About Cherry (2012) Script

(projector ratcheting)

(static crackling)

(pop music playing)

(static crackling)

(light piano music)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(dryer buzzes)

(dryer buzzes)

Hey, slow down.

People see you working this hard, they're gonna expect me to work hard, and that's not gonna happen.

(sighs deeply)

It's fine, Mom. It's fine.




Oh, there's nothing left.


(toilet flushing)

(door slams shut)

What the fuck happened here?


Po, I made a little mess.


Po, we've got this. Everything's fine, all right?

No, not everything's fine, Angelina!


(glass shatters)

I work all day for this shit!

(coughs and groans)


Thanks for picking me up.

Yeah, well, it isn't a Cadillac, but...

Bobby drives a Ford.

Bobby drives a Ford...

Put your seat belt on.

Okay, let's rock and roll.

Andrew, did you wear this shirt yesterday?

Well, yeah.

Let's do laundry on Saturday.

What? Yeah.

Okay, let's do it.

(people chattering)


Hey, watch the furniture, will you?

What are you...

Ah, you're too cute.


Here, take this. I got to go.


Thanks for the ride.

Drive careful.

(rock music playing distantly)

♪ ♪

(upbeat rock music)

♪ ♪

(cheers and applause)


Hey, I'll have what she's having... with whiskey.


You're, like, the prettiest girl in the world.

(gentle piano music)

Come on. Yeah.

Yeah, okay.

Good night, Sheila.

Good night, kids.

♪ ♪


Man, look at you...

Your skin, your waist.

You're so beautiful.

You don't even know.

You wouldn't possibly understand.

You should take pictures.


I'm serious.

You're serious about what?

You meet Vaughn last night?

He owns the studio my band played in.

He's shooting some girls for a new website.

What are you talking about?

You could do a shoot with him.

If Vaughn's looking for girls, what does that have to do with you?

No, never mind.

I'm sorry I even brought it up.

Then why did you bring it up?

There's not...


Spark me.


It's an awful lot of money for running around in your underwear.

I mean, are you gonna wash other people's laundry forever?

And toss half your money to your drunk-ass mom?

Babe, you leaving?

No, this is what I look like when I'm staying.

Well, it's not like nobody's ever seen you naked before.

Fuck you.

(door slams)


(glass shattering)


(car horn honks)

Most people answer quick in remembering my own brief...


Jo, it's too loud, and you're sitting too close.

Oh, what if I sit over here?


- Ann frankly, I don’t like where it's going.

I don’t like it one little bit.

Did you eat yet?

I'll make something.

Want half a sandwich?

No, I'm good.

I'm gonna eat later.

We're all eating later.

If you always wait till the next meal, you'll starve to death.


Hey, do you know where I can find Vaughn?

Okay, thank you.


Hi. I'm Angelina.

Thanks for coming in today.

Yeah, no time like the present.


Bobby told me you were the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

Yeah, well, Bobby likes to say that when he doesn't know what else to say...

Or when he's done something wrong.


You're 18, right?

Last I looked.



It's pretty simple what we do here, just some photographs, which we load behind a pay wall.


You sure you want to do this?




Because we want you to do this.

We pay $300 for the first shoot, but since you're new, you could do five shoots your first week, you know.

Nobody's seen you yet.

Okay, that's not enough.

That's what we pay.

Well, what are you paying Bobby?

He gets a referral.

A referral's $100.

You can get one too if you bring somebody in.

No, I need $500.

So come shoot again tomorrow, and you'll have $600, $300 a day.

Well, I don't know that I'm gonna want to come again tomorrow.

Do you know something I don't?

In advance.

People tell you you're difficult?

I bet you hear that all the time.


That's nice.

That's nice, but, like, confident, more confident.

(camera shutter clicks)

Open your legs a little bit.



(upbeat techno music)

♪ ♪ I like that little bit right there.


Hey, baby.

Quiet on the fucking set, dude.

Cuddle time is later, okay?



♪ ♪ So you're just, you know... you're just lying around at home, you know.

Lean back.

Watching television, killing time.

Okay, now without the shirt.

♪ ♪

♪ Please ♪ Uh-oh.

♪ ♪

♪ Time ♪


♪ Ooh ♪ Yeah, use the fur. Use the fur.

I like you.

Smile at me.

Smile at me like you want it.

♪ ♪

♪ Please ♪


Yo, man, what's up, dude?

♪ ♪

♪ Time ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Ooh ♪ Now cover... cover your tits a little bit.

♪ ♪ Beautiful.

♪ ♪

I don't want you taking pictures with Vaughn anymore.

You should make up your mind.


Come here.

I don't think so, Bobby.

(sighs heavily)

(engine turning over)

(train horn blaring)

You know, you don't have to come with me.


My dad hasn't been home in three days.

Nobody will notice.


♪ Rining bikes ann I'm seeking thrills ♪

♪ Popping Mike ann Ikes like prescription pills ♪


There's my girl.

Good morning, Mom.

My angel in the morning.

I have a test today, English Lit.

Well, you're gonna do great.

You're the smartest person I know.

I'm so proud of you.

You turned out so great in spite of everything.

You make everything okay.

I got to go, Mom.

I got to go.

"Got to go. I got to go. School's calling."

You're gonna do great.

I love you.

All right, on our way.

That's all you brought?


What do you think San Francisco's gonna be like?


Yeah, me too.


So I found an ad on craigslist for a guy who had a room available.

Right? Yeah?

Mm-hmm, yeah, so I emailed him, and he said that we could come by tomorrow morning.

How much is he asking for?

Well, he didn't say, but he said that it was super cheap.

(scoffs) Right on, yeah.

(giggles) Yeah, so, I mean, I guess we could go check it out.

Yeah, yeah, we could, yeah.




Yeah, I'm fine.

This is okay.


Thanks for coming with me.

What else was I gonna do?

What time is it?

Uh, it's 9:00. 9 o'clock.

All right, well, we're supposed to be there at 8:30, so come on.

Wait... No, it's 24th.

It's right here.

It's on this side.

Andrew, come on. It's not that heavy.

It's not that heavy. It's not that heavy.

Um, 34.

Here we are, right here.



I'm glad you guys could make it.

My roommate left, but I can't tell my landlord, 'cause I need to hold on to my rent control, so this is all under the table.

Yeah, of course.

You guys can set your stuff right there if you want.

Oh, thanks.

Wow, cool place.

Thank you. I like your pillows.

Oh, thanks. My sister made them.

Really? Yeah.

Oh, I like them.

It's great you guys are a couple.

You're gonna save a lot of money that way.

This city is expensive.

There is only one bed.

We're not a couple.

Oh. But this is perfect.

Yeah? Yeah, of course.

It's great, right?

Okay. It's amazing.

Really? Yeah.

Yeah, exactly what we need. Thank you.

Okay. Hi.


Okay, perfect. This is great.

Good to... all right, guys. This is perfect.

All right, let's unpack, yeah?

(both laugh)

Can you believe it?

(both laugh)

Oh, man.

(electronic gunfire)

That's not fair. Come on.

I do. I...

That's just stupid. That's not...

Yes, I am, okay?

Yes, legally, I am old enough.

Mom, just put JoJo on the phone.

What do you mean, she doesn't want to talk to me?

Don't say that.

Don't say that, Mom.

That's not true, and you know it.

Please put JoJo on the phone.


Why do you think that I'm upset?

Will you please stop yelling at me, okay?

I'm calling you because I want to see how you guys are.

Mom, please put JoJo on the phone.



You're, like, invincible.

You're... 50 bytes.



Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong?


I'm good.



Hey, come here.


What's wrong?

JoJo won't talk to me.


It's okay.

(light guitar music)

♪ ♪

♪ By the dawn's early light ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Pencil marks ♪

♪ And his shirt on my chair ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Beware your symptoms ♪

♪ Dressed so nicely ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Here we are ♪

♪ And now everyone has a question ♪

♪ All the girls in the club looking good ♪

♪ Let me see you turn that ass around ♪

♪ Won't you just shake it? ♪

♪ Come on ♪

♪ Come on, shake it ♪

♪ They call me Joe Montana of the N-Y-C ♪ How much for a dance in the booth?

I'll send someone over to answer that question.

Well, why don't you answer it?

Table four, private show.


♪ ♪


Looking nice.

Thank you.

All right.

Here you go.

Do you want singles?

No, that's a tip.

♪ ♪

♪ All the girls in the club looking good ♪

♪ Let me see you turn that ass around ♪ Hey.

That guy just gave me a really good tip.

Mm, on a good day, a man will give away everything just for a few hours of tease.


Hey, Dara, can you put this in my bank for me?

Yeah. You know what?

What? You should dance.

You know, you'd make more money.

I don't know. I think I'd feel weird about it.

About being naked?

With your legs?

Can I get a glass of water?

Well, I did do pictures once.


Mm-hmm, before I moved up here.

If you're okay with taking pictures, you should hook up with BOD.

They pay their girls $800 a day.

$800 a day?

Just for pictures?

Well, it depends on what you do, but...

Well, why haven't you done it?

I have a lot of cousins that watch too much porn, and they think I'm a social worker.

Oh, nice.

That's really nice.



Hey, I think someone might have brought party favors.

Come on. Let's go check it out.

Come on.

Come on. Let's go check it out.

(upbeat pulsating music)

♪ ♪

♪ Because it's time after time ♪

♪ You step out of line ♪ It's so noisy in here.

♪ ♪

How can anyone talk in here?

No, thanks. I don't...

♪ ♪

Um, okay.

♪ ♪

(stammering) I'm new at this...

♪ ♪ Yo, Paco!

♪ ♪

Hi. Your turn.

Oh, well, actually, I think my friend could use a little attention.

I'm getting married tomorrow.

He is, so, uh...

So I'm never gonna be happy again.

It's his last night...

Last night of happiness.

Uh... where am I?

Where did you take me, Francis?


Just enjoy it.


Your turn.

Easy, cowboy Easy there.

It's okay All right, hey.

Just... all right. Stop that.

That's enough. Just get your hands off of me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop it.

Hey, hey. I said get off of me.

All right, let's go. Let's go.

Come on, man.

I got to go. I'm not done with you.

I know. I just...

I got to go. I'm sorry.

Hey, sorry about that.

You better go catch up with your friend, or you're not gonna have anyone to play with.


♪ ♪

(cheers and applause)

There is nowhere like this in Long Beach.

Of course there is.

You just have to know where to look.

You don't have to look here.

That's true.


Here, if you stand still, the thing will find you.


Yo, Paco.

Come on.

Oh, they're getting away.

Bye, boys.

Good night.


We could walk.


Show some leg.


I'm corrupted.

I'm happy, man.

Whoo... oh.


Hey, did you have fun?


I didn't mean to wake you.

No, you didn't.

Okay, maybe you did.

Paco... is a lot of fun.


You know, someday you're gonna meet the perfect person, and they're gonna be wondering where you've been hiding all this time.

Why do you say that?

Because I believe it.

What if I find the perfect person, and she doesn't find me back?

(light piano music)

♪ ♪

What's your rate for strap-on D.P.?

(telephone rings)

Okay, well...

(knock at door)

Just email me your availability for April, okay?

Hi. Hi, you must be Cherry.

Yeah, hi. How are you?

Jake. We spoke on the phone.

Oh, yeah.


Your pictures are incredible.

Oh, thank you. Yeah.

Um, so the first question that I always ask everyone, and there's no right or wrong answer, is, why do you want to do porn, and why do you want to do it with BOD?

Okay, well, I just...

I like to try new things, and it seems like it's a better schedule than the clubs.

Those are good reasons.

Yeah, we can definitely give you new things.


So you saw our website, and you know generally what it is that we do here.

Mm-hmm. Did any of it look fun?

Um, yeah, the fucking machine site Looked really, like, interesting.

What was interesting about them?

It just looked exciting.

It looked like a really intense experience.

Fucking machines is more about performance.

Are you into performance?

Um, I guess so.


So a lot of what we do here is fetish.

Fetish is not about sex.

It's about power play.

So would you feel comfortable playing a top or bottom?

Well, I haven't really done any of that before, so I don't know.

Well, if you decided to, then you would generally start out as a bottom, and that means you would be the one being tied up, and then you can be a top, but everybody has their own preferences, so...

Okay, well, that's something I can think about.


Okay, I just have a few more questions, and I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

It's just good to get all this stuff out of the way.


So how do you feel about girls?

I like them.

Have you ever had sex with a girl?

Oh, you move really fast.

We can take as long as you'd like, so...


Would you feel comfortable with a girl touching your chest?

Yeah, sure.

But no guy-girl penetration.

Not on camera, I don't think.

What about transgender?

What about them?

(laughs) Okay.

Um, we have you down for a solo masturbation scene and a striptease.

Yeah, mm-hmm.

And your rate is $500.


Okay, great.

Okay, so the first one is just a consent form.

I just need you to initial the boxes saying that you know what you're doing here and consenting to what we just talked about.


The second form is just your 2257, and just make sure you fill out your name exactly as it appears on your driver's license.

(faint voices in distance)

We've all heard that one before.

Right, which is how it starts with them, you know?

As you soon as you start doing boy-girl, that's when they start to have a problem with it.

You got to decide for yourself what you want to do.

Looks like someone's getting paddled today.

Got that right.

Can you believe that dick-face Robbie is still calling me?

Who else is he gonna call?

You know nobody's ever rocked his world that hard.

He wants to own me.


I'm into Cynthia now.

Oh, who's Cynthia?

This totally hot chick I met at Cock-Block.

She's kind of a preacher's daughter.

(phone rings)

Speak of the devil.

Are you nervous, sweetie?

I'm okay.

Okay, actually, I'm... I'm a little bit nervous.

I've done this before, though.

Well, you have nothing to worry about.

You're working with Margaret today.

She's the best, and everyone loves her.

Oh, good.

Okay, cool.

Who you worked for?

A company down south, So-Cal Hotties.

Vaughn. Yeah.

Vaughn is a douche bag.

He's always trying to fuck the new girls with their rates.

I hope you got paid.

Yeah, I got paid.

Well, this place is much better.

You should do a Girls Club shoot.

Pays $800, takes the same time as a solo.

We could do it together.

She hasn't even gotten naked yet.

You're already hitting on her?

(whispers) No.

All right, check yourself out.

Oh, wow.


(camera whirring)

Hi, cutie.


You stopping by on your way home from school?

Well, you can stay with us until your parents come pick you up.

Is this your first time shooting for BOD?


Wow, you're so sweet, such a sweet, innocent little girl.

Why don't you introduce yourself to everyone watching?

Hi, I'm Cherry.


You're gonna lose your cherry today.

How exciting.

A little birdie told me you like to be watched.

I don't mind.

Of course you don't mind.

You're a beautiful, hot, gorgeous girl, and you like attention, right?

A little bit.

Oh, yeah.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be looking at us like that.

Why don't you spread your legs, give us something to look at while we talk?


You're a naughty girl.

I think you're trying to get us turned on.

Give me a close-up.

Why don't you touch yourself?

You know you want to.

Okay, go wide.

Oh, you can't help yourself, huh?

You're so fucking hot.

I know that feels good, doesn't it?

We're not gonna let you cum yet, though, not yet.

There's still plenty of time until you have to go do your homework.

We want to see you strip.

Just do it really slow.

Entertain us, and then maybe we'll let you cum.

You're so hot.

Wow, look at your sexy bra, naughty little schoolgirl.

Oh, my God.

You're so beautiful.

Your ass is so hot.


The anticipation.


(camera shutter clicks)

Oh, my God.


(camera shutter clicks)

You're a work of art.

(camera whirring)

And cut.

Thank you.





That was beautiful.

It was really good.

Thank you.


Thank you. (giggles)

You live around here?

Yeah, I don't live too far away.

Well, I hope we get to work together again.

Me too.

It was a lot of fun. Thank you.



What are you reading?

Just a magazine.

Oh, arts.

Geisha exhibit over at the Banks.

Do you come here looking for girls who read?

No, I just wanted to apologize for the other night.

Don't worry about it.

You're not the first group of frat guys to come in and make asses out of yourselves.

I'm a little old to be a frat guy.

Apparently not.

Are you gonna have a drink?

There's a minimum.

Sure, your choice.

Yeah? Mm-hmm.

My choice.


So you should really go see that exhibit.

It's great in person.

It's just a magazine that somebody left lying around.

Yeah, but you can read.

Yeah, I can read.



Do you want another one?


I won't spit in it this time.

Oh, sure.


I thought we were going to the movie tonight.

I told you. I'm sorry, okay.

I forgot.

But I'm just gonna be gone for a couple of hours, okay?

Let's just do something tomorrow.


I'm working at the bookstore tomorrow.

Well, we can plan something for when you finish.


I'll be waiting for you like a damsel in distress.

We'll can go to a movie, or you can finish telling me about Anna Karen-nina.



I'm tired.

Ooh, someone's got a date.

Um, yeah, I'm going to a party.

I don't really know how to dress for it, so I borrowed this from somebody at work.

Well, bring me the leftovers.

I will.

Hey, your mom left a message last night at, like, 2:0 in the morning, and she said she wants to visit.

I'm sorry.

Oh, no. No, it's fine with me.

I mean, I'll take her dancing.

Um, no, you don't need to do that.

Well, have a great night.

Thank you.

You too.

Okay, bye, guys. Bye.

(jazzy piano music)

♪ ♪ Well, you said that it was a party, but you didn't say it was this kind of a party.

Well, some people only have this kind of a party.


My baby's finally arrived.

The parties I've thrown for him...

He's finally shown up to one of mine.


You must be Angelina.

Uh, yeah, hi. Yeah, hi.

This is Mrs. Larchmont, the chairwoman of the acquisitions committee and the proud sponsor of this exhibition.

Oh, cool.

And proud mother of this handsome boy.

You didn't tell me that.

Well, it's really something.

Where did it all come from?

Well, this is the most expensive exhibition in the history of the museum, cost three husbands.


Francis says that you work at a strip club.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Well, actually, I'm working somewhere else now.

That's right.

Well, I better head over to the Rodin court.

The mayor's stopping by to pick up a check.

Okay, good to meet you.

I'm sorry.

About what?

That I told her where you worked.


I... I liked it.

What, that I told her that you worked at a strip club?

Well, you know, you didn't hide me.

All right, come on.

I didn't bring you here to introduce you to my mom.

I want to show you something.


Does this look familiar?

From the magazine.

This one's my favorite.

It's about ambition.

Did you ever hear about the butterfly who fluttered its wings in Tunisia and caused a tsunami on the other side of the world?

Yeah, I've heard that.

Well, here's some butterfly wings.






All right.

(both laugh)

So yeah, just after the war, the Japanese artists embraced the pop movement of the West, but then in the '70s, they started reverting back to more traditional techniques, like...

Well, as if they were searching for some connection to the past that had been lost before, you know, the whole world invaded.

How do you know so much about this stuff?


And I studied art history.


Studied painting for a bit, but I wasn't any good, so I quit.

Oh, I'm sure that you were just fine.

Well, that's what my mother said.

She wished that she could just hang me up on walls.

Well, why did you stop painting?

Mm, well, I had a teacher, who said that if you want to be an artist, you have to struggle, face criticism, knock on doors for about ten years to know if you even had any talent, and that's if talent even existed.

Maybe it was just persistence.

So I decided to go into law.

I think that's sad.


It's good to know your strengths and your limitations, 'cause if you know your limitations, then you can work within them.

So juries love me.

Yeah, I don't think I could ever make a decision like that.

Well, we make decisions like that every day.

(light guitar music)

♪ ♪

(inhales and exhales)

So how do you feel?

Like I've been out all night.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Do you ever paint now?

No, my clients would get angry if I did something like that.

But you have time for strip clubs and fancy parties and me.

Yeah, well, you make time for the important things.

I want to see your paintings, your most recent ones.


My most recent ones are ten years old.

Ten years ago, I was...

In third grade, I think.

Look at you now, all grown up.

♪ ♪


Where have you been?

I met the nicest guy.

(grunts and sighs)

Let me help you with that.

Thank you.

You ready to do this?

I guess so.

You guess?


Yeah, I'm ready.

That's good.

How does she look?

Hi. Ooh, beautiful.

Is there a medical professional in the building?

I don't feel so good.


Break her in gently.

Do you do boy-girl?

Um... I haven't.

I haven't decided yet.

I'm all the man she needs today.

Come on, Cherry Pie, let's go make a movie.

Let's go.

(mouse clicking)

(door clicks open)

Hey, want some help?


Who's that?

Oh, it's just a shoot someone did for Girls Club today.

That girl looks really young.

She's legal.

I think we're just getting older.

I didn't think we're that much older.

You don't have anything to worry about.

You look the same as the day we met.

You know, the thing I always liked most about you was your honesty.

Don't ruin that.

Do you want a salad?


You feel like heading to the Four Leaf?

I don't really want to hang out with your work friends.

I got a closing first thing in the morning in the China Basin.

Yeah, I'm going to bed with you or a magazine.

Yeah, I stay here all the time.

Hey. Hey.



Oh, no.


When you're ordering bourbon, someone's pulling at your heartstrings.

I'm in a relationship.

I think you know.


This is San Francisco.

That could mean anything.

That's 'cause you're a hot slut, but I'm loyal.



I am not even going to say anything, nope.

That would be the first time.

It would be.


What? No.

She's new. She's hot.

She's hot.

(indistinct conversation)

Oh, my gosh.

What? It's nothing.

It's nothing?

Look at you. You're totally blushing.


I thought you'd be asleep.

I thought I would be too.

That wasn't even your shoot.


The girl you were looking at earlier.


It wasn't even your site.

People look at pictures.

I wouldn't have a job otherwise.

That girl is a child.

It's a job. It's my job.


Eight years together, and this is all just starting to dawn on you?

So are we almost ready?

Yeah, one second.

Waiting on makeup.

Makeup, you almost done?

Makeup's clear.

Thanks. We're good.

Do you want to start in wide?

Maybe a little closer.

Medium, waist up?

I like a little closer than that.

That's good. That's good.


Hi. Hi.

You're so beautiful.


What's your name?

I'm Vicki.

Vicki, I hear you're married.

How long have you been with your husband?

Since high school.

Wow, you're childhood sweethearts.

Does he still fuck you hard every night?

Oh, he's not that wild. (laughs)

Oh, that's such a shame. You're so hot.

Why don't you show us what you like to do when your husband's not around?

(camera shutter clicking)


Okay, I'm sorry.

I just need a second, okay?

(camera beeps)

Is everything okay?

(speaking indistinctly)

(gasps) Anyways...

There's my baby girl.

Mom. Oh, returned to you at last.

I didn't know that you were coming to visit this weekend.

Well, it's no problem, because this wonderful little gentleman Paco has given me a beer and is telling me a very funny story...


That I cannot repeat.

Good, good.

Good, great.

Um, Paco, where's Andrew?

He's still at the bookstore.

He closes Thursdays now.

Oh, okay. I didn't know that.

Say hello to your long-lost sister.




So why are you all dolled up, huh?

You got a hot date?

"Hot" isn't halfway to the truth.

That man can melt an ice cream truck.

No, okay.

No, I was just trying out some... some new fall trends.

You know, don't you read Cosmo?

I read Cosmo. I know.

Well, if you got a hot date, I want to meet him.

Phyllis, he's a lawyer, even, a catch.

I swear, I'm gonna turn him when she's not looking.

Yeah, well, they're all a catch until they're caught.

Honey, fix yourself up.

Tell your hot lawyer your mom wants to be taken out on the town.

Yeah, we didn't have plans for today...

Move it, toots, 'cause we're not done talking about you, anyway.

Come on, move it. I want to have some fun.

(sighs) Very funny.



(women breathing heavily)

Hey, you okay?


There's a lot of snitches around here.

Is there anything I can do to help you right now?

Do you want some coffee or water or an aspirin or anything?

No, okay?

Is there something wrong? Are you losing money?


Okay, I'll give you ten minutes.


(light piano music)



When's your boyfriend getting here, huh?

I don't know what happened.

He was supposed to be here.

Well, nothing unusual about a man not showing up.

That's why they call them men.

No, he just... he had some errands to run.

I'm sure he's gonna be here soon.

Well, we got all the time in the world.

You know, I'll just call him.

I'll just call him real quick and see where he is.

Poor thing.

Paco, how's my little lady doing?

She is the most popular girl in town.


Ambitious, just like her mother.

Soon, this town won't be big enough for her either.


I adore her. She's a sweetheart.

Yeah. You taking care of her?

Oh, yeah, absolutely, absolutely.

All right.

Okay, so he just... he got caught up at work, some last-minute documents.

Last-minute, huh?

He's going to trial this week, you know, so they had to petition the court for some sort of approval.

I don't... I don't really know what it means, but he works a lot.

Nope, no, no, no.

No more for me, thanks.


Yeah, I... I know when to say when.

I had a drink at your house, and...

So you like this guy, huh?

Is it that obvious?

Is he good to you?


Yeah, he is.

Remember Aunt Patty?

Remember how she used to always work late at the car dealership?

Mom, why are you bringing that up?

You know, nobody thought anything of it.

Nobody wondered why a receptionist was always working late at a car dealership.

Okay, but you haven't even met Francis.

I know. I know. It just reminds me.

He works late one time, and you're implying that he's a drug addict.

The thing about Patty was, she wouldn't call first.

See, we'd all be sitting there waiting for her at the bar.

Eventually, some time would go by.

We'd realize, "Patty's not here."

Now, this was before cell phones, so one of us would go call her.

She'd say she was working late at the car dealership.

See, the thing about addicts is, they don't call first.

You have to remind them to lie to you.

You think everybody in this world is as fucked up as the people in our family.

Are you folks ready to order?

Yes. Yes, I'm starving.


I'm gonna have... Paco said the meat loaf was good.

I'm gonna have the... $17 for meat loaf?

Well, isn't this fancy?

It's good. It's worth it.

Thanks for dinner, Angel.

It's no big deal.

Sorry about your boyfriend.

He has a name... Yeah, we all do.

And you know it.

We all do.

You know, you may not believe it, but I know the mistakes, 'cause I've made them.

See, he says real nice things to you, makes you feel special, apologizes when he's done something wrong, but you've got to keep your head, because the next thing he's gonna say is, "I want to... I want to take care of you," and it's just then that he's gonna let you down real hard.

You know, Mom, I don't think that that's true.

Well, there's true, and there's true.

You know, I really wish you'd gone off with Andrew.

You know, I think he would have treated you real good.

Boys and girls are allowed to be friends with each other.

(scoffs) Not in my lifetime.

Oh, well... You know what, honey?

I think I'm gonna run in here for a minute.

I'm just gonna slip in here real fast, okay?

I thought you were saying when.

Well, I just... can't hurt, okay?


I'm really glad you guys came.

Me too.

I missed you.

Miss you so much.

My baby.

What's wrong with JoJo?

She can't talk anymore?

Mm, no.


Things have been hard.

Po's not around, and...

She's not feeling well.

What do you mean she hasn't been feeling well?


I didn't know if I should tell you that.

I didn't want to ruin the visit.

(scoffs) What?

Of course you should tell me.

Of course you should tell me.

She hasn't been feeling too well.

Her stomach's... she's okay, and then she's not okay.

City General will only treat people without insurance, so...

Is that... you need money?

Mom, you need to tell me if you need money.

Look, I can help.

I will.

I'm so proud of you.

I thought you were going in the other direction.

Here you are six months later.

You're doing so great.

Mom, whatever she needs.

Okay, anything that JoJo needs, I'll... I'll get it for her.

(whispers) Don't tell her I told you.

(light piano music)

♪ ♪


Hey, sorry I'm late for makeup.

Everything's off schedule today.

Hey, Cherry.

Don't worry. They're gonna wait for you.

You're the most important thing on that set.

You know, my real name is Angelina.


See you soon.

Okay, I'll see you later.

Three girls? Okay Margaret, glad you're here.

We were just talking about the live Canny Girl shoot coming up, and we want to know if the agencies will agree to a day rate for the girls.

There's gonna be a lot of improvisation.

Well, I think that'd be a tough sell.

Come on, you think these girls are counting blow jobs on their fingers?

Well, I don't think they're gonna do more than what we pay them for.

Whatever happened to a baker's dozen?


What did happen to a baker's dozen?

I don't know. (laughs)


What are you doing here?

I wanted to say I'm sorry about dinner.

Okay, well, you weren't sorry enough to show up.

Wait, look.


(light piano music)

♪ ♪

You know, my mom doesn't believe that you exist.

I exist.

I got to go.

I'll call you later.


Yeah, I promise.


I do. (laughs)



Where are you going?

Oh, uh, we're heading out.

We're gonna... we got an eight-hour drive.

We're gonna make that appointment for JoJo.

Oh, well, I thought that you guys were gonna stay for the weekend.

Well, we went out while you were at your work, your... that so-called job, you know, you don't want to talk to us about?

Mom, I told you what my job is.

Uh-huh, temping at an accounting firm or something?

Right, with the funny dress code and big salary, huh?


You know what? This isn't a place for us.

It's a place for someone your age.

It's not a place for someone my age or JoJo's age.

There's nothing wrong with my stomach.

(buttons clacking)


There's no operation.

My stomach's fine.

Oh, God.

Oh, Jo.

Oh, Jo, I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay. I'm gonna leave soon too.


You need to finish high school first.

You didn't.



All right.

Come on, Jo, grab my nightgown.

Let's go.


Mom! What?

You weren't even gonna tell me that you were going?

Well, I guess we're the same that way.

Come on, Jo, let's go.


Close the door, Jo.

Sure we've assembled the best of the best.

You think? Yeah.

I think so too.

(laughs) Yeah, yeah.

Hey. Hi.

You've met Margaret before.

I've been living out of hotels so long, I don't know who I've met.


Sorry I'm late, but one of the models didn't show up for the shoot today, so we had to start later.

Oh, are you a photographer?

No, I'm a film director.

Oh, what kind?


And you had time to go home and change, or you wore this to work today?

I went and changed for your party.

That's very interesting.

I suppose that's like any kind of film work?

(chuckles) Not really.

It's not really that interesting.

Well, I'm going to grab a wine before they close the free bar.

Can I get you guys anything?

No, thanks.

Yeah, you just had to.

He asked.

Yeah, and we'll just pretend Like we haven't had this conversation 500 times.


So what's this party for, anyway?

End of quarter reports.

My team is gonna win an award.

I used to be on your team.

Yeah, a long time ago.

(indistinct chatter)

You just don't care about what I do.

Nobody cares about what you do.

(scoffs) Oh.

Yeah, but making young girls take off their clothes so old guys have something to wank off to is a really noble job.

No, I'd rather talk them into buying homes they can't afford.

What is the matter with you?

I hate these people.

Then you hate me.

Why do you invite me to these things?

Because you're my girlfriend.

That's what we're supposed to do.

That's what people do in the real world.

That's the contract.

I didn't sign a contract.

I don't want to be like my parents.

(scoffs) You're like fucking Peter Pan.

You don't want to not be your parents.

You just don't want to grow up.

I'm sorry.

No, Margaret, you're not.

You're not... no, no.

You're not sorry.

You want to be sorry?

I'll make you sorry.





No, no, no.

Get down.

(breathes heavily)

(breathing heavily)

Get down.



Oh. Ohh.

Wait, stop.

(both gasping and grunting)

Give it to me.

(gasping and moaning)

I can see your whole world, and it's so fucking small.

I loved you so much.


Whoa. (laughs)

You know the Dyke March starts here next Saturday?

Somebody at work told me it's, like, a sea of lesbians.

Wow, sounds beautiful.

You should come with me. You can be my date.

(laughs) That would be different.


Well, they're not gonna eat you.

I don't think you're exactly their type.

Yo, you should've seen that night, all right?

Paco... they were aggressively pursuing me.

I... they wanted some Andrew.

I mean, I was the shit that night.

Wait for me. I can't move that fast.

Come on.

Your legs are longer.

Wow. It's beautiful.



Think it's the most beautiful city in the world?


See that building? What?

The building to the right of the bridge.

Where? There? No, right to the right.

Yeah. The tall one?

Yeah. That's where he lives.

No. Mm-hmm.

Fuck, wow.

Yeah, his apartment is amazing.


You should have seen him in the morning.

He got up, and he stood at the edge of the bed in his dress shirt... no pants, just his dress shirt... and he was grinding coffee beans with a hand-grinder for, like, ten minutes at least.

And then he left, and he came back with the most amazing cup of coffee I've ever had in my entire life.

(coffee splattering)

That's not good.

(birds chirping)



I'm thinking about doing a guy-girl shoot.

Why would you do that?

Well, you know, I haven't done it yet, and it pays a lot more.

(scoffs) Do you need money?

Are you offering me some of your bookstore salary?


No, I know it's a big deal.

I do. I just, you know...

I've been doing the girl stuff for a while now, so it's not really that different.

Boy-girl is, uh... is different.

The man cave...


I don't think you should do it, you know?



Uh, the special.

2 bucks.

You a friend of Rafi?

Rafi who?

Uh, just Rafi.

What did he do for you?


Why are you looking for him if he didn't do anything for you, hmm?

I don't know anybody with a name like that, not even close.

Sorry for bugging you.

No, you're not bugging me, cowboy.

Put a dollar in. Let's play a game, huh?

Maybe I'm looking for somebody too, hmm?

He's... he's looking for Rafi.

Forget about Rafi, man.

Forget that shit.


I can hook you up with a bundle.

No, just a dime.

A little teaser, huh?

All right.

Lay a note on the table.

Go somewhere else.

Look for somebody else.



So, Cherry, do you like to suck cock?

(tires squealing)

Hey. Hey.

Francis, what happened?

And... action.

(both breathing heavily)

I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you.

(moaning, breathing heavily)

(sighs) A little painkiller?

No, I'm okay.

What, are you worried about the guard?

He doesn't care.

(snorts deeply)

No, I just don't need to be high to be with you.

Mm, uh-huh.


(gasping, moaning)



Why do you do... why do you do what you do?

Francis, this is my job.


Well, maybe you should find another job.

Well, maybe you should have kept making art.

(laughs) That's not...

Yeah, maybe.

Why are you always high?


I don't know.

I don't know.

It feels so good.

(both moaning)


Oh, fuck me!

How am I supposed to fuck you tonight after you just got done fucking...

I don't know... five guys?

Okay, first of all, where did you get "five guys" from?

Oh, sorry.

Four? Six?

Really? 'Cause it was one.


Oh, all right.

Everybody's tested.


Are all of your girlfriends tested?

You're my only girlfriend.

I don't have any other girlfriends.

You're my only girlfriend.

I'm not having sex with anyone else.

(moaning and panting)

Your job is disgusting.

What you do is disgusting.



You disgust me.

I don't know what to say.

Yeah, it's fucking disgusting, fucking disgusting.

Okay, hold on a sec.

Terra, can you move it back here?

I want to get her whole body.

(camera shutter clicks)

You okay? Mm-hmm.


So you like to say you do it for money.

That's... that's what the difference is?

Is that how you justify it?

(both moaning)

Now, Chuck, work towards the orgasm.

You know, I thought we were going somewhere.


We're not going anywhere.

Mm-hmm, great.

(both gasping and moaning)

Take me home.

(tires squealing)

That was hot.

Good job.


Thank you.


(light, spacey music)

♪ ♪

Thank you.

Great. Once again, brilliant.

It was fun. It was good.

You were amazing, yeah.

It felt good.

Just really good.

Yeah? Yeah.

♪ ♪

(sighs) Okay, thank you.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(tires screeching)

- Watch out!

(loud crash)

(siren wails)

You know, you're lucky you ran into one of these breakers and not a carload of kids down the street.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Nothing happened to me.

Yeah, you're lucky, you know?

Your buddy over here didn't look too well.

Listen, he mentioned something to me about somebody stealing his driver's license.

You know anything about that?

You know anything about it?

Looks like we found our thief.

Yeah, if you're not guilty, then why are you so wet?


Lick it off.

Maybe if you do a good job, we'll go easy on you.

Or maybe we'll put you in the cage.

(all breathing heavily)

What the fuck?

Are you jerking off?





Where are you going? What are you doing?

I... I can't... I can't share a bed with you.

I don't even know... I don't even know you.

You know me better than anybody, come on.

No, I don't.

What the fuck, Ange?

If you have something to say, then you better say it.


I'm just supposed to sit here while you run around with everyone else?

I get it.

I'm just a... I'm just a foreigner you keep around to run your errands and make you feel good about yourself, right?

That is not true. It is true.

No, it's not. That is fucking true.

You treat me like a fucking pet.

No, I don't!

You treat me like a pet.

No, I don't.

(mutters indistinctly)

(loud thud)

Come on.

Come on. What are you doing?

Wait, come on.

Stop it.


Every night, I wait for you to come home so we can hang out, and you give me crumbs.

It's like you're not even there.

No, I am here.

But you don't realize it, because the girl that you're waiting for to come home does not exist in real life.

Okay, I'm not her.


Why what?

Why am I the only person in the whole world who's not allowed to see you naked?


You love me?

Do you love me?

Andrew, do you love me?

But not enough to jerk off to somebody else.

♪ If you want to stay ♪

♪ You can take what you want to ♪

♪ You can ♪ Hey.


I'll have what she's having and a shot.

Got it.

I had a boyfriend who used to say that.

"I'll have what she's having with whiskey in it."

I thought he was the coolest guy in the world.

Probably was at the time.

I'm not usually much of a drinker.


I think I might be a bad person.

You're not a bad person.

I think you're a beautiful person.


I got a letter from my mom yesterday.

She told me that I let her down.

Did you write her back?


No, but I will.

I just don't know when.

My parents think I'm going straight to hell because I had premarital sex.


I have this cousin, and she started working at this laundromat when she was 19, right out of high school, and no one wondered why she worked at the laundromat.

She just did all this boring shit.

I would visit her. I couldn't stand it.

It was, like, her and the manager, and there was no chance of a promotion.


And then she got married.

Did she quit?

With what? They don't have any money.

She has a little boy, and he plays Little League, and he goes to public school.

I think she's still working there.

It's, like, 12 years?

$15 an hour.

Well, is she happy?

I don't know.

I don't think so.

(scoffs) Okay.


What kind of story is that?

It's a real one.

That's a horrible story.


Yeah, I'm just...

Trying to figure it out on my own, you know?


I just need somewhere to go for a little while.

♪ ♪

♪ Take what you want to ♪ Come here.

♪ Take what you want ♪

♪ Make of me ♪

♪ I dream of us in a land ♪

♪ With your eyes ann your hair ♪

♪ You've got a million-dollar stare ♪

♪ That makes me say ♪

♪ ♪


Morning, gorgeous.

Good morning.

How are you?


You look bright and bushy-tailed.

Yeah, I'm shooting someone new today.


Should be good.

I really like her.


What you reading?

I want to plant some herbs on our balcony.

Don't you think that would be cool?

Like, basil and rosemary.

Sounds good to me.

Mmm, this is amazing.

Yeah, I got it at the farmers' market.

You should come with me sometime.

It's so fun.

Mm, I like it when you pick the fruit.

You always pick better fruit than I do.

It's true.

(both laughing)

They're really good.


Do you have plans?

I'm gonna be over there later today.

Mm, okay, cool.

I'm shooting something later.

Oh, nice. Mm-hmm.

Okay. I got to get going.

I'm late. I'll talk to you later.

(camera beeps)

So, Ebony, why do you want to be a porn star?

I mean, I like doing it anyway.

You like doing what?

Having sex.

You like being fucked?

You like the feeling of somebody inside you?

I do.

Do you like being watched?


Have you ever had anybody watch you masturbate?

Oh, just my boyfriend so far.

Why should he have all the fun?

Come on.

Put on a show for us like you do for your boyfriend.

(light piano music)

♪ ♪

Yeah, get us off.



(camera beeps)

That was great. Thanks.

Thank you.

So how was it?

Did I do okay?

You were perfect.

(light guitar music)

♪ ♪

♪ She shuts the door behind me ♪

♪ Waits for me to get undressed ♪

♪ She ask if I need water ♪

♪ I can barely understand her ♪

♪ I think she asked me what I do ♪

♪ And I said that I'm a singer ♪

♪ She laughs and claps her hands ♪

♪ And then she begins, and she sings ♪

♪ I like to go to San Francisco ♪

♪ I like to go put flowers in my hair ♪

♪ I like to go to San Francisco ♪

♪ I like to meet some people there ♪

♪ She looks just like a sparrow ♪

♪ But she's strong just like a wrestler ♪

♪ She kneads and pulls and climbs on top ♪

♪ It hurts but I will try to take it ♪

♪ Ask her if she's ever been, been to San Francisco ♪

♪ She tells me that she can't leave ♪

♪ They won't let her leave, and she sings ♪

♪ I like to go to San Francisco ♪

♪ I like to go put flowers in my hair ♪

♪ I like to go to San Francisco ♪

♪ I like to meet some people there ♪

♪ And in Golden Gate Park ♪

♪ She'll throw a frisbee ♪

♪ She'll bring the dog ♪

♪ And she'll meet a boy ♪

♪ And they'll fall in love ♪

♪ And she'll feel so free ♪

♪ Still walk on his back... ♪

♪ Wonder 'bout the place I'm in ♪

♪ And how they treat the girls ♪

♪ I know that it's legitimate ♪

♪ But still it makes me wonder ♪

♪ She gets up to leave ♪

♪ And I put back on my clothes ♪

♪ I tip her well, she bows to me ♪

♪ I really hope one day she gets to go ♪

♪ To San Francisco ♪

♪ I like to go put flowers in my hair ♪

♪ I like to go to San Francisco ♪

♪ I like to meet some people there ♪

♪ Some people there ♪

♪ La, la-la-la, la, la-la-la ♪

♪ La, la-la-la ♪

♪ La, la-la-la ♪

♪ La, la-la-la, la, la-la-la ♪

♪ La, la-la-la ♪

♪ La, la-la-la ♪

♪ La, la ♪