A Thousand Kisses Deep (2011) Script

The new beginning through your skin...

I have in front of me

A life that does not need to live and need not die

An enigma in the book of love , dark and obsolete

To contemplate in bloody times .

A thousand kisses deep


The pony was wrong, the girl is young, < i> the possibilities are what they are

Win once and then just , Your little winning streak

And now deal with your invincible defeat

And live your life as if real, thousand kisses deep

did not want to leave it in the hallway , you never know.

Here you go. I do not get it!

Who will give? I did not see it.

Are the things my mother.

You must have come from the pension.

They have a duty to pass the objects, the nearest relative.

If I was, I got it and pull.

Well, here it is, some things never... go, you know, just keep coming back.

Now, I have work to do.

That they will explain.

LUDWIG Giroux & HIS TRIO Reflections of Love



How about Mia, still motionless?

I do not care, it is silent.


Who is this woman? The old woman. Did you see what just happened?

No, I was down.

And there was a dead woman in the floor and they just took it away.

I've lived here all my life and I first saw this morning.

're A very busy young man.

You work enough hours, probably not noticed.

Are you okay?

I have to go upstairs.


Welcome to Harmony! Coffee please.

Sit down.

Do not remind me, Buddy?


Let me give you a look.

As beautiful as always.

Ludwig you seen lately?

She disappeared from the face of the Earth.

When was the last time you saw him?

Eight years ago.

Why are you still looking? After everything you did.

Every time you hurt, crying in my... shoulder and then Turned away with him directly.

Yeah, well, an old lady in my building, I jump out the window this morning.

Did you know her well? I did not know at all.

... But she knew Ludwig.

This is a photo take what? 10 years ago?

I had this picture with her, when he jumped.

I thought you said you did not know her.

You Are give it to someone else? It was for you.

Thanks for the coffee, Buddy.

Mia, love, do not waste your...



I have not forgotten your radiator.

Oh, no matter what the radiator.

I wanted to ask about the old lady up.

He kept quiet.

Rarely down.

She kept forgetting your key and your own name.

I had no friends, no family.

I want to look in your home.

No, come on! There is nothing to see.

Your apartment is like yours no difference.

Input output will, I promise.

What about you that you serve?

I insist.


I'll be five minutes.

When you come, do not touch nothing inside, nothing!

I swear.



Max, why are my things in your apartment?

My Photos, letters addressed to me, my personal stuff.

You made a promise. But this is mine!

Mine has my name on it!

You know what you've done?

See this table, this lamp here is where it should be assumed.

This letter does not belong here, now.

Mia You made a mistake, the time is out of sync.

You need to return it!

We go down?

This elevator has its own mind.

Max Where are we going?

You'll have to wait and see.

Here we are.

're On the wrong floor.


Some days we hold something, then leave .

Hey do you make me familiar?

I know that we have known are you...?

I'm on the wrong floor I live upstairs.

Will not you tell me your name.

Can I at least tell you mine?

I'm Ludwig.


Nice to meet you, neighbor.


My girl likes to play games.

Mia, do not do this angel...

- Happy Birthday angel. What now

I brought flowers

I do not want your flowers

You disappeared mysteriously.!. Stella knows

I can no longer continue tolerating this Ludwig

We've been through this before



I will leave, but not today


You want me to go?

're So beautiful.

Like a star in the sky. No.

're so fucking beautiful you know?

Come here.

Come here.

I have to...

I have to, tell you something.

I go to New York, United States.

Some friends have a place to stay, there.

I mean, I know I should have said before .

It kills me... I Know... That'll away from you for so long.

I burned a lot of bridges here, Mia.

I need a fresh start.

I'm going back to music.

I said... I said that... I'm doing this for us.

You're not going to return it?

How can you say that? I do not know!

Trust me, Mia.


I hate you.

'm Going back before you know it, I promise.

Lilly hello!

Do not you come back?

I had no chance.

The cat should not be here.

Everything is misplaced.

I just want to go home Max.

As I.

Lilly, hello...

I just do it with my trumpet

Not tonight

Do not press Mia , or I can not play a tune


Sculptural you...

You know?

You know we were very happy there?

It is, because it was not.

Your mother reminds me of someone.

Ridiculous These lenses!

My father gave them on their anniversary, thought it would give an air of glamor.

I'm going to wear.

No, you can not do It's my birthday!

It's your birthday! Ludwig, no, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait

Oh, let Please stay, put milk in your cereal as you like.

Shall put milk on my cereal, the way I like.

Speaking of which, where is my watch?

Come on!

What are you doing there all by label?

Hey! Hey what?

Watch your mouth!

If I'm staying here alone, I have to.

No, I do not go anywhere .

Until my watch back.

I did not take your stupid watch!

Yes, you took my fucking...

My damn clock!

Return me my damn watch!

You think that's gonna make me stay here right?


Sorry for that child.

I go.

What are you doing?

Let's play the favorite game.

Oh, please.

Give me your hands, come on. Stop.

Oh no, please.

Damage me, but to lie.



You know?

Honey, come here.


Look! I love you so.


I hate you!


Lilly where are you Come here girl!

Are you afraid of him, right?

It's just a lie, he does not pretend nothing wrong Know he loves me.


Rise and shine, sleepyhead So breakfast is served.

I really hurt you know? I know.

Do not wish it any other way.

Do you really think so?

Trust me. I know you better than you

- Untie me.. Not yet Shot, some breakfast..

Come on.

Good girl!

Now tell me remember where you put my watch?

You are kidding.

That clock has emotional value, Stella gave it to me.

In our wedding anniversary and it is very, very important to me.

The recover...

I do not take your watch.

And I want to hear about your wife.

Do you know that we love the last night? With Stella.

And it was the best sex in a while.

But you know, who thought when... she was loving and all over me.


You stupid girls..

Know that...

I love you...


I always will.

I mean...

We are like Siamese twins, baby.

And no matter what happens...

We will always be together.

And look at me in the restaurant at 5

Do not be late

Lilly? You can come out now

I told you to go back! You do not have to be afraid

Do you see? I'm fine


I have to go now, you're still a little shit

If you do not go, I will not leave any food


Tell Ludwig who rush to that change.

She's good...

The waitress, she's good.

Did you come by the newspaper ad?

You should talk to my husband.

Oh! Nice catch.

Ah! A new face.

My name is Ludwig what you are?



She is here for the announcement.

So... you want to be a waitress.

No. right? That was the announcement.

I did not read the ad.


So how I can help you?

You've helped me.

Now return the favor.

What is this about?

Is my husband... should say no do these little games into their old ways.

Especially if continues to leave his things, in the apartments of other women.

The clock... That's...

How much I pay little witch, to make your performance?


Come here!

Even took its name for the role.

That's very original fucking.

Stella, see what is happening here right? I mean...

Mia is upset because did not give a raise.

She prepared this stole my watch and gave it to his friend.

I do not know what's going on.



Do not leave me with your angel!

You think I'm stupid?

No, I had to hear it from strangers.

I have done with you.

Do not do it!

Do not worry about it.


Come closer.

Come here.

How dare you... fuck...

You low-class trash?

I gave a damn job. Treat you right.

I kept working here.

Even then, that all clients complained!

And this is how you repay me?

Stealin my watch.

And sending your friend here, to embarrass to blackmail.



Really you think... that you choose on Stella.

And about this place.

Do you think you're so special?

Was completed.

Just... Go.

Get out!

My apologies.

Drinks for all friend, on the house.

Already out.

So... Can I help you with something?

That would be all, thank you.

Idiot why did you do that shit?

I had to talk to you, it's important.

Are you in love with Ludwig?

This is not about Ludwig!

It is on you.

You do not know shit about me!

When you were there, Mary Reilly stabbing you stopped you... with pen, there was blood and ink all over the place.

Still you have the scar!

Ludwig loves that scar.

She Says combined with that of him when he was shot.

How do you know that?

And he continues... hurting and humiliating and leaving you for someone else.

Okay, but it is false.

Very brilliant, handsome, mature.

What if married?

He treated you like anyone else.

And then you woke up one morning and will be gone.

Just as well.

Y sleeping pills you took... should have killed you, but doctors... will tell you is that you miracle you survived.

But you wish you were dead.

What are you talking about?

Letters he's sent you.

It was that way with us.

He never sent me this!

If you stay with him, he will.

What do you want from me?

I want you to stop destroy yourself.

Just forget you met him.

Go as far from him as you can.

Because if you stay, you're screwed.

Not just for now, but for the rest of your life.

And do abortions, doctors or calm night, you saved.

Only recover your life.

Please do not waste it.

I'm afraid to be alone.

I know.

You have to leave before that Stella see you.

Stella I do not care, I have to see him, it's important.

That woman he had never met.

But she knows things that no one knows me.

Now listen, he's not here.

I talked to him and he knows that is a misunderstanding.

And whoever it was that woman has nothing to do with you.

Mia Just go home.

Go home.

OUT OF SERVICE been out of service all day.


You must be hungry!

Nobody fed, all forget you, sorry.

Over here I'll find something.



You know someone for the first time and...

It feels as if you had known all your life.

As... If you always have been part of you.

And only you realize at that time.

Did you feel that?


Those moments, which are worth living.

My God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, God!



Going too fast.

Excuse me?

If, how I can help you?

Can you tell me where the bathroom is, please?

Over there. Thank You.

What are you doing?

I show the apartment to prospective tenants . What do you do?

Not for rent, I'm still here.

No, do not.

You were hit by a car.

Still you have a lot to follow.




Come on!

Where are you small?

Are you okay? I can help you?

I think I'm beyond help.

This is important...

I need you to talk to your daughter you know where he is?


Always goes to the races.

Since his dad died.

Invent any excuse for not spending time home with me.

Even on his birthday.

Is it your birthday?

Meets 18.


Do you know my daughter?

I have to go.


Why the search for

$ 200, $ 600, $ 650, $ 700...

Mia affection, help Buddy with the tables.

When finished, you can go home. Agree.

How came the night?

He came out almost even. It is too early to give a verdict.

You should let go of Mia...

And Buddy can handle things himself.

No, when it comes to Buddy.

I can not believe it's him.

It looks sad now.

You should see him with his band.

I lit up this place.

Queues around the block.

You would not probably not required.

Why do not you play anymore?

Stella found him with a needle in his arm again.

I could not face the crowds without drugs.

And she did stop.

So this is the thing no drugs, no trumpet.

No wonder they look unhappy.

It's time to go home!

Good night.

Good night. Good night, Buddy.

Goodbye. Goodnight Mia.

She is pretty.

It is young enough to be my daughter.

Addition I have eyes only for you, you know!

Was just taunting.

You go home, relax, I will close.

Do not stand too.

I will not tell myself.

You forgot something?

I think I left my handbag.


What was your birthday wish?

How did you know?

Buddy told me.

Buddy has a big mouth.

Well, you do not have to tell me, but want.


My birthday wish... You hear trumpeting.

I love jazz.

You do not play more.

But if I do not play, you'll be disappointed.

You can not post, you know.

What are we supposed to do?

I do not know, sorry.

Help me please!

Take me there.

Ah, good morning Max.

Hello Doug. You look good.

You too.

Where are you going today?

My dad takes me to the park to see the clown .

Clown in the park?

They had a play at the park last week .

And she thinks will be there again today.

It's my birthday tomorrow.

Yes, I know.

Happy birthday morning, Mia.

How old will fulfill?

I'll have 10 years.

How old are you?

You know I'm too old.

500 years old.

'm Very big girl, pallet.

How you say?


... Would you want to take a picture of us?


Why do not you take it?



Happy Birthday.


Hey birthday girl, we meet again.

Receive an adorable balloon...

For this clown just playing. So...

I'll see you tomorrow, a day next or whenever.

See you again.

I want to hear the song you played last week.

Packing and ends today, little girl, I'm sorry.


No, tomorrow, okay?

Do you have any money?

With five will suffice.

Well, consider it a favor.

No, the real song.

"Song of truth"?

I like that.

A song of truth, a truly beautiful girl .

Mia, we gotta go.

We have to go now.

You need to get away from the clown.


Come on! I want to see him!

What the fuck you think you're doing? Sorry.

Dad! A second love.

At last, that I stay away from that trumpet.

I want the clown in my party.

Not want it at the party, affection. It's just a trumpeter.

I want her to come too!


Your Doug dealing with it, I'm going home.

You go with mommy dear. I take care of things. I promise.

Look, my daughter wants to come to his birthday party tomorrow.

Just for now, is the corner building, apartment, 4-D.

Say Is the 1 pm?

$ 80, more food and drink.

$ 40, no more food and drink.

It is a kids party.


You are invited to come Also, if you like.


You must be a fanatic.

Want an autograph.

Do you want to shake my hand?

I need to talk to you.


I... Want to go for a drink?

I mean... I invite.

But look at this.

I am rich.

I know just the place.

Here's friend, keep the change.

Thank you.

Angel, Angel...

Give me that hand.

God Ludwig, is that you?

Tell me.

Thank you.

Can I have a drink, something to me and...

I do not know your name.

I do not have one.

A glass of whiskey for me.

And for the little lady, what same as me.

Do not you proud? Look what you do to yourself.

Stella look, I'm so full...

Buddy, Buddy!

Can you serve me, please.

Come on. It is instead of Stella, Ludwig.

I do what she says.

Come work for me.

Y would do you good and you could have the stage.


Just a drink, please.

No, it's for your own good.

You're right, come on, let's go.

If you change your mind, you know where to find me.

's All I get.

Well Ludwig.

Oh, where are you going?



Ludwig, come on. Come on girl.

Where is my money?

You see... buscártelo going to go.

Oh yeah? Why did you run then?

Look, because I thought you were someone else.

We follow the track to you and Mia.

$ 25 nothing else.

Owe me $ 500, cheeky bastard.

I going to fuck with $ 475.

Touch me and you out the eyes!

Well, I might like it.

Okay, leave her alone, leave her alone.

I'll give you your money.

Oh, yeah? For what I want now.

Hey! Let Me.

Good, good.

Take this was a gift from Dessi.

I mean, he used to blow to the limit with that.

Ask anyone.

Worth 100 times what I owe you.

Those things are of value, my aunt sold a piano, for $ 200.

This is your lucky day, Now get out of my car.

Are you in debt right?

Lost everything! You have bottomed out.

I'm always in the background the road without hope.

Get out of London, and no is nothing more for you.

Sure, go to Montana, I live on a ranch, I will work the land and bring rabbits.

Yes, that's good, go to America.

Hey you know what? My aunt lives in New Orleans and Charlotte or...

Something like that, you could go to him, because I have not seen him for a while.

Because you will not see him!

Stay with him a few years, while back to stand up.

You never know, you might like it.

You have all worked for me, right?

You need a new beginning.

Somewhere far away, where no one knows you .

Look, I have money.

Enough to take that for a while.

But you have to go!

Thank you!

're My guardian angel.

My saving!

I never forget you.

I hope you do.

Good morning. This is fun used to love him, as a child Why not skeleton cross the road?

Because he did not have the guts to do.

For as was a skeleton, he had the... the, the guts.

Oh, there's someone at the door.

Oh, I'm glad you came!

Sorry, I do not even know your name.

Mia. Mia?

Ah, what a coincidence! Toma.

Have you met my wife Doris?

How wonderful housewife!

Your kitchen is spotless.

It is a photograph!

Oh, look honey!

Wait a minute, are not we took this yesterday?

With our camera.

I say, but how...?

Doug is my secret.

I wanted it to be a special treat.

Oh, splendid!

I'll hang it right here...

Let me help in the kitchen!


With, whatever you're doing.

Mia, go play with your friends.

Where do you live?

I've seen in this building before.

Live upstairs.

Hope I'm not intruding.


Can help with the candles on the cake.

Is everything okay?

You do not look happy.

Really? What gave you that idea?

My husband is a jerk, my daughter is a spoiled brat.

And there's never enough wine in the house why on earth you would be unhappy?

Must be right?

I need to see the beauty, in the world around me.

Enjoy every moment, as if it were my last.

Maybe go see a doctor.

Guess what? Already I did.

Nobody told me...

The key to happiness in life , is not having what you want.

But you have to ask.

I told them to go fuck and give me back my money.


The cake is ready, come blow your candles.


Okay, I'll go.



Chimpanzee, very good, very good.


- Elephant. Very good children, good You okay honey.?

I hate these things from children.

Is Mia really your name?

If why?

I'm not the only Mia in the world.

I used to think that.

But now I know I'm not alone.

Do you know what "Mia"?

Is Latin for "star of the sea."

Your dad told you that right?

How do you know?

My dad told me the same thing.

What else do you know me?

Ever I go to India?


So are you, in India.


China, you go around the world!


will live a long life.

You meet a good man.

And will love you and will treat you well.

And you will be happy.

Come on, your friends are waiting.

Give me those.


Happy birthday, little girl!

I could not miss the party birthday right?

I had undertaken.

You know.

Do you want wine, heart?

Oh, wine!

I love some wine, thank you very much.

I'm thirsty.

Thank you Miss.

Would blow your candles Or do you want me to do?

Yes! Yes!

I will go and cut the cake.

If you go to cut the cake.


Okay, now...

Attention, little men and little women.

We are in a nuclear submarine.

And in the belly of a white whale.

And men love them English Channel.

Our job is to go and...

Docking our warship, just off the coast of France.

Then you can be the captain.

In a few steps forward.

Yes! - Come on, quick, one two, three, that's right, that's right.

And you can be the navigator.

Steps forward.

Let Miss, everyone expects.

Yes, we will miss, everyone expects.

Will you disobey my orders seafood?

Quick, go, go, go.

Yes, that's right, it is.

And you can be in charge of nuclear weapons .

Da two steps forward.

Come, come, come. Well now.

Unfortunately, we ran out... electricity during the storm.

We are going to have to rely on candles.

Do not have candles?

I'll go get some, but you stay here..

Until he returns. And that's an order you know?

Yes! Yes sir!

Well, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, go, go, go, go.

Only checked.

Well then, excuse me...

First show affection towards you


! = = Ta-da!

I'm dying to dance how about you?

Now, attention

Come here.

We've wanted this for a long time...

You know?

Shut up and kiss me, clown.

Wait friend!

There be a leak in the boat.

And if there is a leak in the boat...

We all have to...

Let's look to see if we can find that drain .

Come on, everybody!

Seek escape...


Not only just you stand Doug.


What are we supposed to do?

Authoritarian Go, get him out of the house , do something!

How dare you bully my husband!

Doug talked only.

Nothing that.

Maybe I should go, Doug give me the money and I'm out of here.

No, the party is not over yet.

's $ 40 pounds right?

Yes Just a minute.

Let's have fun, birthday Mia.

I we'll go!

Peace, friend.

Doug What are you doing?

Thought I told you that deshicieras long ago.

I go, no need to that, just talk about it.

Look, forget about the $ 40, if it makes you happy, I'll go alone.


Doug What are you doing?

I did not know that still worked.

Okay, give me the gun.

Before you see the clown right?

Is not it?

Get out of my house!

The clown left.

Do not worry about the clown.

You need to come with me right?

Leave it there and bring your coat.

Well Mia.

You stay with me okay?

Come here!

Come on, come on!

Come on!

Max, put me down!

Take me down.


How far then?

All the way.

Well, that's all.

This is your last trip.

This is your last chance Mia

are modest things...

They need to know

That's not the problem, not you see I'm sore...

how many steps we are

They are four. Four more steps. Come on, continuous Doug! I'm so sorry Miss!

I did not see there, I'm so sorry!

Are you hurt? Please login. You must sit a moment.

It's nothing, I'm fine.

No please, come in.

We'll make sure you're okay.


A scratch! Pasa.

Here it is. Thank You.

'm Doug Forest.

And that beautiful woman is my wife...


Welcome to our home!

This is terrible.

We have not moved yet...

And we had an accident.

Do not be negative heart accidents happen.

You have a headache.

I have Paracetamol in one of these boxes.

I should probably go.

You not going anywhere.

You need to rest and then have dinner together.

I walked over...

And that's the law.

Doug, never get a table at Chez .

Then we will go out.

I'll get the rest of our stuff.

Do you have a name?

We want a child, a little Dougie.

They are going to have a daughter, Doris.

're Psychic or something?

Now, we brought everything.

Here we are, after all this time... have been almost best friends.

And do not even know your name.



How about Doris?

Beautiful name for a baby girl.

This is Doug, input output.

Want grass? What?

Want grass?

Are you serious?

I do not think you should.

Oh, please!

Pregnant women smoke and drink in France all the time... and their children have no problems speaking French .

No, thanks.

Did you hear playing?

How you know him?

How can anyone know who is?

That's my love!

Now, we have officially moved.

So, fish and chips or to carry, you. Choose.

Let's go to Harmony.

Mia wants to see Ludwig touch.

No, I never... Yes!

You know you miss him, anyway.

Doris, baby...

That bitter!

It will be a good crowd there.

We enjoy ourselves.

We have not been there, from months. Please!

What about a guy in a white suit ...?

Blowing in a twisted tube, which makes women crazy?

It is the devil!

Thanks! That's what I said.

She says it in a good way.

Doug is right, maybe not so best for you now, in your condition.

I need a break.

Please Dougie.

You can go another time.

On another occasion I will breastfeeding and changing diapers.

Please baby!

I just want, listen to music.

It is why I dedicate this piece my muse.

My all, my only.

Luckily, it is in the audience tonight .

Oh yes Thanks!

I need a drink, but right back.

Brandy and milk.

That's my girl!


Ludwig I...

've been waiting for call me, you promised.

I have to tell you something.

It is very beautifully large.

Well done Dougie my friend, good job.

Ludwig, I...

I love you.

Be drummers and bass players who fucked you.

Did you tell them that too?

How can you be so cruel?


We love... Let's go home.

I think the baby's coming!

The water broke, get a taxi. Oh God!

Buddy asks the taxi.

I have, I have you.

♪ For all we know

When my lover ♪ see me again

♪ How far are you

♪ ago now, sweet again

♪ Do not say goodnight

♪ Until you leave me again

♪ I'll hold my hand

♪ And my heart will heal again

♪ Because if you only knew

♪ This may be just a dream

♪ can not let it go

♪ like a river of sleep honest

♪ So love me tonight

♪ Tomorrow was made for some

♪ Tomorrow may never come

= = ♪ For all

Who are you?

I came to say goodbye Ludwig.


Do I know you? No.

This is how I prefer.

So it will be, because I know you.

Be who you are, I know all about you.

Can I at least know your name?

You do not need. Because I never knew.

You Never came near me. You're gone.

In all my life. Not so fast.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.

Let me!

No one says "goodbye" to me, honey.


Let me!

That was unnecessary.

Somebody call the police

Mia is fine.

Do not cry.

You are fine.

All is well, well.

That old...

What old woman?

Did not you say had no family or friends?

Hardly went kept forgetting your keys, your name.

I missed not know what you're talking about!

You kept the box.

If course I did.

Have you decided that you're going to do with it?


Well, better get back to the elevator .

Between love, hatred

is there between the phrases

I've been working, but it's too late.

It was very late years

But you look good, really do

The pride of a great reader.

Someone must have died for you

A thousand kisses deep

JUNGLE DORIS 1956 - 2010

And sometimes when the night is slow

unreachable and only

We gather in our hearts and we

A thousand kisses deep

And so fragrant as you think .

The entire field

Except what we forgot to do

A thousand kisses deep

in memory of Ida Kall 1922-2010 "vir die Dankie besoek"

Created by TaMaBin

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