Aberdeen (2000) Script

The hospital is very understaffed I think they'd appreciate me coming in.

Even though I don't work there anymore, it's less for them to do.

He's not at home.

What with your daughter?

Kaisa won't do it.

I'll find someone.



Time to go.

Did you lock the garage as well?

And of course, this year's 'hard-arse award' goes to Emily.

Here you go!

Now... Kaisa...

Now Kaisa, we've always been impressed with you...

Your smarts, your diligence...

I thought what better chance than this to congratulate you on the promotion.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kaisa's promotion... Congratulations!

You're really part of the family now.



Hey, hear Edwin... Eric!

Get up!


How are you?

Oh, I'm fine.

I'm sorry I didn't called you.

I've been really busy..

Mum, I'm a bit busy... Can we talk later?

Can we talk now? Okay, I'm listening.

What? I've talked to him.

Hang on a sec.


Bring him to Aberdeen?

No way.

What new treatment?

Anaesthetic Mum, what's new about that?

He's been anaesthetised for years.


Hey you, Edwin... Eric.

Whoever... Party's over.

Mum, you seem to've forgotten one thing...

You divorced him 15 years ago.

We never married. Even if you were never married...

He's a useless pile of shite. He's your father.

He won't go.

I talked to him.

One last try?

Mama, please don't.


Great, I'll do it, I'll try and find him.

And when he's in Aberdeen, he's all yours I'm not taking him back.


Thank you, Kaisa.

Yes, yes.

'Bye, sweetheart.


What's with you, Sara?

Why don't you just tell her?

That's a very Norwegian name. Well, I'm British.

The Norwegian part's an accident.

It's called 'my father'.

Thank you.

Something came up. - In Norway?

I know, I know. I tried to call, but...

It's family.

I'm sorry. - Why didn't you say so?

Could I help at all?

No, no, it's fine... it's fine, just family... I am sorry.

Well, don't worry. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?


Yeah, it won't happen again. I'm really sorry.

You already said that. Relax!

Take the rest of the day off. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

I said I didn't want anything Japanese.

Yeah, you can have this, this Mazda...

It's Japanese.

Yeah, but it's got free miles and extra things with it.

Listen, I don't want free miles... extra collision, or anything else...

I just want a flashy car.

Okay, 'flashy. And I just want it for a few hours.

Nice picture. Look again, it's a driver's license.

You look terrible.

Too thin.

I bought a car.

It's outside.

So, what do you think?

Ugly colour.

I want to leave straight away.

What? For Aberdeen. You're ready?

What are you talking about?


Mum said you wanted to go. She said you wanted a new treatment.

You had a renewed belief in life... which I can see.

I haven't, I haven't spoken to her.

I haven't talked to her in years..

She could drop dead, for all I care.

So you haven't talked about this then?


Well, she actually called.

She called a couple of weeks ago for the first time in years.

Asked me to marry her.

Excuse me, she proposed?


Why didn't you fucking tell me you wanted to drag him to the alter?

Should have done it then when he was worth loving.

One shouldn't leave things untried.

Just try to get him, okay?

One last time? You lied!

Where are you anyway. I tried your phone.

The hospital.

Forget it, there's no fucking way he'll do that treatment.

No, I'm in the hospital.

I've got cancer, Kaisa.

It's pretty bad.

How do you mean, bad?

Just hurry, okay?

I hope they'll come.

They will. They'll come.

You'll see.

Here lives Tomas and Kaisa.

Mum's in the hospital.

You're ready?

I've forgotten my wallet.

Just hitch-hike back.

Give me the bag.

Give me the bag!

You should be ashamed of yourself. You're behaving like a child.

Here's the deal. You get one beer an hour if you're manageable and cooperative... and make sure I'm in a good mood.

That's me, not you.

And then, only then, you'll maybe get a slug of whisky.


What about the car? It's a rental.

Aren't you supposed to return those?

And leave you on your own? No fucking way!

Don't do that!

Tuck your shirt in.

You okay?

Enjoy your flight.

Sure? I'm fine!

Excuse me miss, may I see your boarding passes, please?

That's right, thank you.


I'm afraid we can't allow you on the flight.

It wasn't his fault, that man pushed him.

Your companion... is obviously drunk.

He was pushed.

For safety reasons, I can't allow him onto the plane.

Why, because he didn't get drunk on your plane? Give me a break!

There's no need to be impolite with me, miss.

Perhaps you'd prefer if I called security... and have them escort you out of the terminal.

Look, my mother's sick... and we have to get to Aberdeen before she dies.

Enjoy your flight.

Fine... call security!

You fucking bitch, do that!

Is that supposed to be a threat?

No, it's an index finger, dimwit, but that, that's a fist!

But not for hitting.

For fist-fucking tight-arse bitches like your good self.

We're leaving.

You are banned from all flights with this airline, miss.

Don't even bother coming back.

Hello. It's Kaisa Hella, can I speak to my mum?

Oh, Kaisa, she's sleeping just now.

Who are you?

I'm her nurse, Sara.

How's she doing?

Well, she's not well.

Neither we. This is a fucking nightmare.

I'm gonna take time off work next week and do it then.

Kaisa, don't postpone. Could you try and come now?

Can you wake her?

Okay, I'll try, hold on.



It's your daughter on the phone.



Is that you? - Yeah, it's me.

Where are you?

I'm still in Norway. Are you alone?


He's with me.

It's nice that you're together.

Are you coming?

Yeah Mum, we're on our way...

I'll be there soon.




You might think you've escaped, and I'm taking you home... but I'm not.

We're going to Bergen and we'll take the boat from there.

It's reindeer, Kaisa.

What did you think it was, wolves?

Wolves with antlers?

They're wild animals, okay?

What's the matter? There's nothing to be upset about.

You and your fucking nature-shite.

It's too much fucking nature in this country, it's giving me the creeps.

I don't understand what's become of you.

You might not remember, but you used to be very sweet.

Oh, you were!

I'm serious.

You were almost... shy.

Kaisa! No man wants a woman who behaves like a man.

And your behaviour is...

You behave like the most predatory man. It's unnatural.

Oh, shut the fuck up!

Stop the car. Please?

Just let me find somewhere.

Pull over, Kaisa!

Here? No, sorry, over here.

Or you want it over there?

What do you think?

Oh, shit!

Know what this fucking suit cost?!

400 fucking pounds.

Not even paid for!

What are you waiting for?

Get it over with.

Kaisa! Get in!

I can't swim!

I don't know how to swim.

What's this?

What's what? Why are you sleeping on the floor?

Go and take a shower, you smell like shite.

Here's your whisky..

When are we getting to Aberdeen?



We're not going to Aberdeen.

Why not?

There were no boats to Aberdeen.

Some tour-guide you'd make!

Is that okay? Do you mind?

Sit down, it's okay.

Could you pass me the butter, please?

This is kids' stuff.

I noticed your husband is very fond of shrimp salad.

Could you consider to trade a slice of salami for some of 'our' shrimp salad?

Thank you very much

Well, maybe that will be enough?

Blood! We got a nose-bleed!

Keep your disgusting fingers to yourself!

Keep your disgusting fingers to yourself!

Let's get out of here. Relax!

This is nice.

I spent too much time in bunks like this.

What are you looking at?

Is that a rig?

Is it yours?

Something like that.

So you're home away from home?

What else did you have there aside from wanking and drinking?

Do you read comics?

Comics? That was you.

What I read, you never bothered to read.

I lost my virginity when you were out there reading all that great literature of yours.

Well, I have bad conscience about a lot of things... but that's not one of them.

Girls are supposed to lose their virginity.

It's happened to a lot of nice people.

I was just a kid.

It's not what being a kid's about.

So what did I do wrong?

You got all night?

I was out there for 2 weeks, I was home for 2 weeks.

What should I have done?

What the fuck should I have done?!

Just normal things.

Like what?!

Normal things, like what?!

Like normal people do.


Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We will arrive in Harwich in ten minutes.

Drivers and car passengers are kindly requested to proceed to the car deck.

Please check that no personal belongings are left behind.

We thank you for travelling with us and wish you a pleasant stay.

I have to pick up some files from the office. You just wait here.

I need to speak to the assistant manager.


That's exactly what makes him a loser.

Oh come on, he's got the balls of a poodle.

My point, goodbye.

Welcome back.

I'm not.

I have to go to Aberdeen. I just wanted to pick up these.

And, and to tell you.

And 'uncle' is afraid of flying, right?

But I'll be ready for Monday.

Got a light?

A light?!

She may be a charm-school drop-out, but she is the best.

Pay attention. You may learn something.

You got a light?!

Are you her boss?

I'm Tomas.

Hello. I'm her father, Tomas Hella.

Nice to meet you.

Very nice. She's a hell of a girl. You got a light?

She was, you know...

When she was four...

I gave her this slingshot, or catapult.

And this neighbour guy, Willy, stole it from her.

What does she do? We have to leave.

Yeah, I'm sorry, we have to leave.

Yeah, I really have to go, I'm sorry. We have to go.

Nice meeting you, and good luck with whatever you're selling.

Fuck it!

If there's one nail on the road, she'll find it.


Oh, she's got beer, alright... so she can boss her old man to Aberdeen like a fucking express package.

But does she have a spare? No.

Hi, love... problem?

Yeah, a puncture and no spare.

I can give you a lift to Mansfield, and someone there can tow the car.


It's alright. You go ahead. I'll stay and watch the car.

Yeah, we'll meet at the club. Yeah, the TBD.

I can't talk, I got some good looking wool in the cab.

Alright mate, see you.

Would it bother you if I had a beer in here?

If you want a beer mate, carry on!

Could you hand me one of my beers please, Kaisa?


Her mother's in the hospital.

It's bad.

That's why we're going to Aberdeen.

We'll lucky we get there before she keels over.

But at the rate we're going to probably be rotten by the time we get there.

I'm Clive.

Okay, Clive.

So what's your name?

Kaisa. Kaisa?

It's a nice, nice name.

What's it mean?

Ask him. It was his fucking great idea.

Food here's great.

Well, I had breakfast this morning, so.

Better find out where he went. Whatever.

It's nice to see the way you look after your old man.

You two are a... a strange pair.

Strange, you know, but nice, in a good way, you know, you know what I mean.

He's probably eager to get back on the road.

Was it something I said?

No, will you pass the salt?

Are you with someone?

What? Do you have a girlfriend?


I used to have, but...

But she left about half a year back.

Good job she did. I was gonna dump her.

You would say that, wouldn't ya. It sucks to be the one left behind.

Always remember to be the one to leave.


And never contact her again, once you've left.

Are there any more of these rules? 'Cause you know...

While I got the opportunity, just between experts...

I should get as much advices as possible, I suppose.

Never have an orgasm with someone you don't respect.

I never do, anyway.

What? Have an orgasm with someone I respect.

So is there a point to all these rules?

I mean... No.

No? Come on, there is, you know there is.

I bet it's love, isn't it?

What are you gawkin at?

Okay Kaisa. Car's ready.

You think you can drive for a while?

Thanks for everything.

It's a pleasure.

Thanks, Clive. See you.

That was a very nice guy.

Is that the kind of guy you like?

How would I know? I only saw the top of his head.

No, it's Chet Baker. You used to love Chet Baker.

Don't you like him anymore?

You know why. When I got older, I found out he was a junky.

I think that's why you liked him: An addict comrade.

Well it sounds like you'd be happier... if you could bury the both of us at the same time.

Well, it would be one way to guarantee my presence at your funeral... that's for sure.

What's the matter with you?

No wonder you don't have a man. I've plenty of men!

It's not exactly what I meant.

Men aren't as nice as you think.

They're like you.

Think too highly of themselves.

And let's not start all that remembering bullshit again, okay?

We're halfway there.

So let's just try and get there, without getting on each other's nerves.

I don't find your attitude altogether charming.

Why did Mum leave you? Your charm run out?

I don't know why.

She was a hell of a woman. She was!

But for neither one of us.

We'll never see each other again, I'm hoping.

Let us not pretend.

You finally moved out.

To your house?

I don't need them anymore.


Are you OK?


Let's just get your trousers on. Can't you help me?

Help me!


Come on...

I'm trying to fucking help you.

I'm fine.. You're not fucking fine.

Now sit.

Come on.

What's going on, miss? Are you looking for his wallet?

He's my dad. He's too drunk to get his trousers on.

I know he doesn't have a wallet I can't handle him on my own.

Can you put him in the cell for the night?

I'll do that!

Come on. I'll do that!



Come on!

Hello. Ward 15. Hi, it's Kaisa Hella.

Hi Kaisa, why aren't you here? Is there something wrong?

No, just let me speak to her, okay?

Look, she's simply too weak, Kaisa. She's been out all day.

Look, what's holding you up? Why aren't you here?

What's happening?

He isn't the easiest guy in the world to transport.

I know, your mum told me.

Is there anything I can do?



I'll be there tomorrow, okay?


Can I get a whisky?

Find someone else.


Your favourite hangout, I presume.

If you don't like it then why did you come?

It's the only place I knew.

And you knew I was here.

Do you want over...

I was only gonna ask you to dance. Can I get another?

Can I get one as well?

You're a very tall woman, aren't ya?!

And I'm a very, very small man.

I'll kiss you on the lips, only I can't reach.

Small, and...

I hope my bed's big enough.

Yeah... that'll do.

I've a confession to make.

I'm a really bad lover.

Right? Yeah.

So, if you want bad sex, you've come to the right man.

I don't mean the sort of mediocre sex, people, you know, usually encounter... a premature ejaculation, and you know... bad rhythm and sore knees.

I'm talking about really... really bad sex.

You know... dull, boring... incredibly dull.

Duller than snooker.

At least I'm fast.

You must be starving, huh?

Do you fancy a... scrambled eggs, or an egg sandwich... or something, huh?

How about beer?

How about a beer?

Can't fucking believe you did this.

I can't fucking believe you did this to your own father.

I found that in your pocket.

When did you lose your job?

Did they fire you?

Were you drunk? I've never been drunk.

Not on the rig.

There's no alcohol on the rigs.

What's happened to you?

I'm out-dated.

It's unfashionable to have a mind of your own.

If you haven't noticed.


This trip really reminded me of... what a pain in the arse you can be.

Excuse me?

You up yet? Yeah.

And you've been up a while, have you?

A while.

What you want?

I just wondered if you fancied a Sunday walk?

Or something.

No. I don't think so.

Clive, I'm sorry I left like that... it's just I had to get my dad to Aberdeen.

Then why are you pissing away your time talking to me then?

I need help, Clive.

Could you help me, please!

Excuse me! Can I get... could you sell me a couple of beers?

Ay, help yourself, siphon off what you need.

Go on. Don't stay! Hey!

'Johnston, Special Branch'.

Excuse me!

Excuse me. You think you could sell me a couple of beers?

Hey, you got money?

I mean, beer is expensive when... when everything's closed.

Cute wallet! Are you a poofer old man?

Sir, how many cans do you think you can sell?

We don't sell beer by Te can.

Do you really want a beer?

Yes... yes please.

Serve the gentleman.

That'll be a tenner.

You haven't said a word in... twenty minutes.

You're pissed off, aren't you, coz I managed?

Managed what?

Last night.

You forgot yourself, just for a minute, didn't you?

Let yourself go.

I knew that'd really get on your nerves.

So what's your mother like?

You've got to be kidding, right?

I've met your father, I was curious to know what she was like.

She tried her best, she just wasn't very good at it.

She thought he'd be able to handle me better.

I went to live with him and my grandmother... but she died just after I got there.


I could never figure out if she just gave up, or...

Do you cares at this point, anyway?

Three weeks ago, she asked him to marry her.

Can't figure that one out, either.

Come on!

Here it is!

I've been looking everywhere for it and it's on the ground right in front of me, stupid!

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Wait though, I know you!

Oh, I know you. You're the one who disappears. But I know, I just look... in the sorriest fucking dumps in town and 'voila', there you are.

What's your problem? Show the man some respect.

Oh, I'm real impressed, taking money from a drunk.

What else do you guys do for fun? Gang-bang pigeons!

Oh, I see! Daughter with a drunken dad situation.


Kaisa, come on! We're leaving.

Come on.

Hey! This guy owes me fifty quid.


You're a fancy trick then aren't you loud-arse?


Fuck! Bastard!


Fucking bloody cunt! Get the fucking bastard!

Did you get him? Yeah, I got him.

I've got to go.

Don't you think she needs a doctor?

I think she'll be alright.

I'll see ya.

You can come to Aberdeen with us.

Look, Tomas?

Whatever fuck's going on between you two, that's up to you, you lads.

It's got fuck-all to do with me.

It's not my idea to have a good time, you know.

I've got things to do.

I'll see you.

Well, you can't leave her like that.


Grow up!

You're in charge now.


To London, one way.

Ten pounds fifty, please.

What was the next train?

Thank you for not running away.

Why are we doing this?

Neither of us likes her, anyway.

She wants to see us. Let's just get it over with.

Go get Clive.

It won't work, Kaisa. Get him, please.

It won't work.


You bastard.

You dumb fuck!

I'll make it up to you.

Are you sure she doesn't need a doctor?

She's afraid of doctors.

How would you know?

She's like you.

Afraid of anything real.

Where are we? I don't know.

It's cold.

You thought I was just a pretty face.

You're actually quite nice.


Thank you.

Kaisa, wake up.

I got something to show you.

Allow me, my lady.

He's a bit of a rough rider, ladies and... gangsters.

A real tycoon of tough times.

Not to bring up the rear, but to spearhead the attack.

So how did she it, you might ask?

By charm or wit?

Beauty or female conniving?

Oh, no. Not this one.

With balls!

He's got testicles the size of an elephant.

She did anything to make you laugh... any time, anywhere.

No one can drop a more hilarious comment... or a fart... at more inappropriate moments than her.

Don't make me laugh, it hurts.

I bought her a nose, a red one.

She thinks it's a... it's a clown nose.

But... it's not.

It's a nose helmet.

For protection.

But does she use it?


Look at her!

Why can't you always be like this.

Stop doing that with your leg.

Kaisa, there's something I have to tell you.

I already know.

My wallet's empty.

Yeah, it's Kaisa...

Mum is a patient with you.

Right. Well, can you give her a message when she wakes up?

We're in Edinburgh.

We'll be there tonight. Thank you.

I'll be right back.

How much were you looking to buy?

An 8-ball.

If it's good.

Are you fucking stupid, or what?

You're making this a little more dramatic than it needs to be.

Thought we were gonna have to come looking for you.

Here Clive, the money you lent us, thanks.

Tomas! You look like shite. Can't meet a woman, looking like that, huh?

I've got an idea.

You get to pick something for me, and I'll pick something for you, okay?

Come on... I'm fine. You're you alright?


Here's the money that's left. No, no. You keep that.

See how long it takes, before you burn it on alcohol.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

You look lovely. Thank you. The man's got taste.

Yes, the man's got taste.

The man's got a daughter who's got taste.

What do you think, Clive?

Looks pretty sharp all cleaned up, doesn't he?

Anybody else hungry?

As in 'thirsty', no.

Think I like him.

Kaisa, could you come here a second? Have to go to the bathroom.

Please sit down. I really have to pee!

For once do as I tell you.

Well, what I'm going to tell you might drastically alter your view of me.

I doubt that.

Stop behaving like a teenager, for a...

Okay, okay, but can you get a move on... coz I might pee on my new dress.

I'm probably not your father.

Your biological father.

Well... well then, we'll just take a gene-test.

We could be lovers.

How about that? Kaisa, please!

What you think of that?

We could be lovers. Kaisa, stop it!

What d'you think of that, Clive? Me and the old man, lovers?

It isn't funny, Kaisa.

Just a wee kiss. Come on, just a wee kiss.

Kaisa, get off! Just a wee kiss!

Stop it! I know...

I know, you need a beer to loosen you up, huh?

Stop this! Just a wee beer, huh?

Stop this!

What the fuck are we going to Aberdeen for, huh?

Does anybody know? I don't know.

I don't particularly want to go, actually.

Why don't we go and have some fun, huh? Let's have a party!

You're such a lazy bastard!

Excuse me, do you mind? This is an intensive care unit.

Well, her mother is in this ward. I've been here.

She's dying from cancer. We do not permit drunk people... family or not.

I'm not been drinking.

I'm afraid it does smell that way, Sir.

I am not...

You're a fucking drunk. You know you are, you wanker!

Excuse me, excuse me, Miss Blue-Dress...

Is my mum dead yet? Could you tell me that?

You do take her home and come back tomorrow morning.

Okay? I'm sorry.

Get you. Sorry, it's not possible.

Kaisa? No.

Just go and ask her again, go on.

She's, she's calm. Just for 5 minutes. I won't say another word, I promise.

I'm sorry. Sir...

I would if it's possible. It's not possible.

She's quiet. Take her home.

I'm quiet now.

I'm gonna have to call Security if you don't leave.

I'm sorry, it's out of the question.

Alright. Come back tomorrow morning.

Okay, let's go. Fuck, no, no.

What the fuck you said? I'll get us.

I'm very sorry... but we need to get in. Listen, can I get in?

Listen, you come back, you can't go... I just need to see my mum.

Come back tomorrow. No, I'm sorry.

Dad! Come on, let us in for fuck's sake.

We've come all this fucking way.

Aren't you gonna let us in? Schedule, schedule you tomorrow morning.

Well, fuck you, you stupid cow!

Is it bed time already?

Yeah, it's bed time.

If you say so.

Aren't you getting undressed?







I'm leaving now.

Once she... she's asleep?

Yeah, she's asleep.

Here. Thank you.

I'd like you to have this.

No. No, it's not a payment... it's just that I, I'll drink it up if you don't take it, so.

Buy some flowers with it.

You're a good man, Clive.

Thank you very much.

Goodbye, Tomas.

Look after the both of youse. Yeah.

Evening, sir. Evening.

Could I have some water, please. Sparkling?

No, still.


Wake up.

I go...

Where is Clive?

He left. He went home.



Take a shower and get dressed. I'll wait downstairs.


Get out!

Sweetie Kaisa... it's not contagious.

You look awful, girl.

What happened?

Hello, darling.

Did you have a nice trip?

Oh yeah!

You look nice.

Older... but nice.

You didn't bring me all this way to tell me how old I looked, are ya?


Can't you take a seat?

What are you looking at?


Your eyes.

You're sober.

Well, that's nice, is it?

I'll just get a vase.

I told Kaisa.

Told her about me not being her father.

Fifteen years ago... fifteen years ago during a fight and you have to remember now?

Well I thought you were planning to tell her.

It was just shit flying in the heat of battle.

Was what?

It was just something I said.

Are you sober for a reason?

Oh, well... if you're planning to propose again you'd better do it fast... because I don't know how long I can take this, this... being sober.

You don't have, you don't have to lie to me now, it's okay.

It's okay, doesn't matter anymore.

I wanted to hurt you, that's all.

Yeah, you did.

You still have those... those clog slippers. They're really ugly.

You can say, I always thought so too.

You bought me a lot of ugly things.

Why didn't you say so?


Ugly can also be nice.

You look the part.

The white bride.

White bride's are happy.

What took you so long?

Well I'm here now.

I'm so glad you managed to come.

The both of you.

You must try to be nice to him.

You're the only one he's got.

Regardless of what he says.

He's your father.

You sure?

I am sure.

Thank you, Kaisa.

Thank you.

Still wanna take that test?

Well, if it's important to you.

Do you want a coffee?


Here. Thank you.


Are you Cairo Hella? Kaisa. Yeah, I am.

Could we have a word with you please? Sure, what about?

We'd just like to ask you a couple of questions.

Shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

We've been told you witnessed an accident.

Is there anything you want to tell us?

Well I saw what happened. A lot of people did.

It was a hit and run.

But none of the witnesses could give a description of the vehicle... or the license number.

Can we see your license and registration?

Thank you. I lost my license.


We found it on the victim.

That and the credit card.

Shit! You can do it fast. What are you insinuating?

Would you mind stepping away from the car?

No wonder Norway's so clean, they brought all their rubbish here.

Do you know anything about this?

It's mine.


He had to leave.

He told me to say goodbye.

I never wanted to... a family or children.

The risk was too great.

I'll probably end up with a daughter like me.

And I don't... think that I could love anyone... or any man.

But now I'm not sure.

Hello. This is Clive talking on Clive's machine... so I can't get to Th phone right now... but any message you got, just leave it after the tone... and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

So listen now, for here it is.

It's Kaisa.

I'm as they say, feeling a little lonely.

By the way, we made it to the hospital before she died... so thanks, for everything.

You did it.

All about orgasm, I mean.

I hate you for it.

You're off the hook.

There's no reason for you to do time for me

The test results.

You were right.

I tell the police that the coke wasn't yours that it was mine.

I mean, they suspected that all along.

So, this is it.

We're not father and daughter.

I'm the only father you have ever had.

You're my only daughter.

Nothing can change that.


Come here!

Come here.

You can still step on my shoes.

She dances with her eyes closed close to each other...

She follows the dance just like he wants.

He's leading, she follows light as a breeze...

But tell me why are you blushing Cecilia Lind?

Is it because Fredrik Åkare said:

You smell so nice and you're dancing so well.

Your waist is narrow and your bosom is round.

How you are pretty Cecilia Lind.

And the stars are wandering and the time is passing.

And Frederik is old but the moon is new.

Yes Fredrik is old but love is blind.

'Oh, kiss me again' said Cecilia Lind.