Aaina (1977) Script

Give me something to eat.

Give me some food.

Why are you asleep? Wake up.

You will become wealthy.

Your children will become healthy.

And they will study a lot.

You have got stuck at this word. Continue.

You cannot even pronounce the chants correctly.

Oh Priest, hurry up with whatever you have to do.

We don't have time for such minute details.

Your parents had a lot of time to give birth to you.

To raise you! And you don't have any time for them?

Look, when my father expired, he was 50 years old.

If I keep chanting like you, l' ll turn 50 years right here.

Yes, l' ll turn 50 years old too. - Yes.

A person should do every task with full dedication.

Or else, you won't get the desired result.

Nowadays, even a priest should complete his work fast.

Or else, you won't get the desired fees.

Yes, you won't!

I cannot go to hell, just for a little fees money.

You go away from here! Why should we go?!

Alright. Then l' ll go. - Go.

Even you are very stubborn.

If you would have agreed with them,...

-...what would have happened? l' m a priest, not a politician!

The way they shorten their speech...

... to stop the public from going,...

...I cannot shorten the incantations.

To live in this world, one has to learn the ways of this world.

Your hosts are also like customers.

One who wants to earn money, has to agree with his customers.

-They may be customers,but l... Then you won't get any fees!

Such fees is a punishment for me!

I cannot go to hell for their money.

Heaven and hell are a different case.

But we have to eat!

And your religion cannot fill our stomachs!

Because of your principles,...

... if you keep losing hosts like this,...

...then how will you manage this house?

Your village is small. But your family is very big.

I cannot do both.

Neither can I make the family small...

... nor can I increase the village size.

Understand? - But l' ll ask you one thing.

Your daughter Shalini has passed her metric...

... & is sitting idle at home.

Why can't she go out and work?

She will surely earn some money.

You mean that now l' ll have to live on my daughter's earnings?

So what is the harm? In a job, a salary is attained every month.

A priest's earnings are unpredictable.

You never know when to expect it. - No, that will never happen.

Ram Shastri's daughter will go out and work?

No. And she is still very young too.

She is a child.

Listen! It is already 8 o' clock in the morning.

I've already returned from the fields,...

...and you are still sleeping!

Will you get up or not? Who is it?

What is this?

You are laughing? On your face...

Uncle! Uncle, don't tell him. Don't tell him what happened.

But what is the matter? Why are you laughing?

So uncle? Isn't he looking like a king?

So, this was your mischief?

I thought that only small children sleep till so late.

So I made you look older.

When l' ll teach you a lesson, you' ll always remember it.

Okay, first go and remove the moustache.

You are looking like a demon. Really?

Uncle, this moustache will never come off. - Why?

Because it is made of coal tar.

It won't come off, even if you' ll scrub it with a stone.

Never? - Never!

But whatever you say. This moustache is praiseworthy.

Atleast, this moustache made father laugh.

Wait! Why are you entering so quietly, like a thief?

Where are you coming from? Where had you gone till now?

Forget about doing housework,....

... she doesn't have time to come and eat too.

Just look. You have become so old.

And you play like children.

In your age, I was the mother of two children.

And you behave like a small child yourself.

I say, stop it!

The daughter has grown so old...

... and the father is getting others married.

But not his own daughter.

Look! There is already a shortage of food in the house.

And this crow is giving the message...

... of the arrival of a guest!

Go away from here! Someone make him go away!

He's not even moving.

Sending the crow away is of no use.

We should stop the train in which the guests are coming.

Tell me! Will you come with me? You won't? I' ll go.

Hey! You are secretly smoking a cigarette?

Hey, it's you? If l' ll tell uncle,...

-...do you know what will happen? - How will you go? l' ll tie you up. With what will you tie me?

Will you tie a rope around my neck?

Yes, l' ll surely do that. But not a rope.

A `Mangalsutra'. - Come on!

You cannot tie a `Mangalsutra' around my neck.

I' m a Brahmin, and you' re not.

The entire village will malign our family name.

Let them.

What difference does that make to me?

Will you drink up the entire pond,...

... or will you leave a little for others?

Why do you say anything?

You want water to get rid of tobacco smell.

And I want water to fill my stomach.

Father. - What is it?

I want to buy a Botany record for college.

I'd told you earlier...

... that I don't have money for your college education.

But you ignored me and said that...

... the education is free for the first year.

Education is free.

But the government doesn't give free books.

What did you say? I didn't say anything.

But I say that one who cannot reach their aims....

... shouldn't think of victory.

That is foolishness. Just look at his hair style.

He is a Brahmin. A Brahmin of the new generation.

Take this Rs.2. I just have this much.

Have you completed your prayers? - Yes.

Yes! This is it. Come on, get down.

This is my brother's home. Get down.

Really? We have reached uncle's home.

Wait. I' ll have the money sent.

Brother! Sister-in-law!

Where are you? Come, Janki.

Really? Uncle?

Mother! - Poorna!

The crow had told us yesterday.

It was useless for you to chase it away.

Come aunty!

Where is sister-in-law?

First tell me about yourself, Janki.

Brother! - Hey! Why did you start crying?

Is your husband fine?

Come sister. - Sister-in-law. Really? Aunty!

Brother, first let the horse cart go.

The fool was asking for Rs.2.50.

I have decided at Rs.2. Let him go.

Go and give the Rs.2 to the horse cart owner.-But father,...

-...my Botany record? Go and give it to him.

Why are you crying? Is your husband fine?

Don't ask!

Shall I tell you? - Tell us! What happened, Meenu?

Actually, my father has run away from home.

Ran away from home? And you are laughing?

Aren't you ashamed? - Brother, you had lovingly named me Janki.

My fate was just like my name.

Lord Rama's wife, Janaki, had faced just 1 4 years of exile.

God knows how many years my exile is going to last.

1 4 years, 1 4 months or 1 4 days.

Whatever it may be. Now l' ll live with you.

Till then, you will have to do everything for me.

Food, water and everything else.

Oh God! This is empty.

Sister-in-law, I don't need food right now.

I am feeling very dizzy.

Just give me one big glass of milk.

And one for my daughter too.

You know that I can live on just milk too.

What can we do?

Here, I have come. What is this?

Where are you getting dressed and going?

Won't you pay homage to your late father?

All that can be done later. You have come so late!

There, the collector has come on rounds.

I have to go and greet him.

Greeting your boss is more important...

... than paying homage to your father?

Can't you tell him,...

... you were paying homage to your father, that's why...

-...you got a little late? Yes, I can tell him.

But the collector can also say that...

...I don't need to go to work at all.

Listen, next year, we' ll fulfill these rites twice.

Won't that be a sin? - Why are you concerned with that?

You want your fees, right? Take this.

Sir, I am a priest, not a beggar!

Father, my Botany record? -To hell with your Botany record!

If these men have to keep greeting the officers...

... Iike this, then your studies won't last for long!

Now go away from here!

Listen Gautam, l feel pity for you

Take this Rs.2, and buy the Botany record.

No, Usha. The price of a Botany record is Rs.2.

But pity is very expensive. And I cannot repay you for that.

Take it.

Is there any theater here, or not?

There is. - Which movie is showing right now?

You won't like it, aunty.

Why? - It is not of any use to you.

But atleast, tell me the name.

`Pati-Patni'(Husband and wife)!

See? Now your daughter has also started taunting me.

That is her habit.

Hey! You have returned so soon?

What happened? Why did you throw the scriptures like this?

What else shall I do?

I can't throw them on those who deserve it!

But what is the matter? Why are you getting so angry?

Just understand that the world has forgotten...

...it's religion and the priests have forgotten their work!

This world has become new!

There is no value of worship and customs in this world!

Then how will you take care of your home and us?

God will take care of this world.

Shall I tell you where the entire problem lies?

The world is changing. But you are not ready to change.

Then what do you want? Even l should become like those who...

...have divided the world amongst each other?!

Those who have no character, principles or customs?!

They are just bothered about their jobs and money!

But you cannot reform the entire world alone.

The world that couldn't be reformed by...

... Gods like Rama and Krishna, cannot be reformed by me.

I can just leave such a world.

Yes, father? - I am feeling very anxious today.

Sing some poetry to relax me. Okay, father.

" When..."

"... you draw blank"

" Everything seems confused"

" Who protects religion..."

"... sincerely"

" He wins over the world"

Brothers and sisters! Shivaratri is approaching.

We have to stay awake all night.

That's why, to spend the time, we will rehearse a drama.

All of you keep quiet!

All you children of the new generation, keep quiet!

Now, one by one, ask for whatever you want.

You will get whatever you will ask for.

This is the blessing of a Goddess. l' ll ask for something! Keep quiet!

Don't create such havoc!

This is not the ticket counter of a theater.

This is the assembly of the Goddess.

All of you ask in turns.

Hey, get up. - Oh, Goddess. My name is Gautam.

I study in the first year. I have just one dream.

I want to get admission in a medical college, and...

...I want to become a doctor.

What is there to laugh about?

Oh Goddess? You must have heard.

A man becomes half a doctor after killing a 100 patients.

First kill 100 men, and become half a doctor.

Worship me on every Shivaratri.

After that l' ll come and make you a complete doctor.

Goddess, I want to complete my B.A....

... and become an officer in the army.

What is your name? Chamchu Shastri.

Why are you laughing, Oh Goddess?

His name is Chamchuram, and he wants to become an army officer.

First you change your name.

Because your name is horrible. Not worth an army officer.

What is your name? My name is Devi (Goddess).

What?! How can there be two Goddesses?

No, Goddess! She is Devi from Earth.

I want a handsome husband.

Impudent children! Stop it! Or else, the Goddess will go away!

And my husband should own 100 acres of land. - 100 acres?

I can give you 100 acres of land, if I want.

But what shall I do? The Goddess who's ruling lndia nowadays,...

...has ordered to give only 18 acres of land.

Hail the Goddess! It's my turn now.

What is your name? - Poorna.

Who gave you such a nice name? My parents did.

I am the third daughter out of their four children.

They had decided that after me, this family will be complete.

Then, is the family complete? That is what didn't happen.

They didn't know that these four will also arrive after me.

First you change your name from Poorna to Apoorna.

Okay. Now tell me what you want.

I want to become a very famous singer.

I want my records also to...

...play on the radio all the time.

Of course, they will.

Run! Father has come.

Or else, both the devotees and the Goddess...

... will be taught a lesson. Run away!

The children were enacting a drama. - Yes, I saw that.

Did you understand anything? Yes, I understood.

All of them are worthless. Useless!

Then you did not understand anything.

You can only read the scriptures.

But you cannot understand your children's feelings.

Can't one who is born to a poor mother,...

...not even dream of happiness?

Look how the ornaments are shining now.

Yes, it looks like real gold now.

Who can make these fools understand?

A person can never scrub brass enough to turn it into gold.

And even if it does, nobody will believe...

...Ram Shastri's daughters are wearing real gold.

You left at dawn and are returning in the evening.

Have you eaten anything?

You must be thinking that I am talking too much.

Isn't it? But how can I stop myself?

There is nothing at home to eat and... - I heard you!

Take this Rs.5.

Rs.5? But where did you get so much money from?

I can see that you want to ask me thousands of questions.

I have neither stolen them nor begged for them!

This is my hard earned money. Take it!

There are boils on your hands.

What else will happen when l' ll break stones?

But this has shown me one thing.

In today's world, stones are more expensive than incantations.

But, did someone see you while breaking the stones?

I had covered my face!

How must Ram Shastri be looking while breaking stones?

You are laughing, and my heart is bleeding!

There are boils on these hands. And my heart has been wounded.

For you, whatever the climate and season may be,...

...only laughter is important!

"The earth laughs, there's joy everywhere"

" Rays laugh in every bud"

" Even I laugh every time"

" Under the sky, youth laughs again and again"

"The sun melts"

" And the moonlight showers with love"

" Laughs and sings"

" Laughs and sings, the season changes"

" My scarf slips off Like a child..."

" Like a child I laugh"

" No matter what the world says"

" My bangles tinkle"

" Every moment..."

"the jingling of my anklets torment me"

" Laugh and live"

" Laugher is the symbol of life"

" It seems every where..."

"... even God himself laughs"

" Happiness of the heart..."

"... the more expensive the more cheap"

What is it?

If I want to give you something, will you take it?

If you cross your limits, l' ll slap you.

Look, I have bought a sari for you.

Why? - I don't like it when you roam around in torn clothes.

Why don't you like it?

I don't know. Look, l' ll do one thing.

There are several people in the village who don't have clothes.

I' ll send all of them to you.

Why? - You can distribute clothes to them.

But I have brought this sari for you.

Look, it is not nice to look into torn clothes. Give.

You did very well. He gave you a sari. And you took it.

Why didn't you die of shame?

So what calamity took place? Calamity?

You won't be able to see that calamity so easily.

But you should understand...

...the big difference in taking a sari from a man & from a shop.

So what? Give me money and l' ll go and take it from the shop.

You very well know that I don't have money.

I feel pity for you.

And I feel like crying on myself.

But what can a mother do?

Maybe my child has just rags in her fate!

Show it to me.

It is silken, just like you.

Listen, did someone see you while taking the sari?

A mother has to ask. We poor people have nothing else.

We just have our honor.

You want to wear it, right? Wear it.

During mealtime, our house looks exactly like a grain store.

There is a lot of crowd, and less of grains!

Enough! Now stop laughing. Start eating.

Wait! Nobody will touch the food.

Before eating, I want to find out something.

If you eat, l' ll break your hand!

Today, someone has committed a big sin.

I won't take the name of the sinner.

But I want that person to come forward and confess the sin!

Till that won't happen, nobody will eat.

Give me something to eat!

It is better to beg like this.

But what a family member of Ram Shastri did today, is not good.

Have pity on the poor.

Mother, you must have done something.

Confess fast. I' m very hungry.

Give me some food.

This is that sin, right?

Yes, this is it.

Have pity on the poor.

Give this to that beggar woman!

Alright. You can eat now.

What is the meaning of getting up from the meal like this? l' m very hungry. - l' m going to give this to her too.

Her sari was torn, and I gave her a new one. Was that a sin?

Couldn't you take permission from me?

Permission for having pity on someone?

I don't think this was just pity.

If you have understood, it is good.

What nonsense are you saying? I mean that,...

-...I love Shalini. This can never happen!

She is so innocent!

If she mingles freely with you, you are trying to trap her?

I' m not trying to trap her. I love her and want to marry her.

And just listen. I will marry only her.

Ashok, are you in your senses?

Do you know how high her caste is?

All that are old beliefs.

These are new times. New times!

What has these new times given to this world?

Forget about her right now! Or else... - Or else?

Or else, l' ll have to forget that you are my son.

These are also often repeated words.

In every era of this world,every father has aid this to his son.

What do you mean? - Father, I don't want to forget Shalini.

How dare you?! - I know what you will say now.

`You' re not my son! I don't want to see you! Get out of my house!'

`You won't get a single dime from me!' Right?

You won't feel the need to do all this.

I' ll go away myself. So that you are not defamed in the society.

So that people cannot accuse you of throwing your son out of home.

I' m going.

Do you know Shastriji's home,...

... where a girl called Shalini stays?

Yes! That is the house.

Do one thing, take this letter tomorrow...

Who gave you this sari?

The one you are giving this letter for, has given this sari.

She is so generous.

Take us with you too, to the theater.

I cannot go. Look, sister-in-law,...

When a sister comes to a brother' s home,...

... she asks for several things.

But I don't want anything.

None of the delicacies.

Just show me a movie sometimes.

Your treasure will never get empty.

Really? - There is not even enough to eat here.

And your mother want to go to see a movie!

Did you hear that, Meenu? You are fond of movies!

-And I have to hear such taunts! -I don't say anything to anybody.

I just say that this is not the correct way to bring up children.

They should not be given such expensive habits.

Stop it!

Meena's father works in the tax office of the theater.

We get free passes to the movies.

And that too, four passes.

Both of us see the movie with 2, and mother sells the other two.

Stop it! Since we have come here,...

...we can only hear one thing. Hunger!

What is this?

You' re giving money offered to God for seeing movies?

Never mind. Both the money and the movie are God's.

Do you know what the name of the movie is?

`Bhagvat Mahima'. Mother! Did you hear that?

Hurry up, mother. God is calling you.

Sister, tell us again what you had said. - Okay, I will.

And l' ll see who says it the fastest. l' ll say it! - Let me say it.

This is very easy. - Then say it. Who's stopping you?

What nonsense are you saying?

Hey doctor, you are very proud of yourself, right? The say this.

Not like this. Say it fast.

Mother has come. We' ll continue after the meal.

Come here.

What is it?

Nothing has been cooked today.

There was nothing to cook.

These poor children are playing there.

How can I make them understand now?

That today their plates and their stomachs will remain empty?

I' ll make them understand in some way.

Now repeat fast whatever I will say.

Today, the food is not prepared.

Even if it's prepared, it's not good.

Have you still not understood?

We are not hungry today.

Say it loudly.

Sister, I am hungry.

Give me something to eat!

What are you looking at?

Hey, why are you crying?

I am very hungry.

Food hasn't been cooked at home today.

Will you eat my leftovers?

Here, eat it.

Tell me. Where did you get this rice from?

Tell me. - What will he say?

This is my brother's home, who is so religious and a priest!

And this is his son! He begs from beggars!

He eats from their used vessels!

I have seen that with my own eyes!

I caught him myself!

Isn't it a shameful matter for the entire family?

Oh God! What kind of a day is this?

First the movie was bad. Then this scene was even worse.

You were teaching me the way to bring up children, right?

Today, I have seen your way too.

If my daughter would have done this, I would have killed myself!

The children of dogs and pigs are better than such children!

Sinner! Come with me.

Don't hit him! He's just a child!

No! Nobody can save you today! l' ll kill you! - Mother! - You don't come in between, Shalini!

Couldn't he stop is hunger for just one day?

Can you stop your anger?

When one is hungry he can't remember...

... what is written in the scriptures!

And he is still a child! How can he understand all this?

That aunty, who has become 50 years old,...

...cannot stop going to the theater!

This child, who hasn't even turned 10 years old yet,...

...should stop his hunger?!

He' ll commit a sin if he doesn't!

Shall I tell you what the biggest sin is?

Hunger! And hitting a hungry child is an even bigger crime!

Don't drink this, Shalini! Why?

Because this contains poison?

You have found a nice way to get free of your troubles!

Mother, after what you have done today,...

...no children will be able to trust their mother!

You used to ask me when I would become sensible and responsible.

But today I have seen how sensible and responsible you are!

But what else could I do, Shalini?

There is nothing at home for the children to eat.

So you would take eight lives because of that?!

Your children are of such less value. - Stop it.

The children's hunger had made blinded me!

I couldn't see them suffering.

That's why I hardened myself and wanted to poison them.

So that they can sleep peacefully forever!

Do you know why God has given a heart and hands to a mother?

The heart is for loving.

And the hands are for giving blessings.

But your heart has become of stone!

And your hands have become the hands of fate!

You are making poison for your own children!

But if this is what makes you happy,...

...then l' ll go right now and awaken everybody!

First I will drink and then the rest of them!

Because I am elder to all of them!

Don't say that, Shalini!

Till now, I was your daughter and you were my mother.

But now, the relations have changed.

Now you are my daughter, and I am your mother!

Yes, mother. Henceforth, l am a mother for all of you!

For my brothers, sisters, you and father!

Now l' ll prove myself as a mother!

What did you say? You will work?

Never! Where is your mother?

There's no need to ask mother.

I have made her sit in one place.

I am not a child now. I can think for myself.

But I am not dead yet!

I can still go and break stones on the road!

A great priest like you won't get the work of breaking stones.

Like a graduate cannot work as a peon even if he wants to.

What has happened to you today?

Something has really happened to me.

If someone else would have seen what I saw,...

... he would have gone mad.

Death has entered this house in the form of hunger.

The entire family is in danger of it.

But I have also decided.

Till I am alive, l won't let death win!

But my heart has made some other decision.

That you should get married.

There are 10 hungry people in the way of your decision.

They have several dreams and hopes.

But their dreams are much more important than my marriage!

I will live and die for them!

Inspite of knowing all this,...

... you want me to get married, and not work?

In front of you, l' ll ask all of them.

Tell me what I should do! You should work!

What is the harm if she earns, brother?

You will work? - Yes, I will.

You are the chairman of the Panchayat court.

You know so many people. Can't you find a job for me?

Did you ask Shastri? Why ask him?

To keep hunger away from our home,...

... I will have to come out of the house.

The food has been cooked. You don't need to do anything.

I' ll come back from work and do the rest.

You do everything.

Go carefully to office. Okay, mother.

Shall I say something? Will you mind?

Why will we work, if we are not poor?

But what happened today, is not good.

Why don't you buy a new sari and blouse?

It is not for fashion, but for decency.

You don't know, Sudha. In my house, someone needs books.

And someone needs clothes.

There may be something to eat today, and nothing for tomorrow.

My house is like a whole village.

I have got my first salary today. Rs.170. Take this.

Won't you give me your blessings?

I have gotten people married for just half a rupee.

I have worked for quarter of a rupee.

I saw so much money for the first time today.

Hence, I was speechless.

Take it, father. Keep it with you.

You are the mother of this house.

I never defeat you, uncle.

I am a loser in life.

That's why, I always win in games.

So you finally missed your son!

Your heart is still suffering for him.

Right, uncle? You have caught me today.

But should that fool have left his home and gone into the army?

Whatever it is. He won't lag behind anybody in the army too.

He always defeated me in games.

Just see! He' ll defeat the enemy in the war too.

Telegram! - Uncle, go. There is a telegram.

I' m coming.

Uncle, who's telegram is it?

I don't know. You read it.

What is written in the telegram?

Tell me, what is written.

Shalini, why don't you tell me what is written in the telegram?

Weren't you saying that nobody can defeat Ashok? - Yes?

Death has defeated him. What?

He was killed in the war.


... have you told brother...

... that you will get him admitted to medical college?

Yes, so?

Won't you appoint a music teacher for me?

What a question to ask at this hour! Go to sleep.

We' ll discuss this in the morning.

Ghasite, why is Gautam doing sit-ups?

I think it's preparation for marriage.

No. Shastri will not get his daughter married first.

If he gets her married, they will go hungry.

That's also true.

Gautam is coming, let's ask him.

Gautam, why were you doing sit-ups?

I have to go for an interview for admission to medical college That is why you were begging before God?

But it is not so easy to get admission to medical college.

So what? I have passed in first class.

Hear that! He has stood first in class.

Oh really? But that alone is not enough.

Then what else is required? Do you have a reference?

Nowadays, even death comes with a recommendation.

If you don't have a reference, nothing can be done.

I have just one dream, uncle. That I become a doctor.

Only good marks are not enough to get admission.

People say that one even needs reference.

Who told you that? Everyone says so.

Out of worry, Gautam cannot sleep all night.

Please do something, uncle.

You' ll have to do something for me.

What are you thinking? You must be knowing someone in Poona.

I' m not asking you to go there. I' ll go there myself.

Can't you see! Uncle is deep in thought.


Do one thing. I have an old friend in Poona who's an MLA.

I' ll write a letter in his name.

Go and meet him. But don't mention this to anybody.

I won't.

Where will you live in Poona? Do you know anyone there?

No, but l' ll arrange something.

That will not do. You can go and live with my niece.

Take this card, her name and address is on it.

Uncle, write her a letter. On one condition.

When you become a doctor, you' ll have to treat me free of charge.

Not only you, l' ll treat for free...

... all those who come to me with your reference.

Alright. Now massage my legs.

Wow! You dance very well.

Feel at home here.

You can stay here as long as you like.

Once Mala's programme is over, she' ll be with you always.

Shalini, this programme is making me nervous.

That's natural. You are performing on stage...

... for the first time.

You must come to see my programme.

Here's your invitation. I will surely come.

Look child, the easiest way is not always the best way.

I don't agree that one gets admission in medical college...

... only with reference.

The government has formed committees....

...that interview every student.

Where they check the capability of the candidate.

They see how many marks he has scored.

That's true. But everyone says...

People say anything.

You wasted time and money coming to Poona.

Don't penalise yourself more.

Give my regards to Jagannath Rao.

I will. Thank you very much.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Listen! I heard everything you' ll spoke.

Come with me.

Look, no job can be done without a reference.

You want admission in medical college for your brother?

I know a person who can help you.

He does not make proclamations about helping the poor.

If you like, I can take you to him in the evening.

You don't believe me?

Alright, l' ll be going. No, it's not that.

My friend has a dance show tonight.

I have to go there. Alright, then tomorrow.

`Bharat Rang Bhuvan - Poona.'

Listen. Hello!

Come out for a minute. ....Come!

You' ll have to come with me now. - Where?

The man I mentioned to you is leaving for Delhi tonight.

If you want to meet him, you can only meet him today.

But my friend's show is about to begin.

Now it is up to you. Either watch your friend's show...

... or get your brother admitted to medical college.

Alright, l' ll come with you. Let's go.

`Next programme - Trap.'

Hello!....The P A to the minister?

How are you Mr.Mathur? Yes, l' m Lal speaking.

The minister is busy?

No, I want only him. I have some urgent work with him.

I' ll hold the line.

It's good you came today. Or after I'd left for Delhi...

Hello, Minister? I' m Lal speaking.

No Sir, l' m not Ramlal, l' m Shyamlal speaking.

How are you, sir?

It's nothing major, it's just a small matter.

Someone need admission in medical college.

Today is the last day.

You can even do it at the last minute.

Yes, he has given the interview.

You can assume that. They are related to me.

They are close relatives.

What? Name and number?

Give me your brother's name and number.

Sorry to have bothered you.

I will give the name and number to your P A.

You don't want me to give the name and number to the minister?

Leave me!

What thoughts are you lost in? Even your tea has gone cold.

I was thinking that it's many days since I came here.

But I have no news on the admission to medical college.

It is only four days since you came here.

I am sure your brother will get admission in medical college.

Look, so much has been written about my dance in the papers.

They say that my dance was excellent.

`Shyamlal arrested.'

What are you reading in the paper?

Damn! Did his photo have to be published today!

This is the photo of a cheat...

... who has looted many people in various ways.

The police has arrested him on charges of forgery.

Sister! Don't leave us!

I am everyone's mother from today.

Mother of my sisters, my brothers, even you and father.

Mother, feed your children.

Mother, we are very hungry.

Mother! Sister has returned!

Brother, Chhotu, sister is back!

What a noise you' ll are making! Shut-up of all you.

Devi, get salt and pepper.

Shut-up all of you! Go from here!

Take this, mother. You also go.

Why do you behave like as if you know nothing?

Look at what you have done! I got admission in medical college!

What you have done for me,...

... no sister in the world must have done for her brother.

`You have wasted time and money coming to Poona.'

`Don't penalise yourself more.'

A diamond's real value is known only in the market.

I never realised your worth, Shalini.

But you are very worthy.

Shalini, you were very naughty. Where is that laughter of yours?

I lost it in the city.

"The earth laughs, there's joy everywhere"

" Beauty laughs"

" Rays laugh in every bud"

" Even I laugh every time"

You chose the perfect time to go to Poona.

Bravo! Admission for your brother in medical college...

... and a promotion for you!

And a Rs.200 increment. Rs.200 increment?

But I am wondering how I will go to Delhi.

Only a lucky few get such a chance.

That's true, but where women are concerned...

... they have to lose something to gain something.

What did you lose?

Why? Won't I lose a good friend like you for this job?

Father, I have got a good job in Delhi.

I will earn Rs.200 more than I get here.

There are also chances of getting a promotion.

I had thought I will only be able to...

... arrange the basic necessities for the family.

Now even their dreams can be fulfilled.

There is no end to one's dreams.

This world is like a train...

... where the passenger first tries to get a foothold,...

... then aspires to get a seat, and then, space to lie down.

When he can get space to lie down, why should he stand?

Savitri, Tuesday is not an auspicious day for travel.

Ask her to leave on Wednesday.

Shalini will live alone in a city like Delhi.

Why don't you go with her, Janki?

No, brother. Let us go, mother.

There are many movie halls there. More than 30 movie halls.

We can watch a movie every day.

Shut-up! Watch a movie everyday indeed!

Delhi is a very big city.

The bigger the city, the worse the situation there.

What difference will that make to you?

Sister....Sister! What is it?

You are doing the dishes alone? I' ll help you.

Tell me honestly, what do you want from me.

Nothing, honestly.

I know you want something. I can read your face.

Tell me. So you even read faces.

I want Rs.300 to pay admission fees.

What! Rs.300?

Rs.300 is just the admission fees.I've another 5 years ahead.

Wonder how much money I will need every year.

When do you want Rs.300? Within a week.

You have joined only today, and you already want an advance?

Sir, my brother has got admission in medical college...

... with great difficulty.

If he doesn't pay the fees, his name will be canceled.

You can deduct the amount from my salary every month.

The women's hostel where you stay is close to my house.

Come home on Sunday. You can meet my wife...

... and also take the money.

Thank you, sir. No mention.

Where's your wife? My wife?...There she is.

She is no more? No, she is not dead.

But she is not alive either.

She does not keep well.

Since years, she is in hospital, and I am here, alone.

Absolutely alone.

But you had called me here to introduce me to your wife.

You wanted Rs.300, didn't you?

What games God plays!

Where he gives beauty, he doesn't give money.

You wanted Rs.300, didn't you?

Take it as a gift, not an advance.

For your brother on your behalf.

I understand.

Isn't there a single good man in your rich world?

Here's Rs.300.

You will not accept?

You don't care whether your brother...

... gets admission in medical college or not,...

... whether he becomes a doctor or not.

`l need Rs.300 to pay my admission fees.'

`Or you will not see your brother's face again.'

`How will I complete five years of education?'

`l have only one dream, that I become a great singer.'

`Won't you appoint me a music teacher?'

`Even I have certain dreams, some aspirations.'

`l don't want to suffer poverty and hunger once again.'

`Get me married to a rich, handsome man.'

`l want to be a doctor, I want to be a singer.'

Sing in tune.

That would be so nice. Yes. - Mother, we are back!

On sister's birthday today, we prayed to all the Gods.

Here's the offering.

May she live long.

You also take the offerings.

She cannot even come home on her birthday.

She is far away.

I wrote to her several times...

... that I am ready to come and live with her.

But she wrote back saying she didn't need me there.

I am not needed here, nor there. Where do I go?

How much pay must Shalini be getting?

I just received her letter. She has got another promotion.

She must be drawing about Rs.1 500-1600.

God! - Don't tell this to anybody, not even me.

She will be jinxed.

It's already 7:30! Mother!

Poorna's song is going to be aired on radio.

You go, l' m coming.

Meena, aunt, come soon! Let's hear the song.

Everyone come! Hurry!

I dedicate my first song to my sister.

"Those who lived and died for others"

" I wondered what they got in return"

" Like the rain cloud..."

"... quenched everyone's thirst"

" Like the sandalwood spread its fragrance for all"

" You sacrificed your life just like that"

" But whose love did you get"

" You saw dreams for us..."

"... even if you slept for a moment"

" You are the mother of the entire family"

" You were lost in other's worries"

" You did not become a bride"

" Nor could you fulfill your dreams"

" You are a woman like me"

" But you seem like a Goddess to me"

" You lost everything you had, but..."

" You gave me a new life"

" You burnt like flames"

" How kind hearted you are"

Father, I have purchased a new stethoscope today.

Give it to me with your blessings.

Son, may you become an eminent doctor.

But do you know who helped you reach here?

Yes, father. Shalini. Don't forget her.

Uncle, my father has called you immediately.

Gautam, who is this girl?

She is the daughter of the Collector.

How come the Collector thought of us today?

My grandmother expired.

Father says you must come to perform the last rites.

Need is the greatest of all.

That day, he needed the Collector.

Today, he needs me.

One does not seek revenge at such moments.

Gautam,tell her I don't perform duties of a priest anymore.

Where will we find another priest now?

That's your father's problem.

He has always been a Collector.

But I am no more a priest. Tell her.

I don't think you are doing the right thing.

Let me decide what is right or wrong.

You don't interfere in my work. Go inside!

I used to think that you are an eminent priest, a good man.

But I realise today that he doesn't live here anymore.


Wait, Usha!

I' ll come with you to perform your grandma's last rites.

I know that my father is an eminent priest.

But even a parrot can read scriptures and become a priest.

A priest who wants to take revenge...

... when there has been a death...

... is not fit to be a priest.

Come, Usha.

Wait! You don't need to go.

I am proud of you.

The pride with which you carry a stethoscope...

... you carry a priest's robe with equal pride.

You reminded a priest of his duty once again.

Give it to me.

Come, child.


Ashok, you didn't join the army?

I am in the army, but have come here on vacation.

But that telegram? I had heard that you...

Died in combat? No.

How are you? l' m not dead yet.

Neither do I have the time to think of dying.

Sit down. No, l' ll be going.

But before leaving, l want to tell you the truth.

I had asked for a prostitute, he brought me here by mistake.

He didn't make a mistake, he brought you to the right place.

That's his profession.

No Shalu, that's a lie! It's true!

You put your life at stake to protect your country.

And here I couldn't even protect....

... what every woman must protect under any circumstances.

Didn't you have anything else to sell?

What else can be sold so easily?

Even you had come to buy just that in such a big city.

It's a long story of how and why this happened.

And people don't come here to buy a story, but a body.

I love you.

Maybe you don't know, but l fought with my father over you.

He made an issue about our upper caste.

And I am much above caste differences now.

See how revolutionary I have become.

What a wonderful revolution!

I am a soldier. My job is to kill and die.

But that does not mean I like to kill or die.

You think I like what I am doing?


Before leaving, tell me whether you had send that telegram.


Father didn't want to see my face.

That is why I send that telegram,...

... so that he never sees my face again.

This is the Shalu I knew years ago.

Everything becomes old, everything rots.

Then why did you still keep that picture?

Earlier I used to look into a mirror,...

... now I only look into that picture.

I cannot gather courage to look into the mirror.

There is still something about that picture.

But I have been left with nothing.

Ashok. I am a shop that sells wares.

You did visit the shop, but you didn't buy anything.

Neither did I sell anything.

I want money for my wares, not charity or alms.

Take back your money.

Surprising. A little girl is fighting the big bad world!

" Wonder what will happen, when two hearts meet"

What can I do? I cannot go up and get the sun down.

I am the son of the collector of the nearby village.

You have honoured us by choosing this village for shooting.

Please come for a meal to our house sometime.

We' ll surely come if we get the time.

Dharmendra, the hero of the film `Guddi'!

Dharmendra, the hero of the film `Phool aur Pathar'.

He is shooting here!

Move aside.

Where is Dharmendra?

Dharmendra, you acted so well in `Phool aur Pathar'.

May God bless the couple!

Play the song.

" Wonder what will happen, when two hearts meet"

What is your name? Prem Kapoor.

Not your name, the name of Dharmendra's film.

The film has not been titled yet.

That's what happens in all films.

They are either Benaam (nameless) or Badnaam (infamous).

" Wonder what may happen, when two hearts meet"

Why do you blow the whistle every time?

You spoil all the fun.

We are rehearsing.

Let us hear the whole song once.

Look, as it is, we are upset.

We want sunlight, but there is none.

Wonder when there will be ample sunlight.

What will you do if there is not enough sunlight today?

-We' ll shoot again tomorrow. -Then l' ll come again tomorrow.

What happens at first? How do I know?

Something must be happening. What something?

I don't know.

This guy doesn't let us hear the whole song.

He blows the whistle every time.

I' m going.

Devi! Ask him what happens at first. Something.....

Something? What happens at first?

Alright, l' ll ask him.

" Wonder what may happen, when two hearts meet"

" Wonder what may happen, when two hearts meet"

" You get scared initially, that's true"

" First the heart fears, then such a magic spell is cast"

"The heart isn't aware of itself"

" Your body is like a blooming rose"

" Your beauty is incomparable"

" What will you gain if you expose every secret"

" By looking into my eyes"

" Wonder what may happen..."

" Meet my eyes and rejoice"

" Forget my tresses, kiss the fragrance"

" Your youth blooms in my arms"

" Why should I stay in my senses in this blooming spring"

" First the heart fears..."

Wow! This is our family's cinema.

I wrote to you about marriage several times.

But you refused every time.

We discuss about marriage everyday here.

Take Devi for example.

The son of the collector of the neighbouring village...

... wants to marry her.

Yes, I have received a letter from my elder daughter.

She has given her consent to this proposal.

And then, the girl and boy have already given their consent.

We only want your consent now.

Forget me, my son is pleading to get married to your daughter...

... standing on one foot. Look!

Get them married as soon as possible.

I have a request to make. Tell me.

Fix the marriage date after two-three months.

My elder daughter will also come by then.

Two-three months? See how desperate he is.

Come, Shalini. Wow!

How does my house look now?

My house? No, our house.



Welcome home! How are you?

May God give you a long life!

How are you, father?

One who has a daughter like you has no sorrow in the world.

Where is mother? Your mother?

She has gone to make arrangements for the wedding guests.

But mother, why are you not meeting sister?

Assume I am the unfortunate one.

She is asking for you every time.

I will not go before her. But why, mother?

I cannot answer your every question.

I will not meet her, that's all!

See if you like this necklace.

Let me see.

Feed the poor!

I am very hungry!

Feed the poor!

Wait, Devi.

I' ll give it.

Look, I had given 10 gms of gold.

But this looks so light weight.

So it was to hide this fact that you were not meeting me?

When you've put responsibility of so many children on me....

...add this one more to it. One more won't make a difference.

Shalini, don't look at me like that.

I cannot bear the look of your accusing eyes.

There are many questions they ask me which hurt me.

No mother, l' ll ask you only one question.

You must have swept this house several times.

Didn't you even once look up and read what's written on the wall?

`Have two or three children. Adopt family planning.'

Shalini! Yes, mother?

Read the `Ramayana' for me today.

Ramayana? Yes.

The story of Sita giving a test by fire to prove her chastity...

... brings so many tears to my eyes...

... that I cannot read any further.

No mother, I cannot even touch the `Ramayana'.


Because I am not clean.

Oh! I understand.

Don't enter the kitchen. Go and take rest.

My daughter has not given up her culture...

... despite living in the city.

What is the matter, sister? Nothing.

Where is father? He's gone to uncle's house.

It is Ashok's death anniversary today.

Father! - Come, Shalini. Stop this ritual!

Do you know what ritual this is? It's a death ritual.

I know. That is why I am asking you to stop.

I can only do this much for my son, & you are asking me to stop.

This ritual is performed for those who are dead.

But Ashok is alive.

What? Ashok is alive? Where is he? Where did you meet him?

I have seen him, I have met him. I have spoken to him.

Isn't that enough?

Just this news is enough for me to survive.

He is even going to come to meet you.

Bless you dear, you have returned my lost happiness.

May God fill your life with happiness.

Uncle, I am already so happy...

... that despite giving away so much, I am still so happy.

I never thought Poorna would sing so well one day.

It is all due to your effort, sir.

Is she your daughter?

Your sister has a melodious voice since birth.

I swear, she has such a melodious voice...

But where my own daughter is concerned...

... I've been trying to teach her since 7 years....

... but she cannot sing.

Basanti, what are you holding? Let's go.

Sister, your saree had fallen off your blouse.

Sir was staring at you.

Is it? I did not realise.

Men staring at me doesn't affect me anymore.

I am not clean, mother.

Men staring at me doesn't affect me anymore.

Men staring at me doesn't affect me anymore.

I want to tell you something. But I am scared to say it.

What I have heard is tormenting me.

What is it?

When Gayatri told Shalini...

... that her saree had fallen off her blouse...

-... do you know what she said? What?

She... What did she say?

Can't you speak softly?

Can't you tell me what she said?

She said men staring her doesn't affect her anymore.

Why did she say this? What does it mean?

My little girl lives alone in the city.

Why did she speak such words? How could she say that?

If I don't get the answer, I will go mad.

You will not go mad, you have gone mad.

You misunderstand things.

When women go out and work among men...

... will surely not be affected by men's stares.

Shalini is an angel.

Thinking ill about her will be like spitting on the moon.

She is a Goddess!

Did you tell anyone this?

How can I say such a thing to anyone else?

Don't tell anyone either.

The groom has come!

Sister, the groom has come. He looks so handsome.

Come, let's go and see him.


Hey! What's the hurry? He's come.

Who he? Don't tease me.

He's come.

Now you are feeling shy, and earlier, you sang songs with him.

You stay here. First l' ll see him and give a clearance.

Hold this.

Do you want to tell him something? Tell me.

I cannot tell him this!

Aunt, you have found such a handsome groom.

Perform the ritual to ward off evil eyes.

Will you just chat or do some work too?

Look after the guests well. They should lack nothing.

I' ll ensure that.

Shalini, the groom is so handsome!

He is one in a million.

If I was a girl, I'd marry him, once, twice, 10 times, 16 times...

Is it?

But you haven't seen the groom.

Want to see him? ....Groom!

You said you worked somewhere else before.

I did. But it was more of a pretense.

Why didn't you get married?

Who would marry the mother of 1 1 children?

What did you say? 1 1 children? Yours?

Look, they are my children.

What happened to their faces?

I didn't want them to pay for my sins.

So I blocked their faces.

So will they always be faceless?

You are right.

Along with beauty, you even have brains.

But I only sell my beauty.

Not my brains.

Will you quit doing this if someone married you?

Will you marry me?

I was just asking.

Whoever comes here asks this, but just like that.

Only parrots come here, no real man ever has.

So how many parrots have come here until now?

I don't count that, I count money.

I came here on holiday. I am going back to my village today.

So enjoyed your holiday? Except for this picture...

This is a Brahmin family.

Are you a Brahmin? Yes.

Don't you feel ashamed doing this despite being a Brahmin?


What are you? Don't you feel ashamed doing this?

" Your bride is an enchantress"

"She has cast a magic spell on the groom"

"She is neither beautiful, nor fair"

" Nor has any special qualities"

"The groom will have to tolerate her all life"

" Your bride is an...."

Sister, look how they are teasing our sister.

Do something. Only you can fool the groom.

Please go.

This will be fun!

"Shall I speak out today"

"Shall I reveal all secrets?"

" It will embarrass the groom, make him lose colour"

" I know everything, his ways are strange"

" He has a roving eye"

" He falls for every beautiful woman"

" He may look innocent, but I think he's sly"

"Shall l..."

" He is so hungry, I feel pity"

" All foods are his favourite, he eats everything"

" Even if they are leftovers"

" How base he is, don't make me say it"

"Shall l...."


" Ask the groom why he is so angry"

" What did I say that hit you so hard"

" Why do you avoid eye contact, why do you sweat"

" l' ll reveal everything about him today"

"Shall l..."

You were Shalini's colleague, right? - Yes.

What salary must Shalini be getting in Delhi?

About Rs.500-600.

Rs.500-600? Yes.

But I heard she draws Rs.1500-1600.

Rs.1500-1600?!! Yes.

Maybe I don't know. See you.

Rs.1 500-1600.

What? Not there? I' ll check.

Don't tell anyone.

The bride is waiting for you, and you are sitting here?

I was afraid you' ll create a scene at the time of marriage.

But good you didn't do that.

If I wanted, I could've exposed you in everyone's presence.

Couldn't I have exposed you?

I can do anything. Why? Because you are a man?

I could have broken the marriage.

I could tell everyone what profession you are into.

Even I could have broken the marriage and told everyone...

... about your vices.

I didn't even know you are my sister's groom.

Anyway, what happened cannot be undone.

What is the point regretting over it now?

My sister was destined to be your wife, so she did.

You must have heard that to gain something,people go to any extent.

And you know very well, I crossed all limits.

And remember, for my sister's happiness...

... I can go even beyond this.

Forgive me, Shalini.

We both will try to forget what happened in Delhi.

I love Devi. Trust me, I will never hurt her.

Promise? Yes, promise.

Now you don't have to go out to fulfil your desires.

Your wife is waiting for you.

Go and win your husband's heart.


Don't be naughty. Go from here.

Shalini, did you explain your sister?

What is it? Come here.

What's wrong with you? What does that poor girl know?

Even she is not married yet.

" Wonder what may happen, when two hearts meet"

I was looking for you. I want to tell you something important.

What's so funny?

I thought I had fulfilled all my duties.

Now I can peacefully...

If you think you will join back office, I won't let you.

I will take the family responsibility.

Just do me one favour. What favour?

Only you can do this.

But tell me what it is.

I love a girl. Love?

I thought you were too busy with your work.

Where did you find time for something as foolish as love?

You are always pulling my leg.

Alright, l' ll get serious and ask. What is that girl's name?

The tehsildar's daughter, Usha.

That kid? She has grown up now.

Only you can convince father, sister.

Sister? Shalini.

Alright, l' ll do it for you.

Don't. Let's go home.

I am so happy you are back.

Yes, father.

The reason why I left home doesn't matter anymore.

What do you mean?

I have buried it in my past.

What are you saying?

Whatever you may say, but Usha is very fortunate.

She has got a husband who is a doctor.

Usha and you will get married, the band will play.

You look very handsome. Who are you?

I am the tehsildar's son.

Will you do me a favour?

What? Love me.

You got them engaged already?

But remember, this marriage will not take place.

Why not?

If it does happen, it will, only on one condition.

-What condition? - You' ll have to give Rs.1 5000 for Meenu's marriage.

Rs.1 5000?! Even she is your sister.

That's true, but where will I get Rs.1 5000 from?

Do you think I own a minting machine in Delhi?

Ofcourse. I know everything.

Your salary is Rs.200-400, but you make Rs.2000-2500.

Where does the extra money come from? - Aunt!

Don't stare at me angrily. I know everything.

Men staring at you doesn't affect you.

Why doesn't it affect you? Tell me.

I know, you don't have any answer to that.

I can go to the tehsildar's house and expose you.



Take pity on my tears, aunt.

I have worked hard for the progress of this family.

Please don't ruin it.

Will you give me Rs.1 5000?

Yes, aunt.

Hearing the news of your arrival, I straight went to the temple...

... to thank God, who gave you this new life.

Yes son, even I am so happy that you are back.

I kept blaming myself for so many years.

It was I who raised the topic, and you left your father's home.

Let bygones be bygones.

Okay. Alright tell me, where did you meet Shalini?

I didn't meet Shalini.

You didn't? - Shalini.... Yes, try to remember.

I remember very well. I never met Shalini.

How is that possible? She...

Why are you after him?

It's okay if he doesn't want to talk about Shalini.

You are right.

We' ll be going.

I forgot to give them the oblation.

Go and give it.

Why did you tell Shalini's father that you did not meet Shalini?

Why did you lie?

Because I did not meet her.

You are trying to hide something.

No,father. - Shalini only came and told me that you are alive.

I didn't meet Shalini. You are simply being secretive.

Shalini has told me everything.

Everything? - Yes.

Father, forgive me.

I had become very lonely one night in that city.

So lonely, so depressed, that I went astray.

And the house I reached to spend that dark night...

... turned out to be Shalini's.

How was I to know Shalini was a prostitute?

Yes father, both were lies.

I was dead was a lie. She is alive, is a lie.

Selling your dead body everyday is not life, father.

What are you saying?

Yes father, what else do I have left to say?

Shalini told you everything else.

Shalini only told me that she met you.

Father! Yes, son.

No, father!

How was I to know such a long story lies hidden in those words?

That means, Shalini only said this, and I revealed everything?

What have I done!

One who had set out to protect his country...

... couldn't protect a girl's honour?

What have I done! Shame on me!

Good you didn't say anything in their presence.

Or wonder what they would have suffered.

What are you doing!

I am performing the last rites.

Whose? My daughter's.


Do you know, Shalini is dead.

So you want your daughter to marry my son?

Then with you? I don't mind.

Don't talk nonsense!

See how stupid your daughter is?

No one will marry such a stupid girl.

What if I give you Rs.15000? ...Yes, Rs.15000!

Even if you give Rs.100000,...

... I won't agree to an alliance with you.


Stop it..stop laughing!

You are laughing at me today.

Tomorrow, the world will laugh at you.

What do you mean?

When they know that your daughter doesn't sing in a temple...

... but in a whore house.

I thought l' m getting my daughter married to a high caste Brahmin.

How was I to know his daughter is a prostitute in the city?

Enough! You aren't related to us yet.

You have no right to interfere in our family matters.

What will he do? He will break the marriage.

No, I will not break the marriage.

Gautam only has a right to take a decision in this matter.

I decide that this sinner should be thrown out of the house.

I don't want her in the house, or to attend my marriage.


Wait! You cannot come inside.

I said you cannot come inside!

Don't shout! We know everything about you.

Why didn't you die before getting into prostitution?

So you know everything.

Do you know when and why I first sold my body?

You wanted admission in medical college.

Stop that!

You cannot even hear it.

Ask me, who has had to suffer it.

The second time, you wanted Rs.300.

For that Rs.300, your sister had to sell herself.

I ruined myself, so that you could be something.

I lost myself, so that you could gain.

You are giving your cheapness the status of sacrifice?

Sacrifice? What do you know what sacrifice is.

You have to cry to make others laugh.

You have to kill yourself, so others can survive.

And I lost everything. Everything!

When someone loses everything, you feel pity for him.

But one doesn't even feel pity for what you have lost.

She has not lost it, she has sold it. Sold herself.

Here is the money you gave me for the scooter.

It is a sin to even touch money earned through sinful means.

You threw the money at my face...

... but can you throw the doctor's degree...

.. which your sister has earned for you?

You cannot.

Will you just argue, Gautam?Won't you throw out this sinful woman!

Tehsildar, you want a doctor son-in-law...

... but don't want to accept his sister who made him a doctor.

Forget it, mother. Where a person is gaining...

... he can even console himself with lies.

Tehsildar,will you leave a doctor son-in-law for a fallen woman?

Enough! Enough of your nonsense!

Get out of here! Who are you throwing out?

You have even performed her final rites.

Mother, father performed my final rites now.

I died a long time ago.

Enough of your lecture! Get out of here!

What are you waiting for? Throw her out!

Get out of here.

Throw this muck out. Get out!

Gautam, wait. Savitri, you don't interfere.

I' ll kill you!

Get out!

Where do I go, brother?

If you like, you can come with me.

It will be better if you don't interfere in our family matters.

I don't want to interfere that is why I am standing out.

Come, Shalini. Go away! We don't care.

Where so many dogs roam in the village streets,...

... one more won't make a difference.

You rascal!

" People think of you when in bad times"

" In good times, they forget you"

"They return your love"

" But not your favour"

The Shehnai is playing. It sounds so melodious.

The marriage guests have arrived. Even the rituals have begun.

Gautam must be looking so good as a groom.

Ashok, do you hear it?

Forget about it. They forgot you, you forget them.

Forget? I cannot forget them.

Jagannath.... Father, shall I come with you?

Jagannath, I have come to take you.

What will I come and do?

You are the village chief, everyone is waiting for you.

If anyone goes from here, even Shalini will come along.

That is not possible.

Ashok is right.

But....I consider Shalini dead.

Then the whole village is dead for us.

Bravo, son! Exactly my feelings.

Look Ashok, father considers me dead.

I don't mind that,...

... but many questions will be raised after my death.

Some will say it is a Brahmin corpse.

Some will call it an untouchable's corpse.

You won't find any pall bearers for me.

So I have decided, that I will die,...

... but not here.

Don't talk of death. Life is a bigger truth than death.

Life? Only death's doors are open to me now.

I don't want to live. I want to die.

No, you will have to live. For yourself, for me.

For yourself? For me?

I have left everyone behind.

The moon and sun have disappeared.

Darkness has swallowed them.

You are forgetting something.

The darkest of darkness is defeated before a small lamp.

I want to light a lamp in your life.

I want to marry you.



Ashok, I have begun to laugh again.

I had forgotten to laugh.

But my laughter has returned.

What does that mean?

Have I become the old Shalini again?

No, not the old Shalini, you have become the new Shalini.

The suffering has made you an even better person.

Give your consent, Shalini.

One who has never...

... refused anything in life...

... it is so difficult for her to give consent today.

Ashok, let the marriage take place there.

The whole village may be there, but the village chief is here.

I will perform the rituals, I will get you two married.

You should take Shalini's blessings, son.

No, mother.

Don't call me mother. Your mother is there.

I don't even want to see that unchaste woman's face!

" Live life laughing"

" Laughter is the essence if life"

" It seems then..."

"... that even God is laughing with us"

" Happiness is as dear..."

"... as it is easy"

" If I laugh, the world laughs with me"

"There is joy everywhere"

" Nature' s every creation is laughing"

" And I laugh along"