A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (2019) Script

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In the dark, dark woods... there is a dark, dark house.

And in that dark, dark house... there was a dark, dark room.

And in that dark, dark room... there was a dark, dark woman.

And within that dark, dark woman... there was a dark, dark soul.

A soul so dark... that nothing can penetrate it.

Neather light, nor love.

A longing overtook her.

A craving... she could not understand.

But dark desires... laid fast asleep...

...soon awoke again.

Though she sought the light... she was made for darkness.

This was all, she did know.

The light grew inside her.

And when the time came... to bringing the light into the dark... it too was full of darkness.

Her cries of grief, echoed through the haunted air...

...as she returned to the one she had wronged.

But this time, he would feel the evil... from which he'd spawned.

From grain and fog...

...she appeared.

The ghost of rage and wrath.

No light, no black, no white.

But obscured thirst for red.

The darkness has no place in the light.

So the dark, dark women... was cast back into the night.

So it seems that this perverse lady who was tortured in the forest... went on to live in darkness.

So for those of you on the other side: be very careful.

Because she can be there right now.

Hiding in the darkest corners of your rooms.

I'm Rod Wilson. Welcome to "Nightmare Radio", Where the horror stories... never end.

I'd like to remind you dear listeners, that I am always here to listen to you.

Waiting for you to share your supernatural experiences.

This is a very special night, there's a heavy storm.

I'm sure you're all in your homes, listening to the sound of the rain, rattling against the window.

And the wind flowing through the cracks.

While we await the first call, I'll share with you a little story.

I remember the first time I saw a dead body.

It was my grandmothers.

She died alone, in her bedroom.

They called an ambulance, but there was nothing to do.

I was eight at the time.

I sneakerly spied, from behind the door.

I saw my mother, get up close to my grandma... and take something out of her pocket.

Then place it, over my grandmother's eyes.

I was really scared.

So scared I almost peed my pants.

But when I calmed down, and paid close attention...

...I realized that they were coins.

A few simple coins upon my grandmothers eyes.

Sometime later I asked my mother why, she had put those coins on my grandmother's eyes.

And she told me.

It turns out, a long time ago, people believed, that there was a river, separating the land of the living, from the land of the dead.

To reach the underworld, the dead had to cross the river Acheron.

Upon a boat sailed by a man named Charonte.

He would charge them a small coin.

This tradition was passed on... from generation to generation. For thousands of years.

All this reminds me of another story, that I was told, when I traveled to Australia.

A little girl was forced to do a very particular, and spine chilling job.

You must overcome this ridiculous phobia.

Death, is how we make a living.

When you die... who will look after me?

This is what you must learn.

We told her the truth...

Bring the equipment case in.

She fell from the horse!

We aim to give the appearance of life.

Spare any memory we left her.




That's my daughter's name.

Let's begin.

How long since she paused?

Two weeks.

I can't!


The most important thing, is that they look alive.

My baby.

My baby!

Please! Please I told her! I told her not to.

I told her! I told her!

You take ov, over. No mother, I can't.

You can have this back, when you do what I say.

The most important thing, is that they look alive.

We couldn't... we couldn't fix it. We're going to make her beautiful.

She fell from the horse. Her neck... her neck... is broken.

Mary... my baby? Shh shh shh.


I just, thought that...

Make her look more alive.

Damn horse killed my baby!

Is it done?

She looks so alive.

...ready for Valentine's Day.

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Bill's just back from market, and new items are arriving daily.

And don't forgot that Bills' Holiday and Gift shop, has just the right fresh cut flowers for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, hospital patients and even funerals.

Bills' is located at 704 East Jackson street in Marianna.

It's a quarter past midnight, and I'd like to remind you that you can call "Nightmare Radio", to tell us about your most chilling experiences.

Let's see who's on the line.

Hard pressed...


Anyone there?

It's a very, strange night folks.

Terrifying things can happen today.

I feel it in the air.


Hi, Rod. Wow, that a sexy voice. I love it.

Uhh, what's your name?

Mirna. Mirna was that you, who called, just now?

No it's the first time I tried to communicate with this show.

Ahh, where are you calling from?

Minneapolis. And where were you born?

I'm from Croatia. Oh wow, the Balkan, very nice.

Ahh, what's your story about?

Actually, it didn't happen to me, although it's one of the most strangest and disturbing cases I know.

But it's not a paranormal case.

I'm listenin' darlin'.

It happened to a girl from Saint Paul, in the 80s.

This, young woman, had an appointment with the man of her dreams.

She was very anxious, very excited.

And she wanted to look stunning. You get it, right Rod?

She spent a long time choosing her dress.

But then she realized the boy would arrive in less than ten minutes.

She washed her hair in haste, but then she couldn't find a hair dryer.

So she did something very, very stupid.

She tried to dry her hair in the microwave oven.

With a screwdriver, she deactivated the security systems.

Placed her head in the oven, and turned it on.

Believe me Rob, her head explodes.

The people who found her, said that the blood had splashed the wall.

And there have brains everywhere.

But that's an urban legend, isn't it?

I don't think anyone could be, such an idiot, to do something like that.

I mean... vanity sometimes makes us do stupid things.

And I include myself in this, I'm not beyond it at all.

Well... I've also been at times.

I don't think it's a bad. Do you think it's bad Rob?

Well, it is supposed to be one of the seven deadly sins.

And it reminds me of another story.

A story of a woman much like the one in your urban legend.

A woman, very vain.

And in one day, came across something, completely unexpected.

Would you like me to tell?

Yes, please.

Well, stay tuned Myrna, 'cause that's exactly what I'm gonna do next.

I'll see that you got divorced again.

So who was it this time? Another "boy toy"?

Oh... what does it matter?

Like moths to a flame. Men would kill to be with a star like you.

Look... all your bigest moments, right there!

LA, New York.




Oh good God... you remember Milan?

Not of this moment you and me.

Oh, I can still hear Adam...

"You'll never work in this town again," blah blah blah blah blah.

What a drama queen.

The highlight of my life.

And after all this time...

you still have the hair of a 20 year old.

Flawless tips.

And perfectly balanced pigmentation.

So... what makes hair so fascinating?

It's the paradox, darling!

I mean, hair is basically...


So... how can something... dead... be so full of life?

It's soft.

Still okay.

It has this... indescribable warmth, it just...

...draws you in.

It's a crafty insidious tool of, seduction.

It can spark a beautiful relationship.

Or destroy one in less time... it takes to run your hand through it.

Ahh, yeah... I know.

It's life!

Of course... you're one of the lucky ones.

Hair like yours... only comes around, once... in a blue... moon.

You didn't have to work for it.

Or earn it.

You're just... born and, poof that's it!!

The hair wins.

I'm not suggesting that, my... extraordinary... original... styling skills played, any part in your, meteoric career.

But the thing again... it is hard to imagine where you would be today, if it wasn't for me.


An American philosopher once said:

"Those who achieve greater success, due to greater natural abilities"...

"have no moral right, to greater happiness."


"those abilities are entirely worthless..."

"until valued by society."

Let me dim that down for you:

You've been blessed with magnificent hair.

And because of that blessing... you've lived a charmed life.

Looking down at the little people's petty little lives.

Convinced, that you are the reason for your own great success.

Not once... did you think about sharing your good fortune... with, you know... normal people.

People who work there assis off in pointless shitty jobs... and shitty relationships.

Well today... you can redeem yourself.

Now that your lucky genes are of no use to you anymore... because... well, let's face it, the rest of you didn't exactly follow.

I'm not taking anything away from you.

I'm merely... redistributing what is, collectively ours.

Giving someone else, a... well nobody... for all I know... a chance to shine.

I understand your fear.

I do.

Don't worry...

the human hair, can withstand ten tons of pressure.

It's okay.

Fortunately for us... the human scalp...

can not.

Sylvio's hair extensions are the best on the market.

There's no doubt about it, all-natural!

Don't touch that dial, because we'll be right back after this commercial break.

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Three, two, one... ...the doorknobs fall and winter clearance sale.


Your program is crap. Oh yeah?

I'd love for you to tell me why?

I would ask for your name, but guys like you like to hide in anonymity. So why bother.

I have no problem telling you my name.

I'm Jules. Jules Keefer.

And I repeat what I just said, your program, is full of shit.

Could you at least tell me why?

You're only telling stories of things that don't exist.

What you're doing is filling people's heads full of nonsense.

I see that ghosts to not scare you.

Of course not, reality is much worse.

Well, I'll agree with you there Jules.

There are things that happen in daily life that are just terrifying.

Much more than any horror movie.

Like the popular saying goes: reality many times, surpasses fiction.

But my listeners, they prefer the other stories.

Well, your listeners are not very smart to say the least.

All right, Jules Keefer, let's do this?

How 'bout I tell you a story from real life?

The most real and spine chilling story you will ever hear.

No ghosts. No haunted houses.

Just life itself.

Do you know the case of Willie Bingham?


I didn't think so.

Well strap in, Jules Keefer.

Prepare yourself for a story that will not let you sleep tonight.

I remember two Willie Binghams.

One, pasty-faced with fear, after the sentence was read.

And the other, after the series of amputations.

The first is now blurred, by the painfully, sharp facts of the second.

I, was the very first surgical supervisor.

Appointed under the state's revised stats on capital crime.

My job... to see that medical protocol is followed.

That inmates would not suffer any more than the usual, post surgical discomforts.

You're gonna take my hand? That's correct.

But why?

Well, you are a murderer Mr. Bingham.

Why, warden? Why?

No sir they not fair!

I killed that girl, but that weren't me!

It's the pain! And the drugs.

Cooped up, somethin' awful.

They said I mutilated her! I never...

The, first surgery, is largely symbolic.

"Symbolic"?! Correct.

Well piece of cake then, nothin' to worry about, huh.

Well, I'm here to make sure you suffer no more pain than is necessary.

Why don't they do it like they used to do it, huh?

Just, execute me, once and for all!

You're to be made a national example of. Your chance for recompense.

It's expected that the, reduction should cease by the second or third surgery.

Come on, come on, come on.

Cart please.

Surviving family members, determine how far the surgeries will go.


You can proceed.

This is what my criminal ways got me!

You best all mind yourselves kids, humph!

If you don't want this.

No... you don't ever want this!

Okay, mark it.

In March, they removed Mr. Bingham's right arm, and his left leg.


You may proceed.

Mr. Bingham?

Don't hurt none.

Where's my supervisor?

As Mr. Binghams procedure advanced, He was exhibited to the more difficult cases, in the underfunded state run high schools.

His hand.

Behave yourselves now.

Less you wanna look like me.

Although Mr. Bingham was recovering well physically, His outlook grew progressively darker, as the third surgery approached.

The boys upstairs are very pleased with the progress, Willie.

I don't expect the family will take it any further.

Every job hits patches of rough road.

There are times I strain to glimpse ???.



Tensions continued to rise around the nation.

Fresh protests erupted today, over what many are now labeling, a cruel and barbaric form of punishment.

Now at the center of it all, is 38 year old inmate, William Bingham.

Convicted of the rape and murder of a young schoolgirl earlier.

Looks good.

You may commence.

Mr. Bingham tell me 'bout the kidney and the lung. ???

Organs from inmates provide a small, but steady revenue stream, for our now privatized penal system.


Yes, Mr. Bingham?

I can't lift my right leg, or is that me left?

It's your... left leg, Mr. Bingham.

My left leg. Left leg.

Five months later, the fifth surgery, was ordered.

Please don't do this!

Now there Mr. Bingham... it'll all be over soon.

Mr. Bingham, would lose his eyesight. ???



You okay?

Your pain Willie?


I never saw Mr. Bingham cry after that day.

Nor has he spoken to me since.

He went into as final surgery without any observable emotion.

They removed his ears... his nose, and the tip of his tongue.

A laser depilated what remained of his body.

We played it through to the end now Willie.

That was five years ago.

Mr. Bingham's room, is the last on the southern end, of the top floor.

The light is always on.

And I know he's there, eyes to the ceiling.

Dead silent.

Except the last week, of every month.

That's when Mr. Bingham and I, travel to the high schools.

So was that story good enough for ya?

It's a lie, that never happened.

You can look for it on line, jackass. Now get out here, I've been far too patient with you.


Hi, Rod.

What's your name? Melissa.

And let me tell you that guy is an asshole.

Your program is really good.

Don't worry about it, Melissa, I deal with idiots all the time, it's part of the job.

Let's concentrate on our call now.

So, do you have a sinister story to tell?

Actually yes, I do.

I'm all ears.

Well, some time ago, my daughter started going to classic dance lessons.

My husband had a friend that gave her lessons... in a really old theater.

I went with her a couple of times and that theater was really dark and gloomy.

In the beginning my daughter she was happy she really enjoyed it.

She was making progress really fast.

But, the, teacher fell ill, and died soon after.

He was replaced by a younger teacher... but, it just wasn't the same anymore.

My daughter lost, her desire, and, the passion for her classes.

And she said that weird things happened there.

Like, when she was on stage, she saw strange shadows sitting in the back row.

Ya know so, we were all really, really scared so, "Let's face it", he said, "No, you're not going back to that theater."


Rod, Rod are you there?

Uhh, yeah I'm here... uhh, Marda.

Excuse me?

Your story...

It reminds me of the "Spanish Dancer". Do you know her?

I don't think so. Well, I'll tell you.

When I was 14...

...my parents died.

Soon after, he came for the first time.


It hurt a lot.

And that...

...was just the beginning.

Are you feeling better?

Yes, well, I've had an upset stomach all day.

But don't worry, it's just some food didn't agree with me.

If you want, I can change the shift, and be there in half an hour to pick you up.

No don't bother.

Well, I'd rather be with you.

But sometimes, I have to work the night shift.

I'm fine Luis.

Marta... I don't want to control you.

I'm not your dad, but it's... Did you buy me flowers?

Yes, take it easy.

White daisies? I'm not stupid!

You just worry about getting well.


Hey, look, it occurred to me that maybe I could go sleep at the neighbors.

Why do you have to be bothering other people!?

Your old enough to be home alone.


Please, take care.

And if you need anything, call me.

I'll be home late.

Don't wait up for me. You get some rest.

Okay. See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

And remember, I love you.

How are you? You don't look well.

I'm fine.

I know it's a difficult time.

If you need to talk... tell me.

It's okay, I'm over it.

You remember your first performance?

You were so scared.

And I told you, "Just jump on stage".

It was great!

I have to go.

There's something you're afraid of. Face it.

Otherwise it'll be worse.

I'm going to miss the bus.

No! Please, don't!

Marta? Marta?

Luis! Marta!

Luis you have to come! Marta calm down.

There's someone in the house!

You have to relax, your very scared.

Take some deep breaths.

No one's in the house, you have to trust me!


What? Listen to me, open the door!

I cant!

Open the door Marta, please.

You know it's not real.

I say this all the time: You're not a little girl anymore, you're a woman.

So act like one and let me in.




Take it easy child.

Open the door.

Everything's going to be fine.

I love you.


...forgive me.

You know I love you more than anything.

I've shown you.

Believe me.



...you're not a little girl anymore.

You're a grown woman now.

The worst monsters, are the ones under the skin of our relatives.

I was 16, the last time he came.

I never felt that pain again.

Never again.

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TVs, VCRs, appliances and Babcock's half price mattress sale!

You get a free rug with every purchase!

Tonight, dear listeners, somewhere, incredible things really are happening.

I must confess I'm a little scared.

Perhaps I'm decieving myself.

Has it ever happened to you?

I remember when we were kids, my friends and I would gather to tell horror stories.

By the end of the night... none of us could sleep.

The power of the mind is very dangerous.

But wait, here comes another call.


Help me.

Please help me!

Please, I need help.

Hello? Who's this?

I'm really scared. Please, please. I need help!

What is this, a joke?

Please help, me!

Well, okay kid calm down. What's goin' on?

He wants to kill me!

Who? Who wants to kill you?

He wants to kill...!




I don't know what just happened.

Kid... if that was not a prank call, and your listening to this...

Call 911, okay?

They'll be able to help you a lot better and much faster than I can.

I don't even have your name, your address, nothing.

The show must go on.

I'm still waiting for your calls.

A lot has happened tonight.

We've had some very good stories.

How 'bout we break out our, "Topic of the Week"?

Tonight's subject has to deal with forests.

As you know, this is a wooded area, and is full of many isolated and gloomy places.

Have you ever gotten lost in the forest? Did ya ever see something strange?

To get us in the mood, I'm gonna tell the ideal story for this segment.

Its main character, is a hunter...

...who happened to be in the middle of a forest.

He was hunting for deer.

But that particular day...

...he found something completely different.

Something, he could never have imagined.

Nobody can know anything about this until I decide how to do it, is that clear?

For now I'm gonna take her to the cabin to organize everything.

I'm gonna be rich.

I'm gonna make a lot of money, it'll be amazing.

I'm even thinking about bringing her to any circus I can find.

I'm gonna be so fucking rich.

It's gonna be amazing, yeah!

You'll see...

The hunter became the hunted.

And for you guys, on the other side of the speaker:

What do you think?

Many of us still believe that mermaids are real, and that they are still among us.

Lurking in the deepest, and darkest of water.

So be very careful, next time you decide to take a dip, in the lake.

Now, let's move on, and take our next call.


Please, please, I need help.

Okay kid, take it easy.

I wanna help you okay, please don't hang up.

Now, tell me your name, and what's going on over there.

I can't talk too much. He's gonna kill us!

He's, he's gone crazy tonight. Please help us!

All right, calm down.

Now, at least give me your address so I can call the police, something!

Tell me your address?


Four, zero, one.

Sorry I didn't catch that, I'm losin' ya kid.

Beagle Avenue... five, four, zero, one!

That can't be, that's the address of the station.

Aw... this is a joke right!

This is a goddamn joke isn't it?!



Please... please I need help.



Ready for valentine's da. Ready for val. Ready for valentine's da, day.

...may they suggest a stuffed animals, or the country bear basket that Bill will fill with your choice of candies, fresh flowers or silk flowers.

Be sure to shop early for the best selection!

Bill's just back from market, and new items are arriving daily...

...all out, for the first Saturday celebration, with the fall and winter clearance...


Can't talk to much. He's gonna kill us!

He's really gone crazy at times, please help us! He wants to kill me!

There's no doubt... that the most terrifying experiences, is when our home is invaded.

When someone breaks into our house... our only refuge in the world.

That is exactly what happened to Lydia... the young englishwoman, the night she came home alone.





Katie calm down, it's just a dream!

Calm down!

It's here... he can see you!

There's nothing there Katie. He was standing there!

Katie... I've told you every night! Your... this is nonsense!

You're scaring me! Stop it!

Behind you...



Help me... please help me!



Beagle, 401...

Welcome to "Nightmare Radio".

I'm Rod Wilson.

And on this stormy night, we're going to tell horror stories.

Because horror stories, never end.

Please, do not remove my signature.