A Rage in Harlem (1991) Script

? Don't you know that I love you ?

Ha ha ha!

It's gold, just like they said.

Yes, sir!

Gold, gold! Ha ha!

Really, really fine.

Well, I must admit, you boys got a lot of nerve... pulling a mining robbery like that.

In broad daylight, no less!

Yeah, shooting up all them good white folks.

Well, it comes with the territory.

Ha ha! Well, gentlemen...

I'm prepared to go 10,000 apiece.

What? What you talking, $10,000?

No, we agreed. $200,000 on delivery.

It seems to me things have changed.

Right now, this ore is hotter than Memphis in July.

Now, you boys got to turn it into cold cash.

There's only two people who can do that... and I'm one of them.

I suggest you take my offer.

Lester, you trying to cheat us, you cheap bastard.

Hush up, baby girl. I'll handle this.

You're trying to cheat us, you dirty bastard... and I'm very disappointed in you.

Well, boy, I'll tell you, take it or leave it.

? Hold you I love you ?

It ain't gonna go this way, Lester.

You think about it again.

Drop your hands! Drop your damn hands!

Get your hands down! Move over! Move over!

That's right.

I don't do business with niggers who pull guns on me.

Lester, baby... you gone and picked the wrong niggers... to call niggers.

What the hell is that thing on your nose?

It's distracting. Ought to be removed.

My man Jodie here, he's an expert cosmic surgeon.

Ha ha ha! Yeah!

Ain't you, Jodie?

Oh, yeah! I-I-let me have a look-see, Slim.

Oh, that's dog ugly.

Ugly! Ugly, mm-hmm!

Lester, it's gotta go. Gotta go.


No killing, Slim.

Who's the other fence, Lester?


Pop go the weasel.

Aah! You niggers rot in hell!

Doctor, I think you ought to sterilize that wound.

Don't use that acid, Slim!

Go on around.

No! No! It's Easy Money up in Harlem!

Easy Money? The dude that own the Royale?

That's him! I swear! Get that acid away from my face!

Bo! Get our shit and get the hell outta here.

Come on, y'all, let's go.

Slim... What?

You're gonna kill him, ain't you?

Go help Bo.

You promised me no more killing!

Get the hell outta here. Always got to run your mouth!

Come on, Hank.

Let's see if we can fry him like a pork chop.

Burn him! Ha ha ha!

Lester, you're gonna look like sloppy chitlins.


It's the sheriff! You set us up!

Y'all got ten seconds to get your ass out here!


God damn it, it's Lester!

Shoot the bastards!




Fuck you, nigger!

Aaah! Back up!

Stop her! No! Don't let her get away!

? Give to the blind ?

? Give to the blind ?

? Give to the blind ?

Help me, somebody. Mmm!

Christy, you forgot your Hula-Hoop!

Young and tender inspiration!

Dirty old man.

Damn shame. ? Give to the blind ?

? Give to the blind ?

Lord... thank you for letting me wake up in my right mind.

Lord... last night after depositing $4.25..

Of my hard-earned money into my bank account...

I passed the $1,500 mark... my new balance now being $1,500.25.

Thank you for making me provident... and for not putting obstacles in my way.

Such as... women.


And they snatched her purse right off her arm.

Lord have mercy.

I don't know what's wrong with these children today.

Nothing that a good ass-kicking wouldn't help.

You go right ahead.

Thank you, honey. You got manners to spare.

His mama really raised him right.

Well, I hope he enjoyed himself.

She probably the only woman he'll ever have.

Sorry. All full up.

As salaam alaikum, my brother.

What are you saying to me, Claude X?

You speak English to me. You just say hello.

Hell is low, brother man.

That's much better, and very true.

Rodney, meet me over on 110!

Jackson! You're late!

I'm sorry.

Jackson! Yes, sir?

You're late! I'm sorry. I just-

I know, I know.

Next time get on the bus, no matter what!

We got dead people to tend to here.

You think they gonna wait on you?

Oh, no, sir.

? Ooh, ooh, ooh ?

Shake it! I'm ready to go!

Ohh... Hey, Goldy.

Say, Goldy!

? Just yesterday skies were cloudy and gray ?

You must be some kind of mathematical genius... keeping all those numbers in your head.

Well, you know how it is.

Notepads look too much like evidence.

Yeah, well, I'm very disturbed... that one of your people hit for ten grand.

It ruined my weekend, Goldy.

What can I say?

Old man Dixon's been playing for years.

He never won a dime. Yeah.

Suppose we just say you remembered wrong.

You see, I hear he's due... to take a little fall down a flight of stairs.

You want to chump on the rest of your people, you do that... but anybody bets with me gets paid.

You understand what I'm saying?

What's the matter with this guy?

How come you always looking to try me?

I'm gonna try you again.

You ain't gonna try me now.

Goldy, Goldy...

Hey, my friend...

I'll let Dixon off this time.

But it's the principle of the thing.

I got one rule in life... don't give nothing to nobody.

Take it easy, my man.

Drive. Come on.


Yum yum yum yum yum.

Yum Yum Yum yum! Mmm! Pow!

Put it in for me, honey.

Whenever, wherever, and however.

Uhh! Mm-hmm.

Hey, Charlie! Yeah?

Give me a hand, huh? Oh, all right.

Yaah! Jackson! Ha ha ha!

You boys quit messing with the corpses!

I ain't joking around, you know!

Yes, Mr. Clay.

You getting ready for the Undertaker's Ball tonight?

We'll find you a woman.

I ain't got no time for no women, Louis.

We'll fix you up with Mr. Clay's wife.

The one with the big ass like two glazed hams.


She got big feet. Cover a lot of ground.

Blaspheming philistines!

Two big, luscious titties, like two cassava melons.

Blaspheming philistine heathens!

Man, I'm not from Philly! Who you talking to?

I told you that! Hey, come on, man!

Blaspheming philistine sinning heathens.

Sorry, Mr. Clay.

I'm separated! Up in a man's business!

Would you look at me?

$5.00 an hour, 20 for the night.

What is this, the Ritz?

This is New York City, honey.

People don't come here to sleep.

Hour's usually all they need.

All I got is $4.00 to my name.

Oh, yeah? What's that shit on your finger?

This is my grandmama's ring.

It's going with me to my grave.

All right, you can keep your $4.00.

I got a room opening up.

Go on up and take a shower.

You know your best bet? You should go on over... to the Undertaker's Ball at the Royale.

Royale? That's where I was going anyway.

Well, good. If anybody can raise the dead... and make 'em pay their rent, it's you.

Things don't work out, you come on back home.

Ooh, yeah! Yeah! Turn me, baby! Ooh!

? Elevator operator ?

? Up and down, up and down ?

? Elevator operator ?

? Up and down, up and down ?

? When my day is done ?

? I got to show you around ?

? Elevator operator ?

? Up and down, up and down ?

? Whoo, elevator operator ?

? Up and down, up and down ?

What'd she say? Yeah!

I tell you what she said, right?

She says, "Smitty, Smitty, come on over."

So I go over there, right?

Soon as I get to the house, she got 12 kids, man!

What?! Twelve ugly kids!

Every last one of 'em looked like Dracula.

All right now!

? Elevator operator ?

? Up and down, up and down ?

? Whoo, elevator operator ?

? Up and down, up and down ?

? When my day is done ?

? I got to show you around ?

? Owww! ?

Now, I take the 12 kids that look like Dracula... and put 'em in a room, right?

Let 'em watch some of that "Andy 'n' Amos."

No, no. "Amos 'n' Andy."

Yeah, whatever it is. Amos and... and... right.

So, I tip over to her bedroom, right?

Man, I'm riding that coochie like the Lone Ranger.

I got that Trigger thing happening down there.

Smitty, I don't got time... for all your blaspheming and your evil ways.

I'm looking for Easy Money.

Smitty... Ohh!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Get your goddamn hands off me, chump.

Trying to clean you off.

Excuse me, but...

Do we know you? Not in this lifetime.

Oh! Whoo!

Hot damn! I know that hurt you.

It hurt you.

No, can't hurt nobody who look like Nat Cole.


You better get rid of them shaving bumps.

Man, shut up, you old bug-eyed...

Yeah. Heh. That's gold, all right.

Mmm. Mmm. That's good.

But you're gonna have to show me the rest of it... before I show you the money.

Now, honey, a whole lot of people was killed... playing around with this stuff.

My partners, white folks, police.

I ain't just flashing it around... and ending up the way they did.

You know, I do believe... you and I were cut out to do business together.

But first...

Yeah, baby?

Straighten up! Count off!

Act calm. Take it easy, baby.

Their bark is bigger than their bite.

So, what you trying to pin on me now?

Familiar with an old man named Julius Dixon?

Hit for 10 grand on a number Goldy sold him.

It warms my head when I can do some good... for the old folks of the community.

Yeah? Too bad he fell down a flight of stairs... before you could pay him!

You don't think we could do this later... like in the morning?

Hell no! Hell no!

Don't worry, baby.

They just do this shit to keep themselves busy.

But, uh... I got no place to stay.

Stay in a hotel.

But I got no money.

? The people quit the scene ?

? Like the devil was loose ?

? The clouds turned green ?

? And letdown lemon juice ?

? What walks on two feet ?

? And looks like a goat? ?

? That crazy Screaming Jay in a bright yellow coat ?

? Hey, now ?

? Stick With it ?

? Baby, baby, don't you quit it ?

? Ohh, you're bound to get it ?

? Yes, sir ?

? Made outta goat skin, foreskin ?

? And laying out in milk and gin ?

? Lord, lord, lordy ?

? I took a plane out Midwest ?

? To see my Uncle Joe ?

? We ran into some real bad weather ?

? Ice, rain, and snow ?

? Fifty million bulldogs ?

? Twenty mountain goats... ?

Are you ready for me, daddy?

Oh, I'm sorry that I spilled that water on you.

He spills a drink on me... and now he won't even ask me for a dance.

Boy ain't got no manners.

Well, honey, you're just gonna have... to make it up to me on the dance floor, huh?

Would you hold this for me, please?

Thank you.

I'm gonna hold this for you, yeah.


You're not an undertaker.

? I put a spell on you ?

I'm Jackson.

? Because you're mine ?

That's my toe, Jackson.

Sorry. I told you, I don't know how to dance.

Baby, it's easy.

Just wrap your arms around me...

? Ha ha ha, watch out ?

And squeeze.

? I ain't lying ?

? Yeah ?

I know who it is. See, that's his cousin.

Uh-uh. No, no.

Then that's... Mr. Clay's in on this... that's his wife's sister's daughter...

Uh-uh. No, no.

Then I do not know who that woman is.


? Because ?

? You're mine ?


And don't this feel good?

- Whoo! Oh!

Jackson, would you like to go outside?

Because it's kinda hot in here.

Um, no. Uh...

Heh. I'm doing just fine here, really.

Would you like to go home?

Really, don't worry about me.

I'm great.

Honey, I ain't worried about you.

I'm worried about me.

See, I'm tired, my feet are killing me... and I just want to sit down.

Now, do you live nearby?

I'm sorry?

? And I love you anyhow ?

? I don't care if you don't want me ?

? I'm yours ?

? Right now ?

? I put a spell on you ?

Let's go.

? Because you're mine ?

? Mine, mine ?

? Ow, whoo ?

? Ooh, you're mine ?

This is it.


Jackson, I told you never to leave... your ham-greased stuff in my kitchen.

Who is that?

Well, you ain't been fornicating all these years.

I don't see how come you want to start now.

If Christ knew what kind of Christians... he had up here in Harlem... he'd climb back up on the cross and start over.

Who's that?

Why, that's Jesus.

Now, honey, I know who Jesus is.

The other one.

Oh. That's my mom.

She's dead now.

Sorry to hear that, Jackson.

I'm so tired.

I feel like I walked all the way from Mississippi.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Would you like me to rub your feet for you?

I could do that for you.

Sure, honey, that'd be fine.

Gotta take these off.

I've seen a lot of feet before.

I don't think I've seen one... so small.

That's mighty sweet of you, Jackson.

So, where is it you seen all them feet?

Dead people.


Oh, you know... being an undertaker and everything.

It's not that I work with the deceased... or anything like that, personally.

It's just... the job.

You get accustomed to the sight of bodies.

What I mean is...

Looking at bodies ain't so bad.

That's not what I'm trying to say, either.

What I'm trying to say... is...

You probably ain't never seen a body.


Oh, they ain't so bad.

Actually, it's a very exciting line of work.

Police! Get the hell out of the way, suckers!

Don't make me kill nobody!

Straighten up! Count off!

Goldy, my boy.

What's a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?

I live here, Grave Digger. Now get the fuck out!

Two sluts cut up a white cop last night.

So what? What?

So the word is, they come outta here.

You wouldn't know nothing about that?

I don't know nothing about nothing.

I suppose you don't know nothing about some boys... in Mississippi that shot up a bunch of white folks... and stole a trunk of gold?

What's that got to do with me?

Sooner or later, it'll end up in Harlem.

Between you and Easy Money... knowing everything that comes in and out of here...

Gentlemen, you wouldn't happen to have... a search warrant, would you?

We don't need a goddamn search warrant.

OK! All right!

We said we don't know nothing about nothing.


You better watch your ass, fruitcake.

Or we'll shut this motherfucker down!

Let's go.

Someday, though.

Yeah, someday... I'm gonna kick your ass.

Try not to break anything on the way out.


Could've been worse. Ha ha! OK, girls.

The fun is over. Let's clean up this mess.

Come on, come on!

Did you hear what they said? There's gold in Harlem!

Don't even think about it.

Shit, Kathy, this could be it for me.

I get my hands on that gold...

Be careful. Yeah.

I'll be careful.

Yes! I'll be careful!

Ladies! I'm coming back, ladies!

Hey! I done told you... a million times to keep your behind off my stoop!

What you doing?

Staring at you.

You've been there all night, haven't you?

You covered me up?

Yeah, it gets so cold around here...

I didn't want you to get sick or nothing.

It's just that most men would've uncovered me.

All of 'em, in fact.

What kind of man would do something like that to you?

That's not very nice.

Where you staying, anyway?

Do you have family around here?

I sure had a fine time last night, Jackson.

Me, too.

Thank you... for covering me up and all.

Rubbing my feet and all.

Oh, it's no problem.

Really, it's no problem.

You a virgin, Jackson?

What you want to ask me a question like that for?

I'll take that as a yes.

I ain't no virgin.


I could teach you.

I don't know.

You already taught me to dance and all that stuff.


Come here, baby.

Turn around.

Oh. That's OK. I can do that.

Lay down, baby.

Up here. Oh.

Do you mind if I take these pictures off the wall?


Mm. What you trying to do, baby?

I'm just... just... taking my shoes off.

I'm sorry.

I'm so stupid. I don't...

I don't know how to do nothing.


It don't matter.

It really don't matter.

It don't? Really?

Mm-mm. No.

? Please, please, please, please ?

? Please, please, don't go ?

? Please, please, please ?

? Please, please, don't go ?

? Honey, please ?

? Don't ?

? Ohh ?

? Oh, yeah ?

? Whoa, I love you so ?

? Please, please, don't go ?

? Baby, you did me wrong ?

? You know you done me wrong ?

? Whoa, whoa ?

? You done me wrong ?

? You know you done me wrong ?

? You know you done, done me wrong ?

? Whoa ?

? Oh, yeah ?

? Took my love, and now you're gone ?

? Please, please, don't go ?

? Please ?

? Please, please, please ?

? Please, please ?

? Please ?

? Please ?

You're the best thing that ever happened to me.


Will you marry me?

Marry me. Marry me.

Jackson... don't you think that's rushing things a little bit?

I mean...

Maybe we should just try this out, you know?

Like for the weekend, huh?


You mean, live together in sin?

Yeah. Why not? Hmm?

One, two... Uhh!!

Jackson, your decision to liberate your hair from... the influence of the white devil is most encouraging.

Does that mean you're going to liberate your mind as well?

No. It just means I'm going to wear my hair natural now.

Woman sure has changed you a lot in one week.

Morning, Mrs. Canfield.

This trunk is so heavy!

Stop complaining, Jackson.

If you knew anything about women... you'd know you was getting off light.

Hi, Mrs. Canfield. Huh!

I-I don't want to complain or nothing...

Last night, you trying to act like Samson.

Now I give you a chance to prove it, and look how you act.

My good brother, can you make it from here?

For I must prepare for mass. As salaam alaikum.

Hey! I told you to just say good-bye to me.

Just say good-bye.

It was awful nice of him to help.

What kind of last name is "X"?

Oh, God, you're so innocent. Ha ha ha!

It just fills my head with joy.

It's refreshing, that's what it is.

His last name ain't His last name is Taylor.

Claude Taylor... Maybe that's why he changed it.

Oh... oh, baby! They cut your throat!

And the trunk busted, and your blood was all over the gold!

What gold?

It was just a dream.

I been wanting to give you something.

Belonged to my mother.

And I figure, if you wear this... it'll chase all of them bad dreams away.


I can't take it.

It's yours.

? May the Lord God bless you real good ?

? May the Lord God bless you real good ?

? Woke me up this morning ?

? Got me on my way ?

? May the Lord God bless you real good ?


? Praise God on high ?

? It was a hot day in Harlem, New York City ?

? City ?

? When Cain went into the fields ?

? With his brother Abel ?

? Abel ?

? All right, and while Abel ?

? I said, while Abel ?

? Was tilling the soil ?

? Cain rose up ?

? He rose up against his brother ?

? Oh, yes, he did ?

? He picked up that rock ?

? It was not the rock of Jesus ?

? Jesus ?

? It was the rock of jealousy ?

? And Cain, Cain took that rock ?

? He took that rock... ?

? Praise God, praise God ?

? Praise God, praise God ?

Have a blessed week now.

God bless you now.

Have a blessed week.

Jackson! Reverend Gaines...

I'd like to introduce you to Sister Imabelle... a good, decent, God-fearing woman.

Well, God bless your head, my sister.

Now, Jackson, I hope you took my sermon to head.

You still ain't talking to your stepbrother?


Forget your differences, Jackson.

Life is too short for all of this pettiness.

Yes, sir. Now, remember, Jackson... you promised to look over the church accounts.

Um, we'll be right back. All right.

You just go on home. I'll be there shortly, OK?

OK. Bye.

Yes, sir!

What's the matter, baby? Ain't you glad to see me?

Oh, baby! Oh, baby!

I thought you was dead. When I saw you at church...

I was so happy to see you, I just wanted to cry.

I come over here as quickly as I could... just hoping you'd be here.

Oh, baby, here you are.

I think she's sweet on this lame she's shacked up with.

And I think you don't know what the fuck you talking about!

I needed some place to lay low, so fuck you!

No, fuck you! No, fuck you!

No, fuck you! No, fuck you!

Oh, man, this is bullshit!

She and him was gonna cut and run with the gold!

She come back to get the trunk!

Now, Slim... would I go for a chump like him... after I been with a man like you?

An undertaker? Ha ha ha!

Jodie, you don't know what you're talking about.

This here's my Imabelle.

This our Imabelle.

Besides, all Imabelle done is to set up our first city boy.


You want to scam Jackson?

Well, the boy look like a born sucker to me.

We gonna take him for everything he got, or...

Pop go the weasel.

OK, baby, what you want to do?

I think we ought to bake some money.

That'll be perfect.

Say, baby girl, who's that on the wall?

Why, that's Jesus.

I know who the fuck Jesus is.

I'm talking about the other dude.

That's his mama.

That's Jesus's mama?

Jackson's mama, fool!

His mama?

That is one ugly bitch!

Ha ha ha!

Jodie, she got a gorilla in her past.

Ha ha ha! And just think... if you and Jackson were to make babies...

Ha ha ha ha!

Y'all wait in the car.

I'll be right there.

Oh, baby girl...

Now, let me take a look at you.

Come on, let me take a good look at you.

Mm-hmm. Now you take off that jacket.

Sure miss looking at you.


Mmm mmm mmm!

Come here, baby.

Come here. Ha ha ha!


You stretching this boy's jeans?

What, baby? That sucker?

Well, he be a dead sucker if he don't profit me.

You understand?

Babe, I don't know about this.

Sounds like a hoax to me.

Baby, it ain't no hoax.

I have something for you.


Oh, God.

You're gonna look fine when you take me out... with all that money we gonna make.

Where'd you get it?

Did you sell your grandmother's ring?

Oh, God.

What's wrong, baby?

I think you're the answer to all my prayers.

You're every dream I ever had come true.


What? What?

I never meant you no harm.

That's right.

This is my life savings... $1,500.

And you want me to raise it to 15 Gs, right?


Uh, are you gonna change mine, too?

He did it for me last week. It's a miracle. A miracle!

Really? Mm-hmm! This man's a genius!

He's gonna make us rich. We gonna be rich, god damn it!

Now, I'm gonna have me some water while it's baking.

Uh, yeah. Let me get some of that.

Why don't you sit down, daddy? Your knees are shaking.

Thank you.

You know, if this works, we can take the 15,000... turn it into 150,000. 150,000, turn it into 1.5 million.

1.5 million into 150 million...

150 million into 1.5 billion dollars.

We'll be rich. We'll be really rich!

Oh! Look out, honey!

Open in the name of the law! I'm a United States marshal... and I'll shoot the first son of a bitch that moves!

Aah! Run, daddy, run!

Don't you move, boy!

I don't want to have to put a bullet in your ass!

I ain't moving! I ain't moving! Look!

Man, put your hands down. This ain't no goddamn movie.

Now, you stand up here and take your punishment like a man.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

What, your woman put you up to this?

Oh, no. She's a law-abiding woman.

She ain't mine, neither. No, no.

I don't want to be rude or nothing... but would it be OK... if I gave you $20G... would you let me go?

Oh, Lord, ashes to ashes and dusk to dusk.

All he left me was his debts.

It's OK, my little chocolate bunny.

You see, we're better off without him.

See, y-your husband's in a better place, and so am I.

Please forgive me.

I know how you feel.

Mmm! That you, Louis?

No, sir. It's me, Jackson.

I thought you took the afternoon off.

Yes, sir.

But there were some numbers that didn't add up... and I thought they might have overcharged us... on that embalming fluid.

I ain't gonna give you no raise, son, so don't overdo it.

Yes, sir.

I'll sop you like a biscuit on some gravy.

Just think of me as smooth as a piece of okra.

I'd suck you like a neck bone.

Here's the money.

You stay away from that woman.



You're lucky.

I don't want to see you no more.


Don't let her be gone, God.

Don't let her be gone. Don't let her be gone.

She took the cross!

Sure took your time getting here.

We do the best we can, ma'am.

Now, this is his room.

And this is him.

Don't surprise me none.

I don't know why old man Clay trusted him in the first place.

You said he had a woman up here.

Some southern gal. She's a thief, too.

Oh! Evil, evil woman!

The same detectives what arrested Jackson... came back with two more and arrested her.

Said they wasn't no regular detectives... said they was some special agents.

And they took her trunk as evidence.

Oh, yeah? What was in it? I don't know.

Whatever it was, it certainly must have been important... the way they was carrying on.

Those could be the Mississippi boys we been looking for.

Yeah! The ones with the trunk of gold!

Maybe the gal's trunk was full of her panties.


Maybe it wasn't. Maybe it wasn't.

Well, maybe it was, and maybe it wasn't.

But somebody don't come up with my $175.95 for my stove...

I'm gonna raise some hell, you hear me?

I'm really gonna raise hell!

Yes, ma'am. Mm-hmm.

Who's that? Oh, that's Jesus.

I know that's Jesus. I mean the other guy.

That's his mama.

Jesus! God damn!

Thank you, ma'am.

Y'all welcome.

Wake up, my brothers and sisters, for the time has come!

For we do not wish amalgamating... with the pale-skinned nation of the Europeans.

Blacks should quit bothering with his religion!

Quit bothering with hot combs and skin-bleaching!

Man is made of haste, my brother!

I ask you to let me show you my portion!

I haven't got time for you right now, Claude X.

Listen, you just slow down. I'm gonna tell you something.

You're looking for your woman.

She's nowhere to be found.

I saw her leaving with some serious black devils.

Now, it may do you well to seek a brother's help.

You talking about my stepbrother?

Uh-uh. We ain't been talking for five years.

Well, you better sta? now.

I don't want to talk to my brother.

I wanna talk to Reverend Gaines. He'll know what I should do.

If you want to find God, you talk to a preacher.

If you want to find devils, you talk to a demon.

These will take your uncle Inell... straight to the bosom of the Lord.

For I have seen heaven open and beheld the white horse.

That'll be $5.00.

I told you...

No, no. There he his.

Oh, my God!

Brother Gabriel's got your ticket.

I can't believe my own brother's out here on the street corner... impersonating a man of God! What are you think...

Don't call me Sherman in public, you hear what I'm saying?

That's your Christian name.

Claude X, why you bring this square around here?

Brothers, brothers.

Goldy, your brother needs your help.

He has been robbed of his woman... and the Prophet says lower thy wings in kindness... to thy tribe of near-kin. Tribe, my ass!

Just because...

What's the daily word, Reverend?

And the Savior said to his disciples... said, "He that loveth his brother more than me...

"is not worthy of me."

The man is a demon.

What? Run.

That's not true. Run away from him!

Blind man... I don't need no bean pie!

What you need is a divine message!

Awaken, my people! The so-called Negroes...

So, what happened, bros?

That gold-digger you met at the Royale take all your money?

She didn't have nothing to do with it.

Just 'cause the only kind of woman you associate with... is prostitutes and lowlifes- Put that back!

Shut up! Shut up! Put that back!

Just because you abandoned me and Mama... and then broke her head with all your evil ways... don't mean that everybody in the world is just like you!

Come here talking that holier-than-thou shit... looking for me to help you? Fuck you, man!

You ain't said five decent words to me in five years... and now just 'cause you need something...

That's right! I need you to help me find my woman, Sherman!

I need your help! Help yourself, man!

Here-here's some tickets to heaven.

Move your preaching ass!

You want to run me down? A man of the cloth?

Com flake-eating motherfucker! Get out of the way!

Help me, Sherman! You're my brother!

Forget it! We're blood!

No! There's gold.

There's a trunk full of gold.


You say there's a trunk full of gold?

You ain't never gonna change.

No. I ain't never gonna change.

Come here for a second. Shit.

And then they put the money in the stove...

And the stove blew up, and the marshal ran in... and blip blop de blam. How you know that?

My very own brother taken in by the bluff.

But there was a hundred dollars came outta that stove.

What's the matter with you? Where's your fucking brain, huh?

You been drinking embalming fluid or some shit?

You been suckered... and your gal run off with the stud that took your money.

She didn't run off. They took her, Sherman!

She's in trouble, too. I know. I can feel her.

She's in trouble? You the one's in trouble...

Mr. Churchgoing Man.

Heh heh. Shit, you just robbed your own boss.

You motherfuckers got a cigarette?

No, we ain't got no cigarette.

Listen, I'll help you get your woman back.

First, we call Kathy, then we go see Blind.

But I keep the gold, you understand?

You get the woman, I get the gold.

Woman, gold. Strictly business.

Got it? Got it.

All right.

You motherfuckers is in my way!

Give me your money... and don't think I wouldn't cut you, Reverend!

Have mercy, son.

You lucky I got my reverend shit on... otherwise I'd blow your fucking lips off.

Get the fuck outta here. I'm going!

I can't believe that. Man tried to stick up a preacher!

So we got a deal, bros?

I just want to get her back, Sherman.

I don't care nothing about no gold.

Come with me, chump.

And stop calling me Sherman.

Where you taking me, Sherman? Shh!

Will Kill, what you been doing?

Not a goddamn thing.

Blind Man here? He's back there.


That's him! Coming to get it!

Sherman! There are half-dressed women in here.

You know my stepbrother?

I'm Jackson.

Really? Yeah.

Jackson, uh... why don't you check out the crap table?

Go ahead. Good.


Yeah. Listen, I need some information.

It's that Jackson, ain't it?

You're jerking that lame.

Oh, come on, baby. What you talking about?

What is it? You got religion, baby?

Huh? Is that what it is?

Or is there something wrong?

do this tonight.

I want you to stop treating me... like I got nothing to say in this.

Look, I haven't got time to explain everything to you.

Like I said, just trust me.

That's not something we're used to doing with you.

We? Who's we?

The family! You know, the people you forgot about?

Oh, get off my back!

You really don't care, do you? You really don't care!

You didn't even come to your mama's funeral!

Hey! You don't know what the fuck you're talking about!

And it ain't none of your fucking business... what I did or didn't do!

What are you gonna do? Shoot me with your gun next?

Just forget it.

Just forget it and stick with the business deal. All right?

I ain't never gonna own you as my brother.

And that goes double for me, man. That's double for me!

You ain't got no feeling.

I got feelings! I got...

Who are you to tell me I ain't got no feelings?!

I'm a fool for talking to you. Come on!


? And I'm saving all my loving just for you ?

Whoo! Yeah!

Didn't tell me you were taking me to a whorehouse.

Shut up, man. Any luck?

Yeah, I think so.

Who's the 'john'?

My name's not John. My name is Jackson. Thank you, ma'am.

Jackson? You two are stepbrothers?

You made up or something?

No, no. Just got a little business deal going, that's all.

I think it ain't like that.

Come on, sit down. Sit down, Jackson.

I'll stand. Thank you very much.

Where's he at?

Ah, Teena's got his lap staked.


Father, lead us not into temptation... but deliver us from evil!

- Ooh, is that them? Yeah, I think so.

Come on! Come on! Come on!

It just ain't right. Just ain't right.

I'll handle this!

Excuse me! Excuse me!

What's that lame doing? Oh, shit!

Shit! Wait! I'll get him!

Yeah! Yeah!

Hey, you!


Just throw his ass down there!

That is your brother?

Yes! And you should have hit him twice!

You should have shot him!

All right!

I gotta go wee-wee.

Ain't you a little old to be talking that way?

I talk that way, I stay that way, honey.

I'll be right back.

Goldy, listen! I got it. What?

He's been telling me about this gold mine he's representing... and he's been going all over the United States selling shares.

How do you know he's not scamming you?

Because he's got two partners, plus a contact man... named Gus Parsons working the Braddock Bar.

And he said he's gonna show me a trunk full of gold... that they're using as bait.

But listen. They're pulling out tomorrow night.

You did great, baby. Thanks.

Keep him talking!

You gotta help me.

Son, you've gotta know when you've had enough.

I got nothing. This is my chance to get something.

Now, either help me or I'm gonna do it alone.

Not this time.

Did you hit me?


What are you thinking about, slugging your own brother?

I didn't hit you. But I should've hit you!

He hit you!


Oh, God.

Now, let's just go over this one more time.

It's very important. There are three things...

I do not want you to do tonight. One... don't drink.

Don't drink? Why would I drink? I don't drink.

That's your problem. But just stick with that tonight.

OK? Two... don't flash this roll..

In front of anybody but Gus parsons.

Don't flash this roll. Right.

All right, number thr...

What is that shit on your face?

It's my disguise.

All right. Three... should you meet up with Gus persons... and he wants to take you to the gold, you go by cab.

Go by cab.

Does he always have to repeat everything?

Go get him. I'm right behind you.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Good evening.

Good evening.



Good evening.

I bet he fucks it up.

I bet he pulls it off.

$20 he'll miss.


I'll have a glass of milk.

We don't serve no goddamn milk.

No milk. Right.

Well, how about some water?

We don't serve no goddamn water.

No water. Right.

Well, you know, I'll just have whatever you suggest.

Thank you very much.

Why is he drinking?

Ha ha ha! 'Cause you owe me $20.

What... is this stuff?

Rye goddamn whiskey.

It's good. Heh.

I can't... I can't believe this.

Yes, except that's two drinks at $20... that's $40.

Thank you, that is very hospitable of you!

It ain't goddamn free.

No, no.

I meant hospitable in spirit. I got plenty of money.

Plenty of money!


Out comes the roll. Out comes the roll.

What's wrong with you?

You trying to get your throat cut?

You said it ain't free.

I'm just paying for my drinks, thank you very much!

I don't want no trouble.

You're so unreasonable!

That's 'cause he knows you paid him with my money.

What are you talking about?

This here's my money.

I know my money when I see it. You done picked my pocket.

Don't let him scare you, honey. Me? Scared? Ha ha.

That will be the day.

I'll have another rye whiskey.

Can't nobody tell me I don't know my own money.

Now, wait a minute.

What is the difference between...


He's got a gun!

I don't know how much money you owe me now.

You're the punk who robbed me last night, ain't you?

I got a good notion to blow your fucking brains out!

I wouldn't rob you, boss.

Swear for the cross it wasn't me.

Maybe it was that man what robbed you.

'Cause he's sporting a big roll from somewhere.

Don't you put that on me.

I hit the numbers last night. I can prove that.

Oh, I know it wasn't you, friend.

And maybe it wasn't you, either... but you sure as hell robbed somebody in your lifetime... so you're just getting what's owed to you!

Get your ass outta here!

I was robbed of $700 last night!

Man tried to hit me.

But you know something?

That really don't matter now, friend... because I have tucked into something that's nice... something that's solid gold.


Gus Parsons, real estate.

Coleman Jackson, burial services.

Jackson, huh? Hey, listen, Jackson.

How would you like to meet some very successful businessmen... men just like yourself? Like me?

Let's get out of here. Let's go this way.

This is the luckiest night of your life.

Jackson, come here.

What is he...

I gonna have to blindfold you, friend.

Blindfold me? For what?

My partners have $100,000 worth of gold ore in their possession.

Now, they can't be taking no chances.

Yeah, but I ain't...

Hey, Jackson. I understand completely.

You don't know me from the man in the moon...


I'm gonna give you my gun.

Thank you very much.

Would you lean over, please, Mr. Jackson?

Get that door, baby girl.


There you are.

What, do y'all know each other?

I've been in jail two weeks... and I ain't seen a woman in all that time.

Maybe, uh...

I just dreamed about you.

First, you... you drain the blood.

Ha! And then... and then you shoot 'em up with embalming fluid.


How do you keep their faces from turning all blue and shit?




Look, whatever you do, don't lose him.

This guy's playing whip-ass.

Since when are you worried about your brother's ass?

Since he started shitting gold.

Hold on!

- Whoa! Get out of the way!

What's wrong with the street?!

Ooh! Somebody almost had an accident or something.

Yeah, an accident.

Are we almost there?

Heh heh heh heh.

Yeah, we're almost there.

In this dream... a woman almost as fine as her... is relaxing on the sofa with... trying to interest me in a box of, uh...

A box of what?

Let me see. I think it was... candy. Heh heh heh.

Come over here, baby.

Come over here. Heh heh heh.

Ah, don't you love it when dreams come true?

Damn, man.


If your gold is as good as your taste in women... y'all got a deal.

Did you bring the money?

It'll be at my place later tonight.

A sweet... chocolate box of... candy.

Heh heh heh.


You know, Jackson, I really trusted you... but you are a big disappointment to me.

Disappointment? What are you talking about?

Give me the money, Jackson.

What are you talking about? I got the gun.

Ha ha ha! Where's Imabelle?

Oh, so you're the fool.

If you don't tell me where Imabelle is...

I will shoot you dead.

Be my guest.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ah ha ha ha ha!

The money, Jackson.

What the fuck is this?

It's play money. Now, ain't that a dirty trick?

Get your ass outta this car. Get outta this car!

Now I'm gonna let you hear what a real gun sounds like.

'Cause guess what? It's gonna be the last thing you ever hear.

Next time you try to duck somebody... take your big-ass foot off the brake light.

Look, if you guys are the cops, I want my lawyer, understand?

You want a lawyer? Big Kathy, didn't you used to be a lawyer?

Ah, shit! You son of a bitch!

That will be $500.

Take us where you take the marks.

Ah-ah-ah! Stay in the car.

Where are they? Top floor.

Hurry up!

You ever seen such a sorry-looking bunch... of cotton-picking farmers in your whole life?

Mmm mmm mmm!

Operator. Get me the police.

I can smell it like biscuits and gravy.

Heh heh heh.

You ain't gonna eat no more supper now?


It's me... Gus. I brought investors for the gold mine.

Go ahead.

Here we go again.

It's the police, asshole. Everybody freeze!

Damn you, Gus!

Freeze right there and shut up!


Hey! It's that thieving undertaker!

Hey! Come back here! Come here!

Ooh, lordy, lordy!

Where are they?

Fifth floor! Got it!

What's the matter? My little baby toe!

Come on, they're getting away!

Let 'em go!

Come on!

I'm gonna kill somebody now!

What the fuck you looking at? I'm gonna shoot you first... anybody makes a strange move, you got that?

Eat shit. Shut up!

All right, come on, now.

Cooperate, and we'll go easy on you.

Coffin Ed and Grave Digger are here!

Mm-mm! Jackson!

Baby! Police! Everybody freeze!

Hank, acid! Aah!


Jackson! Where are you, so I can shoot you?

Come on! Let's go!

Let's get outta here!

You all right?

Jackson, I told you to wait in the car!

Back up!

Hands up! Back up!

That's right, Goldy, run!

Straight on up!

Go get the car!


Shut up, man.

Someday, Goldy! Someday...

I'm gonna kick your ass!




Show your hands now, sucker!






Imabelle! I'm coming to get you, baby!

I love you!

Jackson! I love you, baby!

Jackson, don't jump!

Ohm Imabelle!

Oh, my God! He made it!

OK! OK! All right!

Imabelle! Imabelle! Imabelle!

Oh, bless you, Jesus!

Ha! I made it!

Jackson! Stop jumping!

Ed! Ed! No, no, no, no, no!

I'm crazy, but I ain't no damn fool.

Someday, Goldy!



Jackson! Jackson!

What are you trying to do, kill yourself?

I love her.

All right. But you got anything against taking the stairs?


Taxi! Hey!


All right, get your ass out!


Imabelle! Come on!

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, Jackson! I'm gonna leave you!

Hurry up! Follow that red gypsy cab!

Don't lose 'em!

This way!

There's nobody here. Huh?

She went this way. I know it. You know it?!

What are you listening to him for?

He's in love.

That way!

This is unbelievable.

There she is. This is unbe...

Let's just go in there and get her.

Just wait a minute now. Gotta do this thing right.

See, what we really need is something big enough... to carry the gold in.

The hearse.

Your boss's hearse.

I don't care nothing about the gold.

Hey, we got a deal, remember? The girl for the gold.

Or you can go up there by yourself.

All right.

Just give me bullets for my gun first.

- I'll give you one bullet. One bullet?

That's right. One bullet.



It's gonna be OK. What you saying, baby girl?

I got a hole in my chest. I need a fucking doctor!

That's too damn bad.

You got us hot as hell as it is.

Jodie, you call Easy Money... see if he can make that meeting a little earlier.

Imabelle will stay with the gold.

Imabelle? Imabelle?

Well, she can't do nothing with it by herself.

What about Gus?

Fuck Gus.

Hey, man, what you talking about?

Pop go the weasel.

Don't you kill him, Slim.

Get the fuck outta the way.


Ah. Now, let's be kind to Gus.

He is our friend.

Hank, don't kill me, man.

I got no choice, man.

I don't want to die!

We'll take care of your wife in Jersey.

Gus, baby, you're giving dying a bad name.

Come on, Hank, get him! I'm doing the best I can, man!

What do you want? Hold him.

Hold his head down. Come on, Hank!

Come on, Gus, die!

Come on, hold him, Jodie!

Everybody happy?

You're just in time.

That's everyone except Gus and the girl.

Parsons-number six.

Don't make no noise.

This guy is dangerous.

No noise.

No noise.



Is that you, Imabelle?! It's me... Jackson, baby!

I've come here to rescue you!


Yeah, you be Daddy. I'm gonna check the gold!

We gotta go.

Oh, shit.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God!

I didn't do it, officer.


That ain't no officer. This is my stepbrother Sherman.

Oh, good. Then you're just in time... to help me get that trunk outta here.

That's just what we was intending on doing.

And then what was you intending on doing with it?

Don't worry about that right now!

I got him under control. I just want you... to get outta here before they come back in.

You go downstairs and you wait in the hearse.

You take this trunk down, and we'll be right behind you.

Heh heh heh heh.

What do you mean, you got me under control?

You ain't got me under control.

You gotta get her under control. Come on.

Hey, baby girl! Where you think you going?

Oh, God! Oh, God!

You come here!

Please! No! Aah!

Hold her, Jodie!

You know you hurt me, girl, when you do this kind of shit.

You hurt me deep.


Here, here, here. Let me help you.

Where is she?

She took off. What, she go back in?

Here. I don't... I don't think so.

Well, she got to be around here somewhere. Where is she?

She took off up the street.

How about we come back for her?

I ain't going nowhere. I ain't leaving her.

I came here to get her.

Jackson. Shit!

Did you see that?

We're not leaving him. No, no, no.

You think I'm going to leave my stepbrother?

I told you we were going to get that gold, didn't I?

Yeah. Just hurry up so we can keep it, eh?

I'll get him. We'll be right back.

Jackson! Jesus.

Jackson, what are you doing?

She's gone... and I love her.

I know that, I know that, but the gold is back there... and it's just begging for trouble.

You don't get the gold unless I found Imabelle!

I did find you Imabelle.

Well, where is she?

Come on, man. She don't want to stay found.

Shit, she ran away.

Get that into your head, man. She don't want to be with you.

You don't know nothing about love!

All you know is whores.

Don't you tell me... about my head.

You know, Jackson, you're just like Mama.

Don't talk about Ma!

You do not talk about my mother.

Hey, fuck you! She was my mama, too!

And I loved her just as much as you did!

You didn't even go to the funeral.

I'll bet you ain't even been to the... to the grave site once.

I've been...

I've been to the grave site.

I've been there!

Is that our gold in the back of that hearse?

Damn straight, it is.

You got to hold me so tight, Jodie?

Hope your lips don't give me no shit, big mouth.

Uhh! Uhh!

Ima, get out of here!

Bitch, I'm gonna fuck you up!

Come here, shorty, I'll show you something.

Come here, come here. You want to see this, huh?


Think about this, brother. Just think about this.

You think about this right now.

Take your best shot, sucker.

Ohm Oh, no, no. You get up here, boy.

Stand up there.



Hit him again.


I thought I recognized that voice.

This the bitch who run the cathouse we were at.

- Nah. Yeah.

Last time I saw you, you was dressed as a woman.

Disgusting. Ain't that right, bitch?

Jackson, look...

I'm sorry, Jackson. I'm sorry.

I should've gone to the funeral.

I didn't go. I didn't want to embarrass everybody.

I know how everybody in the family feels about me.

I should've been there.

I'm sorry.



I thought you were gone. Oh, Jackson! Jackson!

They're trying to kill your friend, Jackson.

They're trying to kill your friend!


Wait a minute.

It's your last time, punk.

You talk to me, or I'm going to let him fuck you up.

Where's Jackson and the other phony cop?

Fuck you.

Hmm. Pop go the weasel.

No... fuck you.



Kathy! Kathy!



It's me. Boss... it's Goldy. Uhh.

Come on, man. Come on, Kathy. Don't die.

You hear what I'm saying?

Don't die, OK?


OK. OK. I'm going to close your eyes.


I want those murdering bastard friends of yours... and you're going to take me to them right now!

No, don't. Sherman, don't.

Jackson, Jackson, you all right?

Baby, you all right?

- Get your hands off of me! Don't hurt her.

Take it easy.

Take it easy?!

I took it easy back there jerking around with you... when I should've been watching out for my real family.

Yeah, man, make a move... so I can blow her fucking brains out on the sidewalk.

Make a fucking move!

I'm sorry.


You know, you take that gun off my head...

I'll have an easier time driving.

I mean, it's kind of distracting...

Shut up, bitch!

The only person I ever cared about in this whole world... just died because of your worthless ass!

I don't like what they did any more than you... but what do I get out of this?

We're gonna play a game, you and me.

I don't know how many bullets in this fucking gun... but we're gonna play a game, you and me.

You wanna play?

Yeah! Let's play!

Don't fuck with me!



You kill me, you don't get nothing.

Not even revenge.

What do you want?

I want a fifty-fifty split.

Uh-uh. I planned that robbery.

Pad of that money's mine.

You tell me where they are, it's a deal.

No. I go with you all the way.

All right.

All right, it's a deal.

But you fuck with me...

and I'm gonna do to you what your boyfriend did to Big Kathy.

152 grand. Ha ha!

Too bad you didn't bring your lady friend.

I had another dream about her.

Ahh... hoo, shit! I can't tell you about it.

You were in it, weren't you, baby?

Yeah, you were.


I'm quite fed up with you...

Diddling with your little rat dog there...

And running your mouth all over my woman.

You stop that shit.

God damn it, Slim. Calm down.

You stop that shit!

Come on, Slim. We done come too far.

You better get some etiquette classes... before you try and do business in the big city, boy.


You see a boy?

Grave Digger Jones here.

It's Goldy. Goldy! Where the fuck are you?

Bastards killed Big Kathy, and I'm gonna pay 'em back.

If you and Coffin Ed can stop thinking... about shooting my ass, I think I can do you a favor.

All right, go on.

Some people are gonna have to die on this one.

As long as it ain't me or Ed...

I don't give a shit. Just pan of the job.

No sense in getting our heads worked up over business.

That's right! Ha ha ha!

Eh, your friend Imabelle... already got another pan of me worked up... and it ain't my head. Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

That's it! That's what?

That's it! What?

I done told you.

Jodie, talk to him!

Pop go the weasel!

What you talking about, Slim? Pop go the weasel!

We come too far for this! No! Pop go the weasel!

Save that nursery school shit for Mississippi, chump.

Chump?! Yeah! Chump. Pussy!

You don't know me that well.

He didn't mean nothing by that. Aw, pussy, get outta here!

That's it! It can't be it! Come on, y'all!

Pop go the weasel! Pop go the motherfucking weasel!

Slim! Aah!

Damn it!

Uhh! Baby! Not the dog.

Don't touch the dog.

Don't worry, baby. Ain't nobody gonna hurt you.

Don't shoot my dog, man.

That's where I draw the line.

That just ain't right.

I'll give you the motherfucking money... you can walk out of here... just don't let me see you shooting no dog.

I want the money and I want the gold.

Now, you know I can't do that.

Fine. Then I'm gonna kill your rat.

All right! All right! All right!

Take the money and the gold and get out of town.

Now, just put my dog down.

- Put your gun down. I'll put the gun down.

Step away from it!

All right, I put my gun down.

Please put my dog down.

Here, baby.


Goldy, you all right? Imabelle!

Imabelle, come here!

You want this? You want me?

Baby... Motherfucker!

You want some more? Here! Forgive me, baby.

Imabelle! God damn it! Shit!

God damn it! Shit!

You still carry this? Ha ha!

Let her go, god damn it! Fuck you!

Let her go! I'll kill her, I swear!

You kill her!

Ain't that your woman? Huh? I'll kill her!

Go on and kill her!

You killed him, didn't you?

Who, your girlfriend?

You killed Big Kathy.

You cut his throat, you bastard!

What, you grieving 'cause that he-bitch is dead?

I'm gonna put you out your misery.


Hey, baby, there he is, Simple Simon.

You let him be!

It's me you want.

That's right. It's you I want.

Jackson, shoot this motherfucker!

I don't need this to do what I got to do.

Jackson, you need that! Shoot this bastard!

You put the razor down.

I'll put the gun down.

I'll fight you for her... like a man.

For as God is my judge...

I love you more than life itself.

Oh, Jackson... Shut up, bitch!

Like a good dog, you stay right there.

Huh! Uhh!

You ain't no man. I ain't even armed.

I can't believe you'd say no funky shit like that.

Ha ha ha!

Jackson, run! Run outta here! You stay outta this!

? All around the mulberry bush ?

Yea, though I walk through the valley...

I The monkey chased the weasel ?


This dance for you, baby girl!



I will fear no evil...

The monkey thought it was all in fun.

In the house of the Lord.

We ain't gotta do this.

No. Ain't gotta do this.


All fall down!




That'll be Grave Digger and Coffin Ed.

I made a deal with them. Told them about the gold... but I didn't tell them nothing about no money.

You take this and get on outta here!

Listen to me. I want you to stay behind this bar.

I'm gonna go out there and make sure... these cops don't hurt my brother.

Here, take this. Keep this safe.

No, what are you doing?

What are you doing? You can't trust her!

Take that money and get on outta here!

Sherman, why you always gotta assume... that everybody is untrustworthy?

What are you doing?

Straighten up! Count off!

Can't you see that this man is injured?

Damn that man! Where's the damn gold, sucker?

It's in Easy Money's office.

Let's go! Let's go! Move 'em out!

Let's go, Goldy! You got blood, whatever!

Get on in there!

What did I tell you, huh?

She's inside.

She is gone.

She's inside.

She's inside.

Must have gotten delayed.

She's permanently delayed. She skated with the money.

I gotta see a doctor.

Straighten up! Count off!

We were admiring the body count back there.

And what a nice day's work you did.

And how happy some undertaker was gonna be... when we remembered you was wanted for robbing your boss.

It was not part of Goldy's deal.

Come on, we're taking you in. Wait a minute!

Are you resisting arrest?

I'm sorry, bros. I'll do what I can.

Don't matter. Nothing matters no more.

Someday, Goldy, someday!

I want my phone call!

Son of a bitch!

Get your ass up, sucker.

Who brought me these clothes, made bail for me... a woman?

Hell, no.

Mr. Clay.

Well, well, well... here's the big, bad man himself.

Time you put your six-shooter away... and take out your adding machine.

You drummed us up some work.

Two of them boys that was killed was carrying eight grand apiece.

That money was just contributed towards their funeral.

Oh, by the way, a lovely, lovely young lady... came by the office and asked me to give you...

The cross.

Train station!

Where you think you going, Jackson?

I just made your bail!

Train 55, bound for Mississippi...

Here they are, Goldy. leaving from platform 9. AH aboard.


Sherman, what are you doing here?

Goddamn fool oughta be getting some rest.

After you get shot, it's always a good idea... to spend a few days in bed!

Good God Almighty! It's payday, man!

There's about $50,000 here, man!

Count yours.

She says I'm too good for her.

She's right! But count the money, man!

Hey, have you seen a woman...

With the sweetest ass God ever made?

I just took her to platform 9, train bound for Mississippi.

Jackson! Jackson!

Jackson, this is fifty... oh!

Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!

Take this money now. Big Kathy wants you to have it.

I don't want it! Wait a minute!

Good luck, brother.

You're gonna need it. I love you.

God bless you. God bless you, Goldy.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

He called me Goldy.

Look at him. Look at him run!

In all the years I know that chump...

I never seen him run so fast.

If I had somebody like her...

Goldy! I'd run fast, too.

Yeah, he'll be back.

Jackson in Mississippi?

It's like getting change from a penny.

You getting sentimental on me, Goldy?

Yeah, a little bit.

But I'm recovering. I'm recovering rapidly!

Money! There's a lot of money here, ladies.

I'm a very rich man.

Look at those ladies. Look at them!

Yes! Money!

Excuse me.

Does this belong to you?

Only you can answer that.

You know, Jackson... you really don't know me.

Yes, I know... but it's a long ride to Mississippi.

Tell me. You know anybody in Mississippi... who does a good foot rubbing?

Ahem. You know, as a matter of fact...

I don't.


That's too bad.

'Cause my feet are killing me.

? In your darkest of hours ?

? Don't you despair ?

? You can feel his power ?

? It's everywhere ?

? If you're looking for something ?

? Don't look too far ?

? 'Cause the answer is right where you are ?

? 'Cause heaven ?

? Oh, heaven ?

? ls in your heart ?

? Yes, it is ?

? Heaven ?

? Oh, heaven ?

? Is in your heart, mm-hmm ?

? In the heat of temptation ?

? It's worth the fight ?

? You can find your salvation ?

? And see the light ?

? If your soul needs healing ?

? Here's what I say ?

? Just fall on your knees and pray ?

? 'Cause heaven ?

? Oh, heaven ?

? Is in your heart ?

? Yes, it is ?

? Heaven ?

? Oh, heaven ?

? ls in your heart ?

? Yes, it is ?

? Heaven ?

? Oh, heaven is in your hear! ?

? If your world's in question ?

? Then set it free ?

? Give your heart some attention ?

? Eternally ?

? If your soul needs healing ?

? Hear what I say ?

? 'Cause the answer you need is not so far away ?

? It's in your heart ?

? Heaven ?

? Oh, heaven is in your hear! ?

? Going to New York City ?

? Where them Broadway lights so bright ?

? Well, I'm going to New York City ?

? Where them Broadway lights so bright ?

? Got an uptown woman ?

? She'll make me feel so good tonight ?

? There's a rage up in Harlem ?

? Fighting for my girl ?

? Gonna get that woman ?

? Before I leave this world ?

? So I'm going to New York City ?

? Where the Broadway lights so bright ?

? When that uptown woman love me ?

? She'll make me feel so good tonight ?