Adam's Apples (2005) Script


Adam? Sorry I'm late.

Ivan Fjeldsted. Call me Ivan.

I'm a bit flustered but I've been looking forward to meeting you.

Let's get going.

Let me take your bag.

That was... Come on.

People who have been in prison are often a bit protective of their stuff.

Have you lived in the country before?

This is our small church.

Just take a look at this.

This is our apple tree.

We're very proud of it.

There are lots of apples this year. Lots and lots.

It's probably because of the warm summer.

They're not ripe just yet. Don't eat that. Come with me.

Good morning. Good morning.

Adam will stay with us. This is Khalid and Gunnar.

I won't talk to egghead.

There will be lots of time for that kind of talk.

Come on, Adam.

What does the O stand for? In Adam O. Pedersen?

What's the story about the O? Your parents must have told you.

I forgot to ask. That's a good answer.

It says here that you're a Neo-Nazi.

Are you really?

It's not the first thing that springs to mind by looking at you.

Here it says you're EVIL. It's rude to write that on a person's CV.

Are you really evil?

I didn't think so. Tell you what, just forget about this... because there are no evil people. We don't believe in that.

If you only look for evil then the world is evil.

But you can try to focus on the silver lining as we do here.

That makes everything easier.

In later years the Devil has sent his troops to test us... but we have conquered them all.

All of us here have found God in some way.

You just met Khalid and Gunnar. I saw that you did.

Gunnar was paroled four years ago.

He was just to stay three months, but he chose to stay.

Gunnar was what you would call an alcoholic.

He stole and raped girls but now he's on the wagon... and is studying theology.

He's not the only one. There's also Khalid.

He used to rob gas stations.

Do you remember a young man being shot when he went to buy condoms?

No. Khalid is still not allowed at Statoil.

A few hostage dramas later he's learning Danish and is doing well.

Tell me what I have to do.

I can't do that. You have to discover that for yourself.

All I want is for you to set yourself a goal.

Are you listening to me?

Yes, I believe I am.

In any other situation I would say that you are rude... but let's not talk about that now. What do you want your goal to be?

I would like to bake a cake.

Bake a cake?

Oh, an apple cake?

Yes, an apple cake.

My goal is to bake a big apple cake.

With the apples from our garden?

Yes, the apples from the garden.

That's a good idea.

I think we found your goal.

You're going to bake a cake.

You'll look after the tree until 1st of August.

Then you'll use them to bake an apple cake.

I just wanted to give you this.

It has both the old and the new testament.

It's a good thing to have. Sleep tight.

Evil has many faces... and it can be difficult to tell them apart and choose sides.

Especially these days where so many things are said in this and that town.

Everything has so many nuances. Also we humans.

If the game of chess had undergone the same development as humans... the queen would be in front, the rooks would be crooked... and the pawn would be the main piece.

We no longer know who we are and this rootlessness...

Are we boring you, Poul?

Is the word of God boring to you?

Are we boring you? I need to go to the loo.

Can't it wait? Not really.

We finish in 20 minutes.

I think that Poul can wait that long.

Let him go for sake of fuck and crap.

So we can song sing now.

Okay, democracy has spoken.

Go, Poul. Go take a crap.

But you can't come back in.

That's okay.

You have to use the hospital loo because you can't use ours.

Why not?

It's locked during the service.


For security reasons.

Let's continue if it's okay with Poul.

We'll sing 634 "You know my heart".

There's fried pork.

It was a good sermon today. At least it was shorter than usual.

Too bad for old Poul Nordkap.

Ivan is always on his case. He leaves during the sermon.

It's not nice of him. He always does that.

It's because he was in a concentration camp during the war.

He's become restless in his old age.

He's 86.

It won't be any fun when that age comes.

Don't worry about Ivan.

He's okay. Just don't venture into an argument with him.

What the hell are you doing? Me?

My phone! I thought you were sleeping.

And my wallet! Are you stealing my stuff? Have you gone insane?

I'm sorry.

Piss off, fatso!

Sleep tight. Piss off!


They're not moving.

They cheeky for sake of fuck!

Fly home bird for sake of fuck!

What are we going to do?

There won't be any apples left for your cake.

Let the paki monkey climb up and shoo them away.

I'm not talking to you.

I don't know anything about birds.

What do we do in a case like this?

You leave them alone, I think.

Can't we let them eat the apples?

They're Adam's apples for the cake.

For sake of fuck, he can't bake. You don't know that.

If Adam wants to bake us a cake it's our job to support him.

He can't bake bread.

Shut up!

I can tell. What the fuck do you know, paki?

That's the right attitude. That kind of attitude will get us some cake.

There's more of them coming. That's just plain rude.

That's good. Very authentic.

No bird will come back now.

Reverend Fjeldsted?

Yes? Call me Ivan.

I'm Sarah Svendsen. Hi. This is my assistant Adam.

I'm not from around here. I wanted to come to the service but I couldn't.

Don't apologise. You only cheat yourself.

What's this? You're in a bad way.

Let's go inside and talk.

I met this guy. The milk has gone bad.

Fine. I was thinking about her.

Me too. No, you didn't.

Are you saying I didn't? Are you?

Let's take that discussion right now. This may be the right time and place.

John says: "He came to Canaan after having turned water into wine."

A boy was sick. Jesus said:

"Do to others as you want them to do to you."

Don't call me inconsiderate.

It's okay. I don't take milk.

Maybe we have some cookies.

Adam, could you go see if there's a few cookies for Sarah and me?

Maybe I shouldn't have come.

Sure. So you met a guy?

I have been in Indonesia working for the World Wide Fund for Nature.

I made love to a man and got pregnant.

I used to drink a lot before.

Now I'm in AA and I've been sober for 341 days.

Now they're saying that the baby may be handicapped.

I don't know where the dad is...

Just a second, Sarah.

Why do I get three cookies and Sarah only two?

Don't you find that odd?

There were five left. Hers looked bigger.

I don't think so.

Have you measured the cookies?

He never does that.

Let's stop this discussion.

- You would like to get rid of it? Yes... No!

There's a 60% chance that the baby is handicapped.

I have to decide within a week before it's too late.

I can't handle a handicapped child.

60 per cent is a lot, right?

It's just statistics.

Let me tell you something.

When we were expecting our son... we were told that he could be disabled.

We could have been intimidated by statistics and reason... but we chose to look at the bright side, and now...

When I see him run around in the garden or doing his homework - we're happy that we chose to have him.

You won't find anyone to say otherwise.

The Devil is testing us all the time. We have to make the right choices.

If we all listened to reason... the world would be a gloomy place to live.

You need to follow you heart and have the baby.

Fuck! Good morning.

Fuck, that hurt!

Why the hell haven't you turned the cooker off?

This looks bad.

What did reverend Fjeldsted say?

He's a frigging idiot.

He may be weird, but he's a good boy.

His life sure as shit hasn't been easy.

Everything went wrong from the start.

His mother died giving birth to him.

He lived with his father and sister.

Until they took him away.

Ivan? They took Ivan away?

No, nobody took Ivan away. The father was taken away. Henning.


He was fucking those kids black and blue.

They could hardly walk.

Shut up and fix this.

Pardon my forthrightness.

I've learned it's best to tell it like it is.

You're best served by being told the truth.


What's this I hear? The cooker bit you?

Gunnar forgot to turn it of.

Take a seat. I'd like to talk to you.

Do you know why all this is happening?

Why are all these birds in the tree?

And the cooker. Why did you burn yourself all of the sudden?

I think someone is trying to tell you that you shouldn't go near the cooker.

You can't bake a cake without a cooker.

I think Satan is testing us.

By not letting me bake the cake?

He's trying to fight us.

He's testing your strength to withstand him.

He's always doing it to me. Look at your hand.

You're a complete moron.

Nobody is doing anything.

Gunnar just forgot to turn it off.

He always makes sure to turn it off.

That fat pig is hammered!

Hey, fat and drunk!

So many accusations, but there may be an explanation.

You should know that he was the best Danish tennis player in his youth.

He won all his matches... but then a ball was mistakenly called to be out.

Gunnar lost and everything went downhill.

What about Khalid?

This was in his coat pocket.

What are you saying? Those two haven't changed.

You're a joke. Let's forbid people to wear hats.

It's a balaclava during summer.

Khalid is from a hot climate.

Here's fucking 17,000 in cash.

You're reaching, Adam.

Khalid is saving to buy new clothes.

You didn't know.

Give me my phone and my wallet or I'll smash your face in.

That's not fucking mine!

Stay away from my stuff. Do you understand?

You're lucky that I'm going back in because I would beat you every day.

I'm going to the casualty room...

Will you pass the market?

I could.

Could you get my cough syrup?

Sure, what's it called?

Von Osten.

Right. Think about what we can do about the birds, if you have time.

Here you go.

It can't be traced but throw it away anyway.

Can you shoot with that hand?

Are you going to whack the priest?

He's fucked up. He got it in the ass as a kid.

Now he's all turn the other cheek.

But you're getting out in 11 weeks.

We're waiting for you. Espen can't control them.

I'm not going to shoot him. I just want to understand.

I need to break him. All that goodness shit.

Does it involve the pear pie? Espen says you talk about a pie.

It's an apple cake, okay? It doesn't matter.

I said that I would bake a cake and the idiot won't let up.

He says that the Devil is testing us.

Because birds are eating the apples.

Do you need help?

Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?

See you.

Go on. Get them!

Don't be afraid. Go on. Get them.

He's making them nervous.

They care fucking not about the cat.

All can see.

Yes. Lambert is not working.

My granddad had a cherry tree.

It was attacked by birds, so he shot a few in the morning and evening.

Shot them? With a gun?

No, a waffle iron.

Of course it was a gun. What gun?

One like this.

You know what?

I think that we should try it. Can you take them from there?

Can we guns use? For sake of fuck, why you not said?

Well... Lambert?

Lambert, are you okay?

What just happened?

He's dead.

It was a shit cat anyhow.

He shot my cat.

Let's stop with the accusations. It was an old cat.

He just happened to fall down while we were shooting.

If you want to discuss it now we can.


We talked about your grandfather. Do you know what I think?

I think it's going to be a good day.

It's too bad that Khalid won't come in when we're making his favourite food.

He's embarrassed about Lambert. Where did he get the gun?

Is he a terrorist?

He wants to return to Saudi Arabia.

You should see his dream house. It's really nice.

With a bit more Statoil money he can go home.

Why not just rob a bank Khalid is very committed to politics.

He only robs multinational companies. That's why he robs Statoil.

Statoil stole his father's land for the oil.

Khalid is taking back his property.

Statoil is Norwegian. No, I don't think so.

Statoil is Norwegian! Remember to tell Khalid that.

So Ivan knows what he's doing?

Yes. Ivan just want him to be calm.

Ivan is not exactly normal.

The anniversary of his wife's death is coming up.

He had a wife?

Yes, Linda.

She ate some pills and killed herself... because they got a handicapped son.

He's got cerebral palsy. He can't move at all.

She couldn't take that.

Can I come in?

Adam, there sure is no shortage of recipes for apple cake in this world.

It looks like we've won round one.

What a handsome man. Your father? That's Hitler.

No, Hitler had a beard.

You're right. I'm thinking of that Russian guy. I'll leave you to it.

Hitler's enemies didn't take him seriously either.

Don't you think that I do? That's just plain rude.

Old Paul Nordkap who's in the hospital with no will to live... he was a bigger Nazi than anyone.

Why do you think they ask me to cheer him up?

Wasn't he in a camp?

Sure. He was working there. He met Goblins and all those folks.

Goebbels? He was probably also there.

Come with me to visit. Then we can see who takes who seriously.



Hello! I'm glad that you could make it.

He's dying. He won't last through the night. I broke it to him gently.

Well, let's give him a good sendoff.

How's the hand? Okay.

What about the honker, Ivan?

It took quite a beating.

You don't have to waste money on perfume anymore, Ivan.

You won't smell anything again.

Yes. Come on, Adam.

What's up with you, Poul? Have you lost your appetite?

I've brought a guest for you. Hello. Adam Pedersen.

- Are you feeling a bit low? I'm scared.

Relax. What have you been up to?

Have the nurses been nicer to you?

Don't make them. I don't deserve it.

They have been nagging Poul because of this past but we put a stop to that.

Didn't we, Poul?

Has Miriam been nicer to you?

Yes, she made me hot chocolate yesterday and tucked me in.

They are all so nice to me. That's good. Don't be upset.

I don't deserve it. Let it be. Everybody deserves to be tucked in.

Did she fluff your duvet and pillow? Yes.

There, there.

I apologise for trying to cheat.

I just don't like being inside the church.

That's all forgotten now. I know that's what you always say.

I'm scared, Ivan. I dare not sleep. I'm so afraid.

Fiddlesticks! You have nothing to worry about.

Let's focus on the people who cares for you and all your lovely memories.

Oh God!

Poul, don't cry anymore.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

All has been forgiven.

If you only knew what we did... All those poor people.

It can't be forgiven. Stop it. Nobody remembers anymore.

Oh God!

Stop your whining. It's not as bad as all that.

We all make mistakes but we don't let it bring us down.

You're crazy, man.

Why do you say that?

Why spoil the mood by being plain rude?

I'd be happy to discuss it, but this is not the place.

Let's focus on the word of God.

God forgives all, Poul.

God forgives all.

It's difficult.

Even though you seen it before it's still difficult every time.

Did you discuss your wife's death?

Yes, I talked to lots.

A wife's suicide must be painful.

Yes, that can't be nice.

Linda didn't take her own life. But she took pills?

Yes, but it was an accident.

Accident how?

Christoffer had been playing with her pills and had put them in a candy dish.

Linda always had a sweet tooth and she thought they were yellow M&Ms.

Your son Christoffer?

So he's actually able to move? Why wouldn't he be?

I thought he was paralysed. No, I wish.

There's no stopping him. Just yesterday he was playing rounders.

I don't believe you, Ivan.

I just don't.

I've never heard anything that crazy.

Has Gunnar told tall stories and played fast and loose with the truth?

If it is that's just plain rude.

Why don't you bring him tomorrow?

He's already coming. He's been pestering me all week to come.

Good. Then you can see for yourself.

Good morning. Good morning.

Christoffer, this is Adam. Adam, Christoffer.

Maybe you could go say hello. Yum, eggs.

Small mouthfuls.

He's paralysed.

What did you say?

I have to go in tower. You two stay here.

I need shoot black bird. Sit down.

He's paralysed.

Christoffer, go into daddy's office. Now!

This will not be pleasant to watch. What did you say?

He's paralysed. Isn't he paralysed, Ivan?

Is he really, Adam?

Yes, he has cerebral palsy.

That is just crazy. Khalid, what do you have to say?


Him is it.

Ivan, he's spastic paralysed.

Your son's a spastic. Your wife killed herself.

Your mother died giving birth to you. Your dad raped you.

Look at me, Ivan. Look at me.

You bleeding from an ear. You bleeding from an ear, for sake of fuck!

The other way.

Ivan was bleeding from an ear.

That has happened to me.

Just drink milk. Plenty of milk.

Just give up, Ivan.

There's something you should know.

Christoffer is recovering from a very nasty bout of the flu.

I'm the first to admit that he's been a bit sluggish lately.

Shut the fuck up!

If he hurts you turn the other cheek.

God is on my side.

What is his problem? He needs to be locked up!

I'm not one to gossip... but he's always been considered a phenomenon.

I don't know if you know?

How the hell should I know?

He's sick. Very sick.

I bloody well know that.

No, not like that. Well, he is that too... but he's terminally ill.

What's wrong with him? Cancer.

He has a brain tumour the size of a volleyball.

I've never seen anyone with such a large brain tumour.

I'll bash your face in if you call him a walking miracle.

Have you heard about the Ravashi syndrome?

Ravashi was an Indian footballer... who lost both his feet in a go-kart accident in 1957.

In a state of shock over the accident... he ran home on the stumps of his legs.

His brain blocked the fact that he had no feet.

For two months he came to practice.

He kept his midfield position.

Without feet?

They were a bad team. They were maybe in the fifth league.

Ivan has experienced so much hardship... that he needs to find an explanation in order to live with it.

That's why he thinks that the Devil has it in for him.

Ivan would say that everything is a test.

You're a test, his cancer is a test, his son's handicap is a test.

In Ivan's mind he's locked in fierce battle with the Devil himself.

Ivan has no mind to lose and he blocks out everything like Ravashi.

He's in denial about all the bad stuff. Death, mutilation, hardship, evil.

That simply doesn't exist in Ivan's world.

Why does he bleed from his ears?

We have asked ourselves that.

I think it's when something comes too close.

Someone once got through to him. He bled from his ears once before.

That was three years ago.

What happened? You don't know his sister Katinka.

A total slapper. She fucked everybody.

I even fucked her when she was here to have her adenoids removed.

When she died Ivan almost fell to pieces.

He bled from his ears and got sick.

What happened then? You know Ivan.

A few days later he was jolly as ever.

You could kill him by making him understand?

Yes, in theory.

Give up, Adam.

God is on my side. Never forget that.

Hi. The cooker is broken.

I wanted to make Christoffer a pizza. Let's fix it.

I don't know how. We'll get by.

Where did Christoffer go? He's in your office with a woman.

She's quite upset.

Her name is Sarah and she's a real hottie.

When she saw Christoffer she started screaming.

She didn't want coffee.

Well, we'd better...

So nice of you to visit again.

Has he been good? Tell me he isn't yours.

I can't because this is Christoffer. Have you two been introduced?

How can you say the things you did?

Say what kind of things?

You said that nothing was wrong with him. That he could do math.

Yes, he can. Even the complicated kind.

Adam, maybe you should go get some of the cookies that Sarah likes.

I'll come too.

Is anyone hungry?

You can hook up the new cooker now. We'll see if this one lasts a bit longer.

What are you doing? Playing with coins.

Gunnar is good. But you're pregnant.

It's a bit late for that. We're rewriting an article.

About what? The tigers in the Orient.

Here they write that there's only 400 left.

That's a sure way to make them extinct.

Like last round at the pub. What do you do then, Gunnar?

You buy a pint an a chaser. The fuck you do!

Gunnar is right. We have to do something.

Shut up, man! Stay out of it.

Yes, Adam, stop disturbing us because we're busy.

Five tigers is dying every day. Six! Six tigers a day, Adam.

They can really jump high those tigers.

I'll come right out and say it. You better come with me.

There's a new apple problem. Shall we say in five minutes by the tree?

I come and no understand. I look fruit and see worm.

No, I actually discovered it, but I don't need any credit.

For sake of fuck, is on all fruit.

That's just plain rude.

Yes, Adam, it never stops.

Let's do something about it.

Take down the sick fruit and spray the rest.

Gunnar, come with me. We have to arrange Poul's return to God.


Poul Bækel Hermann... known to friend and foe as Poul Nordkap... lived a long and full life.

In his life Poul learned that to know God you must dance with the Devil.

If any Poul Nordkap surely did that.

Poul learned that it's futile to fight good because... despite all the cruelty, screaming and tears... he had caused in his youth... he realised in the end that this was just a mere moment.

The ocean heaved but it was a wasted effort.

The world continued and good prevailed as always.

That's why Poul can return to God with peace of mind.

Adam and I were by his side when he passed quietly away.

His last words were: "I'm not afraid. I'm ready."

But this is not all about Poul... because today Christoffer turns nine.

Before we gorge ourselves on cake... let's honour Poul with a hymn.

Kaj Munk's number 634. "You know my heart".

There you are. I thought you had gone to bed.

I'd like to talk to you. Can't it wait?

It has been a long day for Christoffer with all this attention.

I'd like to talk to you now.

Okay then.

Go into dad's office and cuddle up under a blanket.

What's up with you? Is the business with the birthday cake?

What if the Devil isn't testing you?

What do you mean?

What if it isn't him who's been dogging you?

I see. You're reaching again.

If not the Devil then who? A little elf?

Maybe all the birds, the cooker and the worms are just a coincidence?

Is that what you're telling people?


Pardon? God.

I don't understand. What if God is on your case?

Why would he do that?

Because he hates you. I've read this book. Book of Job.

Yes. You've read it, right?

No. It's about a crocodile. That's what I've heard.

Yes, it's about a crocodile.

But it's also about much more.

Remember God killed Job's cattle?

His seven camels and his ten kids?

He takes everything away from him and makes him a leper.

Does that remind you of anything?

I never had a camel.

Look at me. Look at me, Ivan!

You know that God is behind this, right?

God is not on your side, Ivan.

Yes, he is.

I don't believe any of this shit.

I just want you to know that it's God.

The Devil hasn't wasted any time on you.

God wants to kill you.

You're just so dense that you don't get it.

Why are you doing this to me?

Because I'm evil. You can't change that.

There fire in sky.

Him Ivan gone?

He forgot moron kid.

For sake of fuck, it was all fresh!

Every night we now go to bed hungry.

He's done for. You could use him as a crapper.

Have you had coffee?

No. Is he going to... Die? You bet your ass he is.

Why do you think that the bloke began bleeding from all orifices in his skull?

I give him four weeks, five tops.

From a medical point of view it doesn't matter. He's come to his senses.

Somehow you've managed to take away his faith.

That's why I want to buy you coffee.

It doesn't matter.

Well excuse me.

Are you ready?

Get up, Ivan, we need the room.

Go with Adam.

Are you coming?

Call me when he gets to weak.

We'll give him a room and a shot of morphine.

God hates us, Christoffer.

He's always hated us.

It doesn't look too good.

Gather the others.

Well, the fact is...

Adam already knows but...

I'm dying.

Die how? I'll sleep with the worms.

Are you not going to stay? No, that would be difficult.

What are we to do?

Well, I hope that you...

I don't know.

I don't know what you should do.

I don't know anything anymore.

If I said anything that you can use then do that or don't.

I don't care.

That's all.

Where you're going?

I feel like a drink. I've earned that.

Gunnar... Leave me alone.

You idiot!

Gunnar, that's stupid.

You had a hair.

Here's one more. We have three.

Ivan deserve good cake. What the fuck are you doing?

I'm picking apples. With a paki?

What happened? Lightning.

What's wrong with you? Are you fucking kidding us?

You climb trees with a nigger.


Esben, just go home.

He say go away and take fat friend.

Jørgen, let's teach our little Black friend some manners.

What the fuck are you doing?

I feel stress. He come with psycho knee.

He shot me. Here witness. Him done before.

He shot me! I say sorry, fatso!

Take him with you. You'll regret this.

And you, nigger, you're dead.

You stupid? I have gun. You can't just shoot people.

He came with that shoulder. Psycho shoulder. There's his back.

Stop it!

I are off balance.

I no like seeing Ivan like that.

It's a shitty day. I want leave this faggot country.

Khalid... You have to talk to him.

He has problems.

Gunnar is also behaving strangely.

Well, you know... They need you.

Leave me alone.

Yes, but just have a talk with them.

They'll listen to you.

I'll put the apples in the fridge.

Do as you please.

Gunnar, what are you doing?


Where's Sarah?

She's gone home.

What's with all those things?

It's just an aubergine...

And the racket?

It was in. Everyone said that is was in.

Go on in. Not while you are here.

Can I see how you live?


She got very drunk. What have you done?

Nothing yet.

She just got drunk.

She wanted it. Put that stuff down.

It's her fault for getting that drunk.

Let's go to bed.

You come with me. Go on.

Wow, so many guns. Khalid, where are you going?

Statoil must die.

Wouldn't you rather stay here? No.

You won't shoot anyone, right? Drop it. I no want to shoot you.

You meddle and I shoot your face.

Can we go with you? You want rob with me?

Yes. So nice. But no smoke in car.

No. Get in.

I'll go in first. Why?

I have to use the loo.

Okay, but no shooting anyone before me come in.

Hat on, Gunnar.

Is there a back door? Run! Get out of here!

Get out! Run!

Where's employee? They ran.

For sake of fuck!

Are you done? Don't you want some cigarettes?

Stop it! Let's go!

Are you hurt?

That went well.

You have to talk to Ivan. You need help, both of you.

He also needs help. Come on.

Take of that hat. Yes.

Hi. Where did you go last night?

We were at the gas station.

- Was I very drunk? No, you were nice.

What are you doing? Where are the other apples?

We ate them. Have you eaten seven apples?

He was hungry. You only had beer.

For fuck's sake!

You look good in that outfit.

Did we fool around yesterday?

The girlie boys are here again. There are more.

Go into the church. I no hide from that bunch of faggots.

Look how many they are. Go into the church.

You can go fuck yourself.

We just want the paki.

Will you stop that noise!

I really shouldn't have come out here and ask for some peace and quite.

I have six, maybe seven, days left to live.

I deserve to be able to nap.

I can't manage you rude people. Please leave.

We just want the paki and do him.

Do what you want. You can take him to the woods.

I just want peace.

Get him!

That is just plain rude!

We'll do this another way.

Give me everything that makes noise.

What the fuck was he doing?


- I wasn't my fault. Let's get out of here.

In medical terms this is called a half Kennedy.

He won't get over that. I can assure you of that.

Well, you just say your goodbyes and I'll stick the kettle on.

It's not nice to take the church car. It's for the dead.

Shut up, Gunnar. So goodbye to you all.

You could stay. Ivan may return. Ivan is toasted.

I have to go home.

What you say, Adam.

I don't know. You decide.

I go. I sorry about Ivan. I sorry that you can't make cake.

See you, Adam and the Sarah.

Fuck you, Gunnar.

Well, okay.

Go to your room.

Don't get angry, but...

Where is that from? Don't hurt me.

I took it by accident. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again.


His bed is empty.


Where is he?

It doesn't make sense. I'm a man of science.

I believe in figures.

I'm going somewhere where the sick die... and don't go sit in the garden with a cheese burger after having been shot.

Is he in the garden? Yes.

He just got up and went for a walk.

The bullet simply shot the tumour away.

Now they're telling me that the bloke is well again.

I've bloody well had it.

Hi, Adam.

I baked an apple cake.


Should we have a go?

What's the name of the child?

Ivan Lambert Andersen.

Ivan Lambert Andersen...

I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.


Thank you. You're welcome.

Come back. No time.

We're going to Indonesia. Interesting. Because of the tigers?

No, I plan to play tennis again. They have the best courts.

It's because of junior.

With his Down's syndrome he'll just look like the others.

Yes, tigers are really fascinating. You're always welcome.

We have to go. Don't you have to change?

I'll do it in the car.

Come on, Gunnar.

Arne and Noller. Ivan Fjeldsted. Call me Ivan.

Okay then. This is my assistant, Adam Ole Pedersen.

We've been looking forward to meeting you.

Well, let's go. I'll take the bags.

What the fuck is wrong with your eye?

What do you mean? You look like a spastic.


I think that's just a rude way to break the ice We'll come through town so let's ask what they think of me.

This is not the place for that discussion because you'll lose.

The eye is fine. We'll discuss it in the car.

Good idea with that discussion. Come on.