A Sister's Obsession (2018) Script

Girls keep it down in here, I've got a headache.

Play quietly, or else it's nap time again.

That's a nice drawing, Kendra.

You're quite the little artist.

Amber, yours needs more color.

If you break any of those crayons, you don't get new ones.

[Buzzer sound]

Who the hell?

Better not be another damn salesman.

Come over here, Kendra.

How would you like to have your own room and toys to play with?

Do you remember the nice people you met last week?

They're here to take you home with them.

But there's one more thing, before you go.

This one's her favorite.

Maybe it'll be your turn someday.

If you can learn to be a good little girl and do as you're told.


It gives me great joy to honor a special teacher, who is also a dear friend.

Give it up for the Educator of the Year: Mrs. Kendra Walker.


[Whsipering to one another]


Thank you.

Working with children reminds me every day that life is precious, so be authentic and make it count.


A huge thank you to my friend and colleague Monica, or Mrs. Lawrence, whose sense of humor and creativity inspire me every day.

I remember being a little girl, and being so excited to learn about the world.

Because it felt bigger and brighter than I could ever imagine.

[Camera snapping]

It must feel good to be recognized as a wonderful teacher.

I feel honored.

I had the privilege to attend great schools.

Every child deserves a chance at greatness.

Do you have children yourself?

Yes, I have 28 this year to be exact.

Maybe I will, someday...

Your 28 kids are lucky to have you.


[Camera snap]

Excuse me, mister?

May I join you?

Wow, in that dress you can sit wherever you like.

I'd like to buy the lady a drink.

Actually I'll have a club soda with a lime, please.

And a glass of champagne?


I cannot wait to get out of these heels.

Maybe I could help you with that.

That would be amazing, but...

I would only let my husband do that to me.

It's a good thing I married you ten years ago.

I thought I recognized you.

You're so pretty when you're pretending you're not already in love with me-

Total stranger.

What did you say your name was?


And you are?

The man of your dreams.

But my friends, they call me Dane.

Okay, so this is for you.

Let's toast.

All right.

To my new ladyfriend, who got a very prestigious award at work today.

Thank you.

And to you, the most handsome stranger that I've ever met.

Who is now officially going to be the father of my child.

Kendra? Are you?

Oh my-- oh my God!

I found out this afternoon, I just wanted to wait to tell you in person.

I'm just six weeks along, it's still early.

So let's enjoy these adults only situations while we still can.

Adults only, now we're talking.

Honey, I'm really sorry I couldn't be there for your acceptance speech.

It's okay, I understand.

It was fun, but I'm having an even better night.

What movie do you want to watch?

I'm up for anything as long as it doesn't have clowns--

Ghosts and open water.


So the movie about the ghost clown lost at sea is out?

Yeah, that's definitely a no.

Okay. Okay.

Even if I protect you?


Oh! I almost forgot I want to get this nail polish.

I love how girlie you are.

Did I tell you that my mom is gonna come visit for a week?

How is Janet doing?

It must be hard still living in that house now that Roger's gone.

I know.

I was actually hoping now that she's retired, she'd move closer to us.

Well, especially since she's been gunning for grandchildren.

She is relentless.

You know I promised her she'd be the first call I made if we heard anything, but I didn't want to leave a message on her voicemail, so I'm just gonna give her the news tomorrow.

You just want to hear her reaction.

Okay, let me see.

My money would be on happy tears and joyous screams?

Pretty much, definitely.

I hope I don't smell that bad.

You know what? I actually have a message from her.

Hi darling, it's Mom.

I can't wait to see you both.

I'm happy to sleep on the sofa bed if you've already turned the guest room into a baby nursery.

See, what did I say?


Love you, see you soon. Bye now.


And... done.

Do we have any money left?

No, nothing!

Just keep working hard, baby.

So that's where you've been all these years.

Whoa, did you get your picture in the paper?

Did I ever tell you I had a twin?

What? No, never.

Yeah, we lived in the orphanage on the other side of the hill.

We were separated when we were really young.

I never knew what happened to her.

That's sad, breakin' up siblings.

That ain't right.

It's illegal.

But the lady who ran the place was out of her mind.

I had ideas about what happened to Kendra.

Her last name is now Walker.

So are you gonna have a family reunion or something?

Something like that.

So Doctor Kim says it's the size of a pea.

A pea?

Wow, that's really tiny.

That is tiny, yeah.

There's this whole chart that shows what produce item is the same size and weight as the fetus as it grows.

That's kind of unnerving.

Your baby's a jalapeƱo.

Have a nice day.

Hot stuff.

Speaking of hot stuff...


Who knew the other night... oh my!

Oh thanks.

Who knew playing pretend as adults could be so much fun?

We might have to try that again.

Oh definitely! Maybe tonight.

You know, if we have a girl, we should name her Kimberly, after Doctor Kim?

Even though he's a man?

But it kinda works, right?


So we're gonna have a girl, is that what you're telling me?

Yeah, a little Kendra running around.

How could you not love her?

I don't know, I was kind of hoping we'd have a little Dane, running around the yard.

A litlte Dane running around the yard?


Or we could have one of each?

I like that.

Two or three.




Yeah, five.


In all seriousness, I'm very happy we're having this one.

I am too.

Hello Eunice, it's been awhile.

Am I supposed to know who you are?

I lived here.

I'm not surprised that you don't remember me though, you were never too good at your job.

Hate to ruin your day, but you're too old to move back in.

I don't want a bed.

You belong in jail.

This God forsaken place is my jail.

But I'm not mad at you.

If you lived here, that means I put a roof over your head when nobody else would.

You're right.

I should be grateful.

Now you get it.

But you know what I don't get, is why you split up me and my twin sister, Kendra.

You were little children, sometimes siblings have to be separated if it's what the adoptive parents want.

And I'd like to ask them that myself.

This could be a sweet news story.

Reuniting long lost twin sisters.

Yeah, you could be on television.

And say what?

That this place is full of a bunch of bratty kids?

I've never asked you for anything.

I can't legally tell you anything.

Why did you like my sister more than me?

Kendra was a happy little girl.

You were ornery and moody, nobody wants that.

Looks like you haven't changed.

I want to know where she is.

No way in hell!

Who adopted her?

Names and an address.


If you don't give me her file, I'll find it myself.






You didn't give me a chance to live, Why should I give you one?


Hey sis...

[Bell ringing]

We made it, sister.

Want to grab a drink?

Actually, I love old enough where Winter Break really means taking a break.

I hear you.

This is going to be imprinted on my sofa.


Can I tell you something that's supposed to be a secret, but it's really just exciting even though it's super early and I probably shouldn't be telling anyone yet?

Uh, yes, tell me, I love secrets!

Hit me with it.

I'm pregnant.

That is such great news for Auntie Monica.

Listen, I'm just halfway through the first trimester, so there's a long way to go.

You know, I only wear pants with the elastic waistband.


They're so comfy, you'll love it!

You know how long Dane and I had been trying, right?

Trying is the fun part.

Oh, I wanted to tell you: the school board has asked me to present at the next conference meeting.

So, I have to tell tales from the front lines.

Every administrator in the state is gonna be here.

Tales from the front lines?


That's exciting!

Well, the closest I've been to battle is when I had to sub for a gym teacher while I was getting my Masters Degree, so that was a little intense.

Well, wait till you have this kid.

It'll be PE and recess 24/7, 365.


Looks like Mr. Stafford forgot to pick up his kid again.

She's such a good girl.

Well I hope this doesn't affect her too much in the long run.

That's what teachers are for, to remind 'em that no matter what, somebody cares.

And it's hard enough being a teenage girl as it is, you know what I mean?


Okay, I'm gonna take her home.

All right, I'll talk to you later, mama.


How about we pick up a coffee on the way home?

Does that sound like fun? Decaf for you, of course!

What a saint you turned out to be.

Come on, gorgeous!

I'm here!

We're a little tapped for time, we gotta go.

Where are we going, hot stuff?

You'll find out.

I've never been more excited to relax and do nothing for this Winter Break.

Well, you deserve it.

How was your day?

Busy, but good.

I've got solar panels and skyscrapers dancing in my head.

And reservations?


Are those dancing in your head? Because they're dancing in mine!

Great husband...

Big house...

What don't you have?

We're gonna be late!

I have packages for Kendra Walker.

That's me.


Thank you!

Have a great afternoon.

You too.

So, where are we going?

For a special celebratory dinner, at a very special place.

Can I guess?

Okay, you get one guess.

Okay, so the last time you took me someplace for a surprise, the surprise ended up being this!


Is it on the waterfront?


Does it have really good crab legs?

You're too smart.

Yes! Salty's, I knew it.

This is why I can never surprise you, you're just too smart.

Honey, I'll act surprised when we get there.

All right.

You know, I hope our baby inherits your massive brain.

And my good looks, of course!

Oh, 100%.

Actually, that is the thing about having been adopted that will always be a mystery.

I'll never know which traits I inherited from which side of the family.

I guess it is a bit of a gamble.

I guess we'll just have to be surprised.


Amber, you home?

Hey, some of these lotto tickets paid out huge!

One paid three hundred dollars.

New 'do! I dig it.

What's with the get up?

I'm gonna live the life I was robbed of all those years ago.

Kendra's life.

That's a lot to take on, even for you.

They have this great house, and she has a perfect looking husband.

Wait, you saw them together?


You know how I've always had really bad luck with men?

I think it's because I don't know how to pick 'em.

But Kendra's guy, he is marriage material.

Be careful.

Even if he is a nice guy, he's gonna notice that you're not his real wife.

She's had it so easy for the last 30 years.

If she sees you, she's going to flip out.

She's not gonna see me.

I'm going to take her place.

I just need to get a little more information on her.

I need to get a hold of her wallet.

What's going to happen to her?

Look Amber, I'm cool with wiping out her bank account and stealing her stuff.

But hacking is one thing, full on stalking and taking someone out?

It's not what we do.

If I pull this off... I win.

So in a few days, it's going to be the size of a blueberry.

A blueberry?

Which kinda makes me not want to ever eat a blueberry ever again.


I'll be back in a couple hours, honey.

Okay, mom says hi.

Hi mom, I mean grandma.

You be good in there.

I'm gonna be asleep when you get back, have fun!

All right.

Is Dane going out somwhere?

He's just gonna go play poker with some friends from work.

Oh I see, nice!

So I was hoping we could pick up some baby books this week?

I'm really glad you're gonna be here.

It'll be so nice to see you both.

I know it's early in the first trimester, but I will clear my schedule 8 months from now.

You're the best, Mom.

I feel like I've been even busier since I retired.

That's great.

The ladies at the club have asked me to teach an art workshop, so that'll be fun.

I wish your dad were here to meet his grandbaby.

You must miss him a lot, huh?

I do.

I'm happy you're finally pregnant.

I know how hard it can be to conceive.

Your dad and I tried, but once we found you.

I wish I could remember that day.

I must have been pretty excited.

You were.

Whatever is meant to be will be.

Goodnight, honey.

Congratulations to you both.

Thanks, mom. I love you.

[TV on in background]

Are you sure, Mrs. Walker?

Nothing is missing, my purse and wallet are right here.

Electronics? Jewelry?

Nothing's missing.

Probably a prankster.

Kids, they like the thrill of a break-in.

I didn't really get a good look, but I think it might have been a woman.

A woman?

Yeah, I mean I don't know for sure because most of the lights were off, but...

It looks like they came in here, but there's no fingerprints.

He or she broke the lock pretty easily, and the knob is not very secure.

Tell you what, I'll go around and check the place, see if everything's okay.

That's my direct line, okay?

If the burglars come back, you call me okay?

Yeah, thanks.

You know I grew up in this neighborhood and I've always felt safe.



Baby, you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

I got here as fast as I could.

It's okay, Detective, this is my husband Dane.

Hi, how are you?


I'll go check the whole place and see if it's secure and then I'll be on my way, okay?

Keep me posted?

Of course.

Goodnight, Mrs. Walker.


I'm so glad you're okay.

Really it's fine, it's just really strange.

I don't think anything's missing.

I think we should install some motion sensor lights outside.


I'm gonna go have a look around, make sure everything is secure.


I wonder what they wanted?

Those are super cute.

What do you think about these for me?

I could rock those.

Yeah, for parent-teacher conferences.

Sorry miss, it says card invalid.

Oh, that's weird. It worked fine yesterday.

Declined again.

Okay, I'm gonna call the card company and just, give me a moment.

Hi yes, my card was just declined.

Are you the person named on the card?

Yes that's right, it's Kendra Walker.

Our system is showing fradulent activity on the card.

What do you mean fraudulent activity?

There were several large clothing purchases that have been flagged as suspicious.

We can put a hold on the account while we investigate.

Yeah that would be great, thank you.

They're gonna put my card on hold because there was these suspicious charges.

Massive online purchases?


Yeah, I don't--

Could you put them on hold for me and then I'll sort this out and come back?

Yeah absolutely, I'm happy to.

Thank you.

It must been that burglar!

They got your card information.

Yeah, but nothing was missing, so this doesn't make any sense.

But there was a stranger in your house, Kendra.

That is freaky enough.

I'm just glad nothing worse happened.

What did I miss?

You know, just maxed out a few credit cards in my beloved sister's name.


Wait, aren't you like deathly allergic to poppy seeds?

Yeah, that's why I got these.

What are you doing?

You know what?

I actually don't want to know.

Today is a big day, graduates.

You've spent your entire academic lives gathering information about the world around you.

Which is just another way of saying you've been learning.

And even though you're leaving school today, you will never stop learning, you should never stop learning.

Because learning is the best--

[Tape rewinds then starts again]

Today is a big day, graduates.

You've spent your entire academic lives gathering information about the world around you.

Which is just another way of saying you've been learning.

And even though you're leaving school today, you will never stop learning, you should never stop learning.

Because learning is the best way to see if you are alive.

To learn, is to be alive in the fullest way.

Maybe we should get all new account numbers, just to be safe.

I know, honey.

Everything at the house seems quiet.

Just gonna keep those doors and windows locked.


I love you too.

Hi, Miss Kendra.

Long time no see, how are you?


Okay, have a seat.

Thank you.

So, you want the same color?

Yes, I brought it right there.

It's so good to see you again.

Always good to see you, Miss Kendra.

So, how's school?

It's great, my students are great.

Oh good, good.

Yeah, I've been working on it.

Could I e-mail it to you and then maybe you could kinda look it over and give me any notes?

Oh, wow!

I still haven't gotten those packages yet.

So you're okay with that?

Perfect, thank you Monica!

I have to go to the bank.

It wasn't just one card, it was, all my cards are frozen.

You'll need to use paper instead of plastic until all that gets sorted.


And since my mom is coming to visit, I need to get the antique pendant that she gave me when I was little girl.

That's sweet.

When my mother comes to visit, I have to remember to set out the stuffed animal she got me from her trip to Vancouver.

You know, last night I had a really strange dream that I was back in the orphanage.

Well, the subconscious mind does crazy things sometimes.

Yeah, but in the dream I was playing with a girl that looked... just like me.

That is strange.

Have you ever been back there to visit?

No, actually I haven't...

Maybe I should go.

You know, now that I'm having this baby, maybe there's some information on my biological mother that could help me.

You never know, right?

Exactly, you never know.


Unfortunately, this is very common.

But, fortunately the card companies are great at investigating and tracking down those crooks and reimbursing you for any charges.

That's a relief.

It's usually some weird foreign entity.


You're in no real danger.


It sure does cause a headache, though.


Oh, I need to get into my safety deposit box.

Sure, do you have your key?

I do, one second...

Is everything alright?

My key isn't in here.

Could it have fallen out?

This is weird.

I'm just gonna go home and look around and as soon as I find it, I will come back.

I'll be here.

Okay, thank you so much.

And here's your pen.

Thank you.

Are you looking for this?

I ordered you some chips.

Thank you, honey.

Is Mexican food okay?


You all right?

I'm worried.


They can't do any more damage, all right?

The patrol car has been by our house three times today.

I know, it's just-- the key to my safety deposit box is missing.

Do you think the person who broke in stole it?

Because when I saw that my wallet was there, I didn't even think to look for it.

Okay, when's the last time you used it?

It was like six months ago.

We'll look around for it when we get home.


Remember when I lost my watch?

I found it in the sofa cushions.

Yes, along with a deck of cards and like $10 worth of coins.

Yeah that couch is the Bermuda Triangle of home furnishings, I swear.

It's probably in there.



Hi Kendra, did you find your key?

I did find it, yes.

It fell out of my purse, this moron cut me off, I had to slam on my brakes and whoo, right under the seat.

Glad you found it.

Thank you... Marvin.

You'll have to let me know when they catch your identity thief.

It's always interesting to hear what kind of whackadoo is behind it.

I hope they catch him.

Yeah, me too.

Right this way.

Am I mistaken, or did you have on an entirely different outfit earlier?

You kow, I spilled coffee on my outfit, but I always keep a change of clothes in my trunk.

Of course, coffee can stain if you aren't careful.

My wife and I finally tried that seafood restaurant you recommended.

That name escapes me...

That's so good, I'm glad you guys liked it!

You know it, right there on the water, what's the name of it?

I don't remember.

You said that's where your husband proposed, how do you not remember?


Hey, Marvin...

[Alarm sounding]

I just got an e-mail that my packages were delivered, but they never arrived.

Can I get your name?

Kendra Walker.

They were delivered, it looks like you signed for them.

You have my signature?

Yes, I'm looking at the document now.

I mean I would've remembered signing for them.

[Phone buzzes]

You know what I'm sorry, I gotta call you back, I have to take this.



Hi, Detective.

Hi, do you know anything about an incident at the bank involving Marvin today?

No, what happened to Marvin?

It's a nasty gash to the head.

Look, I'm looking at the security footage right now.

Somebody impersonated you to get to your safety deposit box.

You said that she couldn't remember the name of the restaurant her husband proposed to her in?

That's correct.

Hey Kendra, what was the name of the restaurant that Dane proposed to you at?

Salty's on the waterfront.


That's the one.


I need to come see you right now.

Okay yeah sure, I'm at home.

Please tell Marvin I'm very sorry.

I will.


She looked identical to her, even wore the same perfume.

Her voice was a bit off, but I didn't notice until it was too late.

I don't think anybody would have, she looks identical to me, too.

Keep the ice on your head, and see a doctor, okay?

She had the right key.

She had the what?

She had the right deposit box key.

There's only one customer key per box.

Right... look after your head.

It's not in here.

Any luck?

Just some popcorn kernels.

[Doorbell ringing]

Hi. Hi.

Good evening, Kendra.

Thank you for coming, Detective.

Sure, sorry it's so late.

It's okay, I appreciate it.

Right this way.

Good evening, Mr. Walker.

Detective, how you doing?

Look, I've got a rather strange update in your case.

Is Marvin badly injured?

Oh no, he's going to recover, but she did clobber him pretty good.

A woman went into the bank right after you were in there and stole everything in your deposit box.

My key...

So she was the one who broke into our house!

Are you sure she didn't steal anything else?

These are the clothes that I ordered online.

I ordered these and, Detective, they never arrived, but somebody said that I signed for them.

So she's obviously been here more than once then.

Okay, so she's dressing like me to get into my safety deposit box?

That seems like an awful lot of work for some old jewelry.

Unless you're after something more than that.

Our wedding photo?

How can she pull this off?

She's a pro.

I'm gonna go track her down.

I will too.


No, I'm gonna handle this.

Let the Detective handle it, sweetie.

Look, you guys just stay aware right now, all right?

Stay in close contact with each other.

If you see anything out of the ordinary at all, you call me.

Yeah, we will.


Hi, do you have an appointment?

I wasn't expecting anyone today.

I don't have an appointment.

Can I sit?

Yes, please.

It's been real stressful around here.

I can imagine.

I used to live here.

So you knew Eunice?

I did. I mean, not well.

I left when I was really young.

So you heard what happened to her?

Is that why you're here?

No, what happened?

She had a bad fall, over there.

These floors get slick, she slipped... hit her head.

That's horrible.

It was.

The night housekeeper found her, but it was too late.

I'm so sorry.

So, it's been a little chaotic trying to get things in order.

She was the head of this place for 45 years and she didn't keep accurate records, it turns out.

That's actually why I'm here.

I was hoping you could help me.

I left when I was three.

You're lucky.

A lot of kids end up staying here until they're 18, and then God knows what.

I was hoping you could give me some information on my birth mother or if I had any siblings?

Okay, who are your adoptive parents?

Collins, Janet and Roger.

That's odd, Collins with a C?


Nothing... the file is missing.

Let me check the book.

Always keep a backup, I always say.

Here, found you.

You were dropped off by a woman who chose to remain anonymous.

A lot of cases are teen mothers, or those in abusive relationships, and they don't want their children seeing that.

Bringing them here gives them a better shot at life.

It must have been really hard for her.

Oh look! It says two girls arrived together, listed as sisters.

Kendra and Amber.

Doesn't specify twins.

Would it, if we were?

Yeah, it's protocol for siblings to be listed as such.

Especially twins.

It's priority for them to be adopted together.

But as I've been finding with the misplaced files, Eunice didn't follow protocol.


Both girls were one year old when they arrived.

So Eunice didn't tell my adopted parents that I had a sibling?

Apparently not.

Eunice had a bad habit of not keeping up with the books.

Okay, by Amber's name it says that she was discharged.

What does that mean?

If a kid turns 18 and still lives here, they're legally discharged from foster care.

So then what happened to her?

Her information is missing too, that's odd.

So it goes with orphanages.

Under-staffed and overwhelmed.

And off the grid.

It seems strange.

Eunice works here for 45 years and never slips and then when she does, it's fatal?

Perhaps I'm numb to it, I've seen a lot of strange stuff in this line of work.

It just blurs together.


Thank you for your help.

You're welcome, I hope that helps.


That was brisk!

But I needed that, thank you.

You are very welcome, anytime.

I've got an update.



I went to the orphanage where I was adopted from.

I have a twin sister.


Are you going to try and find her?

Do one of those TV reunion specials.

Oh gosh, this whole thing is just too coincidental.

You know, the woman that broke into my house, and then there's this lady who poses as me and robs my safety deposit box?

Okay, I'm sure that's a coincidence.

There are crooks out there, but if she's your twin, she'd wanna actually talk to you.

Not rob you blind.

Yeah, that's a good point.

So much for that stress-free Winter Break you were hoping for, huh?

Someone else on our shopping spree.

I still don't know how I'm going to tell my mom that all her heirloom jewelry was stolen.

Not your fault. She'll understand.

Plus it's Janet, she's a saint.

Yeah, yeah you're right.

And I'm stressing about this presentation I have to give.

Hey, I'll be there! I wouldn't miss it.

Bring it in!

You're the best, thank you.

All right, well...

I'm off to meet Dane to see a crib that he found in a fancy baby store.


He's like in full Superdad mode already.

He is so funny.

And my friend, you will crush this presentation, I just know it.

And I'll be there cheering you on.

Kendra, Kendra, Kendra!

Okay, I'm feeling that.

If you're there, I will crush it for sure.

All right, I'll see you soon then?

Yeah, see you.

All right.

It's under Kendra Walker.

I purchased it all online.


Yeah, there you are.

I'll go get them for you.


Here you are, Mrs. Walker.

Please, call me Kendra.

My students call me Mrs. Walker.

What? I thought you went to some fancy baby store?


Hey, Kendra!

I'm sorry, I'm in a rush.

What are you talking about, aren't you supposed to be with Dane?

Uh yeah, no see he cancelled on me, so--

Hold up, you look like my friend, Kendra and you have the same name?

Who are you?

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Oh, it's you.

I'm showing this to the police.

[Camera snap]

You back off!

You bitch!

Why are you pretending to be my best friend?

I won't let you tell Kendra.

I promise...

Yes you will.


[Car horn]

Move it!

A woman was found stabbed to death in the parking lot of the Lakeview Shopping Mall.

The victim was identified as Monica Lawrence, a math teacher and tennis coach at Mercer Island High School.

So far police have no suspects-

Oh my God, it's her.

I know it's her.

[Phone ringing]

Detective, are you watching this?

I'm watching the security tape.

How fast can you get here?

I can come now.

I'll drive you.

No, it's okay--

Honey, please be careful all right.

I know you're tough, but if you're in danger--

I will be careful, I promise.

I'm home!

I'm rich.

What did you do, rob a jewelry store?

The police have ruled the incident a homicide.

The authorities are looking for a person of interest in the murder.

Police are asking anyone who has seen suspicious activity--

She was following me.

So what ever happened to petty theft and simple misdemeanors?

Nothin' that would get you or me in any major legal trouble?

How do you think I got this?

Or all that?

I was left at the orphanage when I was one.

Yeah, and you lived with some old hag.

I was dropped off with my twin sister.

And then some rich fancy family came in and stole her from me.

Okay, that's messed up.


The chosen one.

And now the disposable one.

I'm gonna need you to work your magic and get me into her e-mail.

This is--

Hey, what's the opposite of difficult?



Oh, this looks important.


How's this?

Thank you for inviting me here to speak about a subject that is special to me.

A subject more important than English, Social Studies, Math...

The student who develops on our watch.


My name is Kendra Walker, and I'm perfect.

I'd like to introduce you to my twin sister, but I can't.

She no longer exists.

Okay, that is some shape shifter creepy crawler magic.

Oh, so now I'm just hacking for free?

Don't touch that.

Do you have an alibi for the time of Monica's death?

An alibi?

3:37 PM?

Detective, I was not at the boutique that day.

I was buying a baby crib with my husband, I can show you the receipt.

I believe you.

Can I offer you a congratulations?


It's still early, so we haven't really made any announcements.

Of course, I understand.

But thanks.

I have a twin sister.

I went to the orphanage where I was adopted from and the place was a mess.

You went there alone?

I've never been back to visit.

For all we know, she could be tailing your every move.

We know for sure she's the one who broke in because she showed up with the key.

She could've been waiting there at the orphanage for you.

She wasn't there.

But the lady who ran the place had just died.

Well that changes everything, doesn't it?

Now you have a lookalike and she's a cold-blooded killer.

Why would she go after Monica?

It's possible she's just seeing how close she can get without being caught.

She's gotta have some priors or records of some sort.

Well, if she wasn't a criminal before, she's one now.

B&E, identity theft, and now a double homicide.

Be cautious, Kendra.

I will.

A water feature would be easy to add at this stage of building.

Yeah, so the third floor, it features all glass walls so you'll be able to utilize holographic projection screens.

And what's one more koi pond when we have this much ground space to play with?

So that's who you are.

Hey Mom.

When did this come?

I don't know, I never heard a knock.

It looks delicious.

It does, doesn't it?

For the one and only Kendra, there's nobody like you.

It's from Dane.

He's not gonna be at the presentation, he's got this big meeting tonight.

That's sweet of him, plus fruit is good for a growing baby.

I'm used to Monica being at all these events.

You know, she was the best support system.

So tragic.

Are you sure you're safe, Kendra?

I'm just glad you're here, because you have this knack for showing up right when I need you, so...

Mother's intuition, I guess.

I stopped by the orphanage the other day, to see if I could get any information about my time there.

That must have been hard, all those memories...

That's what's strange Mom, I don't really have a lot of memories, you know?

I have a sister.

You do?


Your dad and I had no idea.

I just don't know why the lady at the orphanage would've withheld that information.

And I was too young to realize what was going on, so...

We went there to adopt one child, but we had the means to raise two.

And we would've loved for you to have had a sister.

She knows exactly where to find me, and I don't even know her last name.

This whole thing is eerie, all of it.

All of what?


I think that my...

I think that my twin killed Monica after she attacked Marvin at the bank.

Wait, a woman almost ran me over yesterday.

I could've sworn she was you, it must have been her!

Kendra, what?


Your epi-pen, where's your epi-pen?


It's gonna be okay.

I need an ambulance for my daughter!


[Hospital equipment beeping]

Hi honey.

They tested the fruit and it came back positive for opium alkaloids.

Poppy seeds.

I'm deathly allergic to poppy seeds.

I know, honey.

That explains the violent reaction.

How did it get there?

Even though you're only six weeks along a cutoff of oxygen or toxins could harm the baby, so they're going to monitor you overnight.

Can you call Dane for me, please?


I'll leave a message.

Dane, I'm with Kendra at the hospital.

She had a bad allergic reaction.

They gave her adrenaline, so she's stable.

Hi, honey, I'm going to try you at the office.

Hi this is Kendra, Dane's wife.

Did he happen to ask you to send over an edible arrangement today?

He didn't.

Can you tell him I tired to call him on his cell and he didn't answer and it's an emergency, please?

Okay, thank you.

He didn't send it.

Then who did?


Kendra, my God!

That woman tried to kill you!

Your hands honey, they're so cold.

It's okay Mom.

Thanks, Mom.

All right, I gotta call the school board.

Hi, this is Kendra.

Not doing so well, actually, I'm in the hospital.

I'm not gonna be able to come in tonight.

Okay, thank you so much.

I think I'm dehydrated.

Just a little sip.

That's perfect, thanks.

I'm gonna keep trying to get hold of Dane.

I need to call the Detective.


Hey, I was just about to call you.

I checked the facial recognition database and I found something.


I found a woman with only a few priors.

She did Grand Theft Auto, which was dismissed.

She did a brief stint for impersonating an officer.

Stealing of pull tabs, and then she got off with a slap on the wrist.

Possession of a deadly weapon.

So quite the thief, but no murder?


Is your twin's name Amber Sheridan?

I don't know, I know her name is Amber.

I just don't know her last name.

That's gotta be her.

What's all that beeping in the background?

Are you at the casino?

I thought Dane was the only gambler in the house.

I'm in the hospital.

In the hospital? What happened?

I had an allergic reaction to poppy seeds.

There was this fruit that was delivered, I thought it was from Dane, but it wasn't and it was laced.

The only other person besides my mom and Dane who would know what I was allergic to would be--

Your twin. She's allergic too.



I'm gonna put out a warrant, all right?

I've got evidence and a witness statement.

I'm gonna get right on it.

[New email alert]

Get well soon?

Hi, this is Kendra.

I did just get your e-mail.

But I'm feeling fantastic, good news is I've left the hospital, the doctor says I'm gonna be fine!

I'm already on my way.

Thank you.

Honey, you should try and eat something.

I just want Dane to call me back, you know?

You know how busy he is.

As soon as he can, he will call us right back.

Yup, you're right Mom.

I'm going to check the cafeteria and see what soups they have.

Thank you.


Thank you for inviting me here tonight to speak about a subject that is so special to me.

A subject that is more important than English, Social Studies, and Math.

The student who develops on our watch.

I put in a request for a few epi-pens to take home with us.

Thanks, now that we know where mine went, right?

Let's get you trying some soup here, come on.

It smells good, Mom.

[Man's voice] You're an inspiration, Kendra!

Oh, that's so sweet!

Hi yes, this is Dane's wife, Kendra.

Oh, did they say where they'd be?

Monte's Martini Bar?

Yes, I know it well.

When we started this project, I thought we'd pull it off in a year, minimum.

That's without the solar sky-bridge you added at the eleventh hour.

As per the Sakamoto team's request.

Gentlemen, I like your style.

Cheers gentlemen.

If any of you decide to leave the medical field, just give me a call.

You can maybe have this guy's job.


Hey stranger.


What are you doing here?

Oh, so you've been drinking, huh?

Just a little bit.

Hey wait a second, what time is it?

Aren't you supposed to be--

27 missed calls?

I was trying desperately to get a hold of you.

Hi, I'm Dane.

It's a pleasure to meet you for the first time. You are?

Kendra. Kendra!

What is that?

Isn't booze bad for developing little babies?

Honey it's just one glass, it can't hurt.

So, what are we celebrating?

The moment I met you.

That's sweet.

And I'm developing this giant building for these nice people here.

I'm sorry I missed your calls, my phone was on silent--

It's okay, I just missed you today.

I missed you too.

Where's your ring?

Let's get out of here?

I know that look.

You wanna loosen that tie, honey?

That's what I'm talking about.

How are you not ticklish right now?

This move always makes you squirm.

How would you know that sweetheart? We just met.

But you can put your hand right here.

That's better.

I know we just met at the bar, but can I tell you a secret?


You look really pretty when you drive.

Let's get you home and into bed.

Gentlemen, excuse me I will be right back.

[Phone ringing]

Finally, where have--

Kendra, it's Randy.

Randy, where's Dane?

Dane left his briefcase and phone at the bar when you two left.

I wasn't at the bar.

You weren't?

Well then you have a clone.

Mom, Dane's in danger! We gotta go.

Do you have your car keys?

Got 'em. Great!

This way, Mom. Okay.

Honey, we are...


Call home.

Hi, you've reached the Walkers.

We're out at the moment, so leave a message.

End call.

You don't know what that disturbed woman wants.

I know what she wants, Mom: revenge.

Because I got out and she didn't.

I drank so much, I can hardly see straight.

It's okay honey, just kiss me.

You know what I love about you?



What the--


Who are you?

What're you talking about honey, it's me.

No, where's your birthmark?

What're you doing? Calm down--

Where's your birthmark?

What're you talking about honey, you've just been drinking.

No, where's your birthmark?

Calm down. Calm down, honey.

Who are you? You're not Kendra!

You're that girl that--

We were so close...

[Car horn]

Look, he's here.

Call Detective Mahoney, call him right now.

I will, but promise me you'll stay safe!

I will, I love you.

I'll be right back, I promise.



Sorry, mom.


Honey, oh my God!

Kendra, is that you?

Yes, it's me.

She's here, your sister is here!

Look out!


I've been going by Kendra, lately.

Why are you doing this?

Let's just talk.

It's too late to talk. You're thirty years too late!

What do you want from me?

I want all of this.

I want all of it!

You've had it too easy and you left me for dead in the orphanage.

We were three! We were three years old!

Kendra, be careful!

It's okay honey.

This is quite the family reunion, huh?

And soon to be a happy family of three, isn't that right?

You killed my best friend!

I thought sisters were supposed to be best friends.

You think you're gonna get away with this?

I always do.

And I tricked everyone into thinking I was you.

And Dane?

He's a great kisser by the way, you lucky bitch.

You can fake it all you want, but you'll never be me.


You will never be an aunt to my baby.

A baby who will never end up being in the orphanage.

You mean like I did for 17 damn years?

Please don't hurt my baby.

He deserves a fresh start, we deserve a fresh start.

Nice try, sis.

I just wanna make sure she's okay.

We should wait for the police.

No, please.



All right, I've got the suspect in custody, okay?

Send an ambulance right away.

I had a feeling you wouldn't stay in the hospital.

Let's go, get up.

Mom, are you okay?

It's just my head.

Let's get you to sit down, okay?

I'm okay. I'll be fine, honey.

The paramedics are on their way, okay?


Are you okay?

Yeah, but... I'm supposed to be protecting you.

Both of you.

You do protect me. Us.

You protect us.

Let's go.

Let's go.

[Alarm ringing]

I slept like a rock.

Good, you've got a busy day.

Oh, ouch! You feel that?

How do you know I'm not Amber?

Because you kissed her, too.

You'd better not be.


What if she had been wearing a turtleneck?

I'm going to start calling you double trouble.


Yes, it's right there.

Settle down!


Yeah, just like Mom.

Hey shut up, I'm trying to hear!

Being Superintendant means I won't have a classroom full of kids, but now I will have a home full of them.

I'm having twins.

Damn, that's crazy.

You look just like that lady.

I know...

I was her.