A Night in Casablanca (1946) Script

He's dead.

Capitaine Bruzard, Prefect of Police speaking.

What? Rolazoides?

- What is it, Capitaine? What was it, Doctor?

I see. Thank you, Doctor.

The manager fell dead at the hotel. Dr. Fouchet thinks he was poisoned.

Poisoned? He was murdered.

This situation is becoming intolerable.

Three managers of the Hotel Casablanca in the last six months dead. Murdered.

Attention. Murder at the Hotel Casablanca.

The Manager, Rolazoides, found dead. Round up all likely suspects.

What do you think you're doing? Holding up the building?

Come on.

No further questions. You may go now.

In my experience, I've never come against a series of murders with so few clues.

Wort you please listen to Lt. Delbar? Delbar? Who is he?

I'm sure you'll be interested.

Lt. Delbar, the Governor General, Monsieur Gandalou.

I'm honored, sir. A pleasure to see you again.

You're on active duty, Lieutenant? I'm on reserve, sir.

I wear the uniform. I have no other clothes.

You have something to tell us about the Rolazoides affair?

Yes. Doesrt this confirm the theory I spoke to you about last time?

- What theory? Not a theory, an Arabian Nights fable.

But it's true. I'm the only one who knows. And nobody listened.

I am listening. What is it?

Sir, it was in Paris, during the Occupation.

The Nazis ordered me to fly a plane to South America.

They forced me at the point of a gun. The cargo was won'th millions.

It was Nazi loot: Jewels, gold, and priceless paintings.

I couldn't bear to fly it out of French territory... so I cut off my fuel and crash-landed here in Casablanca.

I was interned, investigated... and when I got back to the plane, the treasure was gone.

But what has that to do with these murders?

But don't you see? The Hotel Casablanca was controlled by Nazis.

Now it's operated by the French Government.

That's just the point. Some group is trying desperately to gain control of the hotel.

Not for profit, it's government property. It may be connected with the treasure.

What is your interest in all this?

Well, sir, if the treasure is found in Casablanca... it will prove that I acted as a patriot. I see. So that's it.

Lieutenant, we're not concerned with clearing your name.

Our only interest is solving these murders... and finding a new manager. Good day.

Who is it? Waiter.

Come in.

Good. Get Beatrice.


Rusty, du Schweinund, where are you?

Come in here.

Where in blazes is he hiding out now?

Why don't you obey my orders?

I've had enough of you and your tomfoolery here.

Two hours ago I told you to get the tailor... make everything ready for the fitting.

Where is he? Hello, Max.

See what you can make of this. My decoding isn't what it used to be.

I'm glad you're here. There's an important cable to be decoded.

I'd have come sooner but that Bruzard kept me.

He's questioning everyone who works in the hotel.

You have nothing to worry about. At dinner I will accept the managership.

Finally. I could have agreed this afternoon... but I didn't wish to appear overanxious.

Good. This is from Schweigler in South America.

Yes, I know. What does he say? It's very difficult to decode.

Give me a little time.

Here it is. Yeah?

"Why delay?" You moron! What is this?

The vest is inside out.

"Why delay?

"Speed imperative.

"Every lost moment...

"increases danger.

"Treasury discovery...

"would be disastrous."

Yes, very well. I'll wire him right away.

Look at you. Look at what?

Your hat.

What is this? Du Schweinund!

You silent idiot! You blöder hammel!

I'll teach you how to play tricks on me.

Stay away from me from now on.

Get in there and clean up these rooms.


And now I am ready to dine with the Governor General.

Max, your toupee.

You can't go without that. It's too dangerous.

You will be recognized. That scar on your head.

Rusty, where's my toupee?

Count Pfferman is one hour late. He has no intention of accepting.

You cannot blame him. Let us go.

Wait. I have an idea.

I will send a wire to the manager of the Desert View Hotel.

The Desert View Hotel.

Perfect. He's way out in the desert.

He could not have heard about these murders. Who is he?

His name escapes me.

Miss Bernard, you can put this with the lost-and-found articles.

Of all things, a toupee.

One of the maids emptied a vacuum cleaner and found it inside.

That's it.

Rusty, you come back to see your friend Corbaccio?

How do you was?

Capitaine, we have no time to waste.

The new manager's train arrives in five minutes.

You hear that? They got a new manager for the hotel.

Any man who'd take this job must be a big sucker.

Anybody here for the Hotel Casablanca?

I'm going to the Hotel Casablanca. Are you the new manager?

New manager? Anybody here for the Hotel Casablanca?

Here, boy. I'm going to the hotel. They'll never let you in.

Wait a minute. Do they let you in? Sure.

I'll put a stop to that. I'm the new manager.

You're the new manager? That's fine.

Come here with that bag. The hotel sent me down to welcome you.

Just give me my valuables. You can trust me.

I don't even trust me.

You're gonna like this job. You buy? Nice, cheap.

Scram. Get out of here.

Be careful. Those guys will take you to the cleaners.

What about you? I take you to the hotel.

Just what is your racket? I got no racket.

I make my living with camels. What do you do with them?

They're taxicabs.

I'm President of the Yellow Camel Company.

Arert all camels in Casablanca yellow?

You crazy. We got a Checker Camel Company, too. Look.

Must be expensive to operate.

Here you are. This is your wife, eh?

No, it's my camel. You haven't got another stick of gum?

Come on. I'll get you to the hotel.

Do you understand everything that is expected of you?

Very good... Break it up. This is a hotel lobby.

Isn't there a poolroom where you can hang out?

Monsieur, I am Gandalou, Governor General of this province.

I am Bruzard, Chief of Police. I'm Ronald Kornblow, the new manager.

The new manager.

Monsieur Kornblow, it is a pleasure.

I know you've traveled quite a distance... and I'm sure your journey was quite tedious...

I've seen five o'clock shadow, but this is ridiculous.

We have assembled the staff so you can tell them what you expect of them.

Not the staff, get the guests. I'll tell them what I expect of them.

What do you expect of them? Courtesy towards the employees.

A kind word will get them further with the staff than a couple of drinks.

A kind word and some drinks will get them still further.

Any further than that, it'll get them kicked out of the hotel.

What I'm concerned about is the future of this place.

What have you to suggest? We've got to speed things up.

Chef, if a guest orders a three-minute egg, give it to him in two minutes.

A two-minute egg in one minute.

If he orders a one-minute egg, give him a chicken and let him work it out himself.

There must be some mistake. This man is impossible.

I know, but beggars cannot be choosers.

I hope he doesn't have any more ideas.

And now, gentlemen, I've got another idea.

Yes, monsieur, another idea?

The next thing we're gonna do is change the numbers on all the rooms.

But the guests, they would go into the wrong rooms. Think of the confusion.

Yes, but think of the fun.

Please, Capitaine, we must not annoy Monsieur Kornblow with more questions.

I presume you are tired after your long journey.

Perhaps you would like to lie down.

Your office. Your desk.

Please be seated.

I'm a different man behind a desk, as any stenographer can tell you.

But what I want to know is, why are they burying the last manager?

And don't tell me it's because he's dead.

But you are alarming yourself over nothing.

Monsieur Rolazoides died a natural death.

And what happened to the manager that preceded him?

We caught him stealing money. We were forced to discharge him.

I see. You want a manager that doesn't steal money.

Good day, gentlemen. Please do not take offense.

You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

That's quite a trick. You try that sometime.

You notice we did not mention your salary?

You're darn right I have. What about it?

You get 500 francs a week. Fair enough.

What about my laundry? Laundry?

Yes. The stuff that doesn't come back. We pick up your laundry once a month.

If you wait that long, you won't be able to pick it up.

Pierre. Annette, what are you doing here?

Darling, I had to come. I found this in the hotel.

It may mean something.

"Kruss and Company, Berlin."

This was made for Heinrich Stubel.

Do you have a hotel guest named Stubel? Not that I know of.

'Course if you have, he's probably changed his name.

Stubel was a big-shot Nazi stationed in Paris.

Maybe this is the lead you've been waiting for.

Maybe. Run back to the hotel as fast as you can and put this in the lost-and-found.

I doubt he'll be so stupid as to ask for it, but just in case.

All right. Bye.

Imprisoned. Helpless. Unable to show my face.

Trapped in this room all the time. This is an animal existence.

Please control yourself. Control yourself, she says.

Me, Heinrich Stubel, defeated by a stupid toupee.

A wig, a few strands of hair.

Why do I have to have this scar on my head... to brand me, to mark me?

I have an idea.

What is it?

I shall see you later.

Be careful, don't arouse suspicion. Don't worry.

See who it is. Quick.

You've got my toupee. Give it to me, quick.

Thank you.

Du Schweinund. You inferior ape.

Let me. Just once. Go ahead.

Kurt, he wants to have a duel.


And it's been so long since Heidelberg. Cut him up a little.

I shall enjoy watching. It will soothe me to see someone in pain.

Very well.

Without my toupee, I have nowhere to go.

We shall wait.

Come out, you dog.

He thinks that will protect him against me... the finest swordsman in Bavaria.

We shall duel according to tradition. Give me your sword.

Gentlemen, choose your weapons.

That fool.

Only one.

For that, he will get another cut. I shall enjoy watching.

Now, gentlemen, back to back.

When I count three, you walk five paces, then you turn and defend yourselves.

One, two, three, go.

One, two, three, four, five. En garde.

Over there.

Kurt, it seems as if he's making a fool of you.

Just wait.

Very well. Remember Heidelberg.

Get him.

Very good, Kurt. Pick up your sword.

What's the matter with you, Kurt? Stand still and fight.

Kurt, come on. Show your swordsmanship.


For that, I'm going to kill you.

Down on your knees, you swine.

You're wasting your time. Cut him up. Get up and fight!

I would like to see a little blood.


Cigarette? No, thanks. Cigar?

No, thanks. You want a light?

How are things down the other end?

This is like living in Pittsburgh, if you can call that living.

I am Beatrice Reiner. I stop at the hotel.

I'm Ronald Kornblow. I stop at nothing.

I am looking for something. Arert we all?

Mr. Kornblow, I lost my diamond clip... and I thought it might have turned up in the lost-and-found department.

The lost-and-found department. Just slink yourself over this way.

Here we are in the lost-and-found. I'm lost, and you're found.

My clip, please.

I'll take a look. If I can't find the clip... perhaps I can interest you in something else.

You think you lost something? Get a load of this, a toupee.

Who could have lost that? Some guy must have blown his top.

But I just love your hair.

It's so soft and silky.

Silky now, but next year I'm getting nylon.

I think you're the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Do you really?

No, but I don't mind lying if it'll get me somewheres.

I shall be in the Supper Club tonight. Supper Club?

Yes. Will you join me? Why? Are you coming apart?

Come on now. You wouldn't say no to a lady.

I don't know why not. They always say no to me.

If you come to the Supper Club, I shall sing some opera for you.

Bye-bye, now.

And remember...

I shall be singing only for you.

You don't have to sing for me. Just whistle.

That reminds me, I must get my watch fixed.

Come on now. Everyone sings with me, all right?

Bravo. That was wonderful.

Beatrice, you were magnificent. Thank you, Count.

We take no more chances with Kornblow. We get rid of him tonight.

Tonight? Yes.

Make a rendezvous with him later.

Some quiet corner away from the hotel. Say, 11:00.

Exactly what corner? Rue Lafayette.

Very well. Waiter.

You will find an excuse to leave here in time.

You will drive the car and you will see to it that it looks like a traffic accident.

And make it fatal. That's all, waiter.

All right, what do you want? Not so quick, my friend. It costs money.

What are you talking about? You know I'm broke.

I also know that you're looking for a man who wears a toupee.

You know who he is?

This means everything to me. If you know who he is, tell me.

The wheel has been unkind to me tonight. I should like to try again.

It would only take a few hundred francs. I'll pay you, I promise.

A croupier doesn't accept promises. Tell me his name.

If you happen to find a few hundred francs, I'll be at the Brass Monkey.

What's the matter? You need some money?

Don't worry, Corbaccio. I'll get what I want from that rat without money.

He'll never get nothing from that rat without money.

That rat's just like me.

What I say? I'm crazy.

You know, I'm worried about Pierre. We got to get him some money.

You get him some money? Not that way. Come on.

There is no room in the club.

But of course, monsieur. There is always room for one more.

Set up a table for two. Follow me.

Rusty, you see that guy?

He's got the good idea.

Now I get money for Pierre.

What is this?

Boss, you want a table? Yes, of course.

All right.

Get him a table, Rusty.

A table, I said.

Everybody's gonna get the table. No checks.

There's always room for one more.

Pardon me. Did you drop this?

I beg your pardon.

- Take me to Miss Reiner's table. Oui, monsieur, she is here. This way.

I usually put my foot into it.

You fool. See what you've done to my shirt.

You can hardly notice it unless you're looking for soup.

Count Pfferman, how terrible.

If you come to the kitchen with me, I will fix it for you.

- I hope I'm not driving you away. Du Schweinund!

Speaks excellent German.

Not sporting of him to eat and run. You'll probably get stuck with the check.

That's it. Come on, folks. Who else? Come on.

I'm terribly thirsty. Thirsty?

Waiter. What would you like to drink? Champagne.

Bring this lady a cheese sandwich.

Charge it to her.

Do you rumba? Yes!

I don't, but I'll walk while you rumba. Come on.

Hold this till I get back.

I'm back.

All right. Come on. Everybody take a table.

All right, two people. Come on. That's it. You two.

What a great place to squeeze an orange.

I remember when this was all dance floor.

I wonder if it gets crowded here on New Year's Eve.

All right, come on. Two more. That's it.

Come on, people. Follow me.

This place has a wonderful floorshow. It's too bad they haven't got a floor.

Why can't we go to some quiet place... where we could be alone?

If I didn't know your voice, I'd have sworn I said that.

Meet me at the corner of Rue Lafayette at 11:00.

At 11:00?

Now we got enough money for Pierre to take care of that rat.

Will you take over for me again? I gotta make a phone call.

Sure. Go ahead. Rusty, you find Pierre, you give him this money.

Here. Take the coat. I'm all finished. Here. Go on.

We're gonna play a little classical number.

The second movement from the Beer Barrel Polka.

Hello, darling. You're on time.

Darling, I'm afraid we're not going to enjoy the evening much.

What's the matter? The toupee's gone.

That's good. Who took it? That's the trouble. I don't know.

I'm trying to find Mr. Kornblow, but he isn't around.

Abdul. Yes, Miss Bernard?

Have you seen Mr. Kornblow? He went out about an hour ago.

He asked me to direct him to the corner of Rue Lafayette.

Thank you so much.

Wait a minute.

Can that be Mr. Kornblow?

Good heavens. What happened? What happened?

I was stood up by a woman and knocked down by a car.

These Casablanca drivers are terrible.

He missed me three times.

I finally had to climb a palm tree, and he hit that instead.

Until I saw you two I thought every date in town was broken.

Mr. Kornblow, I'd like you to meet my fiancé, Lt. Delbar.

Excuse my ashes. How do you do?

Fiancé? Why don't you two lovebirds get married?

Marriage is impossible. Only after you're married.

He means it's impossible for us. It's a long story, Mr. Kornblow.

I'm all ears. Pretty near, anyway. Tell him, Pierre.

Sir, it's a story about a treasure of Nazi loot... hidden somewhere in Casablanca.

I was in Paris during the Occupation...

You fool, I ought to kill you.

Millions in our reach, and we can't get our hands on it.

Max, please.

Beatrice, I have an idea. What is it?

If I were to find Kornblow with you in your room...

I could be the outraged fiancé.

I could, as the Americans say, "bump him off."

In self-defense, of course. It would be as simple as that.

Yes, I could bump off Kornblow in your room, Beatrice.

I think that's a wonderful idea.

He's most anxious to be alone with me.

Rusty, what's the matter?

You looking for somebody?

Who? Buffalo Bill?

Guy eating a watermelon?

Ouch, my corn. Blow. Kornblow.

You looking for Kornblow.

You got something for Kornblow? What do you got?

Soup? Chinese boy.

Eat chop suey. Eat chow mein. Eat rice.

Soup and rice.

Surprise. You got surprise for Kornblow.

What's the surprise you got?

He's going hunting? Someone's gonna hang him?

Gonna make the bump. Off. Bump off.

Somebody gonna bump off Kornblow.

Who's gonna bump off Kornblow?

Guy with a cigar? A scar? Count with a scar.

The Count with the scar is gonna bump off Kornblow.

Where's he gonna do this? On the roof?


You knock on the door.

You open the door. You step inside.

You close the door. You're in the room.

In the room. Smart.

Wait. Whose room?

Room with a snake?

A garter snake?

Big snake.

That's no snake, no.

That's a lady. A lady's room.

The lady's room.

Wait. Was you in the room? What's the matter?

There's a dog in the room? What kind of dog in the room?

A look?

Look at the leg.

Peek at the knees. Pekinese dog.

She got a peek-at-the-knees dog. Wait, who's got a peek-at-the-knees dog?

What's the lady's name? Rose?

Lady's name is Rose. No Rose.

She's slaphappy?


Ants? What kind of name is this?

That's airplane.

A bomber plane.

Black Widow. A Mosquito.

A B-29.


"B." Twist.


We got to tell Kornblow.

Be good enough to arrange a place for me on the evening plane for Tunis.

Tunis? There are some beautiful women in Tunis.

I'm not interested in beautiful women.

In that case, look up some of the women I've taken out.

Just see to it that I get my reservation.

Pfferman is flying to Tunis. Get him a seat by an open window.

Oui, monsieur.

Boss, Rusty's got something to tell you.

Okay, I'll take one of those.

He's dumb. He no understand plain English.

Boss, you're in danger. Your life is hanging by a thread.

So are my pants. But they're gonna kill you.

How do you know? It's all over the hotel.

Everybody knows but you.

I wish they'd tell me. I don't mind being killed... but I resent hearing it from someone whose head comes to a point.

Look, boss, maybe they want to surprise you.

I'd like to know how to dress. You look fine.

You're dressed to kill. But what you need is a good bodyguard.

What I need is a good body. The one I've got isn't won'th guarding.

Since when are you a bodyguard? Werert you in the camel business?

In the daytime, I'm in the camel business. At night, I'm a bodyguard.

Suppose I get killed in the daytime. I'll give you a free ride on my camel.

Look, boss, I could keep you alive for 50 francs a week.

It isn't won'th it. You can't take it with you.

I'm not gonna leave it laying around here.

But if I'm your bodyguard, I'll watch you like a mother watches her baby.

Is she pretty? What's the difference?

If the mother's pretty, I'll watch the mother... and you can watch the baby.

What do you got there? The manager's lunch.

Okay. Go in.

What's the matter? You hungry? Look out.

You crazy, but you hungry. Come on, I fix.

Boss, wait. Don't touch it. Don't!

You had me scared.

Three managers before you died from eating poisoned food.

It doesn't look any more poisoned than any other hotel food. Give me that.

You gotta have somebody test the food.

You need a guinea pig. You eat the guinea pig. I'll stick to this.

I don't mean a real one. I mean a human guinea pig.

I don't want to eat any kind of guinea pig. I want my meal.

There's a human guinea pig.

He looks like a pig, but he doesn't look human.

That food doesn't seem to be poisoned.

You can't tell. It hasn't reached his stomach yet.

That's the seal of Good Housekeeping. What is this, a stake race?

Now, see here, you guys. Give me back my lunch.

You make mistake. That's my steak, and I want it.

Come on, give me that. You wanna give him a little something?

No, thanks. They give me heartburn.

I just want to take a little shot, that's all.

You cheap crook. That bottle's empty. That's dry champagne.

No, you don't. You wanna get poisoned? I'm not sure I'd mind anymore.

Who's he talking to? Salt Lake City.

You couldn't spare just a little sip of that?

If the coffee doesn't keep him awake, the cup and saucer will.

Wouldrt it be great if they ate each other?

But, monsieur... But...

You sound like a motorboat. Give me that.

Hello? What's that, sir?

You've been in your room three and a half hours and your trunks haven't arrived?

Put your pants on. Nobody will know the difference.

Out of the way, please.


Mr. Kornblow to you.

Have you a suite for me and my wife? Your wife?

Yes. We'd like something very elegant. Have you got any baggage?

Of course. It's on its way over from the airfield.

In all my years in the hotel business, that's the phoniest story I've heard.

I suppose your name is Smith.

No, it's Smythe, spelled with a "y."

That's the English version. Mr. And Mrs. Smythe and no baggage.

Let me see your marriage license. What?

How dare you, sir!

How do like that? Puts a "y" in Smith... and expects me to let him in the hotel with a strange dame.

Strange dame? She is to me. I've never seen her before.

Sir, you may not be aware of it... but I am president of the Morocco Laundry Company.

You are? Take this shirt and have it back Friday.

Mr. Smythe or Smith... this is a family hotel, and I suggest you take your business elsewhere.

This lady is my wife. You should be ashamed.

If this lady is your wife, you should be ashamed.

You'll hear from me. Do that, even if it's only a post card.

My attorneys will be here in the morning.

They won't get a room either, unless they got a marriage license.


Hello, reception desk.

Monsieur Kornblow? This is Beatrice Reiner speaking.

Miss Reiner.

Are you very busy this afternoon?

After that disappearing act you did that night... we have nothing in common.

Perhaps I shouldn't say nothing, but we have very little in common.

Anyway, I'm not talking to you.

Please. Wort you come up?

All right, I'll come up, but don't expect me to do any talking.

Sixth floor. And make it snappy.

The sixth floor. It's up this way.

You don't have to lift it. Just pull the lever. It'll go up by itself.

Is it stuck? Between the fifth and sixth floor.

This could only happen to me. Why doesn't she live in the basement?

You climb up to the roof of the car... pull yourself out of the sixth floor, and get help.

If you can't get help, get me some insurance. Come on, now.

Where you been?

You went through that hole five hours ago, and so did my love life.

I don't want to go up. I want to get down in a hurry.

Do you know how to get me down?

Oh, the axe. You know how to fix it?

The Count left town.

We used to go to my rooms after I sang... and split a bottle of champagne.

I could pinch-hit for the Count. At least I could pinch for him.

Boss, I heard that.

Come here. This never happened to Casanova.

Come here. Look, am I your bodyguard?

We have an agreement. I can't wait until it expires.

Expire. I don't want you should expire first.

You're playing around with dynamite.

I know what I'm doing. And I think she does, too.

But, boss, I'm supposed to keep you alive.

If I go, that's the way I want to go.

Shall we say in half an hour?

In half an hour.

And this time, I'll walk up.

Max, where are you?

I'm in a steam room at the Turkish bath.

But that man, Kornblow, will be here any minute.

Suppose you get here in 15 minutes. Can you make it?

I'll be there in time. Kornblow's got to be finished tonight.

Come in.

That's so sweet of you.

Thank you so much. They're lovely. Just beautiful.

These roses, I shall keep them forever.

That's what you think. I only rented them for an hour.

Monsieur Kornblow. Call me Montgomery.

Is that your name? No. I'm just breaking it in for a friend.

How about getting rid of that mutt? Froufrou's a watchdog.

Let him watch somebody else.

Froufrou won't bother us. He has such good manners.

Then he can get off your lap and give me a seat.

He can stand better than me. He's got twice as many legs.

Trés bien.

I was afraid of that. Hold everything.

Who is it?

Boss, you got a woman in there? She lives here.

Yeah, but you don't. She'll have to get you out.

Remember, I'm your bodyguard. I'm too old to have a bodyguard.

Then you're too old to be in there.

That's pretty logical at that.

We go to my room. Go down the back way.

I'll meet you in five minutes. Oh, no. What about Froufrou?

You wouldn't want me to leave my little poochie-goochie.

I'll meet you halfway. Bring the poochie. Leave the goochie here.

All right.

I wanted to get loaded tonight, but not this way.

Wait a minute. What about Strauss? Let Strauss get his own girl.

But I must have music. Music she's got to have.

Maybe we better call the whole thing off.

Are you sure you have everything? I got enough to begin with.

Du Schweinund! I teach you...

Come in.

It's not very discreet of me to come to your room.

Do you think it's wise? Smartest thing you ever did.

You seem to be very sure of yourself.

Why not? I've got to be sure of one of us. After all, I'm a man, and you're a woman.

I can't think of a better arrangement.

You men are all alike.

Don't let anybody tell you any different.

Let's pick up where we left off in your room. Let's live for the moment.

That takes care of the moment.

Boss, you got a woman in there? It's my sister.

She is? I'm her brother. Get her out.

I'll never leave her. I'm mad about her. I've completely lost my head.

Put your hat on your neck and get out.

These interruptions are driving me mad. They're cramping my style, too.

I'm going back to my room.

Here we go again, the long journey westward.

If we're gonna go steady, we'll have to get a small truck.

Hurry, will you?

Du Schweinund! I teach you to...

Who's there? It's me, the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Boss, you got a woman out there? No.

Go away. I got one in here.

Save me the cork. I'm going fishing.

Kornblow! Count Pfferman. Back unexpectedly?

I missed my connections.

It's not easy to make connections in Casablanca.

I missed a few myself tonight.

Encore! Number five repeats again.

My assistant will carry to the cashier.

You want to bet them all again on number five?

You crazy. You lose that money. We got to save something for a rainy day.

That's impossible, monsieur.


This gentleman has won twice on number five... and he wants to bet them again. That's his hard luck.

But, monsieur, it is far over the limit. If he wins, he will break the bank.

Who cares about the bank? I'm running a hotel.

You idiot. The bank is the hotel. Keep your medals on, fat boy.

You know what the odds are against a number repeating three times?

I've seen it happen before, and if it does, it will break the bank.

Not if I roll the wheel.

Sure you want to go through with this?

Remember what happened in 1929? Okay.

Stop that wheel. Sorry, monsieur. The play has started.

Three times in a row. What a sucker.

Number five.

The richest sucker in Casablanca. Goodbye, Mr. Chips.


No kiss me.

It is very obvious that this was a conspiracy.

Your manager and those two hoodlums are always together.

They've been waiting for this opportunity. Don't you see that?

I have found out he was never the manager of the Desert View Hotel.

He ran a small motel in the desert. He's an impostor.

You saw how he broke the rule and spun the wheel himself.

You saw how the silent one gave that secretary a share of the winnings.

You're right. We've been tricked.

That crook. Worse.

He may be one of the gang that's been murdering your managers.

I never thought of that.

Count, if it is not too late, I humbly offer you the position of manager.

I accept, but under one condition:

That you give orders for the arrest of this gang of thieves... and the recovery of the money they have stolen.

Arrest them at once for conspiracy to defraud, to rob us, to cheat us.

Annette, don't cry. Don't be sad. We gonna get you out.

How? You ask me? It's all your fault.

You let Rusty break the bank.

Didrt I warn him he was a sucker to play number five again?

That's right. It's your fault.

Hello, fellows. Where are you going?

Come on.

Come on, you. Let me talk to her a minute.

Where are they taking you?

To Paris, by plane, to be tried by the military authorities.

Don't worry. We'll get out of this somehow.

Maybe a miracle will happen.

I believe in miracles.

Come on, you.

That's tough. That's what you call tough luck.

Why do you do that? Those are his pinup girls.

I've met a lot of pinup girls, but I've never been able to pin one down.

Say, that's not a bad-looking dish. Who is it?

I don't know. Her name's Rembrandt.

Rembrandt. If that signature's Rembrandt, it must be part of the treasure.

The treasure.

Rusty, where you get that?

You know where the treasure is? You do?

He knows where the treasure is. Now we got to get out of here.

How? How? Again he ask me how.

Help! Guard, hurry up, please!

Prison guard, hurry up! Mad frog... Mad dog!

Mad dog! Get a dog doctor. What is the matter with him?

He's dreaming of a White Christmas. White Christmas?

Quit that shouting.

Keep quiet. We'll never escape if you keep screaming.

You learn to keep quiet, that's all.

Come on, get her out of there.

Here we go now.

The jewels are all accounted for. Let's start packing.

Have you told Beatrice yet? I don't have to.

She'll find out when we leave her. She'll talk.

Let her talk. Wort do any good. We'll be in South America by then.

Very well. Mach schnell.

Hello? Operator.

Will you please give me the Prefect of Police? Quickly.

I want to speak to Capt. Bruzard. Yes.

I don't wanna hear a word out of you.

That might be for Capt. Bruzard.

He should be here, taking care of business.

No wonder this place is half empty. It's a crime the way this jail is run.

Go ahead. Answer it before somebody else does.


May I speak to Capt. Bruzard? This is Beatrice Reiner talking.

Of course, Mademoiselle Reiner.

For you, your eyes, your cheeks, your hair... my whole chair is at your disposal. You belong here.

What? The Count? The treasure? I'll be right over.

The Count's trying to get away.

We got to stop him. That's easy talk. How?

Say, that's an idea. Attention.

All prison guards and personnel will assemble in the courtyard.

Emergency. Come on.

You go to the airport and get Pierre. We go to the hotel.

I hope you can stop the Count till I get Pierre.

We try.

They're packing. That's what they think. We're unpacking.

Kurt, Emile, is that you?


Come in.

Kurt, Emile, come in.

What is this?

What's the matter, Max? That lid of the trunk lid fell on my hand.

Come on, have a drink.

Emile, come here.

Did I or did I not pack this trunk?

I don't know.

You must have put it on top and it fell down.

I see. Pick it up.

Put it down. We pack that later. I have some more stuff in there.

Hurry up. Go down and continue loading the truck.

Okay, Max.

Max, the boxes are all in the truck.

Come here. Look at me.

Am I crazy?

Why, no. Max, what is the matter with you?

Two minutes ago, I put some shirts by the mirror...

Disappeared. All my clothes are gone.

I just went through the closet. There is not one suit left.

Not one suit!

Max, look.

Let's get out of here, quick.

Kurt, here are some important documents. Be careful how you pack them.

Give back my pen. I need it. What pen?

The pen I just gave you. You didn't...

Are you mad? But, Max...

Don't contradict me.

Your Excellency, I apologize. Accepted. Take this and pack it.

Yes, sir.

What's keeping Pierre? We can't keep this up much longer.

Take it easy. This isn't the first time I've hid in a closet.

Upside down.

Get this crate on the truck. I have some more things to pack.

I'm sorry. We're all filled up.

Kurt, be careful with that crate.

Remember, there are some jewels in there.

What is holding us up? The trucks are ready.

I don't know.

Somehow this trunk got upside down. Look at this mess.

If you want to get out of here, help me. Quick. Come on.

What are you doing in here?

I have new respect for the Count. He sure knows to pack a trunk.

We've got to get out of here. That presents a very interesting problem.

Don't you fellows know better than to open a trunk without knocking?

The treasure. They're getting away with it.

It's forbidden to talk to him. You must let him go. It's important.

It's an opportunity to do something for your country.

Come on.

That's Pierre and Annette.


Pierre, you pass some trucks? Yeah.

That's the treasure. They're on their way to the airport.

That must be the secret field I saw on the map... when I searched Pffermars rooms. Come on, get in.

There it is. Step on it.

Take this car and get Bruzard. We've got to stop that plane.

You haven't got a P-38 on you, have you? Come on, let's go.

Fellows, look. Let's get to that truck.

Why don't you take off?

I can't. I have to head into the wind with this load.

All right then, hurry up.

Pierre, get closer. I can't, Corbaccio.

Fellows, look. A ladder.


Are you crazy? What are we gonna do?

Cut the switches.

Rusty, stop it.

What are we gonna do?

We'll have to keep going till we run out of gas.

We've only got 2,000 gallons left. Stop or we'll all be killed.

Put your foot on something down there.

Hurry. Help!

What's the matter? We've got to revive him.

He's the only one who can handle this plane.


Look out.

Come on, you sleeping beauty. Get up, there. We'll all be killed.

Hop into that seat there, brother.

Hey, you. Get up front.

The master race.

Look out for that car.

Here it is Thursday, we're running into a Sunday driver.

Back on firma terra. Back on North Africa.

I knew you could do it.

Look out for this car.


Follow them.

Here we are, up in the air.

What a stupid remark that is.

Doolittle, you just went through a red light.

Look, no hands.

No hands?

We're back in jail. Home again.

There goes the pilot.

Come on in. We got your room ready.

You... I'll get...

You traitor.

Heinrich Stubel, I arrest you for the murders... of the three managers of the Hotel Casablanca.

Du Schweinund!

Now, there's a man with both feet on the ground, until they hang him.


If a thing like that could only happen to me.