A Very Special Love (2008) Script

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Laida, hey!

Stop dreaming!

-Get up! -Stephen, really!

-My hair! -Stephen, your timing sucks!

-What? -It was perfect, I was so close.

-What? -I was so close…

-Close to what? -To kissing my Prince Charming!

-I hate you! You ruined my dream! -Ouch!

Get out of my way!

By the way, I need a scientific calculator.

-Oh, it's 6:30? I'll be late! -My teacher said we needed one today.

Here you go.

Where the heck is it?

-Hey! You're too young to read that! -Why do you have that anyway?

Because I'll be working for this magazine.

Be careful with that. I just borrowed it from Cora.

-It's too early for TV. -Sis!

Don't close it! There might be news about having no classes.

-Can't you see the sun is out? -The battery's dead.

Where is that?

There. Return them after school.

-OK! -Sister!

-I'm missing a horn! -Oh?

-Where did you put it? -I give up!

Wait, use this!

There you go. You look imported, see?

But what about my project?

-Finally! -Use this.

Tell them the leaves fell off because it's autumn.

They don't look like leaves.

Stephen, do you always need Mom to clean up after you?

Why aren't you dressed yet? Wear your polo.

-Good morning, Mom! -Good morning.

-Hurry and get dressed. -I'll just take a quick shower.

Skip that, we're running late.

Mom, I can't! What if Prince Charming interviews me?

Adelaida, don't blow that interview.

Make sure it's not just Miggy in your head when you answer their questions.

Of course not, Mom. I'll be thinking of you guys first.

After all, I'm doing this for the family.

Career trumps love life.

-Look, it's Miggy. -Where?

Move over.

That's a new billboard!

Will you look at that?

Those Montenegros don't really get enough sunlight.

You can tell by their flawless skin.

It must be wonderful to be that rich.

I wonder what they have to worry about.

I'm sure they worry about how they'll spend all that money.

Your crush seems very problematic.

You're right.

He does look sad.

Don't worry, Miggy.

I'm on my way. I'm going to love you.

What the hell is this?

Sir, those are just the initial figures.

It will still pick up.

Is that what you expect me to report to the board?

We're about to release our anniversary issue,

eight didn't even make half of Stag's sales.

Why is that?

I think it was affected by the photos that were leaked on the internet.

The ones we had yet to Photoshop.

I don't know. The market was turned off.


Imagine if the photos hadn't been leaked!

What do we do now?

Am I the only one doing the thinking here?

You, Mon? You're the EIC!

Tell me, why is this magazine crap?

Because we keep publishing the same thing, nothing new!

All your ideas are recycled!

You idiot!

Nothing is published without your approval.

And you're part of that crap!

If there's anyone here with a big ego, it's you!

Look, if you can't handle the pressure of the job--

No, it's not about the pressure, Migs.

It's always about you.

And when things go wrong, you blame it all on the staff.

You need a new editor in chief because I quit!

Even his friends don't have the patience for him.

Ma'am Tara, you're leaving, too?

If he's leaving, so am I.

Even you?

Good luck to you guys.


He meant you, dude.

I have my kid to think of. These guys, maybe.

-Not me. -I'm staying, too.

Find me new people.

Oh, coffee?

I'm applying to be your editorial assistant.

Sir, shall I cancel your meeting with the board?

Miguel, are you having a hard time?

instead of wasting it on Flippage,

But, Art…

So, we gave in to your wishes.


We've heard that before.

you still have a lot to learn.

Looks like you got yourself a suitor, Mom.

I wish it was you who was here, Mom.

Your kid? So cute!

while we're looking for a new secretary.

-I hope you're OK with this. -Of course I am!

Sir is an early bird, isn't he?

Sometimes I think he lives here.

Good morning, sir!

You really think she'll last six months?

Let's eat?

Is this your first job?

Why here?

Why not?

Do you know who your boss is going to be?

More than you think.

You're a stalker, aren't you?


Then why do you have a picture of him on your table?

I was in college then. We interviewed him for a class project.

He was so nice, he even agreed to have a picture taken with us.

He's so kind.

Girl, you don't know what you're saying.

You don't know what you've got yourself into.

I do. I'm the editorial assistant.


Do you know what your life will be like?

Yes. Miss Violy said I'm in charge of coordination and content.

I can give creative input and I report to Sir Miggy.

And that's the problem. You'll always be with Sir Miggy!

But that's a good thing!

But he's heartless!

No one can stand "Mr. Demontenegro!"

Hey, that's Montenegro! What about you guys?

We're desperate.

Well, I'm staying because I believe in the Miggy that I know.

Why can't you just believe in goodness?

Violy, any news on the new staff?

I've sent the word out… Yes?

But no one's willing to work for Bachelor.

Some are willing, but we can't afford them.

What now? Our friends are still not here?

I'm not going to call him first.

So, you guys plan to avoid each other?

You're friends.

Tell him that the last time I checked,

Migs, you're just making your world smaller.

Dude, seriously?

Look, Migs, I heard that

-I didn't want to come. -Another meeting?

-This is scary. -What's this about?

-What do you think is it? -Who knows?

What's this for?

What's happening?

-Run while you still can. -Exactly.

And how do we do that?

Sir, isn't that issue ready for release?

we only have three weeks before release.

We still have three weeks.

We are not going home until we do this.

-Sir, we lack people. -That's right, sir.

That's why you're all here now.

And that's you!

I will be the editor in chief for now.

-Give me some paper. -I want our theme to be like…

-May I borrow it? -Here.

But put the girl between two pillars.


Give me the notes.

Me? Associate editor?

You don't want it?

I do!

You'll act as managing editor.

as long as it's the best.


you're the art director.


Who are you again?

Laida Magtalas, your EA.

You're now the…

How close?


This is how we will know if our efforts are paying off.

Is that possible?


What the hell are you doing there?

Sir, these will make good scratch papers.

Fix this!

We don't have the budget for an expensive photographer!

Call others!

I already am!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean you.

I mean, yes, but not you!

Wait, it is you. Who are you again? Sorry!

You're not available?

Is this what you call art?

Even a kid could do this!

How many drafts have you done?

-Tear this! -Yes, sir!

-Oh, thanks for coming. -Let him through, quick.

Sir Miggy's here! He's here!

Oh my God.

Yes, sir.

-It might fall. Oh my God. -Keep it in place.

Come here.

Nail that properly!

You should be alert.

To stop the rain.

My god, you knew that we were shooting outdoors!

Didn't any of you anticipate the fact that it could rain?

God, you're not using your heads!

I'm sorry.

Are you OK? It's cold here.

What's this?

What will I do with this?

Sir, we'll set this up in two hours.

John Rae, here's your medicine.

-Sir? -That will do.

Try doing that.

That won't look like Samson.

What would be the point of the pillars?

You're right. Yes, you're right.

I think the pose should be… I'm here because you can't come to a decision!

-It's just a scene. -So then don't accept any suggestions!

-I've been trying that! -Oh my God.

Hold it!

How about a coffee break first?

Hang on, get back here. Can you pose for us first?

-Go on. -Come on, give it a try.

So we can see.

Raise your arms a little like that.

-Like this? -Doesn't look good.

I have a vision…

-Your face should be… -Tilt it like this.

Come on! There are so many of you here!

Put your hand here, the other here.

There. Put your hands right here. It's that simple.

It's very simple!

Carry on.

-Mom? -You just got back from work?

You're often home late.

He stared at me.


Sir Miggy!

Mom, there's hope!

It doesn't mean anything.

Mom, don't you want to see me happy?

All I'm saying is, girls stand in line for guys like him.

-Oh? Then I'll fall in line. -How long will you wait?

-Until I get my turn! -That will never happen!

Ouch! That hurts!

Adelaida, you're pining for a rich, intelligent, handsome man!


Well, you're rich in love and you're smart.


And beautiful!

I thought you'd never say it.

I just don't want you to get your hopes up.

If you're going to love someone, you have to be wide awake.

Make sure both your eyes are open.

-They are wide open! -Look at your eyes.

And be sure to save yourself for the one!

-I will! -Good to hear that.

I thought you put me on his schedule? Why was it canceled?

What time is he leaving?

Sir, I'm not sure.


Please understand, it was a last-minute thing.

Let's just reschedule.

Sir, don't!

I thought you meant something else, sir.

Are you doing anything tonight?


You see that woman by the window?

Sir Miggy asked me to give these to you.

You know what a workaholic Sir Miggy is.

He sent me to keep you amused.

I'm not confident that you can recover

Where's Dianne?

She said to give these to another girl.

-Poor guy. -Poor guy?

With his attitude, it's a wonder that Miss Dianne fell in love with him.

She doesn't really love him.

What makes you say that?

If she really loved Sir Miggy, she'd put up with all his shortcomings.

Like a martyr?

What of it?

Isn't that how it should be when you love someone?

You accept everything about him.

You give him everything you can because you love him.

That's what love is.

No ifs, no buts whatever the cost.

-Even if he always screams at you? -Yes.

-Even if he treats you like a slave? -Yes.

Even if despite everything you do for him, he doesn't notice you?


If we really want to be number one, why don't we set Bachelor apart from Stag?

Let's give it substance, some heart.

Like, for example, let's provide tips on how guys can be sensitive so their relationships will last and their girlfriends and wives won't end up leaving them.

Instead of…

Instead of capitalizing on naked bodies.

Do you have any idea what magazine you're working for?

Bachelor, sir.

What do men want?

Have you ever had a boyfriend?

N-- Not yet.

What objection do you have if Bachelor sells sex?


'Cause you don't, so just shut up!


I just wanted to help.

That's all.

Why wasn't I informed that Indigo backed out?

-They said they couldn't handle rush-- -So, we leave it at that?

If they can't do it, that's it?

You won't do anything, and we'll just stare at a wall?

We already found a contingency.

Who found it anyway?

Laida did.

Thank you for accepting the job even though it's a rush order.

It was so hard to find someone who'd accept the job.

We're sorry. We're just pressed for time.

We were actually just surprised you wanted it that soon.

You really think you'll make it?

We can do it.

I'll send you the proofs once they're ready.

-We're settled, right? -Sure.

Are we good?

We're good.

Guys, be there on Saturday, OK?

-What time is that again? -John Rae, I can't go.

-Just be there before lunch. -OK.

-All of you, be there. -I'm still not sure about Saturday, dude.

-But you're the godfather! -That's too much.

-You'll be there, right, Zoyla? -For sure.

What's up?


Yes, sir. My son. You should come.

Sir, the delivery guy is here.

What's this for again?


-Let's go. -Did you do something wrong?

It's Laida's fault because of what she said earlier.

He's just like that.

-Yeah, but… -Even before, he was like that.

-Weird -I'm scared.

He might need a ton of revisions again.

Another storm's brewing.

Put it there.

Eat up.

Here, sir.

Let's dig in, guys.

Oh, overload. Hand me a slice.

Eat up.

He's gone. You can drop the act and eat!

You should be flattered, girl!

Come home early later, it's my birthday party.

-Bye, Mom. Happy birthday! -Bye.

Where's Dad?

-I'm late already! -Tomas!

The children will be late!

-I'm here. -Our son has an exam.

-OK, already. -Happy birthday, love.

Thanks. Isn't Laida going with you?

Isn't she downstairs already?

Laida, where are you?

Still at home.

Why? Aren't you coming to work?

What for?

Stop acting like a child.

Sir Miggy called and is asking you to go to his condo.


He needs the proofs for his final corrections

'cause he's not coming in today.

Why should I bring it?

Well, who has the articles?

I do.

Sir, here are the articles.

Too hot?

Look at what happened.

-Rose, my battery's almost dead. -Where are you?

It's dead!

Can't do it? Let me!


Belated happy birthday, Mom.

-My goodness. -Mom.

It would've been OK if you'd only forgotten about her birthday.

But to make us grow eye bags waiting for you all night, Adelaida, that's taking it too far!

Who said it was OK for her to forget my birthday?

-It's not OK. -Mom, I'm really sorry.

It's just that I was so busy with work.

Then Sir Miggy got sick, and I couldn't leave him.

Why? Is that part of your job now?

-I really am sorry. -Hey.

You're still young. Better take it easy.

Before you know it, you'll be in too deep and you won't be able to get out.

I'll make it up to you, I promise.


That's why I called.

was someone with you?

Actually, someone was.


Where's Laida?

I'm gonna call you later, bro.

Where's Laida?

She won't come to work today.

-Absent? -Yes.

Violy, did Laida inform you she'd be absent?

She called.

She missed her mother's birthday yesterday, so she wanted to make it up today.

I told her she should come in, even if only for half a day because she and Zoyla have much to do--

That's OK.

Has the storm passed?

It's just the eye of the storm.

Are you guys OK?

Let me introduce you to my husband.

Honey, these are my office mates.

-I'm glad you could come. -Come in.

-Laida, hand me that. -Hi.

No, give it to me.

Is your boss coming?

Don't bet on it.

I don't even think he's been baptized yet.

Hey, that's below the belt.

-Whoa, does he even eat palm fruits? -Crazy.

Wait, isn't that your boss?

Honey, it's not funny anymore.

That is him!

Hi, sir, good afternoon.

-Hi! -Glad you could make it.

Sir, glad you came. This is my baby, sir!

Look, it's my boss.

We all have to sing!

-No one goes home without singing! Deal! -OK.

-You have to sing, too, sir! -No excuses!

Cheers, sir.

Your turn!

-Why do I tremble -Oh, there's someone singing now!

-Whenever you're near? -Someone's singing.

All I want to know is your name

-Look! Watch this! -OK.

We bumped… Into each other You picked up my books Asked if I was fine

-Still, you failed to give me your name -Let's enjoy, everybody.

-Whoa! -Hey, I'll join!

Every day you walk past me Never, not once, do you gaze at me You have to sing, sir!

-Come on, quick, sir. -The song is free, sir.

Why do you avoid me?

Did I do something wrong?

I only want to know your name

-Let's do it at the same time. -Drink more.

Here in my heart There's a space meant only for you Will you finally give me your name?

Every day you walk past me Never, not once, do you gaze at me What am I to do?

When When When will you learn of my little secret?

Whatever I do You never seem to notice me OK, one more.

-When -When When will you give this heart a chance?

Whatever I do, you never seem to notice me Sir, you sing really well!

You sing well, sir!

Good enough to have an album, sir.

Just kidding!

-My turn! -Me first!

-Let me. -No, let me do it.

Here in my heart There's a space Meant only for you Will you finally give me your name?

How's my singing voice?

Every day you walk past me Never, not once, do you gaze at me What am I to do?


I didn't know you knew how to smile.

You take things too seriously.

You're all work, and you rarely go home.

No wonder you got sick.

If I don't take it seriously,

You're starting to look like the number one. Geez.

OK, fine.

You're number one, but in the end, you're the lonely one because everyone has walked out on you.

Isn't that sad?

Oh, even in that picture, you look sad.

You're wasting your boyish good looks!

And your sisters look good, too.

They're all as beautiful as your mom.

No wonder your father fell in love with her.


The first time I saw her picture in your condo, I already knew why your father married her.


They couldn't.

Why not?

Because she wasn't number one.

Don't be.

Now it makes sense.

What makes sense?

That you're better looking than all of them.

Sir, sorry, we should have been here earlier, but we were stuck in traffic.

That's OK.

Let's go.

This looks OK, right?

-Sir, our new layout-- -Laida!

Sir! Excuse me, sir.

Remember I told you to stay close to me?

Sir, you need to approve the layout and the articles.

I also need your editor's note.

Thank you. Let's go.

It's your fault. Why can't you finish it?

What am I supposed to write there?

What do you want to say?

You know what I mean?

I saw something here, where was it?

-Don't touch-- Tsk. -Don't worry. Here, sir.

Don't mind that, it was just for fun.

Change the title color and font.

Zoyla, your coffee's here.

Put it on my table. Thank you!

Thank you.

Are you sure? Let me see the pagination guide.

Can you check if Sir Miggy has any corrections with the reviews?

-Wait, I still need that. -Take a break, here's your coffee.

-Please check the box. -Give me mine later.

-Laida… -That's a pity.

Check if Sir Migs has any corrections on the fitness and review columns.

Hey, Zoyla. Don't forget to submit your overtime forms.

You might forget later.

Are you guys done? I'm just finishing this.

Sir Miggy gave coffee to Laida.

Hello? Who's this?

No, I mean-- May I speak to Mrs. Limon?

I didn't want to wake you up but your phone, it's been ringing.

-Hello, Mom? Yes, I'm going home soon. -Laida, it's late.

Violy, where did you find these brilliant people?

If only we'd had more time, I'm sure this issue would've been the best.

-Right! -This isn't bad, John Rae.

We put in our best effort.

Really, sir?

You better save your energy because I'm sure once the board sees the fruits of our labor, they'll probably give us more than six months!

Wow, one more year!

-Two years or more! -Five years!

What are you waiting for?

Early day off!

Rest. You all deserve it!

-Thank you, sir! -Yay, thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir. Let's hug, sir! Whoa!

-Let's go, guys! -Yes.

Bye, guys! See you tomorrow!

Why, sir?

One long-stemmed red rose

I leave it to you. Just make sure it's nice.

OK. Yes, sir.

Mom, your suitor doesn't let up.

Laida, what are you doing there?

Sorry, sir.

-I'll stay inside the car then. -Laida, get over here!

This is Laida.

Laida, my mom.

Hello, ma'am!

Is this for her, too?

That's for you.

This is the first time I've ever received flowers from anyone.

That's OK.

This is also the first time someone has accepted flowers from me.

But thank you.

Because you proved that I was right.

That that's not completely empty inside.

That's what's important, right?

That's what I believe in. That's why I'm still here.

Laida, if…

If this isn't your job… I mean, if I were not your boss…

You know, you're OK.


More than OK.

Did you hear that, Mom?

Wait a moment.

Mom says that she agrees.

Mom. Your mom!

But seriously, you know what she really said to me?

That she's proud of you.

So am I.

-He's done his own door. -We're already here.

Yes. You have a problem with that, brother?

Uncle Miguel!

Migs, welcome back!

Daddy, who is he?

-That's your uncle gramps. -Hello, Uncle Gramps!

OK, then, excuse me.

So what if you were able to get through this?

Did you think that's the reason why I'm holding your budget?

Dad, if… we're not different,

Are these magazines ready?

Yup, 500 pieces.

Why is that late?

I'll get it from Violy.

Yes, sir.

Miggy, are you OK?

Miggy, the forecast says it will rain hard all night.

But that's OK.

It's bound to stop. People will come.

They're here!

Sir, your family's here.

Let's check it.

-What happened to the audio? -What happened?

-There's a problem with the system. -Fix it, quick!

-What happened? -We got this.

-Come. Come, quick. -Come on.

Miggy, get back in there. It's not as bad as you think!

You did great. We all worked hard for this.

Best effort, remember?

Even if it didn't turn out as expected, tomorrow will be better.

Some people came.

My family came.

And it's OK.

Miggy, they're your family.

They'll accept you whatever happens.

You really believe that, don't you?

I don't understand you.

You really don't understand.

You're a child of your mom and dad.

So, you'll never know how it feels to be looked at by siblings who only see the sins my mom committed against their mother.

Because… they're the only family you have.

But it happened.

But tonight, I might have lost that, too.

But I'm so exhausted.

I'm tired of working hard just to earn my last name.

But we're up by three percent, aren't we?

You think that's enough even if we're not number one?

-Best effort, right? -Yeah!

But, sir, we increased our sales.

But we still have a six-month allowance, right?

-We can still make it! -We don't.

Sir, what about us?

Can I talk to you?

I'm sorry about the things I said--

If you're mad… If you want to shout at me, that's OK.

You want to throw things?

You want to get mad?

Don't be like this.

What do you mean?

Don't give up that easily.

I thought you said the staff was fine?

I thought we were fine?

So, that's how easy it is for you?

It's so easy for you to ignore everything.

We just have to understand you and that's it?

-Because you lost everything? -What do you want me to do?

I want you to have even an ounce of feeling.

Because if you're acting that way because you believe that no one can accept you,

you're wrong!

If you're giving up because you think everyone has given up on you, I'm still here.

If you think no one out there loves you…

You still love me?

I know.

Because no matter what you say right now, I have nothing left to give.

Be fair to yourself.

Stop it.

You'll just get tired.

You'll get tired of expecting.

You'll get tired of waiting.

You'll get tired of hoping that I'll love you back.

Not even once…

have I ever felt tired of loving you.

Not until today.

If your mom were still alive,

But she's not, so I'll never get the chance to hear that.

I never say it out loud,

Why am I finding that so hard to believe?

Even if you say it now…

I never saw it, ever.

I've waited so long, Dad.

I've waited so long

to see that you see me, too.

The truth is,

all I wanted was to feel that I was also your child.

That's all.

Why can't I feel that?

But believe me, son, I do love you.

It's just…

every time I try to show how much I love you,

I see how much pain they feel.

You understand, don't you?

But you can't.

I know I owe you a lot.

Let me start over.

Forgive me.

I love you, son.

I love you so much.

I love you so much.

-Rose, is your sister awake? -Yes?

Crying her eyes out.


I'm awake, Mom.

I'm wide awake now.

My daughter.


I'm the one to blame here, I know.

You didn't fail to warn me.

I'm the one who was stupid enough to have false hope.

But, Mom, I'm OK now.

I can handle this.

I'm a Magtalas after all!


Who do you think you are, anyway?

That's what you deserve.

I think I'm losing my mind.

It's so hard!

So hard.

Just cry it out.

You'll be OK.

That's how it really is.

But you'll realize how strong this is.

What's important is, you left some for yourself.

There's still some left.

So, when the right person comes who will give you love, you'll have something to give back.

Where? Where is he?

Why do you have to search far when we're all here?

That's right.

I love you so much.

Me, too.

I love you the most. I'm your first love, remember?

How can I run out of love when you give me so much of it?

That's enough.

And what about you?

Why are you still sitting there? Don't you love me?

-Of course, I love you, sis. -Get up and give your sister a hug!

I want to apply for a job.

Can I ask for an advance?



If my monthly salary has to be spent there, that's OK.

I just don't want my people to lose their jobs because of my incompetence.

Because the truth is, Art, they know more than I do.

you're actually OK. It suits you better.

I have another favor to ask, Art.

Don't push it.

This is the last.

You think I can go on leave tomorrow?

Didn't you just say

One day is all I ask.

Wish me luck, brother.

Are you getting off yet?

Not yet, but I'm almost there.

Tell me when you're getting off, OK?

Zoyla, what's going on?

Just do what I say. Are you there now?

Here, I'm getting off now.

OK, then! Bye!

Mister, I'm getting off here!

Why do I tremble Whenever you're near?

All I want to know is your name

Here in my heart There's a space meant only for you Will you finally give me your name?

Every day you walk past me Never, not once, do you gaze at me What am I to do?

It was not easy to look stupid and apologize to you, you know.

You can't just sing your way out of this.

-Laida, wait up. -What now?

Who told you to do that?

If I were you, I'd just stop it.

You'll just get tired.

Laida, give me a break!

See, there you go again!

You let your temper get the best of you!

-OK. Wait, Laida! -What?

Just wait!

For you.

I don't want any more of that.

-You don't want this? -I don't.

What can I do so you'll forgive me?

Make the rain stop.

You're asking for the impossible.

Because you also ask for the impossible.

Laida, it won't stop.

You give up?

This is too hard.

You think that's hard?

Try loving someone as difficult as you and see which is harder.

I know.

Because all my life,

I've tried so hard to love myself.

I found it hard myself.

But believe me, I loved you the way that I knew how.

It's only now that I realize that I deserve to be loved even if I'm like this.

I'm only starting to learn that I can also love someone back.

If I love you again…

I have some conditions.

Your temper. Can you try to control it?

It causes so much stress!

If you want something, ask nicely!

And, Miggy, try not to make me cry.

Because it drives me crazy.


What are you waiting for?

What? Give me a hug, Miggy Montenegro!

This feels nice!

I've waited for this for so long.

-Who said you could do that? -You weren't the only one waiting.

My parents are strict!

Oh, you.


Oh, gosh.

Give me a hug!

Like this.


How are we gonna do it?

Oops. My bad, director!

Oh, no need!

John Lloyd? Yes, he's really handsome!

He has a lot of admirers.

What did I tell you last night?

What are you doing?

What are you? Are you a baby?