Aa Gale Lag Jaa (1973) Script

Do you have the cream cross shade in Max Factor lipstick?



''- Prem, what did you do! lt fell off from my hands.''

And you have also lost your job.

A beautiful girl came to the store and you went crazy. settle your account and leave.

''l will settle the account, ....''

... but first let me start my account with that beauty ...

... who has made me go crazy.

''Once, just once, come into my arms!''

My bottle of liquor! You broke my bottle of liquor!

You idiot! .....lt's you?

''Whenever you meet me, you break my bottle.''

''Look, choose your partner to match your dress.''

The one who is chosen the best pair will get the first prize.

''How can l, Romeo? l am dressed as Laila (beloved).''

There's your Juliet.

''Preeti, you are left alone.''

''Before dressing up as Laila, ...''

.... you should have given a thought to who your Majnu will be. lf just thinking could give one her Majnu (lover)...

... every girl would be Laila.

''Whenever my Majnu comes, he will cut through the breeze ...''

.... and land up straight in my heart!

Who are you? Don't you recognise me?

-l am your Majnu. -But you are dressed as a Pathan.

''Don't go by my dress, see my heart.''

''l may not be dressed as Majnu, but l have the heart of Majnu.''

Don't you remember? You were my Laila in every birth ....

''... and l, your Majnu.''

''And in every birth, you left my side.''

Promise me you will not leave me in this birth.

What a strange man you are! l don't even know you.


....my love!

''Promise you will never leave me''

l am wherever you are

''Don't touch me, take away your hand''

''You are young, and so am l''

''Listen, my love''

Just give me a smile and say

''The wet softness of your lips is for me''

Your every look is for me Your elegance if for me

''You have brought all these gifts for me''

l am wherever you are

Why are you after me

''l am not the only young girl here, there are many''

Why are you following me

''l am not the only one here, there are so many around''

''Go and take whoever offers you her hand''

''l am just like all the others here''

''Promise you will never leave me''

l am wherever you are

''There are many young girls''

''But no one as beautiful as you are'' so what do l do

''You believe that you will get me''

But l don't believe it so what do l do

''Don't dream, look at your status''

''You'll have to be someone's life partner, so be mine'' l am wherever you are

The prize for today's fancy dress program goes to ...

''... Mr.Preeti, who is dressed as Laila ....''

''.... and Mr.Prem, who is dressed as a Pathan.''

The second prize goes to Mr.Anil and Mrs.Anil Nagrath.

You keep that too. l'll keep this photo as a memento.

''Now quickly give me your name, address,your father's business...''

... so that l can start making arrangements.

''Please sit here, l'll consult my friends. Give me a second.''

Mr.Majnu! Tell me!

What can you do for me? l can do anything for you. l can give up my life for you.

''Look, we are all students of a medical college in Bombay.''

We need a man for an experiment tomorrow in the hospital here. can you come?

You want to rip open my heart and check if l'm a true lover or not? l don't mind! l don't mind even if l die. Even Majnu didn't survive.

Today's experiment is 'freezing cold versus human body'. lf the blood flow starts freezing because of cold ...

.... and the body heat starts reducing ...

... this condition is very risky to human life.

One can even lose his life.

''l am losing my life, doctor.''

The victim should not be allowed to sleep.

Because that sleep will be the sleep of death.

''Preeti, what treatment will you give in such a situation?'' coroman and sietimen injections should be given.

And glucose saline. check whether you have those medicines or not.

Or l'll be dead!

''Don't worry, you are among doctors.''

That's what l fear. You must have heard the famous saying ...

lf the medicines are not available ....

.... brandy and hot water bottles can be used to generate body heat.

What if one doesn't have even that? lntelligent question.

''lf you don't have any of this, body heat is also a therapy.''

''- Body heat? Yes, body heat.''

The victim should be held close ....

.... so as to transfer your body heat to his body.

This is one last therapy with which the patient can be saved.

''- Like this....... Why do you bother, sir?''

''lf you do everything, when will yours students learn?''

Give them a chance.

This is enough for today. We'll continue tomorrow.

You may leave. collect your payment from the cashier.

Excuse me. What time do l come tomorrow?

Whenever you feel like. You will be kept in cold storage now. so that you get frozen like a chicken.

Freeze me like chicken or ice-cream.

But don't chill our relationship.

Go and tell Preeti your father is here.

My father? Her father!

sign here. What's the hurry?

The experiment did not get over today. l'll have to come tomorrow too. l think l will have to come every day now.

Has the doctor appointed you permanently?

You don't understand.

Dr.Preeti has fallen for me. so she calls me here on some or the other pretext.

Love is like that. Makes one go crazy.

Who is it?

since when do you know Preeti? since many births.

And what made you feel that Preeti loves you?

What made you feel l'll discuss my private matters with you?

''- Are you her father? Yes, l am her father.''


Good l met you too.

''so, what do you think of me?''

Will you make me your son-in-law? l'll have you arrested!


Hey! A fire somewhere?

''This time, the fire is burning not here, but over there.''

What happened? Why are you angry?

Who was that guy? He was talking nonsense about you.

''He's crazy, forget about him.''

How come you are here? l've received Amar's telegram.

He is going abroad. We have to leave for Bombay today itself.

''But daddy, l haven't even shopped yet.''

Finish your shopping and come to the hotel. l'll wait there.

You've come again? Yes. l came to ask if you'll continue the body heat experiment tomorrow?

Only if you have your body left.

The way you've latched on to the jeep on this dangerous road ...

... you will fall in the ditch by the next turning ...

... and break your bones. l was born with skates on.

And l'll die with skates on my feet.

''Whatever you may say, but even God wants us to get together.''

Give your consent to marriage. Never!

But l've already spoken to your dad.

What did he say?

What would he say? He felt shy hearing the proposal.

And couldn't say a word. Now you only say something.

''You like me, don't you?''

No?....Just this much? No.

Just this much? Damn!

This much?

Are you hurt? Not much.

Let me check what's wrong.

Oh my God! The radiator is smashed.

What now?

''Nothing much, only the jeep won't run.'' l have an idea.

''l'll stay in the jeep, you go and call some mechanic.''

''Madam, you don't get mechanics in such places.'' l have a car that runs without petrol. consider me a car and come into my arms.

''Look Mr.Prem, if you really want to help me, give me your skates.''

And l will go home walking?

No....no. There has been a heavy snowfall.

And roller skating on such roads is not easy. lt will be better if you come into my arms.

Never! lf you think you can take advantage of my helplessness ...

... you are mistaken. l can walk it out.

Understand? l understand. Go. No one is stopping you.

''We probably knew each other before this life''

''You don't just like a person for no reason''

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not

Those times seem foggy'

''Here, there, wonder where''

''You and me had met somewhere before''

''When l saw you, my heart said''

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not


Alright. But only because l am helpless.

''Alright, but it's a wonderful helplessness.''

''Look, don't get lost now''

''Don't ever get separated from me''

We will stay united this time

''This is a promise we make today''

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not


Where did you pick her up from?

Go and get a doctor quickly!

This girl is falling unconscious with cold. so she is the same girl who's address you always wanted to know.

You managed to trap her so soon?

''stop your nonsense Jaggi, and go quickly!''

Do you think l am mad?

How can l go out in this cold weather without my liquor?

''l need to warm up, give me some money for liquor.''

''Alright, take this. But remember, first go to the doctor,then drink.''

''- First drink, then doctor. What?''

''No, first doctor, then drink.''

''But friend, this girl is very beautiful.''

''Do one thing. You go to the doctor, ...''

.... l'll try some home remedy till then.

Jaggi....go! l'm going. You only try out the home remedy.

Remove your clothes and wear the blanket.

You'll feel more cold in wet clothes.

''Preeti, don't refuse.''

l'll have to do it.

l'll have to do it.

''Preeti, don't sleep!''

Don't sleep. lt will be the sleep of death!

Wake up!

'''lf nothing is available, body heat is also a therapy'''

Body heat.

'The patient should be held close ....

.... so as to transfer your body heat to his body'

'This is one last remedy which can be used ...

... to save the patient without medication'

This is one last remedy which can be used ...

... to save the patient without medication.

Please don't misunderstand me. l didn't take advantage of the situation. l tried everything l could to revive you.

But l didn't succeed. Then l remembered the doctor's words.

And l....

l know.

''The mistake l made in that situation, ...''

... you can give me whatever punishment you deem fit for it.

ls one punished for saving a life?

''lf l was in your place, even l'd do just that.''

Then what has happened coincidentally ....

''l mean, you and me..... we....''


Nothing. What nothing?

''Actually, l am very poor, Preeti.''

l don't have anything but love.

What else does one need other than love?

My house is very small.

People are happy in small houses too.

My mother desires to have a daughter-in-law. l lost my mother when l was young. l never knew what a mother's love was.

You mean you are giving consent?

Now you'll see! l'll work hard and buy a nice house.

Who he? He!

Nice and beautiful like his mother.

And a skating champion like his father.

Enough! You are going too far ahead.

Even my father's consent is necessary along with mine.

''lf l refuse, won't you blackmail me ...''

... by threatening to tarnish my daughter's image?

''No, that situation will not arise.''

Because even Preeti loves me.

Wrong! My daughter cannot love a ruffian like you.

''Don't dream of marriage, mister. This marriage cannot take place!''

Don't forget that your daughter can marry me without your consent.

''ln such a situation, she will get nothing from my property.''

''Don't worry, before marrying Preeti, l'll set one condition.''

That she leaves your home with only the clothes on her body.


''Don't worry, l am not going to blackmail you.'' l am going to wait for your daughter at the reception. so that you can hear her decision from her.

''As a doctor, l wouldn't call it a wrong doing, but treatment.'' lt is good that he wants to marry you.

Even you have accepted. But will your father agree?

''Prem, l have been looking for you since so long.''

The doctor has called you. Your mother's condition is serious.

Mother? - Yes. Let's go.

Wait a minute.

''Preeti, your father doesn't like me. He's turned down my proposal.''

My mother is not feeling well. l am going to see her. l'll come and meet you the moment l am back.

Give this letter to Ms.Preeti.

''When l came here, she was doing the house chores.''

''A heart patient needs complete rest, not exertion.'' l'd told you before that my friend has a sanatorium.

Why don't you keep her there?

''Yes, doctor.''

''Did you hear that, mom?'' lf you ever do the house chores again ....

Then who else will do them? You? l have told you so many times that either the mother ....

... or the daughter-in-law does the house chores. so l'll get you a daughter-in-law. shall l?

shall l?

Are you joking or have you really chosen someone?

l have.

'Whatever l did with you was just for money.'


'''Because nowadays, money is more important than love.'''

'so tell your father to give me Rs.500000 in marriage.'

'You can consider this blackmail or need.'

'l'll come back after meeting my mother.'

Learn to differentiate between a piece of glass and diamond.

On one hand is this greedy youth ....

... who wants to marry you only for money...

''... and on the other hand is Amar, ...''

.... who you are going to get engaged to.

''Now think for yourself, that among these two ....''

''Boy, pack our bags!''

Listen. Won't you answer that letter?

''No, l don't want to keep any relationship with him!''

Only writing a reply will break the relationship.

Or it is possible he may come following you to Bombay.

You only write some reply.

''- Preeti, you are leaving? Yes.''

Didn't you get my letter?

''l did, and l read it too.''

''The reply is at the reception, read it.''

''Daddy, let's go.''

But Preeti....

'l never expected you could stoop so low'

'On the pretext of saving my life....'

'... you have disgraced my honour when l was unconscious'

'Don't ever try to meet me again'

What will l tell mom now? l'll have to lie to her.

Brother has arrived!

Do you intend to send your duplicate for marriage?

l apologise for coming late.

''l first thought of informing over the phone, ...''

... then changed my mind.

''l thought, what is the harm in saying it in everyone's presence.''

''Ladies and gentlemen, l regret to say.....''

... that this engagement will not take place.

''Yes, this engagement will not take place.''

''What are you saying, brother!''

''Hirachand, hadn't you fixed the alliance with him?''

''Amar, before saying such a thing, ...''

... you should have given a thought to our honour.

Ask your daughter why she didn't give a thought to my honour.

''The truth was hidden from me, l was kept in the dark.''

''Right, Preeti?''

''Amar, just a minute.''

''Amar, l never wished to hide anything about me from you.'' l know you have a complain against me.

But you could have told me that in private. ln the presence of so many guests ....

No! Whatever l say will be in everyone's presence.

''Friends, this girl has shattered my poor heart.'' she broke the promise she gave me.

''Before leaving for shimla, she had promised me ....''

.... that she'll marry me as soon as she returns.

''But now, these people are getting me engaged to her ...''

.... and sending me alone for my studies abroad.

''My beloved will be away from me, away from my sight.''

What if she falls in love with someone else here?

Even you can fall in love with someone else.

Ofcourse l can.

''That is why l am telling you, no engagement, direct marriage.''

And we'll fly together.

''Look Amar, only one job can be done at one time.''

You are going there to study.

''lf l come along, you won't be able to study.''

What if instead of coming back as a heart specialist ....

... l return as a heart patient?

''Then don't worry, l'll cure you.''

''Uncle, please explain to her. l am very intelligent.'' l can do many things at a time.


''Priest, you only find some way.'' say that if this auspicious moment passes ...

.... this marriage will never take place.

''No son, you should not say such inauspicious things.''

''Preeti, come here.''

''Priest, perform the engagement ritual.''

Exchange these rings.

''What happened, Preeti?''

l knew Preeti would not be able to see me leave.

Didn't l always say that the heart is very delicate?

Whether of a man or woman. l won't go if you so wish.

''Don't say that, Amar. l am fine.'' sure? Yes.

''Okay uncle, bye.''

Then you find some solution that will save your honour ....

... and also my baby.

''l have a friend in khandala, Dr.sudhin Majumdar.''

He has a nursing home there.

Go and live there until you deliver the baby.

And after the delivery? We'll think about that later.

There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved.

You can walk around a little if you like.

But not so much that you get tired and fall sick again.

Don't give her too much freedom. You don't know her habits.

''lf you allow her to take a walk, she'll start working.''

''Doctor, the room has been cleaned.''

Has a companion been arranged for her?

''Not yet. With your permission, shall l be her companion?''

You could not be your boyfriend's companion.

How will a patient tolerate you?

''Doctor, appoint me. l am unemployed.''

''Even after trying hard, l cannot find a job.''

''l'll be such a good companion, he'll appoint me forever.''

''l'm sorry, but she is a girl. she needs a lady companion.''

Bad luck here too.

We are meeting after a long time.

she's grown so big! l'd seen you when you were so little.

Take madam to her room.

''come, Hirachand.''

''Yes mom, the doctor has reassured me.'' l will return now when l have a job.

''Alright son, do keep writing.''

''l'll write many letters to you, don't worry.''

Even an abortion is not illegal.

''But personally, l am against it. What does your daughter want?''

Even she doesn't want it.

''But then, what about the baby?''

Many orphanages run on my charity.

Won't one more child fit in?

Will Preeti agree? she won't be told.

''Majumdar, you are my friend and sympathizer too.'' l have complete faith in you.

That is why l have brought Preeti here.

''l'll take your leave, Preeti must be waiting.''


''Doctor, you said l could roam around.''

Appoint me as that girl's companion. l will be occupied.

''And if l make some money, my son's burden will be reduced.''

But Prem should not know.

''Alright, l'll consider it.''

''sister, when will flowers bloom on this plant?''

Within three months.

''Preeti, you forgot to put vermilion in your parting again.''

''Look dear, these little things are done by a wife, ....''

''... not for herself, but for her husband's welfare.''

l haven't appointed you to fill vermilion ...

... in my daughter's parting ....

... but to lok after her and be her companion.

''How can you talk like that, sir?''

A married woman must always use vermilion.

''Mother, l feel like eating green vegetable with maize bread again.''

''- Please make it for me. Alright, dear.''

''come, dad.''

l need a master like you. You can start working from today.

That staff quarter is for you.

''Listen, you can lock up the room and return to your quarters.''

''Look, it is very necessary l stay with Preeti right now.'' she has a nurse with her. Even doctors will be present there.

We'll call you when we need you. Let's go.

''l'm Prem, Preeti.''

keep quiet!

l'm Prem.

You?....can l ask whose baby this is?

Yours! Preeti wants to hide this sin from the world.

''After being rid of this burden, she will return to her fiance.''

With or without the baby?

The baby will be put in an orphanage....

... where such children are normally put.

But this child is not an orphan.

lf his mother doesn't want to accept him ...

... l will rear him. Give the child to me.

l plead with you. Don't snatch a father's right over the child.

What is the guarantee that with that right ...

... you will not blackmail me into surrendering ....

... my daughter and property to you?

''l promise you, me or my child ....''

... will never demand your property.

You will never try to meet Preeti.


And neither tell anyone that the child shares our family name.

No. You just give me my child. l promise l will never tell him who his mother is.

come with me.

''-sister,did you see Mr.Hirachand? -No.''

How is Preeti? she hasn't regained consciousness yet. she had a caesarean. But there is no need to worry.

''strange! l gave such a rich man such good news, but...''

l had bought these sweets for my mother.

You keep them.

And keep this reward of Rs.1 1 .

''Hirachand, Preeti hasn't regained consciousness yet.''

But there is no need to worry. l want to give that baby to him. He will rear the baby.

lf people like you begin to accept such children ....

... young girls who make mistakes can begin life anew.

carry him. Give the baby to me.

His status will reduce if he touches this baby.

''sister, prepare the papers and take Mr.Prem's signatures on them.''

Ensure no one comes to know he is Preeti's baby.


sir....donate this to some orphanage ....

... which depends on the charity of good men like you.

''For this baby, his father's love is more than enough for him.''

''Let's go, son.''

''Hirachand, when Preeti recovers and asks to see her baby ...''

... what will we tell her?

No! You're lying! That's not possible!

''Have courage, dear.''

''Either you could have been saved, or the baby.''

''Hey, what is this?''

God's gift. God's gift?

''Yes, mom. l got a job. l went to the temple to thank God.''

''Over there, a lady delivered him and died.''

''The priest handed over the baby to me, l accepted it.''

''can we keep him, mom?'' children are an image of God.

Wish this baby was your own.

''What difference does it make, mom?'' some people shun their own dear ones.

And some accept strangers as their own.

''Whoever you accept becomes dear, mom.'' l'll get some milk for my son.

My dear baby!

''- sister,what did Preeti deliver? A baby boy, but stillborn.''

That is what God wanted.

''You were unconscious, and the doctors said ....''

... that the baby should soon...

You should have atleast let me see the baby's face. l was very sorry to hear it. strange are the ways of God.

''He snatched your son, and his mother.''

Whose baby is this?

The temple priest has given him to my son for upbringing.

''Take, my dear.''

''see how sweet the baby looks in Preeti's arms, doesn't he?''

''Preeti, you can keep him. Assume he is your son.''

My son? Yes.

''You will get a son, and he will get a mother.''

''l neither got the love of a mother, ...''

... nor was destined to be a mother. lf there was a child in my destiny ...

... why would God snatch my child from me?

May this baby live long under your and your son's care.

You keep him.

''Hey, madam! Listen! Wait!''

''- Where is your son? Why, what is the matter?''

''He took the baby, but he has to sign the papers yet.''

The temple priest gave him this baby.

Nonsense! The doctor has given him the baby.

The doctor?

''Look, this is a secret, l cannot tell you.''

But your son knows everything. send him to me.

''- Mom, where had you gone? come inside.''

Where did you get this baby? From the temple.

''l told you, the priest gave him to me.''

Then why has the doctor called you to sign his papers? l don't know.

The nurse told me the doctor gave you this baby. l told you the priest gave him to me.

The nurse is lying. ls this baby Preeti's?

Who Preeti?

Only Preeti has delivered a baby here today.

And l think this is her baby.

Why don't you speak? Tell me what the truth is ....

... which only you know.

Why was Preeti told she delivered a stillborn baby?

And why was her baby given to you?

What is your relationship with Preeti?

Will you answer me or do l go and ask Preeti?

''For God's sake, please don't ask me anything for now.'' l have some reasons. l'll tell you everything when the time comes. l'll tell you everything.

''Mom, don't run!''

''Mom, stop!''

''Mom, stop!''

''- What happened, mom? l'm going to die.''

Just tell me once that he is your son.

That he is my grandson.

''l don't have time, son.''

Tell me quickly.

''Yes mom, he is your grandson.''

My darling!

''O my son, ...''

... listen

Even if there are sorrows ...

.... keep smiling

''Why do you cry, my son''

''Why are you wasting the pearls of your eyes''

''l am your toy, l am your friend''

''l am your companion in joy and sorrow''

''l am your support, you are my support'' l love you more than my life come to me!

O my son....

Always have faith in God

''He is the one who has brought us into this world''

''Your father may not be with you always''

''He may not be there to say these words again''

''Don't forget what l have said, God is our saviour''

Don't ever lose faith in Him come to me!

O my son....

''What l had wished to bring, and what l have bought''

''l was overwhelmed giving it to you''

Take these crutches With my unfortunate hands Walk with their support

''Walk, papa's pet'' come to me!

O my papa....

.... listen

Even if there are sorrows...

... keep smiling

''- Hi, Master! You are early today.'' l want to go back early today for something special.

There is really something special today.

''You can only look at her, Manohar.''

All that dressing up is only for Master.

Even l am a master in several things.

Try taking tuition from me too sometime.

And see what tricks l teach you. keep talking nonsense.

But one blow from Master and you'll forget all your tricks.

''Just go and complain to him. He is one, we are four.''


''The Queen of skating, Ms.Ticky, is entering the ring!''

''lf you hadn't caught me in time, like Rahul, even l.....''

''Master, teach me too.''

''Look Ticky, you skate well now.'' l don't need to hold your hand to help you skate.

''Perhaps you don't know, but when an lndian girl ....''

... takes someone's hand into hers ....

... she never lets go.

''Ticky, perhaps even you don't know ....''

''... that when a man marries, ...''

... he doesn't even think of another girl. Understand?

''Papa, l'm here!''

Papa! Look. l have come.

''Hello, son!''

No remarks from the teacher today?

Just one. What?

One boy abused me. How could l stay quiet? l beat him up!

''Finally, l kicked him, and he fell hard.'' l have kept sandwiches and hot milk for you.

Go and take it. Good boy!

''Great, son! You are a bigger fibber than me.''

The master fell down!

''Papa, why do people laugh when someone falls?''

''lt's the norm, son. People feel happy seeing others fall.''

But people help me when l fall.

That's because you are a kid still.

''When you grow up, those who support you,will leave you alone.''

''l don't need anyone's support, papa.''

''When l grow up, l'll be cured.''

''My legs will become so strong,no one will be able to pull me down.''

''By then, l will grow old, and l'll need support.'' l will support you. l will not leave you like mom.

''Really, son?''

''Hey, what are you two gossiping about?''

That's between us.

Alright! Will you come to the airport with me in the evening?

Airport? Why?

Brother is returning from abroad today. l'm going to pick him.

''can l go, papa? My darling papa!''

''Rahul, the plane has landed. l'm going to take the ticket.''

You follow. Alright.

''son, are you hurt?''

Why do you drive so fast?

Where am l at fault?

This handicapped boy should have been careful.

''Hey car owner! lt's you who is handicapped, not me!''

''Wear glasses! Along with cars, even people walk on the roads.''

You brazen fellow! You don't look and walk ...

... and ask me to wear glasses? What is your name?

l want to lodge a complaint with the police. Tell me!

''son, excuse him this time.'' l'll forgive him for you. l forgive you.

He is very brave. He is not afraid even of you.

Forget him.

''Here, take this. Buy sweets for yourself.''

Even l have money to buy sweets.

''You keep that, and buy yourself glasses.''

''Rahul, hurry up, brother is going to come out of customs.''

How are you? l am fine.

''- Who is he? He is my friend, Rahul.''

Bless you.

My to-be sister-in-law.

And that is my brother's to-be father-in-law.

''Ticky, your brother has chosen a lovely bride.''

But not a good father-in-law.

''What happened, Amar?'' l felt dizzy. The same dizziness that you felt when l was leaving. l felt that same dizziness in the joy of my return.

Like it is said ..

''A lover was worried seeing his beloved sick''

''And the beloved recovered on seeing his lover''

Your jokes have started the moment you are back.

Look there! Do you recognise her?

Who is she? l think l have seen you before. Who are you? l am Ticky. How can you be Ticky?

Ticky was my little sister. l have bought this doll for her.

This is not my age to play with dolls.

''Yes uncle, she is only big by age ...''

... but has less intelligence than even me.

''so even you are here, grandfather! But who are you?''

''He's Rahul, my skating master's son.''

''Okay. son, when did you get inflicted with this?''

''since l could walk, l have been walking on crutches.''

''Preeti, a similar case had come to me even there.'' l had cured him. l will cure you too.

''Amar, you have opened your clinic at the airport itself.'' come home and take rest.

''Brother, l have thrown a party in celebration of your return.''

Why not invite them too?

''son, bring your mom and dad along for the party tomorrow.'' l want to discuss your condition with them.

''Doctor uncle, l have a father, no mother.''

''l am sorry, child.''

''Uncle, my papa doesn't attend any parties.''

He gets bored at parties.

''Ask him to try this party. Right, Preeti?''

Yes. We promise we will not let him get bored even for a second.

''The way you are looking at me, ...''

... like as if you are seeing me for the first time.

That's what is special about you.

''Whenever l see you, l see a different you.''

That is what you must have been telling every girl in Germany.

''l surely would, if l'd met a beautiful girl like you.''

That would have been better. l would have been saved the responsibilities.

There is only one way you can save yourself now.

And that is to get trapped.

''Make me surrender to you, and surrender yourself to me.''

''Then we will be one life, one soul, one body, one...''


Get them married now.

Or he'll go back to Germany for another 14 years.

You think l am foolish like you? l am going to announce their marriage today itself.

Why are you standing with a sullen face?

Rahul and Master haven't come yet.

They will come. can't enjoy the party without them?

''You are a doctor, you don't understand emotions.''

''Ticky, you gave your heart to someone already?''

Nonsense! Ticky is still a kid.

How do l explain? Lata and Rita said they will not come. l have laid a bet with them.

Then do one thing. Pick a finger.

They will surely come.

''Ticky, we lost the bet.''

l thought you will not come.

''He came because l insisted, not because of you.''

''Okay, with your insistence. But atleast you came.''

Better late than never.

Ticky has been waiting for you.

''l am Ticky's elder brother, Amar.''

''l'm Prem, Rahul's daddy.''

''- Hello, doctor uncle. Hello, son.''

Rahul was all praise for you. And Ticky was praise for you. l am grateful for the sympathy you have shown towards my son. lt's not sympathy. A similar case came to me in Germany.

Give me Rahul's case history. come with me.

''she must be around. Tell me, what will you have?''

''Alright wait, l'll check.''

The child l had treated in Germany ...

... his case was less complicated than Rahul's.

That case....

Does that mean Rahul's recovery is not possible? lt's not that.

''Actually, if the case is not a little complicated ...''

... its treatment isn't interesting.

''Tell me, does Rahul miss his mother?''

''No, l have given him the love of both, father and mother.''

''You are not aware, but Rahul's mother didn't love him.''

Or why would she leave him? can a woman be so hard hearted?

''There are different kinds of women, doctor.''

What will you drink? l... You must have something. l'll just be back.

You've come? We came a long time ago.

You were not to be seen.

''come, l'll introduce you to my father.'' come.

''He is my papa, and she is my beautiful aunty.''

And also my beautiful fiancee.

We are both doctors and patients too.

My cure is with her and her cure is with me.

''lf you two cure each other, what about the patients?''

What do you mean? l was talking of this patient.

''He is my heart, my soul, everything!''


''He is Mr.Prem, Rahul's father.''

''And he is Preeti's father, Mr.Hirachand.''

Hello. Hello.

''come, l'll introduce you to the collector.''

''Papa, he is that car owner.''

Wonder what he thinks of himself. shhh! You should not talk like that about elders.

Here's your ice-cream.


Where are you going?

''Hello, sir.''

Play some game. What game?

Musical chairs? Over here? Then where else?

''lf you don't play, l'll take my papa and leave.''

''Alright, wait.''

We will play musical chairs.

The one who wins will sing a song.

''Ticky, what is all this about?'' lt's Rahul's demand.

''Rahul, if you make such foolish demands ....''

... l'll never attend parties with you again.

''so what, don't break his heart.''

''Yes Mr.Prem, let us play.''

Our old memories will get refreshd on this pretext.

''Hey, why have you come here?''

You are aware that l unintentionally ...

.... reach the wrong place at the wrong time.

''But don't worry, l remember my promise.''

Wipe your brow.

You got a seat? Good!

''Aunty, l call you aunty, and call doctor uncle, uncle.''

What should l call your father?

call him grandpa. Grandpa.

''Master, why aren't you talking to me today?''

What do l talk with you?l wanted to talk to your brother today.

''Along with Rahul, talk about me too.''

''- Grandpa. Not grandpa, call me sir.''

''Alright, sir. Will you buy these tickets, sir?'' lt's for an orphanage. No.

''Please buy them, there are only 50 tickets.'' l said no!

''come on, buy it. What will you do with all your money?''

''- lt's for a good cause. Yes, l know. Take.''

God bless your children.

Did you notice? Daddy bought the entire raffle book from your son.

Rich men can buy anything.

People sell everything to rich men.

My son only sold a book.

You didn't bring Rahul's mother along? she is with me. Where is she?

ln my heart.

''You have a very good choice, Dr.Amar.''

That is why we waited for each other for seven years.

''lf you were in my place, wouldn't you wait for a girl like Preeti?'' l surely would. l'd wait all my life.

''You are very lucky, doctor.''

''You were right, Prem. There are different types of women.''


''- Papa, which song do l sing? sing any song, son.''

''No Rahul, don't sing this song.''

''Let him sing. sing the same song, son.''

''We probably knew each other before this life''

''You don't just like a person for no reason''

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not

''Look, don't get lost now''

''Don't ever get separated from me''

We will stay united this time

''This is a promise we make today''

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not

''What comes next, daddy? l forgot.''

''All promises are broken, all talks forgotten''

''All those nights that l spent awake are gone'' l didn't get the one l loved

''Yet, l have no complaints''

Whether l live or die Atleast you lived a happy life

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not

''Everyone applauded, but you didn't.''

You probably didn't like the song? l... lt's nothing like that.

she cannot bear to see anyone unhappy. Right?

Hearing such a nice sing and seeing the boy's condition ...

.... brought tears to her eyes.

This shouldn't have happened with such a smart child.

''l will treat him, and he will be cured.''

''Uncle, all doctors say that, but no one has cured me yet.'' so you are challenging me?

''Rahul, you acted brazen again!''

''No, he is right. kid, l accept your challenge.''

l want to make an announcement before you.

''Amar, l want to make an announcement first.''

''sorry uncle, it is a matter of my honour.'' lt will be better if l make my announcement first.

''Today, l promise before you all ....''

... that until l cure Rahul's handicap ....

.... l will not get married.

''Papa, wasn't aunty good?''

lsn't my choice good?

Whose son are you after all? My handsome papa's!

And also your beautiful mummy's.

''Papa, was my mom more beautiful than aunty?''

When l met your mom the first time ....

... l found her to be very beautiful.

But wonder how she changed later.

The sweetness in her talks changed.

The love in her eyes changed.

''Papa, seeing aunty today, l am missing mom very much.''

You used to say that you'll show me her picture. show me her picture today. Or l will not go to bed.

''Why are you getting angry, papa? l didn't ask for mother.'' l only asked for her picture.

''Don't cry, Rahul. How do l explain my helplessness to you?''

''l promise you, when the time comes ....''

... l'll surely take you to meet your mom.

''Yes, l have come to learn skating.''

l have paid the fees. l have also become a life member.

''You will teach me skating, won't you?''

What can l teach you?

You know to skate very well.

''l did, but l have forgotten now.''

What is the harm in learning once again?

''One who can learn and forget, can forget once again.''

''No, l will surely remember this time.''

But first agree to teach me.

My job is to teach.

''To learn and remember, or forget is yours.'' come. Let's go.

''- Tell me something, Prem. Not Prem, call me Master.''

Alright Master. Did you love only your wife?

You cannot do two things at a time.

Just skate while skating.

Why did she leave you?

You have wheels under your feet.

''lf you slip, you can have a bad fall.'' so be careful.

Will you spend all your life like this?

One who forgets his first lesson needs to learn again.

You know skating very well. l don't need to teach you.

They make a nice pair.

And Master is taking pains to teach his new pupil.

''Her time is over, my time begins now.''

since when did you develop an interest to learn skating?

''ln shimla. l started there, but left it midway.''

When l came here and heard you praise Master .....

... l developed the interest again.

''Ticky, neither would you have praised me so much ...''

... nor would she develop an interest again.

''- come Master, teach me. come.''

''Even you have started skating? Everyone skates, except me.''

''No son, even you will learn to skate one day.''

''Be careful, aunty. lf you fall, you'll become like me.''

Let's go and sit there.

''Ticky, skate by yourself for sometime.''

Master doesn't even have time to teach you now.

''Rahul, you must be missing your mom a lot.''

''l only miss her, but she doesn't come.''

''Doesn't matter, even she will come.''

''Even papa says that. But whether mom comes or not, l don't care.'' l am very happy with my papa.

Oh. so you mean you don't need your mother. l do. l was only fibbing.

''lf you meet my mother, don't tell her this, ...''

.... or she won't come even if she wants to.

''l won't. lnstead l'll say, that Rahul is waiting for her.''


''someone is on fire, l see smoke.'' someone's heart is on fire. she had been pinning her hopes on him.

But this new lady is very smart.

''she knows all the tricks. Like Ticky, even she is wooing the kid.''

You impudent man!

Don't you ever dare do that in the ring again.

l'll remember this. This will never happen again in the ring.

''That was great, Master. l knew you'd come to my rescue.''

Like the hero comes to save the heroine in films.

Go and skate.

can l take Rahul home with me? l will send him back in the evening.

''But he has to study, his exams are nearing.'' l am prepared for my exams. Please allow me to go.

Let him come with me. l don't want to make him like me. l have failed in every exam.

But he will clear his every exam.

''Let me go, my handsome papa.''

''Alright, but come back soon.''

''You sit here, l'll change and come.''

''Ramu, get some fruit for the child.''

'You brazen fellow! You don't look and walk ...

... and ask me to wear glasses?'

You cannot buy a book containing 50 tickets ....

''... and you are standing here with pride? Get down, Get down!''

Hey! How did you come here? l came with aunty.

''lf you want to sit, sit quietly.''

''sorry sir, but shall l say something?''

Yes. l forgot to greet you.

''- Greetings, sir. Greetings.''

What are you doing! lt's a dirty picture. Good people don't see such pictures.

Don't lecture me. Go and sit there. Go!

What are you doing? l am playing marbles.

Which one should l hit? Black or white?


Play marbles! so what if l missed once?

''When l was your age, l never missed target.''

You know to play marbles? Play? l was a champion.

''No, you are fibbing.''

''lf you really were a champion, let's play.''

''- challenging me? Yes, let's have it!''


Give me. One black and one white.

Now which one should l hit? Black or white?

The white one. Okay.

''lf you miss, you'll have to give me four marbles.''

And if l do hit? l'll give you four.

''- Alright then. Hey, move back!''

You said the white one. Yes.

l hit it! Give me four marbles.

Four marbles in my pocket!

''Take, now you play.''

Which one do l hit? Black or white?

Black.....wait! How many will you give if you miss? l'll give you another four.

You missed it! Give me four more.

My pocket is empty! Look.


keep it here.

come and eat an apple. l don't feel like eating. My mood got spoilt.

''Just because you lost, it spoilt your mood?''

How was l to know you are truly a champion? l thought you were fibbing like me.

''You cut my pocket, now cut an apple and give me.'' cut it yourself.

''lf l cut, l'll cut my hand. lf that happens, l'll bleed.''

''lf l bleed, l'll have to go to the doctor. He will inject me.'' lf he injects..... Enough....enough!

Your tongue moves very fast.

''What do l do, sir? My legs don't run fast, so my tongue does.''

''What are you watching, sir?'' l am watching in what ways God tests people.

''Take, eat.''

''- You also eat one piece. No, you eat.''

Why are you showing off just because you won?

sit here and eat. keep this here. come.


Rahul in your lap looks so good.

''lf he was alive today, even he'd be as old as Rahul.''

And would play in your lap just like this.

''Aunty, was there a child in your house too?''

''- Yes, son. Where is he now?''

God called him to His own house before he could come here.

''Forget the past, Preeti.''

Remembering it only hurts.

''Yes aunty, sir is right.''

Remembering the past only hurts.

''When my papa remembers mom, even he feels very hurt.''

'Did you love only your wife?'

''Neither could anyone enter my heart''

''Nor could l take anyone in my arms''

''Even after leaving me, it was only you who was always with me''

''O my darling, my beloved''

Do you know that

'''Why did she leave you''

Why you left me

''You know better, what do l say''

''l may have had some shortcoming''

Why should l blame you

''l will only say this whenever you ask me''

''Even after leaving me, ....''

'Will you spend all your life like that?'

''You have given me a beautiful memento'' l will spend my life....

... hugging him close to me

''l will only say this, whenever you ask me''

Even after leaving me....


You were skating by yourself?

''Rahul was not here, so l was getting bored.''

Even he doesn't like it without you.

''We told him to dine with us, but he didn't agree.''

''Rahul, you didn't trouble Preeti or her father, did you?''

''- No, papa. He was no trouble at all.'' l was thinking of taking him home every evening.

''Don't encourage the relationship, Preeti.'' lf he gets used to living in mansions ....

... he will forget his poor father's humble house.

''Papa, forget all that, l am hungry.''

Dinner is ready. come.

''- Goodnight, Preeti. What goodnight?''

Aunty will dine with us.

''Papa, if the food cooked is not enough, l'll eat less.''

But it will be bad manners.... l didn't invite her because l thought she may not like our food. l like all kinds of food.

Then come in. come.


This third plate? ls someone expected?

That's for my mother. The chair and the plate.

''When mom comes, she will sit there and eat.''

''-With us! Right, papa? -Why do you ask again and again?'' she will sit when she comes.

But you can sit here. l like you.

But l don't like it when Ticky sits there.

''- sit down, aunty. Ask your papa first.''

''What is there to ask? lf you want to please Rahul, sit down.''

Or suit yourself.

''- Preeti hasn't come yet? No, sir.''

You really cook very well.

My helplessness has taught me many things.

This is one of them.

''Aunty, will you have 'paan'. We get very good 'paan' here.'' shall l get it? Get it.

Banarasi or calcutta? Any will do.

But sweet. Okay. l know which papa likes. He likes Banarasi 'paan'.

''- Let me help you. No, you are a guest.....''

... from a rich family. Poor people do such chores.

''Prem, you made tall claims of love.''

Then why did you get married? ln celebration of the success of my first love.

And why did she leave you? ln celebration of my first love's loyalty.

Don't try to act smart. say that you failed to blackmail even her.

Even her father must have refused to give you money. so you had to come and live in a hut.

Am l right?

''You are very smart, you know everything.''

Wish l knew all this before meeting you.

That's what is not in man's hands.

''Until you meet a person, you never know him.'' lf you had got to know me or l had got to know you before ...

... why would matters reach here?

What do you intend to do now? Ruin a third life?

''You only tell me, how can l change my habit.''

''lt's a famous saying, 'habits die hard'.''

Who is that third unfortunate girl?

No! she's only a kid. very much younger than me.

''And then, she is your future husband's sister.''

That will be too close. l cannot take the risk.

But Dr.Amar has a lot of money.

You can ask for as much as you want.

Good you told me.

Now also tell me how much l should demand.

''How much you demanded from my father, ...''

.... l'm sure you'll get that much.

Money from your father?

Why? Don't you remember?

Read your letter and you'll remember everything.

'''Preeti, you are aware that l am not rich'''

'Whatever l did with you was for money'

Now perhaps you will want to say that you didn't write this letter.

But l.....

'l promise before you all today ....'

'... that until l cure Rahul's handicap ....'

'... l will not get married'

''Please Prem, say that you didn't write this letter.''

The man who can sacrifice his happiness for your son ...

... will you snatch his happiness from him?

''No Prem, say you only wrote this letter.''

This is the first opportunity l've got to speak the truth. so how can l lie? l wrote this letter. You scoundrel! Rogue! lt is my misfortune that l loved you.

And l am fortunate that the hatred l was waiting for ...

... l got it today.

You are insolent! But don't think you have won.

''Like me, even you are cheating yourself.''

But l can read your face.

You love me even today.

You sing the song you had for me even today.

You have also taught your son the same song.

''Prem, you are lying.''

You love only me. Just me! Me!

No! That's not true! lt is true! swear on your child and say you don't love me.

l swear on Rahul that l have only loved Rahul's mother.

And nobody else.

''Papa, why did aunty leave like that?''

That's not surprising.

Your aunty always comes to go back again.

Only to go back.

Lift your legs. l think we should start physiotherapy too.

Which we already have.

Now l am starting another line of treatment.

And then l'll go for psycho-therapy.

The case seems difficult.

''Yes, it is difficult, that is why l have decided ...''

''... that until l cure him, l won't get married.''

What connection does his treatment have with your marriage?

''Don't worry, doctor. l'll be cured soon.''

And doctor uncle will also get married soon.

''By the way, who are you getting married to?''

''Amar, Rahul's latest X-ray reports show ......''

You know her? very well. she was my student in shimla.

''Preeti, did you marry that guy?'' l.....no.

But you said he was ready. Who retracted?

Both of us.

''Nice girl, but unfortunately ...''

What tragedy? she was going to marry someone?

''Doctor, patient number 31 has regained consciousness.''

He's wants to see you.

''You stay here, l'll just come.''

There is no need to worry. Just continue with the exercises.

''lt will take some time, but everything will be alright.''

These are the injections you asked me to get.

''sit in my office, l am coming.'' continue with these medicines until l tell you.

You? Even you are here?

Yes. My son Rahul is taking his treatment here.

That means you married someone else.


she is no more.

Nothing is lost yet. Rahul needs a mother.

Why don't you marry Preeti?

Please don't connect my name with Preeti.

'The story which you cannot conclude'

'lt is better to give it a new turn and leave it'

''Doctor, l would like to know something about Preeti from you.'' l hope you will tell me the truth.

''Prem, that doctor from shimla is here.''

''Yes, l met him.''

Had you told him something?

Yes. Everything.

He was talking about us in Amar's presence.

And now l think Amar has become suspicious.

What will happen now?


''ln Germany, l was injecting a child like this.''

His mother was standing besides me.

And even she had scowled like you did.

What are you trying to say? That l am his mother? l didn't say that.

''No uncle, don't give me another injection.'' lt hurts.

''Dr.Amar, the potency of this injection is higher.''

When he could not bear the pain of the earlier injection ...

Rahul is my patient. What he can or cannot take is my job.

''lf you cannot bear to see him, you can go out.''

''Mr.Prem, you also go out.''

''And no matter what happens here, don't come inside.''

And shut the door behind you.

''No, he is my papa, let him stay here.''

''This is not your house, it is a hospital.''

Papa! Just lie down quietly!

''No uncle, this hurts.''

''shut-up! You hold his feet, and you, his hands.''


You hit me?

''You hit me, l will not stay here.''

''Papa, take me away! l don't want to stay here.''

You'll have to stay here. Let me see where you go! l want to go to papa.

l will go to mom and papa.

''You cannot walk, how will you go to your papa?''

''Papa, take me away. He beat me!''

''- Papa, doctor uncle beat me. l know, son.''

can l ask why you treated Rahul like that? can l ask you Dr.Preeti why you treated me like that?

l know Dr.saxena has told you everything.

Even l wanted to tell you everything before the engagement.

But my father stopped me.

But how is Rahul connected with that?

When did l say Rahul is connected to this?

Then why did you vent your anger on that innocent kid?

You only saw my temper.

''You didn't see that because of that temper, ....''

... Rahul walked four steps.

''Today he walked four steps, tomorrow he'll walk forty.''

''Then he will run, and one day, he will skate like his father.''

''Dr.Preeti, l regret to say that you are more of a woman ....''

... than a doctor.

Rahul is only a patient for me.

''For you, Rahul is Prem's son. That Prem's son .....''

... who gave you his body heat and saved your life.

come. Even you have come to say why l beat Rahul?

Why l vent my anger on an innocent child?

Why l treated him so badly?

What are you doing! l know what you did was necessary. lt was a part of your treatment.

My son Rahul walked today. Walked four steps.

He will walk more tomorrow. Then he will run.

Then he will be able to skate like me.

''You have made this possible, doctor.''

''l have no words to thank you, doctor!''

You don't have to thank me. You can take Rahul home now. keep drumming into him that his legs are getting better.

And make him practice to walk without crutches.

And bring him here for check-up once a week.

''Yes, doctor.''

''But doctor, l want to discuss about Preeti and me ...''

''Mr.Prem, you can discuss Rahul and his treatment with me.'' l don't want to discuss anything apart from that.

What happened to your finger? l cut it while cooking.

Why were you cooking? Are the servants on leave?

''No, but l want to learn to cook.''

''Because the family l'm going to get married into, has no servants.''

No servants? ln whose family?



''so this time, he is making you his prey.''

He doesn't even talk to me.

But l know he loves me.

''Ticky, you know he is married?''

''He is the father of one child, double your age....'' so what?

He has played this act many times before.

''And this time again, l am the victim.''


He first snatched Preeti from me.

Now he wants to snatch my sister.

''- Rahul, where is Master? l don't know.''

When will he return? l don't know.

''Alright, l'll wait.''

He's gone to meet the new girl.

Master is lucky. He traps new girls everyday.

Why are you venting someone else's anger on us?

''lf you don't believe us, go and check for yourself.''

He is meeting Preeti secretly everyday.

Even today they are meeting at the old airport at 8 pm.

Go and check. she will surely go and check now.

''And return, because Master won't be there.''

''so what if Master won't be there, we'll be there.''

You are back early. Early? l am late.

Bombay is closed today. There are no vehicles plying. l had to walk it out.

''But papa, you were going to meet Preeti aunty today, right?''

At the old airport. What?

''- Meet Preeti? Yes, Manohar was telling Ticky.''

Manohar was telling Ticky?

Help! Help! Leave me!

''Papa, l am coming!''

''No Rahul, don't come inside.''

''No Rahul, don't come inside. No, son!''

''Papa, l'm coming!''

''Rahul, go back.''

''Papa, l will get you out of here. l have come to take you.''

''There is fire all around, papa. Papa, hurry up! Get up.''

''Papa, roll on to this.''

''Papa, kick! kick hard!''

All my life's happiness depends on this operation.

On Prem's life or death.

My son! How are you? l'm fine.

''Look Rahul, this wallet contains your mother's picture.'' lf l don't come out alive out of that room ...

... take that picture and go to your mother.

''No papa, l will come to you. l want my papa.''

And don't you want your mom?

''l want her too. l want mom and papa, both.''

''No son, you cannot have both.''

You are not destined for both.

You'll either get your mom or your papa.

''Then l want papa, not mom!''

''Go son, let me go now.''

''No, l won't let you go!''

''Papa, even l'll come along!''

Leave me!

''Leave me, l will go with papa!''

''O my son, ...''

... listen

Even if there are sorrows ...

.... keep smiling

Always have faith in God

''He is the one who has brought us into this world''

''Your father may not be with you always''

''He may not be there to say these words again''

''Don't forget what l have said, God is our saviour''

Don't ever lose faith in Him come! come!

O my son....

Whose wallet is this? lt's my papa's wallet. lt contains my mom's picture.

Rahul is my son?!!

''Rahul, my son!''

''Daddy, you told me l delivered a stillborn baby.''

Then how is Rahul my son?

l lied to you.

Rahul is your son. Forgive me.

Never! l will never forgive you.

You killed him deliberately!

Because you didn't want us to meet.

''But even if not Prem, l atleast have Rahul.''

Rahul is my son! l will spend my life with him.

But l will never belong to you! Did you hear me? l will never belong to you! You betrayer! You dog!

After the operation being successful ...

''.... l sometimes got flowers as a gift, and fame sometimes.''

''sometimes money, and sometimes, lots of love.''

But this is the first time l have been slapped.

''That too, after the operation being successful.''

''Yes, Prem.....your Prem....yes.''

''Look, don't get lost now''

''Don't ever get separated from me''

We will stay united this time

''This is a promise we make today''

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not

''We probably knew each other before this life''

''You don't just like a person for no reason''

''Whether you are aware of it or not''

Whether you believe it or not