A Simple Plan (1998) Script

When I was still just a kid, I remember my father telling me what he thought that it took for a man to be happy.

Tommy, finally! Come on, man, New Year's is tonight.

I'm sorry I'm late. Don't worry. I covered for you.

Thanks, Hank.

What, did you stay out till they hung the last dog?

Yeah. Ha!

Simple things, really...

A wife he loves, a decent job, friends and neighbors who like and respect him.

And for a while there, without hardly even realizing it, I had all that.

I was a happy man.

Hey, Tom.

Remember we talked about me getting off early today?

Hey, Hank!

Hey, Happy New Year, Schmitt!

Hey, Linda, Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

Hey, where you guys going? Sledding!

Hey, can I come? No!

Ohh... Please! Ohh!

Hey, Carl. Hey, happy new year, Hank.

You gotta start charging people for that.

Yeah, it'd pay better than the county does.

Honey, it's me.

How you feelin' today? Hey. Good.

Oh, my gosh. He was sure kickin' a lot today.


Looks like it's gonna be a long afternoon for you.

He brought Lou along.

Oh, great.

Yeah. I'll just be lyin' here, relaxing.

Hey, Jacob!

What's he doing here?

He needed a ride home.

Little out of the way, isn't it?

We can drop him off when we're done, you know. It's no big deal, Hank.

What's the big deal, Hank?

Hey, you know, you need to shovel this shit off of your, uh... whatcha-call-it deal there.

I'll pay you a quarter to do it.

Huh! I could use it.

Look at Lou.

Hey, baby.

Here, hold this, will you?

Wanna put it back there? No, no, it's gonna wilt.

Hank, say hi to... You didn't say hi to Mary Beth.

Oh, yeah. Hi, Mary Beth!

He said hi, Mary Beth.

Hank said hi. Hi, Lou.

Come here.

Somebody else was here.

Oh, I brought those.


Well... What the hell do you think, Hank?

This is the only day we can come here?

What the hell's wrong with you?

Hey, Jacob! Look! I'm writing my name!

Hang on a second! Let me get Mrs. Johnson out here!

I'll help you out.

You know what the guy says?

Says it's the crock pot or, uh, crock box?

No, no. Pay attention now... Oh, no, that's the preacher, see?

This is the cowboy. Yeah, he says "moo."

No, no. It's the guy standing by the road. He says:

"Why, officer? It's just a pine apple."

You get it? Yeah.

Well, Mr. accountant doesn't get it.

Look out!


You ok, baby?

Go on, get out!

Look at that, man!

My truck.

Come on, get out.

Mary Beth!

She's gonna come back. Hey, what are you doing?

It's a nature preserve, you know that. So what?

So you can't hunt here. Come on, put the gun back.

But it... but it messed up my truck.

So what? Come on. Hey, hey, Hank...

It's not like we're huntin' here.

We're collectin' the dead. Come on.

We're collecting the dead.

Just look at him... He runs like my wife.

Hey, come on, wait up!

Come on, I'm not dressed for this shit!

Mary Beth!

Jesus! Look at all them birds.

Those things are always waitin' on something to die so they can eat it, right?

Weird. What a weird job.

Wish we had something to drink.

Always be prepared.

Oh, that's a good idea. Let's all start drinking now.

See there? See how he is?

Wonk! Dit-dit... Like that guy, you know?

Remember? Wonk! Dit-dit. Uh-huh.

You want some? I'm not thirsty.

What, you don't drink till after 5:00?

After 5:00.

Or maybe you just don't wanna share.

You're afraid you'll catch something from us, huh?


Hey, Hank!

Hey! Come on, what are you doing? Quit jackin' around.

Now, you see...

That's what you might call an "insinuating" throw.


You said that to me last time I saw you.

Could've just said "hint". But no, you had to put on airs.

Show us all them fancy words you know.

What, do you sit around, you think about this stuff?

When was that, two months ago?

Kiss my ass.

Jesus Christ. Shit, that's a airplane.

You know what, it's probably one of those drunk doctors.

They're always crashing their plane, you know?

Yeah, it must've come down right there. See all them broken trees, Jake?

It's too dark. I can't see.

Scrape some of that snow off the windshield!

Can't see a damn thing.

Door's stuck.

Probably a singer or something.

Still can't see nothin' here.

Still can't see anything. Can't see a damn thing.

I see the pilot!

- What's he talking about? Said somebody's in there.

Are you ok?

Hey, buddy.

Hey, get... get off!

Oh, God!


Hey, lemme outta here.

Good grief, Hank. Let me get this off of him. Here...

Hank, did you... did you... Did you see all them birds?

Did I "see the birds"?!

Come on, help me get outta here.

Hank, put that on your eye. Thanks.

You tore your coat, you know. Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Look at this!


Oh, my God!

How much you think is in here?

God almighty! These are $100 bills! The whole bag's full of 'em!

Is this... is it real money, Lou?

Oh, hell, yes, it's real. Don't be stupid.

Why would somebody be flying around with this kind of cash?

You know what?

I bet it's drug money. That's probably what it is.

This guy's a dope dealer because that's what they do.

They fly around in these little planes.

I guaran-damn-tee you, this is dirty money. That's right. I saw it on 20/20.

"Dirty money"? What do you mean? Are you telling me it's counterfeit?

Oh, no. No, this is real.

Whatever it is, it's a police matter now. What do you think we should do?

Somebody should stay here, somebody should go after the cops?

How you wanna work it? What? Let's think this through.

What? Hold on!

What if we didn't turn it in?

You wanna keep it?

He wants to keep it... Well, that's a hot one!

Why wouldn't we?

Why wouldn't we? Yeah.

Because we'd go to prison! Why?

Why? Because it's stealing.

"Stealing"... Stealing from who?

From him? Hell, he won't mind!

Oh, 'cause he's dead, right?

That's pretty funny... He's dead, he won't mind.

I say we take this bag back to the truck, and we pretend like we were never here.

Fuck yeah. Why not?

Why not? Because we'd get caught.

Aw, hell! I'll tell you what. Stay the hell out of it then.

You know, we don't need you. It'd just be more money for us.

Hey, I don't wanna stump you another fancy word, Lou, but does the term "accomplice" mean anything to you?

Come on, that's stupid!

But, Hank... Why would we get caught?

Because it's a lot of money, Jacob. Somebody's bound to be looking for it.

When they find that plane and the money's not in it...

Bullshit! No, it's not bullshit!

They'll come looking for us. Bullshit! This is dirty money!

And as far as that guy's concerned, the cops don't even know he exists.

Nobody knows about this...

...but us.

See there?

Nobody knows but us. It's like we came out here on a hike, and found lost treasure, right?

It's the American dream in a goddamn gym bag.

He... he just wants to walk away from it.

You work for the American dream. You don't steal it.

Then this is even better.

If this guy's a dope dealer, then, like we're talkin' about... then that means we're like Robin hood.

Oh, yeah, and I'll tell you what... You got a beautiful wife at home.

You're about to have a baby.

I know you ain't pullin' down that much at the feed mill.

Wouldn't you love to have a piece of this?

Hell, yes, I would. But we can't just take it.

Hey, what if there's a reward? Maybe there's a reward, and they'll give...

Maybe there's not!

How about this, I tell you what, I'll bet you $10,000, just one of these packets, that when they find this plane... there's no mention of this money.

Hank, why... why turn it in until we know whether or not somebody's lookin' for it?

That's right.

If you scratch, then don't... don't itch. If you... if it's...

If it's broken, don't fix it. Right?

Or if you... if... if... if the... if... if... if...

And I know what you mean.

Suppose I was the one to keep it?

For how long?

Just till spring, till they find the plane.

Then what?

Then, if you're right and nobody mentions the money, we split it up, and we all leave town.

Why should you get to hold it?

That's the only way I'll do it. Otherwise we can just turn it in right now.

You mean you don't trust us?

Is that what you mean?

That's a lot of money. I guess I don't.

Look, no... no promises.

If somebody comes searching for the money, I'll burn it.

Hank... No, that's the only way I'll do this!

Look, we gotta be agreed on this.

That's the deal. That's the deal.

I hold onto it, we wait till they find the plane.

If nobody mentions it, we split it up, and we move away.


I'm in.

We count it first.

That's probably a good idea.

I mean, you know...

This is... this is nuts! Oh, my God!

Hey, what you gonna buy, Jakey boy?

I'm gonna buy me a truck.

No, fuck that! Get something classy... Trans Am!

Oh, yeah, in my wildest fuckin' dreams, a Trans Am.

You could buy a fleet of Trans Ams! Mary Beth!

Where you been, huh?




Isn't that great? Listen to that.

Look at that shit, man. Look how square it is.

That is cool, huh? How much is that apiece?

About a million and...

A million and a half? Shh!

Shh! What?

You hear that? Uh-uh.

Oh, shit!

Get in the truck, I'll handle this.

Go on! Let's go! Come on, cover up the money!

Jake, get in the truck! Dummy up! Let's go!

Come on!

Hey, Carl.

Engine trouble, Hank? Oh, I wish. Dog trouble.

Jacob's mutt chased a fox into the woods.

She tree it?

We thought so, but just when we went after it, she came running back.

What'd you do to your head there?

Oh. God, uh... Ran into a tree branch.

Your brother still out of work? Yeah.

Lou? Yeah, him, too.

That's a shame, ain't it?

Well, we probably better be heading back...

Hey, hello, Jacob! Hey, Carl, how you doin'?

Good, good.

I was beginning to think you were trying to avoid me.

I'm sorry?

Well, you sittin' over there in that truck.

I thought you was trying to avoid me.

No, I was just sittin' in the truck.

It's a little cold out here, you know. Just keepin' warm.

Well, we probably better be...

Did you tell him about the plane?

It sou-sounded like a plane. What plane?

What, you heard a plane?

I don't know what he heard. You know he's always hearing shit.

Maybe you better tell me, Jacob.

No, that's OK. We're gonna get on home.

All right. All right.

Come on, man! It's New Year's, let's get outta here!

Call me, Carl. Happy New Year!

Sure you don't need any help? No, we're all set. Thanks.

All right.

Goddamn it! I've seen you do some pretty stupid things, Jacob.

But that pretty much takes the cake!

It was my idea. Oh, well, that's brilliant, Lou.

Now when they find the plane, and they realize the money's gone, they'll know right off who took it.

Well, that's... that's what's cool about it, though.

I mean, we wouldn't tell somebody if we were the ones that did it.

It's not like he said that you actually saw a plane going down.

Just you thought you might've heard one with engine trouble.

You want me to burn the money?!

I am not going to prison over this!

If it looks like there's even the slightest chance of us getting caught, I swear to God, it's all gonna vanish!

You understand?

"It was a pine apple."

Oh, God... This is gonna be fun.

Where the hell have you been?!

You always come when I'm finished. I'm finished, you asshole!

Hey, Nancy!

Don't... Don't hit... Don't hit Mary Beth.

Remember, nobody knows about this. That includes Nancy.

She's gonna have to find out about it sooner or later.

She's gonna wonder where all the money's coming from.

2 hours late! Stop it!

Tell her when we decide it's safe to keep it, but not before then.

Then the same goes for Sarah.

Of course.

Damn it!

Come on! You promised to shovel the walk, you lazy son of a bitch!

Calm down, baby! I got a good reason for being late.


See you, Lou!

You know, I bet he's telling her.

That guy can't keep a secret.

Hey, honey. Hey.

Where you been?

I was starting to get worried about you.

Sorry I'm late. Oh, that's all right.


What happened to your head?

It's OK. It's just a scratch. It's all bloody.

Can I ask you something?

Yeah, sure.

What if you were walking in the woods...

It's not deep.

And you found a bag full of money, let's say $4 million...

Would you keep it?

Of course not. Here, hold that.

How come?

Well, for starters, it'd be stealing.

We were talking about lost money here, nobody's looking for it.

$4 million of lost money... Yeah.

That nobody's looking for? Yeah.

Well, so then whose money is it?


It's my money? But whose money was it before?

A bank robber's.

So then it's the bank's money.

All right, it's, uh, a drug dealer's.


I mean, this is really silly.

Obviously you want me to say something in particular.

I don't know what it is, but you want me to agree with you or say that you're right or something. But I wouldn't take it.

That's just me. I wouldn't.

It's real.

If we keep it, we never have to worry about money again.

But we don't have to worry about money now, Hank.

You've got a good job.

We don't need it.

Yeah, but nobody gets hurt by us keeping it.

I mean, that's what makes it a crime, doesn't it? Somebody getting hurt?

What makes it a crime is that it's against the law.

It doesn't matter if somebody gets hurt or if they don't.

If you get caught, then you go to jail. Nobody's gonna get caught.

The money's the only evidence that we've done anything wrong.

We sit on it, we see what happens.

If somebody comes searching for it, then we just burn it and that will be that.

There's no risk. We'll always be in control.

What about Jacob and Lou?

As long as we're handling the money they have to let us call the shots.

It seems... crazy just to give it up.

I mean, before we know if anybody's searching for it.

This is it. It ain't champagne, but...

Happy New Year!

You have to go back and return some of the money.


A lot. Like 500,000.

You see, that way when they find the plane they'll assume nobody's been there yet.

It will put us beyond suspicion.

No one would walk away from that much money.

Wait a second!

We're gonna keep the rest?

You'll have to go in the morning so when it storms later, it'll cover your tracks.

You can't tell Jacob though.

What, do you think he'd go back and take it?

It's... it's just being careful.

That's what we have to be from now on. We have to be careful.

We have to be thinking ahead all the time.




Jacob, come on, open up!

Hey, I screwed up, I moved the pilot.

Come on, we gotta go put him back like he was.

Come on, I need a lookout.

If somebody comes by, you pretend you're changing the tire.

You know, that's not gonna work.

What do you mean, it's not gonna work?

Nobody's gonna believe that. It's not flat.

You're kinda crafty.

I observe things.

Observe and learn, my friend. Observe and learn.

That's cool.

Jacob, what happened, she die on you?

No, we had a flat. We had a flat tire.

I fixed it. See? The new one's on there now.

I took the other one, the bad one, and put it in the trunk.

It's back there now, flat as a pancake.

But it's cool now. Everything's all right.

You see that God damned fox come by here about 5 minutes ago heading right on down to the woods?

No, I didn't see a fox. I didn't see any fox.

Well, if you'd been standing where I'm sitting he'd have bit you on the ass.

Why don't you stay here?

Hey, Hank!

Don't do anything stupid.


Oh, God.

Jesus, Jacob, what the fuck?!

I... I... I... I hit... I hit the farmer.

He was tracking a fox. I... I... Dwight!

He was gonna go right by the plane. I had to do something.

I was just trying to help us out.

Just listen... listen to his... to his heart or something like that.

Come on, man, listen. You gotta do it... you...

He's... he's gonna be OK.

Oh, God, Jacob, I think you killed him. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be OK.

What else was I gonna do?

Oh, God. He's dead.

Oh, Hank, that's not right.

No, we could probably... We could probably do...

We can probably do that CPR deal.

And you know, you could do that, uh, cardiac arrest thing, couldn't you?

We could do something, goddamn it!

Jacob, what the hell you doing?

Stop it! Come on!

I'm working CPR!

Goddamn it, stop it!

Come on! Come on!

Be still. Let me think.

OK, we can't panic.

Have any cars gone by?

Uh, cars? Cars, cars, come on, think.

While I was in the woods, you see any cars go by?

Why, Hank?

Oh, God.

All right.

We gotta make this look like it was an accident.

Come on. An accident?

Grab his... grab his legs.

Wait, wait, wait. We can't do that.

What do you mean we can't do it?

Because we're gonna make tracks and they're gonna see them and follow 'em.

It's gonna be like a crime scene or something.

We're gonna drive the car back to the bridge.

I'll put him on the snowmobile and take him through the park.

You gotta get there ahead of me.

So whatever you do, I don't want you to stop.

I want you to just drive on by then circle back.

I don't want people to see you sitting there.

Circle back? That's right. That's right.

Come on, come on now.

They're not gonna take me away, are they? I mean, you gotta promise me...

Nobody's gonna take you away, I promise. But we gotta hurry.

It's gonna be OK, right, Hank?

Come on, we gotta go.

You gonna be there, right? I'm gonna be there. Now just go!




Your brother.

He hit me.

You call the police.

Get the police.

Jacob, what are you doing? Come on, before anybody sees!

I'm not gonna do this. What?

Well, it's just stupid. I mean, if...

See, if we cover it up it's just gonna be worse anyhow.

So, you know, I'm... I'm just...

Get in the car!

I'm just gonna go and pull him out, you know? We're just gonna tell everybody the truth.

Just gonna tell 'em about the money and everything and just say that I... that I...

You're gonna leave tracks! Wait a minute.

This is my decision!


Not yours!

You didn't kill him.

We both did.

What are you talking about, Hank?

He was alive when you left. I smothered him.

I guess that makes it my decision.

It's gonna be OK. I mean, it looked real.

And even if... I mean, let's say it didn't look like an accident. Whatever. I mean...

Why would anyone think of us?

Your tracks lead right to the plane.

But it's gonna snow! Any minute now, it's gonna start snowing.

Was there any blood?


Jacob hit him. Was there blood anywhere?

Did he get blood on anything? Was there blood on the road or...

I don't remember.

Did you look? I looked, but I... I just don't...

I mean, it was all hap...

Honey, it's gonna snow.

It's gonna snow and everything's gonna be covered up.

All the tracks... Shh.

He was apparently trying to cross along this bank of snow.

When his snowmobile slipped over the edge throwing him into the icy waters of Anders creek.

Wright county deputies recovered the body shortly before 4:00 this afternoon.

A tragic beginning to this new year for one local family.

Back to you, Paul.

Thanks, Tracy.

I wish you hadn't told Jacob.

I wish he still thought that he did it.

Does it scare you?

Yeah, it scares me. What if he tells somebody?

I mean, what I did.

What you did?

Well, I know that you only did it because you felt trapped, that you couldn't find any other way.

Would you have done the same thing?

I mean, if you'd been there instead of me?

I... I... I just need to know if it's possible.

Oh, honey!

You listening to me, Hank?

Every Monday I come down here, buy 2 bags of feed, regular as clock work.

2 bags of wheat, 4 times a month.

That's 8 bags I'm supposed to be billed for.

I don't know how else to get through to you. December started on a Monday, Mr. Schmitt.

So there were 5 mondays in the month. So you came in here 5...

Are you telling me there were 5 weeks last month?

No, sir, I'm telling you there were 5 Mondays.

Excuse me.

I got it.


Hey, Hank, it's me.

Hang on a second.

Listen, check that calendar over there if you don't believe me, sir.

I need to talk to you.

Well, I'm a little busy right now, Jacob. What is it?

OK, listen, can you meet me at the farm?

What farm? - Our farm.

Look, uh, what is it?

On your lunch break. 12:30, OK?

Hey, are we straight on this, Mr. Schmitt?

Thanks for coming in.

Look, I can't drive out there right...



Hey, what are you doing here?

Look out!

What the hell'd you drag me out here for?

Listen to this. I'm gonna buy it back.

I'm gonna fix it up. I'm gonna rebuild it just like it was before mom and dad died.

Come on, wait, wait. We've been through all this.

We've been over this.

Once we split up the money, we've gotta leave. We have to go.

What do you... what do you want me to do, just like that, just drive off by myself?

Well, I mean, suppose you stay...

Where are you gonna tell people you got the money?

Oh, that's easy.

We just tell people that Sarah inherited some money. It's easy.

You know, nobody around here knows anything about her family.

You guys could've just bought the farm, you know, and then left me to run it.

It's not gonna work. I thought this was gonna make you happy.


Farming? Come on.

You don't just buy a farm. You gotta... you gotta work it.

You gotta know about machinery and seed.

I know that. No, you don't.

Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, drainage, irrigation, the weather?

Come on, you don't know about any of that stuff.

You're gonna end up just like dad!

Why do you think he ended up like that?

I'll tell you how he ended up like that.

He had 2 mortgages riding on the place. He couldn't make the payments.

Where do you think the money went? He was a bad businessman.

Where do you think the money went? No, you think he spent it all on the farm?

I'll tell you exactly where the money went: 4 years of college, bud!

Yeah, or didn't you ever think about how he paid for that?

Didn't that ever occur to you? No, my tuition was...

Listen, I'm supposed to get the farm!

What do I get?! I'm supposed to get the farm.

Jacob, you got... you got... the whole world. You can...

I don't wanna hear that.

You can go anywhere you want.

This is what I want.

This is... this is where I wanna be.

It's my home, Hank.


Hey, honey. What?

I wanna show you something.

What is it? I got this...

I had it sent over from the other branch.

Look, here it is.

"Heiress's body ID'd by feds."

"$4.4 million ransom."

You see?

This person nobody knows has just disappeared right into thin air.

Do you recognize one of them from the plane?

I can't tell.

His face was...


This changes it.

Why is that?

We can't say it isn't stealing anymore.

Well, Hank, it's always been stealing. We just didn't know who we were stealing from.

We thought it was drug money. We thought it was money that we could find...

No, you thought that. This is good. I'm glad... It's good?

Yes, it's good we know where it's from, because I was starting to get worried.

I thought that it might be counterfeit or marked.

It might still be marked. No, it says right here.

Look: "demanded in unmarked bills". Unmarked, you see?

You see?

You're just being paranoid, Hank. It's over. It's good.


Would you come here, please?

Sure. OK, just a second.

I'll see you tonight.


Hey, come on, Hank! Open up!

What the hell are you doing? Hey, "Mr. Accountant"!

Well, I've come to make a tiny withdrawal.

Go home. Turn around and go home right now.

Oh, come on! It's freezing out here, Hank! Shh! Keep it down!

All right, just for a second.

I don't have time for this shit. I gotta get up and go to work.

I want my share.


I do. I want my share.

I don't have the money here, and even if I did, I wouldn't give you any.

Oh, come on, now.

Look, just because you have it doesn't mean it's yours.

Part of that is my money.

Part of it might be your money...

If we decide to keep it.

The plan was to sit on the money till we decide that it's safe to keep it.

Why are you coming over here with this shit? All right, look. I'll tell you what.

Just give me one packet, OK?

Just one packet. And I'll come back later for the rest.

Ask me again, and I'll go burn it tomorrow morning.

Is that clear?

It's a bluff.


Yeah, it's a bluff! B-L-U-F-F.

Oh, then why don't you call it then and just see what happens?

Yeah. All right. OK.

See, Jacob told me a little secret, "Mr. Accountant".

I know what happened to Dwight Stephanson.

You drank too much.

I want one of those packets!

I told you, I don't have the money here. I hid it away from the house.

Mm-hmm. Well, you know what? It'd be a shame if somebody was to drop a note to Carl Jenkins saying there might just be a little something suspicious about Dwight Stephanson's accident.

He just drove off that bridge? Do you believe that? Do you?!

Come on. Jesus, Lou!

Remember, you're a thief, too.

We're all in this together. If one of us goes to jail, we all do.

Oh, God.

I need my share, Hank.

I do.

I'm broke...

And I owe people money.

Christ, Lou, I mean wh-wh... I need some help here, man.

OK, just wait here.

Here, here.

40 dollars?

Shh! That's all I got.

Maybe I can go to the bank and get you a loan out of our savings.

Look, look, look. The money's a day's drive from here.

Even if I wanted go get it, I can't go get it, not till Sarah has the baby.

A day's drive?!

Yeah, that's right. I put it in a storage locker above the interstate.

What the hell is it doing in a storage... Shh! It's safe. Don't worry, all right?

I didn't want it near us in case we come under any suspicion.

How the hell's that gonna happen? How's that gonna happen?

How about Carl knowing about the plane, huh? Who's idea was that?


All right.

But we go get it as soon as she's done, split it up right there...




♪ Skippy and Buddy... ♪ Skippy and Buddy...

Hey, I said whoa.

I'm looking for Hank and Sarah. I'm sorry.

Oh, God, look at this.

Do you have a car seat in the car you'll be traveling home in?

Is it currently installed?

Hello, look who's here!

Bearing tidings and gifts and great joy.

Would you sign here?


What do you mean "gambling"? Where?

At the casino. He lost some money.

How much?

I don't know how much. Shh!

Hey, congratulations! Thank you.


Did you see that little baby? It looked like a little tomato.

How could you have told him that, huh?

I put myself out for you. What do you do, you betray me?

What are you talking about?

What am I talking about? It's like there's two sides now.

Why are you both always talking about sides? There's no sides.

Who's talking about sides?

I'm on both of your sides. We're all in this together, man.

If you had to pick right now, who'd it be?

No, I don't... why would I wanna pick?

No, I wanna know...

Me or Lou?

Good grief, man. I...

I'd pick you. You're my brother.

I bou... I bought a present for the baby.

OK... OK, I... I brought it from the house. I didn't buy it, but, look, it's...

It's kinda cool. Just trust me on this one.

You're gonna like it, I think, when you see what it is.


God, it's used. Let me see that.

Oh, my gosh, this was his... when we were kids.

Oh, I guess it's sweet of him then, isn't it?

Buddy the bear.

Here's your little girl.

Oh, good, good, good.

Got her? She's just about ready for her feeding.

Would you grab that thing?

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Hello, little girl.


She's hungry.

I want you to buy one of those little tape recorders.

You know, the little dictating kind, the kind you can hide in your pocket?

Why do you want a tape recorder?

You're gonna tape Lou confessing to Stephanson's murder.

What? What are you talking about?

You and Jacob invite him out for drinks. Get him drunk.

You take him back to his place.

Then you start joking around, kidding about confessing to the police.

Each of you takes a turn pretending how you'd do it.

You go first, Jacob second, and Lou last. And when Lou goes, you tape him.

Come on, that's not gonna work.

Jacob helps you. That's the key.

If Jacob eggs him on, he'll do it.

Yeah, but even if he, you know, even if he talks on the tape, it won't mean anything.

I mean, who's ever gonna believe it?

Well, it doesn't matter as long as Lou believes it, as long as he sees that Jacob's taking your side.

That's all you want.

We should at least try, shouldn't we?

We can't lose anything by trying...


Come on, it's not like I'm asking you to do that much.

Here, just pick up the phone and give him a call and say:

"Hey, Lou, Hank suggested we go out drinking tomorrow night."

Hank suggested we go out drinking? What are talking about?

Will you let me finish? We suggest we go out drinking.

You don't ever suggest we go out drinking. I'm getting to that. Let me finish.

I'm saying:

Tell him I've agreed to split up the money.

I thought it'd be a good idea for us to... to go out and celebrate first.

So you want me to trick him? You want me to trick Lou?

You want me to trick my friend? OK.

Do you get what's happening here?

Do you understand the seriousness of the situation we're in?

He can put us both in jail, Jacob. He's not gonna send us to jail.

Well, I can't take that chance, not now, not with the baby.

I can't afford to go to prison, Jacob.

I mean, wh-what about Sarah, huh?

Wh-what are they gonna do?

I'm gonna have to get rid of that Christmas tree out of here.

It's too dry. It's gonna start a fire...

Would you pay attention here? Pay attention!

What would dad do? I'll think about it.

What would dad want us to do? Don't do that, please, Hank.

Don't you think he'd want us to stick together?

Don't say that. I mean, you don't know what the hell dad would do.

That's fucked up. Don't bring him up.


What if I was to say I'd help you get the farm back, huh?

All right...

I'll help you buy back the farm.

But you got to help me first.

You know, all I meant by that about the tree is it's just dried out.

And it could start a fucking fire. You know how that stuff goes.

It wasn't like I was trying to ignore you or something like that.

I was just, you know, I was talking about practical shit to you is all it was.

Yeah, we got that white carpet.

Honey? Oh. Oh, hey.

Hey, Sarah. Hey, Jacob.

I take my shoes off for you there, see?

Thank you.

It's a nice shirt.


Here, let me do that.

Hey, I gotta pee. Yeah, go ahead.

Hi, baby. Hey.

You brought him here? Yeah. I invited him for dinner.

Oh! Good. Good, good.


So he's gonna do it?

I had to promise him the farm.

You what? Wait, I thought you said... we agreed that you were gonna say something.

Where's he supposed to go, Sarah, huh? I mean...

What's he gonna do, drive away?

I don't know, honey. I don't know, but if he stays, we get caught.

I know, I know. It's just...

It's just a matter of time before he screws up.

I know. That's not what I'm saying. I just...

I just wish he could, that's all.

No, no, you remember what she did?

She was so freaked out that she called the volunteer fire department, and then, remember, they came out...

Oh, yeah, there was all of dad's buddies... All his drinkin' buddies.

Yeah, yeah.

That's... that's all the volunteer fire department was, was guys he knew, you know? So they show up...

And he's sitting there in the kitchen with that ice pack on his face.

That's ridiculous. He felt like an idiot, 'cause they're all gathered in there like there's some huge emergency over there, you know?

Shh, shh.


Well, back on call.

Hey, how about some more wine? You got a full glass here.

What's it like, a walkie-talkie, Sarah, kind of like a baby walkie-talkie?

Yeah, yeah. It's kinda cool.

Remember, we had that thing we did with them little walkie-talkies?

Oh, yeah. You got that kit for Christmas.

Remember that?



You know, it's weird. I think... I think about that stuff.

I think it's kinda weird...

You remember everything, too, don't you?

Well, yeah. I was always... I was always talking to dad.

I know you were.

I was always figuring out what's going on, you know?

I was always nervous about shit, you know, I guess.

But I tell you what, he's a...

If he... if he had the still like we got goin' on right now, you know?

He would... he would... he would have done the same thing.

I don't know, I don't know. I guess so.

I mean, 'cause that's what he...

He always wanted to get everything set up, you know what I mean.

He always wanted to have enough to just take care of things and relax, you know.


He never quite had that, so I think he'd done it.

But, uh, I tell you what, he'd still...

I guarantee you, if he'd had this, he'd still be here.

He'd have never done that.

Done what?

Killed hisself, you know. It just wouldn't have happened.


What are you talking about?

Hank, dad killed himself, you know that?

What? What are you talking about?

Come on, what are you talking about? They were drunk, they had a wreck.

That's out on Jack's spur road.

That's like that ramp is... Where he went every day?

You ain't gonna roll away on a ramp like that.

He'd be on that thing 8,000 times a year, you know.

You think all of a sudden he forgot his way?

Good grief!

He figured that, you know, all that insurance money, it'd be...

You know, it'd take care of the whole deal that he wanted to... you know...

What? No, no. What? Wait... You know that, Hank.

I mean, think about it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, well, maybe I misjudged you, Hank.

'Cause, I mean, you're a bit more, well, I don't know, let's... let's say... serious... ha ha ha... than a guy like me. And, you know, maybe sometimes... you can come across like you sort of got a stick up your ass.

I... I... I mean to... someone who doesn't really know you, to... to someone who can't get beneath that first impression.

And, OK, OK, maybe... Maybe sometimes...

Well... I can come off a little bit like an asshole.

You think? No, come on.

Yeah. Oh, no, no, no! No.

I know what I'm talking about.

But fuck it.

It's all in the past, right?

What do you say?

Come on. Sounds good to me.

Hell, yes. Live and let live. Live and let live.

I gotta take a leak.

Don't look at me like that.


What, you think that's funny?

Ahh! Ahh, what, huh?

I'm asking you, you think it's funny tripping a guy on the way to the fucking can?

Look, buddy... Oh, don't buddy me! What the...

See, that right here is my buddy. This guy right here is my buddy.

You're not my fucking buddy, huh, you got it?

Come on up here! Come on up here!

I'll kill... come on!

Come on. Come on.

It's not worth it. Come on out here, right out in front!

I'll paint you up and down the fucking sidewalk, motherfucker!

Oh, shut the fuck up, Ray!

Get out, asshole!

You know what? You... You shit in one hand.

You better get the fuck out of here!

So, listen, if you got to pee, pee out here.

So... so anyway, this one guy, see, he steps forward and he says, uh, he says...

"You know what? The guy was OK until we twisted his head back around,"

"and then he just fucking died on us."

You get it?

Hey, I got one!

Ah, shit...

This old drunk was telling jokes to his 2 drunk friends and he was keeping up his wife, who, unlike him, had a job to go to in the morning.

So, see, she gets so fucking fed up, she comes downstairs and she says, "if he doesn't shut up, he's gonna have to find some other place to live rent-free."

Do you get that one? No, listen, babe...

Hey, baby, come on, now. We're just drinking.

Come on, what are you waiting for? I don't want to be here all night.

Let's get this over with.

I won't do it, Hank. What?

It's not fair.

We had a deal.

It's not right.

It's not right.

Ah, dummy up!

Better just keep it down a little bit.

Don't say anything. Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit.

You know how it is.

What the fuck's wrong with you, Hank?

Do you see this? You see the way this boy drinks?

You see Hank takes a drink of that whiskey?

It's like... it's like...

Like... like in, you know, like... What is it... like...

Like some kind of commercial... for preparation of the mouth?

Like he lives on Primrose Lane?

You look like some goddamn bird or something.

You gonna start playing big brother now, teach me how to drink my whiskey?

Did you ever see anybody drink like that before?

No, to tell you the truth, I don't believe I've ever seen anybody drink like that before.

I don't... I don't drink like that.

My dad didn't drink like that.

You know, we don't have one thing in common, me and him, except maybe our last name.

You're more like a brother to me than he is.


Do... do him crossing the field.

Do it! He won't care.

Come on, you don't care, do you, Hank, huh?

Crossing the field?

Uh, crossing the field.

Do like you did that night, in the snow, he had...

It's just like, uh, say, what was it? OK.

And... and... the way it starts out like he's walking across, like, that fucking, like, uh, like he's a quail or some shit.

"Hey, guys, come on, you know... Hey, wait up, wait up! Wait for me."

"I can't... I'm not dressed right."

You're only wearing your lousy little pissy loafers, you know?

Do him...

Do him when the crow flies out and pecks him in the head! That's good.

No, that's fucked up.

It's like... That was like...

You know...

The fucking thing wasn't electric, shit.

You know, we shouldn't ever let him keep that money.

No, I'm not shitting. We shouldn't... we shouldn't have done that.

We should have never let him keep that money.

Look how he's looking at us, like he's fucking better.

Like... like... like you own us or something.

I think we've all had too much to drink. Let's call it a night.

You're gonna keep the money and shit, you know.

Let's all go home.

That's what... that's what you wanted, wasn't it, Hank?

You wanted me to pick sides, isn't that what you said?

What are you talking about?

You know what... You know what he's going to do?

He's gonna crawl into Carl's office like, on his belly like a fucking snake.

He's gonna end up confessing.

You know what, you're right.

I bet you would rat on us just to get off the hook, now, wouldn't ya?

Take... take me home, man. Let's go.

I don't want to stay here. I gotta get home.

No, huh, you know what? Wait.

Come on, take home. Uh, no!

We got... we got something else for you, Hank.

I tell you what... Let's do this: Let's do more playacting... and let's do it where he... where Hank confesses, OK?

...to Carl, all right? This is gonna be cool.

You be... and you be Hank and I'll be Carl.

No, you do... you do it. You go out and be Hank, like you'd knock on Carl's door. I can't do anything like him.

But when you're fucked up, you're funny as shit.

Come on, do it. OK.

And you're knocking on the door, and I'm like sitting here doing paperwork and dumb ass comes in, OK?

Dumb ass comes in with his tail between his legs, OK?

OK, here, I'm coming in.

You ready? OK.



It's Hank Mitchell.

Well, hey, Hank, how you doing? Hey, how you doing?

Sit... sit down.

I need to talk to you.

Yeah, OK, what about?

It's about Dwight Stephanson.


He didn't die in an accident.

What are you talking about?

No, no, I killed him.

You killed Dwight Stephanson? That's right.

I suffocated him with his own scarf, and then I just shoved him off the bridge into Anders creek.

I made it look like an accident.

Well, why would you do something like that?

That... that's OK...

4.5 million dollars is worth a hell of a lot more to me than some old man's life.

All right, that's enough. No, I'm up to the part where you're gonna agree to testify against us, OK?

Can I just do that? Come on...

I killed him.

- You killed Dwight Stephanson? That's right.

I suffocated him with his own scarf, and then I just shoved him off the bridge into Anders creek.

You taped this?

I made it look like an accident.

Well, why would you do that, Hank?

It's your confession.

It's you saying how you killed Dwight Stephanson.

Nobody's going to believe that.

I mean... I mean, it's obvious I'm just kidding around on there, isn't it, Jacob?

Why... why would anybody believe it? I mean, let's just think about this.

If... if you and I both go into Carl's office tomorrow afternoon and we both claim the other one killed Dwight Stephanson, who... who do you think he's gonna believe, huh? You?

A 40-year-old unemployed high school dropout, who's proud when people call him the town drunk, or me?

I've got a job.

I don't get drunk and... and... and... and scream obscenities at my wife in public.

I don't pass out on other people's doorways.

I wonder who he's gonna believe?


Now we're all back in the same boat again.

Isn't that right, Jacob?

You seem to have forgotten we're all in this together.

Yeah, yeah, it's... that's all... that's all it is, Lou.

That's all it is, just a little insurance policy.

You know, it's not to hurt you. That... that's what Hank said.

It's just so you don't hurt him. That's right.

And... and... and it's like...

It's just in case you confess or...

Wait a minute.

Are you... are you telling me you knew about this, Jacob?

Take it easy.

You saying you knew about this? He isn't going to use it, unless, uh...

Is that what... Is that what you're saying here, Jacob?

That... that... that you two worked together?

I... he said he'd help me buy back the farm, Lou.



So that's cool, right?

Hey, Lou, please don't be pissed off. Come on, let's go.

You know, he was... We were just gonna...

He'll cool down, Hank.

Move, move, move! Let's go.

Don't move!

What the hell are you doing? You give me that tape!

Goddamn, put down the gun!

No! No, you're not leaving here until I get that fucking tape!

OK, just settle down.

Hey, Lou, leave him alone. Or what?

What, are you gonna shoot me, Jake, huh?

Just leave... just leave him alone.

No, you stabbed me in the back, right here in my own house!


What's going on?

Come on, Lou, please!

You know I need that money.

Please, Lou, leave him alone.

No, let me do it! I need it tomorrow.

You know, they're gonna... They're gonna take my truck.

Put the gun... put the gun down, Lou!

You see he's got a job. It's you and me, buddy.

We're the ones... We're the ones who needs it.

He just wants it! OK, OK.

Come on, Lou, put it down. No!

Put the gun down. No, shut up!

Please, Lou, come on, man, Lou, please, don't do that.

Do you think he's your friend, huh?

Lou, put it down!

He doesn't give a fuck about you, do ya?

Come on, Lou, let's all settle down. We'll talk it through.


That was an "insinuation".

Lou, for God's sakes.

Put the gun down, baby!


This... This is the real thing.

Lou, no! No, Lou, don't it!

Put it down!

Oh, God!

Oh, my baby!

Oh, my baby! Oh, my baby!

Hank, please stay out here and talk to me.

Don't... don't...

Tell me what's going on, Hank?

It's OK, Nancy.

Call 911! Call the cops!

I'll call 911, but we got to decide... We got to decide what we're gonna say.

You saw what happened. It was an accident.

You killed him. He got drunk, he went crazy.

You killed him for the money! You can have his share.

You can have it.

You fucking think I like him just for money?!

You stay out! Settle down.

Stop it!

What are you doing? Stop it!

Take it easy, Nancy.

Oh, my God!

No. No, I wasn't going to...

No, no, no, no, I'm not gonna... I wasn't gonna... no...

You saw what happened. It was self-defense.

No, wait!

Let's just talk, ok? Figure this out?

Come on, we gotta, OK?



Hello, yes. There... There's been a shooting.

H-Hank Mitchell. I'm at Lou Chambers' place, County Road 27, just past the burnt road.

They're both... They're both dead!

Oh, God, please hurry!



Hey, what are you doing?


What, are you going to be OK?

Come on, we can make this work. We don't have much time.

Now, listen to what I have to say very carefully, OK?

They were fighting, OK?

They were both drunk. And Lou started pushing Nancy around.

When we tried to stop him, he got really pissed off and he grabbed his shotgun.

And she ran in the kitchen and got her pistol.

You ran out to your truck and got your rifle, but by the time we got back to the house, it was too late. He'd already shot her.

He was shooting up the whole place. The ceilings, the walls, everything.

When we stepped in the doorway, he shot at me, but he missed.

So he aimed the shotgun at my chest, and just before he pulled the trigger... you killed him.

You saved my life.


It was self-defense.

Come on, Jacob.

I need to hear you say it.

They were fighting.

Lou got really mad.

He shot the walls, he shot the ceiling.

Then what did we do?

We ran out to the truck.

You ran outside with Jacob, 'cause, uh...

Jacob said, uh... he ran out to get his rifle on his own. He said, uh...

See, he said, uh...

"Lou ran you out of the house after he shot Nancy."

Jacob said that?


Well, I suppose...

I can see how it might've seemed that way to him.


he did... he did go out to the truck alone.

I followed him, but... then, when I heard the shot... and Nancy got killed...

I turned back toward the house...

I was on the porch wh-when Lou started outside...

And that's when I turned to run out into the yard.


I guess...

I... I can see how it might've seemed that way to Jacob, that I was running outside.


Go home, Hank. We'll, uh... I think we got what we need for right now.

"May they rest in peace." May they rest in peace.

"And may their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed" through the mercy of God, rest in peace."

Amen. Amen.

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit...


Oh, I think the little lady's ready to come out.

Maybe she's getting a little cold.


Who could that be? I don't know.

It's Carl.

Hey, Carl.

I hope I didn't wake you, Hank. I saw a light was still on.

Oh, no, no. Just, you know, getting ready for bed.

I hate like hell to have to do this to you, Hank.

I was, uh... driving out by Lou Chambers' place, and, uh...

I saw your brother's truck parked out in the middle of the road.

I could barely squeeze around it.

I found him inside the house passed out in an armchair.

Well, I appreciate you bringing him here.

I... I mean, I hope it wasn't too much...

I know you guys had a real rough time. Just... have a talk with him, ok?

And I'll try to keep an eye on him, too.

Come on, what the hell were you thinking about, huh?

That's the last place in the world you oughta be.

God, I just about had a heart attack when Carl knocked on the door.

We gotta be careful.

Can't take any chances.

Get yourself over.

There we go.


Only I don't think I should be here in the baby's room. It's... it's clean in here.

What? It's OK. The baby sleeps with us.

Hey, you remember this?

Everything goes to sleep.

Your head goes to sleep. Remember when dad used to do that?

Your head goes to sleep.

Your shoulders go to sleep.

Your arms go to sleep.

Your back goes to sleep.

Hank, do you ever feel evil?

I do.

I feel evil.

You know, maybe I can get a family of my own now.

I mean, with the money and all.

Why? Don't you think somebody would marry me if I'm rich?

You don't need money for that.


Hey, come on. What about... What was her name?

Carrie Richards?

She liked you even though you were broke-dick.

Oh, her. Yeah. That was a whole different deal.

That was...

Her... her friends, they pitched in 100 bucks altogether and betted her that she wouldn't go steady with me for a month.

Jesus, Jacob.

I thought you guys had a thing.

I don't know. It...

It weren't that bad.

I mean, actually, it was kind of cool.

We used to walk around together a lot, you know.

Take walks, you know?

And, uh... we talked about all kinda cool stuff.

I held hands with her one time. We were walking around, but my hand sweated so much she kinda had to let it go.

I was nervous, I guess.

But it was cool. When the month was over, she, uh... you know, kinda would say hi to me sometimes in the hallway when I'd see her.

She didn't have to do that.

That was cool of her.

God, Hank, you know, I've never... I've never even kissed a girl before.

And you know what?

If being rich will change that, I'm all for it.

I don't care.

I just wanna feel it, you know?

I just wanna know what people do, you know?

I don't care if it's 'cause of the money.

Hank? I'm gonna be happy now, right?

Sure you are.

We all are.

Yeah, that's right. We all are.

You know what?

I'm gonna, you know, buy back the farm, you know?

And have, uh...

And have a lot of kids, 'cause I'll meet this nice girl and she'll be really cool to me and be really nice.

Just normal, a normal woman, you know.

And, uh...

And then you and Sarah will come over and bring Amanda, and we'll all sit around and tell stories and stuff.

We'll drink on the porch like dad and Uncle Ted used to do.

You know? Yeah.

He nod off on you, Jack?

Hey, Carl.

Gettin' a bit thin up top there, Hank.

Don't you have any crimes to solve?


Think you could track down Jacob, bring him by my office tomorrow afternoon?

Sure. What for?

Man from the FBI's gonna be driving through.

Thought you two might be able to help him out.

Seems they're looking for a lost plane. Huh.

See ya about 3:00. You bet.

Maybe we should just leave.

Take the money and the baby and just leave the country.

Stop it, Hank!

You'll go in there and you'll see what he knows.

If anything looks bad, we can always move the money.

It's still the only thing tying us to anything. The connections are just under the surface!

Sarah, I mean, think about it. It wouldn't be that hard for somebody to just put it all together.

There's the plane and... and Stephanson.

There's Lou and Nancy.

You've gotta remember how people see you.

You're just a normal guy, a nice, sweet, normal guy.

They're gonna know! No, they won't!

Nobody would ever believe that you'd be capable of doing what you've done.

Well, it was snowin' pretty hard, so we're not really sure, but it sounded kinda like an engine cuttin' on and off.

But that was it. We didn't hear anything more.

No... No crash. No engine. Nothing.

Anything you want to add to that, Jacob?


I can't think of anything.

That's about it.

It was probably a snowmobile or something.

You know?

Well, guess that's it, guys.

Thanks for comin'. My pleasure, Carl.

Good to see you, Carl.

Nice to have met you. I'll talk to you later.

Do you think you could take us out there?

To the nature preserve?

Have to go in the morning, I guess, after the storm passes.

C-can you tell us what this is all about?

Lookin' for a plane.

There's no way it's from the armored car robbery.

This isn't a guess, honey. The guy from the FBI told me.

It doesn't make sense.

The kidnapping made sense.

He's looking for a plane full of money.

I mean, how many of those can there be around here?

It was hundred-dollar bills, Hank.

If it was an armored car robbery, there'd be other denominations.

There'd be 50s and 20s and 10s.

Well, congratulations, Sarah. I guess you know more than the FBI.


Did he show you his badge?

Why would he show me his badge?


It's him, isn't it?

It's the older one... Vernon. He's looking for his brother.

The guy I met today was skinnier.

He didn't have a beard.

Well, maybe he lost weight. Maybe he shaved.

Well, that doesn't make a difference, does it?

I mean, no matter who he is, I still have to take him to the plane.

Well, if we think it's him, you shouldn't go.

Why not?

Because he's gonna shoot all 3 of you, Hank.

As soon as he sees the plane. That's why he wants you to go, so he can get rid of the witnesses.

But if he's really from the FBI, and I don't show up, it's gonna look suspicious as hell.

I'll call the FBI in the morning. I'll ask for an agent Baxter.

That won't work. I'm meeting him at 9:00. They won't be open before that.

You can stall them for a bit.

And, uh, I'll call from here, and then I'll call you at Carl's office.

And what if there's no agent Baxter, then what?

Well, then you won't go.

You can tell Carl that the baby's sick, and... and that you have to come home.

What about Jacob?

Say he's hung over. Carl would believe that.

Whoever the guy is, you don't want Jacob there.

It sounds like a B.S. excuse.

Hank, what do you want? Well...

Do you want to just walk out there and get shot by this guy?

No, I don't wanna walk out there and get shot!

Well, I'm trying to come up with a plan. A plan?


Like the one to take the money back to the plane, and we end up killing Stephanson?

Or maybe the one where we tape Lou, and 2 more people end up dead.

Is that the sort of plan you're thinking of?

Well, I've got a plan!

I'm taking the money back right now. All of it.

Hank. No!


I'm gonna put it back, and everything's gonna be just like it used to be.

That money, goddamn it! Fuckin' money!

Is that what you think? Is that what you think you want?

Walking off to the feed store every morning for the next 30 years, waiting for Tom Butler to retire or die so you can finally get a raise?

And what about Amanda?

Do you think she's gonna like growing up in somebody else's hand-me-down clothes?

Playing with some kid's old toys because we can never afford to buy her anything new?

Don't say any more.

And me...

What about me?

Spending the rest of my life, 8 hours a day, with a fake smile plastered on my face checking out books.

And then coming home to cook dinner for you.

The same meals over and over again, whatever the week's coupons will allow.

Only going out to restaurants for special occasions, birthdays or anniversaries. And even then having to watch what we order...

Skipping the appetizer, coming home for dessert.

You think that's gonna make me happy?

That's enough. No, no. I haven't done Jacob yet.

It's back to the welfare office for Jacob.

The occasional odd job.

But with Lou gone now...

Just himself and his dog all alone in that filthy apartment.

How long do you give him, Hank?

Stop it!

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Everything just like it used to be.

Federal bureau of investigation.

I would like to speak to...

Is there an agent Neil Baxter there?

Well, if Jacob can't make it, that just leaves more of Linda's homemade breakfast treats to go around.

Hank, go ahead. Have one of those.

Help yourself.

That's her own special creation there. Deep-fried dietetic donuts.

And so inedible, you won't be able to get enough of it down to be bad for you.

Hey, this guy, uh...

You know, this guy Baxter, he showed you his badge or anything?


Yeah. This is kinda stupid, but, you know, I always wondered if they look like they do in the movies.

Yeah? How's that?

Well, you know, kinda bright and silver with a big "FBI" stamped across the center.

Not really.

He showed you his?

Well, no, but I've seen them before.

I wonder where he is.

Well, you know, I bet he'd show it to you if you just ask him that.

Hell,.. he might even let you hold his gun if you ask him real nice.

You know what, later on, I could take you for a ride in my truck and make the lights flash for you.


- Carl? Yes.

It's Sarah. Hi. I'm looking for Hank. Is he there?

Yes, ma'am. You found him.

He's standing right here. He's trying to avoid eating one of my wife's homemade donuts. How's the baby?

She's not doing so good. That's part of what I'm calling to tell him about.

I'm sorry to hear...

Well, you probably better tell him that yourself, OK?

All right. You take care.

That's your wife.

Hi, honey.

- It's him. What?

It's him, Hank. Come home.

You gotta get out of there.


I gotta stay.

What do you mean you gotta stay?

We agreed that if I called you, that you were gonna come home.

What about Carl?

I don't know. Tell Carl... Tell him to give the guy the directions and that you two will meet him there later...

Everybody ready to roll?

Hank, he's gonna... He's gonna shoot you both.

Ready to roll.






Well, they're waiting for me, baby. I gotta go.

Carl, how you doin'? Good morning. How'd you sleep?


You come home, OK? Please, baby.



Wait, Hank!

Yeah, I'll see you then.


Ok. Yeah.

Yeah, I'll see you then.

God damn it! Don't!

I love you, too.

Wait! Hank?

Everything OK?

Oh, yeah. You know, just, uh... some confusion about this evening's plans.

Where's your brother?

Oh, uh, Jacob won't be joining us this morning.

It seems he tied one on again last night.

Ready when you are, Hank. Good. Let's go.

Oh, no. You should've asked me.

Oh, hey.

I forgot my hat. I'll catch up with you guys.

Well, go get it. It's cold out there.

You saw that truck right around the corner, didn't you?


Oh, this is the place, Hank. I'm pretty sure of it.

Look. Right there is that, uh, nature preserve sign.

That's where you guys were.

I guess you're right, but I thought it was a little further down, just, you know...

And, you know, if it was off over on that side, that's farmland over there.

Those farmers probably would have found it by now.

The best bet's gotta be over here in the nature preserve.

So I think the best idea is each of us take a different section of the woods...

Oh, good for Jacob. This will make things go faster.

Bring your rifle!

We'll take a different section of the woods.

If you or I find it, Baxter, we'll just fire a couple of shots into the air.

And, uh, Hank, here, you take that whistle.

And if you find it, just blow it loud as you can.

We'll all come running.

I thought you weren't up for this.

I talked to Sarah.

Well, I got up, and I felt better.

You're right. You don't look good. Something wrong?

Oh, I just... I had a rough night.

Well, let's go, guys.

I'll take the center. All right.

Hey! Hey!


Wait, Carl!

Get outta there! Run!

Hey! Hey! I found it. It's right down here.

Pull your gun on him! Make him show you his badge!

What? He's got a gun!

He's got a gun!

He's not FBI! He's lying!

What are you talking about?

Just do it!

I guess you might as well just show him your badge.

All right, all right.

It's OK, Hank. He's gonna show you his badge.

Don't turn your back!

Where's my money?

Where is it?

It's in the plane.

Then go get it.

Come on!

You waiting for something, genius? Do it!


Come on! Today!

OK, I've got it!

Where the fuck is the rest...

So you had a piece, huh?

But you're not the cold-blooded type, are you, Mr. Mitchell?

Looks like we're both gonna have an awful lot of explaining to do.

Just me.



It's ok.


Don't, don't.


You're gonna mess it up. Mess it... mess it up?

Just leave him be.


You understand what we gotta say?


We're gonna tell them that Carl lent me the gun to signal if I found the plane.

Then when I saw Baxter shoot him...

We can't do this, Hank.

What do you mean we can't?

We're gonna have to tell on ourselves.

No, we don't.

We... we can't.

No. No.

No. This is gonna work. Not anymore.


Yeah, it's gonna work.

It's perfect.

Come on, Jacob.

We just gotta get through the next couple of hours, and then we're home.

We're home-free.

You wanna be happy?

You want a wife and kids?

Me and you sitting around on the porch drinking late at night?

Well, God damn it, this is what it costs...

Right here, right now.

Come on.

Come on.

Let's go over this again, make sure we haven't overlooked anything.

I wish somebody else had found that money.

Well, they didn't. Now quit.


Baxter came down here.

He came up behind Carl.

I was over there. Yeah, and you were in the woods.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's gonna work. It's gonna work. Yeah.

W-what are you doing? Now put this back.

Make it look like the bad guy did it, Hank.


Come on, we're almost home.

I'm tired, Hank.

A-a-and I don't care. It's ok with me. I'm not... I'm not afraid.

No, Jacob.

I'm not afraid. It's perfect. Stop that, Jacob.

It's... it's perfect. No. No.

Come on, Hank. Let me do something.

This is... This is the only thing.

See, I don't wanna sit around the rest of my life thinking about this shit. I can't do it...

Sit on the porch and drink. I can't do it.

So you're gonna have to do it.

Couple more hours, we'll be home.

You can do this, and it's gonna be perfect for you.

You got something to go on for, Hank, and you know it.

I don't wanna be here.

No. Please, no.

Come on, Hank. Let me do something.

You just tell the little girl that I... that, you know, that bear is from me.

You know?

If you love me, Hank, you'll do it.

I'll give you a chance. I won't look at you.

I won't look at you, Hank, but if you don't do it...

then I'm gonna do it, and then we're gonna both gonna be fucked, aren't we?

We don't need to both be fucked.

I'll... I'll do it, Hank, if you don't. No!

I'm telling you I will.

Boy, it's... it's funny about f-finding this fucking plane, wasn't it?


Oh, Jacob!

To someone who's been properly trained, there are many ways to detect a liar.

The shifty eyes of detective novels have a certain basis in fact.

A wooden or stilted tone.

Gestures that seem either slightly robotic or else unnecessarily expansive.

Details tend to be vague, slippery.

Sometimes the suspect will cover his mouth with his hand when he speaks.

Did you notice anything like that in the guy you shot today?

He was lying to you, Mr. Mitchell. He wasn't from the FBI.

His name was Vernon Bokovsky.

His brother was in that crashed plane you found out there today.

Bokovski and his brother were the guys who kidnapped that McMartin girl last November.

Remember the one they shot and dumped in the lake?

4.4 million in ransom money. Want to touch it?

Go ahead. Go ahead.

Pretty hefty, huh?

That's only part of it. We're still tracking down the rest.

Yeah. It's just a matter of time.

A matter of time?

Well... we had the money for 2 hours before the kidnappers picked it up.

Couldn't mark it. We were afraid they'd detect the markings and kill the girl, so, um...

We put together a task force of 20 agents, and they wrote down as many of the serial numbers as they could.

We managed to record just under 5.000 of them.

That's 1 out of 10 of the bills.

Now it's simply a matter of waiting for the numbers to turn up.

Can't go around passing $100 bills without eventually sticking in someone's memory.

No. No!

No, Hank. Hank! Oh, Hank!

Hank, we can run with it. We could leave the country.

We could go to South America or to Australia or someplace far away.

Please, Hank!

There are days when I manage not to think of anything at all...

Not the money...

Or the murders...

Or Jacob...

Days when Sarah and I try to pretend that we're just like everyone else...

As if none of it had ever happened.

But those days are few and far between.