A Score to Settle (2019) Script

Not bad.

You got to twist your hips, like this.

You got a little "Saturday Night Fever" going there, Frankie.

Rockin' the platform heels there, too.

Am I right?

So, this hip explodes forward, and the back foot swivels.

That's where your power comes from.

Yeah. Yeah, I see.

Let me try that again.

Let me show you.

The bottom hand is your direction.

Got it.

Max, please!

I swear, if I knew anything...

Hey! Shut up! I'd tell you.


I'm trying to concentrate, Jimmy.

All right.

Max! Max, I swear. Max!

I swear on my mother's life!

Oh. You just told me...

Okay. All right.

Shut up!


I'll tell you anything.

What did I just say?!


I'll get that.

You go that way. I'll check over here.

20 bucks to whoever finds it first.

Found it.

Looks like you owe me some money.

Listen, I'm gonna stay out here and have a smoke, try not to go deaf.

I hear that.

Do your thing, man.

All right.

You fucking piece of...


I'm prescribing GHB to help manage your insomnia, but it is a controlled substance, so...

I won't need it. I'm fine.

Prolonged insomnia will lead to confusion, delirium, hallucinations, and ultimately dementia and death, so it's critical you at least try to sleep.

You're not gonna fill that, are you?

I don't think you're taking to heart the seriousness of this disease.

It's the reason you're being released from prison early.

Just take these until you see the specialist.

If you don't sleep, you will die.

Do you hear what I'm saying to you?


Give this to your P.O. so he knows the medication's cleared.

Take care, Frank.

Thanks, Doc.


I figured you wouldn't be here.

Well, I'm here.

Look at you. You look...

What? 19 years older than the last time you saw me?

Well, yeah. You look like a man now.

Because I am.

Let me get that for you. No, I can carry it.

Are you sure? Really, it's not that heavy.


So I guess we're walking?

Well, I had to sell the car to pay off some stuff.

You know, bills and shit. I'm kidding.

I don't mind walking.

I don't normally get a lot of time outside, so...

You sure I can't get you something to eat, compliments of the Grand Bend Correctional Facility payroll?

No. I'm good.

You sure? I mean, look how skinny you are.

You look like you haven't had a decent meal in months.

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing. I just...

I mean, it's on me, that's all.

You know, a dad likes to buy stuff for his kid.

I didn't mean anything else.

The coffee tastes the same, but... the air sure smells different.

And it's nice just to have a normal pair of clothes on, you know?

Even those?

Well, I guess they are kind of out of date?

I mean, 'cause that's what you were wearing when they hauled you away.

Take US 20 towards Salem, and I'll give you directions from there.

What the fuck you want to go out there for?

I just want to look at the old house.

Been a long time since I've seen it.

Fine. Whatever you want.

You know somebody else lives there now.

The family.

I just want to take a look around.

I'm only gonna be a second.

I just want to see if something I left is still there.

What the hell took you so long?


What happened to you?


Look what I found.

No shit. Unbelievable, right?

It was like my prized possession.

Not that I would've known, the way you wouldn't let anyone else touch it, and only held it yourself with gloves on.

Yeah, or, like, tweezers.

Can't believe you found it.

It's still in amazing condition.

It is. Probably worth a lot.


Wonder what I could sell it for.

I mean, it's got to be a collector's item, right?

Please, don't sell it.

If you don't want it, I'd like to keep it, if you don't mind.

I'll give you the money for it, if you want.


So where to now?


You and I are gonna live it up.

What are we doing here?

Meeting my parole officer.

We're checking in!

Compliments of the prison payroll?

After a $300 cab ride, I don't think so.

I got it covered.

Keep the change.

You're using their money, aren't you?

After everything they did to you?

After everything they did to us?

Hell, yes, after everything they did to us.

After everything they did to us, I'm gonna use every last dollar.

That's the least they owe us.


Well, knock yourself out.

I don't want any part of it.

Joey! No. Joey, don't go, please.

Look, I want to show you something.

Look at this.

Your mother brought me here as a surprise for our second anniversary, and I was pissed because we didn't have a dime between us but she said none of that mattered, we can work out anything as long as we're together.

And I always wanted to bring her back here, but I...

I didn't get around to it, did I?

But the only thing I thought about, for every minute of every day since I got locked up, was how much I wanted to bring you here.

So please... please stay.

You're all I got left.

Fine. All right.

All right.

That's for you.

For you.

Thanks. We'll take it from here.

Hey, hey.


This is a step up from my previous accommodations, right?

Joey! Six shower heads!

It's our own personal spa.

We're well stocked.

Want a drink?

No, I'm good.


Oh, my God.

Oh, you have no idea how hard prison mattresses are.

I don't even think they're stuffed with cotton or whatever, just rocks.

Come on. Lie down. You got to feel this.

I'm good. Come on!


Well, I'm gonna take a shower, and then let's grab some dinner.

What do you think? Does that sound good?


Now, Joey, I want you to order whatever you want.

Spare no expense.

I am treating you to the best week of your life.

Dad... Whatever you want, you got it.

It all looks so good.

So get two things. Get three!

I'm not sure I'm all that hungry.

How can you not be hungry?

You haven't eaten all day.

I just meant...

You know I've never been a big eater.

I know. Even when I was a kid.

I know.

For your information, I've been clean for a while now.

I didn't mean anything by it.

So catch me up on your life.

I want to know everything that's been going on.

You got a girl?

You know, it's kind of hard to sum up 19 years in one dinner conversation.

Where are you going? Bathroom. Just order me whatever.

I upset you. I'm sorry. No, I'm not upset!

I have to piss. That okay with you?


Come on. Sit with your old man!

Thank you.

Thank you.

I love this place.

It's very nice.

How've you been? I've been really well.

It's good to see you. You too.

Guy's old enough to be her grandfather.

What took you so long?

Looks even older than you.

See? There's hope for me yet.

Yeah, if you got two G's to burn.

What? You think she's...

A prostitute, yeah. Come on!

Just saying. Times have changed, old man.

How many times have you been there?

I don't know why I didn't bring any clothes with me.

We'll go shopping for some tomorrow.


I just want to say good night.

Good night.


Can I show you something?

I hope you like it.

Solid maple.

I made over 40 of them.

You made them? Yeah.

And I actually had orders come in from all over the country at one time.

I ended up coaching inside, and it reminded me of when you used to play Little League and I'd help out every now and again.

I wish I had made more time for it back then.

I hated playing, anyways.

No, you didn't. You loved it.

You were good at it, too.

You could've made it to the big leagues.

That's not how I remember it.

Yeah, you could've, if you'd stuck with it.

Well, did you make this one too?

No. That's birch. Not nearly as good as maple.

I know I was never any good at the whole father thing.

Dad, don't. No. It's true.

I stank as a dad, but I'm gonna make it up to you for being gone when you really needed me.

Yeah, like my entire life.

Are you planning on getting revenge?

What? No.


I'm done with those people.

I'm done with all of it.

I'm just making sure I get you and me right this time.

You're stuck with me, whether you like it or not.

And I'm never leaving you again.

Where do you think you're going, Pops?

I'm looking for Sleepy. I'm a friend.

I think you're in the wrong place.

I don't know who the fuck you're talking about.

That's a 226 clone. Yeah.

You want to see it up close? Want to suck on it?

You kids like them because you think they look cool.

Truth is, it's one of the most unreliable firearms in the world.

Sights are crude, weight's all wrong, the design's entirely impractical, and if you don't have just the right ammunition, it's guaranteed to jam up on you.

Come on, kid, take it easy.

I'm just here to do some business with Sleepy.

Sleepy's been dead for six years.

Doesn't change what I'm bringing to the table.

So you're in charge now?

Why are you asking? 'Cause I don't got a dick?

The world's changed since your day, old man.

So you used to do business with Sleepy?

How'd he die?

Old bastard smoked all the time.

Even burned me when I was a baby.


Shit. You're Sleepy's kid?

You were always running around here, getting into things.

Fuck it.

Let's get you a gun, yeah?

Got some mad recoil, you know.

I'll take it. And a suppressor if you've got one.

I do.

And a 9-millimeter.

Something Italian.

Who's this? That's my little man, Isaiah.

I guess everything comes full circle.


Do you mind if I give him something?

I made these myself.

My son's too old to play with them, so maybe someday you'll play.

So you getting back in the racket again?

That's why you're back in town?

Just dropping in on some old friends.

Sorry. We're closed.

Hey, I said we're closed.

San Quentin.

Frankie Fingers.

I just go by Frank now.

People just call me Q now.

You son of a bitch! Is that really you?

Come here, man!

Oh, they finally let you out?

They do that sometimes with frail old men like me.

Yeah, well, little do they know.

Oh, we could write a book about how little they know.

Дo you still drink whiskey? Yeah. Flies still eat shit?

Well, it looks like you've been doing well.

Yeah, you know, not bad.

How'd they treat you in there, Frankie?

You wound up spending a lot more time in there than we all figured.

It's a damn shame.

How's the wife, little girl?

Not so little anymore.

Isha's getting married in three days.

No way! Can you believe it?

Then comes Gramps with a baby carriage.

You know, time keeps marching on.

Ain't nothing we can do about it.

Marching all over my back, my knees.

Yeah, all over my knees, and my shoulder.

Hey, listen, I'd invite you, but you know, she and her mother have been working on that damn seating chart for months.

Oh, please, just give her my congratulations.

So I heard Max died.

What, about six years ago now?


Yeah, well, you know he had that stroke?


Yeah. Tough son of a bitch.

He held on for another seven years.

You know...

I'm sorry as hell about what Max did.

What you had to go through.

Well, it wasn't your fault, right?

I mean, could've happened to any of us.

Dice rolls the other way, who knows?

That's a very philosophically sound way of looking at it.

Well, I'm nothing now if not philosophically sound.


Frankie... why are you here?

What, I'm not good enough for you now? I smell like the joint?

No. I wanna have a drink with you.

And, hoping maybe you could tell me, where I might find Jimmy the Dragon and Tank.

They're the ones that did it, right?

I need you to answer me, Q.

Max ordered it, Jimmy and Tank carried it out, yes?


Yes, well, then I would really appreciate it if you might tell me where I could find them.

I'm out of that world.

Nobody's ever really out.

That's where you're wrong, see?

'Cause I haven't seen them in five, six years.

You sure? Yeah.

How about now? Oh, hey.

Frankie. I swear, okay? I don't know where they are.

Don't lie to me.

I'm not lying to you!

Okay? Look, come on, man. We...

We were brothers back in the day, right?


I'm sorry.

Forget about it.

I understand.

Where's the bathroom?

It's in the back. Excuse me.

You okay?


You know what I was just thinking about?

That kid we ran the collection on.

What was his name? Bobby Greenstreet or Greenbean?

Back in '93.

'92. Right.

He had that sawed-off and the kitty litter.

He was gonna blow a big fat hole in your chest.

And then you tackled me out of the way.

Yeah, and the spray chewed up my shoulder pretty good.

But then Isha was born...

What, two, three days later?

Yeah. It wasn't the first time you saved my ass.

And then you saved mine just the next week.

Look, Frank. I don't know where Jimmy and the Tank are, okay?

But maybe I can help you figure out how to find them.

All right. That's good enough for me.

It's critical you at least try to sleep.

Prolonged insomnia will lead to confusion, delirium, hallucinations, and ultimately dementia.

If you don't sleep, you will die.

Hey, are you gonna sleep the whole day away?



Hey, Joey?






Joey! Joey!

Dad! Dad...

People are still sleeping. Where were you?

I went down to get some coffee.

I thought you were gone.

Well, I-I'm still here, all right?

I'm not going anywhere. Good.

Plus, you promised to buy me shit.

I'm not gonna miss out on that.

But aside from spending lots of money on me, what's the plan for today?

We're making up for lost time.

Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho.

You do that very well, Tracey.

♪ Please bring me my watches ♪ They're too much. It's not me.

No, we're getting 'em, both of them, and I'll be paying cash, by the way.

Clean up pretty well.

You're looking good yourself, sexy.

Welcome to the 21st century, old man.


She's all yours. What?

To make up for all the birthdays and Christmases I missed.

Shit. I...

Well, I want you to take the first spin since you haven't been behind the wheel since you last drove a getaway car.

Ha ha. Happily!

Rrow! Rrow!

You hear that? Do you hear that?


Rrow! Let's go!

There you go!

Now, this is livin'.

You said a mouthful.

Expensive car.

Expensive suit.

Oh, and what is this?

No wife with you? Girlfriend?


What kind of stupid question is that?

No, no, I was just wondering if you're looking to get out and have some fun tonight.

Sorry, kid. I'm just here to spend time with my son.

Okay, well, if you or your son find yourselves in the need, I run a premium service with premium ladies, so...

My name's Trip. Give me a call.

You should probably hang on to that.

I mean, he could see how hard up you are from like a mile away.

All right.

You remember how you asked me if I had a girl?

Well, I do.

And it's getting pretty serious.

Oh, my God.

Well, that's wonderful.

I'm... I'm so happy for you.


Her name's Lorraine.

Just like your mother. Yeah.

It's a weird coincidence, Maybe it's fate.


I'm... I'm sorry I never visited you at prison.

Oh, that's okay.

No. No. I wanted to.

I wouldn't have visited me either.

Look, by way of explanation and not excuse, I was trying to give you a better life.

I mean, it was obviously the stupidest plan, in hindsight, but that is what I wanted, to get you out of the racket.

And all I did was get you stuck right in the middle of it.

Well, we're both out of it now.

Today is our day to try again.

That's a line from a kid's book Mom used to read me.

"Mistakes you will make," but it's not the end, "because today is the day to try again."

"Today is your day to try again."


It sure is.

I just love these father-and-son watches.

I know, and, honestly, I always wanted these.

Yeah, and you know, this suit is perfect.

The color is perfect for you.

It kicks up the blue in your eyes.

Right? I feel I kind of match. It's a total transformation.

Go talk to her.

What, are you nuts? Offer to buy her a drink at the bar.

I can't just go offer to buy her a drink, look at her!

She's not looking for Prince-fucking-Valiant.

All that can be yours for two G's.

In your case, maybe three. Still.

No. I'm here to be with you.

And you have. And you will.

But don't forget, there are a lot of other aspects of life you've missed out on, getting laid being one of them.


Unless, of course, you know, you haven't missed out on that.

I've heard what goes on in prison. Stop it. Hey, I'm not judging.

Whatever swings your bat.

All right. All right. I'm going. Okay.

Watch this. Okay.

I haven't been with anyone since your mother.

Well, it's like... falling off a bike into a vagina.

Don't be crude.

Look, you look beautiful.

You smell pretty, too.

Come on. You got this!

Go on.



I'm Frank.


I'm... I'm... I'm very happy to meet you, Simone.

You're a real gentleman, aren't you?

An endangered species.

But not extinct.

Not yet.

You're so good.

You mean for an old man.

For any man.


Yeah, you're amazing.

You must be hot in this. No. No, I'm fine.

Take it off. I'm fine.

Oh, what? You're gonna be modest now?

You did time.

A little bit.

How much is a little bit?

19 years.

I'd say that's more than a little bit, wouldn't you?

I'm harmless, I promise.

Really. I swear.

Well, I think it's kind of sexy.

Yeah, right.

So, what did you do?

Did you kill a man?

Was it over a woman?

Honestly, I'd rather not say.

I was just intrigued.

What? You're really not gonna tell me?

Now I'm not so sure about the "harmless" part.

Here's a thousand for the hour.

And another thousand for being nice.

You really know how to make a girl feel special.

I thought that's how it works.

It is.

Wait. Wait.

Jesus Christ, I screw everything up.

I'm sorry.


It's okay.

Do you have to go?

Do you have a little more time for me?

It'll cost you.


Oh, no, no! No, my scarf!

I took the rap for my boss.

He's the one that killed the guy, so...

He was a big-shot bagman on the Upper East Side with a lot of friends.

A lot of cop friends, as it turned out.

How'd he kill him?

He beat his head in with a baseball bat.


W-Why would you go to prison for a man like that?

Got a huge payout.

That's just the way we did it in my line of work.

Or what used to be my line of work.

Did what you were told.

You know, kept your mouth shut and did what you're told.

But that's horrible.

Yes and no.

At the time, the guy was like family to me.

We took care of each other.

I looked after him.

He looked after me and my family.

You have a wife and kids?

My wife died a long time ago.

I just have the boy, the one son.

He's all grown up now.

God, that must have been hard for the both of you.

I can't imagine being away from my son for more than a couple of days, let alone...

Shit. What?

Nothing. I just...

I have a policy of not telling my clients about my personal life.

I keep it strictly business.


But I guess you're different.

You okay?


You sure?

You want me to stop?


That's serious.

It's a combat wound.

World War II?

Ha ha.


No, that was a, disgruntled client.

Perils of the job.

Wait, someone fucking shot you?

Yeah, they tried.

Yeah, they succeeded!

If they'd succeeded, I'd be dead.

Oh, I got something for you.

Vitamin E.

It, it helps nourish the scar tissue.

No, seriously. I use it all the time.

W-What for? Your skin looks perfect.



Thank you.

You're welcome.

Oh, right here's good.

Let me get the door. It's a little tricky.

Well, thank you for a lovely evening, Frank.


I-I was thinking...

I don't know, but maybe we could do this again.


All you got to do is call.

I mean, without the business side of things.


I'm sorry. That was stupid of me.

I-I get a little carried away sometimes.

Oh, shit. I broke your heart.

What? No. Not possible!

It's made of cast iron. See?

Anyway, I'll, call your service tomorrow, and maybe we can have some dinner, so I can make it up to you.

Make what up to me?

Me being a stupid old man.

All right. Dinner.


Call the service. You got the number.

I do. Okay.

Hey, e-excuse me.

Is Simone really your name?


It's Jennifer.

Hey, baby. You want to play with the Dragon?

I had no idea this was your scene, Jimmy.

It's the 21st century, Frankie.

A man can pamper himself.


Bitches, leave.

Not nice to deprive a guy of his happy ending.

Prison life agreed with you. You look fit.

You dropped a couple of pounds, I see.

Cover up.



Is that making you uncomfortable?

I can understand why.

They don't call me the Dragon because of my tattoo.

You're a pretty smug piece of shit for a guy who's got a gun pointed at his head.

It's not the first time.

Probably won't be the last.

Oh, it's your last.

But you're gonna explain something to me first.

Then you might as well shoot me.

Because I haven't a clue where Max has been hiding.

Max... is alive?

Oh, shit.

Just like the old days, baby!

Where do you think you're going?

Sorry, Frankie. Nothing personal.


You know how long I've been waiting for you, young man?

Thought you guys might've ran off to Vegas to get married.

So how was she?

Was she incredible?

You guys sleep at all, or you just at it the whole time?

Oh, nice.

Your doctor gave you the good stuff?

You gonna tell me anything?

Can't talk about it right now.

Come on!

First time you make mercury in 19 years, and I don't get anything?

Was she loud?

What the hell happened to you?

Dad! What the hell happened to you?

Answer me! What do you think happened?

I met up with Jimmy the Dragon and we had it out!

You killed him? Sadly, no.

What the fuck? You hid an arsenal in here the whole fucking time?

You said you were done with them!

You said you weren't looking to get even!

Scores have to be settled.

Says who?!

You're a big fucking liar!

I'm doing this for you! That's bullshit!

I am doing this for you! Everything I do is for you!

Oh, so it's all on me?

You getting locked up for two fucking decades, that's on me?


Because every penny I made, you took and you snorted it up your nose and you shot it in your veins!

Oh, what? Am I out of order?

You think I'm fucking using right now?

Do you?

Take a fucking look!

Take a good fucking look! All right?

You satisfied, Detective?

I don't understand why you care all of a sudden.

Now you want to teach me right from wrong?

Like you're my father?

Like you're some shining fucking example?

You better walk away. What are you gonna do?

You're gonna knock me out?

You know, why don't you reach into that big black bag of yours and do it right?

How about that, Dad?

I got to go.

You can lie to yourself all you want, but I'm done with it!

You hear me?

You walk out that door and I'm gone!

That's it!

You're never gonna see me again.


Hiya, Tank.


Man, no one's called me that in a long time.

I heard you got out.

I figured you'd come looking for me.

How you doing?

Not too bad.

You? Can't complain.

I mean, I've been having some troubles with my hands a little bit.

I think I may be getting some arthritis.

That sucks. It happens.

Makes working kind of difficult.

Never figured you the type for legitimate work.

Got to stay busy somehow, right?

It's not like I got a family or anything. It's just me.

Life never really turns out the way you plan it.

No. It doesn't.


You got to do what you came here for, so...

You're not gonna run? Put up a fight?

I figure I've outrun what I got coming to me way longer than I deserve.

One thing first, if you don't mind.

Do you know where I can find Max?

I don't.

Last time I saw him was before he had his stroke.

So you don't know anything about him faking his death?

Well, actually, I did hear something.

I heard a few guys talking about that, but I wasn't sure if it wasn't just talk.

I wish I could help you.

I mean, I know I owe you.

Wait. Do you know... You know what?

I don't know, I'm not sure, but may... maybe I did hear something about his kid dumping him in an old-folk home a while back.

Thank you.

Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. Frankie.

Hey, look, I'm really sorry, man.

About everything.

Let's see here.

♪ I am ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Chasing rainbows ♪

♪ Watching clouds ♪

♪ Drifting by ♪

♪ My schemes are just like all my dreams ♪

♪ Ending in ♪

♪ The sky ♪

♪ Some fellas look and find the sunshine ♪

♪ I always look and find the rain ♪ You danced to that song with Lorraine at your wedding.

She thought it was a happy song.

What the hell happened to you?

♪ I was just taking care of loose ends ♪ Frank. Frank, Frank, Frank, look.

All of the guys that we came up with that didn't get killed, they all smartened up enough to know when it was time to get out.

That game of "gang" shit that we used to play is for kids.

Okay? And we are not kids anymore.

♪ I'm not playing anymore either ♪

♪ Believe me ♪ They deserve what they got coming, okay?

No question about it.

♪ Chasing rainbows ♪ But, fuck, hey.

Is it really worth it?

Is it going to change anything?

♪ Waiting to find ♪

♪ A little bluebird ♪ It'll change the fact that I'm the only one that got screwed.

And what if you get killed first?

I mean, look at the state of you already, man.

People are gonna die either way.

No way around it.

Just a matter of who goes next.

We hurt a lot of people, you and I.

Made a lot of bad choices that now we just need to learn to live with.

Look, why don't you come to Isha's wedding tomorrow?

Be a part of some real-life shit. It'll be good for you.

You can even bring somebody, okay? A date.

Maybe you'll even meet a nice woman there.

I don't know.

Well, think about it.

We'd love to have you.

You're family.

Yeah, maybe.


Hey, Joey?

Oh. Sorry.

No, it's okay. Just do your work.

¿Habla Inglés?

Hey, kid, can you help me with something?

Of course, sir.

I have to call my son, and I have no idea how to work this damn thing.

Well, I can certainly help you with that, Mister...?

Carver. Mr. Carver.

See, I just find your address book app.

What is your son's name?

Joey. Joseph.

It's, It's empty.

Oh, yeah. I just got the thing yesterday.

Well, has he called you since, or...

He, "face-called" me yesterday.


So, I just find the phone app...

And go to your call history.

Oh. Here. And...

Yeah, that's empty, too.

Shit. Really?

Maybe you accidentally cleared it, or...?

I wouldn't put it past me.

Is there any way you can get it back?

I'm awfully sorry, sir.

Oh, that's okay.

Thank you.

Hey, but you can... you can use this thing to get on the Web, right?

Most definitely, sir.

Okay, well, then, can you look up all the nursing homes in the area... no, in the state, actually... a-and write me up a list and...

Mr. Carver, I can't...

I'll give you $500.

L-Let me grab a pad, yeah.

Good man.

I'm dying.

They told me I had fatal sporadic insomnia.

I can't sleep.

There's something wrong with my brain.

It's incurable.

And untreatable.

God, I'm...

I'm sorry, sir.

Well, at least I get to take, a few of them down with me, right?


Joey, is that you?

It's Simone!

Oh, shit.

Simone. Oh, shit.

Simone! I'm sorry, honey.

I forgot about our dinner plans.

Hi, sweetie.

Who are you?

I'm Simone, baby. You called me for a date?

Y-You're not Simone.

I assure you, honey, I am.

You gonna fix me a drink, or what?

There's been a mistake. I called for the other Simone.

She's this tall, has dark hair.

Real name's Jennifer.

I don't know, baby. I guess she couldn't make it.

Hi, cutie.

It's gonna cost you extra if he's watching.


Why can't she make it?

Why are you so stuck on this other girl, sweetie?

I'm right here, and she's not.

Well, you see, sweetie, you're not the girl I called for, so you're gonna have to leave.

I'm not fucking you.

Get your fucking meat paws off me, you ugly fuck!

Shut the fuck up and get out, you phony piece of shit.

Jesus Christ. Now what?


Hey, Frank.


It's Trip.

Come on, don't tell me you don't remember me.

From the other day?

"Expensive car, expensive suit..."

Yeah, I remember you.

So the Presidential Suite?

How much you have to pay for a room like that, if you don't mind me asking?

Actually, I do mind.

That's me.

Hi, Frank. Got a minute?


Oh, yeah!

Look at this place?

Fucking top tier!

I hope I can afford a room like this one day.

Maybe if I just keep my nose to the grindstone, work hard.

What do you think, Frank? You think it'll happen for me?

Are you gonna whimper all night, or is there something you want from me?

I hear you had a little bit of a problem with one of my girls.

She wasn't the girl I called for.

I called for Simone.

Yeah, well, Simone was busy.

Besides, you scared the bitch.

She's afraid of you, Frank.

She said that? What are you gonna do?

Women, they're like feral cats. They spook easy.

That being said, there's a few things you and me, we need to square up here.

First of all, you can't put your hands on the lady unless you pay.

No refunds, no exchanges.

I didn't touch anyone, and if your employee says I did, she's a liar.

Now, why would she lie, Frank?

Because she's a whore?

I don't know. You tell me.

Well, that's not a very nice thing to say now, is it?

I'm afraid I'm all out of niceness, Trip.

Well, then, give me what you owe me, and I will go.

So that's 500 on top of the $250 cancellation fee, just in case the bitch forgot to mention that.

But you know what?

Because I actually feel sorry for you, just give me a thousand and we are good.

She's not the girl I called for, I'm not paying.

Fuck, Frank! Do not fuck with me right now!

I do not need some sort of fucking ordeal!

All right, just take it easy.

Hey, my behavior? That is completely up to you.

I have money for you over here.

I'm sorry things had to unfold like this, Frank.

I mean, you seem like a real friendly guy and all.

Frank! Fuck!

Shut up!

Shut her up! Bitch, shut the fuck up!

Now, listen up, egghead.

Unless you want your pimp brains splattered all over that chewed-up mutt out there, I suggest you and your smirking little Tic Tac, egg-shaped face get out of my sight, or I'll put you to sleep.

Does this sound like a fair compromise? Yes.

Okay, you're gonna have to speak up. I'm... I'm very tired.

Yes! Okay? Yes!

And if you even think about coming back here to see me, I'll kill you.

And I'll find everyone you love, and I'll kill them too.

Do you understand?

Yeah. Yeah. "Egg-cellent."

Just go. Go! Go! Go!

How you doing? I-I'm done, sir.


No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


Thank you, sir! Yeah.



Joey, is that you?

Dad, I'm scared. I need your help.

What? Joey? Joey, I can't hear you.

Are you still there?

Joey, tell me where you are. Hello?



Joey? Joey?

Hey! Hey.




Come on!

Come on. Let's go. Come on.

Put your arm around me. That's it. Up.


Keep walking. Come on.

Is that warmer?

It's not what you're thinking.

It's okay.

I know it looks bad, but I've got it all under control.

You don't have to worry about me.

I don't have to worry about you?

That's all I do.

I'm sorry, Daddy.

I screwed up.

It's all my fault.

Don't do that to yourself.

It's not your fault.

It was never your fault. It was me. It was my fault.

We were starting to do okay, me and you.

We were... We were getting there.

And then Max comes along and tells me to take the rap on something that he did, and his lawyer tells me five, six years, tops.

And even though you just lost your mother, I stupidly, stupidly thought that $450,000 would make up for that.

And six years without Dad...


And then they tell me, "Well, we're gonna take care of Joey."

We're gonna look out for Joey.

"Six years. He's all set."

Six years, and Joey's a rich man.

Well, six years turned into life.

And what is it that they say?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions?


That's what they say.

Thank you.

Here you go.



Probably bruised a couple of your ribs.

Might've even fractured one. All right.

Looks good.

And there's something else I should probably tell you.

I'm sick...

of seeing that bacon there uneaten.


So good.

Been so long since I've been here, I've forgotten where it is.

Dad! This way.

It's beautiful out here, isn't it?

Damn. This kid was only 15 years old.


I'm sorry it took this long to get here.

I just want you to know that we're okay.

I love you.

I'll be home soon.

I just miss you, that's all.

I miss... I miss you so much.

I'm right here, Dad. I'm... I'm right here.

I know. Okay?

It's just that Max promised me they'd look out for you.

H-He... He promised me.

Dad, you knew what kind of people they were.

But... But I gave my life to them.

I gave them everything!

And look... look what they did to you!

Remember what they say about revenge?

About having to dig two graves?

They're gonna have to dig a lot more than two.

You said you were doing this all for me, right?

Yes. Well...

Maybe you can do something else for me instead.

Walk away.

I can't. Yes, you can.

Today's your day to try again.

It's that simple. You just walk away. Start over.

Find some happiness for yourself for however many days you have left.

I don't deserve happiness. Yes, you do.

So do what I ask.

Promise me.

I promise.

Simone, hi.

What are you doing here?

I found your scarf.

I'm sorry to bother you at your home.

I was feeling a fair amount of regret as to how our date ended the other day.

I didn't mean to scare you.

And I should never have thought or said that you and I...

Well, anyway, I... I crossed a line.

I'm sorry.

That's it.

It's okay.

And I have something for you.

These flowers?

Yes. These.

And that.

What? What's that?

It's money. There's over $100,000 in there.

Holy shit!

It's for you.

And him.

Frank, I... I-I can't.

Please. I don't need it.

I don't have anyone else to give it to.

So please, just consider it a-a thank-you for being kind to a stupid old man.

I don't know what to say.

Neither do I.

Oh. Hey, bubba.

This is my friend, Frank.

Hi. Hi.

What's your name?


Of course.

Bye, Joey.

Bye, Simone.


I'm so happy that you're here.

Poor Mr. Max, he doesn't get hardly any visitors.

Really only one that I can think of in the last eight years.

It's been much longer than that since I've seen him.

Well, I'll bet he'll be real surprised you're here.

Yes. I bet he will.

Hi, Max. Can we come in?

Looking good today.

Did you have a restful night?

How long has he been like this?

Oh, you didn't know?

About 15 years.

I'm sorry you had to find out this way.


Frank Carver is here.



You remember him, right?

Hey, Uncle.

Been a long time.

Well, I'll leave you two alone.

Let me know if you need anything.

19 years... and I kept my mouth shut.

I held up my end of the bargain even though I thought you didn't.

But it turns out you would've.

Or I'd like to think you would have.

Either way...

I'm sorry I've been blaming you... while you've been here... like this.

Bye, Max.

Excuse me.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course, Mr. Carver.

You mentioned that one visitor that Max had?

Yeah, he came in regularly for a good chunk of time there, but we haven't seen him in a long while.

Do you happen to remember his name?

No. Sorry, I don't.

He was a real friendly guy, though.

All of us just called him by his first initial.


Hey, Frankie!

Took you long enough to find this place?

Are you checking in or what?

Hey, baby, I heard they have really nice amenities in there.

Water aerobics, bingo night.

All the tapioca pudding you can eat.

I always liked you, Frankie!

You always had a good attitude about the job.

If you were meant to die that day, you were meant to die that day!

But you know what?

You are gonna die today!

Well, Frankie, I guess it's my day?

They won't be calling you the Dragon anymore.

Hey, Doris. Good to see you.

Hey, Cal. See you on the dance floor, buddy.

All right.

Hey, you nervous?

Guess what? You're gonna be next.

Let me straighten out your tie.

Go easy on the ladies tonight, right?

Make sure that... make sure you have fun.

Hey, how are you?

Good to see you. I'm glad you're here.

Hi, guys. How are you?

- ¿Carolina, cómo está? ¿Bien, e tu?

Hey, listen, you owe me a dance later, okay. All right?

I will dance with you.

Hey, guys.

How are you? I'm glad you made it.

Listen, man, you bring my money?

It's in the mail.

All right.

Hey, what happened?

Hey, what's the matter?

Isha, sweetheart, it's Dad. Are you okay?


Yes, I'm fine.

Are you sure?

You should come in.

Baby? What's the matter?

Close the door.

Frankie, what are you... what are you doing?

I said close the door.

Please, not... not here, okay? Not like this.

Close the goddamn door.

Okay, okay! Just... Just let's... let's just calm down.

I am calm. Just do what I fucking say.

Isha, are you all right, sweetheart?

Did he hurt you?

Get out.

It's okay. It's all right. His beef is with me.



You have my son killed, you lie straight to my face about it... and you think I've got beef with you?

I didn't mean...


You think "beef" is an accurate description of what I've got with your father?!

Okay. Okay.

I'm sorry.

I misspoke.

Did you really kill Joey?

Yes, he did. Now get out.

Why? So you can kill him? I said get out!

Just go. Go. Go, go.

Hey, Frank. Frank...

That looks serious.

You've lost a lot of blood.

Why don't we just...

Hey, why don't we just...

Why don't we just put the gun down, and we can get you to a doctor?

All right? Hey, Frank, Frank.

Put the gun down.

Son of a bitch!

So Max falls in a coma, you take over, keep people thinking it's still him?


Well, how's murdering my son fit into that?

You think I wanted to do that? Of course I didn't.

I loved that kid, and you know I did.

But he was a liability.

He was a junkie, Frank!

You guys, you're good?

Why don't you wait around the block, all right?

He wasn't that bad.

Come on! Don't lie to yourself!

He was a fucking dope fiend!

He came all strung out, demanding cash, drugs, threatening, if he didn't get what he wanted, he was gonna go to the cops and rat us all out.

All of us!

For everything!

We don't know. He's jonesing. He's likely to say anything.

He just said he would.

We don't make decisions.

We just got to do what we're told.

So I had no choice.

I did what I had to do to take care of the business.

And I know you understand that, because if you were me, you would've done exactly the same thing.

I mean, you went to prison, right?

You gave up your whole fucking life for the business.

You should've helped him.

You were supposed to look out for him!

You should've looked after him!

You were his father.

He was dead the minute you left.

I'm sorry, Frank.

If I could go back. But I can't.

So I just got to try to live with it.

And try to do better now.

"Today is your day to try again."

Come out slowly with your hands in the air!

I said hands up!

Stay where you are!

Get down on the ground.

Down on the ground!

Right now!

Not another step, or we'll shoot!

Now get down on the ground with your hands on your head.

Don't move!

Gun! Gun! He's got a gun!

Well, this situation kind of sucks, doesn't it?

So what are you gonna do now?

Ask God to forgive me.

Why are you still here?

I don't know.

I thought we could hang out a bit more.

I'd like that.