Act of Valor (2012) Script

MAN: Before my father died, he said the worst thing about growing old was that other men stopped seeing you as dangerous.

I've always remembered that, how being dangerous was sacred, a badge of honor.

You live your life by a code, an ethos.

Every man does. It's your shoreline. It's what guides you home.

And, trust me, you 're always trying to get home.

MAN OVER RADIO: Authorities say the ring is centered in Costa Rica, with the primary export being...

MAN OVER RADIO:...widely unknown if the war on drugs is connecting them...

MAN OVER the region have been known to retaliate using a...

MAN OVER RADIO: ...25,000 troops...

MAN OVER RADIO: ...flying from the US to control that...

Can we get some ice cream?.

No, we gotta go. You always say no.

Well, are you gonna buy?. No, you buy.

OK, what are we getting today?

Passion fruit. OK, passion fruit.

MAN: How about macadamia nut?.

WOMAN OVER RADIO: ...claimed responsibility for the attack at the International School in Manila.

MAN: Your father was a reader.

Churchill, of course, but also Faulkner and books about Tecumseh.

He loved artists who painted people with bodies that looked like boxes.

I'd give him hell about that.

He 'd Just say, "You gotta look harder. "

Ambassador Margullies had long been a strong supporter of Joint counterterrorism operations conducted within this region.

Not one group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks on the International School.

Here's your coffee, Rorke. Thank you, ma'am.

How's it going?. Hey, you want the usual?.

Sounds good, thank you. You're late again, Dave.

I didn't say anything.

What do you got going on over here?.

Are you serious, man?. We're not telling anyone yet.

You a little nervous, though, huh?.

Last time I checked, they don't come with directions.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Hey. Hey.

My man here is having a baby.

Hey, congratulations.

Hey, everybody, Rorke's having a baby.

WOMAN: Congratulations, Rorke!


What did I just say?. Ah, don't worry about it, man.

You're gonna be awesome. I'm so excited for you, man. You're gonna be a good dad.

Hey, tomorrow Jackie and I are heading down to the beach.

Bring Sandy and the kids. I'll bring an extra board for you.

You know I don't surf. I know you don't surf, but it'll be good to get the families together. All right.

But now that you've told everyone in the bar, try and contain yourself tomorrow.

I will try.

DAVE: "Look harder, " your father would say.

I always knew he wasn't Just talking about those boxy abstract paintings.

There's threats everywhere, and the world is draped in camouflage.


Hey, I'll be right down, all right?.

Whatever you say, Boss.

WOMAN: How was the ride?.

MAN: I left Colombia this morning.

Colombia to here in one day?. Piece of cake.

Anyway, estimates say that Christo is worth close to a billion. That's with a "B"?.

Yeah, and he gives back a lot to this community over here with medical clinics, schools, political donations, you name it, so this is the deal:

They are extremely loyal to him over here.

When did the DEA hand him over to us?.

When they intercepted a 707 of his filled with Soviet weapons.

Listen, Langley says that the boys over at NSA, they found some interesting intercepts connecting Christo to a jihadist network out of Southeast Asia.

Apparently, Christo and one of the guys running the network, they're childhood friends.

DAVE: Your father's grandfather gave up his life flying a B-24 in World War II.

He kept the Liberator aloft just long enough for everyone to jump, and then he went down with the plane.

That's the blood that courses in your veins.

Daddy, can I come with you?. You want to come with me?.

Did you feel how cold it is out there?. I'll tell you what, go hang out with Mommy for a little while, help out with the baby.

When I come back in, if you still want to go out, I'll take you out with me.

Promise?. I promise. Hurry up, go.

What's going on, sir?. What's up, brother?.

Nothing much, man. Now, I know you got the New York heritage, but this isn't exactly like sitting back in Staten Island.

You got to actually work hard to get through the surf.

Yeah, I know. Twelve-plus years on the Teams, and you don't know how to do this?.

Hey, wait till you have five kids, man.

You'll see how much time you got to play in the surf.

You ready to get in the drink or what?.

All right, man, lead the way.

All right, don't embarrass us. All right.

DAVE: Your father was my Boss, and I was his Chief.

What we knew about each other strengthened our bond as operators.

There was a brotherhood between us, and we depended on each other more than a family.

Tecumseh said, "Although a single twig will break, a bundle of twigs is strong. "

OK, OK, gracias.

W ow, this is unbelievable.

I still can't believe you ordered Chinese in this place.

It's really good.

Double word score, 18 points.

"Dumb"?. Read it and weep, sugar.

I'll try not to.

Look at this, look at this. Thirty-eight points for me.

"Adumbrating," that's not even a word.

OK, first of all, it's pronounced "adumbrating," and it means pretending, foreshadowing.


Guess who's buying dinner tonight, sugar.


In most cases, officers get tactical partners.

Langley sets me up with some sort of SCRABBLE hustler.

WOMAN: SCRABBLE Yoda, OK?. Get it right.

How much do I owe you?. Nada.


DAVE: Our platoon was headed downrange.

We had Weimy, our sniper.

He grew up in the middle of the MoJave Desert.

Most excitement he found as a kid was bowling frozen turkeys down the aisle at the grocery store.

Ray, our comms guy, our radioman, he grew up in East LA gangland.

He had a Silver Star for pulling a wounded teammate out of the fray.

Sonny, he was made of granite.

This guy didn 't even do push-ups

'cause he was afraid his chest was gonna get too big.

AJay Joined the Teams late in his 30s.

He 'd been a Muay Thai fighter early in life.

Before that, he grew up dirt-poor in Trinidad.

Mikey had 20 years in the Teams.

But as humble as he was, you 'd never even know it.

He kept a picture of his wife in his helmet and a lock of her hair in his pocket.

Quiet as the breeze.

And finally, Senior Chief.

I couldn 't really tell you much about him...

... other than I'd rather take a knife into a gunfight than have to be interrogated by him.

That last night at home, you think about how you could have been a better dad, a better husband.

That bedtime story you should have read or that anniversary you forgot.

You don 't expect your family to understand what you 're doing, you Just hope they'll accept it.

When you get home, you hope you can pick up right where you left off.

What up?.

You putti ng the wild bunch down?. Y eah, yeah.

Hey, Senior, you mind giving us a couple minutes, man?.

Nah, you got 'em, Jefe. Thanks.

Hey, fellas, you know I only got so many speeches in a given work-up or deployment, but, uh...'s like Chief and I said right at the beginning of this platoon:

Once we step off on campaign, once this bird's ready and we're downrange, everything back home needs to be in balance.

We're not gonna be worth a damn to each other or ourselves if we get over there and something's out of whack.

I mean, if things aren't right with the family, things aren 't right with the finances or something's off, it's gonna put us all out of balance, so we need to have that tight before we launch.

If somebody's got an issue, bring it up.

Chief can take care of it, I can take care of it. Everybody's got each other's back.

Let's make sure we lock that down so when we 're ready to roll, all our focus is on the mission.

DA VE: For all those who have been downrange, to us and those like us, damn few.

Cheers. Hear, hear.

I still like the name James.

I'll think about it, if it's a boy.

Come here.

I'm proud of you. Thanks, baby.

Hey, little one, you make sure you keep Mama away from Aunt Carol.

I don't like that chain-smoking at all.

I got it, Lieutenant.

OK. It's gonna be OK.

All right. It's gonna be fine.

Try to keep this as long as you can for a while, yeah?.

Anything else, Commander?

Yeah. I'd like to be able to look into your eyes when our first child is born.

You know I'll do my best.

I love you, baby.

Love you.

DAVE: War is a country of will.

There's no room for sympathy.

If you're not willing to give up everything, you've already lost.

MAN: Tell me, what is it about you Americans that makes you feel entitled to fuck with the way I make my living?

I know who you are, Miss Morales, and I know who you work for.

So why don't you save us both some time and tell me exactly what you think you know?

CHRISTO: How did that feel, Miss Morales?

Have a great day at the spa.


Hey, fellas, what's up?. Hey.

It's hotter than two rats screwing in a wool sock out there, yeah?.

Africa-hot... Tarzan couldn't take this heat.

Anyway, here's the deal. Time to get your frogman on.

Lights. Three days ago, two CIA agents, a Walter Ross and a Miss Lisa Morales, were ambushed inside their hotel room here in Costa Rica by a unknown amount of heavily armed assholes.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ross was murdered, and Miss Morales has been abducted.

We believe that this has been the work of a guy named Mikhail Troykavitch, aka Christo.

LT's going to give you the skinny on him.

Thanks, Senior. Mikhail Troykavitch, aka Christo.

This guy is believed to have been working cocaine-for-weapons deals between the Russian mafia, the FARC guerrillas, and the Mexican drug cartels ever since the late 1 990s.

Now, before she was captured, Morales was working a possible link between our boy Christo and this guy Abu Shabal.

Glory to Allah, Lord of the worlds, who has created us as Muslims and delivered us with the Jihad on his direct path.

Peace be upon those who follow his direct path till the Day of Judgment.

Let me explain this to you Americans.

We are not separatists.

We Chechens are not a legal part of anyone, but you Americans are willingly or unwillingly assisting in the genocide of our people by demanding that we obey certain rules, and by your continued occupation of all Muslim countries.

With the grace of Allah, glorious and exalted is he, America will never be safe until safety becomes a reality for us.

Allahu Akbar.

LT: Abu Shabal is a Chechen terrorist who's associated with the Beslan School Massacre.

He's been jumping between training camps in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Now, the connection between Christo and Abu Shabal is still a little bit fuzzy, but if this was the lead that Morales was working on, it could be why she was abducted. Senior?.

All right, this is a personnel recovery of Miss Morales.

All right, who's got questions?

Senior Chief, you got any updated source intel on numbers inside the camp, and what about roving patrols?.

Maybe eight to ten, bro, but we don't know anything about roving patrols.

You're just gonna have to assume that they're out there walking around, squared away. They do this for a living, too.

Senior, what kind of weapons-on-target are we looking at?.

Heavy weapons. These guys are narco-traffickers, so they can have anything from Soviet-bloc DShKs.

They could have M2HP, .50-cals out there, we don't know.

So if there is a weapons' emplacement up there, I suggest you guys bring rockets.

Of course, rockets and foliage don't match, so make sure you got a clear shot.

All right, what else?. Any idea whether she's ambulatory or not?.

There was a ton of blood on the scene, and a lot of it was Mr. Ross', we confirmed that.

Miss Morales may have bled there, too, but these guys are savages, so you're gonna have to assume that she is non-ambulatory, so you're gonna have to bring stuff to carry her out.

MAN OVER PA: Two minutes to drop.

Hey, LT.

You got to let us know who that guy is, so when we get back, we can kick his ass.

What guy?.

The guy that gave you that fucked-up haircut.

Fuck. AJAY: Damn, Sonny, you should be the last guy to talk. You look like the Dominican Mr. Clean.

SONNY: That means my head shines like your gold teeth, huh?.

Don't be like that, that's harsh. Ramp!

Mask up.

Man, I tell you what. The only thing better than this right here is being a dad, except for that whole changing diaper thing, but...

...Sandy does that for me anyway, so...

I'm actually looking forward to it.

MAN OVER PA: Blackbeard, green light in ten.


Blackbeard Main, Blackbeard Main, this is Blackbeard Actual.

Radio check. Over.

Blackbeard Main, Blackbeard Main, this is Blackbeard Actual. Over.

MAN OVER RADIO: Roger, Actual. This is Main.

We have you Lima Charlie. Roger, Main.

All boots are on the ground. I pass T-bird.

Any traffic for my station at this time?.

MAN OVER RADIO: Actual, imagery picked up an increase in traffic at secondary location, known to be enemy QRF, eight clicks from primary target.

The SWCC boats will insert at 0600 for your extract.

How copy? Roger, Mai n.

You ready?. Roger that, si r.

We got about 4. 7 clicks at three-five-five.

T ake it out.

MAN OVER RADIO: Whiplash, one minute out.

Thirty seconds.

Ten by ten.

Whiplash, go.

WHIPLASH OVER RADIO: All boots on deck.

Line secure.

MAN OVER RADIO: Whiplash, Bucket One and Two are out.

Whiplash, this is Blackbeard. Radio check. Over.

Blackbeard, it's Whiplash. Have you loud and clear.

Standing by on the set.

Roger, Whiplash. What is your ETA to my pos?.


Be advised, Raven is in flight and pushing to your location.



Hey, sir, we gotta go.

Roger. Take it out.

I feel like we're pretty thin. I'd like to take you guys with us.

Chief, I got a SBT coming up on-step. I got a Raven pushing my pos.

Weimy and I are in good overwatch position, and I got to keep reporting back to Blackbeard Main.

We're staying here. Roger that.

Keep it tight. Got it.

Whiplash, this is Blackbeard. Assault force is moving to the target early.

Request immediate fire support.

WHIPLASH OVER RADIO: Blackbeard, it's Whiplash. Good copy.

Requesting fire support. Pushing to your location in 1 5 mikes.

Whiplash, this is Blackbeard. I have positive control of the Raven.

Chief, are you set?.

RORKE OVER RADIO: Chief, Chief, hold it.

One o'clock, base of the tower.

RORKE OVER RADIO: You're clear to the door.

I've got two squirters coming out the back door.

Going in!

Clear! All clear!

Weimy, eleven o'clock. Driver's side, truck.

Got him.


Come on. Go in! Go in!

Clear! All clear!

Target's secure. Chief, I'm going to get Mikey.

LT, this is Chief. Target is secure.

Stand by for confirmation of the package.

Be advised Mikey is down. Mikey is down. Status to follow.

Roger. You have the package.

Chief, I got his cell phone.

LT?. LT?.

Chief, looks like you have two aggressor vehicles approaching from the north, about one mike out. You can take the truck outside the west door.

Meet us at extract.

Miss Morales, I'm bringing you home.

I just need to ask you a few questions.

What's your mother's maiden name?.


What street you were born on?.

Hot Springs.

All right. Just hang on.

Whiplash, we have enemy QRF approaching from the north.

Roger. You have enemy QRF coming in from the north.

Chief, you need to start your exfil now.

We'll meet you at secondary extract. Roger that.

Hey, boys, we gotta roll!

Shit. Sir, it's those trucks, about 1,000 yards. Yep.

Ma'am, I'm taking you out right now.

Hey, Chief, he took a round to the eye with the exit wound behind the ear.

He's alive, but we gotta get moving now!

Weimy, coming out.

OVER RADIO: We'll meet you at the rally point.

Let's go! Let's go! Move it!

Heads up! Fast movement on the left! Right turn! Right turn!

Hey, man, we're not going to make it to secondary extract.

I got to find us a route. Stay on this road.

Left, left, left. Left turn! Left turn!

Mikey, come on, buddy.

Hey, Chief!

We're not gonna make secondary extract!

You're gonna have to figure it out, man! Hold on!

Come on. Stay with me. Stay with me.

Stay with us.

Come on, Mike. Wake up. Wake up. Come on, man.

Contact! Pick it up, pick it up.

Yo, Chief! We can make it to rally point!

Sounds good! Pass it to LT! Come on, man.

LT, LT, this is assault team. We just lost the secondary extract.

I say again, we just lost secondary extract.

Moving to rally point. How copy, over?.

We're about a click out. Mikey, wake up.

One click out!

Let's go, Mike. Wake up. Come on, buddy.

Come on, Mikey! Wake up!

Good?. Backstage clear.

Rocket out!

He's not breathing!

Breathe, Mikey! We're up! We're up!

Chief, let me get your M-4!

Sir, what's the status on those boats?.

I lost Whiplash on the run.

Told 'em you hit the target early. They're coming in hot.

Roger that. Fuck! Take this, man.

Breathe, Mikey. Come on, Mikey.

I got no pulse. Contact rear!

Contact rear!

Holy shit!

Taking rounds in...

Pick it up. Pick it up.

Ajay! QRF coming up the rear!

Whiplash! Whiplash! Secondary extract is burnt.

Moving to tertiary extract.

I have eight packs, seven Sierras, one package.

OVER RADIO: Package with multiple wounds.

The Sierra has gunshot wound to the head.

This will be a hot extract.

What the fuck?.!

Oh, shit! Mikey, stay down!

Keep him down, man! MIKEY: Where the fuck am I?.!

Calm down, brother. Mikey's up, man. Mikey's up.

Stay down, brother. Calm. Be easy. We're almost out of here.

We're almost out of here.


Hang on, buddy. MIKEY: Where are we?.

We're on our way to extract. What happened?.

You're good to go. You took one to the face, man.

You're a hard motherfucker.

Did we get her?. Yes.

Oh, my God. We're on our way to extract.

Ajay, splash it. Splash it.

Water! Water! Water!

Going in! Going in!

I got her! I got her!

It's fucking going under.

Out! Get the fuck out!

ECHOING: It wasn't for nothing.

You know, from time to time, I get to see my old friends from my old life.

And it's always, always disappointing.

Some become assholes, other boring, and I can't believe I tried to get them in bed all those years ago.


It is nice not to be disappointed, Yuri.

That's not my name. I know.

Mohammed Abu Shabal, the son of Shabal.

Come on. Your father's name is Yevgeny.

Things change.

Yeah, things have changed.

That's why this is the last time we might have to see each other for quite some time.

For I might have to find a hole to hide in.

I don't understand.

I'm being watched by the CIA, and I'm not taking any chances.

As soon as the opportunity presents itself, I'm taking my family south.

I neither have the energy or the will to fight the Americans.

What about our deal, Mikhail?.

My men have been training for almost a year now.

I have devoted much of my resources... The deal stands, Yuri.

Just because I've taken early retirement does not mean I'm not holding up my end of the bargain.

There is so much to be done.

And it will be, just without me.

You'll have to use my trusted associates.

That's not so good for me.

Hey... Hey! Shut up!

Shut up!

Stop your fucking bullshit!

It's not good. Doesn't work. You can't change it like that.

Nothing changes. Nothing. You just told me everything's changed.

What... What is that?. What is that?.

Do you know what I do to get here?.!

Do you know the men who I've had to sacrifice to get here?.!

Do you have any idea?.!

No, you shit! You live up here in this ivory tower!

You have no... You don't care!

Hey, Chief, what's the status on Mikey?.

He's definitely gonna lose the eye, but he's... he's hanging tough.

Hey, I'm gonna get right into this.

Great job smoke-checking those assholes and getting Morales back.

It's a bum deal for Mikey, but I gotta tell you what, that was solid work.

So, Chief, you make sure you get that down to the boys right away.

You hear me?. Check.

All right. Now, Morales, Morales was one tough chick, but she should've gotten the stuff up the chain a lot faster because this thing is way bigger than we thought it was.

How is that?. I thought this was a cut-and-dry AMCIT recovery.

Yeah, it was until we got into that phone that you guys picked up in that shithole.

It turned me on to something that just does not look right at all.

And what's not right about it?. Christo and Shabal are a lot closer than I thought they were, and Shabal is a wild card, man.

He is an old-school jihadi that couldn't give a rat's ass about money or drugs.

Yeah, and his childhood friend, Christo, the dope dealer?.

He is not a dealer, man. He's a smuggler.

You have got to be kidding me. That is exactly what I'm thinking.

Shabal wants to kill Americans.

Christo knows how to get fuckers inside America.

This could be big trouble in little China, fellas.

They're gonna hit us at home.

I just got done talking to the boss and the Spec Ops Task Force, and this is what's gonna go down.

I need Ajay and Ray standing by to launch for an SR in two hours.

They're gonna get some frequent flyer miles on the way to Africa.

Why Africa?.

We pinned an airfield there with that phone that you got, and I think that Shabal is gonna be there doing a weapons transfer on his way west.

When you say "west," what are we talking about, Mexico west?

Yeah, Mexico west. That's worst-case scenario.

You two and the rest of the platoon are gonna stay here on standby.

You'll be the primary assault force in case something goes down anywhere near America.

Check. Check.

You gonna be around for any questions as they come up?.

No, man. Christo... he pulled a Roman Polanski on my ass and disappeared.

So I'm gonna link up with SEAL Team Four, and we're gonna go hunt his ass down in the South Pacific.

So it's straight up Mai Tais and palm trees for me, baby.

Yeah, brother. Go get him.

You be cool. Take it easy.

Good luck with that baby, Lieutenant.

Does everybody know?. Only the important people.

The important people to who?. You?.

I guess so.

I'm gonna go brief the boys. Hey, hold on one second.

Hey, brother, I've never written one of these before.

Hey, I'm tracking with you, sir. I am.

But, to be honest with you, I was thinking of calling the command and trying to get you home.

But now that work's picked up so much, I feel like we really need you here.

You remember our last cruise to Al Anbar?.

Yeah. When you had that final turnover op, and you said I didn't need to be there?.

I was laying in bed and I realized the only thing I needed to do now was go home.

But if something went south on your op, I would always regret not being there with you.

I appreciate you taking care of me big-time, Dave, but I'm working some things with the brass.

If I can, and things slow down, I'm gonna get two weeks off.

Well, I hope it works out either way. I really do.

But, if it doesn't, I'm gonna take this piece of paper, and I'm gonna make it into a nice paper airplane.

Beat it.

We're good, we're good!

MAN: Chief of the Watch, submerge the ship to one-six-zero feet.

Dive. Dive.

OVER RADIO: Scope down. All doors are green.

Oh, good. Hey, guys. Sir.

Thank you for getting here so fast. Sure.

Grab a seat, please. Thank you.

You'll have Bulldog overhead.

We need you to get in, grab the intel and bounce it back to us. Do you have any questions?.

Sir, I have a question. We have the rally point and time.

What if the meeting doesn't take place as scheduled?.

How long do you want us to stay on target?

Now, this one counts, so I'd plan on being out there for a while.

Check. Are we good?.

Think so, sir. Yes, sir.

MAN: Ray and Ajay are rigged up and ready to check each other out.

OVER RADIO: Garage door clear.

You got a visual?. Yeah.

Got three trucks moving in.

A fuel truck, two jeeps, some skinnies in the back.

One of them has a.50-cal.

You hear that?.

Yeah, I think that's our plane. Yeah, we got some inbound.

'Bout time these guys showed up. Jesus. Let me get my camera.

Hey, Ray, we got two birds down at the end of the field, southeast our pos, no tail IDs.

You got that?. Check, no tail IDs.

Ray, last time I checked, we were in Africa, right?

Yeah. Why, what's up?.

Dude, there's, like, 1 6 Filipinos down there, all praying to Mecca right now.

Filipinos?. Filipinos. Definitely not skinnies.

I'm picking up the praying. I'm also picking up some Russian.

RAY: Bulldog, Bulldog, Redrum, radio check, over.

MAN OVER RADIO: Good check, copy. RAY: Roger, good check.

Be advised, we got two sterile aircraft departing to the east from following location:

Ten, Papa, Lima, Sierra.

Please advise when tally target, over.

MAN OVER RADIO: Roger. Copy, two aircraft, location Ten, Papa...

RORKE: Hey, Chief, you are not gonna believe this.

One of the planes Ray and Ajay tagged just landed on Cedros Island off the coast of Mexico.

It has Shabal on it with an unknown number of jihadis.

Are you kidding me?

No, looks like we're gonna get to hit that target.

Well, Senior and the SWCC boats are punching out.

They should pull a little more intel for us, so we'll see.

All right.

I don't know how long we're staying. Hold on, baby.

Be safe. You know I will.

I gotta go, honey. I love you.

I love you.

MAN OVER RADIO: Bravo Alpha, we're 200 meters out.

Bravo, you have a Tango on your starboard side.

MAN 2 OVER RADIO: Tango on the starboard side.

MAN OVER RADIO: Whiskey Charlie, we have a visual on Tango.

Bravo, you have a Viper at twelve o 'clock.

Get down! Get down!

Clear! Bridge secure.

MAN OVER RADIO: Senior, you're clear.

English OK?. Let's do that. English is fine.

Can you cut him loose, please?.

If you get cut loose, you're not gonna do anything crazy, are you?.

A Crazy Ivan?. So to speak.

So you're Russian, yeah?.

Yes, I am. You all right?.

Yes, I'm good. Thank you. You're welcome.

I'm sorry. I don't know your name.

I'm Otto. Otto.

Yes. And you are?. Nice to meet you.


Crisco?. Christo.


So how long am I gonna need to keep busting your balls about getting one of those patches?.

Ah, yeah, I think it was, like, a one-time deal, man.

After 9/1 1, my uncle sent a bunch out for the platoon, but, uh, after this go-round, I'll give it to you.

No, no, I'm not gonna take your family crest.

All right, good. I didn't want to give it to you anyway.

Besides, man, I'm pretty sure I saw you putting something in your cargo pocket the other day.

What's that?. I know I've seen you carrying something in that pocket right there.

What is it?.

That's my grandfather's flag.

Nice. My pop gave it to me, and now I'm gonna give it to my boy someday.

All right. I like that.

You're sitting on a wonderful boat.

It's fabulous. Thank you. Yes.

I believe it's called Starship. "Starship. "

I love the way you say Starship.

It's like Russian. That guy, uh... Star Trek.

What's his name, Scotty?. Oh, no, he was, sorry, Scott.

I wouldn't know. Yes. You've never seen Star Trek?.

No. Oh, that's insane.

So here's the problem, pal. Mm-hm?.

You're worth a lot of money.

Or you were worth a lot of money. I believe I still am.

You do?. Yes.

All right. Let me tell you how the world works there, Crisco.

It's Christo. Sorry?.

Christo. Oh, of course. Sorry.

It's OK.

Let me tell you how the world really works.

Please. This is no longer your boat.

Since I walked through that door, you're not the same guy you used to be.

You're just not. There's nothing I can do to stop that, nothing I can do to help you right now, unless you let me help you.

We need to do this together, pal. You and me.

So how is it that you're working with these jihadi folks, then?

You're Jewish, right?.

Shabal is what?.

You got a friend, like, you grew up with?. Sorry?.

Have you ever had a friend that you grew up with?.

Yes. Had, like, played interests, played soccer, or... What would you play?. Baseball, probably, right?.

Probably. Yeah. Yeah.

And then you went on your separate ways, and then some years later, you meet up.

And you totally didn't recognize the person.

And that's what happened with Shabal.

We share a common interest.

So he came up with this incredible idea because of his beliefs.

I don't necessarily share his beliefs, but he's a smart guy.

You know, it's almost like... know, it's almost like...

...Iike this is me.

And that's Shabal. Is it?.

And America is in-between. Is it?.


Cool concept, no?.

Right here?. Yes.

You think this is some kind of game?.

Do you?. Do you find this amusing?. No. No.

I'm not finding... Do you realize what you're doing here?.

MAN OVER RADIO: Blackbeard Actual, this is Blackbeard Main.

Post nation counterpart. Secured target Bravo.

Report to Tri-Hull. You're clear to move on target Alpha.

MAN 2 OVER RADIO: Roger, Main. Clear to target.

The only people I answer to is my family.

T o my wife and to my child.

And nobody else.

Running late somewhere?. Shit filter's full.

Really?. Yeah.

So here's the problem, pal.

You do love your family, don't you?.

Yes, I do. And what about your daughter?.

What about my daughter?.

Are you looking forward to seeing her again?.

Every minute of my life.

I wanted you to see that so that you'd think about some things very seriously, because you're gonna be sitting in a box somewhere.

You'll be treated properly and humanely.

That girl is gonna grow up, and she's gonna get married, and your wife is gonna find someone else, and you're gonna miss everything.

If I had done something that would endanger my family, I would feel just like you do right now.

You promise not to touch my family?.

I would never touch your family.

I would not.

Are you familiar with...

...ceramic ball bearings?.


Just imagine 1 6 suicide vests filled with those ceramic ball bearings, slipping by every metal detector and every checkpoint in your country.

You think your economy is fucked now?.

Just think what the media is gonna do with this. Hm?.

It's gonna make 9/1 1 look like a fucking walk in the park.

The grand Central Park.

So you're telling me...

...there's 1 6 jihadis wearing suicide vests.

They're gonna walk right across the border.

So where are they going?.

San Diego, San Francisco, Houston...

You pick a city, they'll be there.

And this is happening now?. It's happening as we speak.

Sorry, what?.

It's happening as we speak.

How can you stop this?

I can't.

Blackbeard Lead, containment element is set.


Gun! Gun! Gun!


Go. Coming out!

Rat Pack, this is Blackbeard. We're in contact, midtown, south of the church.




Blackbeard Lead, what's your pos?.

RORKE OVER RADIO: Overwatch. You're clear to engage.

Go in hot.

Frag out!

Weimy, I've got two squirters heading south in a pickup truck.

I see 'em.

Hit those two guys in the truck.


Frag out!

Sir?. Sir?.

LT?. You all right?.


You check that box, huh?.


Good thing that was a dud. I might've gotten hurt.

Yeah. Whoa.


This is not some bush-league vest from an Iraqi hut.

This is some high-speed shit.

Maybe we should put this somewhere else, huh?.

Hey, Sonny, find somewhere to put this, would you?.

Target secure. Set security.

One's to the north, three south.

Hey, Chief, target's buttoned up.

Everything's secure. Thanks, man.

WOMAN OVER RADIO: Actual, mission not complete. Stand by for follow-on.

You only got half that jihadist cell.

The target's secure, sir. This fight isn't over yet.

Now, listen, the other half of that cell is gonna be crossing the border using a tunnel network from Mexicali at 0700.

We're coordinating with State, but for now the birds will drop you off outside the city where your POC is a Commander Pedros.

I'll give you more details en route.

Actual, how do you copy? Roger, Main.

OK, we've got a helo landing on the deck, we're gonna meet a Mexican SOF commander and his team.

They're gonna help infil us to the target and join us on the assault.

What the hell are you talking about?. We haven't got all of 'em yet, Chief.

And where's the rest of 'em?. They're in Mexicali on the border.

All right. And the rest of the boys, how are they getting back to the ship?.

Bon Homme Richard stayed on station.

They're gonna send in a Marine element to help exploit the target.

When they're done, the boys will pull off with them.

OK. I'm thinking Squad One and myself roll out.

Perfect. Squad Two stays here, buttons it up, pulls out with the Marines. OK.

We're moving north of here through town, and crossing at sunrise.

The other group will get into Texas the following day, through Juarez.


Hey, sir! Who the hell cleared us hot to go to Mexicali anyway?.

This one's going all the way up the flagpole.

State Department's on it.

Hey, sir. Channel two.

Hey, this tempo keeps up like this, Jackie's gonna be squeezing that kid out on her own.

However, we hit this target quick enough, you jump on a burro and ride that shit home.

Hey, I ain't gonna need no burro.

Did you get your two weeks?.

All that time I was spending on the sat phone, it wasn't to convince them to let me go home, it was to convince them to leave your ass in charge.

Sir. Lieutenant.

Seems our governments have been very busy to make this possible, huh?.

All the way to the top, from what I hear.

There is something that you have to understand.

My superiors, they're very fearful of a Mexican Mogadishu.

No Black Hawk Down is what they're saying, so we do need to stay under the radar.

I understand completely, sir. Good.

Your team's presence here is greatly appreciated, but we are out of time.

We need to move. Tell me where, we go.

Help piece this together for me.

OK. Our intel says they're using a tunnel network that is under a milk factory.

This mean anything to you?.

I know exactly where that is. It's not far from here.

Then that's where we're going.

Of all of the places in Mexicali that you could have picked, this is probably the worst.

The cartels control that area from all angles.

They have us heavily outgunned.

Simply reaching your target is gonna be very difficult.

Sir, we have eight foreign nationals heading to our country.

Needless to say, they are no big fan of ours.

If they are at that factory, that's where we're going.

Lieutenant, I'll take you anywhere you need to go, but prepare your men for a bigger fight than what you had imagined.

You're not fighting eight men. You're also fighting the cartel that's protecting them.

If your targets make it into those tunnels, they'll disappear like ghosts.

You enter the tunnels right here.

You will walk seven miles to this fork.

My men will tell you what tunnel to take.

Once you get to this point, my job is done.

You're on your own.

Lieutenant, we're going now! Roger that.

Chief, we're not stopping. We're rolling up on target, hard.

Roger that, sir. We're about 30 seconds out.

RORKE OVER RADIO: One mike out from the south entrance.

Jefe! On the roof!

We gotta go. Now.

Sir! Leave two men here!



I need you to lock this shit down!

Frag out!

On me.

You guys got the gate!

Call! You're going to the front door!




Damn it, sir.

How you gonna explain that one to my family?.

Get back there so I don't have to, huh?.




Chief, I got him.

Keep going. I'll cover you.



SONNY: Assault Two, this is Assault One.

Be advised, tunnel is secure and all threats are neutralized.

LT and Chief are down.

OVER RADIO: I say again, LT and Chief are down.

DAVE: Your father was a good man.

Growing up without him is gonna be hard.

It's gonna hurt.

You'll feel alone, out to sea, with no shore in sight.

You'll wonder, "Why me? Why him? "

Remember, you have warrior's blood in your veins.

The code that made your father who he was is the same code that'll make you a man he would admire, respect.

Put your pain in a box. Lock it down.

Like those people in the paintings your father liked, we are men made up of boxes, chambers of loss and triumph, of hurt and hope and love.

No one is stronger or more dangerous... Ready!

-... than a man who can harness his emotions. Aim!

His past.



DAVE: Use it as fuel, as ammunition, as ink to write the most important letter of your life.

On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, I present you this flag in recognition of your husband's heroic achievements.

You have my deepest condolences.

One more flag to present.

This one I think you know.

On every deployment, Rorke carried this with him.

Again, my deepest condolences.

Lieutenant Engel!

ALL: Hoo-yah, Lieutenant Engel!

DAVE: Before he died, your father asked me to give you this poem by Tecumseh.

I told him I'd fold it into a paper airplane.

And, in a way, I guess that's what I'm doing, sailing it from him to you.

Live your life that the fear of death Can never enter your heart Trouble no one about his religion Respect others and their views And demand they respect yours Love your life, perfect your life Beautify all things in your life RORKE: Seek to make your life long and of service to your people When your time comes to die Be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death So that when their time comes they weep and pray For a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way Sing your death song And die like a hero going home

Extracted By :Al CAPONE