Absolution (2015) Script

I'm gonna tell you something.

I been a bad man.

I've been a very bad man, most of my life.

I learned to not trust anybody.

I lost my faith in mankind.

I decided I wanna do one thing...

in my life.

One good thing, in my life, before I die.

Even if I die in the process.

I need to do that for my own absolution.

John, come on in.

As always, I... I appreciate the courtesy.


We have a situation.

Well... you usually got a situation when you call me. Ain't that right?

Kamal Mekhi, Afghani national.

He's attempting to procure stealth technology for the Iranians and I think he can do it.

Intel says that he has very close ties to Pakistan.

But, he's very smart and very well protected.

Which folks hired you to hire me, now?

John, i-it's a new column. A new column?

You're a very unique player in our world, John.

And I only come to you when I know you're the only guy who can do the job.

Well, I mean, I can do it quietly, man. You know that. I can do it quietly.

But if you're using me for some kind of political gain, I'll come back and kill you.

I just want you to know that.

Listen. Does that mean, uh... does that mean you'll do it?

It means, I'm gonna check him out.

And, um... if turns out that he's really a bad guy and he's really an enemy of the United States of America... or he's really funding terrorist activity, or any of those things...

I'll make him disappear.

Hey, Johnno.

How was the flight? Long, but good to see you.

Everything's set up. Safe house and gear, operational.

Exit route goes hot as soon as you make the call.

We playin'?

Hop. Rock and Roll.

I'll get started.

How many?

Unknown, two cars, windows blacked out.

Get ready to go in, on my mark.

Diana, stunning, as always.

Thirty girls a month.

You know us men and our appetites.

Boss'd actually like to do more.

We can talk. Actually, my uncle is coming from Kabul, for my aunt's funeral.

And he's very close to Kamal's cousin.

The man with the connections. I think he'd like to meet the Boss.

He's sick of Kamal.

Like all of us. Well, I'll be sure to pass along the invitation.

Kamal is becoming a real risk.

And you know this, as well as me.

How is the fuckin' Afghani parasite, tonight?

Yeah, I bought them from Diana. She has good taste.

You should talk to her, you know, if chicks are your thing.

But you're certainly not my type.

You know, you've been drawing a lot of attention to yourself, lately.

I'm not talking about that now.

I don't fucking work for you. There is only one way the product gets to you.

Me. And I do whatever the fuck I want. Just like the Boss.

How's that for attracting fucking attention?

The Boss wanted to relay his concerns.

See, some of us really aren't into taking risks.

Don't worry. You think I'm a tribal peasant?

I went to Oxford. I'm smarter and better connected that you'll ever be.


But just so you should know, the Americans aren't happy.

Oh, fuck the Americans. Get the hell out of here, now what the...

Have a good night. Oh, fuck you!

Now, we're gonna go in, when they come out. Nobody's gonna see us. Make it clean.

How was the party?

You know, it'd be a shame to be stuck inside tonight, on such a beautiful evening as this.

Maybe I will take a walk.

Fresh air will do me good.

Hey, what's the score?

One more coming up the stairs.

What the fuck is the...

But I'm protected, what the fuck is...

OK. Take it easy, man. Take it easy.

Listen. Um...

My family is very rich. What the... what is wrong with you? What's your problem, man?

Where your family got that money?

This is my family business. Is not your business.

Your family business is a problem, but, your mouth is even a bigger problem. You're kind of a liability.

And do you think this is about me? Get out of here, man.

No-no-no, it's not about you. It's about my bosses.

You're the American?

Leave the girls.

Is the shopping done? Yeah, man, I got everything that was on the list.

It's all done and done right.

Anything to return? No, man, I'm just waiting for reimbursement.

There's been a timing change.

Well, what does that mean?

The exit route is, uh... closed, well, delayed. We got a problem on our end.

Look, there's nothing to worry about, John. I would let you know otherwise, alright?

Right now, the exit wagon is parked, until I get the go, no-go.

So, just stay invisible, until I get back to you.

Roger that.

We got a little delay.

Oh. Should we be concerned? I mean, the problem is the job's not over, yet.

What I would recommend is, we go over to the Danube Club, have a drink and just relax.

Lay low. We're ghosts, always ghosts.

And, uh... we get out of here, right away. OK.

Give me, uh... some scotch. Johny Walker. OK.

And some cigars.


Sorry, a little late.

I got a massage.

Took me a little bit longer than expected.

You must have had a massage with a happy ending. I'm telling you, the women here are amazing.

You don't see this in Hong Kong.

I don't know, man. Back in the day, were pretty good in Hong Kong, too, you know.

Let me ask you something. Three years ago...

I was walking by...

You and your boss went to get out of a car and... there was a little girl in there.

Bad guys jumped up, to kill your boss.

And it looked to me like... the little girl was gonna die, in the process. I'm an operator, so it's second nature, for me.

I went in and did some bad things to those folks.

And they were gone forever. Just so happens... the guy I saved... he was one of the big godfathers of Hong Kong. That was your boss.

He gives you to me, for a year... as a... gift, for a debt that he thought... he owes me.

That was three years ago. Why I can't get rid of you?

Remember the Macau job?

I do.

Well, you saved my life, on that one. That's what we do.

That's what we do.

From that point on, this was no longer about repaying a debt.

OK? You became my 'hintai.' My brother.

Where I come from, there's a saying.

It means, when the knives come out, if you're my brother, I'll be there for you. No words need to be spoken.

As the tong's enforcer, the Red Pope, I'll do whatever it takes to honor them.

That's how we do, man.

We live together, we die together. We walk together, we fight together.

Damn right.

Talk about living.

Excuse me, Johnno.


How are you? Hi, how are you?

OK, what's your name? I'm Angela.

Angela, OK. I'm Chi.

Hi, Chi.

You can run, but I'm gonna catch ya.

Help me.


Help me.

Help! Help!

Please! Please, help me. They will kill me. Please, please, help me.

Please-please-please, please help me. This are none of your business.

Don't you touch me, man.

Stay out of this. Please, they will kill me.

That's enough, come on.

You heard the woman. Leave her alone.

No, you don't... Let her go.

We have to leave. Separately.

Let me know where to meet with you, though.


Please. Please, please.

What are you doing here, man? I ha-I have nowhere to go, OK?

They will kill me.

Well, move fast and get away from here.

Go on.

Get out of here. No.

Listen to me. I have done everything I can do for you.

Please, get out of the car, you have very little time, before they come.

I just know you must be an important man, OK? I see that, and... what happens to me doesn't matter. I know that, too.

But you're not like them.


You're sure I'm not like them, huh?

Yes, you're not like them. But you're not like them.

Would you bet your life on it? Yes.

Yeah, I'm not like them.

The Afghani got hit tonight. High-end pros. The perimiter guard guard didn't see a thing.

What should we do about it?

Do about it? That waste of space was a liability.

You know what? He just happened to be the direct line to our product, so I guess what we're gonna have to do is... get another line. How are you?

I'm well, this fine night. How about yourself?

Thank you, fine. You've got four messages and Victor needs to see you.

Thanks. Welcome.

Well, there's something else. three of our men got taken down at the Danube Club.

They were chasing a girl. We think it's connected to the hit.

What girl?

Well, she was with, uh... our friend.


What about the men? Well, he left them alive, on purpose.

He? Yeah.

So, you're saying one guy did this? Well, he had a partner. An Asian guy.

But the girl went with him.

You brought the girl here?

Yeah, I really fucked up, man. I broke protocol.

Listen, there's a lot of eyes on us, at the club, OK?

Now this girl? We don't know who she is, who's tryin' to kill her and why. This is dangerous, man.

I just didn't wanna see them slaughter her, you know?

Alright, what's your plan?

What I was gonna do is just give her a little bit of money and drop her off in a safe place. Then you and I get the fuck out of here.

Yeah, we're gonna need some help.

I got a Russian friend.

I'm gonna call him and see if he can get us a clean extraction and some of our tools.

You wanna tell me what happened? We kinda need to know what's goin' on, so we can help you.

You don't wanna know.

Yeah, we better know... if you want us to help you.

If you wanna stay alive, I think you kinda gotta level with us, otherwise I'm out. You gotta tell us everything and you gotta listen to every motherfucking thing I tell you to do.

They will kill you.

Oh, no.

What shall we do, Chi?

I'm terrified.

Should we run?

Why don't you just humor us?

I was supposed to come here... to take care of babies, for rich families.

Three years.

Three fucking years!

John, take a look at this.

You wanna tell me about these? I mean, they were in the coat you were wearing.

See, something isn't right and it's really not smart for us to go ahead and expose ourselves... without knowing exactly what's happening, so...

I don't know, man.

I'm thinking about maybe... givin' her some money... and sendin' her on her way.

Unless she tells me everything, and I don't think she's telling me everything.

Take a look at this. There's a page, torn out, with names on it.

Nadia and Sofia.

Who's Sofia?

Sofia was my sister!

And he beat her to death with a pipe!

Do you know who he is, or where he took you, or anything like that?

It was strange from the start, OK?

A woman came first and... looked us over and...

and then they came.

And they got me, Sofia and two other girls.

These are the girls.

Then they took us to this... nightclub, and... and we went down, to a strange room... like a kitchen.

And this guy was there... with his mask.

Say you aren't afraid!

There! You like that?

There are some sick people, in this world, OK?

But if they have enough money... they'll get away with anything!


Look at her.

Look at her.

Someone's... someone's gotta live.

Lay still, or I'll cut you open, you bitch.

Nadia, take the camera! Run!

Run, Nadia, run!

You can run, but I'm gonna catch ya!



Now, you'll have to pay for this.

She won't get far. Go get her.

You know who he is, or where he took you, or anything like that?

I don't know.

All I know is that... they have a very powerful syndicate here, and you guys... you guys, you just beat up their men, at the bar.


I'm gonna tell you something.

I've been a bad man.

I've been a very bad man, most of my life.

I learned to not trust anybody.

I lost my faith in mankind.

I believe that everybody out there, is out there to fuck me.

So, I decided, I wanna do one thing, in my life.

One good thing, in my life, before I die.

Even if I die in the process.

I wanna find this guy.

I wanna find him and I wanna kill him.

I need to do that, for my own absolution.

He had a camera.

When I escaped, I took it.

He filmed everything. Everything!

I can show you where I hid it.

Deathly silence.

It's not a good sign.

Seems we may have hired the wrong team for the Afghani job.


I guess that'd be me, sir. I hired the wrong team for the Afghani job.

Shut up, Colt.

We need to sort this shit out.

Get Van Horn on the phone.

Look, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

The Afghani job was going smoothly.

Until three of my men, all of a sudden, got jumped, in a bar.

Well, that sounds like a bad day, all around, now, doesn't it?

Do you have any idea how quickly I can get rid of you and your men?

Look, I thought the Afghani job was... gonna take care of everything.

Clean, done and done.

One of your men has taken a woman.

She belongs to me.

Now you listen, very carefully.

I want her back.

John... now, you didn't say anything about rescuing a woman.

Well, it wasn't exactly part of the plan.

Well, that's gonna be a bit of a problem.

The guy who ordered he hit, he wants to know why you took her and where she is.

I wonder what he's so interested in her for, man?

Look, that's not a question I was gonna ask, considering we broke protocol.

Now look, we get the girl back to them and this all goes away.

Well, remember, you owe me a lot of fuckin' favors, so just buy me some time, so I can figure a way out of this shit. You hear me?

We got the lock. Sending address.

Got it.

We got a lock on him.

Well, go and get my property.



Right. Fifteen Tankarnya.

Clean up this mess. Let me know when you've got the girl.

I'm a friend of John's.

This is Sergei.

He's, uh... my brother.

And you should trust him.

I've trusted him many times.

We're gonna need a clean extraction. Nice and quiet, nice and quick.

How soon? Well, I'd say, 24 hours, huh?

Give me two hours.

There's a bad guy here that we need to find and, uh... give him a kiss goodnight.

After we do that, there's a camera we're gonna grab. And we're out of here.

That's all we want, right now.

You two guys go to the address in the notebook.

Find out who this guy is.

OK, let's rock and roll.

Let's rock and roll.

Hey, buddy, uh... you wanna... you have a light?


I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Answer, you live. Lie, you die.


You understand?

He only speaks Russian.

That's why I brought my translator.

What's in this building?


What girls?

What girls?

Human trafficking.

Tell me who runs it.

Pull 'em.


What'd he say?

He said it's run by the fuckin' syndicate.

Everything's run by the syndicate. What the fuck is the syndicate?

I'll check my sources.


I haven't eaten in days.

And I'm a bit cold, also.

There's a place, couple of doors down. Some great food.

I'll pick up some clothes, as well.

You're obviously not safe, if you leave here.

Before we start, is there anything I should know about you?

My father, he used to work with John, in these regions.

Odessa used to be a safe city.


Before all this.

This is nothing, compared to where I come from.

I'm not gonna go.

I'm gonna be here with you.

I'm just gonna talk to the doctor, for one second, sweetheart.


Nadia, you OK? How did they find us?

They'll recognize your face.

Only if I go inside.

Hey, excuse me. Excuse me.

Hey. Excuse me. What?

Do you mind I buy a ticket, for a second? I need to talk to her. Yeah, come here.


Hey, it's me. It's me, Chi. Do you remember me?

Angela, right? Yeah?

Just need to talk to you, for a second, OK?

Now, those guys I was fighting... hey. Those guys I was fighting?

Who were they? Do you have any idea? Cops, or anything?

I-I don't know, but...

They had-they had some kind of... badges, or something. I...

Some kind of badges? Yeah.

What kind badge? Do you have any idea?

Hey, leave him alone!

And do you know where they went?

Um... St. Andrew's Hospital?

Somebody took them to St. Andrew's hospital?

Yeah. OK.

Thank you. I, uh... here's a little something for you. Just, uh... just keep it.

Thanks. OK. I'll catch you next time, OK? Alright? You're welcome.

Let's go. Let's go.

These are from the security cameras in the club. These are the guys, right?

Diplomatic military security.

How do you know? They're not Ukrainian.

I wonder what he's showing them.

Hey, I wanna have a chat with them.

No problem.

We have no contact from the team we sent to Tankarnaya.

Look, this guy's not going anywhere any time soon.

He's after something.

Whatever it was that the girl took from the Boss... for some reason, the American wants it now.

Send more than our team. Make sure they don't fuck this up.

Will do. I'm gonna chat with the Boss.

Fifteen Tankarnya. Copy that. Arriving now.

Make sure you take the girl alive. Kill everyone else there.

You're hanging around with the wrong people.

Holy fuck!

Victor, he's running with the girl. I'm on his tail now.

Do you remember exactly where you hid the camera?

Of course.

Well, that would be good, because once we get in there, we're not gonna have any time, you hear?

Hang on!

Alright, I'll take those two. Watch my back, alright?

Alright, so tell me about the girl.

Fuck you, chink.

That's Chi, not chink. That's not polite.

Now, when I get pissed off, I do crazy, fucked up things.

Like pouring hot scalding water on people's faces, OK?

So who do you work for? Fuck you.


We work for the Boss.

The Boss? Who the fuck is the Boss?

What does he want with the girl?

You don't know?

Yeah, I don't know. That's why I'm asking you, asshole.

Oh, soup! Even better.

Ralphie, I need a favor.

What can you tell me about the syndicate? Shit.

It's important.

Yeah, OK.

Did you get anything? Yeah.

The "Boss." Mean anything to you?

Just checked my sources. He's the head of the local syndicate.

Yeah, so these guys are operators, working for someone called the Boss.

Head of the local syndicate.

You got the camera yet? No, we're on our way to get it now.

OK, we'll meet you. Where?

It's a place called Club One.

Club One, you know it?

Would it be open this time of day? Yeah, it never closes.

We'll be there in ten.

It should cover it.

Follow me.

The real exit is over there.

Keep your head down, they'll be lookin' for you.


Meet me at Club One. The Boss's club?

Yeah, they're here.

Upstairs. This way. Whatever happens, don't run.

Stick onto me, got it?

So, I see, I hid inside there. Alright, get in and out, quick.


So, this is the place, huh? Da, that's the place.

Never closes, huh?

You take that side. I'll go here. OK.

I want them all. Go.

You guys go around the back. Yeah, I'll have them all soon.



What are you doing here? Hanging out. What are you doing here?

Hanging out.


But why? Go! Go now!

I figured, if they caught me, they still would not have the evidence of what that monster... did to my sister and to the other girls.

It's what drove me to keep going. Ah, you did the right thing.

Your sister's, uh... not be gonna have died in vain. So, let's do this.

There he is.


Come on. Back door. Go.

Who sent you?

Fuck you!

For Sergei.

Come on, Victor's waiting.

Got you, motherfucker. Come on guys, hurry up!

Put him in the back.

Faster, faster, faster. Go, go, go!

What are we going to do?

We're gonna follow them, and we're gonna get Chi back, and then we're gonna probably have to do some bad things to some of the people there.

Hey, Colt. No, I haven't got the camera. Yeah, I know. I know. But I have something else, instead.

OK, I just got here.

Yes, sir. Now, why don't you sound surprised?

Well, they located my safe house. I think you're the only one who coulda done that, so...

Why'd you rat me out?

I admire you, John. Always have.

Always had your six, you know that.

But now you know too much.

Which means it comes down to me and you. And I'm gonna choose me.

You know better than that, son.

I suppose I do.

See, the thing of it is...

There's a big difference between... a real warrior and a wannabe.

Wannabes are always talkin'.

And that's the deal with you, Van Horn, you're always talkin', you always give your position away.

Real warriors, they don't really say much.

They just do what they gotta do.

John, you were supposed to clean up a mess for me.

Clean it up and go away. No harm, no foul.

Now look what you made me do.

And you know how much I hate to travel.

Listen, man... everybody knows you don't have the camera.

You don't understand, my friend, it's not about the camera any more.

It's not two against one here, John.

It's two against us.

You nailed a lot of us.

I don't care about the Boss.

I think you're saying you set me up?

This is kind of what we call, in the old school, a reversal.

If I were you, man, you have to start lookin', really quick.

Be careful, man, you have to watch your six, now.

Somebody's comin'.

Alright, listen, I'm gonna give you this. John, no, please.

Just listen to me and do what I say. That was the deal we made.

Take this. Go on.

Point it and you shoot. Stay in the car. Don't get out of the car for nothin', you hear me?

So, I finally get to meet, Chi.

And I finally get to meet you, Van Horn.

So, what'd my good buddy, John, tell you about me?

He said you're a bald, middle-aged, wannabe.

Shut him up.

Hit me a little harder next time, motherfucker.

He's already here.

You go that way. You come with me.

That's for Sofia.

You bitch. The Boss should have killed both of you whores.

That's for me.

We're done here.

You got shot, you alright?

Yeah, I'm all good.

See now, don't say I never did nothing for you, man.

Guess I still got three years, huh? What do you got?

Van Horn's phone, you wanna take a look?

Van Horn?

No, try again.

Been expecting your call.

You have something of mine. I hope you're gonna give it back.

Man, I have problems with that, you see, uh...

Finally, I figured out why you ordered Afghani to get killed.

You ordered the hit on Afghani because he knew about all the sick shit that you do.

You don't want everybody to know your little secret, right?

What secret? Yeah, your little secret, bitch.

You know, the one that you recorded on your camera, that you always record on your camera?

All the bad habits that you have and you record on your camera.

What do you want? I wanna see you in person.

I wanna see you in person. You know?

That'll be good for business, won't it?

Be good for you, good for me.

Yeah, I'm good with that.

What about my nightclub, two hours.

Right back where it all started. Fuck you, bitch.


I got something for you.

That's enough for you to really start a new life.

Get yourself together.


I have nothing to go back to.

I'm not going anywhere.

You are tough, aren't you? Well, hug?

Listen to me.

You're hurt. I want you to take care of yourself. Take care of her.

How's my boy Sergei?

He didn't make it.

I'll be right back.

Bang on time. Good punctuality. I like that.

Would you like to join me, at my table?

So, here we are.

Now, what do you want?

I want to kill you.

I don't think so, not today.

I'm protected.

So cut the crap.

You got something for me?

Well... as promised, here's your camera.

It's kind of a reminder of all your good work.


Kill him.

Where's your little friend?

Let's finish this.

So you're Chi, huh?

What the fuck are you?

I'm the last thing you're ever gonna see.

That's the best you can do?

Not bad.

I did like those lads. So let's try this.

So sure about that now?

I'm positive.

Alright, you son of a bitch.

OK, I think I've had about enough of this shit.

It's time for you to die.

You're out, bitch. What now?

What about up close and personal?

Get up. Get up and fight, bitch.

No, no more.

Why'd you come back?

When the knives come out... No words need to be spoken.

That was the last job I ever did for anybody.

I just figured it was time for a new beginning.

Time for me to turn my sights in a different direction.

Time for me to start things over.

As for Chi... with the debt finally paid, he decided to stay behind.