A Yellow Bird (2016) Script

Wait! Wait!

Step back, step back.

Hurry up!

Take your money and leave.


Why so little? You owe me more than that.

-Let's move. -Think you can pretend to be deaf?

-You can fuck but you can't pay, yeah? -I don't want to talk to you.

Pay up!

I'm warning you, you dirty slut, if you ask for money again I'll call the police.

Don't forget you're an illegal worker.

Fucking bitch!

What are you guys looking at? She's a fucking whore!

Fuck you!

Come and collect your money!

What are you looking at?

If you want to look, then you'd better pay.

Fuck off! There's nothing good to look at!

Crazy woman.




I'm not spending this money.

Are you saving up to afford a wife?

We're going right there...

And then...

I went to Suseela's place to look for them.

I went to Suseela's place.

I'm going to find them.

When I get a proper job, I'll get my family back.

Kick these fucking Chinese tenants out!

Miss, don't just sit there!

Move in! We're in a hurry.

Are you working?


He's not back from lunch yet.

Call back later.

I have a job coming up. Do you want it?

But don't try any funny business.

If the police catch you, don't run.

Just do your time.

We'll look after your family.

Did my wife come here for the money?

So that's what you're here for?

Your wife came and made a huge commotion.

I paid her your money.

Do you know her address?

How should I know?

Ask her yourself!

Take it. This is for not betraying me.

It's done.

Can you help me?

Can you get my wife's address from my file?

I think I'll have to ask Mr. Leng.

I'm asking you!

You and your fucking foreign friends, fuck off out of my house!

You're crazy.



What the fuck do you want?

Why are you looking for me?

She left you.

Think you'll get anything out of me?

-Are you horny? -You fucking bitch!

Let go, you fucker!

Should I call the police? You want to go back to prison?

Give me a cigarette.

You smoke bidis now?


What do you want?

You're looking for them?

Find someone else.

Leave my sister alone.

You've ruined my sister's and your daughter's lives.

You used to bang me.

It was never enough for you, eh?

Are you high or what?

That's my problem.

Drop it.

You want to know about Shanti?

She remarried.

What are you staring at?

You don't believe me?

Ask your mother.

Even she knows.


You got 20 dollars?

I can suck your dick.



Did Shanti remarry?

To whom?

Is Pushpa with them?


I'm talking to you!

I'm talking to you!

Why didn't you tell me?

Who did she marry?

Where is Pushpa? Tell me!

Are you going to tell me or not!

Tell me!

-Where is Pushpa? -What the hell are you doing?

Fucking cunt! What do you want?

-What the hell are you doing? -I took my money. You have a problem?

You want a fight?

Fucking shit.

Fuck you!

What are you doing?


-Get the fuck out of my house! -Come on!

-Come on. -What a shithead.

Every day before you start work, you ask for money.

Here's your salary for two hours.

You show up whenever you please.

Fucking Indian!

I'm coming!

Can I have my clothes?

That's not possible, I gave you the money!

How can I get hold of that money so quickly?

Don't touch her.

I've already sent you all I have.

Give me more time at least.

Leave them alone.

You get everything I earn!

Why isn't the van here yet? All we do is wait.

What's the matter, sweetheart?

Need money?

Why are you always hanging around Singaporean men?

Spend some time with me.

-Ok? -Why with you? I'd rather fuck a dog!

-Say that again! -Leave me alone.

What woman would want to sleep with you?

You're a stupid slut, right?

Who would want to sleep with you?



-What the fuck has it got to do with you? -Piss off!


You want to fuck this black devil?

-I would rather... -Bitch!


I'm not going back there anymore.

The pay is low, and the people are rotten.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

I want you to work with me.

I want to make money.


For my daughter.

Do you get it?

I really need your help!

I need money. You understand?


What took you so long to get here?

Are you the boss or am I?

Who is this Indian man?

Your boyfriend?

He's here as my bodyguard.

To make sure the clients pay.

You trust him?

Is he local or foreign?

I've known him for a while. He's okay.

You've slept with him, haven't you?

Are foreign cocks bigger?

I'm telling you.

You'll be paying him from your earnings.

Shit! Who is this?

Who is this, damn it? Your new find?


Tell her.

Tell her how we do the money around here.

Get lost!

You should be able to earn 200 or 300 a day.

My cut is 60 percent. The rest is yours.

Why are you taking 60 percent?

You want to work here or not?



How many times must I tell you?

Stay put! Don't go out!

If the police catch you, you're on your own.


Now let me test the goods.

Otherwise, how will I know you can satisfy my clients?


It's okay.

Fuck you, that's my space!

All this is my space!

When the customers arrive, your job is to collect payment.

If they try to hurt me, beat them up.

Get it?

I'll give you 10 percent.

10 percent.



You two, wait for a while. You two, follow me.

You know the prices.

Ten for a handjob, 20 for a blowjob, and 40 for a fuck.

Have at it. Pay the black ghost.

This way. Have fun!

Take off your shoes.

I want to talk to you alone.

Can you meet me downstairs?

Can you help me, please?

I can give you money if you want.

Is my baby sleeping?

I want to hear her voice.

I'm doing well here.

The weather is warm.

I should be back soon.

I cannot wait to see my baby again.

-Hey. -I want to fuck that woman!

How much?

-I want to fuck. How much? -Hey!

-What's your problem? -How much?

-Forty! -What?

Forty dollars for this slut? You're only worth five.

You're only worth five yourself!


Don't push me. I'll leave on my own.

-Get lost! -Slut!

-What do you want? -It doesn't matter.

Collect the money.


Forty dollars.

Follow me.

What are you staring at? Get undressed. Don't waste my time.

Do you really think that's a motorbike?

Shall we take it out for a spin?

I've made you sweat.

Thank you for working so hard.

You don't understand me anyway.



This way.

You guys wait here.

Bitch, get out!

Get the fuck out of there!

What the fuck is this? You, get out!

How often have I told you?

How dare you fuck him when we have customers here?

Get in. Now!

Service our customers properly, clear?


Siyue, come here!

Hurry up! Can't you see customers are waiting?

Do I have to invite you over?

-Can't you see the customers? -Don't touch me!

What's come over her? You knew but never told me?

Don't learn from her.

Go service the customer!

Do your job properly!

Damn it!

You know something?

Actually, I'm not the least upset.



my daughter will have a better life because of it.

I really miss her.

You know?

I called her today.

She called me mama for the first time.


...there is nothing else I can do for her.

That's why I have no regrets.

As long as she's living well...

...I'd gladly do anything.

You understand what I'm saying?

I just need...

...to talk to someone.

Can you help me or not?


My number.

Call me.

Come out now, bitch!

Come out!

-You stole my money! -Get stuffed! Who are you shouting at?

-You stole the money! -Who'd steal from you?

-You, obviously! -My tits make money as well as yours!

-Do you think you're better than me? -You're the thief, give it back!

-Why are you fighting? -She stole my money!

-Shut up! -She stole my money!

-Why would I take her money? -Shut the fuck up!

-Fuck you! -Say that again!

She stole my money!

-Who? -Look, it's all gone!


You lost your money? How is that my problem?


I'm telling you, you find a way to pay my share of the money you lost.

Otherwise you'll never get out of here.

Give me back my money!

Go ask your black ghost. Maybe he took it!

He wouldn't do that!

I'm asking you to ask him!

Did you take my money?

If you have taken it, please return it to me.

That money is for my daughter.

Do you understand what I'm saying!

Why are you saying nothing?

Give me back the money! It's for my daughter.

I need that money!

All that money is for my daughter.

Why are you so cruel?

Why are you doing this to me?

I want to go back.

Without that money, there's no point in me going back.

Give me the money back!

I need money.

Get out of my way.

Hey, get out!

Where's the address?

Come in first.

Why don't you stay with me?

Don't go.

You have no one else.

I'll look after you.


Stay with me.

Just us.

I'm here for you.

Stay with me, please.

I did everything you asked.


I want to see Pushpa.

Let me see her, just once.

You want to see her?



You weren't the only one jailed for your crime.

This is my punishment... for what I did.


Blinded by the need for money, I let you use her as a cover.

For this sin I committed, I hope she dies soon.

Leave us alone.