A Real Vermeer (2016) Script

Two drops, three times a day. And no alcohol.

What is it? Cocaine.

But what are you doing here?

You would be gone before seven o'clock.

Come on, you're going away anyway.

Hurry up, why do I have to to say this every day?

Hey, wanderer. Careful.

Watch may, but not touch.

What did I say? It's beautiful.

Of course, everything I have is beautiful.

A masterpiece. Masterpiece?

Yes, made in the Netherlands. The land of the tulips.

Costs only 5000.

5000? Too much. Too much? Look closely...

Look, the believers. This is pure magic for them.

Caravaggio catches the moment flat before the Lord breaks the bread ... and the believers of Emmaus Recognize him.

As you know, Caravaggio had a huge influence ... on the 17th-century Dutch Masters.

Especially on Rembrandt. Not on Johannes Vermeer?

It has not been proven that he knew Caravaggio.

But we will ever make a connection find between Vermeer and Caravaggio.


Wait, leave that.

I'm hungry. Hungry.

Money, money.


A bottle of Prosecco, please.

Thank you. And a room with a bath.


Thank you.

Thank you. Please.

Hello, welcome back.

How are you? Great, now that I see you.

Very well.

The painting, 3500.

3500? That's what I do it for.

Please. Thank you, friend.

And greetings to your wife.

It has not been proven that he knew Caravaggio's work.

But we will ever make a connection find between Vermeer and Caravaggio.

The missing link.

Is somebody home? No.

Sir? Open up, please.

I do not open to anyone.

I'm looking for Mr. van Meegeren.

What do you want?


Beside that blue there ... And that hand.

What do you know?

It is the missing link.

Yes, that subtlety ...

Where is it from? Perfectly documented.

Marquis Doria de Pamphilj. Bankrupt nobility from Salerno.


That dark, Teutonic atmosphere.


Mr. the art dealer ... Reich Marshal.

You should also find something like that for me.

I'm just crazy about the Renaissance.

What is the origin?

Every detail has been recorded.

Are the pigments analyzed?

Do you have the crackle checked? And the list?

Absolutely, Reich Marshal. Technically everything is waterproof.

Around 1654.


That dark, Teutonic atmosphere.

Look. For me?

No, for Herr Hitler. Can you give it to the Fuehrer?

Certainly, but you must sign it.

Oh yes, I will.

Thank you.

In grateful appreciation dedicated to the beloved F├╝hrer

Or that he has fooled Goering, and the Nazis fooled.