A Princess for Christmas (2011) Script

Once upon a time, in a land called Buffalo, there lived a little girl named Jules Daly, who dreamt of traveling to far-away places, where people sang and danced on a whim.

Where houses were filled with musical boxes, mechanical dolls and cuckoo clocks.

But alas, not all tales can have happy endings.

Jules grew up, and still has her dreams.

Unfortunately, she's still in Buffalo.

Hello, Buffalo antiques and stuff.

Yes, we buy and sell antiques. And do clock repairs.

Sure, bring them here.

I'll get it. Hi, can I help you?

Yes, I'm looking for a present for my daughter.

OK, what are her interests? Well, she's a...


Maddie, are you making a mess?! No, I'm just making a snack.

Strange... Milo!

Kasawanski's ninja massacre, awesome!

Hey Milo! What's up? Zoey! What are you doing here?

I'm your neighbor. This is my video store too. Quit following me.

You know that game is rated 17+. Tell me something I don't know!

Psycho-Bob will never let you buy it. We'll just have to borrow it, then.

Did you find what you were looking for? Yeah.

I'm outta here. Me too.

Stop! Come on, let's go!

Look out! He's coming!

Stop that kid! Let's split up!

It's perfect! How did you managed that so quickly?

I have a seven-year old. And a teenage boy.

Step-children? No, I am their aunt, and legal guardian.

It's just the three of us, but I have a wonderful nanny who keeps everything under control.

Mrs. Caley?

You're welcome. And merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Hey, I just sold a music box. Now if I could just find a customer for my clock.

Jules, we need to talk.

I'm sure you know that business is down. I can do better.

You've been wonderful. I can only imagine how difficult this year has been for you.

Losing your sister and brother-in-law last Christmas ...

I'm getting through it. Look, there's no easy way to say this, unfortunately, I can't afford to keep you on.

In fact, if business doesn't turn around soon, I may have to close the store.

Arthur, please. I'm sorry, Jules. Really, I am.

You're the best salesgirl I've ever had.

I'll put out some feelers and see if there's any other job openings.

Yeah, thanks.

Milo, open up! We have an emergency!

You left the house. I'm telling.

One word, and Dolly Dinckle loses her head. Got it?

Milo, you left the garbage cans in the driveway again!

I can't take this anymore! He's a murderer!

You asked for it. What happened?

Aunt Jules, Milo killed Dolly Dinckle!

And he snuck out again! You snuck out?

Wait until you see the laundry room! Mrs Caley, I'm so sorry!

Milo, did you glue her purse?

That's it! I quit! No, Mrs Caley, you can't quit, I need you!

What you need is a SWAT team!

Wait! And one more thing... your check bounced. Again!

Intensive violence, crude humor, blood, gore, oh, suggestive scenes!

Milo, you're grounded for two weeks.

No, I'm not! Yes you are. And don't talk back to me!

But it's Christmas vacation. -And no TV!

What? That is bull... Don't even say it.

Better be careful, Milo, or Santa won't put anything in your stocking.

Who cares? Everyone knows there's no Santa Claus.

How can you say that? Of course there's a Santa Claus!

It's the lamest Christmas ever.

Milo, wait!

Come here, sweetie.

Don't cry. But he said there wasn't a Santa.

Honey, he didn't mean it. Just because it's only the three of us now doesn't mean there's no Santa Claus.

You just have to believe is all. I believe.

Me too, sweetie. Me too.

I know you're really mad at me, but... crushing your little sister's feelings is a terrible way to start Christmas.


Maddie and I are gonna get a tree tomorrow. You want to come?

I just wish Christmas was over.

All it makes me think about is loosing mom and dad.

Good evening! My name is Paisley Winterbottom.

You must be Miss Maddie. I work for your grandfather.

I have a grandfather? Of course you do!

Maddie, Mr. Paisley and I need to have an adult conversation.

I just need five minutes of your time.

I don't know what your deal is, but Grandpa Huntington's name hasn't been mentioned around here much since he cut off his son for marring my sister.

Yes, that was very unfortunate.

Unfortunate? Did you ever meet my sister? I'm sorry to say that I did not.

Well, she was a magnificent person. And that pompous family didn't deserve her.

If I may be so bold, they're not just any family. Their grandfather happens to be a Duke!

Well, whopateedoo. What's your title? I am the butler.

Really? I thought butlers were extinct.

Oh, no, we'd made a comeback. P. Diddy has three.

Master Milo.

Who's he? Paisley Winterbottom.

And I'm here to invite all three of you to spend Christmas at Castlebury Hall.

Where's that? Stone's throw from Liechtenstein.

It doesn't matter, we're not going. Why not?

Well, for one, I have a job.

But your former employer relieved you of that responsibility.

No way, you got fired?

The airline tickets will be arriving this evening, and I have a check to cover your traveling expenses.

We don't accept handouts from gutless guilty family members.

But I was told not to return without you.

Then you'll just gonna have to move to Buffalo.

He can stay with us. No he can't!

There is something you need to know, the Duke's not very well and...

He'd really love to see his grandchildren before ...

There, I've said it. I'm very sorry to hear that.

I'll think about it.

It's the best I can do for now.

No, thank you. I'll hang on to it then.

Goodnight, Miss Daly. Goodnight, Mr Winterbottom.

We miss you, sis.

I'm trying really hard with the kids, but...

Milo just seems so angry all the time.

Maddie needs constant supervision.

And now the nanny's quit and the car's broke and I lost my job.

I'm in big trouble.

I just wished you were here to tell me what to do.

Maddie, look! Isn't it pretty?

Are we getting close to grandpa's house? It's just over the hill.

Welcome to Castlebury Hall.

It's a castle! It's a mega mansion!

It's... it's a nightmare! Kids, you can't break anything here!

Who are they? I think this is the staff.

Let me introduce you to everyone, they're all terribly excited to meet you.

This is Mrs Birch, the head housekeeper, who'll give you any assistance you'll require, Miss Daly.

Hi there! Just Jules is fine. What should I call you? Mrs Birch.

And this is Abigail, who'll be looking after Miss Maddie.

You're pretty.

And this is Floyd, the under-butler. He'll be looking after Master Milo.

I have a butler? That's insane. Actually, can I have Abigail instead?

This is George the valet, Amy the chambermaid and Brian the footman.

Please, follow me.

I like them. Yes, they seem quite spirited.

Enough chatting, go.

This is the great hall.

... in the Empire style in 1852.

We're not in Buffalo anymore.

The servants will show you to your quarters. I shall go inform His Grace that you've arrived.

This way, please!

Oh, that's slick. Yes, we keep it waxed.

It's a princess bed!


Where's the TV?

It's beautiful!

Welcome back to Castlebury Hall, sir! Paisley, excellent to see you again!

Hope you had a pleasant journey, sir? Lovely, thank you.

Mrs Birch has laid a fire in your room.

Thanks, Gibson!

Oh dear! We'll have to fix that straitaway.

Yo, dude! Hands off my hockey jersey!

It's a special personaly autographed anniversary edition.

My bad!

We do have a fully stocked library in the east wing.

I really do like to unpack myself, if you don't mind.

It's my job, miss! I won't tell.

If you insist. The dinner will be served at half past eight, and please, be prompt. His Grace does not abide tardiness.

Mrs. Birch!

She's a quick one!

Hi. Hello.


You're Ashton. Yes.

I've seen you in pictures. My sister was married to your...

To my... brother. Charles.

Sorry about your sconce. It's old, isn't it? Probably pretty expensive.

You know, it looks like a Louis Philippe... Yeah, it is.

I can probably just fix this with nail glue, or a little...

Just leave it.

Can you tell me the way to the dining room?

Down the stairs, left to the corridor, second door on your right.

Thanks. Excuse me.

Nice to meet you too.

Your fizzy water, sir! Thank you.

Milo, we're late!

Coming. I wonder what's in here?

It's locked, which means, you know, do not enter. Come on.

Is it right or left to the corridor?

Your Grace, may I present Master Milo, Miss Maddie and their aunt, Miss Jules Daly?

You sure you brought the right family?

Does he look like he's about to kick the bucket to you?

Not even remotely, but I sure liked to keep Paisley.

Children look just like Charles. Yes, Your Grace, I thought so as well.

Don't just stand there. Come in, come and sit down. We don't want to starve to death, do we?

My grandpa!

Wow, it's an Empire chair. Yes, it is.

Allow me, sir. The dental gives it away.

Edward seems to have made a miraculous recovery?

Yes, I'm been meaning to talk to you about that.

I might have been a tad economical with the truth, but he has been under the weather recently.

Kids, this is your Uncle Ashton. Hello there!

Is he your uncle too? No, sweetie, I'm not related to them.

Castlebury sure seems beautiful. Nonsense. It's a cold, clammy, miserable place.

Milo, what is that you're wearing? It's a Swashbucklers jersey.

You're a swordsman?

No, silly. It's a hockey team.

I detest hockey. Bunch of thugs skating around with missing teeth.

Now cricket. That is a man's game, that is a sport!

What a weirdo! He's not a weirdo, he's just old.

How long will you be staying? Why? You want to get rid of us already?

I was joking. I know.

Children, is there anything you would like to ask your grandfather?

Yeah! How come you gave us the shaft all these years?

Milo! That's all right.

Truth is, your mother had no title, which made her unsuitable for my son, your father.

But I realized I was being... Complete dingle-dork?

That's not quite the word I had in mind. You've had a change of heart.

Yes, during my recent *** with flu.

When you were close to death. It was touch and go there for a minute.

Well, here I am, and so are you. We're all here together.

After all, we're all a family.

How do you feel about that?

That depends on how you plan on making it up to us, gramps.

What's going on here? Just hooking up the telly for master Milo.

Milo, can I speak to you for a second?

Your punishment was no TV. Yeah, but that was before you dragged me all the way to Castlevania to spend Christmas with grandpa Wingnut.

I've done it! It works! Thank you, Floyd.

You can unhook it now. Very well, then.


You're not missing much. We don't even have HBO.

I'm sick of you telling me what to do. You're not my mother. Not even close.

You're right. I'm not.

But I'm trying to do the best I can.

I miss her too, you know. Both of them.

It's gonna get better, Milo. I promise. I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed.

Sure. Get some rest. I'll see you in the morning.

You're all ready for bed, sweetheart?

Have you said your prayers yet? prayed? Not yet.

God bless mommy and daddy in Heaven. Aunt Jules and Milo too.

And if it's not too much to ask, could you please help grandpa not to be so grumpy? So we can all have a merry Christmas. Amen.

Honey, I know he's not the warm fuzzy grandpa you wished for but it's important not to give up on people.

He wasn't nice to mommy and daddy, was he? No, he wasn't.

But you know, they loved him anyway.

Maybe it's time for us to open up our hearts and forgive him too.

So you don't think they'd be mad we're here?

No, they'd be glad.

It's a big step for your grandpa to invite you and Milo to Castlebury.

Okay. That's my girl.

Aunt Jules, do you think Santa will be able to find us, even if there is no Christmas tree or twinkle lights?

Don't you worry, Santa knows who all the good little boys and girls are.

Sweet dreams.

You scheduled a hunt? It's our tradition, remember?

I thought it would please you. Well, it doesn't.

I don't want a bunch of rowdy hunters tramping through the castle.

Father, they are friends. Besides, it's too late to cancel now.

What's the matter with you? I thought you wanted a happy family Christmas.

I changed my mind.

Christmas makes me think of Charles.

And so do these children. Of course they do! And what were you expecting?

I don't know. To feel better.

So your new plan is to make everyone miserable?

I don't have a plan!

Yes? Sorry to interrupt...

I was looking around the castle and I couldn't find your Christmas tree.

Because there isn't one.

Why not? I don't like them.

They're messy dirty things that drip sticky sap all over the mahogany.

Father. But they make children happy!

I don't want one! Then could you please tell me what you do want?

I don't think he knows. Oh yes I do.

I want to know why I brought these the kids here if it wasn't to give them a merry Christmas.

And I'm not talking about some creepy wannabee holiday in a clammy castle where everybody's walking around like Dawn of the living dead!

I'm talking about a holy, jolly Christmas with bells and boughs and a big fat, messy, sappy Christmas tree, with twinkling lights so Santa knows where the heck we are.

The kids have had a really tough year. So have we!

Then we all deserve a merry Christmas, don't you think?

You might reconsider the tree situation. I will not.

And if you don't like it here, you can go back to Geneva.

I don't even know why you bothered coming home in the first place.

Because I'm your son.

Maybe not your favorite one, but the only living one.

Gentlemen, ladies.

Who's that? Jules Daly from America.

She brought Charles' children over to visit.

She brought them all the way to Castlebury?

What does she want?

Come on, you two. Let's go!

Come on then.

Good morning!

Hello! Hey, Paisley.

Great molding.

Yes, I've always thought so.

The children are strapped into the car and ready for their trip into the village.

Would you mind putting these in the car? Thank you.

Kids, look! A choir.

They're orphans, like us!

Yeah, but you have me. Both of you do.

Next stop... Christmas tree lot!

Come on, Milo, come on.

What's that? It's a barrel organ.

Look at all the Christmas trees!

I'll tell you what. Why don't you go in and pick up the prettiest one on the lot?

Come on, Milo. That's all right.

Why don't you help us pick out a really cool one? No, I'm just gonna hang back here.

Come on, Aunt Jules.

Aunt Jules, I found the tree!

That's a pretty one.

Yo, you just hit me!

Why don't we get this beauty back to the castle?

Hey, I'm talking to you. What's wrong with you? Say you're sorry!


We need some ice.


Oh dear, shiner!

He got in a fight.

Don't speak. I don't get why you're so freaked out.

You flattened a Christmas shopper, attacked an orphan boy and disrupted a Christmas concert conducted by a nun!

My word!


Something to tell the grandchildren, eh?

Where did you get that, Floyd? Miss Daly, sir.

How did the children find the village? Don't ask, they're with Paisley.

Your tree went this way.

How was the hunt? Why do you say it like that?

I'm not a champion of torturing innocent foxes. That makes two of us.

What do you mean?

I find fox hunting cruel and barbaric, which is why I applicated the ban on hunting them.

Well then, what were you hunting? A man.

A man? Yes.

Dragging a fake scent. It's called a drag hunt.

I'm sorry. I guess that news didn't make the Buffalo sports pages.

Ashton and I aren't formally engaged, but we will be. Any day now.

Hello there! Who are you? Jules, this is my friend Thomas.

Has Ashton been behaving? Like a prince.

Better, after all, he is one.

You're not really a prince, are you? I am.

No... But... The title comes from my mother's side.

Are you joining us for tea? Of course she is.

Look what I found! An American. Hi.

Hello, darling.

Jules, this is Lady Arabella Marchand du Belmont.

Great name. You mean title.

She's also my sister, but doesn't like to admit it.

Ah, sandwiches.

They look yummy!

What are they? Cress and cucumber.

Don't they have proper tea where you're from? More like hot wings and a bottle of bud.

Definitely not served on a plate like this.

Actually, it's a hand-painted sandwich tray by Louis Bilton.

You mean by Christopher Laundry? No, I mean Louis Bilton.

My mistake.

Miss Daly, we found the boxes. They found the boxes.

I'm really sorry, I gotta run. It was lovely meeting you all.

Thanks for the sandwiches.

Louis Bilton, you say. Let's have a look.

Well, sis, I'm afraid it's one for the Americans. Darling!

Look at this! These are beautiful, Floyd, thank you!

Those decorations are off-limits. Why?

His Grace would never approve.

And take this monstrous tree back where it came from!

You're kidding, right? It's Christmas!

You're not kidding.

Can't you let it slide, just this once?

You don't slide around at Castlebury Hall.

Mrs Birch, do you have kids? No.

Nieces or nephews? No.

But you were a kid once, right?

How can you deny two children a tree at Christmas?

Don't you remember what it was like?

It was a miserable childhood. I never had a happy Christmas.

One year I actually got a lump of coal in my stocking!

That's terrible! No little girl deserves that!

I might have, but still ...


I'm ready! That's the spirit, Mrs. Birch!

First decoration on... done! Second one!

I don't understand why we have to use the back entrance every time we go on a hunt.

You know how father feels about muddy boots. I think it's silly.

So darling, remember that we have lunch this weekend with my parents at the club.

I wouldn't miss it.

Milo, come back here!

Look out! Stop, my purse, stop!

I'm terribly sorry, sir, it's all my fault. Are you all right?

It's all right, Paisley. Everyone's all right.

Apart from my demolished brand-new handbag.

You know, Ashton, I'd keep a close eye on that boy if I were you.

Completely out of control.

Come on, Thomas. Bye, Thomas.

You're gonna tell me which one of you two started this? He did it.

I guess I did. Sorry, Maddie.

It's okay.

Now we're friends here, why don't you two help Paisley with his chores?

Chores? Yes.

Feeding the Shetland ponies. Ponies?

It's a splendid idea. Come along, children! Let's go find some carrots. I love ponies.

Thank you. Don't mention. After you.

Now that's a tree.

Isn't it pretty? Very pretty.

You wanna help? I'd love to.

I warn you, I've no idea what I'm doing.

That's okay. There's no wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree.

Higher. Higher?

You're taller, so I might as well use you.

Higher? Yeah.

It's fine. Thank you. Beautiful. Perfect.

This is a change. A happy one.

Can we help decorate?

This is the biggest tree we've ever had.

I know. Aunt Jules had to use her emergency credit card to buy it.

I didn't know that one still worked.

Look at that.

Father's favorite ornament. Pretty!

What is this?

It's a Christmas tree, Father.

I can see that, I'm not a bloody idiot.

Where did it come from? I bought it.

I expressly told you, I do not want!

Here, Grandfather, we saved the prettiest one for you.

Ashton said it's your favorite.

He did, did he?

Do you remember it?

Yes, I remember it.

My older brother and I were each given one at Christmas.

I broke mine.

Oh, I cried. He gave me his.

I thought it was lost forever. There's a special place for it right over here.

Thank you, Jules. It is a lovely tree.

You're welcome. But it really was a team effort.

Come on, Edward. There's still plenty of tree left to decorate.

The staff can take care of that.

It's one of the best parts about Christmas.

The family, all decorating the tree together.

Come and join us, Father.

You're right, my dear.

He's enjoying himself. I know!

He's still having a hard time? Yeah. I wish there was something I could do.

Leave it with me.

I'm sleeping!

Morning. Meet me on the terrace lawn in fifteen minutes.

Is that an order?

It's a request.

Great. Your turn.

Which is your dominant eye? Don't know, don't care.

This is stupid, I'm going back to bed. Milo!

I can help you. Please. Pick up the bow.

Left side facing it.

Fingers either side. And breathe.

Look at the target. Which is clearer?

The right. Then your right eye's dominant.

Had my share of black eyes when I was your age.

Tricky business. Fighting. Finally gave it up.

How come? Couldn't take a punch?

On the contrary. No matter how many fights I won, I still felt like a loser.

Now load your arrow. One fluid motion.

And when you let go, let the anger go with it.

Cool! Again?

Good morning, Your Grace. Good morning, Paisley.

There's nothing like decorating the Christmas tree to get you into the holiday spirit, is there?

Paisley, how many days till Christmas? Five, sir.

Five... It'll be a bit tight, but we can do it.

We must get the invitations out immediately.

Invitations, sir? Yes, to the ball.

We're having a ball?

Yes, the Christmas Eve Ball. I just made up my mind.

We must hire an orchestra. You must tell Ashton to invite all his friends.

Are you all right, sir? Never better.

How are the children? Splendid, sir!

Ashton's giving Milo an archery lesson, and Miss Maddie and Miss Jules are currently scouting the castle for Dolly Dinckle's head.

I'm so sorry, I could have sworn I attached the head firmly.

Yours? Thanks.


My! This is a tragedy!

Don't suppose you want a new one?

Then I shall get my best people on it. They will not stop until this head is found.

Come on, Maddie, let's go have a tea party.

I saw you and Milo on the lawn earlier.

It's really nice of you to spend time with him.

I hope he didn't give you too much grief.

Actually, the lesson went quite well.

And you're next. I'm not very good at weaponry.

How about waltzing? I just got word that father's throwing a Christmas Eve ball.

He is? Yes.

Someone seems to have turned him around.

Shall we?

You're too stiff. I could say the same thing about you.

I meant your arm.

How's it supposed to be? Responsive.

Much better. Now, you need to count.

One, two, three. One, two, three.

Sorry, I'm just not very musical.

That's all right, I am. Violin lessons from age five.

You play the violin? Yes.

Now, please, try to focus. I just find it interesting is all.

I find it interesting you eat hot wings and know the works of Christopher Landry.

Children, I have been thinking, that as you're both Huntingtons, it's my duty to expand your cultural education.

Can't you be off-duty for the holiday?

You have the choice of language, literature, music, dance or art.

I picked ballet.

What did you pick? Electric guitar.

This is impossible. Come on, loosen up.

I'm not really the funky type. Don't worry, because I am.

Jam-nastic lessons of the YMCA.

Come on! I know you're a prince, but I think you've got some dance training somewhere.

Terribly sorry to interrupt your little... ghetto dance, but we had... Lunch... with your parents!

Excuse us.

I'm sorry. Really, I am. I forgive you. This time.

You've had quite a lot of distractions.

You know, Ashton, I think it's wonderful, what you're trying to do with these children. I really do.

They seem to be enjoying themselves, don't they?

Yes, but their lives are in Buffalo and they'll be going home soon.

Of course, you'll see them occasionally... on holidays and graduations.

But one has to be realistic, they're not like us.

It's not fair for you to try and change them.

Change them?

I'm terribly sorry to interrupt, sir, but we're in a trifle ponder over the canapes for the ball.

Fire away. - Chef can't decide between shrimp quiche and salmon mousse.

I prefer the salmon. But of course, caviar would be so much better.

Salmon, then? Or neither?

Perhaps I should come back later.

Speaking of tomorrow night, I bought the most splendid dress for the ball.

Here, walk me to my car.

Miss Jules said it was beige. This must be it.

Not much of a ball gown. Maybe a good pressing will help.

How's the guest list coming along? Fine. Practically everyone's accepted.


Aren't you supposed to be at lunch with Arabella and her parents?

I botched the time. We're going to reschedule.

That's rather irresponsible. They're a very fine family, de Belmont. So we don't want to run around insulting them, do we?

Be a mistake. No, father.

I assure you, it wasn't intentional.

Everything's fine then, isn't it?

I hear you've been spending some time with Jules.

Yes. I've been teaching her to waltz, for the ball.

Do we have to invite her?

Let me guess, you don't want her there because she has no title.

Or fortune, for that matter. But apart from that, she is obscenely crass.

I don't suppose we can uninvite her?

No. Let's just hope she's not an embarrassment, that's all.


That clock hasn't worked in years.

The suspension just had a whack. It should work fine now.

You're amazing!

I gotta go make Christmas cookies, I promised the kids.

Quite nice!

Miss Jules made them. Lovely girl.

- I wonder what made him start playing again? You mean who.

What is it, Floyd? Sorry for the intrusion, sir.

But I found it!

I believe you've been looking for this.

Thanks, Maddie will be thrilled.

Are you all right? Got something in my eye.

I'm fine. Of course.

Was there anything else? Yes.

I've been wanting to ask.

It appears to be a quandary about the canapes.

What is it? Shrimp quiche or salmon mousse.

Which do you like? Shrimp quiche.

There you go then.

Do you like shrimp? Very much.

Quandary solved, then.


Charles was the best, you know. Your father.

Much better than I could ever have been.

Why do you keep his room locked? I suppose...

It hurt too much to remember.

But this is all that's left of my father.

That's what keeps him alive. Why don't you want to remember?

Every day I wake up, and I try not to forget, but...

His face just keeps slipping further and further away.

And pretty soon, if I don't keep trying, there'll be nothing left.

That's not true.

The love he had for you will always be here.

You know, you're a lot like him.

Really? Charles was wonderful.

Milo, I'm so grateful that you, Maddie and Jules have come for Christmas.

It's lifted everyone's spirits. I hope you know that.

How about we leave this door open from now on?

Come on, it's late and you've got a big day tomorrow.

I'm coming.

I'm sorry, did I wake you? Is everything all right?

No. There's been a slight incident. Incident?

I'm so sorry, Miss, I didn't realize the iron was so hot.

It's okay, Abigail, it's okay.

What are you blubbering about?

Miss Daly is the one with nothing to wear to the ball tonight.

What's that burning?

Oh, I say, that's a big one! Thank you, Paisley, for your keen observation.

What are we to do? All the village dress shops are closed for Christmas!

We'll have to repair it, as best we can.

Maybe this is a sign. What do you mean?

I shouldn't go to the ball. You can't be serious.

My dear Miss Daly, if it wasn't for you, there wouldn't even be a ball.

That's very kind of you to say, but I think I'm gonna sit this one out.

Oh, cobblers!

We have to do something. This is my idea.

I must say this tailor's done a remarkably good job with just one fitting, sir.

Well thank you, Paisley.

It's gonna be a wonderful evening.

Crystals into the bar.

Patricia, you've found the rest of the spare! What a clever girl. Through to the kitchen.

Brandy glasses to the drawing room.

Everything going to schedule? Splendid.

Oh, the musicians are here! This way, gentlemen.

Welcome. This way, sir.

Get back to work. Right.

I still don't get why you're going home early. I gotta go back and get a job.

Besides, you and Maddie are gonna have a great time.

And I'll see you both when you get back.

Well, 007 you are! Pretty cool.

Aunt Jules? Yes?

You're pretty cool. Thanks, Milo.

There's my princess.

Maddie, we're really gonna have to start practicing snack moderation.

Why won't you come to the ball with us? Next time, sweetheart, okay?

But you'll miss Christmas.

I'll tell you what. We'll celebrate it when you get back. That way you get two Christmases.

I need you to do me a favor.

Can you say goodbye to your grandpa and uncle Ashton for me?

Wait till I've gone, all right? Are you sure?

Yeah, it's better this way.

They've so much to do tonight.

Like introducing you two gorgeous things to Castlebury.

Stand up, I want to see you.

You look spectacular. I love you both very much.

And I know your two parents are looking down and are so proud of you.

So am I.

Now go knock'em dead.


Good evening!

Thank you, sir.

This is the right choice.

Castlebury train station, please.

Miss Daly?

Where's your Aunt Jules?

We're supposed to tell you she's... Not yet.

Tell me what?

Edward. Lady Blanchart.

Just in the nick of time!

Hold it! Get in!

Where are we going? The train station. Jules has made a run for it.

Arabella, my dear, you look lovely.

Sir Edward, you're too kind.

Hello, darling. Nice to see you again.

Edward, such a pleasure to see you again.

Arabella, I've been trying to reach you. Why haven't you returned my calls?

So sorry, I went absolutely crazy getting ready for the ball.

I said it was urgent. Stop being so dramatic!

I need to talk to you. It can't wait.

Jules, where are you going? I'm taking a train to the airport.

You've left something behind. I did?

Yes, it's in the car. Come on.

You're all here!

What's this? Your ball gown.

That's so sweet of you. Were you able to fix it? Not exactly.

I'm sure it's fine. Thank you so much for doing this!

Don't you at least want to have a look?


That's not my dress.

Oh yes, mam. Paisley had it brought in from Vienna!

Who paid for this? The entire staff pitched in, miss.

This is too much! Come on!

Floyd, get in the front seat. Gibson, raise up the partition.

Jules has a ball to get ready for.

Oh my God!

Was that the editor of French Vogue, talking to Countess Lillyhook?

I'm not sure.

Arabella, do you think we're right for each other?

What a silly question. We're perfect for each other.

Everyone says so. Even our parents think we're an ideal match.

What if I didn't hold a title? You're ridiculous, darling.

You didn't answer my question. Well, it's a stupid question.

All right. If you were a gardener, I wouldn't give you the time of day.

There. Is that what you wanted to hear? Yes.

Why? Because it's the truth.

We don't want the same things. My life doesn't fit with yours.

Are you breaking up with me?

No, of course you're not, everyone's expecting us to be engaged!

Thing is, I'm not sure I can really make you happy.

But I don't care about being happy. I care about being a princess!

It's over, Arabella.

Ah, there are the love birds. Mother.

Where is your aunt Jules? We can't say.

She's coming!

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Jules Daly of Buffalo!

Buffalo? My word. They let anyone in a royal ball these days.

Aunt Jules, you're here! Rad dress!

We're really glad you came back. Me too.

Jules, words fail me. You're quite breathtaking.

Thank you, Your Grace. I think we should start the ball.

Lady Christina.

Well children, how about a dance?

Jules? I think I'll wait right here, thank you.

Henri Dasson.

Enjoying yourself?

I was just admiring your urn. I see.

You know me and antiques. Can't keep my hands off them.

I didn't break this one, though. I'm trying very hard not to be an embarrassment.

What do you mean? I overheard you and Edward in the study.

I know you didn't want to invite me tonight.

The crass girl without no title or fortune.

You misunderstand. Father was talking about Bonny McCracken.

Who? She's a dreadful, grizzly sort of woman.

Despises children... and senior citizens. She's over there.

Oh, that's a relief... Not for the grizzly but...

Jules, you must know, or perhaps you don't but ...

The truth is I hold you in the highest possible regard.

I couldn't care less about your title.

I find you funny, smart and surprisingly funky, which is a rare combination.

I believe they're playing our song.

We don't have a song. We do now.

Do something! Where's Edward?

What has you all so riveted?

I suggest you keep a tighter rein on your son.

What on Earth are you talking about? That.

Are you all right? Yes, I just think I need some air.

Of course.

Jules, wait!

You should go back in, I'm sure they're looking for you. I'll just hang right here.

Then I'll hang with you.

If that's all right.

What about Arabella? It's over.

What happened? You absconded with my heart.

How did I do that?

You're the prince of Castlebury, I'm just a poor girl from Buffalo. Exactly.

It's an outrage! Prince Ashton is cavorting with that tramp while he's expected to be engaging our daughter.

My son has a mind of his own.

Yes, we know all about your sons and their fascination with a ***!

Mind your tongue, woman!

I'm the most honorable Duchess of Belmont and you would address me as such!

You may well be a Duchess, but Jules Daly is more of a lady than you will ever be.

You obviously don't know the real Jules Daly.

She's clearly after your money, why else do you think that girl is here?

And anyone can see that she can't manage those children on her own.

So I did a little personal research.

Did you know that Miss Jules Daly was fired from her job?

Master Milo is in fact a kleptomaniac?

Or that little Maddie is a trans-fat junkie?

That is a lie! No, Arabella's right.

See? Told you.

Milo did steal that video game, but he returned it.

Maddie does have a temporary fascination with chips, which we're trying to fix.

And I am currently unemployed, but I hope for not too long, because I really like working.

I may not know much about parenting, but I know we don't need money to make us happy.

But we do need each other.

Those are brave kids. They deserve a chance at a family.

And as inconceivable as that may seem, Arabella, that's the only reason we're here.

Ashton, you don't honestly believe her.

Yes, I do.

Edward, surely you can see that she's ... So who cares?

You say Jules is a bad mother.

I've been a lousy father. And an even worse father-in-law.

So Jules lost a job. You have never worked a single day in your life.

And if you ask me, Lady Arabella Marchand de Belmont, you're the one who is all fur coat and no nickels.

That's it, we're leaving!

Come on, Thomas!

Thank you, Father.

No, thank you, for putting up with an old fool.

Now if I might give you a bit of fatherly advice?

Don't let that girl get away.

May I speak to your aunt Jules for a second? Yeah, sure.

I know we don't have hot wings or hockey in Castlebury, but we do have crumpets and cricket.

Is it possible that you, Milo and Maddie might consider extending your stay?

Here at Castlebury Hall?

Beautiful gown Jules is wearing. Yes, sir.

Lovely! Excellent taste.

I wonder where she obtained it?

I suppose, if you wished to be reimbursed, you should produce a receipt for me by morning.

Go on, back to work.

Thank you, sir. You're a good man, Paisley.

Must be time!



See, Maddie? I was wrong. There is a Santa Claus.

Come on, children!

Hi, Santa!

Look at all these presents! Look at that huge gold one!

Where did all these presents come from?

Edward, you're amazing. No, my dear, you're the one that's amazing.

What is it, Father? I just wished Charles... I wish he were here.

But he is. Can't you see him in the jewelry of Milo's eyes?

In the sparkle of Maddie's smile?

Charles is here. And so is my sister.

You're so right, my dear. Ashton, this is a very very wise girl.

We should not be lamenting what we have lost, rather celebrating what we have found.

Merry Christmas!

Look! Fireworks!

Come on, you gotta see this!

Merry Christmas!

Jules, Ashton, bravo!

Hello, my prince! Hello, my princess!

Sounds like we're in line for a throne somewhere. As a matter of fact, we are.



Drive on!

It is true not all tales have happy endings, but then for Jules Daly, the dreamer from Buffalo, the story is just beginning.