Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953) Script

And whose pocket are you picking?


I thought maybe the monster had struck again.

It would be an easy thing for him to do with me sleeping in the park.

The monster murders time and again and never a trace of him have they found.

= t know.

They don't know whether he's 2A man or an animal.

Might even be a woman.

It's possible, you know.

= of course I know.

My wife's a monster to me.

She's joined them suffragettes.

Do you believe in women voting?

No, I can't say that I do.

Ladies, gentlemen:

Listen to the story of the neglected, abused and unappreciated women of today.

Ah, you got bats in your belfry.

= hire a hall.

Why don't you join the army?

Yeah, if you want to vote like men, why don't you fight like men?

Oh, go home and fight your old man.

Listen to the story of downtrodden women.

J equal rights for the women j j we're practically brimmin' over j j with our fight to get the vote j equal rights for the women j j no herin' and himin' j j not until we women get the vote j j you seem to think we're silly geese j j Willy-nilly-silly geese j; Do you want war? J j; Do you want peace? J j listen, dearie, here's the ultimatum j j no more hugs, no more kisses j j the mister will miss his kisses j j till we women get the vote j j no more winks, no more flirtin' j» j no matter how hard it's hurtin' j j till we women get the vote j j you great big men out-muscle us j j but you can't out-tussle us j j our defenses will tighten j j we'll keep right on fightin' j» j for equal rights j j for the women equal rights j

Now, will all of you be kind enough to sign our petitions and help us get the right to vote?

Who'll be the first to sign?

How about you, sir?

Will you sign?

Right on the dotted line.

Uh, Bruce Adams.

Employed by the daily reporter, fleet street.

Office hours, 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Home address: 600, soto street, apartment b.

Thank you.

We'll mail you all our literature.

Oh, which address do you prefer?


Oh, otherwise, how can I mail you what I write about your suffragette movement?

Are you sure it's the cause you're interested in?

Oh, naturally.

Of course I must admit that an interview in a little quieter spot might make things clearer for me.

You and your yowling females, go back to the kitchen where you belong.

Wait a minute, fellow, you can't talk to a lady like that.

Try and shut me up.

Stop this fighting!

Go on, hold your jaw.

Hold your own jaw!

Come on, men, let's send them back to the kitchen.

Come on, ladies!

Stop this fight! Hey!

Hey, stop this fight, there's ladies present!

I'm a...

Stop this fighting, I tell you.

Stop this fight...

Now, listen, lady, that wasn't cricket.

And I don't...

I'll have no more of this clowning around now.

I'm getting sick...






Stop this fight right now!

Look out, here come some more bobbies!




Now just a minute.

You're under arrest for resisting an officer.

I'm under arrest?! Yes!


Why you...

= we are not criminals.

I demand that you release us at once.

= she demands that we release her.

Who is going to release us?

You're bailed out, everybody.

Oh, thank you.

You, too.

And someday women will be able to take their rightful place in business, and the sciences, and the professions.


Now, is there anything I haven't told you?


Are you married?

Hey, miss, you're bailed out.

I wonder who put up the money.

= t don't know.

But whoever it was, I hate him.

I was beginning to enjoy it in here.

I'm sorry.

You, too.

Not you, or you. - Thank you.


= what about us?

That's a good question.

I think I asked him a silly question.

And you got a silly answer. = uh...



It was you who put up the bond.

I couldn't allow my favorite ward and her friends to languish in prison.

Not being a member of the suffragettes, I think I ought to pay my share.

Oh, that's not necessary.

Oh, you had the money all the time.

You could've gotten out yourself.

And miss all the fun of being with you?

I, I don't think I've met your friend, Vicky.

Oh, I'm sorry.

This is Bruce Adams, Dr. Jekyll.

Dr. Jekyll.

How do you do?

Bruce works on the daily reporter.

I think I've talked him into writing a very good story about our suffragette movement.

That should be most interesting reading.

Good day, sir.

I've no more appointments today, Vicky.

I thought we could take a drive and have dinnev.

Oh, I'm sorry, I can't, Henry.

We're having an early show at the music hall tonight.

Oh, dear.

Well, at least there'll be time for a short drive.

My coachman can drop me at the house and then take you on to the music hall.

Oh, that would be nice.

Dr. Jekyll, you wouldn't be going toward the west end?

Well, as a matter of fact, I was.

Then you won't mind dropping me off.

Thank you.

I hope I'm not crowding you.

No, not at all.

Home, Watkins.

Yes, sir.


Um, this is what I get for putting two Americans on the force so they can learn our police methods.

Bring them in.

Yes, sir.

You're finished, tubby, through.

You've perpetrated your last farce.

You're a disgrace to the department!

You're right, inspector.

We can't have men like him on our police force, can we?

= attention!

You can say, since it's the woman who makes the home, raises the family and is the nursemaid, housemaid and general handyman she should be entitled to equal rights.

Do you conduct the woman's page in your paper?

No, sir.

But this story has an attraction for me.

I report crime news, such as the murder early this morning.

= murder?

How dreadful.

I must get a copy of your paper.

Well, the victim was a colleague of yours, I believe, a Dr. poole?

= poole?

Ti don't think I know him.

Isn't that the man Dr. lanson brought to the house one evening?

Oh, darling, lanson's always bringing somebody to the house.

He has to have somebody to bolster up his arguments against my theories.

Dr. Jekyll, as one of our most prominent medical research scientists, can you explain why men commit acts of violence such as murder?

That's one of the theories Henry and Dr. lanson don't agree on.

Oh, lanson agrees with me, all right.

But unlike me, he's afraid of public opinion.

On the other hand, I'm convinced someday scientists will probe the mind of man.

Then you believe these acts of violence stem from a disordered brain?

I believe that every human being has two sides to his nature, the good and the evil.

When the evil predominates, it brings out the animal instinct in man, the desire to get what you want, even if you have to kill to get it.

Of course, some people are born with that animal instinct under complete control.

But, it's the less fortunate that I want to help.

If I can find some way to curb that instinct, to tame it so that it's always under control, then perhaps we can eliminate bloodshed, violence, even war, and have peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

I see, have you experimented?

Oh, no, of course not.

It's only a theory as yet, and I have no desire to see it in print so far.

Well, I'm home.

Watkins, you will take miss Edwards to the jubilee music hall.

Very good, sir.

If it's all right with you, doctor, I'll just ride back to the music hall with Vicky.

If you don't mind.

= not at all.

But I understood you had a friend in this neighborhood you wanted to see.

Well, I doubt if he'd be home at this hour.

But I happen to have another friend who lives near the music hall.

I see, well, after you've called on him, I'm sure Watkins will be delighted to drive you all over London to see the rest of your friends.

Good day, sir.




You didn't give the injection.

I told you to.

Yes, I know.

When I told him about my research, he laughed at me.

T had to.

No, I didn't kill him.

Mr. Hyde did.

Dr. Jekyll is a cultivated gentleman, bound by convention, by tradition, who, through a metamorphosis, becomes Hyde, a creature devoid of all good, the embodiment of all that's evil.

I must make no more experiments until I find the proper balance.

Either the effect of the serum takes too long to wear off or it isn't long enough.

It's too dangerous.

No, I must do it again.

I've waited all these years for her.

Now, that newspaperman...

T hate him.

T hate him.

Mr. Hyde will kill him.

Mr. Hyde will kill him.

J the judge, he called me names j j I said, "drive on, James" j j jail's been home some 47 times j

Excuse me while I make my change.

You kissed me.

What's wrong with that?

I told you I believe in equal rights.

Do you think your guardian will approve of this?

= of course.

Henry's taken care of me ever since my father died.

He's been wonderful to me.

Anything that makes me happy pleases him, too.

Well, anything that pleases you pleases me, too.

Now, the only way we can get back on the police force is to capture the monster.

Look, slim. What?

If all of Scotland yard can't catch him, how can we?

Oh, now, look here, we're apt to find him in any dark doorway.


You got a match, governor?

= give him a match.


Get the kisser on that guy.

Oh, don't get excited.

Back up, slim!

Hey, look!

What? There's a burglar.

Come on, let's catch him.

Oh, you can catch a burglar any night.

Let's get the monster.

No, let's get that burglar, and we'll get back on the police force.

Let's go! - All right.

What do you fellows want? = uh.

We're the new dance team.

Show him, tubby.

I'll see you in the dressing room as soon as I finish the number.

All right.

Why don't you watch it from out front?

I'd rather watch from backstage.

Hey, get out of here!

Girls. Girls?

Now, listen, we're not looking for girls.

We're looking for a burglar.

Check the rest of these rooms.

I'll check backstage.

There's nobody in here.

Excuse me. Yes, sir.

Slim, slim, slim.

Slim, slim.

What, what's, what's the matter?

= the monster's inside.

The monster, the monster. = the monster?

The monster's inside. Well, go on inside.

I'll hold the door and keep him from escaping.

Hey, you.

Did you see a big, gruesome-looking monster come through here?

A big guy, he had the teeth right down to here.

Do you mean this?

That's the guy.



There he is.

Did you take him for the monster?

Excuse my friend, he's a little excited.

= excited?

He's balmy.

I shall call the manager.

Now, listen, that burglar's around here somewhere.

Get some clues.

= t know where to look for clues.

Where do you look for clues?

= in the clues closet.

= in the clues closet.

Your hat's dirty.

All right, now look for the burglar.

I must be seeing things.

Slim, slim, slim.


Pardon me just a minute.

What's the matter? = come on.

I got the real monster inside.

What do you mean? Yeah.

He's got big eyes, big teeth, and a lot of hair on his hand and arm.

Or possibly one of the other actors.

Oh, no, this is the monster, he's not acting.

You sure? Positive.

You hold that door, and I'll go get a club.

Hurry up, hurry up.

Come on, open that door.

= come here.

That's where he was, right there.

T know he's around here.

He's hiding here someplace.



Stand back, slim.



I got him, slim, I got...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, slim.

What happened?

What happened?

I thought you was the monster.

= where is the monster?

= t don't know.

He's not here.

T think he's in the next room.

In there? Yeah.

Here, I'll go and chase him out.

Yeah? Stand here, and as soon as he comes through here, clonk him.

I'll belt him, slim.

Wait a minute. = I'll belt him like I belted you, my pal. = stand over here.

I beg your pardon, have you seen a monster around here?

Oh, I see, you can't talk with that heavy mask on.

Well, here, I'll help you take it off.

You see, we're looking for him for a purpose.

Now there's a reason...

= slim!


What happened? What happened?

= a terrible creature knocked us down.

It's the monster, and I seen him.

He escaped through the skylight.

What a story!

Let's grab him, boys!

No, you don't.

Come on up the steps. Come on, hurry up here.

= there he is.



Tubby, this is no time to hang out laundry.


Now hurry up before the monster gets away.

The monster, come on!

The monster!

= the monster?

No, you don't.

Come on, come on.

He must be around here someplace.

Maybe he's gone, I hope.

Uh, let's split up, and we'll each look for him.

All right.

Slim, you go that way.

Good. I'll go this way.

Tubby, do you know which way to go?

Home? = no!

You stay here and look for him.

And if you find him, holler.

If I find him, I won't be able to holler.

I'm scared.


Maybe I could get down through this here way and then get onto the street.






Anybody hear me?!



Hey, the monster's loose.

The monster's loose.

Come on, come on!

Come on!

Hey, come on, will you?

We can catch the monster.

Give me your hand, come on.


Hurry up.


I wonder where the monster could have disappeared to.

I wonder where tubby could've disappeared to.

Well, I'm going to check with the inspector.

You go ahead.

I'm going to search for tubby.






Come on, will you?


Slim! - Tubby?


Slim. Tubby, where are you?

Over here! = huh.


Slim, get me out.

Tubby, what're you doing in there?


= what's the matter?

Hey, listen. What?

Slim. What?

The monster's here. = the monster!

= not so loud.

Not so loud.

He's here, he's here.

I'll go out and get the inspector.

What am I gonna do?

You wait right here.

I'll go with you. No, you don't.

Listen, look around for a piece of rope and tie him up.

Go ahead.

Hey, slim, I got him, I got him!

You're a bad boy!

Come on.

Hey, slim!

Hey, slim!

Oh, slim, come on, I got the monster!

I got the monster, I got him!

I got him in a cage!

I got him!

Hey, slim, I got him, I got him!

Say, inspector, I caught the monster.

Uh? I caught him.

Hey, slim. - What?

I caught the monster. = I don't believe it.

Come on, I'll show him to you.

Come on, inspector, I'll show you.

Come on, come oh, come on, I want to show you the monster.

Dr. Jekyll?

Dr. Jekyll, what'd you do, leave the monster out?

How did this happen?

I was passing the museum on my way home.

The door was open, I heard a noise, so I just came in to investigate and this moron pushed me into this cage.

I saw a... You saw one of our most respected citizens and you deliberately pushed him into a cage!

Oh, no, no, no, inspector.

Look, he's the monster.

Let him show you the ring.

Tell him to show you the ring, go ahead, look, show the ring. I wear no rings.

You wish to prefer charges?

T think he suffers from hallucinations.

Perhaps he and I should have a little talk someday.

I might be able to help him.

Dr. Jekyll, I thought I had a pretty good story, but since your name is involved, I'll just forget it.

Thank you. Good night, sir.

Good night, inspector.

Can I drop you off at your home, doctor?

Thank you, no, inspector, I'm going to walk.

You're the one that ought to be behind the bars, not Dr. Jekyll.

Good night.

Good night. = eel



Good night!

One moment, please.

Gentlemen, I'm a very nervous man, and all these stories in the newspaper about a monster running around town have disturbed me greatly.

= not me.

I'd like to get my hands on that monster.

You would? = sure.

You're a very brave man.

I must confess, if I came face to face with the monster I don't know what would happen.

I wonder if you'd be kind enough to walk with me as far as my house.

Oh, sure. I'd be very much obliged.

Come on, tubby. No, no, no, no, no.

Come on, it's not every day you get a chance to walk home with a great man like Mr. Jekyll.

Oh, no! Come on.

You, you!

As for you, you dummy, good night.

I can't tell how much I appreciate your coming with me, gentlemen.

I understand from the inspector you were both members of the police force.

How true.

But after what's happened, I don't think we'll ever get back on.

Well, I think perhaps I can make the inspector listen to reason.

In the meantime, I'd feel much safer if you'd stay here tonight.

I'd gladly pay you for your time, say five pounds?

Five pounds?

I should say we will.

Won't we...


Don't get nosy.

We'll stay.

Where do we sleep?

This way, gentlemen, I'll show you.


Come on, we're gonna make five pounds.

Hey, slim.

Yeah? = slim.

I gotta go home, I forgot something.

What did you forget? I forgot to stay there.

No, you don't, come on.

There you are, gentlemen.

I hope you'll be comfortable.

You've got nothing to worry about.

You've got the law in the house now.

Thank you, thank you.

Five pounds just to sleep here.

Not bad, eh, tubby? - Yes.

If we're alive in the morning and able to spend it.

Now, look, you can't make two persons out of one.

If there's a monster, there's a monster.

If there's a Dr. Jekyll, there's a Dr. Jekyll.

But one can't be the other.

Now, listen, slim, all I know is that I locked up the monster, and when I came back, Dr. Jekyll was there.

You know, I'm no magician.

You're having hallucinations.

I'm having what?

You're having hallucinations.

I don't know what I'm having, but I'm gonna tell you this:

Either Dr. Jekyll is the monster, or the monster is Dr. Jekyll.

Hey, you've got something there, you...

Oh, stop it, that's the same thing!

I put them in the bedroom on the second floor.

The fat one saw me.

He saw my ring, too.

You hold it for me.

Perhaps he should never leave here.

Don't be so impatient, batley.

He might be interesting to experiment on.

Now, that newspaperman.

T must find out where he lives.

Good night, batley.

Keep your eyes open.



Dr. Jekyll.

Dr. Jekyll.

Dr. Jekyll.

Dr. Jekyll.


What a cute little easter bunny.

Snapped at me.

Now, you stay away from me.

= but what seems to be the matter?

There's someone in this house that shouldn't be here, and it's me. - What?

Where are you going? Where am I going?

Go ahead and ask him.

Ask him why he needs you and I to be a bodyguard for him.

He's got a bodyguard downstairs who'd like to tear me apart.

Where did this take place?

Where did it take place?

Right behind there.

Oh, that's a bookcase.

That's a bookcase, and behind the bookcase he's got a laboratory with all kinds of funny animals down there and things.

Go on, ask him.

He won't tell you, but ask him.

Why shouldn't I?

I've a complete laboratory here.

Of course, I've tried to keep it hidden from prying eyes.

The research I'm doing is highly secret.

I'll be glad to show it to you, if you care to see it.

I've already seen it.

Oh, the doctor won't let any harm come to you.

Okay, but I'm not gonna turn my back on him.

Come on, follow me.

This way, gentlemen.

You gentlemen should feel highly complimented.

You're the first to see the inside of my laboratory.

For 15 years I've been experimenting with strange drugs, drugs that someday will be of service to mankind.

That rabbit snapped at me.

A rabbit snapped at you?

What your friend says is quite right.

I've been able to transfer the characteristics of this dog into the brain of that rabbit.

Now, this monkey here... Never mind this monkey.

How about that big ape that'd like to beat me up?

I know of no such person.

I work here quite alone.

You know, I think you're seeing things again.

If I was Dr. Jekyll, I'd throw you out.

= t wish he would.

Now, if you gentlemen will excuse me.

Slim, there's something funny about that doctor.

Oh, don't be silly.

If doctors didn't experiment, they'd never be able to find new cures for you.

As far as that doctor's concerned, I'm cured.

You were right, batley.

We must dispose of them right now.


That's funny-tasting water.

Come on, let's get out of here before something happens.

Will you stop complaining?

We're making five pounds, aren't we?

Well, keep quiet.

Now, the doctor showed you all over the house, showed you all of his laboratory here.

Everything's in order, there's no harm done.

What can happen to you in a place like this?

He's a legitimate doctor, he's always...

Hey, hey.





Tubby, come back here.

They've gone.

See that they come back.



Tubby, what's the idea of running out on me?

I don't feel so good.

I don't trust that Dr. Jekyll.

What do you mean?

Any man that can take a dog's brain and put it into a rabbit's, he can take a person and change him into something he ain't.

Oh, that's physically impossible.

I've told you that before.

A human being is a human being and you can't make anything different of him.

Hey, here's a pub.

I'm going to go get me a cold drink.

Hey, slim? Now what?

You wouldn't let him change me into anything, would you?

Oh, certainly not.

Oh, boy.

Now come on, let's get that cold drink.


= one half-and-half.

Right-o, sir.

What will you have?

Sarsaparilla and some cheese.

Yes, sir.

Is there anything wrong? Why, no, sir.

Nothing at all, sir.

I'll go and see about that cheese.


What happened to him?

=t don't...

Them mice get bigger every day.

I may have to eat with them, but I don't have to drink with them.

Hey, what's the idea of bringing in that mouse?

Oh, go away, you're drunk.

= I'm not drunk.

And you take your friend out of here.

T don't like mice.

Who are you calling a mouse?

Ah, it talks!

Hey, slim. What?

Those guys must be seeing things.

Oh, pay no attention to them, they're drunk.

You know, there's always a way of...



Hey, slim, what happened?

Come to.

Come on now.

Oh, slim.

Hey, slim, you don't look so good.

Oh, tubby.

Oh, what I just saw!

Great, big!

He was, he...


Oh, no!

Oh, slim.



Oh, ah!

Oh, boy.


Hey, slim, what am I, a man or a mouse?

A minute ago I thought you were a mouse.

= oh.

I've got it!

That stuff that you drank in the laboratory.

How do you like that Dr. Jekyll?

He turned me into a mouse, the rat!

Let's tell the inspector. Let's tell the inspector.

Which way did he go?

You claim that Dr. Jekyll is using drugs to transform people into other people?

Yes, sir.

What kind of people?

= mice.

Pardon me, did you say mice?

He means mouse.


I took a drink of something, and I turned into a mouse.

He's right, and I was right there, I saw it.

Where did this mouse-turning take place?

In a pub.

I see, you turned into a mouse in a pub, and you saw it.

Yes, sir.

= you were drunk.

You were seeing things.

You expect me to arrest one of the most prominent doctors

get out of here.

Get out and stay out.



Get out, get out!

I can't believe what they've said about Dr. Jekyll.

It's too fantastic.

If it reached the papers, it would ruin his reputation.

So fantastic, I wouldn't think of using a story like that without proof.

Look, I saw the monster.

Ain't that proof?

I know tubby drank something in the laboratory that turned him into a mouse.

Oh, my dear.

This is a pleasant surprise.

And you brought visitors.

Come in, come in.

Henry, is it true you've been experimenting with weird drugs that change humans into animals?

In a hidden laboratory?

Oh, dear!

I suppose these two gentlemen are responsible for this nonsense.

Now, if you'll be kind enough to step into the library I'll be glad to answer any questions.

First of all, let me say that if I used my knowledge of medicine to concoct drugs that turned a human being into a beast why, I'd be arrested for practicing witchcraft.

But you do have a laboratory.

All my research is done at the hospital.

I've no laboratory on the premises.


What's that thing back there where you got all the animals, a dog kennel?

What about the secret place behind the bookcase?

There's nothing secret about it.

I'll be glad to show you through there.

I don't think it's necessary, Henry.

I'm sorry, Dr. Jekyll, but I still have the curiosity of a newspaperman.

Are you sure you're telling the truth?

= sure I'm sure.

When I say I seen something, I seen something.

Mr. Adams, if you'll follow me, I'll be glad to show you through.

Then there'll be no doubt in your mind.

= follow me.

Follow you!

You always push me in first.

Right down the stairs, Vicky.

Bruce, now we got him.

Wait till you see what he's got inside there.

This certainly doesn't look like a laboratory, Henry.

Dr. Jekyll, I'm afraid I owe you an apology.

Well, that's all right, my boy.

Say no more about it.

Shall we go back to the library now?

= slim.

Come here.

Now, we were down here before.

You and I know that there was a laboratory here.

= t know that.

He sure made us look like a couple of dopes.

Listen, if we could find out where that guy hid the stuff then we could prove to Bruce that we're right.

You've got something there.

Come on.

Hey, tubby, let's look around here.

Maybe he hid some of his drugs here.

Let's take the overcoats off some of these bottles and find out.

What's that?

Hey, this is the stuff you drank, moselle.

This is what turned you into a mouse.

Come here, sit down.

You're gonna drink some more of this, turn back into a mouse.

Then we'll prove to Bruce that the doctor was lying.

= wait a minute.

Suppose I drink this, and I turn into a mouse and I don't turn back to the way I am, to the way I like to be?

Oh, don't worry, I'll bring you cheese every day.

Now drink up.

Anything to prove something.

You feel anything?

= no.

Maybe I didn't give you enough.

Go ahead, drink up.

Now, do you feel like a mouse?

No, just a little warm all over.

Dr. Jekyll, I feel like a fool.

Don't be upset, Bruce.

Henry understands.

Of course I understand.

Go ahead, drink it up.

Now, now, now are you a mouse?

I'm, I'm doing all the drinking, and you turn into a mouse.

A big mouse, you're turning.

I'm gonna have to take you up to Bruce and I'm gonna show him that we was right.

You changed into a mouse.

We're gonna show him that the doctor was lying.

Come on.

Hey, hey, aren't you going to come upstairs with me?

Come on.

This is a lot of steps here, mousy.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!

Tubby, are you all right?

Can I do anything for you?

Yeah, give me a piece of cheese.

Dr. Jekyll, as Vicky's guardian, I was wondering if you'd have any objections to our marriage?

The question's hardly necessary, Bruce.

Henry's always given me anything that would make me happy.

Dr. Jekyll?

She has given you the answer.

There's nothing left for me to say.

Well, preparing for a wedding is gonna keep me quite busy.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'd better run along.

I'll go with you.

You can drop me off at my flat.

Good day, Henry.

Good day, Dr. Jekyll.

One moment, my dear.

If you're going to be married soon, there are many things your guardian should talk over with you.

Very well.

I'll see you this evening, dear.

Good day, doctor. - Good day.

What did you want to talk over, Henry?

Wedding plans.

What plans do you have for Bruce and me?

= none.

You can't marry him, you belong to me.

I've loved you ever since you were a child.

Every plan I ever made, I made for you.

Oh, Vicky, we could be happy together.

I can do everything for you.

We'll leave for Paris tonight, tour the world.

Oh, you must be out of your mind.

I'll not let you marry anyone but me.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to turn him into a monster.

When I kill him, the police will think I did it to save my darling ward.

I won't let you do it!


Tubby was right.

You're capable of doing everything he said you did.

You're cruel and inhuman.

You created the monster.

I'm going to tell the police.

You're, you're the monster!

Vicky's in trouble.

Hurry up.


Now let him go.

Get him.

Get him.

Vicky, are you all right?


= good.

You stay here where you're safe.

You fellows come with me.

Hey, I heard a sound come from over there.

Sounds like something down here.

There he goes! - There he goes!

You've got to stop the monster before he kills again.

He's in the neighborhood of Dr. Jekyll's house.


Very well, miss.

I'll send a squad right over.

Stevens, take your men into the east end.

They're chasing the monster there.

We shall show the world that we're the stronger sex.

From now on, we shall go forward and not retreat.

I will be your leader.

I fear no man!

Lady, you better get that baby home.

The monster's on the loose.

Come on, boys.

Something must've frightened the nurse.

She left the baby carriage.

I'll take it to her, because ti know where the kid lives.

Besides, I ain't anxious to meet the monster.

= good.

Come on, boys.

= hello?

Inspector, I just saw the monster in Hyde park.

But that's impossible, madam.

He was seen in the east end.

It can't be.

Hurry over to the west end.

They've seen the monster there, too.

Jock, since when have you become a nursemaid?

He's a nice one.

He never said he was married.

Let's have a look at the little tyke.

Yeah. Go on, have a look.

Let's look at him.

Does he look like you?

= there he is.

You say he's been seen in the vicinity of the wax museum.

Right away, sir.

Barrows, thompkins, search the wax museum.


Yes, sir.

Now he's been seen crossing threadneedle street.

Take a patrol wagon and scour the whole section.

Oh, no!

Let's get out of here!

Hey, Horace, don't go so blasted fast.

The monster!

The monster!

You have your nerve.

Who were you talking to, Oscar?

Hey, go easy, Oscar, 1 can't keep up the pace.

There he goes.

Surround the building so he can't escape.

I'll go up there.

We lost him, governor.

Well, he can't be far.

Let's search the area.

Aye, governor.

= Bruce.

I thought you were the monster.

I'm sorry.

There he goes! - There he goes!

Unfasten that clothesline so I can tie him up.

Boy, will this open the inspector's eyes.

Inspector, I tell you, there is only one monster, and he's...


= you men cover the back of the house.

You two stay here in front in case Jekyll returns.





You can't escape, Jekyll.

The house is surrounded.


His face is changing.

It's a madman.

It's 2A madman.

It was Dr. Jekyll, I tell you, it's Dr. Jekyll.

All right, break it up, come on, get moving.

Come on, get along with you, get open.

Come on.

Move along.

Come on, break it up.

What do you want?

Inspector, I caught the monster.

Now this ought to put me back on the police force.

It will if it's true, but after today I don't believe anything.

This is true, I've got him outside.

Bring him in, boys.

You'll struggle more when they get the noose around your neck.

It will be a pleasure to hang you.



But he couldn't have been killed in front of Dr. Jekyll's house.

They just brought him in.

I'm telling you, the monster's here now.

He's in my office.

No, he's...

So you caught the monster?

Yes, sir.

Inspector, this should get me a promotion.

This ought to put you in jail for the rest of your life.

Masquerading him as a monster.


Slim, what am I tied up for?

What's the idea of disguising yourself as the monster?

= monster?

What did I do?

What did you do?

Well, you had me chase you all over London, and when I get you here, when I get you here, you bite four policemen and the inspector.