A Prophet (2009) Script

Take these handcuffs off!

Think you can shut me up?

Go fuck yourself! Take off these handcuffs, faggot!

I'll remember you two cunts!


Don't touch me! Hands off!

I can walk by myself.

Fuck off, asshole.

Where are you taking me?

Take off the handcuffs first.

Take them off. Or I won't go in there.

How dumb do I look?

Take off these handcuffs!

So, Malik, are you listening?

Do you understand me?

I understand I got six years.

You're an adult now. You go to the joint.

You're in with the big guys.

Here. Sign here.

What is it?

For legal aid.

Is it money? Money for me.

So I get reimbursed. Sign here.

Money for you? Yes.

Everything okay?

Thank you.

Hands up.


Palms out. Shake your hair.

Mouth open.

Tongue out.

Turn around.

Bottom of your feet.

The other. Bend over.


No money in here.

For when you get out.

Give him a uniform and shoes.

These are garbage. Can't have them here.

Any family on the outside? No, sir.

No one to wire you money? No, sir.

Friends inside, or enemies?

No one, sir.

You start under observation.

So we can make an evaluation.

See how you fit in.

Then you'll get a permanent cell.

Are you religious?

Your religion.

Do you go to prayers?

Any dietary requirements?

Nothing unusual, sir.

Do you eat pork?

No. Yeah...

How will you get money wired to you?

I don't know.

You want to work?

What do you do besides attacking cops?

I didn't do a thing!

Vocational training? Anything?

Keep to the side, please.


You the new guy?

You're in the workshop.

Got anything from outside?

Cell phone, hash, pills?

What the hell? I got nothing at all.

You get money orders? Any friends outside?

What do you want?

I want your sneakers. They're nice.

Can I have them? I'll give you flip-flops.

Go fuck yourself.


Dirty bastard!

In your cells. Lock-up time.

Lock-up time.

Line up.


Go get Cesar!

The guy on the right.

Why is that dirty Arab here?

They probably brought him in for the Farraldo trial.

Luciani. Infirmary.

Luciani. Consultation.


They brought him in for the Farraldo trial.

His lawyer plea-bargained.

Got a lesser sentence.

He's here till the trial.

Jacky Marcaggi wants you to bump him.

When is the trial?

The 14th.

In 10 days?

Short notice.

Does he suspect anything?

The usual.

Like any rat. He asked to transfer to the Muslims.

And if he gets solitary...

...we lose our chance.

He stays in his cell all day.

Sees no one. Never goes out. Doesn't eat.

He requested cellblock B with the Muslims.

We have to do it in his temp cell.

Hit and run?

We can't risk one of ours.

Keep your ears open. We'll find a way.

Any contacts in A?

Besides the porter, no one.

Open up! Dinner!

The door should already be open. Yeah, I know.

- Not eating? - No. Just some bread.


The other one.


When is mail? Morning.

How's it going? Fine.



What the fuck? I recognize you.

We're neighbors.

What's your name?

What's it to you?

What block were you assigned to?

You know yours?

Yeah, B.

Ask for B. It's for us brothers.

Come closer.

I said come closer.

Want some hash?

Yeah, hash. Yes or no?

Yeah, but... I have no money.

We'll work it out.

What do you mean?

I'll bribe a guard and you come suck me.

What? Suck me off.

Fuck off, asshole!

I should suck you? Motherfucker!

Go fuck yourself!

Shut your face! Faggot!

You okay?

See you in the yard.

This way.

How old are you?

Nineteen. Why?

Don't look at me. Look at the guy next to me.

Look at me.

I hear you got six years.

That's a long time.

You think you can last here without protection?

I'll manage.

What do you want? To protect you.

You speak Arabic? Sure I do.

The guy in the shower yesterday...

You know him?

What did he want?

He wanted to talk.

Don't look at me, I said.

I want you to keep it up.

Get close with him, make friends.


You're going to kill him.

Let him go.

Come closer.

Closer. Next to him.

You can handle it.

You won't be alone. We'll help.

Just remember one thing.

Now that you're in on it, if you don't kill him, I kill you.

Okay, now beat it.

Got it?

Beat it and keep quiet, understood?

I can't kill anyone...


Can I speak to the director?

There's a procedure. First you request an appointment.

The warden...

Can I talk to the warden? Right now.

- What for? I need him!

Let me check.

I have a problem.

We run this place. What do you want from us?

Nothing? So shut up and do as we say.

Reyeb is wary. He won't let you in so easily.

Are you listening?

I'll start over.

Are you watching?

He won't let you in easily.

You can't be carrying anything.

Talk to him. Act natural. About your mother, visitors...

Talk normally.

Cut here.

You stroke his balls.

Put a hand on his shoulder.

Spring up and do it. Get it?

So it's okay for the hash.

Can't hear you!

It's okay for the hash.

Okay, I'll tell the hack.

Step back.


Step back, I said.

Turn around.

Turn around!

Lower your hands.


Is that him?

El Djebena, move it!

Give us a minute.

Trouble in the workshop?

What did he do? Kicked a guy.

You kicked a guy?

What did he do to you?


He did nothing and you kicked him?

Know what I think?

You did it to go to the hole.

Am I wrong?

Think we won't call on you there to do what we asked?

Is that it?


Piece of shit!


Stop it, Cesar!

Stop it, Cesar!

He's going to bleed, so watch out.

Check the bottom of your shoes.

Leave the blade in his hand.

Your turn now. You be the girl.

Try harder or it'll never work!

Go on.


Let's go.

Come in.

Don't move.

Hands up.

Hands up, I said!

Sorry, not everyone here is a friend.

I call the shots.

Sit down.

There, on the bed.

The bed, I said!

Want something? Water?




In what? The books.

Like to read?

I don't know.

Don't know what?

You can't read, right?

It's not too late.

There's a prison school.

You can learn in here.


The idea is to leave here a little smarter.


I see you in the yard.

Always by yourself.

Always in the same clothes.

No friends here? No one?

I'm in transit.

Just passing through.

I can leave you some books.

You can always learn to read.

Shut your fucking trap!

You okay?

Are you okay?

What are you doing?


From Cesar Luciani.

You're now under his protection.

I saw your form. You barely filled it out.

Are you interested?

So why not fill it out?

I don't understand.

Want to learn?

You wrote your name, so you can write a little.

Yeah, a little.

When did you stop school?

When I was 11.

Can you recognize an "Exit" sign?

French your mother tongue?

With your parents was it French, Arabic?

I wasn't with them.

Which did you speak first?


Where was your school?

The juvenile centre.

There's a word with an "A," but it's not pronounced.

The fourth word.

The fourth word. Which word is that?


Let's go back to the second word.

The second word... Go on...


This word contains two syllables.



Repeat it for me, separating both syllables.


In the first syllable...

...is the "A" in the beginning...

...or at the end?

Happy birthday, brother.

1 year

Stop it! Stop it!

Aren't you ashamed?

Who's their security crew?

You know them? Who?

The Muslims.

These fucking Arabs!

At least dogs fuck in silence.

Three euros 40!

How much is that?

How much in francs?

Money's money.

Twenty francs?

Give me the cookies.

Can you shop for me?

You bummed off me last time.

I didn't. Ask him!

What do you want?

Soap, granola and Coca-Cola, please.

No Coke. Why not?

Not on my commissary card!

But it's for me. Don't be a pain in the ass!

Stop bumming off us!

Bum off your people.

Or your friends outside.

It pisses me off he's here!

He's not one of us.

Let him clean up if you want.

But when he's done, he's out. Dirty Arab!

You done? Get out.

Fuck off!

Go fuck off.

Dirty Arab!

How much time do you have left?

Another two...

... three years.

And you...

Rabbia: Rage.

Rabbiosu: In a rage, furious.


To caw.

Who cares?

Radica: Root.

Electricity is like water in a circuit.

Whatever the size of the pipe...

...the flow rate is constant. Same here.

The current remains the same at l1, l2 and l3.

You have to replace "he" by "we." Understand?

"He ate first." Go on.

"We eat first."

You're right for "we", but "eat"... What's the past tense?

"We ate."

Good job. "We ate" is the past. Now try the subjunctive.


...that we eat."

People say that?

It's wild. I never did but they do.

One day I saw a job ad. For security guard.

I didn't have a dog. So I bought one secondhand.

I didn't know, so I got a rottweiler.

Know what they're like? And his name was Tyson.

He came with the name: Tyson. He was humongous!

See this?

This was the size of his poops.

He took enormous dumps. Bigger than mine.

So I work in a store. A big supermarket.

I leave the dog to sniff around. I go outside.

For a cigarette.

Then I try to go back in.

I couldn't.

He didn't always recognize me.

Your own dog?

But he was crazy. Tyson was a psycho.

I go inside and he comes charging towards me.

I panic, reach out my arm.

He grabs me like this.

I take out my mace, spray him.

He lets go. I run out, scared shitless. What do I do?

I leave him inside.

Soon the employees start coming.

I didn't know they used a back door to go inside.

The hound had a field day.

He tore every last one to pieces.

He was like Karim in cellblock B.

Why are you here?

Returning books.

Move it. You, come with me.

Why are you with him?

He's a brother. He's a Corsican!

Dirty bastard!

- Pig! - You calling me a pig?

Who's the pig?

Calling me a pig?

I'm a pig?

Let go of me!

This isn't right!

It's not Corsica here!

You're being disrespectful.

El Djebena!

Tell your boss there's a new hack to meet.

Got the papers?

They're not in yet. I got the laundry.

Make coffee.

For everyone?

Did you see Ilbanez?

He'll come by later with the new hack.



Antarro. Santi.

Ceccaldi. Profundi.

Mosconi. Pilicci.

Valpato. Corleoni.

El Djebena.

Homeland Security announced...

... that Corsicans will serve prison time closer to home.

The ruling was made public today...

... the culmination of the reshuffling, advocated by Nicolas Sarkozy...

... of France's political prisoners.

No comment, as of yet, from the Corsican Nationalist Front.


You there?

Hear the news?

When do we get out?

When the law is cleared at the cabinet meeting.


I have no idea.

Luciani. For Mr. Sampiero.

I can at least tell you who's not concerned.

You're not. You know it.

Pilicci, Antarro and Prof neither. You all screwed up bad.

Back then it wasn't called screwing up.

Santi and Vettori are up for parole, so for them...

You're saying I'm going to die alone here.

Don't talk like that.

You're not alone. You carry weight outside.

And here?


Guard, I've put up three of these. It's a lack of respect.


You work for Imam Moussab?

He helps rehabilitate sick inmates. He got me a job.

I work for him a little. Someday I'll have a real job.

You're sick? That's why I got pardoned.

You're leaving?

You got AIDS?

Of course not! Don't say that. Are you crazy?

What do you got?

Testicle cancer.

Cancer on your balls?

Stop shouting! Why not make an announcement?

Besides, it's over.

So you're better.

Thank God. I am.

Does it hurt?

No, it doesn't.

The chemotherapy hurts. You lose your hair.

You feel like you're 80. Always tired.

Otherwise, thank God, it's over. I can even have kids.

For your balls, brother.

Good going.

What's your sign?


I'm just teasing.

I'm Aries.

So long, Cesar!

Take care, my friend!

We won't forget you, Cesar!

Be strong, Volfoni! See you in Bastia!

You keep the phone on you?

Why not leave it with someone else?

I speak Corsican.

I speak your language.

When I was on the phone...

... did you understand?

You spoke to a "lawyer."

A what?

A lawyer?

Who taught you?

You and the others.

I was watching, listening.

You mean spying.

I wasn't spying at all.

I was learning. Listening.

You were here...

If you weren't spying, what were you doing? Making fun?

If I was making fun, I'd never have told you.

So why tell me?

Because the others left?

Look at me, you Arab!

Because the others left?

- Right? Yeah.

Does anyone else know?

It has a life of its own.

Come sit down.

Sit your ass down!

You keep it now.

Hold onto it but don't use it.

All hacks aren't like Ilbanez.

If they find it, you do hole time.

You keep on doing the laundry, cleaning up...

Ilbanez will transfer you to the cell next door.

I'll have you made porter.

You'll get paid, shop at the commissary, walk anywhere you want.

You'll be my eyes and my ears.

And the others?

What, my friends?

You watch them too.

Are you happy? You look upset.

I'm fine.

So say so.

Eyes - ears

What does Cesar say?

The lawyer will help your brother.

He doesn't give a shit about my brother.

My wife left 10 messages. He never called back.

Santi and Castelli, same thing.

No news. Nothing.

Play your card.

Did you jerk off?

Jordi the gypsy I like porn set in castles.

The girls are fancier, cleaner.

How often did you come?

When? Fuck that!

Who cares when? Give me that.

Remember with the driver?

She has the stick shift in her pussy.

He fucks her from behind, slaps her ass.

And when she blows the blond's husband!

Then she walks in with her big dog.

I'll give you the rest tomorrow.

You make a lot dealing?

Not much. Enough to shop and buy my own dope.

To shop...

You want to work together?

I don't understand your game.

No game. You work with the Corsicans.

I work for myself.

You don't know everyone in C. You don't sell to everyone.

What will you do after?

When you get out, what'll you do?

I don't know. You?

Same thing as in here, only bigger.


Yeah, hash.

I'll move big loads.

Marbella-Paris, three cars.

Six hundred kilos each trip.

Don't believe me?

I'm just trying to picture 600 kilos.

It's like this.

You can't see anything behind it.

I got it.

They died for no reason!

It's you who killed them!

Still need me?

You know about my business?

You said to butt out. Come on...

I don't know. Stuff with Italians. Casinos in the south.

What is it?

How much longer are you in for?

Three years. Minus good behavior.

You've done half.

You can get leave days.

Did you apply? The lawyer does that.

Did he apply for it?

Why are you asking?

Fill out a parole application. I'll have it treated in priority.

In the meantime you can go on leave.

You go out for me, you come back...

...and you get paid. What do you say?

What's the risk?

There is no risk. Staying here is the only risk.

By the time the judge gets it, studies it...

...requests additional information...

...you won't have an answer for five or six months.

I said an answer, not necessarily a good one.

Got a card with your number?

Give it here.

A lawyer named Sampiero will call you.

Give him whatever he asks for.

Do everything he says.

File the case once he prepares it.

He'll pay you.

And for the judge?

Don't worry. He'll explain.

Who's he?

Who are these guys? These thugs?

You didn't say it was like this.

You know what may happen to me? Disbarment!

I don't need that.

Too late.

You're in.

From now on, you're a model prisoner.

You're a porter. Be the best in the prison.

Study for your tests. As for the phone, let Antarro keep it.

He'll suspect something.

I'll say you pissed me off. He'll believe it.


It was great getting your letter.

First, I hear from you.

Second, I see you've made a lot of fucking progress.

You write like a pro and I'm glad.

At least I served a purpose.

I can tell you now...

... it was no piece of cake.

As for what you asked...

... I'll try.

I'll send in the request...

... and come visit.

Life here isn't great.

I'll spare you the "It's better in there" but honestly...

... it's tough.

Djamila works part-time and with the kid it's a pain.

As for me, Imam Moussab's centre found me a job.

In telemarketing.

It pays like shit, but I shut up and do the work.

Keep your chin up! Your brother, Ryad.

Girls, Martine. Guys, Jean-Pierre.

A question.

What's your name? Ryad Mnaili.

Jean-Pierre, here.

You're allowed two mistakes.

Careful, put your hand under his head.

Issam, meet Malik.

Your godfather.

It's a car repair shop. The owner agreed to hire you.

He'll meet you on your leave day.

He's the guy who fixes the Imam's cars.

He's hired other guys from center.

Know what you're doing for them?

You don't mind?

I get out, get paid.

If it's too risky for you now, just say so.

Risky? Are you crazy? I'm being rehabilitated.

Aren't we rehabilitating?

Just outside Paris, they spot the radar, slow down.

All of a sudden...

...the car breaks down.

It glides along a little. Where does it stop?

Next to a gas station!

The guys get out, start pushing.

Guess who comes to help.

Go on, take a guess.

Who? Guess!

I have no idea. Customs, buddy! Customs!

One hundred kilos. They confiscated 100 kilos.

So, what's the point?

You're going out.

You know what I want.

We're in business. Don't you smoke my hash every day?

So I go in the hole for your swag? Just for a few joints?

Goddamn it!

Back in your cell.

My dessert, sir! Inside!

What does the prosecution say?

In light of the case, I'm not opposed...

...to granting leave days to Mr. El Djebena.

But he can't stay out over 12 hours...

...and must sign in at a local precinct.

Thank you, sir. Anything else to add?

Show in the detainee.

Hello, Mr. El Djebena.

I will grant you a leave day.

You leave at 7 a.m. And must be back at 7 p.m.

That's fucking disgusting.

Do something.

The door.

Have a good day. Good day, sir.

Roll up the window.

Your phone. That's my number.

So you can reach me.

Can you stop by and meet Djamila?

She's all alone.

Got a TV in your cell now?

For the day?

Until 7.

How's Cesar?

He was okay yesterday.

You'll drop this off somewhere for us.

And then? Then you come back.

Cesar said you ask no questions.

Cesar said I'd be paid.

For afterwards. Okay?

What are we going to do there?

Wait till he comes back.

And if something goes wrong?

Who cares?

Middle of nowhere.

There, on the right.

Here, here. On the right.

Pull over.

There's a car in front.

He's Arab!

The courier.

Should I let him in?

What the hell?

Who are you?

Malik El Djebena.

- Who sent you? Luciani.

Luciani's in the joint!

Who the hell are you?

I do time with him.

Are you in jail or out?

I'm on leave for the day.

You work for those scumbags?

I work for no one. I work for myself.

They say deliver, I deliver.

Is it all there?


Can I go now?

Forgetting something?

Don't you know about the swap?

Let's get going.

Shut up.

Call Cesar...

You have to call Cesar.

It's me.

I've got a problem.

I'm not alone. I'm with Santi.

Rue de Madrid. They're waiting.

We have to go. Can you make it back alone?

Message for Cesar? I'll call him.

Make sure you get back on time.

We may be working together again.

What is it? You know...


How much is there? Twenty-five kilos.

There's this too.

Five thousand.

Five thousand euros... And 25 kilos of hash?

All in one day?

We get guys to stock and sell. We supply.

We use convoys and buy at the source.

The gypsy has contacts.

We need three big cars. Paris-Marbella, in one night.

The first car scouts.

The second car carries the load.

Further back, an escort vehicle.

The cars stay in touch all night long.

Each car is one exit apart.

Hold on, I've never done this before.

So, what's the problem?

Neither have I.

You run the projects, me the prison.

I'll cut a deal with inmates on leave.

Jordi knows a trucker who delivers to the prison.

We put half the money back in and split the rest in three.

Sounds good.

Wire some to my commissary account. For the rest we'll see.

What time is it? 6:45.

Let me tell you something.

Let me tell you.

Come out whenever you want!

El Djebena, Malik. 35-114T.

Was it for training? Auto repair.

You like car repair? Yeah, whatever.

I'm rehabilitating.

Bend over.


Sampiero said I might do it again.

What do you think?

It's cool.

You see?

Who did you see besides Sampiero?

My friend. The one who got me the job.

Is there a problem?

I want it clear. Your prison leave belongs to me.


Here, I keep on being your "Arab"?

Yes, you do the shit-work.

Names in the upper right-hand corner and fold it backwards.

You have one hour for the French.

We'll do Economics last.

We write on the pages? Yes, directly on the exam.



I heard from your mother.

Gentlemen, take your seats.

I'll hand out the Economics exam.

El Djebena. Morning, sir.

Batteries? The big ones.

Malik. Sophie.

Am I crazy or do they keep multiplying?

Soon they'll bring out the rugs.

Before, we ruled the yard.

Good thing they're dumb.

If they stopped thinking with their balls...

...they'd have evolved more.

You should walk over there and check things out.

I don't think so.

What do you mean?

You want me to go get beat up?

Why would they beat you up?

Are you crazy? For them I'm Corsican.

They don't know their ass from a hole in the ground!

Send a few hacks there.

To mess with them. They'll eat out of your hand.


Just another Arab thinking with his balls.

Let me introduce you to some friends.

Marbella, man!

- This is Khalid! - Yo, bro!

This is Mishka!

This is Damien.

And here's Olivier. Say hi to Malik.

What's your name?

My name is Fernanda!

And I like cock!


Over in cellblock B...

What do the Muslims do? Smuggle in stuff? Drugs?

They toe the line.

Really? You got nothing on them?

Don't you think it might be good...

...to send in a couple high-strung guys?

To mess with them a bit.

Why mess with them?


To show who's boss, whose hand to kiss, whose back to rub.

Isn't it obvious?

Before there were 20 of you. Now five.

See the difference, or not?

What kind of difference?

I can't do for five what I did for 20.

So why the hell are you here?

Want a transfer? I'll tell Marcaggi.

I'll be okay. You'll what?

I'll manage. I'll see what...

You'll manage?

Use your head.

Tomorrow tell me...

... what you can do for me.

We have a problem, brother.

File a complaint. What can I say?

Maybe Luciani can do something.

I don't get it.

First I'm their lapdog and now I should kiss their asses?

Don't do it for me, do it for the brothers.

So I should make up for being their slave by being yours?

If you want a favor, learn to ask.

What do you want?

What can I get out of it?


Do I look Corsican?

Are you getting a big head?

I'll see what I can do.


You meet here now?

It's heated. It's cozy. Nice ocean view.

Sit down. I'm fine here.

What do you want?

I have a problem in Marseille.

One of yours. Brahim Lattrache.

I want a message delivered to him.

Tell him Luciani will talk one on one, okay?

I'll see.

What about the hacks?

I'll see.

Brahim Lattrache in Marseille.

See the guy in red?

He'll turn around and start over.

Those two, running...

See the small one with the beanie?

He'll do push-ups.

Check out the game.

Watch the hoop.

Missed. Up yours!


For me you don't see anything?

Yes, snow.

Okay! I'll pull over!

Go fuck yourself...

Faster, faster!


Latif the Egyptian They let one car pass then ambushed Ryad.

Took him along with the hash.

Now they want money.

Who are these guys?

What do you know?

Nothing. Just their boss. Named Latif, the Egyptian.

From the south side.

They use the same route, know the lowdown.

What about the dough?

Give them everything they want.


Hear from your friend?

No news. What can I do? It's been three days...

Calm down!

It's crowded here and we got hash.

If someone knows the Egyptian...

...we'll hear about it, don't worry.

When we find him, it'll hurt!

And the Muslims? Coming along.

Go see them and take care of it.

I have a favor to ask.

What is it?

I need info on someone.

Who? A black. Latif the Egyptian.


What can I do?

Tell me who he knows in here.

His brother-in-law.

What was the trade-off?

Nothing. That's my business. See him?

The one over there.

The blue beanie.

And the other two...

...are they his guys?

Looks like it.

Are the Muslims helping?

They're giving us two guys.

No problem. If it's planned well, it'll be fine.

Shut your mouth!


It's his ankle. He has to see a doctor.

The lights!

Mohammed Gazil?

You know the Egyptian?

You know him? Yes.

Sit down.

Is Ouassila Gazil your mother?

It's her address on the visitor list?


Want to see her alive?

Tell Latif I want my friend and my stuff back.


Where were you?

At the registry office.

Did it go well?

Have you eaten? I need to see a guy.

He'll wait. Come and have a coffee.

Help yourself.

I wanted to talk about something.

I saw you with that tall guy, the Gypsy, in the yard.

What's your thing? Hashish? Pills?


A lot?

You want your share?

It's your business. It concerns you.

How do you get it in? Visiting rooms, kitchens.

So you got guards.

A delivery guy. Frozen goods.

So that's how it works.

For the time being.

What happens if you get nailed?

It's the hole.

And then no more leave.

What did I tell you last time?

I said to watch your step. Don't risk your leave.

What do you do? You beat up guys.

You make the law. What's your game?

You're of use if you go on leave, Djebena.

If you don't, then what good are you?

Get lost.

Get lost!


I'm gonna kill you...

No longer scared of me?

If you can walk around this place...

...it's because I had you made porter.

If you eat...

...it's thanks to me. If you dream, think, live...

...it's thanks to me.

You say you got no guards. Dumb shit!

The name Luciani is branded on your face!

You live off me, Djebena!

People look at you and see me.

Otherwise what would they see? Can you tell me?

Are you here?

Come here.

Isn't this enough?

Come here, I said.

I have something funny to tell you.

You're going to Marseille.

On your next leave, you go to Marseille.

Brécourt-Marseille in one day?

There's a flight at 9 a.m. Return at 3.

There, you'll meet Brahim Lattrache.

Am I carrying something?

You talk, you listen.

See what it'll cost to cut off ties with the Italians.

Tell him I'm willing to negotiate...

...without Jacky Marcaggi and the others.

As for your pay and your trip...

...Sampiero will contact your pal outside.

Ever taken a plane?

Have a nice day, Truette.

Have a nice day, El Djebena.

Good day, sir.

Open up, please.

When you pick me up, be on time!

Careful! Don't talk like that!

How should I talk? I take all the risks!

Yeah, okay, I understand.

This car is bullshit!

Fucking patrol bait!

You're getting dumb. Enough already.

Enough what?

Why are you bossing me around? If you want out, say so.

Save it for Latif's trunk.

Get Latif out of your head.

I'll find him and waste his ass.

You'll waste no one.

Wake up. Business has stalled.

It's not personal. That fucker blocked everything.

We got the hash back but can't move it.

They even fuck with us in our projects.

I swear, I'll waste him.

Fuck it...

You look like a lawyer.

You're boarding at 9:55, gate 33, terminal 2.

Enjoy your flight.

Step forward.

Arms out.

- Your hands! What for?

Your hands.


Is this necessary?

Doesn't bother me.

What does Luciani want?

To know your price for pulling out with the Italians.

He'll guarantee your take on the slot machines.

What's he guaranteeing with?

His commissary card?

With the Council.

His offer's backed by Marcaggi...

... and the Corsican Council.

How long have you known him?

Since prison.

Worked for him ever since?

It just happened...

Got there, started working.

Does he protect you?

I work. No protection.

You're their Arab. They protect you. No, I work.

What's the price?

You rat?

Run errands?

Suck them? What the hell?

Why does an Arab work for Corsicans?

You belly-dance?

You their waitress?

I had a friend there. Never got out.

Named Reyeb.

Sound familiar?

Did Luciani have him wasted?

What do you know?

Animals coming!

Watch out!

Over there! Two more!

Kill it!

What's your thing?

How do you do it?

What are you?

A prophet or what?

I did Reyeb.

Fuck, you've come a long way.

What's your name?


I'll wash your shirt and your pants too.

- The pants aren't dirty. - Are you sure?

Then just give me your shirt.

Here's your shirt, my son.

I washed it but the bloodstains won't go away.


Tell me something. Some Muslims asked me about Luciani.

Was that you?

You talk with Muslims, Corsicans...

...you come here...

Straddling everyone.

It's not too great on your balls.

Talk to Lingherri too?

The Italians have a Corsican snitch.

Does your boss know?

Are you sure? Positive.

Know him well enough?

So tell that to Luciani.

I accept his offer on one condition.

He finds the snitch and he cleans house.

I have a favor.

I got trouble with a guy in Paris.

Named Latif the Egyptian. You know him?

What can I do?

Can you tell him we know each other?

That we work together?

Work together...

What do you think?

Let's get sucked before you go.

Can I stay on the beach? As you like.


Did it go okay?

You and Latif will meet and talk.

Seriously? I'm gonna meet that asshole?

Lattrache will contact him. He'll accept.

He's involved? You saw him for the Corsicans.

He needs Luciani, we need Latif.

We help each other.

Work out a deal.

We go partners, pool everything. Hide-outs, cars, suppliers.

We take over the market and we rule.

You know what you're asking me?

We'll settle our scores when the time's right.

Now we'll do it this way.

I'm sick again.

I did tests. They're not good.

I need more chemo.

Will you be okay?

Take care, brother.

You're 30 minutes late.

You know the rules.

I removed car doors all day long.

Spread your legs.

I'll let it go for now. Think about your parole.

Damn it! Check the time!

I don't give a fuck about Marcaggi's thanks.

All I want is for him to move his ass...

... and settle this thing.

As we speak one of our guys is sleeping...

... with the Italians. I want to know who.

- Does he know? Yes.


He's dealing with it.

It concerns him and him alone.

It was the same for Lattrache.

You know who he is?


Hold on, Cesar.

Jacky wants you to stay out of this.

Not to the side, not far.


He says if you need anything...

I'm okay. Don't put yourself out.

Here's some good news.

You asked about creating a hotel company.

I think I found someone. A Basque in Pamplona.

Why do you say "good news"?

You told me to look.

We're talking about Jacky, Sardinia, casinos...

...you tell me to butt out...

...and all of a sudden: "Good news."

It wasn't good before?

It was.

So why "Now some good news"?

I didn't say "now."

I can tell you two good things. Can you? It's been ages!

Thanks, sir.

Give me the papers.

You get the scores?

Which game?

Why do you make the coffee?

Why still act like a servant?

You go out for me, you see Sampiero, you see Lattrache.

You deal with my business, the casinos.

The Lingherris.

And when I ask for a coffee, you hop to it.

Nothing to say?

What's the question?

Why I do it or how it makes me feel?

I do it because you ask.

Want to know how I feel?

I couldn't care less.

Still need me?

You're the one who needs me!

Can I go?

Can you hear me?

When do you see Latif?

Listen to me. Give my share to Imam Moussab.

Give it all to him.

I have no fucking idea. Try the mosque.

I just want the money to get to him, on behalf of Malik El Djebena.

He'll know how to find me.

Do as I say. Then leave me a message.

Move your fat ass, nigger!

Better? I'm fine.

That money at the mosque... Is it from you?

Is it dirty money?

Of course it's dirty!

But it's better in his hands than in mine.

You think the Imam will take it?

That depends on you, guys.

I understand what you do here, and I respect it.

But you're not in power.

The Corsicans control the guards.

You pray in pigsties, sleep in shit-holes.

You stand up and get knocked back down.

Maybe the Imam could use that dirty money.

What do you want?

Same as you, Hassan. A better life for me and my friends.

Do I look stupid? All you want...

...is to use us, no more.


As long as we're all happy.


Go straight to the Imam again and you're dead.

You talk money with me.

It's between us. Okay?

Is that why you gave the Imam money? To meet with me?

Thug to thug? Cut the shit!

Just kidding.


Handmade. Without gifts it's not Christmas.

I'm the gift. One hundred percent handmade.

What a gift!

No care packages?

Help yourself.

Is wild boar pork?

Are you kidding?

Can we stop? Can you and I talk sincerely?


I'm going to ask a favor of you...

...not because you work for me...

...but because I trust you.

Understand the difference?

I'm not sure.

I saw Vettori. He got some info.

We know who's talking to the Lingherris.

Form a team.

What are your guys like?

A team for what? To whack them.

The Lingherris?

The Lingherris and Jacky Marcaggi.

Whack Marcaggi?

Whack your boss?

No one must know.

You, me, Vettori and no one else.

It'll take place in Paris.

Vettori will give you what you need. He'll supervise...

...but we remain invisible.

Can you do this for me?

Any plans for when you get out?

When we get the casinos, we'll need someone to run them...

...with Lattrache.

We'll do it. We'll do it!

I have six months.

Three up and about.

Maybe they're wrong.

Give me a break. What's the problem?

Whacking those guys?

Keep it down.

We don't know them.

What do we care?

Think about when you get out.

I won't be around.

You can think about your future. I can't.


There's Djamila.

There's my son.

What will I leave them? A fridge? A TV?

What are you talking about?

You'll be taking care of them.

That's what I'm asking.

Go tell them it's a deal.

We'll do it.

I spoke to my friend outside.

We'll do it.

He'll tell me when he finds the guys.

I'll call my man.

Give me your friend's number. Vettori will contact him.

Ever try this?

I'll give you a little.

Are you listening?

We're heading for disaster.

Our guys are fine for hash. For the rest, they suck.

You wanted to do this. Just figure it out!

I can't control them.

When they saw the guns, they lost it.

Right away, like kids.

That asshole Vettori treats us like shit.

During recon, they fought. Now Khalid wants to kill him.

Change guys.


For a contract? Who cares?

One minute.

I've lost time and money with them.

Look at the state he's in!

Watch your mouth!

I'll put him out of his misery!

Hands off! Cool it!

Shut up! We'll do it, but our way.

I'm just explaining. Can I?

Listen to me. We're going to kill them.

Promise me.

We'll kill them but they can't see it coming.

Now I'll slap you. Look down.

What? - I'll slap you and you look down.

Now he gets it.

Let's move on.

Pick me up without the others. You and I will take care of it.

Will you be able to?


Going to the halfway house is part of your rehabilitation.

Yes, Your Honor. It's a center for convicts...

I know the Imam Moussab's center.

You've requested two days.

That seems a bit much.

I propose a one-day training module. Seven to 7.

Will that do? Yeah, very well.

Mohammed, peace be with Him...

... arrived on the mountaintop and fell asleep.

The angel Gabriel appeared.

Know what he told him?

He said: "Recite. Recite, Mohammed.

Recite for God who created you.

He created mankind from nothing.

Recite what he taught you with his writings."


Wondrous, my brother!


The door.

Have a good day.

Where are the others? In back.

The car comes from here.

One bodyguard, one driver.

The bodyguard opens the doors.

He has a bulletproof vest.

We let them come out.

We pop the guard, then them.

Let's go.

It's them. They're coming.

Black Chevy.

Let them get out.

I'll do the bodyguard.

What the fuck?

Move it! Come on!

See them?

Okay, now I see them.

Three cars ahead. Catch up!

They're turning.

What now? They're stopping!

- Go on, I'll kill them! - Kill who?

It's an armored car!

It's an armored car, I said.

Unless you kick them out, we're fucked.

What's he doing?

Buying cigarettes.

I'm going.

What are you doing?

Marcaggi, down!

Get down!

I can't hear!

Can't hear a thing!

It's not my blood.

It's theirs.

You pigs, we fucked you over!

Are you Jacky Marcaggi?

Don't talk! I can't hear! Just nod.

Know him?

Your pal Luciani sent us to kill you.

I won't. I'll leave him to you.

Take your revenge!

Let's beat it.

You sleeping?

No, I'm not. I'm exhausted.

Did you talk to Djamila?

I'll sleep in the kid's room.

You don't want to go back tonight?

I'll go tomorrow.

You'll do hole time.

While they tear each other apart.

You need anything?

I'm not doing the chemo.

It's hopeless anyway.

Watch your sleeve.

You're wiping your plate.

Eat some, Ryad.

I'm eating.

Want something else? No, thanks.

- Good? - Delicious, thanks.

El Djebena, Malik. 35-114T.

40 days, 40 nights

You there?

Are you there?

Make sure it's all there and sign here.


Your release form.

The door.

Good luck, El Djebena.

Good day, sir.

How are you?

- It's cold. Freezing.

Not a time to be outside.

- You came by bus? Yes.

When's the next one?

In half an hour.

Want to walk a bit?

If you like.

Where will you live?

Come home. I'll take the kid. Use his bedroom.

I don't want to impose. You're not.