Above the Law (1988) Script

I was born in Palermo, Sicily.

We came to this country when I was 7. We immigrated to Chicago.

We were always raised to be very patriotic, to love our country.

And we did.

When I was a little boy, my father took me to a baseball game.

They had a martial arts demonstration and I saw this old Japanese man...

...doing things that I thought were magical.

And, I developed a crazy dream to go to the Far East.

By the time I was 17, I was there, studying with the masters.

In 1969 I was invited by a friend of mine...

...to an American Embassy party in Tokyo.

While I was there, there was a crazy, drunk guy named Nelson Fox.

He recruited me into the CIA.

I was 22 at the time.

My eyes were about to be opened.

Bring the boys home!

U.S.A. get out! Bring the boys home!

U.S.A. One, two, three, four...

...this is not your dirty war!

One, two, three, four...

...this is not your dirty war!

One, two three...

My friends, let me make one thing clear:

This is a nation of laws.

And as Abraham Lincoln has said:

"No one is above the law, no one is below the law. "

And we're going to enforce the law!

And Americans should remember that if we're going to have law and order.

You ever seen chemical interrogation before?

These assholes are Agency?

We all get paid by the CIA...

...but these guys are from a page that ain't even in the book.

Why are you bringing me this garbage?

Don't you die on me, you sucker!

What the hell's wrong?

Oh, this pussy, he just can't hold his liquor.

Doc, he's dead. Get him the fuck out of here.

Move it. Let's go. Come on!

Get him out. Get him out of here.

So my little, doctor bag doesn't scare you?

I'm not scared.

You speak English.

How nice. Heh.

Where's the load, colonel?

I'm gonna teach you never...

...never to fuck with my opium.

Oh, boy.

He's a hard one, Doc.

You took it from the French, you took it from the Chinks.

And you'll be damned if a Yankee's gonna start you talking.

But you're gonna sing for me. You're gonna sing like a choir!

What does this have to do with military intelligence?

Who the fuck is this cherry?

Your orders, Toscani, were to assist and observe.

Just back off, partner.

I'm gonna start cutting you off at the ankles.

Then I'm gonna take your feet and throw them right over there in that basket.


Fuck, this guy's- Shut up, Nico.

Look, I can make you disappear.

Grab his leg.

What the hell are you doing, man? Nico! Nico.

Nico. Nico.

You guys think you're soldiers? You're fucking barbarians!

Go on, man. Get out!

Haul ass, man. Get the fuck out of here.

Get back to the LZ. If I don't cap him now, he'll do me later.

Now, look, you crazy fool. I'll call a chopper in for us. I'll cover this, man.

Just get the hell out of here!

Come on, move! You best bring him back here!


Nobody move! Everybody stay on that damn porch!

Stay on that god damn porch!

Go, Nico!

Nelson, I'm through. I'm finished!

Nicola, Sara, what name do you give your child?

Giuliano Nicola.


...you have become a new creation.

With the help of your family and friends...

...we bring your Christian dignity unstained...

...into the everlasting life of heaven.

Come on. You're always making me late.

I'm the boss. You should be driving me.

I now trace the sign of the cross upon your forehead...

...and I invite your parents to do the same.

In the name of the Father, the Son...

...and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Look at him. He's such a good baby.

That's beautiful.

I know you're the boss but- Right. Remember that.

Hi, guys.

It's Jacks. Hey, how are you?

You guys look so good.

We haven't done anything, officer. We're clean. Some of us, anyway.

Well, lieutenant, eight more days and you're gonna miss me.

Parts of you, anyway. You see this cop?

This one here. This one coming over here. She could bust me anytime.

Look at that. Look at that.

This is the partner? This is the partner.

I got dressed up. You told me you were wearing a tux.

You look fabulous. She goes to work looking like this?

This girl, sometimes she comes in just lingerie.

Ha-ha-ha! Don't tell our secrets.

She's never gonna let you out with me again, now.

Go to confession.

I told you guys to have a good time, okay, but take it easy, will you?

Toscani holds the record for having more relatives...

...under federal indictment than any other cop in the city.

Look at those stiff dicks.

A free meal and they come out like flies. Ha-ha-ha.

Hey, you greaseball bastards. Ha, ha.

Didn't we buy that monkey once?

Rosa, I'm so worried. I'm so worried.

What's wrong? Nico.

Isn't today a day you should be happy?

What's wrong? It's Lucia. She's gone again.

Is it that boy? Sė, Nico.


Listen, I have to go to work right now. You gonna be at the bakery later?

I'll come by the bakery and we'll talk. Maybe I can do something.

Thank you, Nico. Thank you. Okay? Bye-bye.

It's gonna be okay.

Lester, this is Unit 10, tango x-ray.

We're up and clear. You got that, good buddy?

Toscani told me he'll watch over you and take care of you real good...

...your last week on the street.

Never had a friend who was a DA before.

I'm gonna take a quick piss and I'll be right back.

Here? Yeah.


She's fine, ain't she?

Excuse me, but, I just had to stop and tell you...

...that you look like the sun setting on a waterfall in the springtime, baby.

And you got five seconds, and three are up.

Say, you ain't got to be like-

Pfft. Hey.

You know, like, lady cops need boyfriends too, you dig?

But, you have a nice day, just the same.

This ain't nothing but trouble coming in my place tonight.

I know this one.

Say, man. Have you seen this girl?

I ain't seen shit.

You haven't seen this girl?

Hey, schifo, how you doing?

You seen this girl? You know I quit messing with that stuff.

I ain't into this shit anymore. What are you into?

Why don't the fuck you assholes leave me alone?

I paid your boy off Monday night. My boys?

Take some of that fucking money and buy your mama a condominium.

Get out of my fucking life. Ha-ha-ha!

I thought this was a kosher bar, man. No pork allowed.

Say, man, you seen this girl?

I seen the top of her head.

Yeah, that was his head.

That's good.

Good one.

Come here, you-


Holy fuck, man. Stop this motherfucker.

He's crazy. Where's my piece?

He ain't nothing. Take him out. He's motherfucking crazy.

Fucking Italian puke! Get out of here with that stuff.

Freeze, motherfucker!

Come on, man. Not today. Please? Put the gun away.

All right. Who else wants some? You're destroying the image of my place.

You'll never be the fucking man. You'll never be the man.

Get over here!

Hey, hold it, man. Hold it. Don't do me ugly.

Hey, listen. I know where the chick is. She's upstairs.

Yeah? She's upstairs? You sure about that? -2-C. I swear, man. It's 2-C.

This isn't what it looks like, my friend.

He's my cousin. He's a cop. I didn't know they had this.

Get out of here.

Oh, man!

You having a good time?

Pretty good time, man. Come here.

What is this shit? You wanna get high?

You wanna get high?


You're acting stupid, man! Stop it!

Stop. Stop, man, you playing the cop routine. I'm tired of it.

I'll show you what time is, you'll do tall time.

Just take it, it's yours. It's yours. Three grand, okay? It's in the mattress.

You want to fucking bribe me, man?

Put your clothes on. We're going home. Stop it.

I'm tired of you. I'm tired of you. You shut up!

You understand there are people out there who love you?

Right. Keep talking. Keep flapping.

In my business.

Is this your school stuff? Yeah.

It's my math homework and my history. You gonna write me another note, Nico?

Come on, Lucy. We're going home.

No, man, you go home. I'm tired.

Unh! I'll give you something, okay? Something big.

Oh, yeah? This is huge, my man.

It's a shipment that's coming in next Tuesday.

What the hell does a two-bit like you know about a shipment?

This is square, on my mother's soul.

You gotta believe me, man. You can't send me up.

I heard it from this hooker friend who's banging this big coke lawyer. He told her.

What lawyer? I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know? Carlos Abandano. Abandano.

Better fucking pray to God you ain't bullshitting me, man...

...or I'll come back and tear your heart out. Let's go.

Hey. Who are you?

Get back. Wait a minute. I own this place!

Hey. Hey. I own this fucking joint.

A guy upstairs. I want to get him arrested! God damn creep.


That's the motherfucker there! These two guys are under arrest.

It's a cesspool in there. Check it out.

Get your hands off. A character.

Boy, you got some strange toilet habits.

I'm gonna take her home and clean her up.

I don't wanna take her to her grandmother like this.


Jacks, I hate these cocaine lawyers.

And this shitty weather.

They're gonna have me serving time.

I wish you'd relax, hon. This is never gonna get into court.

Oh, except against us.

I don't care how I have to get these guys- Let me reiterate.

You said you were going to protect my butt and be my guardian angel.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

There is an engine block clearing customs...

...Tuesday, 10:00 pickup.

Fulton Meat Market.

An engine block?

Clever, clever, guys.

I'd like, an '86 Lincoln...

...Illinois 3-5-4, dog, 67, please.

Ramone Chi Chi Testamente...

...a Salvadoran national with quite a record.

Remember, you harping on me about having a date?

Dream on, baby. Dream on.

I want to tell you, what I turned down tonight, you could never come close to.

You should become a science-fiction writer, instead of a cop or a DA...

...with that imagination you got.

Yeah, you're right. Ha, ha. Yeah.

How you doing, Mr. Abandano?

Chi Chi, how you doing?

I do not like this place. You do not like this place?

No, I don't want to go into this place. You know I hate places like this.

What don't you like about it? The element!

The element.

Well, you know something, darling? Ahem.

I really think that you should lighten up, because...

...we gonna party.

Judy, this is my lawyer. Say hello.

My pleasure. Chi Chi, Camara.

Camara, how are you?

Two for dinner? Just drinks.

Good work.

I don't believe it.

Sit down here. You're gonna love this place. I promise.

Salvano, that fucking cockroach.

I don't believe this. You always do this to me in front of people. Embarrass me.

That is beautiful.

Excuse me.

I love it.

You'll have your engine block on Tuesday, boss.

Why couldn't this happen a week from Tuesday?

Then I could read about this in the paper. Relax. It'll make you famous.

Just what I need. I need to be famous.

Can you believe this?

Strozah here. Those two cops I told you...

...I'm gonna get them in the back alley.

Get the rookie to back up a little bit.

We got it down good. We got guys in the front, we got a couple of cars out back.

Sealed off pretty good.

Our best guys. I handpicked each one.

Jackson, Lukich, Nico. They're all top-shelf.

They know how to do this. They've done it before.

Well, I can tell how much you love it here.

Oh, God. Now you know why I'm a vegetarian.

You eat meat, man. I know you eat meat.

I'm gonna throw up. I've heard you eat meat.

Nico, keep the channel clear, all right? Don't embarrass us.

Right over there. Two guys in the alley over there.

Yeah. Definitely the feds.

Frank, it's fucking infested down here. What are you trying to do to us?

Someone from downtown got wind of it. Don't worry.

They're just trying to make points. Just handle the pinch.

This ain't a bust, it's a fucking convention.

I don't believe this.

Look at this, boys. Here we go.

Okay, Nico. Here we go. Jackson, stay back.

They made you. You're too pretty to be a meatpacker.

It's going down, boys. Let's go.


Keep your heads up.

Woman, let's do it.

Okay, listen. The cars are going around the corner.

Come on, Nico. Lukich, get up there.

What do you think?

Looks good.

Let's get on with it?

What the fuck are you guys doing, you assholes?

Feds. Shit! They jumped too soon!

What the fuck is this, man? Freeze! Police!

Get back!

Get down!

Nico, the Lincoln!


Chi Chi!



Fucking animal!

Get rid of him!

I'm out! Do him!

He's still on the roof! Get rid of him!

Where do I go? What do I do?

Hit those hooks over there!

Boss, what do I do?

Stop the fucking car!

Stop the fucking car!

Right, hands up! Come on. Out of the car!

Get those hands up. Attaboy.

Nico, what the fuck is wrong with you? You scared me half to death!

Nico, you okay?

Wait till you hear about- Shut the fuck up!

You make a nice hood ornament, sarge.

Come on. Get this garbage out of here.

They gonna revoke your license driving down through here like that.

Let's go.

What do we got here?

Oh, shit. The hell kind of high is this?

Don't say nothing.


Military explosives.

C-4, my man.

Hey, boss...

...you can see your place right from the office of the FBl.

Ain't that something?

Your name once more? Agent Neeley, Chicago office.

The arresting officer, Toscani. What does he do?

He's a tac sergeant, CPD Vice. Hold on a minute-

I'll tell you what this cop is. He's a fucking menace. He almost strangled me to death!

Your problem is being taken care of right now.

Well, it should've been handled 12 hours ago when my throat was in one piece!

I don't know who's running this outfit here...

...but I'll tell you one thing: Somebody better get his wires straight.

You don't know who you're dealing with.

This maniac should be wearing a number, not a badge!

The director does not want a problem. There won't be a problem.

And I don't want any problems. I understand.

Just listen. They are to be released immediately.

You can count on it. Avoid all contacts.

You'll have the bureau's full cooperation.

You're free to go.

Well, thank you very much, gentlemen.

Good work, man. I loved the face of that FBl guy when the call came through.


I don't want any more problems.

I don't enjoy babysitting.

Everything is going to be all right from now on.

I promise you, Mr. Zagon.

Attention, please. Attention, everyone. Please, guys.

I just want to get a few things straightened out.

A few minutes ago, I received a call from the first deputy superintendent's office.

Now, as we all know, possession of these kinds of explosives are a federal offense...

...and fall under the jurisdiction of the federal agencies represented here.

What kind of bullshit is that?

Feds come in, doors close, nobody hears, smells or sees anything.

And that's no answer.

No answer to why the biggest drug dealer...

...is out on the street as free as a fucking bird!

Nico, keep it in your pants, all right? These men have a job to do, just like we do.

It's their game, let them play it.


What I'm to say does not leave this room. Clear?


Mr. Salvano has been working for some time...

...in cooperation with certain federal agencies.

Now, I'm not at liberty to divulge the nature or the extent of Mr. Salvano's involvement.

I just learned of its existence myself a few hours ago.

One thing I can tell you is that Mr. Salvano's role...

...is crucial to an extremely sensitive, ongoing investigation.

And any surveillance...

...harassment or unauthorized operations against this individual are forbidden.

I must order all of you, with all due respect for your work and your courage...

...to stand down.

You assholes stand down on this.



You're gonna need me.

Ha. Need you. For what?

To get your ass out of jail.

You think you can afford my bail?

No. Neither do I. Not on this pay.

You'll end up in jail for a long time, I have a strange feeling.

You're jealous because I'm gonna stay a cop.

Alex, what the fuck is this, man? Go back to work.

Sorry, man. Take it easy.

Here we go.

Pick it up.

What are you thinking?

Isn't this your mother's church?

Yeah, but I'll bet you she hasn't seen these boys in the choir.

Hey, Nico. That can't be you in church without the family.

Hello, Father. How are you? This must be your partner in crime.

Delores Jackson. Father Gennaro.

I saw you at the baptismal party. Yes. Nico, we gotta go.

No, please. Wait. Look.

Ah. God, it's good you're here.

Look, if you got a few minutes, there's something I'd like to show you. Please.


I haven't been down here since I was a kid.

What's this?

The rats are getting bigger.

When did this happen? Two nights ago. I didn't call the police.

What do they want, the bingo receipts?


These are friends.

Father Tomasino, this is Nico.

How do you do? Sister Mary.

Hi, Nico.

Delores. How do you do, Father?


My friend, Father Tomasino, is working with the sanctuary movement.

He's visiting...

...helping his people work out some of their immigration problems.

I'm sorry to have troubled you. Nico, we must go?

Nice meeting you, sir.


How long have those people been here? Too long.

But at least the children can go to our school.

Who do you think broke into that room?

Kids, maybe. Maybe worse. It's not the first time.

Would you like for us to send a car to check on you?

No. No, please. You see, police frighten these people.

I know what you mean. They frighten me too.

It's too far out of your way. I can't ask you to go to that much trouble.

Look, I really don't mind coming by.

Promise, okay? All right? Okay. Thank you, Nico.

Say, Nico, by the way, uh, when was your last confession?

My last confession? Yeah.

Father, I'm a married man. I have no sins to confess.

Oh, yeah. You're a police officer. You got a lot of sins to confess.

Aha. He's got your number. Ha-ha-ha!

Is that your impression of police officers? I want to see you in church Sunday, okay?

I feel better when you're in church, okay?

You don't show up, I'm calling your mother.

I wish you would. She loves you.

Yeah. Why don't you go to church? It'll be good for you, you know?

Get your soul saved.

Our leaders tell us...

...and talk to us about them and us.

But almighty God talks to us...

...about all of mankind...

...as one.

Now, we have an obligation...

...to find out what is the truth.

We need to study. We need to question.

We need to read and we need to find out...

...what they are doing in our name.

And we must support those brave souls...

...who seek...

...the truth.

God bless us. Amen.


All rise.

Get down!

There's nothing else we can do. I'm sorry.

Grant you happiness.

Lord God, Heavenly Father...

...receive the soul of our dear departed friend, Father Joseph Gennaro.


Come on.

Come on, Nico.

Get a list of everybody that was treated here today. Everybody.

Find those sanctuary people...

...the ones that we found hiding in the bottom of the church.

I want to know where they're from and who might want to harm them.


Where are you gonna be?

Just stay by the radio. I'll find you.

I'll be all right.

Dr. Stewart.

Code Blue. Code Blue.

Dr. Jacobs. Dr. Arnold Jacobs...

...please come to the Emergency immediately.

Code Blue. Code Blue.

He didn't make it. Oh, Nico.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

Lieutenant Strozah, these are two FBl agents: Halloran, Neeley.

Nico. Neeley.

Sweetheart, go to the car. I'll be right there, okay? Take Mama?

Code Blue. Code Blue.

Dr. Sander Johnson. Dr. Sander Johnson...

Nico, you okay? The family. How's the family doing? Ni-

Excuse me. I'd like to have a word with you.


What the hell is it, Toscani?

It's you, that's what the fuck it is.

You keep your goddamn hands off me.

You let Salvano walk. Salvano?

Yeah. You crazy? What's he have to do with this?

That was no cherry bomb, that was C-4.

I've used that shit. I know what it smells like and what it blows like.

Salvano never came near that C-4. It's in federal holding right now.

Besides, why would Salvano blow up a church?

I tailed him two days ago.

Him and one of his goons were in that church and they weren't taking communion.

I saw the woman who planted the bomb and she was with Salvano's lawyer.

Now, I want some fucking answers.

You tailed him after I ordered you off? I want to know where Salvano is.

My orders were to release him, not baby-sit him.

You think you're rough stuff, Toscani.

Martial arts hero, chop-suey crap. Let me tell you something.

You're not bulletproof. You're not even a good cop.


You sneak around playing your street-dick games...

...and all you come up with is conjecture, wild coincidence and bullshit.

I want the name of the federal agent who signed for those explosives.

You do your job, I'll do mine.

Bank on it, pal.

Gentlemen. Hello, Jacks.

Hi, how you doing?

How you doing? Terrific.

The wallet. Let me see.

An aide to Senator Harrison?

I hope I find you, you greasy mother. I'm gonna kick your ass!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I'm in front of St. Mary's Church...

...where today seven people were killed by a bomb-

Wait a minute, Judy. Let me, pan out.

Yeah. That's a good idea. Okay.

All right. Okay.

You guys stay out of trouble? Okay, Nico.

Hey. Yeah.

You looking for Salvano? You heard that?

I know where he's at. Where's that?

Right here, motherfucker. Ha, ha!

You a long way from Kansas, Dorothy. Relax, man. Relax.

I won't shoot you. These guys will beat you.

Come to our neighborhood, fuck with our people?

Now our people are going to fuck with you. Ha, ha!

We need a doctor.

Fuck him up! You motherfucker!

Kill that motherfucker. You motherfucker!

Get up, motherfucker.

Don't kill me, brother. Please don't kill me! Don't kill me.

Who sent you? Nobody!

"Nobody?" You did this for fun?

Yeah. Yeah.

Jimmy Costanza. Jimmy Costanza.

If I find out you're lying, I'll come back and kill you in your own kitchen.


Bautista Salvano. Bautista Salvano.

Bautista Salvano.

That's my buddy, man. Yeah, man, I know him.

Sic him, Bulldog.

Why are you fucking with my friend, man? I'm not in the mood.

Hey, fuck your mood, man.

What's happening? What it be like, homey?

That was real good. Peace, brother.

The mayor has announced the offer...

...of a $25,000 reward for information...

...leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible...

...for today's tragic St. Mary's Church bombing.

Why were we in church?

I'll tell you what.

I'm willing to break the rules and I'm willing to tell you everything I know.

I just want some time.

It's probably Jacks.

Yeah, Jacks. This better be good.

It's bad, Nico.

Long time, Nelson.

Oh, come on, man. You know better than to use a name on an open line.

I'm gonna talk for 15 seconds, and then I'm getting off.

You're in trouble, Nico. Serious, serious trouble.

Really? That's- That's fascinating.

Take your wife and family and get them some place safe. Now.

I've been wanting to bring my family to Switzerland. I just haven't had time.

You hear me? Now. I'm risking my ass by telling you this.

Okay, don't take so long to call me next time.

Good luck, paisan.

Nico, why is the CIA calling you at 2:00 in the morning?

Because Fox is a crazy asshole.

He gets drunk, he forgets he's halfway around the world, and he calls.

Oh, God.

He says he just wanted to know if we got his Christmas card.

Listen, don't be that way.

I'm just so scared. Don't be.

Because I'm gonna take care of everything, all right?

All right?

Nico, who's there?

O'Hara, what's going on, man? Isn't it a little early for breakfast?

Hey, Nico, how you doing? All right.

I'm sorry. I gotta take you downtown.

The feds want to talk. It'll work out.

Here's the warrant, Toscani.

You fucking pieces of shit.

I'll take that, thank you.

Easy guys! He's my friend. Take it easy. It's gonna work out. Let's go. Come on.

It'll work out. I'm real sorry about this.

It's not necessary! This is ridiculous!

Let him play his pussy game. This is his setup.

Who do you think you are, treating my son like a criminal?

Who do you think you are?

Just stop it! There's an infant here! Easy, easy.

Check that coat. Why don't you come check it, asshole.

Nico, come on. Take it easy!

Why don't you come over and put your hands on me!

Get him out of here. Everything's gonna work out.

Come on. I'll be back in three hours.

The Police Association's got lawyers for this!

You can't do this!

This guy, in the middle of the day, comes in my place and starts wrecking it.

Assaulting my customers. You know?

He starts doing all this outer-space kind of stuff, putting my customers in orbit even.

Remember those violations you told me he was guilty of?

Look, this is my boy, right here. Hey. Oh. They finally got you?

They finally got you, motherfucker. This way.

I told you it was gonna go down. You should've listened-

There he is.

You guys run one hell of a police department here.

I got a cousin in the department in New Orleans.

You ever heard of Bob Bouquet? Know him?

Put your ass in that chair.

lllegal wiretaps, unauthorized surveillance.

When was this guy born?

You're quite a cop, Toscani. You don't listen to anybody, do you?

Where's Jacks? She's out of this!

You're the rotten apple in this barrel.

We don't need to look farther than you and your, family.

You, mother- Nico!

You want to go to prison?

Unlawful entry. lllegal search and seizure. Deputy...

Who do you think is pulling their strings?

Who do you think they work for?

Hey. You were ordered to back off on Salvano.

I suppose you had too big a hard-on for that, didn't you?

You can't be in on this, Fred.

You're officially suspended, Toscani.

I want your badge and your gun.

You gonna hold me?

You can walk for now.

Don't walk far.

Sara, I'm all right.

It's okay, and I love you.

Listen, tell Mama not to worry. All right?

I love you. Bye.

What the hell is going on? What's happening here?

The sanctuary people, they're refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala and Chile.

They're terrified of cops. They're not talking to me.

And down at the morgue, they got a guy that was not a congregation member.

Alan Singletary.

He's an aide to Senator Harrison. The Foreign Relations Committee Harrison.

The guy that's been crawling all over the Central American drug connections.

You're gonna make a hell of a DA.

Well, Harrison's staff has been compiling some kind of heavyweight white paper.

It implicates some of the major intelligence agencies in drug trafficking.

They're gonna release it next week.

So that's how Fox knew. Who?

An old Agency buddy of mine called me last night. He says my family's in danger.

Luke, I need a favor.

I need you to go to the house, call Uncle Branca. Mama's got the number.

Get the family ready to move out.

You got it, buddy. They took away your pistola, right?


Thanks. I don't believe this.

You come in here, with the children, and bring all this up-

I know, I know. Nicky.


You know me.

Please, tell these people...

...they don't have anything to worry about.

There is rubble all over the yard, Nicola.

I know, Sister.

Father Tomasino.

He came alone...

...two weeks ago. He had papers...

...papers to give to the senator.

Father Tomasino was going to give the mass that day.

Father Gennaro talked him out of it.

He was afraid for Father Tomasino.

So it was Father Tomasino they wanted to kill.

Where is Father Tomasino?

He go, mister. He ran away.

If anybody knows where he is, you've got to tell me because I know I can help him.

We don't know, mister.

Jacks, I'm serious. You're out of this.

Wait a minute. I got a list. You told me to get a list. Nico.

I'm telling you, Jacks, you're finished. I mean it. Out.

Nico, you're not talking to a rookie, you understand?

Now, you go home, you take care of your family, okay, and I'll call you.

Paperwork only!

I'm gonna do what I have to do.

Thank you.

Okay, come across now. Come on, baby, come on.

Come on, kids.

Hi, Nico!


Call the police. Come on!

Freeze, motherfucker!

Anybody moves, he dies.

Drop that magazine, motherfucker. Now!

Everybody's gonna ditch their weapons, butt first.

Grab the barrel and do it, everybody. You!

Now you. Now you.

Put your hands on your head.

All right, fall in behind the last man.

I don't think you can drop us all, badass.

You're right, but I'll get an "A" for effort.

All right. Let's go. Fall out.

Hands on your head. Close the windows!

Come on, you. Move.

No, no, no. No. Please don't come in here. Please, please.

Not in my store.

It's a police emergency. I'm a cop.

On your knees. Give me the phone. Let's go.

This guy's gotta work too, you know. Get down, asshole.

Get the fuck down!

You wanna get down?

Get down on your fucking knees.

They tell me, "Come to America. "

No, no, no, not in my store.

There's the police.

No, mister!

Another police car.

Look. My store.

Come on, come on. Is it clear?

Sara, Branca will take care of us. We'll be safe there.

Family goes in the Lincoln. I'll ride in front.

I'll be five minutes behind you. It's got to be this way.

Let's go.

Where's Jacks?

She thinks there's some documents in some guy's apartment.

They killed the wrong priest.

What-? What are you talking about?

I'll tell you what I'm talking about.

The second priest from Costa Rica...

...hiding in the church. He was the one they meant to kill.

You know where to find this guy? No, I do not.

Well, then you're gonna need help.

Yeah, I'd like you to help me.

Watch my family.

What are you gonna do?

You don't want to know.

Freeze. Put your hands up in the air.

Now go put them on the hood of the car.

Special Agent Neeley, what were you doing with that woman up there?

Were you engaging in some kind of unnatural sex acts with that young lady?

She must be 15.

That's illegal in some states, you know. The hell you talking about?

I thought you federal agents were straight, honorable guys.

Does your wife know about this?

Sex is not the only thing in life.

Get in.

So how has your day been? Okay.

Listen, Toscani, I want to congratulate you.

You made number four on the most-wanted list.

Number four? I want to be number one.

The day is young.

What can I do for you?

There was a quantity of C-4 explosive brought in here four days ago.

Hell, that's gone.

When? Right away.

They scooped that stuff out of here before it got tagged.

You know who took it?


Let me see the paperwork on it.

You got to sign.

Yeah, I remember that fellow. Flew special out of Langley. Bomb tech.

Real nice fellow.

I'll bet. Here it is.

"Fox. Nelson Fox. "

Thanks. Right.

Now what?

Yes, sir. The agent has been with...

...the Central American desk since 1984.

Thank you. That's what I wanted to know.

All right, take your shoes off.

Come on, let's go.

So you think I'm a bad cop, Neeley?

You know something? Maybe I am.

But at least I don't have my face buried up Washington's ass.

Listen, Toscani. Maybe I've judged you a little harshly.

I think you have. And you know something?

What I'd like to do, for the way you've treated me...

...is treat you in a similar fashion. I'd like you to get up...

...run your ass over there and jump in the fucking lake.

If you don't hurry, I'll empty this gun in your butt.

Move it, Agent Neeley!

Let's go!

Jump, Neeley!

Nico, what are you doing here?

I need a favor. Sure.

How late are you gonna be here today? I'm off at 6.

I'll be here.

Don't be too long, lady. I got a crew coming in.

Thanks. We'll be done in a little while.

Come on. We don't have much time.

They're going to tear this goddamn place down in a matter of hours.

There's no way to access Covert Operations directly...

...but I got a guy at Princeton. He's got a database bigger than Langley.

How the hell did you get in this mess?

I thought you were finished with the CIA.

Trap door.

Let's see.

We can wiggle up into...

Operative dossiers.

Start with my friend, Nelson.


Your friend has had a hell of a career.

Give me the names of every Agency man involved in this.

Nico, what is going on here?

Here we go.

Five agents from Central American desk. All five of them, trained assassins.

They all come to Chicago in the last week and they're all still here.

They got their little fucking killing team here.

It looks that way.

Thanks, Abby-chan.

I owe you one.

Where you going? I gotta find that priest.

Be careful.

I find this totally incredulous.

You, being a station chief of the CIA, didn't know what was going on?

Senator, I'd like to explain a few things.

Either you have perjured yourself earlier, or you're lying to us now.

I want you to take a few moments before you answer this.

And remember that you're under oath.

It has been agreed this was a valuable asset...

...and that I had to work out a way...

...they had to work out a way in which to take over.

Did that include giving money to the enterprise?

The colonel never told you? No.

You telling me this was gonna be a donation of the CIA...

... as far as you were concerned? We were gonna walk away.


That's my testimony.

Oh, yes, Sister. Yes.

Sister Mary, right.

No, there will be no problem. Now, just calm down. Right, right.

Now, where are you?

Who is it?

Father! Get her out of here.

This way, Father.

Give me a ride. Hey, Doris, give me a ride.

So where did you find this guy, Jacks?

The nun from the daycare called. She's with the priest at a place on Damon.

She saw a couple guys sneaking around the church and she got scared.

I got papers from that senator's aide.

Everything Harrison has been working on. It's unbelievable. It's over at my place.

I need you to do me a favor. You stay out of it. Just stay in the car.

Nico, far be it for me to complain...

...but you got Jacks pulling burglaries. You got me doing God only knows what.

I tell you, when we hit the joint, I don't want you celling with me.

Jacks, we'll work out something.

Why don't you go over there and, sweet-talk him.

Heh. Sure.

If I were you, I would listen to what this man has to say.

He knows what's best for you.

You wouldn't lie to me, would you, Father? No.

It's a sin.

Now, look at me!

If you spoke to anyone about our plans to kill the senator...

...tell me now...

...and I won't have to use this.

This is from confession. I tell no one.

Let's go, Lukich.

Under no circumstances are you to come out of this car.

Just stay here, all right? Okay.

Take a nice look at it.

I made this just for you.

Do you feel that? Nice?

You like that?

Now you're gonna start feeling something warm.

Very warm and wonderful.

Think about it.

Warm. I love it.

I enjoy this. I really enjoy the shit out of this thing.

We'll enjoy it together.

You've always been alone. Now you'll be with me, together.

I want to know who you told.

I told them...

...you make...

...the children see you...

...mutilating their mothers...

...and sometimes...

...you do these things...

...to the children.

Did you tell anybody?!

Did you tell anybody?!

God damn it, you're gonna tell me now!

Tell me now!

Father, I have had enough of this.

Father, I want you to tell me the truth.

Can we kill him?

If you told anyone about our plans to kill the senator...

...we cannot kill him.


Phase two.

Jesus Christ!

Come on, let's get out of here. Come on, Nico.

Move it! What are you doing? Get out.


Jacks, get the hell out of here!



Go! I got him!

Where is he?

Get down there! Get down there!

Talk to me. I got a bona fide emergency here. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Shut the fuck up! Yes, sir.

Get inside! Come on!

I hear sirens but I don't see any cops.

They might be cops? They were showing me their badge.

A bona fide gunfight, asshole!

Get up front!

Shut up! Be quiet! What the hell am I supposed to do?

Get the car on Track 3 out of the way. At least, get that out of the way.

They got guns all over the place.

Shut up!

Damn it. Call Nico's uncle and find out if you've heard from him, please.

Shut up and save your strength?

I'm okay. I'm okay.

Where are we going? Cubicle D.

I got on my vest.

Where is he, Luke?

What you mean you don't know?

We don't know what happened to him, Branca.

Yeah, she's gonna be all right. You hear anything, you let me know.

It's Nico, boss.

Jesus Christ.

The motherfuckers got Jacks.

Lukich called. She's not dead.

She's gonna make it. She was wearing a vest.

This was picked up with your mail this morning.

They're letting you know if you don't back off...

...they're gonna get to your family.

You've got to do it, Nico. Tell him, Sara.

You know you have to.

Listen to her, Nicola.

This is your family.

Ever notice how clean babies smell, like nothing in the world has touched them?


Come here, sweetie.

Mom, take him upstairs, will you?

Come on, Giuliano, we'll go upstairs.

Do you know why I love you?

What it is about you that I've always loved?

It's pride.

But, Nico, that pride may kill all of us.


Swallow your pride.

Choke on it, if you have to.

Lay it down, please. You know something?

There's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for my family.

Nobody's gonna harm us.

I don't want you to worry. Okay?

Not even you can hit him at this range, Nico.

That wasn't the plan, Nelson.

Close range?

It'd never work. It's rigged. Scanned every 35 seconds.

I was thinking of a claymore on the roof-

Ah, ah, ah. No.

The roof is wired too. Sensors every 15 feet.

Okay. Now you can move.

It's me. You don't have to treat me like- Turn slowly. Slow.

Come on, let's get the fuck out of here. Move. And I mean move slow.

You even look at me funny, you're in the river, Toscani.

I figured you'd do your recon from this building.

You're looking fit, Nelson. I'm getting a bit of a tire.

Is that your own tailor? Hong Kong.

You've come a long way. Yeah.

Just walk.

I don't believe you, Nelson.

What's so hard to believe? I want to help you, you dumb guinea.

I've been trying to talk some sense into you.

You're still "Fox the Fixer,"?

Look, If I wanted to cap you, I'd save myself all this damn chitchat.

I'd make big points for myself if I brought your scalp in.

Shit, I'd be White House material.

Is that what Zagon is, one of your basement boys?

Zagon's a rancher. Four thousand acres in Costa Rica. Beautiful place.

Beautiful place? Tell me. Was that bought with opium money from the triangle?

And a ton of coke a week from other places.

Which he funnels here through Salvano. The company getting its cut, of course.

Legal tender. Yeah.

So war is still the greatest business, Nelson?

These guys have started and financed every war we've ever fought. But you know...

...nobody would ever believe me if I told them the bankers were the CIA.

Oh, come on, Toscani, don't preach to me.

So the senator couldn't be bought, could he?

He was gonna expose your plans to invade Nicaragua with your fucking coke money.

So the Agency clears Zagon to cap his ass, right?

Just keep walking, asshole.

So some poor, innocent priest finds out. He comes here.

But you can't kill the senator until you find out if the padre has talked.

So Zagon comes in, "Tell me," with his little doctor bag. Only by then, I'm in on it.

And you fucking know that I'm gonna recognize his handiwork.

Yeah, and if your name had been Joe Smith, I never would've caught it.

But how many Nicola Toscanis are there?

Tell me something, old buddy. Do we kill our own senators now?

Why not? The Romans did.

Are we the fucking Romans? We're an empire too.

You don't believe that shit for a minute, Nelson.

Just walk. Go!

Thank you, sir.

Bring it right up.

You keep the change. Hold it, Nico.

Here's your key, sir. My buddy will drive.

You know something, Fox?

Right now in Europe, they're trying some 80-year-old camp guard for Nazi war crimes.

All around our country, they got guys on death row...

...for murdering one, two, three guys.

And they probably deserve what they're gonna get.

But you and I...

...we know people that are personally responsible...

...for the death of what, 50,000 non-military personnel?

Librarians, teachers, doctors, women, children, all dead.

We've wiped out entire cultures.

And for what?

Not one CIA agent has ever been tried, much less accused, of any crimes.

You guys think you're above the law, well, you ain't above mine.

Nico, we don't have time for this. Get in the goddamn car.

I've been waiting for the day I catch up with this motherfucker.

Salvano and his scumbag dealer.

What a team we got here?

I told you you'd never be the man.

Nelson, we've been looking for you.

I see that you...

...found our friend.

Thanks, Fox.

I didn't bring him, Nico. I swear it.

You two must have had a lot to talk about.

Reminiscing about the, good old days?

Stay still.

Just fucking don't move.

Nelson, bring our friend in.

Come on, be a good boy.

Dive, Nico!


Get that motherfucker!

Move it!

Get him!

Stop the car, you fuck!


Stop the car, you piece of shit!

Stop it!

Fox's car!

He's on the ramp now. He's coming down.

He's coming out the side entrance. Get there, Deep Throat.

Roger, Spike Leader. We read you.

Get out of the car.

I want him alive.

He's clean.

Bring him over. Come on, hurry in there!

Let's go! Let's get out of here!

We're out of here. Abandon the vehicles and get out of here.

Tommy, hurry up! Get in. We're out of here.

Let's go. Move it out!

And now, our honored guest, Senator Ernest Harrison.

Thank you.

Ah, Mr. Zagon, I hope this don't take too long...

...because, I'm getting hungry.

This is bullshit, Zagon. We've got work to do.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

We've got an hour before we say goodbye to the honorable senator.

You know, you've got to learn to take time to...

...smell the roses.

How you gonna do him? The motorcade...

...or pass him through a hotel kitchen?

Put his face up.

Hold it up.

Here you go, Toscani, Dr. Feelgood.

I've used these little beauties many times to extract information.

For the first time in my life...

...I'm gonna do it just for the fun.

Get the fuck away from me with that, you piece of shit!

That's it, fight it.

Fight it, cherry. Fight it.

So it speeds right on its way.

Fight it!

Keep fighting it.

Oh, you're a good boy now.

Ha! That's what I've been waiting for.

Let him go.

Toscani. Toscani, my sleeping beauty...

...you should've killed me when you had the chance.

You are too fucking dumb, you asshole.

Jake! Look out!

Look, there he is.

Nico. Nico.

Say something. Nico, what's up? Oh, shit. Luke. Luke.

There a doctor here? Quick! Call an ambulance!

Stay back.

Hey. Hey.

Agent Neeley, FBl. We've got a problem, but we don't really know what it is yet.

Let's get out of here.

My God. Please, Senator Harrison, this way.

We are standing in front of the home of Police Sergeant Nico Toscani.

Behind me, the entourage of Senator Harrison is arriving.

Lots of security here. We have police officers on the scene and federal agents.

Of course, there is concern of a possible assassination attempt.

That's why you've got many officers here.

Glad you could come. He's inside.

Get a shot.

This is Senator Harrison. Nico Toscani. How do you do?

Oh, please, don't get up.

Detective Toscani...

...I just felt compelled to come and thank you personally...

...and to assure you that we're going to use every resource available...

...to bring these men to justice...

...and to ensure that this type of behavior will never be tolerated again.

That would be nice.

Let me introduce Roberta Alspaugh of the Fifth Circuit Court.

How do you do, ma'am?

Are you sure you're well enough?

I'm ready to talk, if you're ready to listen.

All right.

Miss Jackson, I'll leave you. Senator, thank you.

We'll be leaving for Washington. Hey, buddy, we'll be back later.

Mr. Toscani...

...can you tell us about your military background?

In 1973, I worked for a special operations group...

...in Vietnam and Cambodia.

I was involved with gathering intelligence.

All the members of this team were doctors recruited by the CIA...

...and trained at a secret camp in Langley, Virginia.

About that prosecutor. Move it back.

The senator apparently...

Gentlemen, whenever you have a group of individuals...

...who are beyond any investigation...

...who can manipulate the press, judges, members of our Congress...

...you're always gonna have within our government those who are above the law.