A Night in Old Mexico (2013) Script


Hey, JayQue, how you doing man?

Everything okay?

Bring it here.

Let me see the money first.

Look man, here's the money.

Now bring that stuff over here.

Now he needs new head is what he needs.

He ain't nothin' but a pair of ears right now.

So where are we going now, man? What?

How about Mexico?

We should go and shave now Mr Bovie. We want to look nice when we get there.

I don't give a good goddam how I look when we get there.

Oh now really? Yeah.

Mr Bovie go shave.

You know first impressions count.

You're the one who ought to go shave.

You look like Adolf Hitler with that little mustache you got.

What the hell are you doing? Hey I want those.

I suggest you buy some new ones.

Oh yeah.

But nobody's but God gonna see me in my underwear!

You know these homes are closer than you might think.

I'm sorry you son of a bitches ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Taking a poor old man's land like this, you know?

I hope you're pleased, cause what you're doing up there I ain't gonna look at you.

Son of a bitches. Mama's too.

My God!

Sorry, excuse me. But this isn't the Bovie ranch, is it?

Well it was. Now it's Rancho Vista Estates.

Rancho Vista Estates. Ranchettes.

Can I help you?

Are you Mrs Bovie?

I'm Arnez Liepig. Stealth & Loud Real Estate.

You see, I'm looking for Red Bovie.

Well, he is around here somewhere.

He is seeing me tell him to get in here. We got to go.

You let 'em take away my cattle, my horses...

and now my land.

Every damn thing I ever cared about... gone, thanks to you.

Thank you, Sir. Thank you.

Yeah so, you just gonna have to find somebody else to pick on, see.

Had it.

I've had it with you.

Had it, you understand?

Took my land momma, every inch of it.

Yes, ma'am.

I love you too momma!

Alright, one, two and three and go...

On the other hand, expecting might want to do better by me than you been doing already.

Okay. Yeah.

So I'll give you one more chance.

Here's the deal, mister.

Either you're on my side from here on out, or you can just go and take my brain to scatter up there in goddam rafters.

It's up to you, okay.

Thy will be done... this day.

Give me a sign.

Any sign will do.

Yeah, any sign.

Can't help but be curious!

Which way you decided?

Oh! Christ!

Hey! What in the hell?

Hey... damn boy. You alright?

Get up! Yes, sir, I think so.

What's going on in there? Nothing.

None of your damn business.

Sir, I'm Gally. Gally Bovie.

Who? Gally Bovie.

I'm... well sir, I'm your grandson.

Bullshit, you're my grandson!

Yes sir, I am. James Bovie is my father.

Jimmy Bovie is no son of mine.

He was but he got ideas run off from home one day when I wasn't looking.

Now what do you want?

Well, sir nothing. Really I was just passing through you know.

I thought I'd stop by and see the old home place.

And say hello since we never met.

Yeah, hello, how are you doing? I'm just fine, thank you.

How are you? Goodbye. Adios.

You know, my father was right.

He said you were disagreeable old bastard.

He may have said that to you, but by God, he never had the guts to say it to me, not to my face.

Let me tell you something boy, your daddy grew up in this place, same as mine, same as my daddy before me and my granddaddy before him.

Now this is Bovie land, you hear me? Bovie land.

We had the whup the goddam Red Indians to get this land and then turn around and had to whup the goddam mission to keep it.

You see, now this is Bovie land, by God. Bovie land you sons of bitches.

And your daddy, he just run off.

Mr. Bovie, it's time to go. Go get it lighted up.

Come on. Yes ma'am.

Moments ATA. Yes, I know them.

Bad guys those two cabron.....

See maybe they will come this way. Sure.

Sure I will take a look for you.

Well, how did you lose your ranch?

It's a damn conspiracy.

The bank loaned me money on cows and God told it not to rain. I was ruined!

Slow down.

Yeah, what good money do?

That is yours.

I don't live in no damn tin can. No.

You'll make some good friends here Mr Bovie, you'll see.

Now this is all you can afford.

I ain't going in. Not me. No.

No, ma'am.

Oh, don't be timid. Come on now. Let's go.

Get your damn hand off my Cadillac.

Jesus Christ! Slow down, please slow down.

I want some singin' and dancin'. Singing, dancing? What?

And a woman. I want a woman. A woman?

You going with me, boy? You going with me? Speak up!

You going? Yes or no? Yeah... I'll go with you.

Slow down. Slow down. Good.

Are we going to drink all this beer?

Whatever it is I reckon, yeah. Yeah!

So this, this woman, well she lives out here somewhere?

What woman? I don't know about a damn woman.

You said you wanted a woman.

Yeah I do, I want a woman. Singing and dancing.

Just where exactly are we going?

About 200 miles, this way.

In old Mexico.


No I can't go to Mexico.

Why not? You got tickets to the opera night or something?

What are you doing down here anyway? You pop in only to say howdy, did you?

Well, I thought you might need somebody to help break wild horses or something.

I didn't know you lost your ranch.

Ahh, damn!

I didn't take you for a bronc buster! You ride them, eh?

Yeah, I guess it's just in the blood.

Dad said you used to be a rodeo rider.

Yeah. Bulls?

Yeah. Put hair and horns on a stick of dynamite, I could ride the son of a bitch.

Is that what he told you?

No, sir. Just said you used to ride rodeo.

He didn't talk about you very much.

Well, I don't spend a whole lot of my time, wondering about him either.

But he wanted you to come down here though and work for me.

Wanted you to to reach back to your roots, get to know the old man. Is that it?

Find out where you come from?

This more of my idea, than his.

Yeah, but he let you.

Your daddy, him know where you are?

Oh damn! You run out from home, didn't you? Am I right or am I rilla?

No, I didn't. I didn't run out from home.

No. No.

I just dropped out of college for a while, that's all.

Good for you bad guy.

How do you like your Jimmy boy run off? Turn about fair play, Jimmy?

How do you like it now, the shoe's on the other foot.

How do you like it, Jimmy?

Hey, I said I didn't run off from home, okay.

I didn't run off from home.

Well, you run off from college, same damn thing, eh?

No, no, it's not. Well, it is to me.

Sure, Jimmy right too.

He.. he, old Jimmy.

I think this could be a problem, try to...

I can't fix it.

J.T., you go get us another one.

Fill it up, special.

Fill it up, special.

Are you all going down south to Mexico?

No, we're shut here buying gasoline, alright.

Hit the windshield alright? Hit the windshield alright.

'Cause our car broke down, so we thought maybe we catch a ride with you all.

No sir.

Wind it up old man, we gotta go. Wind it up. We gotta go.

Why you a damn parrot?

$ 55.80. $ 55.80?

For you damn parrot.

Hey, I'll gladly buy the gas. Alright. Okay.

Perry the old thief!

So where are you guys from?

Aw, you know, here and there.

Well, right now just thought we head down to Mexico to see the sights.

I see you got some beer right there too.

Yeah, drink it up, no need to ask.

I like that hat. Slick.


Yeah, they had something.

All the bull-riders are wearing fancy buckets like at this season.

You riding bulls, huh?

Well, man's gotta eat, I reckon.

I don't know that I even have nerve to get on one.

Does take nerve, I admit it.

You ain't short on nerve, I'll say that for you.

Say buddy, I don't remember saying that beer was community property.

Never mind. You got plenty.

So what's the meanest bull you ever rode?

The meanest?

The meanest... Tell us about it. I'd like to hear it myself.

Oh, that would be... one by name of Midnight.

Big black bull. Somebody cut his tail off when he was just a baby.

Well, he never forgot it, you know.

Maybe embarrassed him or something, I don't know.

I tell you this. Yeah, he was a mean one...

Oh yes sir. You put hair and horn on a stick of dynamite, you get the idea.

Christ sakes.

You rode him now, huh?

Yeah, a buckaroo like him, had a rode and pick in his nose in one hand and scratches his little red hiney with the other.

Say, old man, pull over.

Who you calling old man?

I'm saying, come on man. Pull over cause I gotta take a leak.

Good idea.

The son of bitches were drinking all my beer.

You see, that wasn't part of the deal.

You're too much, you know that? Hey, you're the one who's too much.

Trying to pass yourself off for a cowboy.

Hell, you ain't no cowboy. You ain't never rode no damn bull, have you?

Now, have you by God? Huh? I could go off, if I had the chance.

No, I think you have better luck selling pipe dreams, than shuffling papers like your damn daddy.

Stop talking about my father, alright?

You maybe think you ready to ride a bull, but hell, you ain't ready ride no damn bull.

And I'll tell you another thing too.

You ought to throw that goddamn counterfeit hat after winter cause there ain't a cowboy alive go out in public wearing something like that on his head.

You know, I won't be criticizing somebody's hat if all I own in the world is this gas guzzling junker.

That's low. That's really low. Trying to hurt a poor old man's feelings when he's down on his luck, eh.

Just don't criticize my hat, and we'll get along just fine, okay?

Okay. Okay.

I would say this for your hat though.

It damn sure goes good with them dull pack of red boots you wear.

Give me another one, eh.

How old is the music, ain't it?

Okay. Will do.

Now watch it like it's yours, hombre. Remember it ain't.

El Día de los Muertos. Day of the dead.

It is where they go down to the grave in order to have supper with their dead kin folks.

Yeah, the same, all the same. Nothing's changed.

Mattheus, nice to see you. Hey.

Nice thing. Good to see you.

Hey, look at this.

Careful there amigo! Marriage ain't ....

Speak English, I can't understand that gibberish.

Give me a dollar, watch me cut myself.

I'll give you a five, go cut your damn throat.

Man, that was cold. How could you tell him to go cut his own throat?

I gave the poor bastard five bucks, how much did you give him?

You know that, I gave your daddy a little pony when he was a little boy he would have circled all over the place. Yeah he did.

Hey, you alright?

That girl. What girl?

It reminds me of somebody, this all from a long time ago.


First time I come down here to old Mexico, I guess roughly on ...

We were going to buy some cheap cattle.

This girl come walking down the street, long black hair, reaching way down her back, goddamn she was pretty.

And built good, you know. Everything just right.

And I said, hey you come on over and let's go, what do you say?

And she did, just like that.

Never asked any questions or laughed, grabbed my hand and off we went.

Well, she was wild alright. Whoo...

Wild as the day God made mother heaven.

Got yourself a hottie, huh?

I married her. She's your grandmother, boy.

Hey Red, what about this place?

And what about... whoo...? What about it?

Well, singing and dancing women.

Wasn't that what you wanted to see?

See boy. What do you do? Come here and load a water melon?

I don't want to see. Hell, I want to do.

Come on. Let's go.

Out of the way.


Well they ain't gonna be here. You okay?

Wake up, Peppidro.

Yes, yes, of course. We're looking for a good time.

Girls, huh? I know where all the pretty girls are. Come on, I take you there.

Hear that. What?

He knows the place. He knows what place?

Come on, cowboy. Let's go.

That's it. It's them, boy.


I ain't got no opella. Papers.

I got I.D.

Who is this? A friend.

This is a house of prostitution.

Yes, this is a whore house. Where the hell you think we're going to bring you?

You looking for a good time? Ah, we're looking for a couple of guys.

Oh see. Me too.

I'll show you guys a good time.

What you think? These are pretty girls, no?

Hidy there ladies. My don't you look splendid.

Take your pick. They all willing, you know?

Are you sure you want to do this? Come on, you're drunk.

Drunk? Not me. Hell, I could drink a gallon of this sheep dip!

Come on, Miko, make your pick cause my feet hurts.

Now, hold on. Which one of you little darlings, aye, want to dance now?

I may be a little rusty but...

Eenee menee, run around.

Eenee menee, I'm going to find somebody in this town.

You first. Come on. Let's go. Come on....

Come on girlie. There's boogie woogie. Come on. Come on.

Come on. There's boogie woogie, man.

Let one of this pretty girls for yourself.

Should have fun, ain't ya? Yeah. Alright.

Come on. Well, I think you've had your fun. Let's go.

How much quanto, quantos for a dance?


Oh, Red, Red, Red... come on, let's go. Come on, that's enough.

Alright, let's go. Mikarida, mikarida, adios.

That's it, that's it.

You no good, son of a bitch.

Yeah, it is them.

Just you don't feel so hot now, huh?

Just fine.

Thank you for your sincere concern.

Gally. Yeah.

I won't want your daddy to hear about this.

He won't.

You don't have to worry about that.

Hey Red, what ever happened to her?

Who you talking about?

My grandmother.

Oh, her? Well, you know.. your wife?

I was setting my breakfast table one morning waiting for my biscuits...

And I heard the screen door slammed.

And? Nothing, she was gone.

Your daddy is about two years old then.

Goddamn just into everything.

A lot of trouble with your daddy. Always was.

Never saw her again.

Did you love her?

Love her? Yeah.

She just saw my pick-up on the street down here in old Mexico one time...

Ready to go back to Texas now? Yeah.

Yeah, let's get a bite to eat first, right?

Your treat!

No one. No one understands my suffering.

I sing... because I can no longer be...

Hey, what is this shit?

Cut the screeching baby let's see those cantaloupes...

Hey you! I'm trying to sing you a nice song here.

I'll show my titties when I'm ready to show you my titties.

Now shut the fuck up, okay?

Well, if you're going to sing, we don't want to hear that shit.

Why don't you sing the "Eyes of Texas" or something, huh?

I don't know the "Eyes of Texas" You don't know the "Eyes of Texas"?

No, I don't know that fucking song. You don't?

No, I don't know a fucking word of it.

Fucking gringo.

Well, then show us your tits, then.

Fucking gringos, huh?

You okay?

Listen to me. I mean it.

This life don't lead no where for you.

Go home.

You know I can't go home.

You know that.

Sure you can. Go home.

Gone deaf? Cause something is talking your ear can hear nothing!

How many times I got to tell you. I can't go home.

I can't do that.

They think I'm a star. They think I live in a two storey house.

Got a big fucking refrigerator in it.

They think movie stars and famous people come to hear me sing every night and bring me diamond rings and fur coats and shit like that.

Or roses on me.

What the hell. Tell him you lied to him on the letters.

I'll buy you the bus tickets myself.

Nestor not a fucking must, not me.

Not like that.

Wasn't that hungry after all, huh?

Hell, no, no, suppose to eat slow, see. More healthy. Alright?

Am I keeping you from something? Here give me that thing.

Hey, that's my watch!

Hey well it's my time, by God. My time ... left of it anyway.

And I don't need you counting off the goddamn seconds for me neither, you understand?

Alright. Got it?

Alright, sorry.

Go eat your dinner, I've got time.

Yeah, you got all the time in the world, you don't do a damn thing with it though.

You don't sing, you don't dance.

Goddamn, take you out to a fancy whorehouse, don't even want to get your horn hogged.

My horn hogged. Yeah, yeah.


Well, how didn't you know I get my horn hogged all the time in back in New York.

Oh yeah? Who buy?

Just finished your dinner and let's go, okay?

You got your head so far up your ass you ain't never gonna smell a rose!

Now you listen to me boy, there's a lot more exciting things in this whole life than just sitting around, sucking in air and pulling on your peter.

Well, you gotta cut loose and go for it.

I mean go for 'em every goddamn chance you get.

Cause the chances are running out.

Believe me Gally, I know.

I do, I know. Yeah I do. I know.

God Almighty.

Look at yonder.

Miguel. How are you doing?

You got a table for me, please.

My God. But you're pretty. Yeah!

I mean it. Goddamn you're so pretty. You're the prettiest little thing I ever saw.

Okay. I heard you, thank you. Now can you sit down and leave me alone.

What is your name, anyway? Look sorry. It's Patty Wafers.

Patty Wafers? You sound like a sugar cookie.


Patty Wafers, why don't you come on with me and let's go. What do you say?

Are you drunk? No, I'm not drunk. No ma'am.

Say buddy. Hey, you just sit down and shut up.

Just come on with us. Let's go. Come on.

Just sit down. Sit down. Leave this to me.

Where are you going, anyway?

Well, hell doesn't matter. Let's just go. Come on. Let's go. What do you say?

Christ sakes. Sit down and shut up. You ain't going no where old man.

What did you say, buddy? I said sit down and shut up.

You ain't going no where you old fool!

Hey Red, come on! Hold on, hold on!

I ain't done yet. I got a few places to go.

You bet, grandpa?

Oh God!

Who's saying I'm done? Who the hell are you to say I'm done?

Wherever you say I'm done? Alright goddamn it!

I ain't done yet. I ain't done.

Here, drinks are on me. So hurry up.

Drink up, goddamn you!

When you get through drinking, come on up and you can kiss my ass, alright.

Come on, Patty Wafers, show them what you got...

You son of a bitches. Get off me! Goodbye folks.

I have never, not in my whole fucking life seen nothing like you!

I know it, I know it. What's your name, anyway?

Red Bovie, Texas.

Red Bovie, you sound like cow.

A bull. Yeah, I bet you are.

Are you okay?

Was this buckaroo?

Yeah, took you long enough to jump into the fray though, didn't you buckaroo?

Yeah. Come on. Get up. Come on.

This here is Gally. Don't worry he don't get in the way much.

Hello Gally. Hello Patty Wafers.

Have you finished here. I can escort you to some beer.

What do you say? Come on. Gally's treat.

Okay. Leave the hat!

Come on, let's go. Viva Mexico.

Both of you. I want to see you dancing, both of you.

I'll get some beer here in the car. Get some beer.

Not to me. He is means some fucking something else, huh?

Oh no. He's alright.

You know I try to take him out of nursing home every chance I get.

Tried to keep the old guy cheered up. Nursing home. Really?

Doesn't seem that old to me.

Yeah, I know it does. It's hard to believe he's almost 90.

90, you're shitting me?

Listen, Patty. Really enjoyed dancing with you.

I enjoyed dancing with you too, Gally.

Thank you.

It was fun. Yeah.

It's been, well a long time since I danced, did you know?

So when are you going back to Mexico City?

Mexico City?

I saw your sign. Exclusive engagement direct from Mexico City.

Oh... I just made that shit up.

I've never been to Mexico City.

I thought it would make me sound like a star.

But this is as far as I would have gone.

What happened?

Men. They got bitter eyes and they got ears.

They would rather see these tits than hear me sing.

You too, huh? I'm sorry, I wasn't ...

It's okay, I don't care. I'm used to it.

Everybody has seen these titties...

Yeah, I take my clothes off, then sing a little.

This is how tour business works here.

You must really like to sing.

More than anything in the whole fucking world.

Do you know what my momma told me, when I left home?

She said whatever I was looking for was somewhere out there in the world looking for me too.

Oh! $50,000, $ 55,... Oh Jesus Christ...

55... 60... 75... 80... Well it is about time, mister. It is...

85... 95...

You might as well be singing to a rock at Bordeaux Stick Messi.

Bombs away. Gracias amelie...

Where are we going? More dance. Let's go. Come on.

I hope you like it here. It's my treat.

I thought you were broke. Where are you getting all this money?

Don't worry about it. I always keep a little spare change in my boots.

Spare change? Yeah.

Okay, quiet. Everybody quiet.

Let's try to teach these little birds to sing us a song, okay?

Songbirds, alright. Now everybody be quiet.

Come on, give him a little shaking, muchacho.

Now sing it up bird, sing for me. Patty Wafers...

Come on now. Just have her English... Come on, singing...

It's okay. Yeah, yeah.

I tell you what. Alright, listen. Listen to me now.

Just one of these birds sing, just one, alright...

I'll set the whole damn bunch free, that's a promise.

Now sing, Goddamn you, sing.

Ain't singing at all.

Well, alright...

That's still hot, Pedro? Yes, signor, it's very hot.

Good. Alright.

Hey, now. Here's a $100. These damn birds won't sing.

Cook the little bastards, alright.

What? Come on, you're not going to...

Don't do that, don't do that...

Red, come here, tell him not to cook the poor little birds.

I think I hear something. Did you heard something?

I heard the bird singing. Are you sure, you sure was a bird singing?

Yes, I'm sure. The fucking bird was singing.

It was singing. Alright.

Tell him. Then my word is my bond. Set him free.

Adios, chico.

You wouldn't really have cooked them poor little birds, would you Red?

Yeah, I would, if they hadn't start singing.

I mean, you know.

How did that old bird do it, something like... you know like this?

It was you! You ... Bad boy. Bad boy.

Crank up the bank! Crank up the bank! Come on.

That's those guys. Come on... Yeah.

Keep it, let's go. Get rid of that shit. Come on.

Okay, one of you is going to tell me what the fuck is going on here!

I want to know. Nothing, nothing...

We gave those dead fellows a ride so...

What else, Red. I know there's something you're not telling us.

By mistake they left a few bucks in the car ain't nothing to dwell on. Few bucks.

What do you mean a few bucks?

A few bucks.

Trying to keep some spare change in my boots.

You call this a few bucks? Yeah.

Like $ 5,000!

More in the car. I'll be right back.

Hold on. Here hold this.

Okay, now this bag, you know, give or take, I'd say about $ 150,000.

$150,000 ? Yes

I guess this is my lucky day, eh?

You've got to give it back.

No. What? Give it back to two dead guys? What are you talking about?

I'm buying my freedom with this.

Ain't nobody coop me up in some damn old tin can as long as I'm back in this kind of dough.

Oh! Oh! What's wrong?

I think somebody is looking for us.

I know this guy. His name is Cholo and he's monmarlo, very bad.

Well, I ain't scared of some little beaner wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night.

You should be scared of this one. He shoots people.

Jesus, Red. What have you got us into?

Tell you what.

We gonna walk back across the bridge till it catches, like nothing going on.

All right Woods. Good idea. Good idea. Let's go.

Alright. Alright.

No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. This ain't no good.

Two gringos are dead...

If the Federales are going to have the bridge blocked off, be searching everybody.

Where you gonna tell them, you got all that fucking money?

Well, he hadn't thought about that, did you?

Alright. Well just leave the money and let's go.

Oh, leave the money! Why?

Well, just throw it away and let's get out.

Throw it away! Listen. God gave me this money to buy my freedom.

Now what do you think He would say if I was just to walk off and leave it?

Well, He'd say, there goes my smart old man.

No, He wouldn't. He'd say adios, you stupid butthole. That was your last chance.

And don't call me old man because this ain't!

Wait. Come on.

I know a guy. His name is Big.

Big... Roscoe Hammil. He is a coyote.

Can us make it back across the river to Texas. Yes.

So come with me. Yes.

Check this mule, amigo!

Hi Big. Nice to see you.

How you been doing?

Sorry to interrupt your supper, but we have a little business.

My friends had a little car trouble tonight and...

Well, some other things have not gone too good either and they want to see about getting back across the river.

What river is that?

The River Nile, you ignorant son of a bitch.

Red! Okay.

Wait. Please listen. They got money.

They can pay. Yup.

And they understand you're a businessman and they expect to pay for your services.

Don't you Red?

Wait! Dependent of how much it cost? We ain't exactly the Rockefellers.

Sit down. Talk business.

You ever thought about joining the circus?

Yeah, you could be the hippopotamus. Shut up, Red.

He's joking.

Okay. Put something on the table?

Think of all the tomatoes that'll buy. You got us a deal?


I wouldn't walk you to the front door for that.

Tell your cheap friend to go away.

No, he's teasing. He's just teasing. Show me you're just teasing, Red.

Come on Red, show him. For Christ's sake, just show him.

That's as far as we go, pal. Take it or leave it!

I'll float you over on my boat. Go in the truck.

Yes. Let's go.

Thank you. Whatever you say, fat man.

Come on. Thank you.

Is this the boat? Yeah.

Let me help you up here. Thanks.

We going to get across in this? Yeah.

You know what, Patty? I think you're really going to like Texas.

You mean you're going to take me up to Texas with you?

Yes, I might take you back to Texas with me.

You think I was just gonna run off and leave you down here in old Mexico, did you?

Huh? Yeah.

Get back to Texas, I'm really going to show you a good time!

I'm having a good time now. Good.

Will be hard to top this!

What are you talking about?

You wouldn't know a good time of one who is hanging on to your little peter with both hands.

Come here. Bad Boys!

Better to be an old man's darling, than a young man's slave.

You ever heard that?

Yeah. You know what else they say? What?

That the older they get, the better they were when they were young!

That's low Gally. That's really low.

He started it. Oh shut up both of you.

Let me check on it.

Stop right there.

Beg you pardon, madam. You talking to us?

Drop the money .

I don't want to kill you, but I will!

Money... what money you talking about?

Hey, buster on my back to come over and kick your ass.

Jesus Christ, just give him the money! Over my dead body!

I am aiming at the girl, now.

Get back. Alright.

Are you happy now?

Go away from here now!


It's that damn beano with the sunglass.

Red, I'm sorry. It's not your fault.

That damn taxi driver must have told him where we were.

Easy come, easy go, Red.

Bullshit to that!


Hey, Red. Are we gonna drive right back cross the bridge to Texas now?

We got nothing to hide!

Not this cowboy.

What are you doing?

Put that stupid thing away.

No, no, no. I'm gonna get my money back.

Hey, give this bastard a whip old smokie here to do it.

Okay, alright Red, just stop it now!

Get out of this. Stay away from me, boy. God damn you, get away from me.

Red, this is insane. Stay away from me, boy.

This is insane!

Alright. Give me that pistol! Hey, you get out of here now!

Fucking stop. Do you know what? No, no, no...

Let him go. I'll knock you down!

He's fucking crazy. I'm not crazy.

You're totally fucking crazy, whacko nuts!

I ain't. I ain't...

I'm old, see. I'm broken, I'm alone.

And I'm more scared of dying when somebody spoon feed me oatmeal than anything else in the world.

And neither one of you know a damn thing about that, now would you?

Now would you, oh help, oh God!

You know you're going to get yourself killed?

I know that fucking much.

Stop that.

I ain't asking you to stay and watch.

You neither, see.

Here, take my Cadillac and go on home to New York daddy.

Even that damn counterfeit hat.

Alright? I can't do that.

Sure you can.

Only thing is, don't tell him you've been with me cause I wouldn't want to taint your fine reputation.



He's dead.

He what?

He died a week before last.

Now don't tell me that!

He lost his money... He had a heart attack on the commuter train.

And he died.

Heart attack on the commuter...

A minute ..

Jimmy's gone... I don't believe it.

Every damn day, he stand by the window waited for his mother to come home.

Both of us. She never came.

That boy... never had a mama.

Little Jimmy.

You should have told me, boy!

Why, huh?

All you've done is fucking curse him since I got here!

I told you he left... Little pack of wood ran out on me.

No, no... he didn't run out on you. No. You drove him out.

Red, you fucking drove him out.

What... because, he didn't like cow or horses?

No, he didn't like cow and horses, didn't like rain, didn't like green grass, didn't like sunshine, blue skies.

He didn't like a goddamn thing in this world worth liking.

Well, he like you Red. Yeah. Bullshit.

Yeah, he couldn't live with you but...

Oh God, do you even know? I mean, you're all he ever talked about.

Oh, yeah. He loved you, Red!

Yeah, well...

I never need him or damn mama or you all or nobody, cause I got me, my God.

See... Got myself. Yeah, yeah, yeah....

You've got you, Red, and that's all you've got!

God, just go on, go on yeah. Get yourself killed.

God, who cares, huh?

Who fucking cares?

What's the matter with you?

What? What's the matter with you?

What's the matter with me? You say all these things to him!

Are you serious?

He is just a pompous and self- centered old fucking son of a bitch!

Are you fucking blind?

Don't you hear nothing?

Don't you think he knows he made some mistakes.

He knows he made some mistakes.

He's just trying to hide a broken heart behind all that shit!

No, he doesn't have a heart!

No, you're the one who have no heart.

You meant to hurt him!

You know that. What?

You in love with him or something?

I don't know.


Well, I guess even Red will be a step up for you.

Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?

You know something? I am like that.

I got nothing and nobody, and nowhere to go.

But when I'm singing, I'm not hearing all this shit no more.

I am dreaming that I am somebody else, and I am dreaming I'm somewhere else.

And Red is the first person that made me happy...

That I am just me! Yes, just me for myself.

And I thought you were different too, Gally, but you're just another fucking gringo looking down on me like all them others.

What am I?

Oh, hey mi Amigo!

Hey, amigo my ass. Now take me to this Cholo fella.

Who? I don't know who you talking about.

You said my friend go Pedro.

Why that Cholo? Okay, okay.

I am very sorry about your son. Yeah, yeah.

I don't remember much anymore.

It's been more than 40 years since I last seen him.

But you loved him so much, didn't you?

I always thought I'd see him again, you know, somewhere down the road.

Yeah. Imagine dying on a commuter train.

Probably fell over dead reading the goddamn Wall Street Journal.

We've had our differences, but I wouldn't wish that on nobody, truly I wouldn't.

I know that.

Tell you what else hurts...

That damn boy was right. I did run Jimmy off.

And now I'd come run Gally off too.

Hey, Panama. Good to see you.

I didn't know you were coming.

You have any luck?

They never come this way. Maybe they crossed that ... or somewhere.

Or maybe they never even come to Mexico.

This man I know... he told me Moon and JT are over in the jail.

Oh good. You found them yourself. They are dead.

He said that it looks like your work.

You have the money, don't you?

Yes, I have the money.

I just packing my clothes, so I could bring it to you in Texas.


What room is he in? What room?

Upstairs. That one there. Get out of here. Go on!

Now you stay down here.

No, no, no. I want to go too.

No, no. I can't be up there worrying about you too.

It's enough that you come this far, alright. Now you just stay here.

Now remember, I'm Mexicali Rose. I'll be back.

Here, let me help you.

A old man like you should die in bed.

Hands up Pedro.

I come for the money.

Alright. Okay.

Where is Red? He went in there to get his money.

Who is that? I don't know.

But he got Red's fucking money!

Jesus Christ, you actually shot him?

Never got the chance.

I saw the guy who shot you.

Well, we saw him. He took the money too, didn't he?

It wasn't really your money neither, was it?

I was going to take it all...

Yeah, I had the same idea.

Red, I got a good look at that guy. You have?

Well, maybe we can still get your money back.

Yeah, I can't leave this poor old fella here like this. I can't.

He might kill you.

Yeah, well he can kill all three of us, any time he wanted too, but he didn't.

Just gonna make a living same as anybody.

I ain't gonna criticize him for it.

Red, we have to take him to see a doctor.

No. Yes, we have to.

No, enough. Give me to the police.

I don't want to lie locked up.

I understand that.

Don't worry amigo. I won't let nobody stick you into some damn tin can.

No sir. Don't you worry about that.


Gracias. Yeah.

I'm Red. Tired of shred Bovie, from Texas.

Sort of wanted, from many places.

Good to meet you.

So, we will help you as much as we can. Sort of Fuentes.

Just get along as best you can. That's right.



Son of a bitch. Gally!

Easy... easy...

It is okay. Yeah, okay.

Well, enjoy it while you can, alright.

Red, don't say that. Yeah, it's okay.

That damn boy, sneaking off like I wonder where the hell he went.

He went after that guy who took the money, that's where he went.

Silly little bastard, he had my pistol, right?

I didn't think he had a look of sense, would you?

Yeah, he's just like you.

You're both fucking locos. Yeah?

Yes, you are. Crazy.

Well, I'm sorry, I got you into this.

You and Gally, both.

I'm glad I'm here with you...

Were you really going to take me back to Texas with you?

Or you were just shitting me?

Well, yeah I was going to take you back to Texas with me, of course.

Now I got a pot to piss in or winter to stow out of!

It's okay. Come home with me then.

Home with you? Yeah.

Not here. Home!

That's where I'm going.

Back to my town... Back to my family.

Thanks. But I ain't much on charity!

I'm not offering you charity, you stupid fucking gringo.

I'm offering you a home and a family!

And me!

Careful there gal. Don't bite off more than you can chew, of course.

I ain't no spring chicken.

Mexicans are not afraid of having old people around.

If that's what you mean.

I don't know about moving in with a bunch of Mexicans, but I gotta go find Gally.

I can't think about anything else until I do. Alright?

And until then... Got to go.

I'll find that boy. I'll be back.

Cerveza, señor?


Yeah, that's right. I'm talking to you.

I don't know you, kid.


No, you don't know me.

What you've got to worry about, is that I know you.

You think you know me, huh?

You shot a man tonight.

A fella named Cholo.

Then you stole a sack of money there.

Am I right?

Or am I wrong?


now you gotta answer to me.

So... now I gotta answer to you?

Okay, what do you want?

I want the money.

Oh you just want the money, that's all? Yes, sir.

For my grandfather.

Your grandfather!

He needs it.

Yeah, I understand. Everybody needs money.

Here's the money. All the money.

Good. How are you going to get it?

You think I'm just going to give this money to you?

Hey, you know what, you smart-ass prick,

I can get it.

That's how easy you are, you stupid little gringo fuck!

Yeah, you better run.

Yeah, that's right, it's me again.

Oh, God!

Hey, what in the hell do you think you're doing?

I found him, Red. I found him. He's still got your money.

Forget about the money, huh!

I mean just forget about it. I won't throw my soul away.

Just hold still! No, no, Red, Red!

What? I'm going to get your money back, alright?

I just told you, forget about the damn money, alright?

And I told you, I'm going to get your money back. And I am.

What in the goddamn hell is wrong with you?

Huh? Why are you doing this?

Because this is exactly what my father would want me to do.


You fucked up my Cadillac, didn't you?

Easy... easy...

Got your hat, alright, didn't he?

Okay, where is he? He's down there, down there!

He's in there somewhere, waiting for us.

He knows there's two of us, Gally.

Alright, I'm going with you. No, you ain't, no!

Goddamn it, don't argue with me, alright. Just don't!

You're all I got left in the world now.

Just wait here, okay?

Let's go... Let's go. Yeah, alright.

How's this going, exactly?

Thank you, sir.


Fuck you guys! I was about to go crazy!

Gally are you okay? Yeah.

Got no help for a couple of hash .... Am I right or am I rilla?

Yeah, how's the old boy?

How are you doing, amigo?

Where am I...? I like it here.

Look here, we've been through all that.

Now look. We caught the bastard that killed you.

Here he is, out cold and goddamn cop.

How do you like it?

Look at that. No hard feelings, eh?

Well, there he went.

He was a nice man.

He was. He really was.

I kind of like the old ....

Come on ..., come on. Time to go.

We still got to find a way to get you back across with your money, Red.

I ain't going back to Texas, Gally.

You're not?

Not, if that invitation is still open.

I guess we'd just scoot on down a little miscontent where she come from.

Maybe buy us a little old ranch around here somewhere you know...

You know, run a few cows and horses, things like that...

Much money we got, be living like the king and queen of Zion, remember?

I'm glad for you.

Well really, I'm glad for both of you.

Come with us.

Yeah, come on, there's still a wild and wooly country down here, you know, you just might like it.

No, I have ...

I think I've had all the wild moments I can take for a while.

You have to do what you have to do, I reckon and ...

So let's go, we don't have time to waste.

But will you come to visit us, right?

Of course. Let's go toots. We're burning daylight.

Okay, once second.

So San Tori, okay. It's on the map.

Hey, hey, hey! I'm fucking saying goodbye here.

Don't lose it.

Oh, thanks.

This is for you, want me to sing for you.


This is for ... for you being you!


It's okay. I'll see you soon.

Yeah. Really soon.

Get in here, you two timer!

Let's go home! Yeah, yes.

Look at that damn hat, would you?

You know you can... tell a lot about a man just by the hat he's wearing.

Read his whole history, as a matter of fact....

Every damn thing he's been through, everything he's made of...

By God, it's all written right there in his hat. Chop through and worse.

Right? Yeah.

And I'll tell you something else...

I found me a grandson!

So long, cowboy.

So long, Grandpa. You bet.

Patty Wafers, come on darling, let's do it!

Sugar cookies!

Sugar cookies...!