A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (1996) Script

How'd I end up in this?

I'm on the way out.

Ass looking like a black sea lion.

A brother's life was fine until the day my troubles started.

You's a fine motherfucker.

You see, when I got up that day, I had Ms in my pocket.

Silk on my back.

But most importantly, I had the ladies.

Here I come, world.

Here I come.!

You know, it's funny, I thought if God wanted all women to be happy, he would've made all men like me.

You see, I had the gift of gab.

And the smile that can book any woman's ass.

What's up, Miss Lady?

Which one of my honeys did I see that day?

Yeah. First a brother rolled up on Adrienne.

You see, baby was a little shy.

Yeah, it's good. It means you're strong.

It means you're beautiful.

That's right. Really?

That's right. You're gorgeous.

That's right. Put it out. Put your head up.

- Hell, yeah. I slobbered her down.

But look, I was just trying to help her come out.

Adrienne, what are you doing?

Then there was Nikki.

What you need to be doing, Darnell, is taking care of me.

When did we establish you were my woman?

When I opened my legs to you, baby.

The contract was signed then.

Sweet honey, but she was always on me.

I ain't on no motherfucking contract.

But you're still on the VIP list.

Better be. Get it right here.


Then I stopped by to see Gwen.

That's your spot.

Right there.

Like that? That feels so good, baby.

You know, I've got to keep you happy.

Looking so beautiful.

Really? Yes.

Well, you know, I've been working extra shifts, so I've been missing out on my beauty sleep.

Whatever you're doing, it's working like a motherfucker.

Give me that foot. Knucklehead.

See, she had kids.

They weren't mine.

I was just trying help her out.

Is this...?

Look at this baby. She stinks.


Is that her smelling like that?

No, don't cry.

Tee just paged me.

I think something's going on down at the club.

And those were just a few of my honeys.

You see, I had a lot of them, but nobody special.

I loved the ladies.

That was my problem.

Now, my boy Tee was just like me.

Well, almost.


But the time is expired and so is my...

What... What is all this?

You're dealing with the time, baby.

Step back. 'Cause you're all in my space.

I want you to do me a favor. I'm gonna give you this.

Chocolate City VIP. Yeah, whatever.

Look, I got to go. Write your number down there.

Only number you're getting is the number to the ticket office.

Because I gots to go. Step off.

Okay, sweetheart, you ain't gotta be so mean.

Whatever. You still look good.

I'll call you later.

What's up?

What'd you do, man, you get another ticket?

No, man, got the number.

You see, I understood him and he understood me.

And together we was running this little nightclub thing:

Chocolate City.

Man, I ain't giving you a dime of my money for no damn parking ticket.

Damn, Smitty, but I was working.

I don't care if you was selling oranges by the freeway.

I don't pay for parking tickets.

I pay your salary.

I pay a damn good salary at that.

Now, sit down.

Smitty was the owner.

He didn't take no shit.

All right, man, I'm gonna give it to you young fellas.

Y'all have put some of the chocolate back in Chocolate City, but I need more chocolate in Chocolate City.

Tell you the truth, ol' Smitty is just tired of trying to juggle this business by himself so...

I was thinking about taking on some partners.

Somebody... That's us.

Somebody... Right here. Us.

That he can trust with the money.

Every penny of his money.

So my life was good.

And damn sure getting better.

That's why when I saw her, Damn.

I stepped to her.

Like a moth to a flame.

A bull to a matador.

A dog to a cat.

Watch this, watch this.

How you doin', baby?

"How am I doing, baby?"

I'm not your baby.

Excuse me. Most men would've called you stuck-up.

Looking all like a Barbie doll.

That was it.

The moment that changed my motherfucking life.

Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.

That's no way to talk to a lady.

Madame. Let me get your door for you.

He didn't mean nothing by that. Yes, I did.

He just, you know, fell on his head as a baby.

So he's just been a little rattled ever since.

I see. Well, maybe I should arrange for him to fall on his head again so he can get unrattled.

Baby, baby, don't let nobody steal your joy.

I would like to mend that broken heart by inviting you to Chocolate City.

I wanna put you on the VIP.

Chocolate City?

Thank you, but no thank you.

Well, I just figured, since you in the neighborhood, if you come to the neighborhood to shop, come on and party in the neighborhood.

I don't get to the neighborhood very often.

Drive on, Luis.

Don't be like that.

Miss Lady, don't be like that.

Hold it right there.


What's happening?

I told you to stop slipping money in my pocket.

Ma. We don't need it.

Your daddy's social security, God rest his soul, does us just fine.


So, what's up? What you cooking?

Well, it ain't steak.

All right, Mama, you go and eat a nasty greens.

You want your son to have some vegetables.

Let's see what's in this pot.

Bam. Mama.

The home fries. The homemade fries.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Mama, please, not too much salt.

You know what they say, make your feet fat.

So, Mama, what's up?

You been, watching the talk shows?

I don't watch that junk.

I got enough trouble in my life already.

Ma. Nah, nah, nah.

Ma! Hey, baby.

What you doing here? What's up, Big Head?

Hey, Mama.

Ma, guess what happened to me today.

What? What happened? Tell me.

I got asked to the senior prom!

You did? That's so wonderful.

By who? None of your business.

Nobody you know.

What do you mean nobody I know?

Look, when somebody ask my 15-year-old sister to the prom, your brother has the right to know with who.

His name is Rodney Smalls, okay?

So anyway, Mama, I was think... Wait a minute. Who?

I say "who?" Rodney Smalls?


Cleofus' little brother? Yes.

No. Y-You cancel that. No, Mama, you...

Take her out of that.

Mama, do you know Cleofus' brother, he...

He mack more honeys, Mama, than... Than...

The one who I'm looking at right now?

Thank you.

Okay. I-I picked a bad day to come over.

It's a mama-daughter jump.

Okay, okay.

Mama, you want her coming home with a little... Little:

Now, don't you get me started on you.

Miss Jacqueline and Miss Suzanne, and Miss Rita, and Miss LaQuisha keep calling on my phone looking for you.

I'm sorry about that, Mama.

Darnell, you got your own phone, why you keep giving these women my phone number?

Because, Ma, if they call you, bugging you, you're gonna tell them to go straight to hell.

You listen to me.

Your ways are gonna catch up with you one day.

A night full of passion can give you a lifetime of pain.

Ain't nobody...


It's a thin line between love and hate.

Ma, it ain't...

Mama, I guess it's your fault, Mama.

You spoiled me. Heh.

You know, you loved me so good, Mama...

Mia's coming home.

Don't act like you're not happy.

Mama, is that...?

That's what this is about?

No, this is not about Mia.

That girl's going on with her life.

This is about you, Deeny.

See, now you're calling me Deeny.

You ain't called me that since I was young.

So now I...

Hey, man.

Hey, D. Didn't mean to lose y'all.

What's happening? What's up?

What's up, I'll buy now.

I'm still waiting on you to ask me to dance.

Baby, I can't dance with you till I get a chance.

When you get a chance?

I don't know what ho you got me confused with, but I ain't one for you to put to the side...

Nikki, Nikki, baby, I'm... I'm handling business first.

Walk on over here. Don't be sitting at the bar, just sitting there. Make room for the drunk motherfuckers.


Look at you. You look good, you know that?

Go on out on that dance floor, and get... Get your boogie on.

Can... Can you get that? No, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm saying... I'm saying on... On the dance floor.

On the dance floor. Watch yourself.

Hey, it's... Yo.

It's h-h-heating up in h-here t...


Hey, yo, the ladies is all up on me up in here.

Well, then why you sitting here?

Because I'm taking a rest.

Man, my pockets is full of numbers, man.

Look, man.

She came.

She motherfucking came.

She dissed you earlier, she gonna dis you again.

No, no. She wouldn't be here for that, partner.

She wouldn't be here for that.

Man, he ain't gonna pull that.

I don't know why...

How you doing, Miss Lady?


I see you came to see me.

I came to see the club. Not you.

Well, since we both here, what's happening?

Let me... Let me get you something to drink, Miss Lady.

Sean. Yo, D.

Give Miss Lady a glass of champagne.

Coming right up. On the house.

On me.

What you want, glass or bottle?

I don't know what you're selling, but I'm not buying.

She dissed him?

He look like a sad-ass puppy.

Look, Look, he's hawking her.

She dissed you.

Hey, hey, she dissed nobody.

I got the number right here, boy.

You ain't got the number.

She is kind of fine, though. Look at her shake that ass.

All right, listen, I bet you $20 you can't hit that.

First of all, I ain't gonna bet on the ladies like that.

Okay? All right?

You gonna have to tell her you love her.

No, no. You know that's our code.

Never tell 'em you love 'em.

That's correct. I'm gonna hit that.

You know I am. Yeah, right.

And when I hit it, first thing I'm gonna do is call you, and all I wanna hear from you is:

"Yo, D, you the man."

I tell you what. If you hit that, from this day on, every day I see you, I'll approach you like that. "You the man."

We'll mack. She know we'll mack.

I ain't no player-hater.

Well, bet him.

Where'd she go?

She m-ma... M-macked out.

That was a good one you just had.

Hey, D. Hi, y'all, what's happening?

Go, have a good time.

No, you ain't getting away from me right now.

No, not now.

All right, come on. Thank you.

Can I please have your... Your autograph?

You're En Vogue, right?

No, it ain't En Vogue, it's TLC.

But, look, I'm glad y'all came to Chocolate City.

Here's something for... Hey, Darnell.

It's nice to come home and see that things haven't changed.


Mia, baby. What's happening?

You're back, baby.

So you can't speak to nobody, Darnell?

What's happening, Peach?

Yeah, what's up, Darnell?

I know that ain't my girl!

Girl. My, the service done you...


Okay, how's my little Georgia Peach?

Please, Tee, I'm not even going there with you today, okay?

So how are you doing?


I'm good. I'm good.

You know motherfucker about to buy this.

Just, buy that.

That's good.

But how are you really doing?

Well, now that I see you...

I'm cool.

That's cool.

You're both cool? Because I'm hot.

Can we go get something to drink?

Yo, what's up with the VIP? Can we get the VIP with that?

You are talking to Mr. VIP.

You see the jacket, right?

Tee's gonna handle that. I gotta stay here, handle some business. This way, ladies.

I'll be there in a minute. All right.

Just make sure you wait for me, Mia.


You promise you gonna wait for me?

What up, partner? What's up, player?

How you doing? What's going on, boy?

Look at your ass. Looking like a back-alley cowboy.

What the fuck is up?

You look like you losing weight, you need some pork.

Motherfucker, you eating all the sandwiches.

What the fuck? You got clothes, I know you got food in this motherfucker.

Give a nigga a Kit Kat.

Come on, baby.

What the fuck is this, man?

That's you. No, man.

That's you.

Ben Vereen can flow in this, but no. No, I can't flow.

You're right. He ordered that piece.

Let me have something else. What we got?

This is a little more smooth, you know what I mean?

Show your little cuts, your walk, your build's on, that's funky.

For somebody else, but look.


Right, okay. Give me something. Talk to me.

You're gonna go...?

Okay, okay, you do the money green in on me?

That's right. Okay.

That's right. All right, well, let me think.

Let me go to the head. Bam.

I give you $45.

Nigga, please.

This shirt is a hundred dollars, partner.

Motherfucker, we in a alley.

Smell like piss and oil.

Man. Come on, man.

You know how you can get that for $45?

Talk to me. What's happening? Step in my office.

What's up?

You know that broad you used to fuck, Cindy?

Right, the one that got the sister name...

Jenny. Jeanene? Something like that.

Okay, right. I think it's Jeanene.

Something like that. Okay, okay. Right.

Hook a nigga up.

I ain't saying you gotta pull down the pants.

You don't wanna fuck with her, man.

I mean, you know what I mean?

You... You... You're a good, wholesome man.

You're trying to make a... A living out of your truck.

You fucked her? You fucked her, didn't you?

She was loud?

You mother...

You fucked her? Nah, I didn't fuck her.

You were... You were scaring me.

No, I didn't fuck her.

She sucked my dick though.

All over that motherfucker.

I love you.

That's her past though. Right.

Yeah. So you gonna give me the shirts for $45?

They $45. And you'll hook... You're gonna hook it up?

Forty-five dollars. Forty-five dollars.

I'll hook you up. That's all right.

Yo, there was some fine honeys up in VIP last night.

Except for Nikki.

She got drunk, just start claiming motherfuckers.

Yeah, she did that shit in front of Mia and Peaches too.

You know what? I got a plan formed though.

Take her ass off the VIP list.

Gotcha. Gotta. Gotta.

Hey, yo, yo, yo, yo, check it out though.

Mia's looking kind of good, man.

Makes you wonder, man, she been around all them Top Gun type of motherfuckers, man.

What you saying?

I'm just speculating, you know what I'm saying?

I mean she's nice, young, single, black, nice little tight body, titties like.

Pow! You know what I'm saying?

Beautiful brown eyes and shit. You ain't never been more right.

Fuck you, Tee.

Man, why... Why you bugging, man?

What you need to be worried about is the mystery woman.

'Cause I ain't giving you no extension on that, know what I'm saying? I... You know me.

I don't give extension. Tee, I got it handled. I hope so.

All right, man.

Okay. All right.

You a wild boy, man. You know what I mean?

Old fatherly-figure type motherfucker.

You've got it handled? Ain't that about a bitch.

Yeah, whatever. Whatever.

Look at you.

Sexier than a motherfucker.

I salute you.

With both hands.


Look. I just...

I just got to give you your props. Much respect.

Miss Lady, you handling your business.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

Check it out, I bought you something.

Jujubes. God, I haven't had these in a long time.

Well, figured since you coming home, brother had to hook you up, you know?

Yeah, well, it's little things like this that make being home special.


Well, look, tell me about the Air Force.

Is it all it can be?

Yeah. You gotta get used to it.

It's a lot of opportunities for your education, travel.

I met a lot of interesting people.

You mean, like, privates, what?

Airmen. Is that what you mean?

Airmen? I'm talking about some of them.

Top Gun-type motherfuckers.

Maybe. What you wanna know for?

I wanna know, what's your rush for getting back?

Wait a minute. Wa... Hold it.

Let me get straight.

Are you saying that the reason I'd go back is because of a man?

Right. Right.

I don't believe you.

Hello, Darnell? Did you hear anything that I said?

If I re-enlist, it's because it'll be the best thing for me.


That's all the bro wanted to know, that's all. Heh.

Could you get the door for me?

Something I can do for you, man?

Is Mia here?

She's busy right now, but, is there something I can help you with?

I think she's expecting me.

Okay then. You the chicken delivery boy?

You're a well-dressed one, I'll tell you that.

Is that you, Reggie?


I'm out here trying to get past your little doorman.

I'll be right out.


No disrespect, partner.

You know, you just can't be too careful.

There was this chicken-delivery rapist back in the '80s, just running around plucking motherfuckers...

Let me stop you right there. I don't deliver chicken.

My family owns Chicken Fixens.

In fact, we own 20 Chicken Fixens, and netted five million in profit last year.

Should be obvious.

Damn. You banking like that, and you come over here with a biscuit meal, man?

I mean, you... Hey, Reggie.

There is a God.

I see you two have met.

Yeah. Yeah.


Look, I, I thought we'd grab a bite before we drove up the coast.

I took the top down on the Porsche.

Well, look, I don't wanna interrupt y'all driving up the coast in the Porsche.

Especially with your Chicken Fixen biscuit dinner.

So, I'm gonna roll on over to Chocolate City, 'cause you know I'm about to own it, so, you know, I gotta do some paperwork over there.

You know you're still on the VIP.

You know, if you bring anybody with you, please, you know, put a call in or something.

And, you know, hopefully when we get some food in the club, your boy could deliver the chicken.


Can I help you?

What's happening, brother?

What's up, man?


Plant. Got one.

No, there's... Look, there's no chance.

No, it's not a mistake.

I... It's a sure thing, Irving.

No, don't you think. You hired me to think.

Now just trust me. This is a good deal.

Tell Irving you'll call him back.


I'll call you back.


You know, I have been through a whole lot to find you, Miss Brandi Web.

For you.


Michael, take these out.

Yes, ma'am.

Call security. I want him out now.

Hold up. Right away, Miss Web.


Why, you...? Why do you gotta go there?

Because you came here.

I only came here because I haven't been able to think of anything or anyone since I met you.

Met? We...? We actually met?

That's what you think?

That's what you call your immature play?

You're joking. You know, that's funny.

Most women I know, seem to think I'm very mature.

Look, you just... This is...

Don't... This is Lalique!

Of course, you don't know what that is.

Get him out, please. Is there a problem?

No, no. Look, call off your handlers.

Call off your handlers, please.

Give me a second.

A split second.

Look, obviously I made a big mistake.

No disrespect intended.

I met a beautiful woman, I got beside myself.

I apologize from the heart.

You're forgiven.


Time to go, man. Check-out time.

No. I didn't mean to knock over your Malique.

Man, you're not listening. No, I am listening.

Hey, this is straight-up on the bullshit level, man!

Y'all gonna throw me out over this lady?

Maybe... Maybe a brother... Look man...

I'm not trying to get on that.

Man, you just fake... Man, you a flashlight cop, man!

Take it on home.

Yeah! That's cold.

Next. Fake-ass toy cops!

Show how much they care about you.

They ain't even give you no gun.

You're flashlight cops. I see you. I see you.

Get them damn doors fixed, man!

Before you start throwing people out.

Hello. Sorry I'm late.

How you doing, Miss Web?

Mr. Wright is in the c-car.

I see. Is he going to get out?

As soon as I open the d-door.

I like it.

I like it. A little small, but I like it.

D-D-Do this, boy.

I don't believe it.

What... What are you doing here?

I'm waiting for you to show me the house.

And to be perfectly honest, I don't have all day.

I don't mean to be rude, Mr. Wright.

Call me Darnell.

Don't mess up a brother's name.

Whatever your name is.

But I have a very serious question for you.

Because, you see, this is my business.

Can you afford this house?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't be here if I couldn't be here.

Now is this how you treat a potential buyer?



You can see that all of the marble on the countertops was imported from Florence.

Florence and Normandie?

Italy, Mr. Wright. Italy.

My bad. I'm thinking Florence over by Crenshaw.

You talk about... Yeah, all right.

Now, we also...

This is a contemporary Mediterranean home.

I think the chandeliers are marvelous, and there are vast expanses of land out there.

How many rooms you say... You say this place has?

Fifteen. And you've seen every square inch.

And this is the final room of the house, the master bedroom.

As you can see, it has vaulted ceilings.

Lovely moldings.

A gas-starting, wood-burning fireplace, that is...

How did this get here?

This is beautiful.

It's a crystal baby bird.

For you.

The asking price of this house is $1.2 million if you wanna make an offer.

I'd like to offer to take you to dinner.

Mr. Wright, may I explain something to you?

I have an M.B.A. from Harvard, I run my own business.

There's nothing that you can buy for me that I can't buy for myself.

So don't waste my time.

Well, look, I can't afford this. This is a big house.

I can't afford it.

I can't afford none of this.

A crystal baby bird?

Yeah, set a motherfucker back like a big dog.

What kind of game are you playing?

I don't know. I'm not playing no game.

See, when I came at you honest and direct, you wouldn't give me the time of day.

So you tell me, what kind of game you playing?

That's right.!


But are we safe here?

Always safe, babe. Come on now, Brandi.

You in my neighborhood.

You in fine neighborhood.

Let's go, quickly, please. Okay, okay.

What? Not on my dress, you know?

It's greasy and everything.

No, it ain't nothing but a little fish.

Ain't nothing but a little fish.

Peekaboo, I see you!

All right. I'm gonna try this.


I'm off my diet, but...

This is back to my roots.



Darnell, pull in the reins!

Take charge! My God!

Motherfucker, Horsie, Motherfuck...! Shit!



Darnell, are you all right?

Are you okay?

Motherfucker cool.

Why didn't you tell me you couldn't ride?

Heh. I'd have told you I could ride a monkey, if I can get close to you. Heh-heh.

You know, you could've killed yourself out there.

Hey, hey. Do I get to shoot the horse if I break a leg?

Shit. Heh. Shit.

You know what the important thing is right now?


To get right back on, right now.

I ain't fucking with that horse.

No, come on. You gotta get back on him, or you're gonna get a mind thing about it.

Damn the mind thing. You gotta try.

Don't tell me that. I don't.

Just do it. Come on.

The...? All right, damn. Look at you.

Now, the first thing you do... Right.

Is you mount the horse. That means you sit on the horse.

You know that.

There, baby..

Thank you. Okay, you mount.


This is serious business. Okay.

You get the reins, right? Yes.

After you got that... you really concentrate on your inner thigh, right up here, right around to your behind.

Around your ass? That's right.

Okay, has to be very strong. Right.

And what you do is, once you've got the horse going, once he's listening to you, it's this motion. Right.

And that's why people don't understand you've gotta be really, really strong in your legs with the horse.

Till you're up there.

And you're just riding. Right.

You listen to him. That's all you hear.

He listens to you. Right.

And then you really are...

You just become one with the horse, and that's when you're really safe.

How do I become one with you?

Come on, I just...

That's what... Yeah.

No, this isn't...

Would you...? Okay.

That's it. That's it. You know what?

Sorry. I wanna go.

Let's just go home.

Don't start that shit.

This is the perfect motherfucking place.

Don't start that shit. No...

What? Hold it.

What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of?

I'm not afraid of anything.

Obviously, you're afraid. I...

You bring me up here to go riding, now you don't know me because motherfucker get physical?

Stop trippin.' Kill that shit.

Look, I don't wanna be here. I don't know you, I don't know who you are. I don't trust you.

You don't wanna be here? You're the one that brought me.

You don't wanna be here? So you're telling me you trust a horse... Excuse me.

More than you trust this mother?

That's right, that's right.

Because horses don't disappoint you.

People always disappoint you.

Especially men, especially men.

No, I don't trust you. Please.

Well, then I guess it's time to head back to the stables.

Yeah, why don't you?

Please, if you buck, I'm knocking you the fuck out.


Don't you know this is a man's game?

Look, girl, look.

You know what, man?

Now, you... You gonna pull...?

Don't stop.

In your face! What you gonna do about that?

Heh. Hold up, because I'm about to wear you out.

You look good even when you sweat.

Look at you. How you doing?

How you doing? Fine.

So, beating him? You know I am.

What time you want me to pick you up?

Five o'clock?

I'll be there five minutes to. All right. See you then.

See you then.

You ready to finish the game?

Getting a little breather right now, is that cool?

Can I do that? What's wrong with you?

Nothing, nothing.

How's your little partner?

I know you ain't tripping because Reggie came over.

I ain't tripping. You ain't seen me fall no-motherfucking-where, so I ain't tripping.

You seem a little sensitive to me.

Nah, nah.

Can I get a swig of your canteen?

Since you in the service.

No backwash.

Yeah! That's what it's all about.


Let me ask you something.

Mia... do you trust me?

Yeah, I trust you.

I trust you to do exactly what you're gonna do.

I know you like to sneak money into your mama's purse, I know you like lots of women, so I trust you because I don't expect you to do anything different but be Darnell.

So you just gonna put a motherfucker in a box?

Is that what you saying?

I mean, you asked.

Hey, ladies.

Hi. Welcome.

Welcome to Chocolate City. My name is Tee.

Hey, Tee. All right.

We're looking for some new dancers to fill up the club, to make the club a lot better, you know what I'm saying?

We need some, like, stripper... I mean, exotic type, you know, dancers?

So, we'll start some music, y'all gonna show me what you got, right?

Yeah. All right.

No, y'all gonna really show me what you got.

I can't hear you. Y'all gonna show me what you got!

Give me some music, man.

I want everybody to do this.

Come on.

I don't have a VIP card.

What you mean you ain't got no...

You know I ain't got no card, nigga.

Well, you... I ain't playin', Darnell.

Hey! First of all, don't be loud talking to me in my motherfucking establishment.

Brandi. Shit.

What you doing here?


Now, why would I leave my man alone here on ladies' night?

First of all, I'm not your man.

Because if I was your man, we'd be somewhere watching the sunrise.

Or fucking up headboards.

So I guess I'm not your man.

Honey, don't do this.

Please, I...

You have. You've been really patient.

And it's gonna pay off.

It's gonna pay off?


When, when, when it gonna pay off?

Thought so.

Hey, Darnell.

Hey, hey, hey.

What's up, Darnell?

Nice... club.

Brandi, this is Mia.

Mia, this is Brandi.

This is Reggie.

Chicken King. If you want a wing or thigh, he can get it to you.


Mia, why don't you, go on over to the VIP?

I'll send y'all something over to drink.

A little champagne or something.

Thanks, Darnell. All right, all right.

So why don't you get me a bottle of champagne?

Hear this, and hear this good.

I'm serious, all right?

I'm not playing games.

I need a woman in my life. If you ain't ready to take it to that other level, stop wasting my time.

Please, stop wasting my time.

So look Mia, I, I hope to be spending a lot more time with you.


I enjoy spending time with you too.

But, right now I'm not looking for anything more than friendship.

Well, tell me, is there...?

Is there someone else?

Because I'm not sure my heart could take that.

No. Not exactly.

Had me scared there for a moment.

To friendship?

I'm trying.

Get the fuck out of here, punk-ass!

Fuck, you're in my place.

Man, you're in my place.

Bug off, man. The fuck!

What the fuck you talking about? Get the out of here!

Come here, baby. Get the fuck... You!

Yo, man, get yourself off the dancefloor.

What? What? Hey, hey!


Watch your ass too, motherfucker.

Back the fuck up.

Yo, Tyrone, chill out with that shit, man.

What you talking about? You're making my dick hard.

It's on!

Look at that.

Get off of me!

Push me out of my club? Fuck that!

Darnell, you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm cool. I'm cool.

What about you?

Sure you having a good time with the Chicken King?

Excuse me.

Don't let him get to you, baby.

I mean, just look at him.

Now that's a j-jam.

Yeah. Look, women know brothers like to hit the skins, right?

But the truth is, women are freakier than men.

If you can avoid saying those three words:

"I love you."

A nigga can mack until his dick fall off.

Love, baby. Love, love. I heard that.

You know what I'm talking about?

Love hurts. Right.

Besides that, you know what I'm saying?

If you're gonna have a woman, you got to check 'em, keep 'em under control, you know what I'm saying?

That way... That way what?

I'm trying to get it out. Y'all wait.

But that way we got the woman, is that what you said?

To me... That ain't what I'm saying.

That way, you know what I'm saying, you gonna end up waking up and shit.

Under house arrest, and pussywhipped like a motherfucker, man. Right.

You see, it's about balance.

You give 'em too little, they gone, you give 'em too much, heh. You can't get rid of 'em.

So you got to even it out. You got to give 'em just enough.

Just enough for the city.

You know what I mean?

Word. Females all the time s-sweatin' a man about b-being a dog.

And it seem like the more you dog 'em, the more they try to control your ass.

And the m-more they try to control your ass, the m-m-more pussy they give you.

Which... Whichever one fuck the best, get to keep the man and the runners up get to hang around and call the queen a bitch and the knight in shining armor, a-a dog.

Just a theory. What do either of you think?

Man, that's...

Wait a minute. This motherfucking beer.

Does the beer make you talk better around this motherfucker?

Sound like Bryant Gumbel.

This motherfucker lost all stamina and stutter.

What's that?

333 Pacific Coast Highway.

Boom, that's my little boo.

Fellas... Who's that?

That's Brandi. Love to hang, but I got to step. Man.

Hey! Yo.

Remember the bet.

No, you remember the bet.

Trust him. I just... This is a whole new...

This is the beginning of my life.

This is it. It's all new.

I just have to trust, that's it.

Have to really let go.

Just have a good... Fun. Fun.


Baby, baby.

You so fine.

What's happening?

Come in.



This is funky. Thank you.

You got your blue water and everything.

Indigo. Yeah.

Well, you can come whenever you...

So would you, like some chardonnay?

Yes? You would?


Got the fruit.

You bad..

You bad.

To us, to us, to us, to us.

Get a double ching.

But let's do something like this, can you?

But that's... Bring that...

Ain't that for like when they do...?

Lock it in.

It's so good to laugh. You make me laugh.

Well, you make me laugh.

Don't put that knee out there like that.

Girl, I'm liable to bite that knee.


You look so sexy.

I'm glad you came to see me. I...

I just wanted you to know that, I heard what you said tonight.


I heard you the day we went riding.

What you hear when we went riding?

I just... What you hear?

But there's just a lot of things...

Please listen to me. I am listening.

In my past that you don't know about.

Right, well...

That you don't understand.

And I'm scared.

Look, I'm scared too.

Okay? I'm scared.

You can see it in my eyes.

But you have to trust me.

I'm here for you.

I'm here for you.

You hear me when I say that?

That's why I'm here.

Darnell, is there someone?


Do you have feelings for anybody? Feelings for...?

I can't even think of nobody since I met you.

Feelings? What? What kind?

Because I cannot be hurt.

It would not be good for me to be hurt.

I'm shocked and...

You would think that I would hurt you?

I just wouldn't be good.

I'm not trying to hurt you, Brandi. I'm not.

I ain't trying to hurt you, woman.


But do you want me?

I want you, baby. I-I want...

Wait, listen. I want you like a motherfucker.

I want you!

But do you need me? You need me?

I need you.

I need you. I need... I need you.

I need you. Need you like, need you.

And do you love me?

I love you.

I... I love you.

I love you. Wait, please don't.

Just... No, no..

I'm so scared...

I'm so scared.

Don't be scared.


Fuck, I think we-



Who says now?

Wait a minute. Wait.

I have something I have to tell you.

Not now.

No, it's very, very important that I tell you this.

I have to.

Remember when I was telling you that I have all these things in my past, you know, well... Yeah.

This is about my husband.

You know, he was a very...

Okay, he was a very abusive man.

Cruel, insensitive...

He shouldn't be that way. He shouldn't be that damn way.

And I killed him.

I killed him.

You what?

Do you hate me now?

Tell me.

Tell me the truth.



Why would I hate you?

I mean, if he was abusive you have to kill his ass.


You understand. Does it matter?

If he was abusive, you had to kill his ass.


Tee's love palace.

Yo, yo-yo, Tee.

What's up?

What's up? What's up? What's up?

Yo, what's my name? Darnell.

What's my name, boy. You hit it?

I'm the man. That's right, I'm the man.

That's right, I hit it. Tore it up, man.

How was it? Hey, it was good too.

Man, baby..

Look, I'll explain how she work it later, but hey, I'm the man.

Don't forget my name, boy. I don't play that game.

Whatever. That's right.

That's right. Look, I got to roll.

She might want me hit it again. Get the fuck out of here.

All right, okay, bye.

Peace. Yeah.

I'm sorry. Shit.

I'm so sorry.

Where did...? What you doing?

You scared me...


So what did you hit?

That was Tee.

We was talking about a little softball game back in '76.

Yeah, yeah.

Motherfucker, I hit a homerun. I see.

Out of the park. You know what I mean?

So tell me something.

Do you think we should go back to bed?

Yeah. Yeah, why don't we do that, brother kind of tired.


Hell, you go and run up on me like that.

Well, you never know.

That's right.

You never know?

Look at you.

I trust you.

I trust you to do exactly what you're gonna do.

Who's the man?

Tell me it was worth it.

Who's the man? Yeah, all right.

I want to hear it. You the man, you the man.

I'm the man. Thank you.

You the man. Definitely the man.

Well, I gotta give it to you, young brothers, last night's numbers look good enough for me to call my lawyer.

Didn't I tell you?

Chocolate City making the money.

Smitty. Smitty. Hold up.

So y'all just gonna leave me up here to do the manual.

Hey, don't worry, son. I meant what I said.

Smitty, hold on, man.

What is it?

How's the wife?

She's fine.

She's what?

She's fine.

Come on. You mean to tell me there don't be no little ladies you'd like to take?

You know, to look at or whatever?

Wait a minute, man.

Are you asking me if I creep on my old lady?

Well, back in the day you were the man.

Yeah, yeah, well... Yeah, back in the day.

I was the man. Yeah.

So are you saying you don't think that I'm the man anymore because I only got one woman?

I'm sure your balls can get a little bored.

Come here, son, let me tell you something.

Ain't a day goes by I don't see some little booty that I wouldn't mind taking a peek at.

But, man, when I think about what me and Shirley got going?


Ain't nothing... Nothing worth ruining that for.

Life is about choices, son.

Older your mind gets, better choices your dick makes.

Yeah, I can respect that.

I've been looking for you.

What my dick thinking?

You can't just be coming around here fronting me like that, what's up with the limo and all that?

Okay, I'll give you a hint.

I like my men wearing nothing, or nothing but the best.

Can I roll with you?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

All right, Smitty, I gotta roll, but look, man, my dick ain't that old.

Don't worry about the club.

Don't worry... Really.

You don't have to work at the club anymore, forget about it.

What you mean? I got to work.

I'm a man. Men handle their business.

I know, baby, but I'll buy you a club.

In New York, Los Angeles, doesn't matter, I can afford it.

Buy me a club?

Thank you.

Nah, I'll buy you a club.

I want to do whatever it takes so we can spend all of our time together.


All of it.

Baby, ain't that much time in the world.

We can't spend all our time together, you know.

Get a sandwich here and there.

Okay. Here's... Here's what we'll do.

Why don't you take the car, drop me off, go handle your business, and then come back for a candlelight dinner.

I... Well... I'll try to get...

It's my birthday.

When did it become your birthday?

All day long.

Well, since it's your birthday, brother be back.


Brother be back.

Yeah. Give it to me.

Is that Rodney?

That's his car?

I don't know.

And has he paid?

I don't know.

Mama, it's Darnell.

If you think you're chaperoning your sister to this prom, you got another thing coming.

Where are you going?

I just came out to see how beautiful my sister looked.

Ain't she pretty?

Look at you, girl. Hey... Hey, Mama.

She da bomb, right, girl?

Let me get this picture.

Come on. You look like a model.

Thank you. Come on.

Watch my hair.

I ain't touch your hair, girl. Get the picture.

Don't give me that stuff, act like you love each other. Come on. Give it to me.

That's wonderful. That's so good.

Yes, yes, yes.

Give it to me.

Mama, that's Rodney, I gotta go, I'm not ready, come on.

Okay, okay, okay. I'll take care of it.

What's happening, baby?

It's all good.

What's happening, man. What's up?

Here to pick up my little snuggle bunny, man, what's up?

All right, right on, right on. What's happening?

Not much, man. Just chilling, you know.

Right. Right.

So you Rodney Smalls?

Yeah, man. I'm the brother they call "Rodney," man. What's up?

Okay. Yeah, well, my sister's back there, you know, just finishing up the last little touches for the prom tonight.

How's your brother Cleofus?

Man, you know Cleo? He back in the crib sitting with about 50 buck naked honeys getting physical up in that thing, you know.

I couldn't stay because I got things to do, you know what I'm saying?

Right. Right.

Let... Let me holler at you for a sec.

Okay, man.

Look. I'm gonna get right to the point.

You treading on thin ice, taking my sister to this prom.

H-hold up, Darnell, man, look.

No disrespecting you, man, but I know where you going with it.

I ain't nothing like my brother Cleofus.

Look, I love my sister, I do.

I love my sister dearly.

Have my sister home by midnight.

Midnight? Man, you got to be playing, man.

Midnight, that's when everybody get to grooving and partying.

Getting their party on, man, you got to be playing with me. Come on.

I look like I'm playing?

I don't give a fuck if she lose a glass slipper, please, have her home by midnight.

Hi, Rodney.

Hoo-hoo, lord have mercy, girl.

Mama, this is Rodney.

How you doing? Very nice to meet you, Rodney.

Yes, I see where she gets it from.

Thank you so much. Yes, indeed.

Give you this.

Mama, don't fuss.

Thank you.



Don't you trip. Right. Have a good time, all right?

Thanks, Dar.

Have the best time you can, baby, you look beautiful.

Thank you. Don't worry, Mama.

We gonna have the best time. Bye.

You got the car washed, Rodney.

Her daddy be so proud.

I know, Mama, I know.

I know she look good.

You did a good job with the hair, you know that.

Yeah? Thank you.

So you got yourself a rich one this time.

What you talking about?

Don't play me, boy. These clothes, that limousine.

I did not raise you to be a gigolo, Darnell.

Come on, Mama, I know what I'm doing.

You know what you doing. You know what you doing.

Yes, I do.

Well, do you know that Mia's going back into the Air Force?

But you don't want that job.

Well, what do you expect? What do I expect...

Hey, I need to talk to you.

Just ignore his ass, Mia, and keep on walking.

We're trying to go bowling.

Well, look, let me run you down...

Let me run you down in the limo.

Right quick, all right? I'll run you down.

That's all right, I'd... I'd rather walk.

I'm not talking to you.

It don't matter.

Look, look, look. Let me...

Let me ask you something. Hold up. Hold up.

Just... Just give it to me straight.

Is it true?

You going back in the service?

What do you care?

What you mean, what I care?

Girl, I been caring since...

Since motherfucker been buying you Jujubes.

I mean, since you had a rattle in your mouth.

I care.

I'll catch up with you?


Wasting your time, Mia.

She ain't wasting her time.

You better stop feeding that old negative bullshit.

Know what? Don't treat my cousin like she one of your ho's, Darnell.

Ain't nobody say nothing about no ho's.

Peaches, Peaches, I'll handle it.

Take care of yourself.

You take care of yourself.

She ain't going nowhere.

Whatever. She with this man.

Stupid nigga.

What? Stupid nigga.

Okay, you wanted to talk, so let's talk.

What's up with the suit and the limo?

I told you, you know.

Me and Tee gonna change our image, because we trying to hype up, so, you know, I...

We thought it might be a good look.

And the limo?

All right, Mia, this shit don't belong to me.

Brandi paid for all this shit.

The suit, the-the limo...

Mia, hold on, now. Please. Please, I don't mean to gripe.

I don't like that. Hold on. Listen.

It don't mean nothing to me.

That's why I'm here.

That's why I'm here.

You don't believe me?

Look, I'll prove it. Shit don't mean...

I'll throw all this shit out.

Who wants it?

The neighborhood want this shit?

I want to throw all this shit out.

Brandi even bought this shit.

Darnell, remember when we were kids and we used to lay in the back of my grandma's truck?

Yeah, we used to call it a spaceship, right?

Yep. And you used to let me be the captain.

Well, I had no choice.

You said, "It's my grandma's, and my grandma said"

"this is my spaceship, and ladies got to have a spaceship."

What was the name of that spaceship?

We called it Destiny.

You know what was wild?

I never thought I could be with one woman.

You starting to think?

You... You gonna go there on me.

Here, on the romantic cliff?

Look, let me ask you a question, because, I mean, this is... This is real.

Okay. Back in the day, when we were young,

could I...? Could I have had you?


If you'd been ready.

I'm ready now.

Think so?

I know so.

Come here.

Are you...?

Are you going to ask me in?

I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

What you talking about?

You... Are you saying...?

No, no, no, no. No. I wanted to...

I'm thirsty, so I figure we can go in there, drink some Fruitopia, and then plus, because I care, I want to make sure ain't nobody in the house.

I got to break 'em down.

Come on. You know...

You know I just don't want it to end now.

All right.

Yeah? What?

Just for some Fruitopia.

What's happening?

What's happening?

Don't move, all right?

I'll get that.


Hold on. Somebody selling cookies.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, baby.

I'm just, getting my change back from the cookies.

Everything okay?

Yeah, everything's cool.

So, let's pick up where we left off.

I was thinking, maybe we should wait a while.

I can respect that. I can respect that.

Can a brother get some breakfast?

I mean, some, grits, some salmon croquettes. Something up in here.

Yeah, I think I can hook up something.

That's what I'm talking about.



I'm sorry about last night.

Something really important came up.

I don't know how to say this...

You don't have to say anything.

We had fun while it lasted.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, that...

That-That's what I was going to say.

Hey, look. You know? Maybe we just be friends, you know, be real cool, real tight like that, you know?

Couldn't agree with you more.

I was starting to get very bored.


That's cold.


I like that much better.

Think I got something that belongs to you.

So, brother moving on.

So a brother's moving on, that's all you got to say after all this time?

Fuck you, Darnell.

You don't even deserve a woman like me.

You can't even handle me, that's what your problem is, you little weak-ass motherfucker, I don't need your dog-ass anyway, Darnell, you ain't shit.

I'm-a take Marvis to Disneyland. Look.

We gonna go camping. It's wrong, Darnell, what you playing with people's minds.

I'm not playing with nobody's mind.

Especially not the kid's.

It's just things didn't work out the way I planned.

Now, don't be like that.

After all your damn promises.

Just get out of my face, nigga.

Now, don't get... N...

Roll, punk.

Gwen, you gonna let your...

Me and Mia, man. We... We're making our thing a little tighter right now and that's real.

When I told you that the older your mind gets, the better choices your dick makes, I had no idea you was gonna turn around this quick.

I mean, last time I talked to you, you was talking about:

"My dick ain't that old, Smitty, my dick ain't that old."

Now you're serious.

Serious as a heart attack, Smitty.

You know I don't want one of them.

Hey, this is Mia.

Leave a message at the beep.

Mia. This is Darnell.

I know you probably out with Peaches, so...

I-I was giving you a call...

I was giving you a call to let you know I was thinking about you.

So, get back if you...

When you get a chance.



You out your fucking mind?

What are you doing here, Brandi?

Good morning.

Darnell, you scared me.

What do you mean, I scared you? What are you doing, Brandi?

Well, I-I made you some bacon.

And I was making pancakes, but then I realized I didn't know whether you like them dark, light, or fluffy.

You didn't know if I like 'em light, dark, or fluffy.

Brandi, get your shit and get the fuck out now. I'm not playing.

Honey, you're cranky.

You just need coffee.

Take your biscuit batter and your fucking burnt bacon and step the fuck off, Brandi.

You said you loved me.

I saw how you looked at me and you look...

You just don't feel good this morning.

Come on, honey, just hold me.

Get your mo... The fuck...

Now, stop playing fucking games and get the fuck out.

You put your hands on the wrong woman.

Gonna put me on the VIP list?


I don't like standing in no line.

Come to the club, I'm telling you, Chocolate City...

Shit. Shit.

What happened to your clothes?

Too much... Too much motherfucking starch.

You all right? Too much motherfucking starch.

You okay?

I beat ya.

That's cold.

It is. That's cold.

Man, you wasn't even into the game anyway.

What's up, man? What's going on?

I'm caught up in a real life.

Fatal Attraction up in this motherfucker, man.

Hold on, let me break this down for you.

You're going through what I call "pussy withdrawal."

"Pussy withdrawal."

No, see, check it out.

You're used to a smorgasbord of honeys, and now you're just with Mia.

Know what I mean? You on lockdown.

I'm saying the refrigerator is closed.

The lights are out.

Man. Hey, Darnell, the phone, man.



Take this here, man.

You ain't one of the Sylvers.

Man, you better hush before your ass get fired.

I'm about to own this motherfucker.

Hush. Hush the fuck up.

All right.

Darnell Wright?

Yeah, this is D.

Yes, this is Wilshire Hospital.

Mia Williams has been in an accident, she asked if you...

My bad.

Excuse me... Hey, you can't park there.

What the heck's the matter with you?

Learn to drive!


Mia, baby.


Brandi, what...?

What are you doing? I got a call and Mia was down here in the hospital, she was hurt.

Would you have come if you knew it was me.


You think the hospital... This is a game, Brandi?

What happened to you?

You didn't have to do that, Darnell.

You know how much I love you.


Excuse me? Do what?

No, no, no, no, don't-don't-don't...

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, honey.

No, they made me do it.

I didn't want to do it. Forgive me.

Darnell, forgive me.

This is bullshit.

Darnell Wright?

Yeah, I'm Darnell Wright, wha...?

You're under arrest. Officer, I think you got a...

You making... You making... Shit.

Please, don't hurt him. Don't hurt him.

Can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Look at this shit, Brandi. You stop playing.

I love him.

This is bullshit... He's fine, ma'am, he's fine.

You gonna let me go on like this...


Dr. Roderick, please call...

I know you didn't touch her, baby.

I raised you better than that.

But you better be thankful that they didn't press charges.

The lord must have been watching out over your stupid ass.

Hey, I cut her off.

She was on some, like, old crazy stuff, Mom.

Just wild. Buck wild.

Now you see what I been telling you about these young girls you running around with.

Stay here.

See, this is what I'm... Mama.



She done throw a brick in my shit...

Hi, Darnell.

You think it's a fucking game?

You out your mind?

You gonna throw a brick through my shit?

Let me kick your shit, Brandi. Hey!

Let me kick your shit. Hey!

How you feel about that?

And then you disrespect me in front of my fucking house.

You're fucking loco. You out your mind.

First that old bullshit at the hospital, now you bring shit around my house?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You threw a fucking brick through my Nissan. Shit.

That's right. That's right, I threw it.

Get out the car then. Get out the car.

Honestly, if you big, bad, motherfucking bold, you want to go ahead? Get out the car.


Guess you're a picture of health.

Yeah, motherfucking picture of health.

Mr. Perfect. Mr. Lover. Everybody wants you.

That's right. That's why the fuck you over here.

Yeah? And what are you, welterweight champion of the whole world?

What you going to do?

Fucking right here. Get out, I'll show you.

You try it!

I'm Sugar-smokey- motherfucking-Robinson.

Honey, let me handle this. Mama...

Little mama's boy.

And you better believe that I will bust your head wide open.

You don't come around here harassing me.

Hi, Ma.

Don't nobody mess with my baby. Nobody.

I will snatch your ass...

I've been wanting to meet you.

Get out of here! Get out of here!

Watch out for your son.

Get on out of here!

I won't have this, Darnell.


I been living here 45 years.

I ain't never had no shit like this happen to me.

I won't take this.

Now, you get a restraining order before I have to kick out the rest of her brains.

Hey, Ma... Leave me alone.

Calm down, Ma. Leave me alone.


Yo, Tee.

You ain't gonna believe this shit, man.

I come to the motherfucking precinct, right?

To get a restraining order like my Mom's asked me to do against Brandi, right?

Because I don't want to hurt the bitch.

That's... That's just straight, I don't want to hurt the bitch.

Right? But I go up in there, they give me no respect in the precinct, man.

You know, they laugh like, "She trying to hurt you."

They don't believe it, man. Like I'm bullshitting them.

Yo, my car.

Sh... My motherfucking car.

She broke my shit down in front of the police station.

She broke me down to my break pads.

Look at my rear view. Shit.

This... Where's the justice?


Where's the fucking justice?


This is bullshit.

Soon as a...

Soon as a person take the law in his own hands, he fucking wrong.

And I can't fucking go nowhere with no tires.



Yeah, yeah.

What's up?

What's on your mind?

Ain't nothing.

Nothing on my mind, girl.

Only thing on my mind is you.

You know what I mean?

Yeah, well, it doesn't seem like it.

What you mean, it don't seem like it?

Because a brother like to look around, you know, Yeah. See what's behind him?

Darnell, look, I know you.

And I know you're not used to being with one girl.

You know, have you changed your mind?

Only thing that I changed my mind about, is loving you.

That's right.

I love you.

Come on, now.

I love you too.

You don't love me.

I don't love you?

Yeah, you love me.

You cold?


I'm fine.

You know, I got some blankets in the back.

I was going to use them for a cookout, but you can wrap yourself in them.

Yo, yo.

How was your little date?

You looked cute holding hands.

Hey, what's up, boy.

Good time with your little friend.

Get rid of the bitch or I will.


Right on.

Get rid of her.

That's sure enough a write off.

Tee, you wild, boy.

That was Tee?

Yeah. That boy wild.

Tee. - What's up?

I got to let Mia go, man.


Brandi talking that shit about hurting her, man.

Get the fuck out. I ain't going out like that.

Shit. I ain't letting Mia get hurt being caught up in my bullshit, man.

Tell her the truth.

Even if she did believe my ass, she wouldn't let Brandi stand between us.

I just care about her, man. I care about her.

Hey, yo, I want you all to do my a favor.

We gonna try something new up in here.

I got Snoop from Snoop Doggy Dogg's new label, Doggystyle Records. We've got...

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for L.B.C., y'all. Come on.

I think we moving too fast.

I think we should take a break.

What are you talking about, a break?

You know, I... I just need some time.

Time for what, Darnell?

You playing games?

Mia, I ain't playing no games.

I just need some time, okay?

Just... A brother needs some time.

W, this is great.

Look, Smitty asked you for more chocolate than Chocolate City, and you gave him more chocolate in Chocolate City.

Vanilla sprinkled here and there. Man.

Let me be straight.

I need two young businessmen like you two.

What do you say?

That's cool, Smitty.

Yeah, that... That's cool, man.

Wait, before you go. Wait.

I offer you a piece of my empire, and all you can say is, "It's cool."

No, it's just right now I got some things on my mind.

Somebody that I'm dealing with. But I'm telling you, it's cool.

I... I mean, how am I gonna say no to a partnership, man?

Come on, now.

Yo, Smitty, we need you over at the bar.

All right. Hey, look.

Me, you, Tee, lunch, tomorrow, to discuss it with tickets.

All right.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm looking for Darnell. Is he here?

Darnell? T, it's over between me and Darnell.

What's wrong? We got an emergency at the club.

I need to see him. That's your problem.

After the way Darnell dogged Mia out, no.

First of all, He did not dog Mia out.

It's that crazy bitch Brandi that said she was gonna do something to you.

So he had to do what he had to do.

You know what I'm saying? Anyway, do you wanna come with me so we can try to find him?

Yeah, T, come on in.

D-D-Darnell! S-stop, stop!


P-put your window down, man.

Now, you see any damn windows in the front of this car, man?

We g-gotta g-get to the club, man.

Shit! Look at this, D.W.

Man, I've been in this business for 15 years.

Now, maybe I should know better, but could you tell me how one minute I can have people partying in my club, and the next minute, I got water damage, fire damage, smoke damage.

Man, this is some freaky shit.

If I didn't know better, I would think that somebody was trying to ruin me.

Look, Smitty, just calm down, all right?

I think I know who did this.

Look, look, look.

I know who did it.

What do you mean, you know who did it?

I think I know who did it.

Hold it, hold it, wait a minute, son.

Trust me on this one, Smitty. Damn. Trust me.

He's gonna kill that bitch.

Do you know where she lives? Yeah, hell, yeah.

Well, then, let's go find him.

Wait, wait, wait. Where are you guys going?

I'm going to find Darnell.


Brandi, where the fuck are you?!


Are you sure it's down this far?

I hope so.

Tell me something, Darnell.

You still a man?

The main man.

You know what you are?

And I didn't think so.

You're a dog.

You're a mad dog, to be exact.

And do you know what they do with mad dogs?

I can't hear you.

No, what they do with mad dogs?

They shoot mad dogs.

But I'm not gonna shoot you.

Not for myself.

No, I'm gonna shoot you for all women.

But first, darling...

look at that.

We gonna have my birthday cake.


Know what?

You fucked with the wrong one.

You know something?

A man just comes along and he buys us off a shelf and he plays with us.

Plays with us until he thinks we're no longer fun or he gets us all dirty, right?

Then he wants to just throw us away.

And you know what? Let me tell you something...

Mr. Player, Mr. Pimp, Mr. Great Big Daddy.

We are tired of being your boy toys.

Let go of me. We gone too through with your lies and your wandering eyes.

Yes, and let me tell you something.

We're not your bitches, your hookers, your whores or your honeys.

And you know what?

We do just fine without your dick or your money.

So fucking crazy.

So you see, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

You're out your fucking mind. Hey!

Let's retire upstairs. Yeah, you fucking crazy.

Shut up! You fucking...

I'm so sorry, baby.

Did that hurt?

Fuck you, Brandi.

Fuck you, bitch!

I don't know how the fuck you gonna get me upstairs?

'Cause I ain't walking up that motherfucker.

You're not?

Move it...

Move it!

This thing hurt!

You know, Darnell, it's funny how men cooperate when you lock in on their nuts.

Of course, I prefer the word "testicles."

Tee, that's 333 right there.

All right, I got it.

Hold on.


Get in the tub.

I ain't getting in no motherfucking tub.

Get in the tub!


we have anything to say, Darnell?

Yeah, yeah.

I motherfucking apologize.


I apologize.

But there ain't no need to kill a nigger over this shit.

I wasn't always like this, was I?

I was a good girl. I... I am.

I just married the wrong man for all the right reasons.

Did you shoot his ass too?

Of course, his woman was a blond and yours was a nappy head.

But I trusted you just like I trusted him.

You can still trust me.

You can still trust me.

And he just smiled, smirked, When I caught his ass pouncing up and down in my bed with some bimbo...

it was amazing how he changed.

It was just amazing when he realized I was about to electrocute his ass.

You still think this is a game, you motherfucker?


Just be quiet.


911, there's an emergency over here.

I'm trying to keep...



Get your ass up.

Where's Darnell?

Get upstairs.


All right, just calm down. Just chill, all right?

Everything's gonna be all right.

We all need to explain things, so just stop waving that thing, okay?

This is some real Romeo and Juliet shit.

You are crazy.

Get your ass upstairs!

I can't believe this is the little bitch he wanted.

Get up!


Darnell, I got your little nappy head in here.

You ain't shit without that gun.

You better shut up.

Darnell... Where are...?

Come out or I'll kill her!

Count of three. One... two...

I guess in the end, a brother's got to pay.

He's got to pay for every choice he makes.

It's a thin line between love and hate.

Nigger, you full of shit!

All your damn promises.

Just get out my face.

You just better praise the Lord for giving your lucky ass a second chance.

There it is, y'all.

I stopped trying to be the man, and became a man.

I guess an ass-whipping'll do that to you.

Just relax.

I got lucky when I finally opened my eyes.

Mia was still by my side.

As for Brandi, well, she taught me the true meaning of...

Of the words, "I love you."

Don't ever use them unless you mean it.


I'm truly sorry about what happened to Brandi.

Hope baby lands on her feet.

But they better make damn sure they fix the dent in her heart before they let her out.