Abel's Field (2012) Script

Run to the left!

We bring you gifts of rice, corn....

Rice, corn, and....

Squash. What's squash?

It's like a pumpkin.

Come on, we're gonna be late.

Ms. Hernandez says someone has to hold our hand before we go on the street.

Hold each other's hand. Come on, let's go.

Look out! Go, Tigers!

Come on.


Where are you, you lousy drunk?

Where's Pete?

They fired him last week.

For what?

For being drunk.

Oh, well, that's great. That is just dandy.

What's your name? Andy?


All right, Abel, you come with me.

We bought the new system over the summer to fix the one we got.

Apparently, Lopez forgot the part about installing it.

We got homecoming coming up in five weeks.

It's the only one that's in prime time, and I want this field looking immaculate.


So can you install the new one?

I can try.

No, no. When my boys tell me they'll try...

...I make them run laps.

Now just do what you gotta do, keep the grass alive and get it installed.

Hey. What's wrong with you, McArdle?

What, do you like getting hit or something?

You know, that mirror's gonna cost at least 200.

And I know you don't got it. Swing by the shop, I'll cut you a deal.

I don't wanna fight you. Hey.

I don't wanna fight you either, man, but it's not like I got a choice.

Coach says he catches y'all fighting again, he's gonna bench you.

Of course he did. He has to say that.

You know what happened to me after last time?

All I had to do was run laps.

I don't mind running laps.

You don't? I mean, no.

Hey, Netty.

What happened to your face? Hit somebody's fist with it.

Well, I hope they're all right.

She just came in off the lot. Take a look? Yeah.

Yeah, your transmission's shot.

How much is that gonna be? A used block...

...parts and labor, normally runs around eight or nine.

How much for me?


I'm a little short on cash. Call it five.

I bet you are. It's seven.

Six. Seven.

You have no idea how to negotiate.

When can I get it?

It'll probably be a day or two.

What are you doing tonight?

Party over in Armstrong.

I can drive. I can't.


It's game day.

Welcome to game two of your Sinai Tigers.

Billy Hodges lines up under center.

Hut, hut! He's going deep.

Flag on the play.

Need those fries, Seth.

Yeah, yeah. They're coming.

Booster Club would like to announce...

...tickets for the homecoming dance are on sale tonight, You'll find the Booster Club stationed near the South entrance...

...to purchase your tickets before halftime comes to a close,

How about another drink? Yeah.

Just orange juice.


There you go, cheers.

This is a raid. Everybody out, but leave the beers.

Hey, Gil.

How's it going, Roger?

Well, we chased a few kids messing with some cars out in Lucky Lots.

I was gonna open fire if they kept me much longer.

Billy Hodges takes the snap, He's looking deep, It's intercepted, His second of the night, Hey, would you pass me that ashtray?

Hey, what's this you got here?

It's nothing. Oh, come on now.

It's private.

I didn't mean to offend.

No offense taken.

He finds a hole, - Touchdown, Bulldogs, You're joking.

Looks like it's gonna be another great season.

It's 11:30. I know, the game ran--

My curfew's 11.

You want me to talk to your dad?

No. He doesn't like you.

That was six hours so that's 26 dollars.


It's 11:30. That's overtime.

Next Thursday, they want me to come in and work on some of the fryers.

Are you around? I have band practice that night.

Look, Seth, I don't know if I can do this anymore.

I'm trying to save up for a car next summer.

The Radcliffs just had another baby.

They pay twice as much.

Sorry, Seth.

It's just business.

You had some time to think about what you did?

What did I do again?

You picked a fight with our quarterback on game day. You know what you did.

Is that why he threw three interceptions?

You think this is a joke?

How long are you gonna keep believing I start fights with your offensive line?

Until you stop. Billy said you broke his mirror.

You gonna suspend me again or can I just run some laps?

Oh, I'd expel you if I could.

But Principal McKnight says we got to give him another chance.

We got to take into account his family situation.

What situation?

You seen your dad lateIy?

He's around. I'll bet.

You're 17 now, right?

Your dad was 16 when he quit school, if my memory serves me correctly.

The door's right there if you want it.

So, what's my punishment?

I wouldn’t look at it as punishment.

Hey. Alex, isn't it? It's...


Right. Well, this is Seth.

He's a mechanic. He's good at fixing things.

And, boy, does he love to dig.

He's gonna be helping you with the sprinkler.

You've gotta be kidding me. When am I gonna have time?

After school, of course. Yeah? I've already got two jobs.

Well, now you got three. Enjoy.

You speak Spanish? No.

There's a trash can right there.

Why don't you start by cleaning up the bleachers?

Shouldn’t I grab a shovel and, like, start...?

Whatever you say, boss.


You gave me a scare. You need something, buddy?

I'm supposed to give these to....

Mr. Dwight McArdle.

Can never seem to find him.

You his son?

Yeah. Is he here?

No. Well, when do you expect him back?

He's on the road.

Okay, look.

Could you just go ahead and sign right here?

Just shows I gave these to somebody.

What are they for?


...should just probably ask your dad that.

Thanks, pal.

If this message is for Dwight McArdle...

...long haul trucker, leave your name...

...a number I can reach you, your cargo...

...and destination route and delivery schedule, If this message is about something else, keep it short, It's Seth. Come on, pick up.

Pick up.

All right, I'm gonna keep calling back till you answer.

I got a letter today, it's from the bank.

And it's saying we owe them money, I think.

I figure that's your department so give me a call back and tell me what to do.

Oh, and the girls' play, it's in three weeks.

Just thought you should know.

Have you seen my Harry The Hippo video?

Did you check the VCR? Yes.

How about underneath that pile of clothes in your room?

Seth? Are you coming to my play?

I don't know.

What you gonna do? Hey, good game the other night.

Oh, yeah? Whoa, come on, come on.

Everything okay? What?

Is that car bothering you? Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is.

Won't give me back my keys.

Can I borrow this?


I know what you're thinking. I always open cars this way.

That's probably a good way to meet girls.

Did Billy do that to your face?

No, I've always looked like this.

Yeah. He's a bit of a jerk.

Then why are you dating him? I'm not.

That's not what I hear.

It's complicated.

Do you need a ride?

I can't, I got work. Well, thanks, Seth.

Thank you.

For what?

For being you.


Bye, Seth.

Thank you for being you.

That's nice.

You're late.


We start at 3. Yeah, well, I'm here, ain't I?

Well, part of holding on to a job is showing up on time.

Am I getting paid?

This isn't a job.

If you're late again, Chalmers will hear about it.

You think I really care?

You know what, if you....

If you didn't care...

...you wouldn’t be here at all.

Start digging.

All right, boys, come on.


It's 5.

I gotta work at the shop in an hour.

Start at 3 tomorrow.


If this message is for Dwight McArdle...

...long haul trucker, leave your name...

...a number I can reach you...,

There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, Because through Christ Jesus, the law of the spirit of life...

...set me free from the law of sin and death.

For what the law was powerless to do, weakened by sinful nature...

Cary, you're messing it up. Girls.

...in the likeness of sinful man, as a sin offering.

Cary. Stop. Give these to me now.

Hello, Seth. Hi.

Hey, I'm sorry about the girls. Oh, no. That's all right.

God gave us children to remind us not to take things too seriously.

It's good to see you back.

Yeah. You all started having luncheons again.

It's one less meal I have to cook.

You know, Ruth has some clothes she collected from when the Stewarts left.

They had girls too. They've got clothes.

I just thought I'd mention it.

You doing all right? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.

You seen your dad lateIy?

Look, we can all see you're trying hard.

And you're doing an amazing job with your sisters.

But sometimes the hardest thing to do is to ask for help.

I don't need help. I'm not talking about mine.

Have you tried asking him?

I did...



My mom still died.

Thank you for lunch though.

Hey, girls. You ready to go?

I told you, they're gonna do a morning pour!


What are you doing here?

I need to talk to you. Well, you couldn't call?

It's about Dad. Keith.

You coming? Yeah.

What you do want?

Have you seen him? No.

All right, not since last winter. Wait. Do you know where he is?

Probably on a barstool somewhere.

Because I can't get ahold of him, and I've been getting these letters from the bank--

Yo, Keith! I'm coming!

Look, just go home, Seth.

They say we're late in our payments and we owe them and I--

Well, that's not my problem.

Just go away, Seth.

And don't come out here no more.

You know, I keep worrying that one day you're gonna discover...

...the Supersaver on County Road 7.

And then I'll never see you again.

I wonder if you'd call.

You want that in cash or should I just move it to one of your offshore accounts?

Cash, please.

If my husband ever hears about our little intimate encounters...

...he's liable to come around with his 12-gauge.

Probably best if we keep these private conversations...


Bye, sugar.

Bye. See you next week.

Move it! Find your marks!

Let's go, move! Move!


Hey, I got an idea.

Today, how about you dig, and I sit in here and pretend...

...to put together the water pump?

Oh, okay, all right. Okay, the silent game. Yeah.

You know, I love this one. It's usually one of my favorites.

Go! Middle, middle, middle!

Come on now. Stay focused!

Hit your mark!

That's it, boy!

Go at him!

All right, let's do it again!

There you go, there you go!

Hey, Mrs. Johnson, I'm back.

Mrs. Johnson?

Hey, Cary, where's Mrs. Johnson? She left.

She left? When?

I don't remember.

She wrote a note on the refrigerator, I think.

Did you guys get dinner?

I made us some cereal.

Seth? Yeah.

Are we okay?

What do you mean?

You're not eating anything. How do you know?

The bread has fuzz on it.

What'd you guys do with your lunches?

We traded them with Perry Lee.


All right, I'll go to the store tomorrow.

So are we?

What? Are we okay?


Yeah, we're okay.

I'm gonna play a little before bed.

You probably saw.

But we got our tails handed to us in our last game.

Good old-fashioned butt-kicking.

Afterwards, I sent the whole team on a little run down to the Stop & Go.

It was their punishment. And you know what?

They did it without comment or complaint.

They did it because they knew they had done something wrong.

I'm the football coach, Seth.

People do what I tell them. I was--

I told you to be here at 3:00 sharp and help with this field.

But you-- It's 3:30 now.

But you can ask-- It's 3:30!

Now, I told you this was your last chance, and I meant it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Principal McKnight. I'll make--

Hey, Seth. Did you get that pipe cutter? What?

Our cutter's rusted out. I sent Seth to get another one.

Did they have it?

No. No, no, they didn't have it.

But I'll check tonight at the shop.

You sent him out? Well, yeah.

There wasn't that much to do today.

Can't do any digging on game day, right, coach?

You come with me.

Hey, I was just leaving. You finish that Chevelle?

It's parked out back.

Taking her down to El Paso tonight.

What, you closing early? Yeah.

Yeah, I gotta get to the school before the game.

I left my geometry book in my locker.

It's after 6, man. The school's locked up for sure.

Not for me, it ain't.

The 0 and 3 start isn't what Coach Chalmers had in mind going into...

...Sinai's last home game before their road trip.

Hey, Cary, up here.

I'll check on them at halftime, okay?

Move, come on. Let them sit.

You two be good.

Yeah. Go, team, go.

Okay, guys.

Let's go.

Hodges gets the call from Chalmers.

Tigers line up with one in the backfield.

Fumble off the snap.

Ducks' ball.

Turnovers have been costly this year for the Tigers.

They're averaging just over three a game.

Here you go.

Look what I found. What?

Where were they? Down in the student section.

Girls, what were you doing down there? Girls?

It was Cary's idea. What was? Cary, what?

We wanted to get our faces painted. I told you to stay with Miss Pearl.

Do you remember that? She smelled bad.

I don't care how she smelled.

It's okay. I can watch them for the rest of the game.

No, really. You don't have to do that. I know.

And I can paint your faces.

You're sure? All right. Okay. Thank you very much, really.

How's the game, girls?

Good. Good.

Okay. There you go.

Come on, girls. Your brother's gotta work.

Be good.

Are you Seth's girlfriend?

As we take this time now...

...we'd like to mention our sponsor tonight, Lucky Lots, Stop by their lot today to find all the best deals...

...for your next vehicle,

Take your sister inside.

Just brush your teeth and go right to bed, okay?

At least your mother kept everything.

What are you looking for? My football trophies.

"Most Improved Player."

"Best Receiver, 2A Regionals."

That one's mine.

You know, I found him.


Where is he? Ashland Park Cemetery, Oklahoma.

He's dead? Yup, about two months ago.

A heart attack.

At least that's what his wife said. Wife?

I guess you didn't know him quite as good as I did.

He was more into making families than he was keeping them.

What about the house and the girls?

I reckon you got a month or two before the bank kicks you out.

And then Linda can look after the girls just like good old times.

She'll be no better to them than she was with me.

What are we gonna do? "We"?

"We." Where do you find a "we" in all this?

I ain't your family.

Where are you going? I'm going home...

...and back to my life.


Look, you wanna know the truth?

For the longest time...

...I never even considered us brothers.

We ain't never had nothing in common except for a lousy excuse for a dad.

And now we ain't even got that.

See you around, Seth.

I'm looking for a Mr, Gates, Yeah, yeah, I called earlier. I had asked about a loan.

And don't forget to buy your homecoming dance tickets by Friday, Okay.

Well, what time do you all stay open until?

No, no, that's fine. It's just that, I mean, I have school.

High school, yes.

Okay, well, do you know what time he'll be in?

Yes, yes, I'll hold.

Hey. Sorry I'm late, I had to-- Just grab a pipe over there.

Does it matter? Nope, either one.

So you don't speak Spanish, huh?


Thanks for fixing the water pump.

Thanks for covering for me.

How was El Paso?

I don't wanna talk about it.

What's going on?

I had an idea.

We're not getting matching tattoos, no.

Your school just changed safes. What?

In McKnight's office, under his desk, he keeps a safe...

...where they keep all the school's short cash. And they just replaced it.

How do you know?

My cousin did the paperwork. You still got that key, right?

No. Crap.

Look, just hear me out, okay? I'm not robbing a school.

But it'll be easy. For what?

They probably got a couple hundred bucks in there.

You'd be better off rolling first-graders for their lunch money.

They keep concessions and ticket sales in there in cash.

Homecoming? I mean, that's 10, 20 grand.

You can't be serious.

There's no way. I mean, you get caught jaywalking.

Look, I have the reset combo.

I know exactly where it is.

All I need is for you to help me get inside.

I'm not helping you out.

Well, if you're scared, I mean, I could just take the key.

I'll do it myself. I ain't scared.

I'm just not robbing the school.

You don't need the money?

Stay out of it.

Seth, I'm sorry.

Hey, I'm sorry, man. I just had a rough night.

Look, just forget I said it, all right?

Okay, you two, I think it's ready.

Mary, help your sister.


She's mad at you. Why are you mad at me?

Why is she mad at me? You bought the wrong kind of macaroni.

What kind do I usually buy? You usually buy stars.

And she won't eat noodles?

Well, this is what's for dinner so if you don't like it, then....

Hello, Seth.

Hi, pastor.

What are you doing here? Well, my wife was baking...

...and she got a little carried away. Are those cookies?

You girls like chocolate chip?

So much for dinner.

Oh, I'm sorry. It's all right.

Is everything okay?


Look, I heard about your dad.

I'm so sorry, Seth.

I thought you might want this.

If you want Ruth and me to look after the girls for a bit--


We could do a service for your dad at your mom's.

I'm sure his new wife took care of that.

You know, it's okay to ask for help.

That's what we're all here for.

You don't have to be alone on this.

I don't really have a choice. If you reach out--

Can God make my house payments?

Seth-- Thanks for the cookies.

Pizza and soda pop.

Somebody is having themselves a party tonight.

What time should I come over?

You're right, you're right.

We should learn to appreciate intellect before we let the physical take over.

I learned that from Cosmopolitan,

Bye, sugar.

I'll see you later, Rose.

Cosmopolitan, what do they know?

Keith, hey, it's Seth.

Just listen, okay?

Thursday the 28th at 10:30.

Yes, yes, in the morning.

All right, you got it?

All right, because I made an appointment. It's at the bank.




Look, it'll take half an hour and that's it.

All right, did you write it down?

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, all right, bye, Seth.

I saw you leaving the bar last week.

You drink there a lot?

I've been in there a few times. I don't drink though.

No way.

A man with that many tattoos drinks.

Not everyone looks like what they are, Seth.

So how'd you end up here? What, in Sinai?

Yeah, like mopping floors and stuff.

I was just passing through...

...saw that they needed some help at the school.

Yeah, Sinai's a shortcut to nowhere.

No one passes through.

Where'd you come from?

Nowhere in particular.

Well, you're full of specifics.

If you're headed past the junction, my house is on the way.


Yeah, this is me.

Nice. Yeah.

The terror twins from Texas.

Actually, they're great.

Any siblings?

I had a brother.

I better get inside.

Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.

What are you two up to?

Hey, coach. Scotch and water. Easy on the water.

Rough night, huh?

Rough season.

Keep them coming.

You like Scotch?

I'm all right.

Max, get him one too.


It's Abel, right?

Yes, sir.

You know, you must have played some ball, a man your size.

A little.

You any good?

You know, I gotta go. It's getting late.

Oh, come on now, don't be rude.

A man drinking with a friend is out having a good time.

But a man drinking alone is just an aIcoholic.

Sit down.

To new friends in strange places.

You like being a janitor?

It's good work.

Yeah, it is.

I gotta say, you've done a good job with the field.

And you put up with McArdle.

Seth's been good.

He just needed to be given a chance.

No, that kid's had every chance in the world.

Before I left for Austin, I used to coach an under-14 league here.

Seth was my quarterback.

He didn't tell you that, did he?

Boy, did I put in some time on him.

He had an arm strong as any I've ever seen.

I'd been following him since he was 7 years old.

But that family of his.

One day, he didn't come to practice.

Then before long, he just quit me.

Football would have done so much for that boy.


You're all right, Abel.

And now the moment of truth:

The walk home.

Come on, you guys, let's go!

He shouldn't pat the ball like that. It makes him a good target.

That's the least of his worries.

He was the one fighting you?


And two of the guards...

...the center and the tight end, I think.

You don't believe much in odds, do you?

If they're always bad, I figure why look?

I don't know, maybe you should.

I mean, that kid, he's just been whaling on me since before I could walk.

I mean...

...we just kind of come from different places and that's how it is.

I didn't start this fight. I'm just kind of a part of it.

Did you ever think of not fighting back?

It's kind of hard when you're the one getting hit.

He wouldn’t expect it though.

No, I guess he wouldn’t.

Someone go get that ball.

You trying to show off, princess?

Reset! Throw it again!

Nice throw.

I got lucky.

What are you waiting for?

Hey. Hi.

Did your car get home?

Yeah. Good.

So I don't know if you want to--

Yeah. Okay.

All right, when-- What time?


Okay, that's a good time.

Yeah. Okay.


Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome. Bye, Seth.

See you.


...what are you doing Saturday night?

We're waiting. We're waiting.

All right.

Well, what do you think?

You're both grounded.

Hey. Hey.

All right, girls, this is Abel.

He's gonna be watching you until I get back so be good, okay?

So, what do I do?

Well, they're scared of you so that's good.

If they're hungry, there's sandwiches in the fridge, okay?

What if they're not hungry?

Then see if they wanna watch a movie. Look, I gotta go.

Yeah, but....


Are you a giant?

This is good.

I still can't believe that of all the places we could have gone...

...you picked the hot dog stand.

Well, I can't believe that you ordered a salad.

I eat hot dogs all day at work.

Oh, right.

Can I ask you something? Sure.

Why did you say yes?

You're asking me this now? Yeah, I can't figure it out.

I don't know, it sounded interesting.

I don't know how to take that.

Take is as a compliment. Because until a few weeks ago...

...you wouldn’t have said more than a couple words to me.

Why'd you ask me out?

Because I didn't think you'd say yes.

Why not?

You know why.

Because I wouldn’t go out with a guy that orders a salad.

I'm serious though. I don't know.

I saw you at a game with your sisters...

...and I realized that I knew nothing about you.

I mean, we've known each other since I moved here...

...but I didn't know much more than what I had heard other people say.

So I thought, "Maybe I should give him a chance."

So I did.

You wanna get out of here?


You did not sign my yearbook.

No, no, no, I swear I did.

I wrote, "Have a wonderful summer." Yeah.

Oh, well, that's so original. How could I forget?

Did you sign your name?

No, I don't think I did. Katie?

What are you two doing here? Just hanging out.

Could we get a ride? Josh was supposed to pick us up, but he got called in for work.

Yeah, of course.


It was a little more than Daddy said I could spend...

...but once I tried it on, I knew I needed it.

So did y'all get your dresses yet?

I'm still waiting on the boys to decide on a color.

I know they'll pick something awful.

You get your dress yet?

I'm still deciding. You better decide soon.

Billy said he'll match what you're wearing.

Hey, Seth, what color do you think Katie should wear?

I think she looks good in all of them.



How were they?

They talk a lot.

We watched Harry The Hippo, How many times? Six.


So, what happened tonight?


You all right? Yeah.

The whole thing was a mistake anyway.

I mean, I've known Katie since she moved here from Austin...

...and it was silly for me to think that...

...things would suddenly just be different.

My dad's dead.

I'm sorry to hear that.

But the weird thing is, is I'm not that torn over it.

But a part of me is missing the thought that there was gonna be someone...

...that's gonna take care of things.

It's probably a childish thing to say.

When did you find out? Just a few weeks ago.

Do you believe in God?


How about Jesus?

I do.

So then, like whatever you've done...

...or whatever mistakes you've made, like he forgives that, right?


But it doesn't mean that we forgive ourselves.

We all make mistakes, Seth...

...and most of the time, we don't feel we have a choice.

But you always have a choice.

My dad used to say:

"The way is narrow."

What does that mean? It's a Bible verse.

It means that there are a lot of ways to be wrong...

...but there's only one way to be right.

How do you know the right way?

It's usually the hardest.

Thanks for the lemonade.

No running. No running, boys.

My beard itches.

Eli, if you don't scratch it, it's not gonna itch, okay?

Okay. See? Good. What?

Have you seen our brother? No, I haven't.

But you need to get into position.

And try to be happy because it's Thanksgiving.

Thanks, man. I know that was a drive.

Sure thing.

Hey, don't forget this.

We'd make a good team.

I could help you out a lot.

Gotta go.

Hi. Hi. That'll be $3.

Oh, okay, you're not gonna believe this, but I left my wallet in my other pants.

Okay, all right, you're not gonna believe this.

You know, if it's just $3--

I'm really sorry, I'm really gonna have to ask you to find your wallet.

But you see, my sisters, they're--

I'm really sorry.


Man, you McArdles have no luck.

Hey, guys.


What's this I hear about you taking Katie out?

I don't wanna fight you, Billy.

I mean, you know.... I don't wanna fight you either.

Everybody in first positions, okay? First position.

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats. Okay, smile.

Get them! Billy. Come on, you little girl.

What's wrong? Fight back!

Fight back! What are you doing?

What's the matter with you? Coach, come on.

Let him go! Get out of here, Seth, now.

Come on, man. Let me go. Shut up, Billy.

I said shut up!

We bring you gifts of rice...

...corn, rice....

Corn and....


I know that.

All right.

The voice mailbox belonging to:

- Keith McArdle, Is full, Please try your call later,

Just another day or two and then we'll be done.

You going to that dance tonight?


I got a hot date with two brunettes instead.

Please? Fine, but these are the last two...

...that you get, okay?

Hey, what's that?

Can I see?

It's for you.

Do you like the picture?


Are you all right?

That's a silly question.

Do you wanna talk about it?


Would you like to roast marshmallows with us?

If that's all right?


Yeah, that's fine.

Sit here. First, you get a stick.

You can borrow mine for now, but you gotta get your own.


You're awake.

I don't think I can move though.

Do you hate me?


No, I don't hate you.


Everybody expected that Billy and I-- It's okay.

No, it's not.

I talk like I'm so different.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing here? Nice to see you too.

Did you look at this?


It was just laying out here.

I glanced at it for like a second. Well, you shouldn't have.

I'm sorry. It wasn't my business.

I'm just not used to seeing people up here, you know?

You caught me off guard.


Abel, would you mind joining me somewhere?

I come up here on her birthday.

I used to come a lot more, but....

My mom, she was....

She was real active in the church.

So when she got bad, they....

They asked her where she wanted to be put and....

I mean, that's all they could do for her.

On one of her last good days...

...she came out here and she picked this spot.

I remember I asked her why, since it's far away...

...from everyone else...

...and she said that at midday, when it's the hottest...

...this tree right here would provide some shade...

...so that when we all came to visit her...

...we'd stay cool.

I only come out on her birthday.

My dad was supposed to go right next to her.

You're trying, Seth. That's all you can do.

I'm sure that's what she would have wanted.

I don't know how long I can keep going.

I know it's not my place, but...

...have you tried asking him for help?

Not you too.

Don't take it the wrong way.

How you talk to God, it ain't nobody's business but your own.

But if I've learned one thing...

...it's that you have to be honest when you're talking to him.

I mean deep down honest.

Otherwise you're just going through the motions.

Above all things...

...he knows.

He knows a lot.

How do you know when you're being that honest?

For me, it came when I had nothing left.

Come on, Keith.

The voice mailbox belonging to:

- Keith McArdle, Is full,

Please let this work.

Are you sure you don't want a drink of water, honey?

No, thank you, ma'am.

Do you give out a lot?

What? A lot of loans?

Mr. Gates, does he give out a lot?

That depends.

Is there anything that I can say that might help?

Like, anything that he likes or...?

He likes football.


Yes, sir.

All right.

Mr. Gates will see you now.


Thank you.

I thought there was gonna be two of you.

Seth, right? Yes, sir.

Please sit.

It was my brother, and he couldn't make it.

Something came up. Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Isn't this a school day? Yes, sir. I have a pass.

I don't have to be in till about 12, so....

Well, what can I do for you?

Well, I need another loan.

It's for my house.

You see, I make about 250 a week.

And with the government checks, that puts us in at about three.

And now I can afford a 400-a-month payment.

And-- Oh, yeah, and these are the pay stubs from Nate Jones.

And I can give you references from my two jobs.

Well, three, actually.

I'm afraid there's been a mistake.

What? If I missed something, I'm sure I have...

...whatever it is. No. It's my mistake.

I think I misunderstood your phone call.

I thought you were coming down here to pay your dad's late fees.

The 8000.

Yeah, I don't have the 8000.

But what I'm showing you here is that...

...I can make these payments. It's too late.

What do you mean? Unless you can come up with the 8000...

...for the late fees, it doesn't matter about the payments.

Then where are we supposed to go?


I'm sorry to bother you. Are you?

The field's done.

It's done? Yes, sir.

Where's Seth?

I sent him home.

Yeah, he's probably eager to get out of here.

Well, good job.

I take it you're fine with resuming your previous duties.

Yeah, I guess.

Anything else?

No, sir.

Abel, how would you feel about coming on...

...as a permanent groundskeeper?

I thought so.

There's no need to thank me, you earned it.

Only thing is, I started your paperwork...

...and your name and social didn't come up in the system.

Probably it's just some mistake. I tell you what.

Why don't you go down to the sheriffs? He does all our fingerprinting for us.

They're expecting you today, and they'll get it sorted out.


Yeah. Well, everybody that's full-time has to do it.


I need your help.

I'm losing the house.

All this work and it's been for nothing.

It's not. It's not all for nothing.

Where are you going?

You're leaving.

You're leaving, aren't you? Seth.

I don't have a choice.

"Don't have a choice"?

So all that stuff that you said to me...

...it doesn't apply to you?

Was anything you said true? Yes, of course it was.

Yeah? Yeah, where's the proof?

And you?

I hope you don't think I should use you as this example...

...because you're taking the easy way out now, aren't you?

Aren't you?

You wouldn’t understand.

"Wouldn't understand"?

Have you had to support your kid sisters...

...while your father abandons you to marry another woman?

Have you had a brother who's hated you his whole life for no reason at all?

You know nothing about me. Exactly.

Because you talk a lot, a whole lot, about being honest.

These life lessons that your family taught you and--

And you don't know the first thing about living them.

Because you live your life just taking the easy path.

Running from something. You're always running.

You aren't truthful.

Not truthful to me, not to yourself and definitely not to him...

...because you don't care about anyone but yourself!

You know nothing about me!


Seth. Seth. Seth. Seth, I'm sorry. Seth!

Turn it down.

I said, turn it down!

Hey, Netty.

Yeah, I'm in.

You going somewhere, honey?

Our time-share in the Keys or the villa on the French Riviera?

Seven dollars.

Is everything all right, hon?

All right.

See you soon?

Goodbye, Rose.

It's just over two hours till kickoff, in what should prove to be...

...a hard test for our embattled Tigers, The topic on everyone's mind is Coach Chalmers' surprising move...

...to bench senior quarterback Billy Hodges...

...in favor of his up-and-coming sophomore, Danny Landers,

Are we going to the game? No.

Just go back to sleep.

Let's go.

The teams take the field, We are moments away...

...from the Sinai Tigers' annual homecoming--

All right.

They do their main drop-off after halftime.


...after that, we'll go.

What about your concessions gig?

I cut back my hours.

When you're looking for a used car...

- All right. ...head on down to Lucky Lots where...

...everyone is a valued customer,

The pass is batted away by....

Ball's loose. There's a pileup. It looks like the Hornets got to it first.

We got these guys.

Let's go! We got time left. Six-twenty-three left.

He has a man deep. It's caught! Touchdown!


All right.

Put your game face on.

Okay. All right, let's go.

Come on, man.

Seth, look, come on!

I can't, man.

What? Really? Now?

You don't owe these people anything.

I can't. You mean you won't.

Okay, then I won't.

Give it to me! No!

I need this.

Give me the code number.

Move! What?

Hey! Hey!

I couldn't do it. I swear.

Coach Chalmers has all the time....

I helped Netty break in. I did...

...but then I couldn't.

And he tried to take my key and--

I know I should have done more to-- I'm so stupid!

I shouldn't have even been there.

Would you say something?

I'm proud of you.


I'm proud of you.

Did you hear me? I helped Netty break in.

I was right there with him.

You also said that you stopped...

...and you tried to stop him.

You're gonna be okay, Seth.

Look, I gotta go. I have to.

Don't. Look, it's-- Don't worry.

When I'm gone, they'll blame me for the break-in. So just let them.

But I can't. I'm not gonna let you....

Wait, why?

I haven't been completeIy honest with you.

I lied about one thing.


...was my brother's name.

I wish I could say that his death was an accident...

...but it wasn't. See, I wanted him dead.

That's why I killed him.

I killed my own brother.

The rage that I had, the jealousy....

You know, it was just gnawing at me so deep.

And I just thought that....

I thought there was no other way.

After that night, I ran. You see, I--

I've been running ever since.

And I know that God has forgiven me, but I...

...never forgave myself.

I'm so tired.

I can stop running now.

Well, where you gonna go?

I'm going home.

Yeah, I'm going home.

Thank you.


Cary! Mary!

Keith! Where's Keith?!

What did you do with them? Get out of here, Seth.

Where are they?! Take it easy, man.

Where are my sisters?

Aunt Linda's. Why?

I talked to the bank and they said the place needed to be vacant. Now it is.

Look, it was either Linda's or they go to the state.

And where were you?

Yeah, that's right.

Get out of here, Seth. Or what?

Or I'll make you leave.

You know, it must feel good...

...ruining the lives of two 7-year-olds.

Go, Tigers!

I know....

I know that I've asked you for stuff before.

And I know that I don't deserve anything.

But please...

...I need your help.

They're all I've got left.

They're all I've got.

Don't forget about us.

Seth. What is it?

Can I come in? Yeah.

What are you doing here? I'm here for my sisters.

Wait a minute-- Let's talk for a minute.

I still don't get it.

This is my right hand. Yup.

This is my left hand. Yup.

Now which is which?

They're still the same.

Hi. Hi.

I was in the neighborhood. Thought I'd stop by.

Are those cookies?


Sorry. No, it's all right. Thank you.

You liking your new place?

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It still feels kind of new, you know.

But I mean, you know, we're getting there.

That's good.

So, what you got there?

Church donations.

Pastor Daniels asked if I could bring them by.

And I got your mail.


Do you wanna join us for lunch?

I don't know, what are you making?

Hot dogs, of course.

Well, then of course. Do you wanna see our room?

Yeah. You don't--

Seth, when I came here, I was a different man...

...haunted by the past, I thought I had to be alone, That it was my punishment, These drawings were all I had...

...and I poured my life into them instead of people, You showed me that I don't need them anymore, In a few days, I'll be home, I don't know what's left of the farm...

...or if my family's still there, or even if they'd have me, I don't know what God has planned and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared...

...but I know I'm not alone.

He is always with me.

Just remember, Seth, no matter what happens...

...no matter how dark it gets...

...He's with you too,