A Perfect Day (2015) Script

Stop, stop. Stop!

Come on, sneaky. Hang in there. You can make it.

Are you okay?

Fat fuck.

He didn't go hungry in the war.

It might be his glands.

They're called glands, right?

Thyroid does not produce enough hormones so body does not assimilate fat.

Glands. My brother told me that.

Yeah, your brother is a doctor? No, fatso.

What are they laughing at?

He's just saying funny things, you know.

Yeah, I can tell that. It's normal here.

This area is famous for that. Yoghurt and sense of humor.

They always say funny things. That's why people invite them to weddings.

Trust Damir, when you get married invite somebody from here.

They're always laughing. Babies here are born laughing, not crying.

Most famous comedian in my country is born here.

Petrovich. You know Petrovich?

No, I don't know Petrovich.

He tells famous Albanian in bathtub joke.

It's great. Mike 2, Mike 2, this is Mike 1, come in.

He tells it for 30 years and people always laugh every time he tells.

30 years, always same joke.

Yeah, and that might be him in the well.

Mike 2, Mike 2, this is Mike 1, come in.

Mike 2, Mike 2, this is Mike 1, come in.

Mike 2, Mike 2, this is Mike 1, come in.

Copy, Mambru! This is B! Go!

Do you have any rope in the car? Over.

I can't hear you. Come back with that!

Do you have any rope in the car? Over.

Negative. No rope. No rope on board. Okay.

We'll be out of here in 15. Over and out. Copy that. Over and out.

Watch where you step.

They want us to drive around it.

How do you know?

It's a trap.

See that grass there?

They dragged it here.

See, they put mines on one side so that when you drive around it, boom. Game over.

The question is which side?

Well, we'd better turn around.

They would expect us to go right. You think so?

But if we were coming from the other side, then... right would be left, so...

B, there was another road back there.

Maybe they know.

Maybe they know what? Maybe they know we know.

Yeah, but we don't know! Unless they're fucking with us.

Well, come on, B. Just... Let's turn around. There was another road back there...

You hear that? No.

That! What?

RPGs. What's that?

Grenades. No, I didn't hear any grenades.

Oui, oui, oui, yeah. No way we're going back that way.

That's not gonna happen.

Mr. cow... is it to the left or to the right?

You're asking the cow?

Let's go.

Are we turning around? RPGs.

It's all here in my logbook.

What are you doing? I'm looking it up.

Mining protocol says to turn around. Mining protocol.

Don't believe everything you read in mining protocol.

They write that stuff in Geneva.

They've never seen a mine in their lives in Geneva.

Cows, yes, plenty of cows but none with mines around 'em.

This is my protocol, not Geneva.

There it is.

What? Is that my handwriting? What the fuck does that say...

But I don't know what it says. It says to turn around.

No, look. Look, right there. What is that? That's a cow.

It's a dog. It's not a dog.

Yes, it's a dog... Dogs don't have horns. That's a cow.

That's an arrow and it says to go right.

Or left?

Oh, fuck it. We're late.

We're sick of cows. No, no! What are you doing...

Arrows and all of this fucking bullshit.

No, no, no! No, we have to go back, B!

Oh, no, please! We have to go back! Don't you dare...

Catch a tiger by the toe. No, no, no. Oh, no.

If he hollers...

Putain! I hate you! I just... I hate you.

I hate you! Fucking crazy!

They brought him from somewhere else and throw into well to spoil water.

They hear them when they came with car. With loud music, boom, boom, boom.

When they came out this morning, fat guy was in well.


He wants to know where you're from.

Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. American.

Piculin Ortiz. Yes, Piculin Ortiz...

Great basketball player. Yes, very good. Piculin Ortiz, very good.

He asks why you're here. Don't you have woman who loves you at home?

Tell him I do. That's why I'm here.

He says you're funny like you're from here. You know, the same sense of humor.


I'll never get in a car with you again, you got that? Never again.

What happened? He doesn't give a shit about rules.

She wanted to go one way, me, another. It's always the same with chicks.

You ran over a cow! We could have blown up!

I consulted my notebook. Your notebook?

You're not gonna say anything?

Shit, B. Shit, B?

Is that all?

What do you want me to say?

I'm... I don't know. You're in charge of security here.

What will you do next? Send him to bed without dessert?

Dessert? I didn't know there was dessert here.

Mambru, everything was under control.

You know me. There was nothing crazy about it. Intuitive, maybe. But not crazy.


He knew there was nothing underneath that cow.

He was just... showing off for you.

Sophie, come on! Sophie.

She's adorable! And you are getting no respect from her.

Did you know about this dessert?

Glad I only got one more week here.

Oh, putain!


It's a dude! I know it's a dude.

You said a corpse on the radio. So?

A corpse could be anything. It could be a dog, a pig, a...

Sophie, a corpse is a corpse.

A dead dog is not a corpse. She's French.

A dead dog is corpse... technically.

Is this her first? Yep.

He's gigantic.

Is he from the village? No.

They brought this guy from somewhere else.

I thought they do it with animals. Not in war.

Nobody throws an animal in a well. Wasted food.

B, give me a hand with the pipe.

For how long has he been in the well?

12 hours. 10, maybe.

So what's our expert say?

We have to get it out and clean the well.

In 24 hours, it won't matter what we pour in there.

We'll have to seal it. We'll get the blue helmets to help.

At least this one's in one piece. They usually chop it up, you know.

It speeds up the decay.

It's disgusting, but... there's a good side to it.

It gets easier to get 'em out of there you know, when they're... when they're in chunks.

So, you know. Hey.

He says there's a small store in Drusina Village. It's nearby.

And they might have rope there.

Is... is he your first, dogs aside?



It's important moment, your first corpse. You never forget it.

It's like your first girlfriend or the first time you get laid.

I remember the first time I got laid but my first corpse, that shit is burned in my memory.

I'll never forget that face, man.

Was it terrible? No, it wasn't terrible.

It was... it was nice.

She was... 17, red head, nice body.

The corpse? No, my...

The girl, the first girl I slept with. What's wrong with you?

That's sick.

Sophie! You're gonna ride with me to the security briefing.

B, you're going with Damir to Drusina. Drusina.

There are 2 more wells to the west.

About 12 kilometers... in Nisinje.

Yeah, they were both mined last week.

We informed Unprofor but it'll take a while to demine them.

Even if wells are a priority... it's gonna take at least a couple days...


Oh, fuck!

Don't touch him! Don't touch him!

Don't touch him!

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.

Hey, hey, hey, calm down, calm down.

What? That's my ball!

That's his ball. He's a little boy. Give him his ball. Give him back his ball.

It's his ball. He's a kid.

No, no, no, no, no.

Sophie, get back in the car.

We're friends, friends. We go, we go, we leave.

Friends. Nema problema. Nema problema, okay?

We go, we go.

Get back. You wanna get killed?

Get in the car. Get in the car.

What's your name? Nikola.

Nikola, how about I get you a new ball, brand-new ball?


Base camp. Soldiers have ball. Deal?

You pick ball and I drive you back. Deal.

That Frenchy whatsome has got a mouth on her. Let me tell you.

Mambru wouldn't have taken that shit from anyone couple of years ago.

He would have thrown her in the well with the fat fucker.

He's good at what he does but he has not been the same lately.

He's... talking about giving it all up.

You see, there's this girl... back home... waiting for him.

White picket fence, homemade apple pie, swings set out back. You know, the whole kit and caboodle.

He's not the same. He's just like he's here, but he's not here.

You know what I mean? No.

What I'm saying is even though he's here, he is not here.

He is somewhere else.

Women, Damir! They change you.

I got changed by one too. I wasn't always like this.

Like what? Like I am now.

Were you more articulate?

Shit, Damir. You're an interpreter. Interpret me, for fuck's sake.

What the fuck.

Mike 2, Mike 2, this is Mike 1. Come in.

Yeah, copy. What's up?

Besides rope, I need a ball. Over.

Come back with that. What... what was that?

Ball. Bravo Alfa Lima Lima.

A soccer ball.

Can you understand this guy? Perfectly. He said ball, right?


Turn the car around! There is no problem here.

Well, the front facing out, ready to leave. Come on, Nikola, get in.

I already have 3 kids.

You stay with Eldar, I go inside and get ball.


Who's leaving? Coming.

I just come from airport to pick up new lady.

New lady? What's her name?

I forget. When I saw her, I forget everything. Even war.

She hot?

How hot?

3? Out of 10?

Out of 3. 3 out of 3?

She Russian?

I told you, I forget.

Okay. Turn the car around.

3 what? Nothing, 3 days.

He hasn't slept in 3 days. Fucking war.

[- What's the Russian doing here? Who do you mean?]

[That nutcase, Katya.]

[Did you know she wrote Sarah three letters? Very nice letters.]

[Describing our little affair in wonderful detail.]

[Now she's here and I knew nothing of it.]

[That's not fair, Goyo.]

[Maybe we should have consulted you, right?]

[Well, I'm head of security, but who cares?]

[Goyo, this is basically another war.]

[What do we have to do?]

[Ask you whenever we move somebody, in case you poked her?]

[Don't exaggerate. All I'm saying is let me know first.]

[Tune me in, grab the radio and say,]

["Mambr├║, the Russian's coming in Saturday,]

[then she's leaving. Over and out." Simple as that, but no...]

[She's staying four days, writing her evaluation, then going.]

[Hold on...]

[Are you calling off the operation?]

[Come on, she'll tell you.]

We've registered very little military activity since the cease-fire came into effect.

There've been... minor altercations... but I repeat, the area is quite calm.

The conflict, as you know, is nearly over. Fucking idiots.

Peace agreements underway... What's wrong?

...an obligation for all parties to facilitate the location of mines or any other threat to humanitarian and United Nations' personnel but as you know, that isn't always easy.

Water. Our sector is supplied by 3 wells.

Davari and Nisinje are still mined but the third is functional with enough capacity to supply the surrounding villages.

Excuse me, sir.

Negative. The third well is not functional.

We were just there. What's wrong with it?

Somebody threw a corpse in it to contaminate the water.

Someone should remove it.

The mines are our priority.

But then remove the mines from the other two.

Please identify yourself. Sophie Richard... water and sanitation, aid across borders.

According to my reports, that well is clean.

Well, but according to my nose there is a body rotting inside.

So it must be removed, so we can purify the water.




Get out of there!

Get out of there!


You're gonna get yourself killed.

What's she saying?

They ask her to stop 'cause there could be mines in the field.

She says, "I have to go home.

There's no other way. You think I can fly?"

But there is no problems. I mean, she walks behind cows, see?

Do you understand? Mines!

Yeah. She follows the cows.

Get out of there. It's dangerous! Smart.

"International humanitarian law as established

"by the Geneva convention prohibits...

"article 55, "using environmental modification techniques with hostile aims

"in order to protect the health of the population during wartime."

I appreciate the reminder, Ms. Richard, but that article, as you correctly stated refers only to international armed conflicts.

Well, that's true, sir, but neither of us has a Bosnian accent.

Our passports do not make this an international conflict despite your insistence.

Your request is duly noted but leave it to the military to establish priorities during wartime.

As for the rest... the curfew will remain in effect throughout the area.

All circulation is prohibited between...

You're not gonna say anything? Let it go. They are in charge.

Sir, he's mined.

The corpse.

My colleague has reminded me it might be...

It's not unusual. They do it sometimes, as you know.

So we won't touch it. Have you handled the body?

No, mining protocol prohibits from doing so, sir.

That's your jurisdiction.

[Take her to the base.]

[Don't complicate it even more.]

[- I have enough problems. Problems. What problems are those?]

[For example, the nag you saw in the meeting.]


Fighting the UN is not gonna help. Yeah, but they won't listen to me!


[- Was it her first death?] Yep.

[Goyo, if Sarah finds out Katya's here...]

[Holy shit!]

[She's far away. Who's going to tell her?]


[All your problems have to do with women.]

[I have another little problem.] Nikola! Come here!

This is Goyo, my boss.

Shake hands. Hello.


[See? Every man for himself.]

No ball? Sorry, Nikola, no ball.

The Spanish battalion is 40 kilometers away.

They might have rope there.

Goyo, your escort request.

Were not going anywhere. We're going back to the base.

What about the fat guy? Fat guy stays, we leave.

But there will be an epidemic. Maybe.

But with any luck, I'll be gone by then.

Okay, beautiful.

Not our problem anymore. They said not to touch it.

Tell your assistant to take it easy, Mambru.

I'm not his assistant. We work together.

Maybe you shouldn't have said he was mined.

Besides we have to take the new girl to the base.

Go ahead and tell B we're gonna drop the kid off at the well.

He should meet us there. Go ahead.

[You'll miss all this.]

This your girlfriend?

What? Don't joke like that.

Come on, get in the car.

You know you can't transport civilians in a conflict area, right?

We're not transporting him. We're keeping him out of trouble.

Sure. Some things never change.

It hasn't been that long.

Oh, it hasn't? How long?

Two years? One and a half.


You look different from the last time I saw you.

Sure, I'm dressed.

That's right. You are dressed. But... your hair was different. My head is what was different.

Mike 2, Mike 2 for Mike 1, do you copy? Over.

Mike 2, Mike 2 for Mike 1, do you copy? Over.


Rope. Damir, rope.

What's the problem?

There is no rope.

What do you mean there's no rope? There's plenty of rope. I'm touching it.

Please don't touch merchandise, he says. Alright.

He asked me... why we need the rope for, so I explained him.

And he told me that if somebody throw man in a well he probably was no saint and it's better to leave him there.

Never touch dead people, he says.

How much? How much? Money. How much?

He says that... they need rope for hangings.

He's... he's kidding, right?

I don't know.

Sense of humor is bit different in this area.

How are things with Sarah, Mambru?


We ran into each other. Did she tell you?

No. Incredible, isn't it?

After everything that happened. Incredible.

In a showroom, furniture. She was looking at bedrooms.

She said you were moving. Yeah?

She was having doubts. She was having doubts about what?

Between the two colors, salmon or beige. Which one did she finally pick?

No idea. She handles that part, the color part.

But I am there if she needs my opinion, of course... to support her.

That's what couples are all about, right?


Of course.

I was actually looking at bedrooms too. Can you believe it?

You? Yeah, with Bernal.

So you and Bernal are back together?

Looks like it.

What color did you pick?


Difficult to know. Many problems here.

Maybe they're enemies and they don't want you to remove body from well.

Or maybe they put it there. You think?

Could be. You know, things are complicated.

Whatever you think... it's possible here.

Or maybe you are foreigner and that's why they don't sell you rope.

Many people hate foreigners because they come with war.

You remind them that everything is bad here.

You know, the bombs, the deaths and so they hate you for that.

What's that sign saying?

"UN convoy, stay...


You see the size of that escort? Military target.

They're taking meat to the refugees.

You might as well paint a bull's eye on your chest.

The further away you get from these guys, the better. You get what I'm saying?

What's that?

I told her I was coming.

You told Sarah we were gonna see each other?

Yeah, because of the evaluation.

You're not mad, are you? About which part?

What evaluation? Yeah. What evaluation?

We need to check if the mission still makes sense. If the cost is justified.

And that's up to you? We don't have unlimited resources, Mambru.

Never mind your report.

Tell them we can't leave.

But you're leaving next week. So what?

Me leaving is one thing, all of us leaving is another.

This is almost over, Mambru. Peace is coming.

Don't you watch the news? I don't.

I'm too busy pulling bodies out of wells.

But peace may come, the problems don't disappear.

This is gonna be an emergency zone for a long while.

[What's this?]

What are you doing? $6 each.

You know they need water.

You understand? It's not... it's not fair.

You know they need water?


Sophie. Sophie! You know it's not fair.

They're taking advantage of them.

Of course, they are. This is war.

Come on, let's get back to the car.

What bastards. $6 for water and that's how we help people.

We can't get the body out. We got no rope.

You don't have any rope? It broke.

We have to do what we have to do. Get the body out and clean the water.

Sophie, we're not allowed to touch it. Yeah, what's wrong with you?

Weren't you in the room? Mambru is right. He's doing what he was told.

Please don't agree with me.

Tough shit. If you're right, you're right.

They give you an order, you follow it. Period.

Let me do the talking. Don't say a word. You'll see.

This is storage? Supplies?

Storage, yes.

We are Pomoc. Aid workers.

We have a problem. Big problem. We need a rope.

Do you have any rope?

Rope, like...

There's a... there is a... there is a corpse.

A corpse. Dead fucker in a well.

And we need to get it out. So we need rope.

So the people could drink the water. You understand?


No water here. War, sorry.

No... no. We don't need no water.

Only... what's rope? Konapac.

Kono... konopac, no water.

No water, no konopac.

No nothing. War, sorry.

Should I? Yeah.

Hey, hey!


You lend me this one. Two hours. No, no, no. Not possible.

Not possible. Not the flag. Just the rope.

It's my... country. You take rope. Flag down.

This is war. Flag down, not possible.

We know, we know, we know this is war. We only want the rope.

Flag down, we surrender.

Me, kaput. They... me.


This is war. Flag down, not possible.

You gotta make a choice, flag or water?

Mike 1, Mike 1, this is Mike 2. Copy?

Mike 2, this is Mike 1. How did it go over there? Over.

Not good. There was rope. But there's no rope.

I didn't copy that. Can you give that to me again? Over.

No rope, no rope.


Okay, we'll wait for you here. Over and out.

Maybe they throw man in the well so they can sell water.


You need rope?

Yeah. I know where you find.

Oh, yeah? Where?

In my house. Not far. I'll take you.

And how long is this rope?


Show me.

Yeah, there was a change of plans. We're heading over to Dukovo.

Apparently there's rope there. Who says?


Local sources. Over and out.

Aren't we going back to the base?

Yeah, but first we're gonna get our friend out of the well.

You're not allowed. Says who?

The United Nations. They said you can't do it.

I don't take orders from them. I'm not wearing a helmet.

It was just explained to you by an official.

Who do we need to get for you to understand? Butros Ghali?

Yeah. Butros Butros-Ghali.

I want him to come here and explain to me why the hell we can't get the body out of that well. I can't talk to you.

I'm never gonna make my meeting.

You know it's a good thing you're getting to see what's going on here first hand.

It's just gonna help your report.

Don't make this personal. I was sent by headquarters.

It's always personal.

Mambru, you got 2 people in the back seat. Are you aware of that?

Nikola, left or right? Right.


No rope around here.

Maybe there was a store before.

Maybe they made rope here.

There was a factory.

This could have been the center of the entire Balkan rope industry.

Everybody in the village made rope.

Every year they'd split the surplus at the rope festival.

People come from all over the country to celebrate.

Singing, dancing.

At weddings, newlyweds would give each other rope... and tie themselves together as a symbol of their union.

Who is this guy? Offerings were made...

He's part of our... integration program.

There were miracles. Rope appeared out of nowhere.

Welcome to Konopac, the rope capital of the world.

Population, 5.

I'm B, I'll be your tour guide for this afternoon and I'm pleased to be with y'all on this lovely day.

No, no, no.

Stay with Sophie, stay with Sophie.

That's the kid's house. He says there's a big chunk of rope in there.

Shit! Where d'you get her?

Models without borders?

Hi, I'm Katya. That's Katya.

Ka... Katya? The Katya? Katya, Katya...

Yeah. What's she doing here?

Is she here to see you? Can't get enough...

Wait, wait.

It's tied up.

Nikola, stop.


That's the rope?

Our rope? Nikola no lie.

Nikola no lie, but Nikola no say the rope was tied to a dog either.

I say I take you to rope and rope is there.

Kid is right. The rope is there. And it's perfect.

It's not perfect. Perfect would be if there was no dog on one end.

Rope is there. Dog is your problem, not Nikola's.

Nikola little boy.

Nikola little boy.

You come here to help, no? Now you help.

You heard him, Mambru. It's your turn. You're the safety expert here.

Exactly. We need the rope.

Thank you, Sophie. I know we need the rope, but we need our hands too.

You want the kid to get it? Great idea, Katya. Great idea.

Don't we have anything we can give him?

Valium? Percocet?

I'll check.


Where are you going?


You can't go inside. It's not safe, come on!

I need my ball.

You see the roof?

It's falling. It's too dangerous.

How about we get the rope... and then I go inside and get ball?


Let's go help Sophie.

He brought you to his house. He said there was rope here.

There is. He said?

I don't understand, who's in charge here? The kid?

Well, sometimes we get information from local people.

Local people?

You mean local kids?

Good doggie. Oh, yeah.

Good doggie.

Good doggie. That should be enough.

Careful, Damir. Don't worry.



Tajsone crazy dog.

One day, he bite my father.

But my father more crazy than Tajsone.

He bite Tajsone back and since then Tajsone respect him.

So your dad... bit the dog?

Everybody to hospital that night.

Dog too.

He says...

"what you do to me I do to you."

And Tajsone never bite him again.


Where are they now? Your mum and your dad?

They afraid something bad happen to us here.

So they leave me with my grandfather and they go in Donovich.

But he says they will come back when war is over.

Oh, sure.

I'm sure.

He's even more awake now than he was before.

This won't be easy.

He survived the war.


If your ball is in house, where is?

In garage. Garage?

Vámonos, Sophie.

Okay, let me go first.

Stay right behind me.

Oh, boy.

Where is the roof?

Out there somewhere.

They blew it off from right there, you see?

They leave an open tank of butane... they light a fuse... close the windows, shut the door.

Half an hour later... roof is gone.


Neighbors, probably.

But before the war if you were a Muslim and your husband a Serb... or the other way around it was no big deal.

Then the war starts... the lines are drawn.

And now it's too dangerous to stay here.

So... you leave the kids with their grandparents... and you go to the other side... where it's safer.

But while you're away... the neighbors blow up your house so you won't come back after the war.

Hey, it could be worse.

What could be worse?

Putting a mine in the sofa in case you do come back.

Let's move.



I got it.

He's gonna be a happy kid.

Wait! Wait! No!

Sorry. Sophie, don't.

I'm so sorry.

Wait, Sophie.

Don't turn around.

What? Look at me.

Look at me.

Don't turn around.

It's okay. What...

Look at me. Come here. Come here. Come here.

Come here... Don't! Don't! Don't!


Here's the ball. Mambru needs you inside.

Long enough.

Let's do it.

There are soldiers.

Copy that. Over.

Welcome to the Balkans!

Hotel, Hotel. This is Mike 1, come in. Over.

Mike 1, this is Hotel, come in.


Tell them not to wash the car. We don't have any money.

They don't wanna wash the car.

I know they don't wanna wash the car. It's a joke. Tell them.

Tell them.

We've been stopped at a local military checkpoint on the road to Bjelane about 30 kilometers east, sector 6.

What's going on? We are 6 people. 4 expats.

Yeah, yeah. What the hell was that? Ask them what the problem is.

He says the road is closed. We have to go back.


He says... because we can't go through.

That explains everything.

The road is closed.

Johnny Cash?

Yeah, I think it's something else.

I'm walking over.

Can they stop us? Looks like it.

According to the peace agreements, these guys should have been demobilized by now.

Oh, you wanna go and tell them?



Okay. Sophie, get behind the wheel.

If I put my hands like this turn the car around and get the hell out of here.

What's the problem? Why can't we go through?

Tell him we need to go through. We have to reach the base.

You can't. Sorry, madam. This is a war.

No, this is not. War is over. There are peace talks underway.

Cessation of hostilities. Do you understand?

You haven't been informed.

Who's your commanding officer?

Are those prisoners right behind me? Yeah.

Do we know what they're doing with them? I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Excuse me...

Can you tell them... if they need a hand with anything we are willing to help?

What did he say?

Nothing. He says... we have to go. The road is closed.

Okay. Okay. Ask them what time do they open the road.

I can't.

Why? I can't.

Why? He say that he knows my family in Dabrica.

Do you have family in Dabrica? My brother.

Okay. I'm sorry.

Let's go. Okay.

Okay. We go.

We stumbled on to a little situation on the road to Bjelane.

20 prisoners, blue minibus. Looks like they're up to no good.

Inform the blue helmets, tell them to check it out and make sure everything is kosher.

Location 30 kilometers east of Dukovo. Over.

You know where we are?

I think so.

Mike 2, this is Mike 1. Over.

Yeah, go ahead.

Yeah. The road isn't here. We should have seen it 4 kilometers back. Over.

That's not good.

Let's keep that hill in the sight. Over.



Oh, man!

That's fresh.

Fuck me.

What do you think? Go to the left?

Or right? Or over it?

This morning we went over one. It worked.

What worked?

They always follow a pattern.

Maybe the pattern is to change pattern.

And now it's underneath. That's what I would do if I were them.

If you were them, maybe you're thinking that we know what you're thinking and then you'd go on the side.

It was dragged here.

Excuse me? The cow. It was dragged from here.

You mean it's from somewhere else?

Yeah, it was brought here.

The cow? Yeah, the cow, the cow.

Okay, B, go ahead and inform on our position.

We're gonna have to spend the night here.

With the cow? With the cow.

You're kidding me, right? You're not going to drive over this one?

No, this is a different breed of cow. Isn't there another way?

Also, it is a possibility it could've died? Everybody... everybody, listen up!

We're gonna move the cars back 10 meters and nobody strays from the cars without my permission.

Nikola, the ball stays in the car.

We can't stop like this in the middle of the night. We have to keep going.

I'm already cold! Can we go back or something and make...

Go, get it. If you don't blow up, we keep driving.


Come on, get in the car.

We are in quadrant 3.

A country road about 14 kilometers east of Dukovo.

We are 6 people.

4 expats and 2 locals, the interpreter and a boy.

Do you have enough supplies?

Roger that, Hotel.

We have enough water, some sardines various other NGO tin can delicacies.

We could really use a pizza, however.

Do you happen to know of a place that delivers? Over.

Can you repeat that?

I said we have sufficient supplies. Over.

Okay, I'll...

How are you doing?

I can't stop thinking about them.

The 3 of them. I imagine them together in that house.

Is that normal?

Forget them.

They're gone.

What are we going to do? Nothing.

We keep going.

Don't think about it.

You'll end up going home.

Forget what's happened or what's gonna happen.

Focus on what's happening now.

Have some.

The rest doesn't exist here.

Maybe back home... but not here.


Your girlfriend called the base! Apparently it's urgent!

Mambru, did you hear me?

Your girl... I heard. I heard.

You have to work on it.

Trust me.

Where do you think you are? At a barbecue?

Hotel, this is Mambru. Did she say why it was urgent? Over.

Negative. Just to call her. Over and out.

What's going on, Sarah?

Yes, she is.

What a coincidence?

Yeah, she told me you guys ran into each other.

So what's going on?


I mean, does it matter?

Either one.

The second one.


No, it's not that I don't care. I totally do.

I trust you, which is different.

Where is Damir's coffee?

Thank you.

What about his parents? Won't they be worried?

They won't be worried.

Well, he's just a kid and you're keeping him all night.

He lives in Bjelani with his grandfather. He says it's no problem...

What he said doesn't matter. He's a minor.

What would you say if he were your son?

Some people take him and bring him back the next day.

Well? What would any normal person think?

That there was a problem at the checkpoint?

I said normal, B, you don't count.

B, did you know that Katya came all the way here to close the mission and send us home?

What home? Exactly. What home?

That's the problem.

A home, B. Normal with walls.

That isn't bombed out. Have you got one of those?

Wife, children, friends.

A dog. Someone waiting for you somewhere?

Yeah, I got plenty of people waiting for me.

Plenty. How many?

Hookers don't count.

Hookers don't count? No, they don't.

I mean, emotional bonds.

Have you got any?

Emotional bonds.

I'll have to think about it.

You guys spend so much time around here you forget what real life is like.

Look, I don't wanna kick you out of here.

I just wanna do my job.

For that, I have to get to the base. Is that too much to ask?

Where are you going? I need to pee.

What did I say? Nobody strays.

Damir, what are you looking at?

Show some respect for your colleagues.

Internal affairs is moving.

You noticed, right?

What? Her panties.

They were black. So?

So nobody wears black panties to a war unless they're expecting something.

Where did you hear that?

You gotta bang her. It's no big deal.

She'll soften up a bit, she writes a favorable report and everybody be happy. Sophie agrees.

Oh, you two talked about it? We don't even need to.

We understand each other without talking. It's non-verbal communication.

This morning your communication was pretty verbal.

We're pass that.

And I have been tilling the soil for you.

What soil? With Katya.

I told her that, you know... from time to time, you... talk about her... all affectionate.

That's not true. I know it's not true. It's a trick.

We want her happy.

Can't you just slip her one? It's not like I'm asking you to fuck Damir.


I have a girlfriend.

Yeah. She's hot.

You had a thing with her before. It's a relapse.

It's like smoking again. It's totally understandable.

She writes a terrible report about us... we gotta go home. What then?

Who helps the people then?

You even think about that? No. You're being selfish.

You gotta fuck her... for the Bosnian people!

Make a sacrifice... for the humanitarian cause.

She won't say no.

Hey. Hey.

I'm serious.

Did he fall asleep?

He says when he grows up, he wants to be an aid worker.

Tell him how much we make he'll change his mind real fast.

Pay no attention. He'll tell the soldiers he wants to be a soldier.

These journalists, he wants to be a journalist.

Have you guys seen my notebook or did you throw that away too, Mambru?

He would tell Katya he wants to... hey, Katya...

What is it that you do now exactly, Katya?

Conflict evaluation and analysis.

Forget that. He don't wanna tell anyone he wants to do that.

I don't even know what that is.

Is he hitting on you? Watch out. He always hits on the new ones.

I know that. We all do.

You all know what?

That you always do that. They warn us.

Was it in your mission briefing? Under potential hazards.

Along with mines and drunken soldiers? Right above it.

You should read them.

I will now.

That's me a few years ago.

Does she have a boyfriend?

I don't know.

No, of course not. How convenient.

Ask her. Maybe she's got a photo of him in her wallet.

Have you got one of Sarah's?

What do you care? You didn't before.

How do you know?

You didn't. Did you look in my wallet?

That's not the point right now. The point is whether or not you had one.

And you didn't. Did you look in my wallet?

So what if I did? I was looking for something else.

Like what? Your passport. I don't remember.

Unbelievable. You looked in my wallet.

You hid that you had a girlfriend from me.

I never hid anything from you.

It just never came up. I never said I didn't have a girlfriend.

I talked to you about my boyfriend. Non-stop.

I left him for you. Nobody asked you to.

Did I ask you to leave him?

Did I?

What's wrong with men? You know, it's normal.

You talk about your girlfriend. You carry her photo in your wallet.

What are you so ashamed of? Is it that hard to just admit it?

Okay! I have a girlfriend!

Yeah, I have a girlfriend.


Here is a picture of my girlfriend.

Yeah, I have a girlfriend.


Go ahead and tell the world I have a girlfriend.

Who wants to see a picture of my girlfriend?

Is she naked? No, she's not naked.

Normal people don't carry naked photos of their girlfriend.

Damir does.

You looked in my wallet? I was looking for your passport.

Can't see her very well. It's blurry.

You can see her just fine.

What? You want me to carry around a poster of her?

You tricked me, Mambru and I believed you.

It wouldn't have made any difference.

You think I lied to you... but I didn't.


It was nobody's fault.

Our relationship... had a blind spot.

Yeah, like a car.

Something we couldn't see, that's all.

You mean... your wife?

Don't call my wife a blind spot. I didn't, you did.

I didn't mean her. I was just giving an example.

Besides she's not my wife. We're not married.

See? You're denying here again.

Please, can you guys go somewhere else? I'm trying to go to sleep here.

No, we can't!

There are mines!

What? What? What? What? What the fuck?

Oh, my God. Jesus. Oh, shit, you scared me.

Mambru, wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Mambru, follow the granny.

Follow the granny. Trust me, follow the granny.

10-4, B. 10-4.

It's just a cow.

Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

Not too close, not too close.


Just don't look.

Don't look.

I was right. It was left!

It's my grandfather.

B, tell Damir to get over here.

Oprostite. Excuse me.

It's our fault.

Tell him the road was closed.

We couldn't make it back last night.

And Nikola behaved very well.

Tell him... that Nikola took us to his house in Dukovo.

He asks if boy went into the house.

No, he didn't. I did.


Ask him if he knows what happened to his parents.

He knows.

When he will tell him?

When war stops.

When time comes.

Let's go, let's go. Let's free some space here.

Okay, okay, okay. Let's go.

Make sure you send a postcard.

Oh, yeah.

Here we are.

The war plumbers.

Unclogging pipes.

You know, maybe I should be moving along somewhere.

Maybe Katya was right. I should find a wife and have two and a half kids.

Settle down. Fuck all that.

This is your home. I mean... or wherever, people need your help, B.

That's your family.

The family that waits for you.

Misses you.

How many people can say... they are missed by people they've never met before?

Not many.

Not many.


Pull. Slowly.

Come on up, Romeo.

What? Sophie!


What's going on?

What's the problem?

Are you in charge here?

Yes, I am.

Yeah, I have a request from... Ri... Richa... Richardson?

It's Richard. Oh, yes. Sophie Richard.

It says, "inspection request... explosives."

You must abandon the extraction of that corpse immediately.

It could be mined. But it's not.

May I? Sure.

That's a mistake.

We've searched that well inside out.

There are no explosives in there. It's all clear.

Well, you may not be aware of it, sir, but this is a red zone.

There's been some changes of jurisdiction and we handed everything over to the local authorities.

So mined or not, removing that dead body is illegal.

I can't believe this. But it's a basic sanitary service.

I mean, with all due respect, sir, it wouldn't matter if it were a pig.

Abandon the extraction immediately. You need a judge present to do what you're doing.

A judge? Yes, a judge.

The area is now under civil jurisdiction. It's all here in the peace agreements.

We must all respect procedure. Where the hell are we gonna find a judge?

We will provide a judge. Just notify the local authorities. Respect protocol.

It's not your responsibility to solve everything.

Can't you make an exception? The people here need water.

Just abandon the extraction from my request. Let us do our job.

You might be generating a conflict. But there already is a conflict here.

If we do not clean the water, we won't need 1 judge we'll need 20 judges.

We cannot make any exceptions, ma'am.

It's all written in the peace agreements and it must be respected by all parties in conflict.

It's very simple. You cannot touch dead bodies.

Give me that rope. That's our rope.

Give it to me! Don't take it.

You do nothing here! United nothing! You're nothing!

I understand your reasoning but there's nothing else we can do.

We understand that your work is very important here.

Remember, we are on the same side.

Stay out of trouble.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

May I see the ball?

Is that the ball?

Let me see the ball. Let me see...

What's he doing?

No, I just wanna see the ball.

No, no, no, no.

This is not your ball!

Get out of my face!

He says... Nikola sold it to them for $10.



Hey, Nikola! Did you sell the ball?


Does it hurt?


I thought you wanted that ball.

I need money.

What for?

To go and see my parents in Donovich.

I have a friend.

I pay, he takes me where they are.

I have $40, only need 10 more.

You can't do that. Yes, I can.

He has brother at checkpoint. You pay, you go.

You can't. It's too dangerous.

Not dangerous. You pay, all is possible here.

You can't do that.

Here's a $100.

On one condition. You take your grandfather on this trip.

Now put it in your pocket.

Put it in your pocket.

Fat fucker.

Mike 1, Mike 1. Hotel here. Come in, please.

This is Mike 1, come in. Over.

We have a problem, Mambru, in Karaula at the refugee camp.

The latrines are flooded, somebody should go check it out. Over.

Should we go straight there? Over.

I think you'd better. There are 8000 refugees there.

That's a lot of latrines. Over.

Okay, we're on our way. Over and out.

I'm sorry.

No problem.

I'm curious to see if you guys actually fix something here.

That camp was built in a big hurry. They got the drainage wrong there.

The ditches must have collapsed and all the waste overflows so we're probably looking at a swimming pool of shit.

That'll make the well look like a mountain spring.

A perfect day. Yeah.

Hey, your first flooded latrines are important too, Sophie.

You never forget them either.

Is it gonna be rough? Nah, we'll be fine... as long as it doesn't rain.