothes? Black.

But all clothes look black in the dark.

I only saw his face for a second.

But I don't remember it.

His clothes? Grey.

His build? Sort of average.

Or... perhaps a bit taller.

175 cm.

Not your bloody height, the bloke who ran away!

Sort of average.

Perhaps shorter...

Wasn't he wearing anything striking?

Think for a minute, man!

I didn't see anything in the dark.

His shoes crickled!


What should I say? They crickled and that's that.

That's what they say here.

"His shoes crickled..." Now piss off out of here!


Pál Bognár? Yes, good evening.

I'm afraid your wife has been attacked.

What? Where? When?

Is she alive?

If you like, I can take you into the hospital.

Okay, you can take her.


I need to question her.

She's not completely conscious. Then wake her up.

Let's wake her up!

Okay, let's give it a try.

But only for a second.


Can you tell me your name?

That's it! I'm so sorry!

Do you know your name?

Mrs. Bognár. Okay.

And what's your maiden name?

Nóra. Nóra. Nóra what?

Nóra Szigeti... Nóra Szigeti.

Do you remember anything, Nóra?

Maybe... you recognised your attacker?


I didn't see him... He hit me from behind...

Perhaps... before that?

Don't you remember anything about your attacker?

His breathing was odd.

Why was it odd?

Well... because... it was familiar... Familiar?

No... No, maybe not...

Okay, that's enough. We're done.

That way.



Mummy! Mummy!

Don't wake her up!

Your mummy was very lucky!

What the shit are you two doing?!

Women are scared to go outside!

They're terrified!

Can't you feel it? It's slow, because...

You shut your mouth and drink less! We know everything!

We're not always on the same wavelength.

We're concerned about public safety and not your "wavelength"!

Everyone's getting nervous.

My bosses are demanding a culprit.

I should create one?

Don't twist my words!

And I can tell you that the hourglass is running low on your career.

I'll never go out alone again.

I'd like to kill him.

I'd strangle him!

The doctor said your wig softened the blow.

I was wearing it for you.

To be a bit different...

That's why I was wearing the wig, the coat and those red shoes...

You haven't come near me for months.

I was quick!

The police said I did it well.

A quick bunny rabbit!


Won't you put the wig on? Just for a minute...

So I can see it on you.

It got blood on it. They kept it for evidence.

Should I get it back?

No... no need...

I'll buy a new one.

Ah... I'm sorry! Sorry...

Line up!



I bet it's my sister.



What do you want?


You came to see me?

I thought I'd pop in because we used to work at the same place.

And I heard you don't get many visitors.

You heard wrong.

I still can't work out why you did it.

You can tell me.

What do you want from me?

Doesn't it bother you that you're doing time for someone else?

Do you have a suspect?

No... No I don't...

I thought it would help if you knew that someone believed you.

Shame that you weren't the judge!

Everyone is in a way.

My wife was attacked a week ago...

What? ...but she survived.

The police are still in the dark... No sign of the culprit...

Maddening, hey?

What do want from me? It wasn't me!

Tell me... what do you remember about women?

Where are the bone-marrow results for the drowned woman?!

Where are they?

They should be in there.

Okay, but they're not!

Have you actually seen the report?

Nope. So then?!

For fuck's sake! Are you this sloppy on all cases?

We're getting nowhere!

Get me those lab results pronto!

I'll be at the lake!

One man killed them all!

One perpetrator?

Similar circumstances...

Always late at night... deserted scene...

And the victims, too...

A serial killer here in our town?!

Tell me...

Was there never a similar case in the past?

I recall Comrade Katona mentioning something at university, but... he didn't give any details.

Well... there was one...

About 7 or 8 years ago. The Réti case.

But we solved it. He was the prosecutor.

They found their man and locked him up... for life.

Could you get me the... "Réti case" files?

I can try.

You made mistakes in the investigation.

It was an obvious case, and Ákos Réti confessed on day one.

His story is all mixed up.

And the defence failed to interview all the witnesses.

Are you saying we deliberately ignored witness accounts?!


But did you check the timing of events at all?

The ones described by Réti and the witnesses.

Maybe we didn't go through every last detail.

We were under terrible pressure.

After the troubles that October, we had no time to waste.

We had a weapon, and a culprit, and he admitted it!

He had no alibi, he had a motive, he told lies...

You should have noticed.


You've got no idea what it was like back then!

I turn into Fillér utca... and there's the church...

The walls are grey-blue...

A small glazed alcove... with a Virgin Mary statue...

The glass is dirty... The old women haven't washed it... and the blue well...

You should try to forget, this shit eats you up, you idiot!

How are you enjoying life with us?

On the frontline... Well enough.

I've got no time for myself. That's good!

No, thanks!


Got any usable evidence? Maybe.

But... So...

Teacher, sir!

I'd like to have the Réti case reopened...

But I called you in to discuss the new case.

And that's why I mentioned it.

The Réti case...

That case is done and dusted.

Let's stay in the present...

I believe that the '57 Martfú murder is linked to the present...

Are you questioning the verdict?! God forbid!

The case's simplicity meant that details, that pointed totally...

You're creating false links, Zoltán!

You have to work from recent proven evidence so you don't misdirect yourself or the case.

I taught you something similar.

You can't pull cases in that take your fancy.

It didn't "take my fancy".

Are you questioning my expertise or my integrity?

Neither, believe me.

That's Why I'd like the file.

Not to rely on my imagination.

Save your imagination for the case in hand because it's going nowhere.

You were just the same at university: talented and imaginative.

But your ideas often left reality behind.

I won't let you make a fool of yourself, son!

Does that mean I don't get permission?

It means that case is closed!

My boy?

Should I bring him in?

No, not yet...

I've stitched him a ball!

You'll have to smuggle it out.

Don't take any silly risks!

I might enter an appeal again...

Let it go!

It would help progress, trust me.

What do you want to know? Everything about Szirmai.

Even if he requests a file.

And about Bóta? About him, too.

But you need to behave the way you have.

Don't raise suspicion.

I understand.

Of course... if you can find a way to win their confidence...

You're a clever bloke!

Show me what you can do!

I can count on you, can't I?

I'll check if the boy's asleep...

Mr. Bognár! Could you take me home? My bike chain got stuck...

Of course.

It's been a long time. It has.

How's the kid? Started school, I suppose.


I was nervous... When are you going to have one?

Me? Here? Who with? What for? Don't be foolish...

Réti's appealing again.

They don't usually try so many times. Unless...

Is there something we should worry about?

There's nothing.

I said... there's nothing.

So should we reject his application?


That's down to you.

Mr. Bognár, we've gone too far!

Mr. Bognár, we've driven past it!

Please, stop!

Mr. Bognár, please stop the truck!

Where are we going?

Mr. Bognár, where are we going?!

Stop now!

Where are we going?!


D'you want kill yourself?! Stop!

Where are we going?!

Don't! Help!


What are you doing?!

Don't! Help me! Stay still!






Oh, you fucking idiot!


Help! Réti's slashed his wrists!

Get here now, for God's sake!

A pink, floral-print skirt!

A pale blouse!

Leather sandals!

A young girl with long, brown hair and a bicycle!

A "Csepel" woman's bike!

Understand?! Yes!

Then get going!

Search! Search!

The trail ends here...

Take them away!

Give her something for her nerves!

If you'd caught the killer, she'd still be alive!

Concentrate on this case and this case only, understand?

What's wrong?


What's wrong?

That girl this morning.

Try not thinking about it.

What if she was murdered because of me?

Where do you get such stupid ideas?

And what if I wasn't right?

If the same bloke killed her who killed Patai?

I've had enough! I've had enough of the whole thing!

Why do you think he said he did it?

I'd like to know that, too.

If it turns out you sent an innocent man to prison...

...you're finished!

We all are!

Your career is going so well...

You'll be deputy state prosecutor in minutes.

If I get it.

If they appoint me.

Get to the table!

"...application for appeal denied.

Gábor Katona county prosecutor."

Can you explain your brother's odd behaviour?

Not really...

And his lies? He gave contradictory accounts.

Perhaps he was scared. Scared?!

He had good reason... and no alibi.

And why didn't you give him one? What? How?

Didn't he ask you for one? No! It never occurred to him!

What are you suggesting? I'd have definitely lied.

He never told me he murdered her!

No one believed me!

What else should I have done?!

Ákos could act really foolishly.

Like a kid.

He's shy.

He was filled with guilt by our parents.

I believe your brother didn't admit it to you, but to others...

He loved the girl, that's all.

His son was important to him. He wanted him.

Why would he have killed?

This is what we all look like after 2 years...


So much for eternal life.

She died 2 years ago, too.


Anna, my fiancée.

Her heart stopped.

Right after the championships.

Those fucking hurdles!

Let's go, I'll get the drinks in.

And on the other side?

Did you see anything on the other side?

What the shit should I have seen?

Even greater darkness?

Why the hell did you do that? Hey?

You're innocent, okay, maybe, but...

What the shit do you want? A medal?

To get the fuck out of here!

To fucking get out of my head!

Calm it!

Stop that!


Tidy this place up at once!

I want to stop this... for good!

I want this shit to be over!

Tidy this mess up! Now!

Bujdosó, stay where you are!

I wish you'd swallowed that needle!

You're a pain in the arse!

Can I walk with you? What for?

I've not got an umbrella and...

Comrade Bóta! Comrade Bóta, you forgot to pay!

Tell Jani to put it on my slate!

Don't give me a hard time!

Would you come back with me?

While I pay the bill. We could drink a beer.

I'm in a hurry.


Only if you help.

With anything.

Do you come here often?

Now and again. And you?

I prefer to stay in.


You've got such a beautiful profile. Stay like that.

Do you still think my brother killed that woman?

Don't spoil the evening.

The evening? Are you joking?

All my evenings are ruined and that's down to you!

Isn't she ashamed... to come here with that detective?

I wouldn't have the nerve!

What do you want from me?

How should I say?

I know it's impossible, but...

I need you to help me with his appeal.

You want me to work against myself? For yourself.

Over here!


Say You're sorry! Me? Why?

For looking at her like that. Say sorry.

How was I looking? I can look anyway I like!

But not when I'm around!

It's not her fault what her brother did.

He did nothing!

That's not important now.

And it wasn't you either.

Say sorry...

Say sorry to the lady!

Say sorry! Stop that!

I didn't hear you! Sorry!

Still can't hear! Sorry!

Pull yourself together!

I pull myself together every bloody day!

You need to watch his every step and report on him.

I'm not doing that. And I'm not always with him.

You owe me.

I know.

I can take your '56 files out anytime I like.

I never destroyed them.

Go and fuck yourself!

If my sources are right, you did more than deface the flag, you put weapons in their hands.

That's not true.

Come off it, you didn't even try to stop them getting weapons!

You're a bigger shit than I thought!

Okay. So now what?

Comrade Prosecutor, you... you can be so stubborn...

I'm only doing my work.

But some people don't like that.

What are you trying to say?

No one will congratulate you... if... the truth gets out.

I owe it to myself.

I've got to report on you.

Who to?

I can't say.

I see.

Thank you.

Go home! Good night!

And tell Juhász we'll have a tactical meeting.

Thank you...

How long?

19 minutes.

I pedalled my guts out!

I even cut a corner.

Réti would be a champion to make it from here to home... and wait for the other train, too.

That's minimum 3 minutes.

And if he didn't wait and just pushed it over?

Then there's still something wrong.

The records show that 10 minutes passed between the engine driver seeing Réti at the crossing and his neighbour hearing him come home.

The woman swears she heard the gate straight after the church bell.

The train could have come late but not early.

You can't see from the train who's standing here! And forget the hair colour!

It's impossible!

Where did you get the files from?

I found them in my mailbox.

With no sender.

Could it have been Báta?

What makes you think that?

Let's go out, out to the washroom!

You can't ask me to do that!

You can't!

He's your boss. Your former teacher.

Your former teacher who backed your promotion.

That's why it took me this long to decide.

But I'm scared he's going to endanger the investigation.

What makes you think that? The Réti case.

He hid from me that Réti applied for an appeal twice.

Do you know what I'd be risking?

If you're wrong and it turns out I allowed you this?

But if you're not wrong... the strength of our system is its unpredictability... and that's how we keep our enemies in check.

And our friends, too.

Okay, I'll give you permission and the boys will sort it.

But don't expect anything in writing.

And you only report to me, is that clear?

I hope you know how far you can go!

You mustn't undermine the public's faith in the legal system.

I trusted you. I trusted your integrity and you fucked me over!

Don't drink, not now!

You could have checked everything!

You're the one who raised charges!

And you'd have had him executed despite what I said until we had solid proof!

But you wanted to believe his guilt and you manufactured a murderer!

And we helped! Thanks!

His confession... wasn't forced, was it?

I didn't order him to be beaten. But he was beaten!

And you knew that!

This is going to fucking take us down!

Why are you emotional now?! Why not back then?!

And where are the blood samples that I scraped off Réti's axe?

I gave them to you to send to the lab!

What if it was only cockerel blood that he'd slaughtered 2 weeks before like he said?!

You were dispassionate because you wanted to be the champion of justice, and it worked 'cus you ended up here, and I've been rotting there ever since!

The internal order was to find someone and quickly.

After the counterrevolution, the new regime had to prove the force of law and order, and a murderer couldn't escape.

I told you something wasn't right. You told me?!

I don't remember!

You should have shouted...


Prisoner 476 reporting.


Take the cuffs off!

Certain? Take them off!

Why did you say you were guilty if you're innocent?

I'm not saying anything to you.

This is your only chance to clear your record.

If you want an appeal hearing, you need to tell the truth.

And if I tell you?

Then... maybe I'll support your case.

I loved Erzsébet Patai.

I was jealous because I knew a driver fancied her.

I hit her.

And I wanted to kill her.

I imagined spraying a peach with strong insecticide to give to her and I did.

But then I washed it off, believe me!

I took it to her house and left it in an open window as a peace offering.

Then the next day, when I heard she'd died...

...that Erzsi had died, then I thought that I must have killed her.

Who else?

Would I have poisoned her?

Of course not! I washed it off twice!

She was killed with an axe...

They only said that days later.

By that time... things got mixed up in my head and it all got out of control.

I lived alone at that time, my wife had moved out with the kid.

I lied that I'd slept at my parents' because I had no other alibi.

I see.

It was God's rightful punishment on me.

I felt that's how it had to be.

You caused immeasurable damage.

Yes, I know. My poor mother.

It's your fault... that we didn't catch the murderer and he carried on killing.

I'd have definitely caught him if you'd told the truth.

If you'd believed in your own innocence or in me.

In the service of justice. What?!

They beat me to shit!

2 women have died since then and 2 are seriously injured!

That leaves you with no right to freedom or a retrial!

But I never killed anyone!

Yes you did! The other two!

You just need to bear the last few years!

You promised to help if I... Bear it!

The results of the diatom and the bone-marrow tests led me to the conclusion that Ibolya Sóskúti did not commit suicide.

She was killed.

The Réti case pointed to this.

It was imprecise.

We have managed to build a profile of the serial killer.

A male between 35 and 40 years.

A local with a connection to the factory.

A medium build but very strong.

Either bald or wore a hat because we've found no hair.

He's not mentally ill.

He plans his time to attack and gets rid of the evidence.

He avoids a serious struggle but he is obviously highly aroused by the attack.

I also think he lives a normal family life.

He sees himself as sexually inferior and is psychologically unpredictable.

That's true of most people. Do we have a suspect?

Not yet.

Then why the shit are we here?

This is unacceptable! Should I sack you all?

Because you're unfit.

If we sack them, who'll investigate?

I fucking won't!

Am I an idiot? That stupid?

Bóta, get out!

Get the shit out of here!

I'm not interested in your professional differences!

If you don't catch him by any method soon, you're all fired!

The whole lot of you!

Everybody's talking about this!

Martfú isn't famous because of the shoe factory.

But because of this bloody attacker!

The fear in the air here, I mean out there, has to be stopped!

There are no serial killers in this country! Is that clear?

Shitting hell!

What happened?

I've got to give the truck in for brake repair tomorrow.

Brake repair...

Would you let me in?

Is it you? Thank God for that...

I... brought your umbrella back...

by way of apology...

It's not your style...

No. But it looks good.

Okay. Give it here...

No, don't! Stop!

This could never work!

Hi, Magda. Hi, Pali.

Like your hair! Thanks!

You got a light? Sure.

Pisti? He's not coming.

He's on a mission. The bus will be 20 minutes.

Can I give you a lift?

Yes. Thanks...


She's still scared.

She should come over to ours sometime!


Pali! What are you doing?

Pali! Stop it!



No! Pali, no! Don't!

You're creating false links, Zoltán!

No one will congratulate you... if... the truth gets out.

I hope you know how far you can go!

You mustn't undermine the public's faith in the legal system.

You can't pull cases in that take your fancy.

It means that case is closed.

She was strangled, just like the others.

The odd thing is.

The cut breasts! Something else.

We found concrete evidence.

Where? What? Tell me!

The woman had microscopic splinters of security glass under her nails.

We don't know how they got there.

When she put up a fight or when he moved her!

We'll find out!

Comrade Szirmai!

Look at this...


All the drivers are suspects.

I want the travel records of all the local drivers!

Understood! Thank you!

What's wrong? Nothing.

I just had a bad dream and I've got a headache.

I'll be back tonight.

What's wrong, Mummy?

Nothing... you go and pack your schoolbag...


Anything yet? Nothing!

That's impossible! I told you, the idiots hoovered it!

It's there, we just haven't spotted it!


Could you give me a hand?

Did you check under the seat? And around the gearstick!



What's going on?

They're questioning everybody and especially the drivers.

Can you show me his work clothes?

The ones he wears to work... Bring them here!

Is that all? And what he's wearing.

When was the last time you washed these?

I don't wash the jacket often, but the rest last week.

Do you know Mrs. Szegedi? Who?

Mrs. Szegedi.

No, I've not heard her name before.

Her maiden name was "Magda Ebner".

Yes, she was my wife's classmate.

What were you doing on the evening of June 19th?

I was home with my wife.

And will she verify that?

Yes. Feel free to ask her.

And if you finally find her attacker... she might speak more willingly.

Okay. Go out to the yard and wait.

When can I go? I've got animals to feed.

I can't say. But you have to wait.

You charging me?

Not for now, but wait!

Pál Bognár, I'm arresting you!

Let the bastard die!

What about Réti?

And you killed Erzsébet Patai, too.

I know it was you. You know now.

You're a bit late, aren't you?

Bóta! Enough! Enough!

You'll never question another suspect!

He fucked my life up!

Why didn't you rape the others?

Does it excite you? No.

No, but we need to understand.

Have you ever raped anyone? No.

Then how can you understand? I can't.

You shouldn't. It's disgusting.

But I'll try.

I tried to get it out of my head, but I couldn't...

...for years.

Such a bad memory? Such a good one.

I could only do it with Nóra if I thought of them.

Why didn't you have sex with the others?

I didn't even try with them.

Didn't your wife notice anything?

She was happy I didn't want to screw other women.

She could teach me, baby me, be the one in charge.

I was nervous on the honeymoon that she'd be disappointed.

I wanted to make sure it would be all okay.

I had a lover earlier... Erzsébet Patai.

I taught her to ride a motorbike, but then she got bored that nothing happened between us.

She was...

she was a hot woman, you know?

That's why I had the idea.

I waited for her by the factory.

It was only 2 weeks to the wedding and I was very excited.

Ákos Réti came to wait for her.

I followed them, and they had an argument.

Ákos wanted to kiss her and grab her breasts, but Erzsi pulled away.

Ákos was left standing.

I followed her.

She was upset and wouldn't talk to me, but I was attentive.

She told me her problems and I told her mine.

She caressed me, and she helped me take my trousers off.

She only pulled her skirt up... but I couldn't get an erection.

So I asked her to show me her breasts.

She took her bra off... but still nothing.

She laughed at me.

She got up, grabbed her clothes and left.

I followed her, and I found a metal bar by the tracks.

I caught up with her, she turned around, and I hit her over the head.

And then I got hard.

I wanted her to stroke me but she wasn't moving.

And where's that metal now?

By the rails not far from here.

And we looked for an axe!

What makes you do this?

You'll never work it out!

There are some things we can never get close to!

Hello, Juhász.

Hello! You've got a good tan...

And I wasn't out of the water all week!

Anything? Katona called you five times...

I'll go and see him. That won't be easy.

They transferred him to Borsod... and demoted him.

Bóta? He moved to Zala.

What?! Why?

They pensioned him off.

As part of the Soviet-Czechoslovak pact signed in Prague on October 16, after having served our internationalist duties, our troops set back home.

And after 2 months away from home, our soldiers...

And you?


I'm staying... here.


My son. Where's my son?

His mum didn't want you to meet right away...


They're tight.

You can take them off.

After spending 10 years in prison, Ákos Réti was found not guilty but never rehabilitated.

He died a few years after his release.