Absolute Power (1997) Script

Don't give up.

Oh, I never do.

May I?

You work with your hands, don't you?

LUTHER: Redhead. RED: Luther.

Your life would be a whole lot simpler if you could learn to operate a VCR.

True. Truer words were never spoken.





ALAN: What's that?

ALAN: Here we go.

ALAN: That is nice.

CHRISTY: It's okay. He's not here.

Anyway, I told him that I was sick.

So you can relax.


I'll be right back.

ALAN: You like that? Do you?

Oh, yeah.

ALAN: So you wanna play, huh?

You okay?

How would you like that?

ALAN: You slap-- CHRISTY: Don't slap me!

You little bitch!

Alan, what are you doing?



Alan, you're hurting me!

ALAN: I'll hurt you, goddamn it.


You're hurting me!

Goddamn you!

You wanna be hurt?

I'll hurt you.


ALAN: You like this?

-Let go! -Do you?

ALAN: You like that?

Goddamn you!



ALAN: Son of a bitch! CHRISTY: Get away!

Get back here.

Get back here!

CHRISTY: Stop it!

Stop it! Alan!

What are you doing?


...you wanna play? I'll show you how.

You fucking bastard!

You bastard!

ALAN: You like that?

-Come back here. -Don't! Let go of me!

Bitch, you cut me, goddamn it!

Fucking asshole!

CHRISTY: I'm gonna kill you!

Help! Help!

ALAN: Help!


Did you kill her?

No choice in the matter, sir.

What am I gonna do?

BILL: Jesus, Tim. What do we do?

No choice in the matter.

What the hell was that?

Oh, shit.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Do you realize what a shitstorm we're in?

Go on, tell me.

Nothing to tell. He screamed for help.

You heard no sounds of violence till then?

BILL: Nothing we haven't heard before.

BILL: Maybe I should call the police now. GLORIA: Oh, Jesus. What?


...why don't you think about that?

Just take a second...

...and think about that.

Think real...



Probably not a good idea.




Here's what happened.

Poor Christy...

...came home alone and interrupted a burglary.

Sound logical?

-Yeah. -Sure.

We have to sanitize this place.

Alan. Did you have sex with her?

I don't know.

Bill, you're gonna have to examine her.

-I'm no gynecologist. -I just made you one.


GLORIA: I'll take that.

TIM: It has both fingerprints. GLORIA: Thanks for sharing.

ALAN: Gloria.


-Did I kill her? -Everything's gonna be fine, Alan.

Just don't worry about it.

ALAN: Oh, God. GLORIA: Now be careful.

Just don't get blood on you.

I'll take care of everything, okay? Just like I always do.

TIM: Oh, shit. BILL: What?

Madame's purse.

TIM: Miss Russell, let me get him. GLORIA: Thank you.

TIM: I got him, Bill. BILL: All right.

TIM: Nice and easy, sir.

GLORIA: Oh, my God!


GLORIA: No knife!

TIM: What? GLORIA: Where's the knife?

BILL: In the bedroom.

-Come on. GLORIA: Get up there!

-Shit! -Shit!


Excuse me.


I got the number.

Gee, guys, maybe it was the bogeyman.

Don't forget to check under the bed. You may have buried us!

Look, I got his license number.

GLORIA: You think he'll sit around waiting for us?

TIM: Look, take it easy.

Everybody, shut up, all right?

TIM: What have you got?

Oh, boy.

TIM: Wow.

Two-way mirror.

We better get cracking on that license number.

GLORIA: That's all we've got.

He's got the letter opener.




Think what he can do.

The man's a thief. A thief who witnessed a murder.

It looks like he stole a whole bunch of money.

I'll tell you what he's gonna do.

He's gonna run like hell.

They beat us by seven.

By seven?

Who'd have thought that?

Oh, Kate.



I guess it'd be a little late for me.

The jogging, I mean.

Kind of dumb way to start, isn't it?

But I did want to talk to you.


The weather, actually.

It's getting cool in the evenings.

That happens this time of year.

I was thinking...

...of moving to a kinder, more gentle climate.

I thought I'd talk with you, since you're the only family I have.

Luther, you don't have me.


You know what it's like to be the only kid...

...who got to talk about visiting day?

This move, it would be a permanent one, you understand.

We never see each other anyway.

We haven't since Mom died. That's a year.

Look, you chose your life. You had that right.

You were never around for me. Fine.

I have no plans to be around for you.


Wait a minute. Wait.

You're lying, aren't you?


Are you active again? Is that why you're here now?


I don't believe you.

Oh, Christ!

Father, what have you done?

Christy Sullivan?

EXAMINER: Wife of Walter.

Most likely came home, stumbled onto a burglary.

Some burglary. I wish my carpets were this clean.

I couldn't find a single decent fingerprint.

-Are you serious, Laura? -It's like Mary Poppins was here.

Where's Mr. Sullivan?

Sorry, Seth.

The entire Sullivan household went to Barbados two days ago.

Thanks for your support.

Oh, no, wait. It gets worse.

The shots came from here.

If she stumbled on a burglary, she should've been here.

But she was killed exactly where she is.

See, the blood patterns indicate that.

What is she doing here?

Looks like someone sat here, but I couldn't find any prints.

So you think old man Sullivan holed up in this chair...

...and watched his wife perform?

God, I hope not.

For his sake. You know, he's such a great man.

Be careful digging that out.

Looks like he tried to strangle her.

Then he went to the door to shoot her from behind?

He also inspected her vagina.

He did what?


Maybe he didn't remember that he did her.

A strong burglar with a weak mind.

Obviously, it's another open-and-shut case.

NEWSCASTER: We can expect tomorrow's temperatures...

...to climb into the 70s with lows around 50.

ANNOUNCER 1: Turner will start things off for the Cougars.

The kick.... Nice kick.

Kirby, back to receive, takes the ball at the 12-yard line.

He's got a wedge in front of him.

-One man to beat. ANNOUNCER 2: He's going all the way!

ANNOUNCER 1: Nothing but clear sailing now.

Six points!

SETH: Mr. Sullivan.

Sorry to bother you.

I'm Seth Frank, senior homicide detective, Middletown County.

My client is in no mood for conversations.

It's all right, Sandy.

You're in charge of the case, Mr. Frank?

Yes, sir.

I've gotta ask you a few questions.

SULLIVAN: What do you want?

Positive identification?


...that was my wife.

Anything else?

You'd been in Barbados for two days.

I took the staff, always do this time of year.

Your wife didn't come with you.

Well, she was.

Had it all planned.

But you know women.

She changed her mind.

I'd been married to my Rebecca for 47 years.

When she died...

...I decided I never wanted that pain again.

One thing I knew about Christy...

...she was going to outlive me.

SANDY: I think that's enough for today.

Sir, I have to ask you about the vault.

You mean, the contents of the vault, of course.

Sandy, you go on.

-Walter. -No, really.

I'm all right. You go on to the reception.

Obviously, I can't make it.

I'm sure everyone will understand.

You don't mean the contents.


You mean the chair.

You must ask about the chair.

Yes, sir. I do.

Why? Are they connected?

Someone may have been sitting in it and may have been involved in the murder.

I have the deepest respect for you. I'm sorry to have to do this.

I promise you, none of this will make my highlight reel.

Well, I hoped I could satisfy her.

But, you know...

...she had needs.

She didn't want to go behind my back.

She suggested the chair.

She hoped I might get to like sitting there.

I didn't.

For 80 years, I've tried to live...

...a decent life.

I've given a billion dollars to charity.

If this comes to trial...

...none of that will be remembered.

I'll just go out...

...the joke of the world.

I understand, sir. I'll do what I can.

Would you listen to me whine?

I apologize, Mr. Frank.

Just do your job and I'll try to do mine.

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry, sir.


ATTENDANT: Ladies and gentlemen, the president.



Mr. President.

-Take a walk with me. SANDY: Certainly, sir.

ALAN: Tell me about Walter. How is he?

Well, he's 80 and alone, Mr. President.

He understands that officially my hands are tied.

Yes, but he's very moved by your concern, sir.

-Any news of the killer? -No.

Why isn't there? Who's in charge of this?

The top man.

He spent eight years, homicide work, in New York.

I understand how you feel. It's hard to be patient.

No one understands how I feel.

I'm supposed to have all this power...

...and I can't even help my oldest friend.

You and I know, more than any man alive, Walter Sullivan put me here.

Now when he needs me most....

Well, he must feel abandoned.

I'll have a press conference.

I'll have Walter come and I'll embrace him in front of the world.

He'll treasure that, Mr. President.

What a generous gesture.

Thank you, sir.


Tennis elbow.

ALAN: This thing is getting worse, Gloria.

I need to see a doctor.

GLORIA: The country would have to be informed, Mr. President.

What happened to my rights to privacy?

I think she nicked a tendon.

Bill says it's a flesh wound.

ALAN: Since when did you become an expert, Bill?

You ever been wounded?

Yes, sir. A few times.

You're serious about this press conference, Alan?

Of course I am.

Walter's like a father to me.

Shall I bring Mrs. Richmond home for it?

I don't think Mrs. Richmond's mission...

...to help the poor in Asia needs to be interrupted.

What do we know so far?

We've checked his license plates.

He stole the car from a police impoundment lot.

We're not dealing with a fool here, are we?

Has he initiated contact?

Burton doesn't think he will.

I agree.

I apologize for my behavior. Won't happen again.

Consider it a blip on the screen.

As far as I'm concerned, that's all he is too.

He could be a little more than that, Alan.

He saw.

He saw nothing. He saw a drunk woman who liked rough sex too much.

He's a burglar. Who's gonna believe him?

After all, it's not as if he has any evidence or anything.

ALAN [ON RECORDING]: He's a burglar. Who's gonna believe him?

After all, it's not as if he has any evidence or anything.


Boy, you always did disappear good, Luther.

What you're trying to say is I have a weak face, right?

No, I'm saying you're lucky is all.

Some of my customers, no matter what I do, they still stand out.

How many passports you want?

Four ought to do the trick.

You want different looks, matching international driver's licenses.

Since it's you, I'll throw in some dummy credit cards.

How are the rugs I made you holding up?

Good. The mustaches and the beards also.

Well, we try to give quality for our money.

You leaving the country for permanent?

That could be, yeah.

Does it matter where you've been? I hate doing Asian passport stamps.

No. Make it European.

Caribbean in the wintertime. How long is all this gonna take?

It usually takes some time. For you, I'll rush it.

You were always dependable, Valerie.

Listen, Luther...

...I don't wanna know what you're into.

I do, but I'm not gonna ask you. But leaving the country forever....

What is it?

I just never figured you for a runner.

Thirty percent of my runners kill themselves within five years.

Right now, five years doesn't sound too bad.

Take care.

See you.

SETH: Okay, see if this makes any sense.

I am Christy Sullivan.

I come in the bedroom and I surprise a burglar.

Okay. Okay, now you're the burglar coming out of the vault being surprised.

Gold star. I draw my gun. Boom.

Then why bother to strangle her when you could just shoot?

Why do I bother to strip her and put her clothes back on?

There, I can help you out.

You used to be a dry cleaner and you love beautiful clothes.

Thanks a lot. And you dress her because....

She was a good customer and you didn't want her embarrassed when police came.

She had a 0.21 blood-alcohol level. Not that that makes any difference.

She didn't drive.

The chauffeurs, they keep exact mileage on these cars.

They haven't been driven since they went to Barbados.

I checked every cab and limo service in the area. Nobody knows a thing.

Somebody drove her home. Who?

Why haven't they come forward?

Maybe because whoever drove her home killed her.

Maybe. I love this case.

REPAIRMAN: Lieutenant?

Sorry to bother you, but the phone problems?

-I just took care of them. -Thank you.

Just part of the job.

I hate people who say that. It's not part-- It is your fucking job.

Remember the bullet hole in the wall?

-Yeah. -Guess what.

No slug.

Why take a slug out of the wall when there's one stuck in her head?

Different from the one in her body?

Two different guns means two burglars.

Two guys broke in?

They both went out the window? Bullshit.

By the way, why did he or they go out the window in the first place...

...when he or they got in by breaking a zillion-dollar security system?

OFFICER: Hey, Seth. -Yeah?

Bill Burton from the Secret Service in the parking lot.

Thanks, Bob. What's he doing in the parking lot?

BILL: Bill Burton. Hi.

Hi. Seth Frank. To what do I owe the honor?

I know you must be going crazy...

...but the boss is very interested about your progress.

Maybe we could help each other out.

What do you have in mind?

Well, you know how close he and Sullivan are.


The minute anything breaks, if you call me, I'd tell the president.

He'd be the first to alert Mr. Sullivan.

-It'd mean a lot to him. -Okay.

Any red tape you want cut, done.

Here's my numbers.

Any leads?

We're still trying to figure out what happened.

-I love playing Sherlock Holmes. -You guys do that?

I was a state trooper before the government got me.

Wait. You're that Bill Burton?

-I was younger and dumber then. -I was younger. I'm dumber now.

Keep in touch.

SULLIVAN: My chef makes them especially for me.

I promise you, they're sinful.

McCARTY: You're a salesman, Mr. Sullivan.

SULLIVAN: This is a new arena for me.

But from what I'm told, you have a flawless reputation.

Which is why I need to employ you, Mr. McCarty.


I don't know who it is I'm after yet.

Until I do...

...you'll have to wait in Washington for instructions.

Afraid that's out of the question.

Mine is not creative work.

I only do it because I enjoy living beyond my means.

I can't afford to just sit around.

My father died when I was 10 years old.

He was a miner. He died of lung disease.

I became rich at 25.

The first thing I did was buy that mine, close it down...

...and give every miner $50,000 to retire on.

You will wait in Washington, Mr. McCarty.

And I will put 1 million dollars' expenses...

...in a Swiss bank of your choosing.

And when the time comes...

...2 million dollars a bullet.

You are a salesman, sir.

Selling sin is easy.

LAURA: Who is he? -It's Luther Whitney...

...one of the great thieves of the world.

I've been going nuts. I was up all night.

I remembered your notion how maybe it was two burglars.

Around dawn, I thought, "What if it's not two burglars...

...but just one guy trying to make it look like two?"

I called my buddy at the Bureau. They keep track.

There's only half a dozen guys alive who could've pulled off the Sullivan job.

I've been tracing all six.

Whitney's the only guy that lives here.

-So why is it I never heard of him? -He hasn't been arrested in 30 years.

So, what's this? His graduation picture from Harvard?

That's ancient history. He was just a punk, part of a gang.

Three-time loser.

Since he got out last the last time...

...no one's touched him.

When something big comes up, they question him, but nothing ever sticks.

Oh, Seth. We can make this stick.

I bet you this is our guy.

He's a local. You can't ask for anything more.

Yeah, well, we got a problem.


He hasn't killed anyone in 45 years.


So what? He's a veteran.

Not just a veteran, he's a wounded veteran.

I got his war record here.

Battles, commendations, decorations up the kazoo.

He lives alone on his disability.

That's what he says anyway.

But I just don't see this guy as a killer. He's just a great thief.

And besides, I don't do war heroes.

LUTHER: Boy, you must be smart.

Pardon me?

It usually takes you guys a week to get to me.

Oh, Seth Frank.

I recognize your picture from the newspaper.

Luther Whitney.

Nice to meet you.

LUTHER: Would you like a signed confession now...

...or would you like to have a little coffee first?

SETH: Before I send you away for life, I should probably check out your alibi.

I was watching a football game with an old friend of mine, Red Bransford.

He owns a saloon here in town.

You can ask me about the game.

I could be lying.

You been following the case?

Yeah, I have.

I love true crime.

FBI says there's only a few guys who could have handled this job.

I got a list here. You're on it.

How I wish it were true.

This person, they go in the front door...

...and out a window, and down a rope in the middle of the night?

Now, if I could do something like that, I'd be the star of my AARP meetings.

-What's that? The American-- -Association of Retired Persons.

Luther, why was this so difficult?

You want me to help you solve your case?

Just looking for insight.

How would you--?

Scratch that. How would one go about it?

What kind of person should I be looking for?

Well, except for the rope trick, an older person, like me.


Well, you need patience.

The secret is research, research and research. I've read that.

What kind of research?

Well, from what I saw on the tube, this is a rather large home.

Must be an architectural office.

You'd go to the library, go through public records...

...find out where that architectural office is and break in.

And then you xerox the plans and get them back by morning.

Why not just steal them?

Anyone can break into an office, but breaking in...

...without having people know you were there, that's the trick.

Then there's the general contractor.

And then there's the security company.

Do you realize the skill of breaking the security of a security company?

I don't know how those guys do it.

Why go to all that trouble, Luther?

There's a vault in the house. There must be a secret way into it.

Yeah, there was. That's what I don't get.

How do you mean?

This guy obviously did the research you're talking about.

So why does he take a crowbar...

...to open up this vault when there's a clicker sitting right there?

A clicker?

Well, a gizmo, like a VCR remote.

Sounds amazing to me.

Must've been a lot of valuables in that vault.

Close to 5 million total value.

Is that funny?

Why do I feel like you're trying to surprise me?

I was trying to surprise you.

LUTHER: Thank you. WAITRESS: You're welcome.

There you go again.

Would the burglar use a disguise?

Yeah, he might.

You gotta get with the program if you're gonna catch this guy.

It is a guy, we think, anyway. Some sort of a loner? Weirdo?

Maybe like you.

Well, I'd be the perfect prototype, actually.

Except you see a person's face around long enough and put things together.

That's why these top guys have disguises.

Some of them, I even understand, become makeup experts...

...hire wigmakers and things like that.

Why don't you go on about the wigmakers?

Well, I would.

I've gotta go have my pacemaker checked.

It's been so exciting talking to you.

A, you don't have a pacemaker. And B, I'll be back tomorrow.

Tomorrow is promised to no one.


Pacemaker, my ass.

Oh, Katie.

You gotta start eating better than this, darling.

ALAN: I'm having this press conference here...

...because it is here, at this courthouse...

...that Christine Sullivan's killer will be tried for his crime.

As you know, I came from an impoverished family...

...in an impoverished town.

We lived with our doors...


We all lock our doors now.

-That's not what concerns me. -A ginger ale.

We are also locking our hearts.

And could you turn that off?

-That is the sadness. -In a second.


...is the loss.

We are locking our hearts to the cries of the weary.

We are locking our hearts...

...to the poor and their pain.

Sisters and brothers...

...we are locking our hearts to ourselves.

Turn it back on.

-But you just said-- -I know, but turn it on.

We feel that savagery and violence must be allowed a place at table.

That is wrong. That is not America.

I shall fight that battle.

Dear friend...

...old friend...

...we shall fight that battle.

Who can explain the ways of chance?

If we had not met...

...I would not be president today.

If Christine had not taken ill...

...she would be with you in Barbados even now.

Walter, you've been like a father to me.

I would give the world to lessen your pain.

Thank you.

You heartless whore.

I'm not about to run from you.

Thomas Jefferson used the Green Room as a dining room.

The walls are covered with green silk...

...just as they were when James Monroe was president.

Many valuable objects and paintings in this room.

We'll be moving on to the Blue Room.

James Hoban built the Blue Room as an oval...

...to please President Washington.

During the holidays, the chandelier is removed...

...and the White House Christmas tree stands in the middle of the room.

The view from the window includes the Jefferson Memorial.

We'll be moving on to the Red Room.

The walls of the Red Room are covered with red silk.

Many musical gatherings took place here back in the 19th century.

He was in the building. He took a guided tour.

I've never dealt with blackmail before.

BILL: He doesn't want money. -Oh, you're a mind reader too now.

No, I just looked on the back.


"I don't want money."

This guy sure has the guts of a burglar. Wish we had him.

Finished your recruiting speech?

Because I'd like to know how I handle this.

Like you handled the letter opener?

Gee, Bill...

...that could be construed as criticism.

You really want me for an enemy?

Ms. Russell, I should've called the police that night but I was weak.

You convinced me to stay silent. I regret that.

Know this:

Every time I see your face, I wanna rip your throat out.


You win the pissing contest.

What do I do?


Because he's making a terrible mistake. He thinks he has time. He doesn't.

Seth Frank's too good. He'll bring him in.

Then what?

Then I kill him.

SETH: Miss Whitney?


Miss Whitney?

I'm Seth Frank. Excuse me.




For a tough prosecutor, you sure don't resemble your reputation.

Is that good or bad?

I don't know.

Look, lieutenant, I told you on the phone.

I'm not involved with my father.

So this may not be a waste of time for you, but it is for me.

What do you expect me to do, get up and walk out of here?

All right.

All right.

Your father disappeared.

-I need your help. -Look.

Lieutenant, I don't know the man.

He was in jail. When he got out, my mother and I went to live by ourselves.

We don't make contact. He doesn't care about me.

I've seen him all of once this past year.

SETH: Yeah, when?

A couple days ago.

He said he might be leaving town. There, I helped you. Can I work now?

-Any idea where he might've gone? -Quit wasting my time.

He doesn't want you to find him, you won't.

You're saying, what, he skipped the country?

I'm saying you won't recognize him.

He could be right around the corner.

-He always had a safe house. -Where?

-He never said. -How do you know he had one?

My mother loved him, all right?

Even after she left him, even when she was dying, he was all she talked about.

"If only he hadn't done this.

-If only he hadn't done that." -What else?

KATE: How long has he lived here? SETH: Years.

KATE: Never been.

This is a strange place for a thief to leave a key.

He always did that.

He sure left in a hurry. I wonder what scares a professional thief like that.

He wasn't at these places.

My college graduation...

...my law school graduation, the night my mother and I...

...we went out to celebrate because I'd gotten my first job.

Me alone on the steps. I'd just won my first case.

I used to think, sometimes....

Sometimes I'd come home and I could sense that he'd been in the apartment.

Looking at my things, checking the refrigerator...

...shaking his head because he never thought I ate right.

I mean, I know it sounds crazy, but I've always....

I've always felt that he was around.

You can do a good thing. Help me bring him in.

Just leave a message you're worried about him.


It's true. You are worried. This is not a normal case.

His life could be in danger. You make the call, you can save him.

He won't come.

Of course he'll come. You're all he has.

He's on the run and he's scared because he's gonna get caught.

-You don't know the heat on this. -He's not a murderer.

Maybe he is innocent.

If that's the case, I'll have him home in a few hours.

What happens if some hotshot trying to make a reputation tracks him down?

I can guarantee his safety.

You make the call, I'll make a promise.

You'll have your father back.

SETH: Seth Frank. -Hi.

I called. I left a message on his machine.

He called me back within the hour and I'm meeting him tomorrow afternoon.


Open-air place near my office, Cafe Alonzo.

What time?

KATE: Four o'clock.

It'll be deserted then.

SETH: Sounds good. Thanks a lot.

-Bye. -Bye-bye.



It's Kate calling.

I was wondering if you could call me, please.

There's some things I'd like to talk with you about...

...and maybe even get together, if that's possible.


Thanks and talk to you soon. Bye.


Dad, hi.

It's Kate calling.

I was wondering if you could call me, please.

There's some things I'd like to talk with you about...

...and maybe even get together.


SETH: You all know where you're supposed to be and when you're supposed to be there.

This guy's slippery. He's like an eel.

He gets a whiff of a cop, he's gonna disappear.

Nobody moves until you get the order from me.

Then we move in on him.

Expect Whitney to show up at 4:00. His daughter will be waiting for him.

The important thing is to stay in your positions...

...until you hear the order to move in on him.

WAITRESS: Here you go, sir. MAN: Thanks. Could I have some cream?

SETH: Gather around, gentlemen.

Nobody makes a move till the suspect's in place.

Any questions?

See you at the Alonzo.

Boss is grateful.

I figured he'd appreciate an eyewitness at the capture.

This is our guy.

If he isn't, he sure disappeared awful fast. See you over there.

All right.


I got my own.

Come on, Kate.

BILL: She gonna show? -Yeah, she'll be here.


What you want, please?

Nothing. Thank you.

Got to.


You sit, you eat, please.

Jeez, this guy wasn't part of my master plan.


I'm waiting for someone.

Oh, he must eat too, please.

He will. We will. We're gonna....

We'll order half the menu. Just not now.

Maybe that's him disguised as a Chinaman.

Check out this guy in the hat.

I believe that's our man.

All units, suspect's approaching.

Stay in place. Wait for my signal.


I did not kill that woman. I want you to believe that.

Just hold on. Let him get settled.

You've gotta believe that.

-I think we're ready. -Okay.

Damn it!


You okay?

What was that?

Anybody see where those shots came from?

-Did you do that? -No, we didn't do it!

Anybody see where those shots came from?

Where's Whitney?

Quit standing around here! Go find him!

LUTHER: Take it easy.

Take it easy.

Take it easy, now. Stay calm. Stay calm.

There's no reason to panic.

If everyone will just kindly take it easy.


I like that in a woman.


I got a few numbers here.

The top one's...

...local police. That's my office, my home, beeper.

I live alone too. You can call anytime.

Want me to get somebody to spend the night?

No, I wanna get some sleep.

Surveillance is outside until this is over.

I've got a feeling he's gonna try to contact you.

You're on a hot streak, I guess.

Listen, I'm sorry.

Anything unusual at all...

...call right away.

It's not a bother.

I live alone.

You said.

Feeble, huh?

Listen, you want something for the road?

I got water and water.


A Pellegrino would be great.

-What's so funny? I say it wrong? -No. No, I'm....

I'm tired.

I'm just tired.


...there's one thing...

...I forgot to tell you.

I live alone.

Lock up behind me.

KATE: How's that? SETH: Real good.

Now get some sleep.

KATE: Thank you.

I betrayed you twice, Luther. You should know that.

LUTHER: You're not the first.

Why'd you come?

I couldn't have my daughter thinking I was a murderer.

No, I mean this afternoon, to the restaurant. Why'd you come?

You suspected something or you wouldn't have been prepared.

My daughter wanted to see me.

The robbery was going fine until they came in.

They were drunk.

I was hidden in the vault.

And the sex had started getting rough...

...and he started beating her...

...started strangling her. I thought he was gonna kill her.

Then she somehow got the upper hand.

She was gonna stab him with a letter opener and two guys came in and shot her.

The same two guys who tried for you this afternoon.

Possibly. I don't know.

Unless Walter Sullivan was taking a shot at me.

It's a pretty powerful enemy.

That's very good going.

Not as powerful as the president of the United States.

That's right.

Alan Richmond, he was the drunk.

The two guys were Secret Service.

Chief of Staff Russell, she handled the cover-up.

Well, then you go to the police.

That's what innocent people do. They go to the police.


That young man who was just here...

...he'd believe me over the president, wouldn't he?

Why should I believe you?

Because I swear to you, Kate.

I swear to you on Mattie's grave.

Yeah, that's right.

Your mother's grave. I'd kill myself before I'd lie about that.

Oh, Jesus, Luther.

-Yeah. I know. -They'll kill you.

-I know. -Can you run?

I was all set to. I was at the airport ready to go.

Then there was that press conference.

And there was Richmond using old man Sullivan.

You know, I might not have been able to...

...save Christy Sullivan...

...but I didn't even try.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know, but I'll think of something.

I watched you argue a case last year.

You won it.

Thank God you got your mother's brains.

Dangerous outside.

It always is.

LUTHER: Excuse me.

Could you give this package to Gloria Russell?

-Anything for me to sign? -No, you have an honest face.


Oh, my God.


Ms. Russell, you're a vision tonight.

Thank you, Mr. President.

And thank you, Mr. President.

For...? Come again.

You know.

You sent it to me this afternoon.

Of course.

Would you excuse me, all?

I'm overcome with a desire to dance with my chief of staff.

Look after this for me, would you?

What is this nonsense?

I'm hoping there's an explanation.

Your gift, Alan. I was...


And, you know, your note was so gratifying.

I sent a note?

Yes, yes.

You think I don't know your writing?

I assumed you wanted me to wear it tonight.

-Gloria, it's lovely. -Yes.

And you know what else?

What, Alan?

Christy Sullivan wore it the night she was killed.

Know what this means?


Whitney's been heard from.

It's not precisely the first time, Mr. President.

You been keeping things from me?

Well, you know, it's just that you have so much on your plate.

We wanted to spare you.

He sent me a Polaroid...

...of the letter opener yesterday.

I have to give this some thought.

Come to my office in the morning.

This'll make an interesting chapter in my memoirs.

Do we know who the forger is?

I talked to Seth Frank, sir. Apparently, Whitney learned how in prison.

A gifted man.

How close are we to stopping him?

We're working around the clock.

Well, that's good to know.

He'll make a mistake.

ALAN: Well, that's good to know too.

There is...

...one other thing...

...that we need to take care of.

He has a daughter, doesn't he?

You sure you wanna do that?


She's a young prosecutor. Prosecutors ask questions.

Maybe she knows what he knows.

Let's get cracking, boys.

Show that you love your country.


LUTHER: How's Kate doing?

Where are you?

I won't hang around long enough for you to trace the call.

Just answer the question.

Well, she couldn't be in better hands.

I got a call from the Secret Service. They're taking over surveillance.

SETH: Hello?



It's entered in the chart.

We've upped her from 250 to 500 milligrams.

DOCTOR: Nurse, I need you right away, please.

He's having a seizure.

Dr. Kevorkian, I presume.

My guess is that this is right in your carotid artery about now.

You're gonna get a little woozy.

But if I give you the rest of this...

...it's gonna fry your brain down to the size of a peanut.

Drop that.


...he was my president.

Right or wrong.

Well, he made a mistake.

You made a mistake.

When you went after my little girl, that was entirely unacceptable.


I'm fresh out.


Go to sleep, darling.

Oh, Jesus!

Just one question.

Did Walter Sullivan say why Christy didn't go to Barbados?

Just that she changed her mind.

You know who did it, don't you?

So will you. Check your phones.

MAN: Good night, Mr. Sullivan.

You're taking a shortcut, Tommy?

I'm your substitute driver tonight, Mr. Sullivan.

Don't worry about Tommy. He's just fine.

Very unusual.

What do I call you?

Luther, sir.

And are you familiar with how to get to my townhouse, Luther?

Oh, yes, sir.

I know where all your houses are.

I'm the man who robbed you.

You're the man who tried to kill me.

I'm sorry I missed.

I believe in the Old Testament, sir.

There's nothing wrong with an eye for an eye...

...when a terrible deed has been done.

A deed such as yours.

LUTHER: Yeah. Well, you'd like to believe that, wouldn't you?

That'd be simple for you to believe that.

What do you think I have to gain by being here?

I have no idea.

You going to rob me again?

Oh, I don't need your money, Mr. Sullivan.

Did you check your vault lately?

I put everything back.

I'm afraid we're a little late for an attempt at leniency.

A lot of crap's coming down tonight, sir.

You wanna be a player or not?

You wanna know what happened that night or don't you?

Because I was there.

I want to know.

You think you can stand hearing about it?

How he beat her, tried to strangle her?

You really wanna know about that?

I could walk through fire.

I was in the vault when they came in.

They were drunk.

He started knocking her around.

She fought back.

He started getting really rough.

She tried to defend herself.

Well, he started screaming...

...sniveling simp he is.

Who else was in my house?

Secret Service. They're the ones who shot her.


Gloria Russell, she handled the cover-up.

Stop this!

Don't you wanna know who it was?

It was you.

Come on, Mr. Sullivan. We're too old to bullshit each other.

Who was it, then?

You know.

Don't shake your head at me.

When you're alone and your rage takes over and you want revenge...

...what face do you put with your enemy?

Stop the car!

No, we're going straight ahead.


This is too terrible.

Yes, it is.

I know about Alan's reputation as a philanderer...

...but he'd never dream of betraying me.

I gave him the presidency.

Remember that press conference?

Where he put his arm around you and said...

...if Christy hadn't been sick, she'd have been in Barbados with you?

Well, how the hell did he know she was sick?

You didn't tell anyone.

It's because she told him that night. I was there.

I was right there watching.

That's not real proof.

Well, maybe this is, then.

You could've stolen this.

I did steal it.

But that's not my blood on there and that's not my prints.

Mr. Sullivan.

I did love her, you know.

SETH: Jeez, Burton.

Is he working late? I don't have an appointment but I would like to see him.

You don't need an appointment, Mr. Sullivan.

Let's go, Ms. Russell.


Come in.

MALE NEWSCASTER: We interrupt this program with a breaking story...

...one that is shocking the nation and the world.

Information is just coming out of the White House about a tragedy...

...that's taken place within the hour.

We go now to our White House correspondent.

Diane, what can you tell us?

FEMALE NEWSCASTER: Sources say Sullivan...

...had seen President Richmond tonight.

That was for an unscheduled private meeting.

You're still here.

I'm still here.

ALAN: --I would not be president.

If Christine had not taken ill...

...she would be with you in Barbados even now.

Walter, you've been like a father to me.

FEMALE NEWSCASTER: This is the president's most recent news conference...

...where he clearly outlined...

...his loyalty to philanthropist and dear friend Walter Sullivan.

Sullivan's wife was murdered. The president vowed to find the killer.

Again, Sullivan had a meeting with the president. Unknown what they discussed.

We go now to the White House for a live interview.

Mr. Sullivan, have you no idea why the president would take his own life?

SULLIVAN: I know he's been feeling the pressure of office more than ever lately.

He talked about it a great deal.

But why would he stab himself?

That's a question that will haunt me forever.

Of course I tried to stop him.


...was like a son to me.

Was that Seth?

I think he'd like to come over for supper when you get well.

You don't have to fuss.

I know.

Am I gonna be all right?


We're gonna be just fine.