A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) Script

Everyone in the neighborhood laughed so much back then But when...

But when he was little he saw him doing that once He saw him doing that once and then he ran together with that crazy guy

Our mom saw that and she almost passed out Do you remember?

You remember, right?

Say something Don't you remember?

You remember, right?

No I don't remember What?

I said I don't remember

Why don't you remember?

Are you crazy?



Wait, hold on to her What's wrong? Wake up!

Bring some water Are you alright, Mi-hee?

Water, water

I'm sorry, it's all my fault


It's okay

It's alright, Mi-hee It's alright

I'm sorry

I didn't want to come but your father begged me to so I had no choice Honey Yes?

I saw something strange in that house What did you see?

There was a girl under the sink

Just go in

Can't you just stay here? Why?

It's strange What's strange?

It's strange After the girls came down weird things have been happening in this house Don't say stupid things Didn't you see it?

You're just having a hard time adjusting You'll get better if you rest No There's something in this house

I'll look around, so lie down

Open the door!

Open it!

Open the god damn door!

I'll show you

Get up!

Get off the bed

Get off now!

I said now!

Come here, right now!

You pest...


A person can't get any rest around this household

Tell me Who did it?

Who did it?

Who? Better tell me the truth Who did it!

Was it Su-mi?

You two need to learn a lesson!

Was it your sister?

So do you feel better looking at your dead mom's things?

Feel happy after seeing the photos?

Say that you're sorry Until you do, don't even think about coming out

There's no use in crying Say that you're sorry and beg for forgiveness!

I'm sorry What?

Say it right I'm sorry

I'll ask you once more

You're admitting that you're sorry, right?

Stop crying I don't want to hear it, so stop it now!

Are you...

Are you mad?

Is that why you're crying?

Fine, let's see how long you hold up

This will put some sense into you two


Su-yeon, I'm sorry

I didn't hear you

I'm sorry, Su-yeon I'm sorry

This won't happen again I promise

Don't cry, it's okay

Tell me What?

Why the hell are you doing this?

Tell me why you've acted so weird since you got here You really don't know?

Don't know what? What is it?

I'm talking about what that woman is doing to us!

So tell me what has she done?

She keeps harassing Su-yeon


Didn't you hear me?

I said she keeps harassing Su-yeon!

She's vicious, evil and always locks Su-yeon up in the closet!

Su-mi, please stop it Stop what?

You know that Su-yeon is scared of her Su-yeon, you tell dad Stop crying and tell him now Tell him!

Please stop it!

Su-yeon... is dead



Su-yeon is dead So pull yourself together

How long will you keep this up?

It's not true, Su-yeon


Su-yeon No... No...

Come down tomorrow, I can't do it alone Hmm...

She's getting worse

I'll pick you up call me when you get here




Su-mi! Su-yeon!




I am fed up with your family

How did we come to this?

Don't you get it yet?

Remember what I told you before?

Remember when I said you'll regret it some day?


Know what's really scary?

You want to forget something Totally wipe it off of your mind

But you never can It can't go away, you see And...

And it follows you around like a ghost

Help me

Sure, I'll help you Let's end it here




Where's Su-mi?


Please stop it I'm sick of it now

Take this you'll feel much better


Don't you get it yet?

You're just having a hard time adjusting You still must be sick You promised not to bring up that closet How could we both get our periods on the same date?

Su-yeon is dead!

No, I don't remember!

Su-mi, are you okay?

It's all over now You'll feel better here

Get some rest I'll come and visit often

Take care of yourself Bye

Su-mi, what's wrong? Let go Let go, Su-mi Please stop it and let go

No, I'll get it Let me take one





Mom? Mom, mom!

Mom! Mom, mom, mom!


Didn't you hear something?

Why'd you come up here?

Dad's not here What do you mean by that?

Now you're trying to act like mom

Do me a favor Stay out of our lives

Can you get out of the way?

I have to go


You might regret this moment Keep that in mind!

What can be worse than standing here with you?

When you're here I wanna be as far away from you as I can Understand?



Help me... Su-mi Su-mi... Su-mi...