Aaru (2005) Script


Choreography Kalyan, Soby

Greetings MLA sir! Come sir!

Today is his birthday.

He has come all the way to Kanchipuram to worship!

God appears in royal attire on your birthday!

Oh Lord Vinayaka, You redress the evils!

Elephant faced lord, you are the lord of wisdom!

Oh Lord Vinayaka, you redress the evils!

Lord of good conduct, l surrender to Thy!

This is the right time to redress grievances!

For you Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathy, are the universe!

And you went round the universe by going around in them!

Lord of time, you tasted the divine fruit...

...and stayed in the thoughts of Lord Muruga!

MLA sir!, you are leaving behind the temple honours!

Go and get that! Come!

See what happened to him? Keep this with you.

Leave me.

White Sumo, red sticker with 'For registration' plate.

lf you make noise, it will be pierced in...

There are no extra fittings!

lf the news of my abduction is known, entire lndia will tremble. ls lndia a lane behind Vindhya's house?

All of you claim it will tremble. lf my leader comes to know of this, entire Tamil Nadu will scream!

Your leader only, has asked my boss to abduct you.

And l have done it.

Seems they want to take some important decision in assembly.

Understand that you will neither thump the desk...

...nor raise your hand adamantly.

So they have asked me to keep you here for 2 days.

Please don't mistake me. l do what l am told to do and accept what is given. lf you want me to abduct your leader, tell me. l will do it. l may have to plan little more for him.

Another important thing!

Launch is anchored in a place where sharks are around. lf you try to escape, you will be devoured by them.

For some real estate guy, they have made us sit here.

Not some insignificant guy! lt is Nathan & co.

Selling government lands! Supplying goons to politicians, doing arbitration and abduction are all done by them in Chennai.

Nathan & Co, S.R.Viswanathan, S.R.Boominathan.

S.R.Loganathan, S.R.Jeganathan.

They are 4 brothers. They have men to do assault for...

...Rs.5,000 and 'Matta' for RS.50,000 What you mean by assault? Severing limbs.

Matta? - Murder.

Greetings sir!

Bhoomi, what is the problem?

A land dispute at Madurantakam.

Land value is less at Madurantakam! lt is in GST road at Rs.1,400 per acre frontage.

140 acres of agricultural land.

The sellers are from Chingelpattu.

Varadarajan's group is the buyers.

These 8 farmers want Rs.25,000 per acre...

...to relinquish their tilling rights.

Who can claim rights in some one else's land?

The law says the land is for the tiller! l will whack you! Can a molester lay claims on a girl?

A girl has umpteen traditional functions...

...from the time she attains puberty till marriage.

Likewise, for land transactions you have formalities like...

...advance payment, land survey, taxes, encumbrance, so many until you register the land.

The government rule... How many kids you have? - Five Were you giving birth daily like an hen laying eggs?

You smear oil on fingers to erase indelible ink while casting votes!

Are you talking about laws?

The buyer is prepared to shell out Rs.5,000 per acre.

Negotiate for Rs.10,000. l will give you Rs.2000 per acre Take that and irrigate the fields.

Sign the release document and run away.

Brother lf you have the registration in Madurantakam, the local people will create troubles.

So have the registration here. Yes brother! l will ask Loganathan to be with you when you fence the land.

Feed them, and lock them up in Uma Lodge. Yes brother!

Dirty rascal! Should break his arms!

Are you going to college? Yes To which college are you going today?

Whichever college is open, l will go in.

Careful, don't go to the same college daily!

Some one will paint you!

Greetings Brother! Come Aru...

Went to the temple and played a drama...

They believed l am a true saint!

They found me to be a bloody guy only after abduction.

Entire Kanchipuram was in chaos!

He is held captive in Veerasamy's boat! l have asked the boys to wait in a place where they can get signals.

Just talk to them so that the MLA may not be scared! l will talk. - Bye. lt is ok, brother!

Keep this for your expenses. Ok, l am leaving.

He calls you brother and tries to be close with you.

He is trying, but l have not responded.

He is a crafty fellow! Very skilled...

Got five kilograms of rice and boil it nicely!

Had stored it in pots and buried them underground!

Couldn't locate it as as l did it in inebriation!

Oh God Muruga of Vadapalani! Beat it buddy!

Soda bottle in hands! Cycle chain in pockets!

Here come Arumugam to confront you!

Come on buddy! Would slit in a trice!

Truly, l have hundred faces(nooru mugam)!

Murder, attack, knife, sticks, are the lessons l had studied!

Had learnt maths by counting jail bars!

All days of the year are birthdays for me!

We don't cut cakes but limbs!

My name is Aaru! l stay at Adyar! lf it's a deal, assume it is done!

Near the Coovum River, we would be sitting and shouting!

At dusk, we would be boozing!

Soda bottle in hands! Cycle chain in pockets!

Here come Arumugam to confront you!

Come on buddy! Would slit in a trice!

Truly, l have hundred faces(nooru mugam)!

During school days, l used to sharpen pencils using a sickle! l scribbled with a blade that my favourite colour is blood! l wear a dhoti, revealing the stripes of the underwear! l will hide like a crab underground! l roam around like a log in the sea! l adorn umpteen scars like medals!

Three plus three is six! l am a short tempered mix!

Dare to confront me and you're finished!

Near the Coovum River, we would be sitting and shouting!

At dusk, we would be boozing!

Like the wild bush, l sprouted on my own!

Have no account in banks but do have in bars!

Ask anyone 'Who is Aaru?'! l live in danger!

Whale rules the oceans!

Aaru rules the land!

My height equals L.l.C. building! l add weight to everyone!

Dare to fight with me and you'll be finished!

Near the Coovum River, we would be sitting and shouting!

At dusk, we would be boozing!

Soda bottle in hands! Cycle chain in pockets!

Here come Arumugam to confront you!

Come on buddy! Would slit in a trice!

Truly, l have hundred faces(nooru mugam)!

Maha, what happened? Why are you hitting her?

She roams daily with a new guy!

She is damaging the reputation of college girls.

Yesterday l saw her going in a car with an old man...

...as if he is her grandpa.

Have you come to study or sleep with someone?

Don't talk as if you are a holy girl.

Under the pretext of selling sim cards... l know what you sell in front of Pizza Hut.

Leave me, don't drag me!

You don't mind if some males drag you!

If you continue to do this you will contract diseases!

They will then use your photo for an AlDS awareness campaign!

Be a college girl, don't be a call girl. lf l see you again like this, l will beat you with my shoe! l will tear you!

Remo is larger than life in love. Remo will flatter you with his kiss.

Keep all your fragile hearts safely. Ramp walk Remo.

Who are you? - Sumo.

You have come on a cycle and call it a sumo? Mad guy! l said my name is Sumo!

But maintenance is costlier!

But it would give a smooth ride!

Will you give mileage? But you are a teenage girl! lt has worked out For a single drive, it may cost Rs.10,000.

Brother This is not a private vehicle! This is a tourist cab!

With all lndia permit!

An orthodox girl over there is ogling at you!

Oh Brahmin beauty!

Oh Brahmin beauty!

Oh Brahmin beauty!

You should not sing to me like this!

How can l believe you?

Don't you trust me? l will prove it to you!

O damsel! My love for you is struggling to express itself.

O damsel! My heart is yearning for you.

Who are you? l am Sumo.

Your name is Sumo, but you fall before Safari.

Go and fall before a lorry. Lorry? - Forget him brother!

For your personality, such dames will be ok.

Look at the Madurai Jasmine.

Jasmine. - Dear.

A maiden with a crow like hairstyle, voice sweet as jaggery, teeth like rice grains, fish like eyes.

Greetings Anand. Greetings l am Bhoomi here.

Party meeting is arranged at Teynampet tomorrow.

Would require about 400 people. Ok brother!

What should they do. Nothing, just to applaud!

Might cost Rs.250 per head! ls it ok?

They require women also to shout slogans against opposition party.

Give me a list of epithets! l will take care!

Breakfast is ready. Have it before you go.

No, l am not hungry! Don't starve yourself. l'll send it, have it.

What Lyer, had your breakfast? l had it.

What Sumo, havn't seen you for two days?

Vehicle had been to oil service as usual.

What is this? Opposition party people are here!

Tomorrow there is a meeting at Teynampet.

They want 50 people to pelt stones and disturb the meeting.

At the rate of Rs.400 per head. l have got Rs.5,000 as advance.

And one load of pebbles are also ready.

You talk as if you have loaded cane sugar.

Just now brother talked to me!

We are organizing for the crowd for that meeting.

Are we? - Ok, then we will leave for meeting with party flags.

So we are on both sides.

Rose! Sound Sarosa!

Who is that? lt is me Sumo.

Sundimothiram! Stay there, don't step inside. - Why? lf you step in once, you will tell the whole world...

...you had me nine times. ls it not a good thing?

Why have you come here? Aru asked me to bring you!

Who named you as Sundimothiram?

Ask that? When l was in my mother's womb...

...as a 7 1/2 month old baby, she liked curd rice very much.

When she was having curd rice one day, she sucked her fingers and swalloed her ring(mothiram).

My dad gave my mother a vessel full of boiled porridge...

...to make her vomit. Did the ring come out?

Ring did not come out. l came out as a 7 1/2 month old baby.

Are you a premature baby? But it was a normal delivery!

Since l was born with a ring my mother named me as 'Mothiram'(ring).

My dad named me as 'Sunda Kanji'(toddy).

There was a tussle between them over my name.

Finally they reconciled and named me 'Sundi Mothiram'.

To make it fashionable, l made it as 'Sumo' in short.

Has she gone?

Aru, did you call me? Yes, tomorrow there is a meeting!

You hurl your epithets and make the opposition look small!

Give me the list. l will tear them to pieces!

Can l use unparliamentary words?

Occasionally use four letter words.

Don't worry, l will excel!

Old man, as usual while picking up slippers littered, don't get hurt.

Ok Aru. No one should pelt stones.

Only bricks and vegetables are to be hurled!

Except Narayanan and Gopi, no one should hurl stones at the dais. lf it lands on her by mistake, you will get her choicest epithets.

...beauty chariot, Tamil juice and literary Tamil dame.

Sound Saroja will start her campaign.

Greetings to learned guest and people like me.

lf you have it on the shoulders, lt is a shawl. lf you wear it on the waist, lt is a dhoti. lf you wear it as an undergarment lt is a loin cloth. lt you remove it, then you are nude.

This is life! See how she talks?

You dirty fellow Rajaratnam! You don't understand this. l am addressing you only, you are not a district leader.

But you are a tin pot leader.

Are you abusing my leader?

Does your leader know to make 'kozhaputtu(pipe shaped rice pudding)?

You should first get dried rice flour, pack it in container and steam it.

Then it would give you top class stuff!

He doesn't know how to do even this...

How will he supply tap water to the public?

Damn your...

Who is launching a racket on my jacket? lf you have the guts, face me one on one. lf you have a mustache over the lips, l have a mustache over my knees! l will give you a punch and take the wind out of you!

MLA Thangaraju knocks on the doors of many houses at night.

My God! - Block Secretary Pantha Pandian, don't we know who you are...Pandian?

This way, she will spoil the whole show. Start pelting!

How dare you play with us?

Do you know who l am? l am sound Saroja! ldiot... Scoundrel... Fool...

Who is it? l will kill you. Mind it.

Where is he going? Look there.

What do you want? Can l have a SlM Card?

We have a new scheme.

What is the tariff if l make one call(leg)?

99 paisa. lf you make two calls(legs)? - 1.98. lf l lay a hand? lf l lay two hands? l will kill you! Come on buddy! l will see you on my return!

Concentrate on your college studies alone.

Drop this part time job.

You have no worries!

My dad made me a paid guest in my uncle's house. l have heard about paying guest, what is this paid guest? lf you pay every month it is called paying guest. lf you pay for a full year then it is called paid guest.

So you are a pre paid card!

Does he like the girls? He likes them very much.

He is here for a week. Even at this age he is brisk, we have filmed it all.

Preserve it. Might be useful sometime later.

What are the chicks saying? One has become quiet.

The other is creating a problem.

Look here! Get the address of submissive girl and send her.

She has to come when needed! The one that creates problems...

What do you say chick? Are you not interested? lf l let you go away, will you disclose everything?

Good morning Aaru?

Why should you meet that Reddy, boss? lt is an important job. Not only me, Tambaram Bai, Ramavaram Murthy, Villivakkam Shankar.

All of them must come!

Reddy is supported by Alponse, Vakkat, Bearded Mohanmed...

...and ten more guys.

Your are not going in the right direction.

Only you have taken the wrong route.

You do powder business, assault, murder and what not.

All problems in this area are related to them.

Why do you kidnap girls? That is a public problem. lf the intelligence report reaches the higher authorities, they will kill everyone on the pretext of an encounter.

Are you scaring me away? Don't interfere in my area.

Don't think you only have political backing. l too have it. lt is not a question of who is big? lt is a question of life and death!

You murdered Jayaraman of Tondaiarpet.

Did l interfere with you?

That is a different issue. l tell you from experience...

Girls does not suit to our vocation. You shut up. l don't care.

Why do you chide him?

Do you know about his experience? l don't care a damn about it!

Stop, how dare you talk with pointed fingers? lf you point your fingers, l will chop them off.

Come on.

How dare he talks like that?

You have come from Andhra to work as a pimp!

How dare you shout, l will strangle you! l know Chennai better than you!

You are an outsider, better remember that.

Before you return to your place, l will white-wash you! l will pump you out fellow. lt is not 'pumpestharu'(pump you), it is 'chempastharu'(kill you). l will pump you guy!

Who it that dog? He is Aaru?

Mix dog shit in twine, lt will become stronger. - What is that man?

Dog shit is called 'nani' by me.

Aaru. Ready?

Wait Aaru. l will bring it fresh with its warmth.

Bring it.

The twine is not smooth. How do you strengthen it man?

Your seat is ready. Sit down!

Reddy's men are coming.

Let them come.

Reddy wants to meet. What for?

You are smart. He wants you to join him. lf you don't like girls trafficking, he said you can do drug peddling.

At Madhya Pradesh 1kg of narcotics sells at Rs.1.5 lakhs.

But if you send it across to Ceylon, its value is 1 crore.

Viswanthan is giving you a meager share and he takes the lion's share. ls he trying to separate me from my boss?

Have you come to see me? Yes Then why did you bring a weapon along? l didn't bring any.

What is this then?

Just for a safety? Safety? lf you have a weapon do you think you are safe?

Ok, now l refuse to come! Come on, attack me.

ln kite flying thread, others mix glass pieces, phosphorous, small and big stones. But l mix cyanide! lf you move, before you could bleed, you will die.

Reddy may be your boss, but my boss is my soul to me!

Go and inform him.

Lightening Arrester! Why are you carrying a pot?

My cousin has come. This is for him to bathe!

Sound Saroja! Why do you become Water Vanaja? l will whack you! Are you teasing me?

The Aranthangi girl is bathing. l will deal with you later! Come on, let us go.

l wanted you to see her hair do. But she has...

Her tresses seem to be so beautiful!

Are you spellbound? Yes She is sighing like a pot cracker!

A maiden with a crow like hairstyle, voice sweet as jaggery...

Brother! She has hair on her legs too. lt means she has a very strong body.

She has hairs all around her face too.

He is a cinema fight master.

Fight master?

What were you doing there? Nothing.

What nothing? Come out!

Tell her, she is asking.

He has lost his chicken! We were looking for it!

Will the chicken come to the bathroom?

A chick does not know what place it is.

How will a chicken know all these places?

Did you see the chicken? No! we saw a gorilla!

Before your husbands return, do the cooking.

You watch a male bathing like this, so all these days you would have watched us bathing in different angles.

No water in all these taps!

Looks like arrack!

What is this? Girls alone get water!

Not coming for me! Water supply was there in this tap before.

A mad fellow was tampering with the taps in there. l think he is drunk.

Are you teasing me?

How will l know water comes when you extend your hand? lf l extend my arm, l will get only the knife!

Leave it! Let's go. Did you come to eat or doing... l meant, have you come to talk on a phone?

No doubt l am a rogue, rascal, rowdy. l have finished my dinner and am on my way back home.

But you have ordered your dinner only now!

By the time you finish, it should be around 2am.

How will the country prosper if you act like this?

Where is your father? - At Poona(clit). Don't use filthy words! l said he is working in Poona(Pune). Ok, forget it!

How about your father? Transport Office.

Your phone bill will be around Rs.2,000.

You will spend another Rs.3,000 in hotels.

Over and above this are the expenses of your dad and mom/

So your dad is corrupt!

You guys ruin the nation and blame it on rowdies! ls it fair, chicks?

You wear jeans and leave the tops just above it exposing your waist! lf you raise your hands hips are visible! lf you sit bum is seen!

Why can't you make it a little longer?

Then you scream, Reddy has kidnapped and sold you! lf l see you in night shops, l will spit beetle juice on your faces.

Let's go man. - Wait, man. l wanted to ask this for quite some time. l am a thug! How dare you mock at me?

He has disgraced us!

He has talked too much. But he was right!

Has Lyer sent you money? Many thanks! Give me jobs like this! l am even prepared for doing assault.

Hear this joke man. l have two unmarried girls at home. l want money to get them married.

Shall l sent Rs.3,000 to my wife? Ok!

Why did your wife leave you?

She could not tolerate my bad drunken brawls and bad odor! ln every caste you will have a couple of useless guys. l smoked and boozed, even while l was a student. l earned a bad name with my wife.

She divorced me and is living alone.

Now l send her alimony every month.

Tell me. - A problem at auditor's friend's house. - l will take care.

What is this man? The Pune(clit) chick is here.

Who are you? Tell Aaru(six) is here. l asked for your name Go inside and inform, go.

Tell me.

My daughter is studying in Medical College.

She had gone dating with a guy on bike.

They met with an accident.

They hit an elderly lady and she died on the spot.

My daughter's name was also mentioned by him to police. lf this is leaked out, our family honour will be at stake.

Get down.

Are you a big thug? How can you betray a girl who trusted you?

Are you a man? She too accompanied me!

There are a few unwritten rules in society. You shouldn't have dragged her into this! l too have men to support me. Who is it? Vetrivel or Jaffar Ali?

Call them! Or shall l call them? l will throw you on the rail tracks! Be careful.

Are you his parents?

Do you permit your son's womanizing? l will have to chop off some of his parts.

Because a girl is involved l am deliberating!

Or else l would have shown my colors... and all of you would have been finished. lnform uncle to destroy the old FlR. Get a fresh one with another name.

Ok, keep moving.


Will you create problem again after signing the papers?

Or do you want a scar on your face to keep you reminded?

No, my son. This will not be repeated.


Let me talk to your daughter. She is like a sister to me!

See what's happened? You're only spoiling the name of your parents!

Look, your parents are in anguish!

See that in their eyes! Parents never betray you in life!

Believe them, not others. l tell you as a brother!

Do you know what happened today?

He talked so nicely.

He talked about parent's anguish and how they feel? lf only you sat under a banyan tree with a vessel full of water, you would become a nice arbitrator!

What is the meaning of 'dating'? l know setting, cutting, fitting... Who knows about dating?

Hey Rajamani, come. what does 'dating' mean?

Oh, dating. lf a boy and a girl travel on a bike in tight embrace.

Swim together in the sea and change clothes in the same room...

...and return home after doing nothing. lt is dating.

This is worse than raping man.

Have you gone dating? No sir.

What will you do without doing all that?

Should l tell you?

Carry on.

Now l am 26, l earn Rs.13,000 per month. l will marry a girl earning Rs.11,000 working in a bank.

At 32 l will buy land at Urrapakkam. l will build a double bed room house at 1,500 square feet. l will admit my children in Don Bosco school.

When l am 53, my sons age will be 23.

Once he completes his education, l will get him a job at Rs.15,000 salary when he is 29. l will spend Rs.4,00,000(Rs.4 lakh) and get him married.

At 58 years l will retire and get Rs.14,90,000 as terminal benefits. l will get 8,000 as pension per month.

With the returns from investment, my wife and l will do globe trotting...

What is this? He reels out statistics!

Besides that, l will buy land at my native place, Kumbaonam. l'll die testate at the age of 72 giving instructions for my tomb.

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no guarantee for life!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no warrantee for your dreams!

Before you can count up to three!

They'll pronounce you dead!

Sister! That's it!

Before you can count upto three!

They'll pronounce you dead!

Enjoy what you get today.

Who knows what'll happen tomorrow.

No! No! Don't live on trusting tomorrow.

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no guarantee for life!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no warrantee for your dreams!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no guarantee for life!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no warrantee for your dreams!

Before you can count upto three!

They'll pronounce you dead!

He wanted to do business in London!

He wanted to go across the continent!

A Koyembedu lorry ran over him and he was squeezed like tomato.

A train starting at Guindy should reach Kodambakam! lf it derails on the way it would come to our slum! lf the sea enters at Ennore, build your hut at Perambur. lf the bridge collapses at Puttukadu, shift your house to Medavakkam.

No! No! Don't live on trusting tomorrow.

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no guarantee for life!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no warrantee for your dreams! Oh gosh!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no guarantee for life!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no warrantee for your dreams!

Before you can count up to three!

One! Two! Three!

They'll pronounce you dead!

Three! Two! One!

Saroja Sister, why're you silent? Open your mouth!

On the pole the flag flies! ln the slum the mosquito flies!

My hits would be raging! Realise it, you idiot!

lf Saroja sister starts action, stones would be pelted! Understand it, you idiot!

Mari went to see a porno film along with a girl called Mary.

When he looked around in the interval, he saw his daddy.

Ranganthan street is old. Our Sarasu sells flowers there.

An old man ogled at her, he got hit black and blue.

None knows each other in Annanagar!

Here at Adalkuppam, everyone is related to Aaru!

No! No! Don't live on trusting tomorrow.

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no guarantee for life!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no warrantee for your dreams. Oh sister!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no guarantee for life!

Relax! Relax buddy!

There is no warrantee for your dreams!

Before you can count upto three!

Before you can count upto three!

They'll pronounce you dead!

They'll pronounce you dead!

Watch out. Mother, what are you doing?

Father asked Rs.2,000 urgently.

So l pledged the jewels...

Will l not give if you ask me?

No! We don't want to disturb you all the time.

Stop old man. Get him some money from Lyer.

Get lost. You may go. l am not coming. l want to meet Arumugam.

You mean A-R-U-M-U-G-A-M?

Sorry, l was only joking.

That is his house.

Always diverting..

Hey chick! What made you come here? l came to meet you. l have a small problem...

What is it? lf you sell honestly, no one will buy the card.

Lie and say it is a VlP card and see the response.

But they will have to pay Rs.10,000.

Do not say that.

Call the person later and inform that number is already allotted.

Normally people go out of way to oblige a lady.


Fantastic! One is my favourite number. l will buy immediately. What is your problem now?

He wants the same number. He has filed a case in consumer court.

Her office came to know about it.

She had been suspended.

Now the case is on me.

Convince the customer. Make him withdraw the complaint.

Nowadays you have started attending girl's cases.

Don't tease me. This guy is really lucky.

Sister! Stop it!

We are hardcore rowdies.

We will munch blades and spit on your face.

We gargle mouth with acid.

Better withdraw the case... else...

Why this girl comes running like Sania Mirza?

What is the matter?

He has complained to police that l have intimidated him.

The police are after me. Please help me.

What the hell did you do? Just threatened him.

Give him some bleeding injuries!

Only then he will realize...

Have you hired thugs to hit me?

Hello guys!...

How are you all? Hello Ravi...

He is the guy.

What's your problem man? l will even risk my life to get that number 1.

Why? Because 1 is my lucky number.

My name is Eknath! As per numerology, it denotes 1!

My street number is 1, door number is 1! l have 1 father 1 mother 1 brother, 1 sister, 1 child, l even have only 1 wife! l'll do only once... What? - Kiss! l have some more to tell! Stop.

Do l look like a microphone?

All these guys read out a list!

Better pay the money and fetch him the card.

Oh... my God! l have no money. l am like a 'prepaid card'! Shut up.

Get the money from Lyer and fetch him the card.

From now on, you have nothing to do with that girl.

Withdraw the case now. Here sir.

We are saved!

Has he signed?

Now write that bloody number in all taxis...

Call 00001 for Emergency.

This fellow shouldn't sleep. What do you say? lt is quite boring, call the 00001 guy. ls it emergency service?

We have a small problem here. Please visit us.

Fire Service? There is a big fire down here!

Come immediately. No man! ls it ambulance service? l have a headache my darling! Please come. - No man!

At least come here, fool! Who the hell are you? l am Vettayan...

Where do we sit? There.

Look there.

Okay you go and order. l will be back.

Why are you here? Absurd question, to fill my belly.

Why did you come here? l have a number for Sale. lt is 00006(alias for Aru). lt is a perfect match for you. lf l give you a punch you will do a dozen somersaults. Mind it!

First return my money.

Oh! l thought it was your gift.

Better return it immediately. l gave it even before you asked.

Guys! lf she does not pay, snatch her Sim Card. l will give you a treat for your help.

What do you want? Except tables, chairs and the bearers, we will eat anything.

Why is Maha talking so long with your brother?

Brother? That day he called you 'sister'.

Hey Pune Girl, l always see you in the restaurant? Don't you have a home? l am studying M.A. Psychology.

My parents are in Pune.

Here l am a paid guest in my uncle's house. l do not have parents, hence l am orphan.

You have parents, yet you too are an orphan.

I was afraid. Don't worry Govindan is coming! Where? - On the right side.

Which colour shirt? - Pink. ls he Govindan?

No! we call the person whom we abduct as Govindan.

Fanastic! Are you going to fight? l will inform my friends and come back. - Keep quiet.

Switch off the head lights. Start the vehicle and be ready.

Before he gets alerted, you attack the 2 guys on left.

You attack the guy on right and keep him away. l will abduct Govindan in the middle.

One minute. My cell has a camera. Can l shoot it?

You are creating evidence. Smash her!

Come on!

Start it and move on.

Two thousand three hundred and... Sumo brother.

Near Ashok pillar, a policeman is collecting bribes.

Let him. Why should we bother?

What rubbish are you talking? lf only we cover that live and...

...hand it over to Commissioner we will get a reward. - Will we? Come.

Don't play with the policemen. lt's like hitting against a wall at top speed. - What is this nonsense? lf the younger generation talks like this, who will save the posterity?

He will continue to be corrupt, l can't be a silent spectator.

They will drive the devil out of you!

You will be torn to pieces!

When l go with evidence, how can that happen?

You come on brother. Don't waste time.

Listen to me. Come, let us go.

Has he got the bribe? Yes he has.

Has it gone in to his pocket? Yes it has...

How are you Chinrasu?

How dare you address me by name? l am a Traffic lnspector!

So what? ls that not your name?

A dishonest policeman should not raise his voice.

Don't show your valour when your weakness is known.

Whatever bribe you received has all been recorded in this video. lt will be released for Pongal. ls it recorded in video? Yes You collect RS.2 from truck drivers, but collect Rs. 50 from two wheeler riders?

The truck driver has to bribe all traffic signals.

But the bike rider is caught once in a while.

Does it have this logic also? Shut your mouth.

Why are you shouting at him?

You ask a naive guy if he has a license. lf he produces it, you ask for the registration papers, lf he produces it, you ask for insurance papers, lf he has that you book him for driving in one way, lf he protests, then you book him for over speed.

You do all this and now shout! l will pull off your moustache!

Did you hire the camera? Yes You forgot to take he cassette with you.

My God! lt would not have recorded anything.

Wait, it is a technical problem. l used some harsh language in my rage.

Don't be hasty. Don't lay your hands on me.

You talked excessively!

Are you acting smart now? Bang him!

Had any one else called us, we would not have come.

Mathan & co has a reputation. That is why we are here.

He may be a big shot in Trichy.

But during elections traders like us spend money for him.

Mr.Achuthan, do you know the story of the crow?

Are you referring to the story where the crow steals the cake?

The story of the crow fooling the fox.

The crow sat on the tree top and teased the fox.

But this is not a jungle fox, lt is more wily. ln its rage, it attacked the crow...

Tell them l have killed Achuthan.

Tell everyone. Oh... l did not come here. l did not see anything, l will go away.

Call Aaru. No, don't call.

He will talk about justice at knife point.

Call Baskar and clear this!

Madam, we need 7 cards. For our office. lf it is 7 cards, go for group cards. lt is free for the group members.

The rent is also low.

Explain this to our MD. He will buy immediately!

Where is he? ln the vehicle. l will be back in a moment. Sir.

Reddy's guys are taking your friend.

My God! Are they Reddy's guys?

Please leave me

Reddy's men have kidnapped Maha.

Reddy's guys had kidnapped the Pune girl at Pody Bazaar.

Start, he will take her to the boat. Let us save her.

Else her life will be ruined.

Do you have Kasimedu Mari's number Yes. - Call him.

Mari Reddy's guys had kidnapped the Pune Girl.

Check whether his boat is coming to shore?

Who is that?

Reddy, l am Aaru speaking.

Who is Aaru? Nathan & Co. man. ls it you? What do you want?

Your gang has kidnapped a girl known to me.

Nothing should happen to that girl. l don't belong to Telengana but Rayalaseema. lf you step here, you won't go back alive. lf anything happens to that girl, l will kill you.

Reddy, what do you say?

Your man Aaru, is coming to my place.

Tell him not to come here. lf he comes despite this, l will kill you.

He will kidnap a girl. We should keep mum?

Listen Aaru, why do you go there for some girl?

She is important to me. l will definitely go there.

Forget him. Let him die!

Let Reddy kill him. You are under estimating him!

He will attack Reddy and his men.

Then it will become a gang war and we will earn a bad name.

No brother, he talks too much.

Let him learn a lesson.

The whole of Chennai is now scared of us.

Even if some of our guys are attacked, it is as good as we getting killed.

Once Aru reaches there, l will also be there.

Nothing untoward should happen there.

Come on my dear!

Thank your stars. Since Viswanathan rang up, you are saved.

Else the moment you got down you would have been killed.

First release her. l tell you release her!

Come on. Listen, don't get worked up.

Come man Please calm down Our boss is on the way, be patient until then.

Rip him off!

Who are you to hold her captive?

Ask him to release.

First release her.

We can discuss and settle.

Don't you people have any other work.

Why are you always provoking me?

First release that girl. That girl is important to him.

Girls who satisfy his lust can't be important to him. l won't tolerate if you talk bad about her.

Am l not talking to him? l'll finish him!

You have finally started showing your colours to us.

Why are you obstinate when he says that girls is known to him.

Calm down. Don't get angry Sir. lf she is your sister or wife, l will release her.

Otherwise... l will not release her on any account.

Start the boat.

She is like my wife.

Don't roam around during night. ls this your house? You may go.

Return my chain. lt weighs 5 sovereigns, give.

Okay, go.

You got so worked up.

When people known to us are in trouble, we can't be quiet She is a good girl! She served us a meal.

Let's go.

Touched me. You have touched me.

My heart is now trapped with you.

You have scorched me with your eyes.

You have set my youth on fire.

Touched me. You have touched me.

My heart is now trapped with you.

You have scorched me with your eyes.

You have set my youth on fire.

Touched me. You have touched me.

My heart is now trapped with you.

You have scorched me with your eyes.

You have set my youth on fire.

Oh gosh! l can't bear it.

My eyes don't sleep. l spell out your name in place of mine And have become a love demon!

This maiden is now at your disposal.

Torture me to your content.

l touched you. I had touched you by mistake. l have scorched the palm that touched you.

I've suffered enough for that mistake.

I have gone astray for the accidental touch.

You came as a one among thousand.

Now you have enslaved me.

Bestowed love with chastity.

You've stolen my soul and ran away.

Keep it... keep your life with you.

Stitch baby... Stitch your sweet mouth.

Even if you live on Mars, l'll come there and share my lips with you.

This maiden is now at your disposal.

Torture her to your content.

You understand the lingo of weapons.

Can't you understand this beauty's language?

You do violence in the city.

Can't you be violent with me?

Go away, go away.

This is a steel fort. Stay back.

Oh gosh!

ls my longevity lost?

No matter whether it is paper or sulphur.

Won't it burn in the heat of a maiden? l have trapped a little girl.

Now she is mad with love.

Touched me. You have touched me.

My heart is now trapped with you.

How are you Mr.Paramasivam?

My God! What happened?

How dare you inquire me with a slap.

Now it's my turn. Wait.

Be careful here after.

Brother what is this? A fellow is and slaping you.

You don't seem to defend! lt is a kind of treatment. Treatment? - Yes.

Treatment? l had potatoes for the last 3 days.

Consequently, l developed flatulence.

That gave me some back ache.

He is from Salem. He made me stoop and has given hits...

...to remove my flatulence.

So did he hit you with your permission?

Can anyone touch me without my permission? ls it really true? ldiot.

That is what l am explaining. Listen to me.

Suppose you have a problem in your neck.

Go to Tiruchi and pick up a quarrel with some one.

They stamp your neck. You will become alright. ln case it is a stomach ache.

Go to Madurai and pick up a quarrel with some one.

They stamp on your stomach. lt is all flushed out and you become fresh. ln case of leg pain.

Go to Dindigul, they hit you beneath the knees. You become alright.

Coimbatore guys hit as if they do massaging.

But don't go to Tirunelveli. They chop your mouth with a sickle!

But one thing you should appreciate.

They attack only upper and lower parts, never do they attack the middle region.

Shall l move?

See how l have to tackle them?

Do you believe his stories?

Brother has a problem at Xavier College, check it.

Come on guys!

There is a problem, Suresh start the auto.

Hurry up. Follow me!

We can't do that. We are not scared!

Let's see what happens!

Why should we talk to him? Let us wait for the police.

We should teach him a lesson.

Calm down. What is the matter?

He has molested our professor.

Do you know the strength of college students?

Please calm down. l will enquire.

Apologise to her. l will handle the rest.

Did he send you to rescue me or make me apologize?

Listen to me. This is a serious issue!

Just apologize, l will handle them.

Else we will be finished.

No, it is not possible.

Will it hurt your pride? Yes it would.

How dare you molest a Professor?

How dare you?

What do you think of students?

Carry him to the police station.

Four of you come with us to police station.

We have been fooled. They cheated us and carried him back.

You should kill him.

We sent him to rescue him, that idiot has slapped him.

Fuck your...

Let him come. We will enquire.

You go inside He is our worker! How can he dare slap him?

Boss, please excuse me.

Are you angry? l had no other option. l would have managed had it been a student?

He has misbehaved with a teacher and it was blown up.

Had police arrested him, he would have been detained for 15 days l requested him to apologise, but he refused. l had no choice but to thrash him.

You've done the right thing. lnform advocate and get an anticipatory bail.

You can do that only if we allow!

Uncle when did you come? Has sister come, where is she?

Your servant takes too much of liberty! He goes up to the kitchen.

The house will become clean only if we allow him in.

No one has ever dared to call me names even behind my back.

He addresses me right in front of me. ls he my kith or kin?

Because he calls my sibling as his sister.

All the time you talk about brawls.

You were married to a far off place so that you never know all this.

Seems you have thrashed my brother!

Nothing like that!

Had you guys been married at the right age, you would have been alright My eldest brother is 45 years old now. He is still unmarried.

He is very egoistic! Don't talk ill of brother.

He feeds so many people! lt would be better to starve than getting fed like this.

Then why did you feed me? l joined him at the age of 13. He asked me to clean the car.

But you understood my hunger and provided me with food.

Then you looked so pious! But today...

Admonish me. Who else can scold me?

Lyer has not paid the balance to the tea shop!

Why did you come? l am always thinking about you. l think l have fallen in love with you.

Get 'idly' from Vasanth's house. l am serious. l am in love with you. Believe me. lt is always greener from the other side.

We live in dirt's and stinks!

We don't give a damn for hygiene!

Can you live in such conditions?

Looking at my heroism, you blabber about love.

Get lost!.

The other day you had put a chain around my neck.

But l consider it as the sacred thread! l realized that moment, l am a rural girl and not an urban girl!

Though l live poshly, l am still poor at heart.

Why do you tease me talking about nuptials?

Nuptial thread is done only in turmeric thread.

Nuptial thread is not made of gold.

Even if it is so, don't people place it on stake for gambling.

Just like that, they troubled, l rescued you with the chain.

That is it. Also we are very bad guys. We are not for you.

How do you say you are bad?

Have you raped any one?

Killed anyone? No.

Then how come you are bad?

Your are just a courageous fool. l will kill you if you call me a fool.

You are courageous, hence you call yourself a rowdy.

Others are exploiting your foolishness.

Just give me the good half of yourself.

Or else give me correct reasons. l will go. l don't believe in dames wearing modern dresses.

Why did you save me then? lf you doubt my chastity, l will show you virginity test results.

At any time l can change my attire and sport a traditional dress. l will enter the kitchen and start cooking.

But can you change, man? l will kill you!

Okay, l am not asking you to change. l enjoyed the way you saved me!

You tossed Rs.10,000, not sure of getting it back!

You risked your life among 20 thugs on wither side!

You saved me as a single man!

Finally, you put a chain around my neck!

Gipped my hand and dragged me with you! lt was not an ordinary grip! lt had love, affection, honesty, courage...everything was there! ln my half an hour drive along with you. l was considering to live with you.

But l was shocked when you asked for your chain back.

After that, l decided l need you. l told you it is not possible! Don't come here.

Leave this place, go.

Good morning, Sir.


What happened?

There is a problem between me and Chief Minister.

Executive committee meeting is on...

...without your presence? Discussion is about me.

About you? They are going to dismiss me.

At 4 PM it would be leaked that l am sacked!

Before 8:00 pm, l want to be re-instated.

You have to help me for that. l don't understand. lmmediately after seeing the Flash News.

There should violence at various places.

Stone throwing, burning of vehicles, closure of shops.

More importantly, 5 people should self immolate. l can pay any amount to their families.

Chief Minister should have no other option than to re-instate me.

Call Aaru. Okay brother.

On hearing the news, shops must be closed! ln Mandaveli and Mylapore, burn autos.

Burn buses at T.Nagar, Kodambakkam.

Pelt stone in mount road from Spencer to Guindy. l will arrange.

5 persons should self immolate before the party office.

Self immolation?

What do you mean? That is not possible.

l don't mean actual immolation. Oh, okay! l meant a fake act.

When they attempt to douse with kerosene, the police will arrest them.

That is all. All just for a show.

Okay boss, l will do it. l thought someone has to really do it.

But it will cost more. lt has risks, like arrest, 15 days remand etc.

No problem, we can pay each Rs.15,000.

Okay brother, done! Bye.

You told him it is only a fake one.

We made a big mistake.

We should not have given this task to him.

Baskar can you arrange immediately for self immolation?

Definitely not before 4:00 pm today.

That's why now, l have changed my plan.

Mix petrol in their kerosene can.

When they pour the Kerosene, you set fire to them. lt will be an accident as far as Aaru is concerned.

The bereaved will cause a big scene!

Pay them to shut their mouths, because all of them are very poor. ls it worth it to take so much risk?

Registration, real estate etc. come under this minister! lf he is dropped, Palaniappan will become the next minister.

You know, he is our enemy?

He will not allow us to make money and also leave the wealth for us.

Then we will have to replace our Nathan & Co name board...

...as Nathan Rice Merchant. Do as we have planned!

All of you will get the job, you all can leave now. l will inform.

Tell me the list of members who are going to immolate.

Note the old man's name, it will be useful for marriage expenses. - Thanks! l will get Rs.15,000, it is ok for one girls marriage. ls Vasanthi due for delivery next month? - Yes!

Note his name! You wanted to pay college fees for your brother? - Yes!

Ok! Note his name! Next!

What! Do you duck? No, brother!

We get Rs.15,000. lt would be nice if l send it to mother.

She will feel very happy.

She has written about her financial crisis.

Okay. Lyar, include his name too.

Let me become the fifth men.

Take it on account, don't try such dare-devil jobs. lf l get money, it will be a loan, but if l do this job, then it's all mine. lf l send a lump sum to my wife, she might change her mind and come back and live with me.

Ok do it, Go to the field then you will realize the difficulties.

Who is it? Nonsense!

Look, she has done a nasty thing.

Will a girl act like this? l have been watching you. You were just talking to him.

Have you started to scoop and relish?

You are crossing limits.

Get out from here immediately. Stupid. l will hit you with my shoes. Get lost.

Leave her sister!

Revenue Department Minister Mr. Alagappan has been relieved off his post.

This was announced by the Chief Minister?

Don't worry. Everything has been arranged as required by you.

You will be re-instated immediately.

Watch out. Don't get caught!

Lyer start, l will follow you.

Call me if there is any emergency.

Quick, start.

Pandi what about you? l will have to take her to the hospital. l will relieve him quickly.

Okay, make it fast.

An important message. Quick.

There was nothing wrong on the girl's part.

We instructed her to do so. lt was our mistake.

What are you saying?


What happened yesterday? Tell me.

Stop. Do you love Aaru really? Yes. l told her that you don't love rich girls...

...because soon they will change their mind. lf she is really in love, let her prove it by kissing you in a public place.

That then you might consider her.

Why did you tell like that? idiots!

You have embarrassed a good girl.

Rascals! ldiots!

We wanted to do good to him.

We might not be lucky enough to get married to such a girl.

Listen, you deserve her.

Every woman wants her husband to be a good chap.

But she wanted to marry you, so told that she liked rowdyism.

She was afraid that you might drop her.

Sister, enquire him, l think he too loves her.

You will realize the value of things only after you lose it.

l too love her...

Suppose, l am killed in action? lmagine who will care for her?

We all have insulted her.

She might even commit suicide.

Even, l gave her some thrashing. Go and console her. l have urgent work now near Party office. l will see to that. You go man. ln the city called 'Heart'. ln the street called 'Love'. ln the entrance called 'Dream'.

You dropped me and vanished.

Maha, Maha. Who are you? What do you want?

Where is Maha? Who are you?

Her husband. What?

Bloody! l will call you later, hang up.

Maha... Maha, Please forgive me.

lt was a big mistake to have hit and disgraced you. l am partly at fault! Only you provoked me by kissing.

Hence the fault is yours.

Do you think l am a cheap person to enjoy the embrace of...

...some unknown girl? l got angry and hit you. lf these bloodies give you idiotic ideas...

And you execute it without any thinking.

Why should l call you now lf l do not like you?

You confused me.

What is your problem now?

You want me to accept your love, don't you?

Your are my sweet heart. Don't worry.

Pack off. Come on darling, let's go.

Come on. l will care for you like my queen. Come on.

No, l am not coming. Because l hit you?

You are not in love with me. No?

This is love out of pity. lt is not true love. l don't want this 'pitty love'. l want genuine love.

Look, l love you darling. Please understand.

Sure, l am a modern girl. But l am not a cheap one. l can't change my mind in a matter of minutes.

Meet me after two months. lf you still love me after 2 months, we will get together.

Till then, nothing is between us two.

No talking. No meetings.

Got it? To come along with you.

l just seek your true love, nothing else.

Testing me? l can't understand!

When l neglected you, you were chasing me!

Now, l say you are my love. But you don't accept it.

Whether it is 2 months or 2 years, you are my girl.

l really love you, darling.


President, Down! Down! President, Down! Down!

l will give my life for the sake of our leader.

President, Down! Down! President, Down! Down!

Come quick, Let's go.

President, Down! Down! President, Down! Down!

What the hell are you doing? Don't.

No. Don't Fire! Fire! Fire! Help, help, help.



What happened man?

Four people are dead.

Only Sugu is alive! He is in the hospital.

He was the witness Give anesthesia to all, they will feel great pain.


We were all very cautious.

While burning the effigy, something went wrong. l lost my brother.

He gave his life for paying my college fees.

What is this?

This is terrible

My father is dead.

Watch out! You carry the baby. lf you had been there, things would have been better.


l hear you were missing. Where did you go?

Okay. lt is all fate. Attend to the next job.

Check up what they want. We will can pay them lump sum.

Boss. l regret for being in this occupation.

Oh gosh!

My darling you are gone.

What can l do with the money?

l told you to pay 2,00,000(2 lakh) so that they will immolate themselves.

But you paid 15,000 and set them alight. lf the news leaks out, l will lose my post immediately.

You told that within a few hours you want your post back. lt was done? l am right?

Who is prepared to immolate himself nowadays?

Give them 2,00,000 or 4,00,000, no one is prepared to die.

No one is worried about their family!


Baskar go on hiding for a few days. - Why?

You might have been noticed lighting the flame!

No chance.

What if someone had seen you?

We have a family status.

Shame, you say you are in love with a rowdy. Nonsense? ldiot!


Don't ask if l am in love with him. He is like my husband!

Why do you say so?

What you mean by, 'like your husband'?

You are talking rubbish! Hurting me.

But for him, l would have been dead.

Perhaps, eaten me up by fishes by this time.

Or else l would have been alive, but l would have been raped!

Aaru is selfless!

You are my only daughter! l want you to take independent decisions.

That is why l enrolled you in Psychology.

No doubt.

But, l am studying psychology.

l suspected that you have been cheated. l came urgently.

You had done this wantonly.

So you can't be dissuaded.

For 2 more months, please tolerate her.

Yes! No other go! We got the money for it.

l am very unlucky today.

Hey Perumal, your head is bleeding. l fell down from a plane.

From a plane? - Yes. l wrongly opened the main door, instead of the toilet door! l fell down. l fell on a hill. lf l had fallen on water? l can't imagine my fate.

He says he fell down from the flight.

Hey, Karuppu. Why is your neck bleeding?

Oh! l was sleeping in a railway tract.

Four or five trains ran over my neck.

Ran over? - Yes! The train drivers are very careless.

He says trains ran over him.

Brother, another funny guy is approaching us.

Wait, don't get excited.

Lets ask him.

Hey, stop. What? -No, you can go.

Feel free. Clear your doubt. Nothing.

Do you want to know why l am drenched like this? -Yes l was sleeping in the road after my day's work.

A bull dozer ran over me.

By God's grace l am alive. l just look a little dirty. l take leave.

What is this? You have sauce on your face?

What? Why you have sauce on your face?

You call this ''sauce'', do you? Yes, of course.

Look, it is red. - lf it is red, you call it sauce, do you?

Oh my God! Blood! lf you bleed, it is blood! lf l bleed, it is sauce, is it?

Bloody! l am bleeding heavily with a heavy heart.

Making fun of me. l am waiter in a hotel?

Sir, what makes you come here?

My daughter is getting married. l came to invite you.

What about her studies? l got a good alliance! Hence, fixed up the marriage.

Of course l solved your problem getting Rs.5,000. l don't deserve any links with you.

You might be correct.

But you gave a sound advice to my daughter. l never expected that...

...you told that parents are like God. That you should trust them.

That l didn't expect. lf l come there, lt might be a big disgrace to you. l like you. Please do come.


Shall we go?

Yes. Maha will be there.

l feel like seeing her.

Greetings sir. Greetings.

Please get in.

Don't look at me...

...with those pricking eyes.

Don't go away.

Don't go, leaving me.

Love is not a loan to ask back.

This is not a street show to watch it amidst a crowd.

Don't look at me...

...with those pricking eyes.

Don't go away.

Don't go, leaving me.

l was not interested!

But you had pulled me into it. l was resisting you!

But you have put me in a fix!

My heart was fine.

But you have torn it into pieces.

My nights were in black & white.

But you have made it colourful.

You've made my shadow walk alone.

You have made my hidden soul float outside.

Don't look at me...

...with those pricking eyes.

Don't go away.

Don't go, leaving me.

l never opted out of this. l don't hate you either.

Lost is not lost for you to search everywhere. l have preserved our sweet memories.

But l had suffered the pains of loneliness, alone.

Only if the wings part the bird can fly in the sky.

Our love will multiply only if we await each other.

Don't look at me...

...with those pricking eyes.

Don't go away.

Don't go, leaving me. l didn't loan you love to ask back. l live inside you.

Why don't you understand it?

Have it. l don't want this money.

Why? - l got it in exchange for my brother's death.

He sacrificed his life for your studies.

Come on, have it.

Aaru is on the way. Tell us.

Tell me Sugu!

Make things ready for the 'autopsy'.

Look at this..

At his last moments he was mentioning your name and Baskar's name.

We tried our best. lt was a mixture of petrol and kerosene.

Hence, the burns were very severe.

Please repeat it?

Didn't you mention about petrol?

Didn't they die of kerosene? lt was a mixture of kerosene and petrol.

Didn't you see the post mortem report?

How could this happened?

We gave only the kerosene Yes! ls Baskar the friend of Sugu? No.

Then why did he mention Baskar's name? l don't know. l will have to see Boss immediately.

Aaru is now suspecting Baskar. lf he gets hold of him, the truth will come out.

Then we will finish Baskar. Correct brother!

No. Then Aaru's suspection will increase.

What to do? we will finish, Aaru!

Brother speaking.

Where are you? l am going home, Please come there immediately We have an urgent discussion. l will kill him.

We are not going to get involved in it, lf we miss him, he will become our big enemy. lf he finds out, it would become a big issue.

Call Reddy, immediately. Reddy? What do you mean?

To feast on a goat! We should call a Butcher!

Viswanathan speaking. Tell me.

An important point. l am not in Chennai, l am in Reneguntha.

Tell the matter over phone.

Listen. we are entering a deal.

l am going to lie to Aaru that you burnt those five men.

On hearing this, Aaru will come there to kill you.

Before that you finish his story.

After that we will not interfere in your activities.


The doctor told that petrol... Aaru, we have been cheated.

What did you say brother?

That bloody Reddy had pulled Baskar to his side.

Only to spoil our name they had burnt the five guys.

You mean Reddy? Yes.

He his very jealous of us.

How do you know?

He rang up and was laughing over the phone. l could also hear the traitor, Baskar. l will kill them both. l will finish the whole gang. Hey, stop.

Reddy is now in his native place. lt's not an easy job.

A fraction of a second's advantage is enough for me. l will finish that bloody's story. l will also join you. l too contributed the death of those guys.

Come on, let's all go. Can't you trust me. l will go alone, you stay back. l can handle it, alone.

Come on.




Something is fishy.

The body language of Chinnathammi was not right. l think having the college incident in mind, he could have rung up Reddy.

Renuguntta is Reddy's native place.

He could have been tipped off lf that is so, we are finished.

Boss will even give us a gun for an attack.

This time he knew it was a murder but he gave nothing.

Stop it. He might have other tensions.

Baskar is missing for the last 10 days. but no one had informed us.

Drop it. l suspect only Chinnathambi.

We will stay at Thiruthani.

We will work out a detailed plan.

Call Sumo. Ask him to check up the situation at Reddy's place.

Switch off your cell phone's. Nobody should reach us.

Come on. Put on the new access cards.

Who are you? l am Ganesha Nadaru.

This is not 'Ganesha Nadu', but Andhra. l said ''Nadaru''. What?

Stupid, l am said 'Nadaru' you are saying 'Nadu'(Region).

Has eating chilles made you deaf?

What you want?

What 'Kavali'? Yes. 'Kavali' means 'want'. l am a real estate business man. l want to purchase some lands around here, that is why l am here. Come l will help you.

What is this, even a shepherd carries a cell phone here?

He is Reddy's man. Reddy's man?

Reddy has supplied Cell Phones to...

...every Tom, Dick and Harry here. lf anyone enters the town, immediately the message reaches Reddy. l see.

What big Reddy, rotti(bread)? lf it is 'Reddy' here, we have 'Chetty' there lf it is 'N.T.R' here, it is 'M.G.R' there.

Our movie 'Nattamai', is running here as 'Petharayudu'.

Our 'Okkadu', is your 'Ghilli'.

Our 'Shankar Dada', is your 'Vasool Raja'. lf the hero wears 'Yellow' pant it is RamaRao. lf the hero wears 'Yellow' shirt it is Ramarajan. lf it is 'Tirupati laddu' here, it is 'Palani'(fruits paste) there.

Your mark on forehead is 'Namam'

Our mark on forehead is 'Pattai'.

After that we will tonsure our heads.

You fellows have deceived us...

...giving us Tirupati and taking away Madras.

You have there, Central, Airport, Harbour, Sathyam Theater, everything. But nothing is here.

You idiot! Lord Venkatachalapathy is world's second richest God - ls it?

You people are minting money with just that Laddu sweet.

Still you are grumbling. ldiot.

Come on. Show me the land man.

That fellow has spent lavishly for security.

He had supplied Cell Phones to even shepherds.

There are 3 approaches to the village. lf anyone enters...

...their village, Reddy is tipped off before 2 kms distance.

40 men guard his house round the clock.

There is a river called 'Penna' immediately behind his house.

The road beside it is the only way to reach him.

Another important thing.

Tomorrow is the cattle trade.

Hence, none will be in the village.

Ok. We will attack tomorrow.

Gopi and Sasi, Tonsure your heads.

Wait man.

Who is it?

Don't kill me. Listen. l will give you whatever you ask for.

You've burnt five men to ashes now you're asking me.

Where is Baskar? He is not here.

He is in the custody of Viswanathan... lt was Viswanathan who burnt the five men.

How dare you talk ill of my brother?

Stop it Aaru. When one person dies, another should live. lf you kill me, without knowing the truth...

...then you will also get killed. What are you saying?

Ring up to Viswanathan and give me the phone.

What for? - Do what l say. l will tell you.

Do it fast.

Viswanatha, Reddy speaking. l have finished him.

Very good, Reddy.

Now you can go ahead do anything wherever you want.

North Madras, West Kancheepuram, South Chengalpet, East Sea shore.

Kidnap any girl. Why, even her mother... l won't interfere.

Not even Aaru's corpse should come here.

Cut him into pieces and feed the vultures.

Do you believe me now?

He was the person who killed the five men.

He only asked me to kill you.

lf l leave you alive, you will ring him up and alert him.

Hereafter, no girl in our village will have problem from you.

First time in my life, l am going to do a very good job.




The Devil dances when God sleeps.


Affection sports this disguise when man sleeps.


Had you asked me, l would've sacrificed my life.

Had you hinted, l would've incinerated myself.

Have you brought me up to destroy?

My nerves are burning.

You had just cut my nails, but my fingers are aching.


The Devil dances when God sleeps.


Affection sports this disguise when man sleeps.



Have never seen my father.

Have not lived with my mother either.

Thought you were my brother, but you had become a weapon. l had been your supporting hand, but you have deceived me. l had been your eyes, but you presented me only tears. l am dying in thirst!

How can you offer poison?

Bloodshed is not new...

...to a battle field.



Aaru, l am surprised...

For me being alive...

No. Have you...

Come on, speak.

Speak. Speak you idiot! Speak you...(censored)!

All life you have spoken unfaithful words. l was so faithful to you. l obeyed you without arguing.

How did you get the mind to kill me? l trusted you. Did everything you told. l did it sincerely. l called you as 'brother' wholeheartedly.

But you never thought so! Did you?

You just considered me as a henchman...

...eating left-overs.

For the fish, the bait is the enemy.

For the snake, the vulture is the enemy, thief is the enemy for police.

But for a rowdy, another rowdy is the enemy. l am fed up with this job.

You have proved your are a traitor. l'll teach you a lesson. Stop it.

For your necessity you could have killed anyone else.

But, why you have burnt innocent souls l picked up?

Only because, they are poor. lsn't it?

Look. l am also poor.

Now just watch what l'll do to you.

You would repent for your deeds and for double crossing me.

You had falsely called me 'brother'.

You would cry for help. l'll destroy Nathan and Co. l'll destroy it.

Forgive me.

No one can tell a word against Nathan and company.

But you are challenging it.

Will l let you go alive?

Threatening me? Do you think l am a fool. l worked with you but didn't learn from you.

You act smart since your brothers are around.

Tell me, where is your youngest one?

Jaga... Call him. Call him.

Brother this is our Jaga's phone.

What? - lt is our brother's. Where is Jaga?

Bloody. Where is Jaga?

Where is Jaga?

Only if l go he will talk. lf l don't. He will never talk.

Let's kill him, we will kill him.


Our Jaga is important.

Aaru, how dare you kidnap me? l am your teacher. How dare you...(censor) play tricks with me?

You traitor. - Traitor? Your brother who burnt alive five guys, he is a traitor.

Do you know the meaning of love, brother, sister, affection etc?

Five years ago, l was driving for your brother.

Velu's men blocked the car from the opposite direction. l held your brother in one hand. Then l applied the brakes.

My head was bleeding severely.

One guy attacked through the wind screen.

Glass pieces in my face, a cut in my hand, head was bleeding, l managed to save him.

When l opened my eyes in the hospital, l didn't feel the pain. l was happy to have saved your brother.

Now when l heard it was he who asked Reddy to kill me. l did not get angry. l felt sad.

You'll caress a lady's behind, refuse to apologise and expect me to spare you.

Spare me. l had been watching all your misdeeds silently.

Hence, God had given me a check point. l beg you. Please don't harm me.

Hereafter, you should not touch any girl at all.


Whom are you calling?

Hey Vishwanath Are you searching for the last seed that your father sowed?

Did you check outside?

He is there. Collect him.

Brother He has cut off our brother's hand.

That street dog has cut off our brother's hand. l warned you! Did you listen?

Don't cry man, we are here.

Heard his wailing? Aren't you angry?

Brother, look at him. He is crying. We should kill him.

Calm down. l can't see him.

We three, we will take care of him.

Don't cry! Don't cry!

Phone from Aaru.

Burning? ls your heart burning?

Now you would understand the pains of dead men.

Everyday you should cry. You street dog.

One day you will get caught.

Attacking from your hide out? l won't spare you.

Are you challenging from your house? l work at the battle field man.

Next target is your brother Loganathan.

Let him come out. l will finish him.

Get the materials ready for his last rites.

Brother. What did he tell you?

Don't leave him.

Finish him off.

Come on, search.

You go that side.

Hey get lost Tell me. Where is Aaru?

He doesn't come here.

So many things had happened.

Why haven't you informed me? You have insulted me.

Am l not your relative?

We are all kith and kin.

Uncle, we can handle it. You are a police official.

Better start to Madurai immediately.

How would you handle?

Jaga does not have a hand. How will he eat?

You should have killed him by this time.

You told if you allow servants inside, the house will be clean.

Now see, the servant has shown his colours. l want to be transferred to Chennai immediately.

Can you arrange for it? l will get shooting orders. l will kill him.

Where is Aaru? - This place was always bustling with action.

Now it is silent. No one is here. All the guys are hiding somewhere.

Can't l see him? l'll send word through someone.

Dear, one minute.

The other day l happened to abuse and hit you.

Please forgive me. l heard that you had declined Aaru's proposal.

He is a very nice guy.

Please accept him.

You know one thing.

He is the only guy who wants to see me married.

Don't cry

Maha, Aaru is in the car. He wants to talk to you.

Sit down.

You asked me to return after 2 months.

You asked me to think about whether l love you. and really understand that it. l have done that. l have come to give you my message. l don't like you. l can't understand.

That day you told that l should really like you.

This is not love. Only infatuation.

No. You are lying. l promised to marriage you only out of pity that l had beaten you.

Thank God. You didn't accept my proposal.

Otherwise... l might have changed my mind you would have suffered.

Thanks for having given me time.

Even if you give me 2 years. l will not fall in love.

Don't talk like this.

Can't you understand my position? lf you can't, atleast listen to me. Stupid!

Aren't you studying 'brain science'? Can't you infer?

Police is searching for me! They would catch both of us.

Get down. Go away. Go away! ln the street called ''Life''. ln the chariot called ''Heart''. ln the into xicant called ''Love''.

You dropped me and vanished.

Donkey. Why are you boarding a running bus?

How dare you call me donkey?

l accept it. This is definitely bigger than this. ldiot. So you are smart. Don't show your skills to me?

Such kind words make things very clear. Done! Don't get angry?

Hey baby. Can l sit here? No. lt's ladies seat.

The seat will not grumble.

You move your seat a bit. Nonsense.

What is your name? What for?

So that l can call you by name. lt is Rani Mangamma Parameswari.

Oh gosh. lt is a very lengthy.

Age? 26?

Doesn't matter.

Where are you going?

Why do you mind?

So that l can take a ticket for you.

Not necessary.


Who will ask for a ticket from you?

Are you married? Why? lf you are married, l will be quiet.

Or else... l can put on my hand on your shoulder. l am married. lt's alright. Even then l can do it. lf not for pleasure. l can do it for tiredness.

What is your husband doing? He is a bus conductor.

A 'business contractor'?

Stupid. Stupid. He is a 'bus conductor'.

A Conductor. The person who issues tickets. ln which route is he working? ln this route.

Why suddenly you are answering me in a male voice?

You monkey. l didn't talk. My husband spoke.

Your husband? Help. How dare you...?

My God! l knew conductors who carry whistle. This guy carries sickle.

Thank God. He does not know to sport a sickle.

Otherwise... l am done.

The farmers from Kancheepuram are coming to the Registration Office.

Registration confirmed! Bhoominathan will definitely come today.

When he bends to sign, we should remove his neck.

Nonsense. Why did you send him to Sriperambudur?

Without my knowledge, he might be killed easily. ls the property more important than life?

What if he knew it? No, uncle.

Moreover, l had sent our guys along.

Nothing will stop that mad fellow.

He will jump like a tiger and attack.

Uncle, he told that he will kill me next.

So he will not attack Bhoomi. ls he working in office to work in any promised order? lf his target comes to his doors, do you think he will spare him? ldiot!

Perambudur station here. l am Saidapet A.C. calling... Call the Officer?

He is at Sunguvarchatram, sir.

Bhoominatha where are you? At the Registration Office.

Stay where you are. l am on my way there.

What speed? 90 Km.

Bloody, go at 800 Km speed.

Or else l will include you in the encounter list.

What is happening inside? Registration, Sir.

Okay. We will wait outside.

Accept it happily.

Now, the cash is being exchanged... Can l come now?

They are signing now...

No. l had been calling him 'brother' all my life. l might change my mind at the last moment.

Yours is next. Don't worry.

Aaru had murdered Bhoomi. He is getting away in that vehicle.

Reverse the vehicle. Quick.

There are getting close.


Go fast.

Gopi. Listen Aaru, you escape.

Carry him.

Don't stop, run.

Take him to the vehicle.

Go fast. Gopi man.

Aaru. Board him. Hurry!


ln the right shoulder. Alert all hospitals. - Yes, Sir.

Please drink a little more. Enough, man. lt will suppress the pain. Come on drink.

What shall we do now?

Police will be searching all hospitals Go straight to Maha's friends house.

She is yet to complete her course, Aaru.

Alright go there...

Call Maha too. No, Aaru will scold.

That is immaterial. You call her.

l am walking alone...

Melting like a piece of snow...

Bursting like a bubble...

All because of love.

Quick. Come on. ln the city called 'Heart'. ln the street called 'Love'. ln the entrance called 'Dream'.

You dropped me and vanished.

A distance shoot.

Bones are safe.

Get some medicines.

What madam? Why have you brought in white paper?

These shouldn't be given without medical prescription.

Doctor, how is my brother?

How would it be if everyone plans and chops him off at the hospital lt was a professional attack. Horrible!

He was attached at 26 places. He will be alive.

But will be like a vegetable. l had made a big blunder!


l am Lakshmi, l want some medicines urgently.

Get it ready, l will come and collect it.

Please read out the prescription, Madam.

Two micro plaster... Four bandage rolls.

Yes. l will get them ready. Please come.

l am Lakshmi.

Here are your medicines. Give me the prescription.

How much? Rs.475.

Why do you fling the money and run away?

Give me the prescription.

What happened?

Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, Tambaram Poonamaleee check posts were strong.

He did not reach Sriperambadur via that route.

Also from the Sobamangalam junction...

...he could not have come to GST Road.

On the other side is Porur. There is a check post there too.

Apart from this, behind the Airport there is a area called Kaulbazaar.

The other day brother-in-law said that...

...he could hear flight sound while talking to him over phone. lt is taking off and landing of flights.

None knew that village near the Airport.

But l know it. Let's start.

Look, he is escaping, Sir.

Why can't you shoot. Don't you get paid? ls this a toy gun? Should l commit all sins?


Where is Gopi?

Police has arrested him, he is alright.

Call that Doctor girl. Why?

Ask her not to inform Maha about my injury.

Poor girl. She is very nice.

She will feel sorry if she hears it.

Already l had given her enough pains.

Poor girl! Ask them not to inform her.

What is the bandage man? Plaster of paris?

What nonsense?

Aren't you ashamed to tell that a small girl had cheated you?

Shame on you?

Are you sure that the medicines are for bleeding injuries?

Yes, Sir. They are for severe bleeding injuries.

Have you seen her already? No, Sir.

Logu who could be that girl who is helping this rowdy?

Can you give me any leads?

Other day we rescued a girl from Reddy...

Does anyone know about that girl? No brother.

Don't sing 'no' in a chorus. Aren't you ashamed?

Don't think that l will be happy if you avoid me... l know everything. You've built a fake fence around you.

You don't like betrayal, so you won't betray me.

You do as many murders as you want. l won't bother. lt is unfortunate you are doing such jobs.

You think that my life should not be spoilt because of you. l swear l would be nothing without you.

You are scared now because all persons you trusted had deceived you.

You can't trust anyone. At this crucial time you need a partner. l am here. Don't worry. l will always be by your side.

Don't hesitate. Come on, Lean on my shoulders.

Cry, if you feel like. Don't hesitate.

All the sadness will disappear. You will get new confidence.

Then nobody can beat you.

l fell for you the day you saved me. l trust you completely.

For heaven's sake, don't avoid me this time.

You will repent your whole life.

ln the city called 'Heart'. ln the street called 'Love'. ln the entrance called 'Dream'.

You had come to embrace me. ln the sky called 'Life'. ln the cloud called 'Heart'. ln the rain called 'Desire'

You got me drenched. l was feeling lonely.

You had come along as my partner.

Now l lost myself pleasantly.

Oh my love! ln the city called 'Heart'. ln the street called 'Love'. ln the entrance called 'Dream'.

You had come to embrace me.

Would place ladders in the air...

...and enter your breath.

Would build a house in fire...

...and live in your memories. lf l touch my pen, hands write your name. lf l see a temple, hands worship you.

ln the city called 'Heart'. ln the street called 'Love'. ln the entrance called 'Dream'.

You had come to embrace me.

B-O-Y refers to boy.

G-l-R-L refers to girl.

They both caress each other.

They kiss anywhere and anytime.

l will throw a rope from my eye...

...and confine your image. l will fall down on the dirt...

...and carry your shadow.

To make your fingers a handkerchief...

...l will pretend to cry.

Don't cry! l will ban onions in lndia.

ln the city called 'Heart'. ln the street called 'Love'. ln the entrance called 'Dream'.

You had come to embrace me.

How are you going to steal a car for Aaru?

Wait. All car guys would halt to piss here.

Note. A quite place, nice shade ideal spot.

You are great.

Can't you smell urine in the air?

A car has come. ls he stopping near us? Yes.

Opening the door? Yes. ls he opening his zipper? On the way.

Done. On the job? - Yes.

Go. Hurry up.

Brother is it correct to steal?

This is not stealing, ldiot. Then?

For whom is this vehicle? For Aaru.

He will complete his work and return it to us.

Then, we will abandon it in some place.

By that time, the vehicle owner will lodge a police compliant.

The police will locate it.

Then they will replace all the good spares...

...and return the skeleton to the vehicle owner.

Then, the owner loses.

He would have insured it. Company will reimburse.

So the lnsurance Company is at loss.

They get money for 1,000 vehicles and return only a meager sum.

How are they losers? You idiot.

Rascal. Don't talk rubbish.

Where from you get all these ideas? l don't know myself.

Brother! How are you? lt's me.

So your brother is now like a decayed vegetable?

Now you will understand what is treason. The meaning of pain.

Now your whole body should be shivering.

Damn you!

After the bandages are removed he will look fantastic.

He will be like a useless bag, a broken bucket... l could have finished his story in a stroke.

But after all the rituals you would have forgotten everything.

But now you are going to cry daily seeing his miserable state.

You should suffer! Everyday! You rascal!

He is a rotten banana now.

Crush him, and drink.

You bloody servant. How dare you?

Soon l will catch you and make a soup out of you...

...and feed my dogs.

Useless fellow. Keep all your story with yourself.

Feed that 82kg mince meat to your dogs. They'll enjoy it.

What? All of you get out.

l can't see him suffer like this. l can't.

No. Brother, no.


Where is he? l don't know.

Tell me.

Ask our brother-in-law to arrest everyone at Andal slum.

Run, run.

Please give the details of the dealers or sales person...

...who sold him Cards for his phones.

Come on. Tell us where is Aaru Shit stop it.

Where is Aaru? Tell us. lf we know that we will inform you boldly. ldiot.

You can't harm Aaru. lf he get hold of you, you are finished.

Aren't you ashamed to display your skills to us? lf you are brave enough, come on...

Remove your uniform, even a lad will break your head... and had remove your brain out, then. How dare you...?

You dog.

Are you challenging me? l will book a prostitution case on you and conduct a marriage...

...at the police station.

Sir, Mahalakshmi sold those cards.

We are having 35 pending cases...

Come on. l was struggling to solve them...

Come now l will book you all in those.

Will any girl come in search of him? We don't know.

Mummy, was it that sister? Shut up.

Sir Come on repeat.

Please leave her. Come on repeat.

Give way!

Sir, one girl helped him by supplying sim Cards.

She is Mahalakshmi.


Welcome. Please come.

Come on let's go. You can't escape.

Let's go to the station/

Selling sim Cards to rowdies?

Tell where is Aaru?

You know lot of tricks.

You meet him very often. lsn't it?

Do you drink daily?

Shall l introduce a cockroach inside?

You bitch.

Are you not a lady?

Why are you harrasing that girl? You pig.

She has the same thing you have.

How dare you? l'll put you in place.

Sir, we have identified the one who stole Qualis.

Who was it? lt was Sumo.

That is a vehicle's name.

A vehicle can't steal a vehicle.

Sir. lt is the name of a person.

Bring Sumo.

Don't push me. Don't show off in front of him.

He himself is a poser.

Do you know Aaru? l don't know Aaru (Six) or 7. But l know 8, 9, 10.

Don't play with me.

Why do you do like this? l was walking in the road...

...but you've brought me here and ask nonsense.

Am l jobless? How dare you?

You want to know where Aaru is?

Come along. l will show you.

Aaru(River) is here?

-Come on, remove your hats and dive into it - You want us to dive?

How dare you show us this drainage?

Sir, you asked me to show Aaru (River). l had done my job. l am going.

Are you kidding? Don't you know Aaru?

Which Aaru you mean?

You mean that! Okay let's go.

Look Aaru(Six). lt looks excellent. ls it not?

Don't you know gangster Aaru?

Oh, you mean that! Okay let's go.

You could have told me earlier.

Had we told? - l would've told l don't know him, then.

Oh my God!

Let them go to dust.

Tell me.

Viswanthan had killed our Gopi and Sasi.

The police A.C. had booked false cases on our people.

Maha is also arrested.

We shouldn't spare him. l'll kill that A.C.

We can kill the police 'Raja Velu'

But l can do nothing to the brother-in-law 'Raja Velu' inside him. l am tied up by family sentiments.

Otherwise, l would have butchered that fellow. lf you are a fair person...

Arrest Viswanathan who killed our people.

Or arrest Baskar who burnt the guys.

Also 2 persons in your custody were killed. Look into these.

Don't think that you are great since you are a police officer. l will destroy you in a minute.

Since you are my relative, l am warning you.

Today l'll too, equal the two you did.


l understand your anger, sister. l had not come to justify me. l came to just vent my feelings.

Nirmala, did anybody rang up?


Why do you seem a bit disturbed?

Anybody home?

No. Nobody came. l can make out from my wife's voice.

Something is fishy.

Unfair to burn alive innocent people.

Ask your husband to arrest me.

After my mother, you showered me love.

Then that that girl.

Unnecessarily he has arrested her, sister. lf anything happens to my darling Maha... l will not keep quiet.

Daily l pray to that everybody should be fine.

But l know none of you are going to be fine. Fate.

But you should propser.

For me you are important.

For you, your husband is important.

Better you two run away to Madurai.

Or else...or else...

l won't harm your husband.

But, if anyone else does something, l can't block it.

He won't be there in the station when you go there.

Even now he will not be there. He would have guessed l am here.

Where is he?

Search upstairs. Everywhere.

Don't leave a place. He shouldn't escape.

How dare you betray your husband and your brothers? l know the meaning of your sighing.

How dare you lie to me?

To make you tell the truth...

...here your darling has come. lf you don't tell the truth... l will make him kiss you on your lips.

What are you?


Leave me. Stop.

Don't beat me.

Shift the girl.

Get In

Head constable, what nonsense is this? lf you don't file proper papers...

...and harass a young girl, this is what will happen.

We should not leave him. -Check whether he is following us? -Yes.

-Get down and run away. -Aaru get away.

Take Maha with you.

Don't leave him.


Where are we going? l will tell later.

Come here. Finish him.

Chop them off Come soon Aaru!

Don't leave him.

Mari, how dare you bring a boat?

Get in. Careful. Take care. Go.

Stop. Finish him.

Give it Aaru. No. Please spare us.

Listen to me. Give me match box. l am like your brother, Aaru.

You've called me brother. l will not light you, hereafter.

Baskar you were the rascal who burnt alive five guys.

Today l want to burn only one.

You light him and get away. No Aaru, spare me. l can't he is my 15 year friend.

Affection? Then Loganathan, you do the job and get away.

No, Brother. No.

No, Brother. No.

Baskar you die. Please. l will take care of your family.

Hear your 15 year friend? What he says now...

You only burnt those 5 guys.

Now you want to do it to me?

l will not spare you.

Baskar spare me.

How dare you set me ablaze?

Stop everything. lmmediately. lntelligence report is on the way.

Anytime it will reach the Chief Minister's table.

They'll react soon. l asked you to kill Aaru (River).

But you have dressed up in sludge Useless fellows.

My party people are thinking l am also in Nathan and Company My reputation is lost now.

Two bodies in the drainage river.

Two charred bodies near the beach.

Dubious arrest of 30 people.

Now a police station, burnt.

You better remove your uniform and play games.

Give 24 hours time. l'll finish him.

You are good for nothing rowdies.

A true rowdy does things without any trace of evidence.

Not like this.

Have you finished? We can't stop anything. l don't care a damn for anyone. l will fight until the end. l don't care for anyone.

Tell me. l want to meet you immediately.

Do you know where you are now? ln the border of lndia, near Ceylon. l want to meet you immediately.

Are you scared that something might happen to me?

Don't worry! You will get me.

We've got a lead. Tell me. - Sometime back...

...Aaru had talked in a cell Phone.

Yesterday, the cell was in Madras...

Now it shows it is in Rameswaram.

Now it has reached Ceylon signal area.

The cell Phone that Aaru used...

...showed two coverage areas! Tambaram and Vandalur.

Only at this area, the coverage is overlapping. lt is alternating.

He should be somewhere nearby.

Ask Tambaram Bai and Vandalur Mathi to search for him. l too will get into the battle field.

Everything is okay.

Don't try to escape.

Aaru's location has been identified. Vandalur forest area.


Aaru, the police had arrest Babu.

They know you are here and the police are after you. l know that. l asked him to do so.

All of you leave this place.

Why do you... Start immediately!

Shall we call for more forces?

Stupid it is five kilometers forest. lf there are more people he might get alerted.

We haven't come to catch him we have come to finish him off.

Put your cell phones on silent modes.

You go this side.

You go that side.

Bupendar, Natraj answer me.

Uncle, Natraj is now in heaven.

Where are you?

Uncle, Pugalandi is also now in heaven.

Where are you?

lf you move, your brains will shatter.

Hands up.

Get up.

Uncle, l have thrashed Aaru inside Vandalur forest.

He his now lying on the floor. Come quickly. l am on the way there. Drive fast man.


Brother-in-law! Rajavelu.

Come on guys.


Catch him guys.

You don't count the sins, neither the bullets you fire. l carried it more often than you!

lf l slit you... (censored) you will have an easy death.

You can die easily eating rat poison.

But living is difficult.

And suffering your whole life is more difficult.

You know innocent people got burnt...

...but you should suffer all life.

Stories of our lives should be a lesson to all rowdies. l will not spare you.

You were living like a king.

Now, l will make you like a torn piece of paper.

You should be ashamed to come out of your home.

You will be in such a miserable position.

Even if you come out, those who saluted should make fun of you.

You are a 45 year old invalid none will come for your rescue?

You are a pig who eats shit for money.

But on your last days, will have no hands to sign documents.

You should beg for other's help for all your daily needs.

Are you wondering what l am going to do? lf l finish you, your pains will last only a few minutes.

But if l maim you, it is pain as long as you are alive.

Aaru, don't.

Now, do you realise?

That the poor has the power to one day make the rich useless.

After jail sentence...

We are going to Trichy, guys.

You too go somewhere. lf you stay back here, again they will start...

...settling old scores and we will return to the job.

Enough to live a life to scare others.

Only if we are honest we can lead a normal life.

We are starting.

l take leave.

Bye, Ravi.

Bye, sister. Bye to everyone.

Praise me lord Have it.

Dear, you told we are going to Trichy.

Now we are at Central Station?

We are leaving to Pune.

Hereafter no one should know where we are living. l promised that l will be all yours.

This is it.