Accident (2017) Script

Wake up, sleeping head.

We are here. Stop, Caroline.

Jess. Honey.

It's time to wake up.

Sorry, Mrs. Biven. I thought it was Caroline.

Are we there? Yes, we are here.

Thanks for the elevator, Mrs Biven.

You're awesome. Well done, Jess.


What? Do you have your tickets?


Mom, do not forget that I am at the festival switch off my phone ...

... because there is no range there.

But I'll call you on the way back. Do you promise?

I promise.

Wait now. What?

Do not you forget something?

No, I'm pretty sure I have everything.

I'm not going to a war zone.

I'll see you again after the weekend.

I love you.

I also from you.

Hello, thanks again.

Watch out for Caroline. No worries. I will do that.

Have fun, girls.

The bus from Merced to Lake Tahoe ... Go now.

... leaves in ten minutes.

How do you manage it? I have no choice.

I am glad that I am not an only child. I could not handle all that attention.

Believe me, if I may choose it, then I would have had brothers and sisters.

She has to find a hobby. Indeed.


NORTH LAKE TAHOE What are you doing? Come back.

Why are you no longer occupied with it?

Attention, passengers.

This is the last call for passengers going to Lake Tahoe.

The bus leaves in a few minutes.

What are you doing? I'm sure they're in it.

You said you were last night had printed out.

Look in the side box.

Give me to me.

Attention, please. All passengers going to the music festival ...

... do not forget to keep your bus ticket for extras there.

What? Surprise.

There are no bus tickets.

How do we get there? Calm down.

I do have the festival tickets.

You see?

Okay, let's buy bus tickets. No, wait a minute.

I have a lift arranged for the festival.

Calm down.

Felicia and Adam come to pick us up.

They're here in five minutes.

What? You know that I belong to my mother can not ride with them.

I could not tell her. You could have told me.

The less you know, the better.

I thought you would be surprised.

Tell me, is not that much more fun?


What did they say?

What did they say?

Let me see.

What then?


Come on.

Let's arrange an elevator.


Hello, stupid idiot. I did not expect people on the road.

You almost killed us. Sorry.

What are you doing here? Do you need a lift?

They give us a lift. No, call your mother.

Then look at them. They are harmless.

You want to have fun?

Yes. Beautiful.

I'm Fred. This charming man is Thomas.

Do you know...

He's pretty nice.

Look at you.

He finds you ...

...very nice.


Are you blind sometimes?

I do not know. I think so.

You always know how to seduce boys.

What do you mean?




Do you want chips?

Are you okay?

Apart from a detour that lasts three hours? Genius idea, by the way.

It's going great.

We have a great car and two tasty women.

What more do we want?

I am okay.

Are you ready for it? Yes, I'm ready.

You look nice.


Potato chips. I want to see your identity card.

The energy drinks are on offer.

We do not have to. Are you sure?

The orange juice flavor is for half the price.

We do not need anything. Unfortunately...

Guest, did he say that we do not need anything?

That is 25.50.

Understood, central. We are going to that 10-12.

Keep the change.

Are you sure?


Day, agents.


All units are advised ...

It will be fine. Do not worry.

You are beautiful. Thanks.

You may also be there.

Take it easy.

We are in no hurry.

I thought you would like this. Yes.

But not here.

When we have arrived, then we can isolate ourselves.

Do not be stupid.

I told you to stop. Do not be shy.

You are going to enjoy it.

Leave me alone.

Get rid of her.

Jess, wake up.

Please wake up.

Caroline, wake up.

Are you okay?

I can not feel my legs.

They tingle up to halfway my thigh.

I'm afraid.

Someone has probably already seen us and will get help for us.

And what if nobody has seen us?

Someone will come.

I promise you that someone will come.

Can you release my belt?

Let's see.

Over there.

Watch out, Jess, your arms.

He is stuck.

Everywhere there is blood and glass.

I will not keep this attitude for long.

Jess, we have to leave here as soon as possible, What else...

I do not know if I have my legs can still move.

How is he doing?

And where is Fred?

I do not know.

I think he was thrown out the window.

Try to wake up Thomas.

Is it with him?

I do not know.

I think so.

I do not know what I am doing now.

Wait a second.

He is very warm.

If he was dead, then he would feel cold.

Okay, he's breathing?

That is beautiful. He is therefore unconscious.

Which is good.

Wait a second.

I will not break the window.

That's mine too.

I think I see someone.

But I am not sure.

Is it Fred? I do not know. Perhaps.

I try to open it further.

Stupid idiot.

This is all his fault.

What is that?

That is my...

That's my phone.

Wait, where is that?

He is next to you.

That's my mother.

She's probably worried, because I have not called yet.

You can access it from here.

I can not reach it.

Is everything alright?

Yes it's going well.


Good idea.

Let me give it a try.

Come on, you got it.

Another small piece.

He does not fit through the window.

It will work.

Call the police. There is a callback button.

What are you doing? I'll call my mother back.

She will help us. No.

Mom, help us. We had an accident.

We can not get out. The car is upside down.

Mom, hello? Hi, I can not be reached now.

It's her voicemail. Leave a message.

Mom, you're talking to Caroline.

We had an accident. The car is upside down. We are stuck.

In a black sports car. Please.

Help us.


She knows we are in danger. She will come.

How? She does not even know where we are.

But she knows ... We had our chance.

But you have lost it.

Is this all my fault?

What would you have done?

I would have called the police. My mother will do that.

If she knew where we are ...

Do not forget that I did not want to get into this car.


Do you have a better idea?

As directors I have not a good first impression of them.

Then we will wait in the cold until a scary car passes by?

No, call your mother.

Then look at them. They are harmless.

Do you promise? Yes.

I promise.

Do you think I had anticipated an accident?

Do you think I knew? that you were going to feast with him?

I should have known.

You always do that with boys.

That is not what I wanted from him.


Thomas, wake up.

Your inhaler. Of course. I'll take that for you.

You had him with you? He must be here somewhere.

Caroline, keep up. I'll find it.

What is it?

"Open me up."

No I can not.

Hold on.

I do not know what to do.

Jess, I'm sorry ...

... of what I just said.

My leg.

Fred, is that you?

Yes, I was wounded. Is that Fred?

I do not see anything.

Ask if he can move. Can you move?

No that does not work. There is a branch. You have to move.

I need help. You must free us.

You have to help us. We can not get out. We have tried everything. Nothing works.

I can not move. My leg is fucked.

This is all his fault. We should never have trusted him.

We are really sorry. We will make it up with you.

It does not matter where you are must go. We will bring you.

We owe that to you.

Are you okay with that?

Look in this suitcase.

Maybe there are tools in it.

Search everywhere.

Maybe you can open the door opening from the outside.

I can do little from here to help you.

Are the windows sometimes bulletproof?

Fred, are you okay?

Answer. Yes I'm fine.

I have been very lucky.

Is Thomas all right? I do not know.

I do not think he was injured.

At least I do not see anything.

He still breathes, but he is unconscious.

Somebody is probably looking for us.

Nobody is looking for us.

It will take days for someone will find us.

We are far away from everything. But my mother ...

Your mother will be there tomorrow find out that we are in the nests.

Then she will not know where we are yet.

Someone will come. When?

I do not know. Never.

What did you say? Never.

No one...

Nobody can find us here.

Why are you saying that?

The car is not ours. It's Thomas's car.

He is not from Thomas. The car is from his parents.

Why are you laughing at us? Did you think we were spoiled and rich?

Yes, we thought so. We are not spoiled. We work.

Where do you work? There where money can be made.

Sometimes in hotels. Usually in buildings.

Thomas looks at images and I park cars.

As a guard and parking aid. Boring.

But it was different the last time.

We worked in the day shift.

We started at nine o'clock and at six o'clock We left. Same thing every day.

The working hours were bad. I had nothing to do except check packages.

It went on all day, but I thought mostly after ...

... while Thomas all the time watched surveillance footage.

We've been working there for a few weeks, so we knew the place.

Every Friday at 5.15 pm ...

... I parked a car on Monday going abroad.

And every Monday at 9.50 am the car was picked up.

Sometimes, to get something big, you have to think small.

We would take the car for a weekend and bring the car back ...

... without anyone finding out.

It was perfect.

What did you get in your head? Why did you do that?

Why not? Because it's stealing.

We would bring him back.

Really? In this state?

You have a stolen car driven into practice.

Do you think we wanted this?

It has happened.

The fact that we can die, is your fault.

I offer my sincere apologies. Really.

But we will go through your voice die faster. So keep your mouth shut.

There is little that we can do now.

Get the kler.

Fall dead.

I should have died.

When those two almost overturned me ...

... I should have died.

Do not be stupid.

Just step in.

You still need a lift?

Wait. Sad, is not it?

I have escaped death. They give us a lift.

But now I am even more desirous of death.

I read about that. Oh yeah?

I think I know what you mean.

That is a philosophy of the Maya.

What do they call that?

I have forgotten the name.

That is called Final Destination?

Or is this the second, third, fourth or fifth part?

Jess, do you want ...

Would you like to sit behind my chair to come from?

Loosen the belt.

Pull this if you succeed.

Furthermore, it does not work. That has to be.

Try the button again. Use the pencil.

What is going on?

Damn, my leg. That is still a problem.

I could no longer maintain that attitude.

Is she injured? Yes.

Where is the vodka bottle?

Look under the chair.

My leg. Hurry up. Hold on.

If we get out of here ...

... and you can choose everything whatever you want ...

... what would you like?

I do not know. I think...

I think I will ...

... would like a cheeseburger. And Ryan Gosling.

A thing. You have to choose one thing.

What do you choose? A cheeseburger or Ryan Gosling?

That's difficult. I do not know.

I think if I have one thing should choose ...

... that it would be Ryan Gosling.

I would be right from the cheeseburger to regret.

I would choose Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt? Are you serious?

In Fight Club. Fight Club? Then you are no chance.

Okay then. Then I would choose Angelina Jolie.

She comes most in the neighborhood from Brad Pitt.

How stupid you are.

What are you doing?

I want to wake up Thomas with the vodka.

Wake up, Thomas.

He moved.

Is he awake?

'Give him a kick.' That worked in Inception.

It worked well.

Thomas, you have to get us out of this. We are stuck.

The car. Damn it, the car.

Forget the car. It has been destroyed. We have to get out.

I do not want to go to jail. Or worse.

We're going to die if you do not take us away here.

Where is Fred? Where is he?

Did he run away? No.

He's outside. I think he is unconscious now.

My hand.

My hand. We tried everything.

The car is just Fort Knox.

There is probably something else in the car.

This is my father's car. Do not get out of your neck.

We know the story. We know that the car has been stolen.

Stupid idiot.

What is that?

I do not know.

Beep. Hey?

It just squeaked. Are you sure?

I'm sure it squeaked. What does that mean?

I really do not know that. What is it? Tell.

First important things.

We have to get out of here.

Thomas, please help us. Remove the branches.

I need something to counter that cable hold. Otherwise I can not pass by.

Something? What does he need?

Something to ...

Got you.

You have to slide this through the window.

What should I do with this?

What should he do with that? No idea.

What do you do when you are alone in the wild?


Liam Neeson, what would you do?

Do not play games with me. Say something to me.

You would survive, would not you?

You would find the guy that the cable has made and would kill him.

And his family.

What is going on?

I can not see anything.

What is Thomas doing? I think he's helping Fred.

What are you doing? I'm trying to see what happens.

Come on, buddy.

I have such a pain.

Can you move?

No, I can not move.

Try to move your legs. Come on.

We had an accident. I know that.

What about the girls?

They will save themselves. No, we have to free them.

First I have to take care of you. The girls...

Jess. Wait.

Save us.

Help us. Hold on.

This is going to hurt, but I have no choice. Just do it.

Just do it.

I think they're leaving.

They can not do that.

We have to get out of here as soon as possible. No. The girls then?

They know too much. They will betray us.

We have to save them. That is not possible.

We do not have much time. We can not leave them in that car.

Come with me. No.

If we leave them in the car, they will die.

Someone will come and get them. When?

I do not know. Look at the car.

Can you see that?

If we do not help them, then they will die.

What will happen to us?

We help them out of the car and go off.

What are you a stupid ...

What am I then?



You're a stupid idiot.

This is all your fault.

You offered those girls a lift.

I knew it was asking for problems, when they got in the car.

Then you went too far with her and now we are in the nests.

Do you know who the car is has ridden in the practice?

Do you know why I got a blow? Tell me.

That is really going to help us.

We do not even know how the other car is ready.

We only need a few minutes. We help them out and then leave.

Come on, man.

Listen to me. It only takes a few minutes.

Damn, Thomas, listen to me once.

This has gone completely out of hand, is not it?

I know, but it will be fine.

It will be all right. We just have to ...

We just have to ... The car has a transmitter.

A channel.

Guest, you're crazy. Not true.

I saw it with my own eyes. The car has a transmitter.

Who is the guest who controlled the car?

No idea. He was different.

What else?

He looked different.

You are now pretending that there was another driver?

So yes?

Did not you think that was strange? No, I did not think that was strange.

I do not know. I thought he was from the same car company.

It did not come to you to view his identity card?

I did not think about that.

We do not even know who those guests are.

Who those guests are, they know where the car is.

They are probably on the road now.

You're right.

Come with me.

We can not leave them.

He does not work.

I'm afraid.

I'm going to help the girls. I'm going to look at that.

Hurry up.

How are you? Good. We are only dying.

My leg is stuck.

Disconnect it. I'll take away the branches.

There is something in the chair.

This is not normal.

There is more.

501, I'm on Acorn Road, but I need information.

I need backup.

Why is this still bleating?

Who are these people?

LAW ENFORCEMENT What is going on?

I have already called for backup.


Who called the FBI?

What is going on here?

I'm going to find this out. This is suspicious.

I think I found something.

Where does that suitcase come from? No idea.

Understood. There are more agents on the road.

They also said that the FBI did not receive a notification.

Wait a second. I've got it.

What was that?

They are.

Try to find something. Wait a second.

Hurry up.

I do not know who I'm dealing with here.



We have to leave here. We have to save ourselves.

You can free me by pressing hard.

What should I do? Try it.

Are you crazy? Come on.

I can break it. Better that, than that I'm stuck.

Just do it.


Wait a second.

Are you ready for it?

It hurts so much.

This is my fault. Mine.

It is over.

We can not do anything for her. She is dead.

There is gas.

We have to remove them quickly.

What are you doing? Gas is leaking.

I save our lives. What are you talking about?

We stole a car and ridden in the practice.

We killed two people. We are being chased.

You're running through. That is no reason to burn them alive.

I burn the evidence.

Get out the way. Listen to me, Thomas.

You're running through.

If you do that, then we are doomed.

Just help me. Help me get those girls out of the car.

Then we leave here.

Hold on.

Go away from the window.

Damn, man. They know where we are. They are coming.

I know. That's why we have to leave here.

We should not kill everyone. The car has a transmitter.

We have been framed there. I know.

Do not. Calm down.

Put away the weapon.

Do it away. Do not focus on me.

What are you doing? Do away.


There they are. I'll be closer. Understood.

Turn off the light. Now.

Come on let's go.

I do not want to die here.

Jess, it's over.

Please do not go.

I need you.

We must free Caroline.

She is still in the car.

Who are you?

Excuse me, who are you?

Why are you doing this?

Shut up.

Let me go.

The police are on their way.

I am now the police.

Please, I have not stolen your car.

I only got a lift. I thought the car was theirs.

You were just at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Is there someone in the car?


Please do not do it.

Run away, Jess. Stupid jerk.

Why do not you just come out?

I'll find you anyway.

I will not play games anymore.

Where is my weapon?

It is a pity that I'm going to kill you now.

You could have watched how I killed your friends.

You are combative.

I like that.

Jess, I'm sorry.

I have to go. Wait a second.

Let me help you.

Save me, please.

Help me the next time remind of...

... that I charge my phone.

Watch out.

Subtitled by: Elise Bosma