Adults in the Room (2019) Script

For 7 years, the Greeks living under the burden of overwhelming debt.

The election of a new government represents the hope out of the prison of debt.

If we win the elections, after years of deprivation and oppression, everything will change.

They played drums and we danced.

If we win, we play and they dance.

If we win, we will not pay the debt and ask for compensation.

European banks have played huge sums of money and lost.

Their debt has reached one billion.

French and German Governments transferred 600 billion losses the European peoples.

To rescue the French banks, German and Greek, they transferred 320 billion their losses the Greek people.

Payable by the Greeks:

320 billion.

It will destroy the oligarchy, who mounted a power system that plunders the economic strength of our company.

If they win, where the fate of the Euro.

A speech !

The speech, according to official results!

Europe will see who we are!

A declaration !

Later !

The statement...

The statement after the official result!

Later !

And now ?

What do we do ?

A government with allies to change the country.

What allies?

After the blessing, the prime minister is sworn.

Contrary to the tradition of swearing on the Gospel, he simply stated that he would respect the constitution.


That's where we were wrong?

No. You won the election.

You are Minister of Finance and you got a majority with the nationalists.

When you were in Washington, we called you "the Prince of Darkness," with my students.

Prince !

I've had worse names.

I need your advice.

You are leftist radicals.

They will do everything to destroy you and hope that you embody.

The Germans and their allies will suffocate you.

A tragedy for your people.

It already is.

Your plan?

Compromise, without compromising himself.

You promised to erase the debt.

There are promises and reality.

That is to say ?

Negotiate, restructure debt, erase part, and finish with austerity for the reparte economy.

They will not let do.

Prime Minister supports me.

Your extremists?

They follow the Prime Minister.

You're an outsider politics and power, a true underdog freedom.

I become an insider, but I keep my freedom.

My resignation is ready.

You win and you sign your defeat?

The letter will help me to get the country out of the prison of debt.

You remain an outsider.

Insiders will not forgive you.

I resigned.

It's 4 hours I discussed with the Prime Minister.

It's been 6 months since you speak without understanding.

He does not understand that ...

Berlin wants to punish us and force him to submit.

He can do anything.

Berlin, or Europe?


He thinks that Angela is her friend, she will support, but it will sell nothing.

She will stop at nothing.

You have done everything to help him.

He did nothing when his attacking you.

You were right.

You should have quit.

M'a supported ... for a long time.

We agreed. He accepted my proposals.

For the Germans, the French, the Italians ...

They do not know we want to renegotiate.

In an open, constructive.

But firmly.

The Germans want to transfer us to the Euro.

In their dreams.

There is, it stays there.

Not even a Party member!

And do not adhere, you will be crushed by the quarrels.

Those who do not agree with my choices keep quiet or go away!

They should understand our goals.

The party program is not the government's.

There he is, the "sado-monetarism"? - Not yet.

Why the head of the Troika comes 2 days after the election?

3 days, and it is not the leader.

To announce the Grexit?

Or the stroke of Cyprus?

If that's so, there will be blood at the counters.

For 5 years, they do not care!

They are there.

They? They are more?

It is not Cyprus.

We will not always refuse their demands.

We can.

And their bullshit too.

My colleagues.

The President of the Eurogroup.

Greek Representative of the IMF. - Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

We will be back.

I wish we have good working relationships.

But I have to tell you the methods of the Troika are counterproductive.

The Troika is not appreciated here.

Not really.

Tell me, your intentions vis-à-vis the MoU?

The Memorandum of Understanding , to repay debt.


We must find a compromise between our program, approved by the people, and your MoU, which destroyed our economy.

It will not work.

Finding a compromise is not an option?

You have 15 days to accept the MoU before the Eurogroup, or program collapses.

An ultimatum ! 3 days after our election.

The country is ruined and will take us to the Euro!

I did not say that. - You are implying!

You do not accept the compromise!

Your MoU is indecent and impossible to keep!

I announce to the media that you reject the MoU, you leave the Euro, the economy collapses, chaos ...

Let them know!

Wait! Tell them what?

What you want.

I will welcome you.


Thank you for being there for this first meeting with the president of the Eurogroup, to which I welcome.

I gave him the floor.

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I had constructive meetings with the government.

Thank you for your welcome.

Even speech for 5 years.

A first step towards future collaboration.

Excuse me.

Will you cooperate slavishly with the Troika, as your predecessors?

Cooperate with the European Commission ... with the European Central Bank and the IMF, yes!

More... not with bureaucrats and humiliating methods they inflict upon us for 5 years.

It is they, the Troika.

Even the European Parliament considers their inappropriate decisions.

We will not cooperate with them.

You just killed the Troika.

They are our strength.

They can turn against us tomorrow.

If we disappoint them if we betray them.

One day we will disappoint.

Not necessarily.

They always ask for more, we will eventually disappoint them.



Everything is closed.

Do something for them to reopen.

Your ministry.

You paid me the kick in the balls of the Troika!

Do not promise them anything. This is a time bomb.

My suitcase !

I know your problem. Preparing a decree for rehire.

I will sign my return.

In 4 days.

We will wait here.

Rehire 300 housekeepers, negative signal to the Troika.

They will do it.

The taxi's gone!

Minister with my costume!

Super !

Find him!

That sums up our tragedy. It borrows to buy German cars.

Prepare a note to replace them with others adapted to the left that is supposed to be ministers.

This is more than show that economy.

The show for our society of the spectacle.

The Troika will enjoy.

It's hot enough?

Yes, that is a bit wide.

The French do not pay attention to style.

The English, by cons ...

The elevator goes directly to the minister's office.

Nice to meet you.

Call me Michael.

Your welcome, our long-standing friendship, your solidarity, are indispensable out of the MoU and negotiate a new contract with Europe.

I presented our project to a debt restructuring, a realistic policy against austerity reforms against corruption and the privileges of the oligarchy.

I developed all our proposals to end the crisis.

Michael thought it was perfect.

You have invited me and I came.

Osborne invited me, I go to London.

It's an invitation or summons?

I insisted, without polemics, on cultural ties between our countries.

France, girlfriend for two centuries.

I had to present to the Minister the proposed reforms.

I continued, in a friendly tone, Despite the humiliation inflicted Michel us to please Berlin.

What are you doing ?

You say one thing in private and not the public?

Yanis, You must understand.

France is no longer what it was.

Yanis! - Emmanuel!

How are you ? - Good and you ?


Michel told you about France?

Apparently, it is not what it was.

They are obsessed with difficulties.

You have to imagine another France, a France that succeeds.


Come. Come into my office.

You go to Berlin?

In London. Osborne invited me, I'll take the opportunity to meet with businessmen.

Everything happens in Berlin.

Berlin did not invite me.

They expect me to invite me.

You depend on Berlin.

You have to go to Berlin.

The average English as its officers, think Europe impedes progress.

As for France, she clings to Europe to avoid forfeiture.

What do they think of us?

Du mal, and also contempt.

Minister Osborne esteem for you.

The French had to declare their love you, without promising anything.

We, we do not like you, especially your party variable current and your economic program, which is ... a great danger to international markets.

We will not intervene in the affairs of the Eurozone.

I did not think that George, a Eurosceptic, was going to be so open.

He explained to the press that I received because he thought our crisis threatened the global economy.

What can I do for you ?

He promised to help us, but did nothing, except prepare for my meeting with the financial and their wild attacks.

Know that they are killers.

Thank you all.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming.

If you just defend your economic project, far from.

There will be a massive sale of stocks and bonds!

Are you for privatization?

It depends on the conditions and price.

Would you sell the Parthenon?

At a good price ?

The Parthenon belongs to all humanity.

We were elected to manage bankruptcy nobody wanted to admit.

But Europe has a plan to save Greece.

To save the German and French banks.

Their colossal debt was transferred to the Greek people.

What do you do if your populist campaign promises?

We are aware of realities and willing to compromise, provided that... that debt slavery ended.

I propose that our debt is adjusted to national income.

This is the same method that you use in the City or on Wall Street.

Why not use it to save Greece?

Here is our total debt:

473 billion.

In this mountain of debt, your share is 15%.

My proposal is to restructure

85% of the Troika and do not touch your 15%.

You have suffered enough cuts.

I prefer not to make you my enemy.

And what will you do with 85%?

I will propose to the Troika, the European institutions, to be partners in our growth for the next 15 years.

It will be enough to convince them?

Certainly not.

I intend to stop austerity.

Even your Minister Osborne believes that the requirements are excessive.

We recommend instead a major overhaul of the state and taxes to encourage investment and I hope yours.

What a success !

You will see results.


The Adam Smith Institute love your statements.

Super !

Leftist acclaimed by the preferred institute Thatcher!

Our comrades will be proud!


What is this ridiculous coat?

My daughter already scolded! Leave me.

Thank you.

I recorded this.

Greek equities panicked.

They took 11.2% hoping to end the standoff between the radicals and their creditors.

The Germans will receive you with respect.

Your debt amounts to 186 billion for the European Union, 29 billion for the ECB, and 25 billion for the IMF, not to mention the money we need your banks.

Altogether more than 410 bln.

Your GDP fell from 250 to 175 bln.

Over 100,000 plus 250,000 plus 480 000, plus 600 000.

The ECB can not ensure confidence in your banks.

Welcome, I am responsible for your safety.

Follow me, I beg you.

Good morning, Mr. Minister. - Mr. Ambassador.

We do not need bodyguards.

Orders from the German government, Mr. Minister.

The announcement of Mario no longer guarantee our banks has reduced our stock market by 10%.

You lose acquired London.

Good morning, Mr. Minister.

When I visit my money?

Here you are. Speaking ...

Your excellence...

Call me Wolfgang, I call you Yanis.


I am here to work with you to end this endless drama that undermines our two countries.

My Prime Minister ensures our commitment to the Euro.

We offer to negotiate to reach compromises acceptable for your creditors and our people.

We ask not to reduce debt, but a reasonable ratio between debt and our national income.

We work against tax evasion.

London responded ...

Flash in the pan.

I do not want to discuss your proposals.

For tax evasion, I can send 500 specialists to put in the order.

You have already sent the Troika.

It controls the economy, directs ministers and because of the crisis a tragedy.

Europe sent them.

We will not fund your generous social system.

A communist dream.

Our priority is the survival of our social security.

The savings can be made elsewhere.

Here is our modest proposals.

For institutions.

Your excellence, it is sad to send our proposals to institutions, technocrats of the Troika, and not to politicians.

Journalists waiting.

You have 12 days before the Eurogroup to review your strategy.

I talked with my Greek colleague.

After this cordial meeting, we agree on the fact we do agree on anything.

Even on this, we disagree.

Either his country back into line, it is out of line.

Now I leave you, Mr. Minister.

If you have understood, This is the impasse?

The Minister has a radical position.

Ours is also, we must all make efforts to understand us.

Mr. Minister, do you think do dance to the drum?

There is electoral speeches and there are social realities.

My country is experiencing a humanitarian crisis and Europe is in existential crisis.

We must work together without being dogmatic.

What do you think of Greek fanaticism anti-German?

You also negotiate? Or you Eradicate?

And the anti-Greek German fanaticism?

We must stop these silly games which generate hatred and racism.

Our government wants to dialogue, to negotiate.

But they do not want to discuss or negotiate.

We are a people with a millenary patience.

With stoicism in the blood.

This crisis is dangerous for us all.

The Germans know well that can lead dubbed a crisis of national humiliation and infinite despair.

This hatched the egg of the snake.

Back in Athens, I will go to Parliament, where the third party is not neo-Nazi, but just Nazi.

The crisis feeds.

We need your help, sir.

The assistance of the German people, to combat hate each other and return to normal life in the European Union.

That depends on you, Mr. Minister.

Hold on tight.

The Germans and Wolfgang?


Wolfgang organizes our exit from the Euro.

They are waiting for us.

First, the ECB will suffocate our banks by depriving them of cash until closing.

What do you propose ?

We must prepare for the Eurogroup meeting, where everything will be decided.

And plan to replace the Euro if they throw us out.

Where are we ?

At your request, I assembled a team to study a plan B.

If it comes out, it's a bomb. - It does not come out.

Speaks only of Berlin.

Of course.

There you are ! Welcome !

We fuck Brussels.

The Russians give us billions.

They do not have a radish, it is not a solution.

Summarize your European tour.

The stock market went along.

On the way, it is mounted, mounted, in return, she fell, fell ...

Who cares, the stock exchange.

Let's summarize.

All require that applies the MoU.

The what ?

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the right.

I did not know it was called MoU!

We will not accept! - We elected to fight.

Wolfgang swears by the MoU.

Your Wolfgang knows we elected and that the country no longer accept the dictates of Berlin?

Many are with him.

The French ? The English ?

The French ... are low.

Holland helps a little ... and nothing to expect from the English.

The European Bank?

They cut us cash other refuse on the MOU.

Your tour was a disaster.

The press says Wolfgang snuffed thee and thou hast Nazi treaty.

Lies, sit down.

These are attacks against us.

In short...

What do you propose ? shit we say in Brussels and does not pay.

And after ?

Then they will negotiate.

In 12 days, we have a meeting with the Eurogroup.

Two options.

Either you sign the MoU and we Gentiles, either one remains intractable and throw us to the Euro.


For a satisfactory agreement with the Eurogroup, it is imperative that they understand we are united and we are not afraid.

We want to negotiate.

We go to the end.

It will fall on the Prime Minister.

Worse if it weakens.

We can be flexible without ...

If we're ready for bed, it will be a disaster.

Thank you, Fenya.

These meetings must remain secret.

We need an evaluation before the Eurogroup meeting, where we risk being expelled from the Euro.

In 10 days !

I know. No time.

Study each case to avoid shortages and if necessary create ... digital and paper currency.

We must act in the greatest secrecy.

If it comes out, it's panic.

We wanted to lay off 2,000 teachers, then 2000 and again 2000.

Then they had the idea to strike.

We sent them all at once!

8000 doctors sacked.

How many hospitals have merged?

We do not know.

We did not count.

We must re-employ.

Many have gone abroad.

How ?

More than 3 000.

The Prime Minister wants us recommit doctors and that reopens hospitals.

Lister reforms to end the austerity cuts. aggressive austerity cuts.

It sells off and the oligarchy benefits.

The Troika called it "The Program" it allows him to sell everything without state control.

Here the Greek official.

What do you sell ?


Everything that belongs to the State: roads, fields, beaches, buildings, ports, railways, airports and many other treasures of the country.

This is a sale, not a liquidation.

This is a liquidation and without any effect.

That's why.

This money pays the debt.

The Troika forces us to borrow to pay the debt, creating more debt.

This deficit leads to new taxes when we reduced wages, pensions and aid.

Lower income slows the economy even more.

So less than national income.

Causing new debt to repay debts.

Which creates an unpayable debt.

It's a vicious circle, as you can see.

Whatever we sell, it will not change the debt.

I need to study for each point. Start by privatization.

Kim will follow your work.

Thank you, and later.

Let's start with the European Bank.

You do not work with foreigners.

You listen to the doors?

Not at all.

The Elena has worked with the right.

The Prime Minister is aware.

Mr. Minister!

Sven, the expert in European taxes.

Nice to meet you. - Me too.

Do all jump Eurogroup!

Not pass. Ever onward to victory!

They wait for you.

But they are passed. - What?


It's here !

The tie !


This way.


We are eager to hear.

I'm sure we will do a good job.

Thank you.

We will start.

Thank you for coming in this important meeting.

The Greek representatives, gentlemen creditors the IMF, the ECB.

The European Commission and your colleagues Finance Ministers, are eager to hear.

Mr. Minister, you have the floor.

Be brief.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Colleagues ...

After 5 years, I understand that the Greek drama you fatigue.

The Greek people are tired too.

We are here to negotiate and earn your trust without losing one of our people.

We want put our finances in order and make reforms our predecessors did not.

Some regret the victory of the left.

I say that we are convinced Europeanist.

I want ground.

I do not ask erase our huge debt but to restructure.

We want to renegotiate the MoU to end austerity which prevents any reform in the country.

The elections can not change economic policy.

Your country must implement the MoU full.

The people change their minds.

The Eurogroup can not start over.

That would be the end of the Eurozone.

Why the elections, then?

If the popular vote is unimportant, if you can discuss the MoU ...

What are we doing here?

Prohibit the elections, for that matter.

What are you doing ?

Here are our proposals for everyone to see that they are substantiated.

10 minute break.

Stop distribution.

I can not share my analysis on the MoU with you?

The MoU is the reason for this meeting.

Non !

We must inform parliaments, if the meeting ends.

We must listen to them. They are competent.

You can not listen.

I told the press we hear what they have to say. empty talk ...

You wait.

Mediterranean narcissism.

"Ignorance and arrogance", to quote Mark Twain.


The talks are just beginning, and already a statement?

To talk about it !

Maximum flexibility in the MoU. It's perfect.

It's a trap.

It says "good relations" and forbidden to touch the budget submitted to the Troika.

It speaks neither restructuring nor austerity.

This press release does not MoU to link to our mandate.

No question of renegotiating the MoU.

In good faith, I propose to speak of an MoU "amended".

You accept an MoU "amended"?

We are ready to accept an MoU "amended" financially sound and socially correct.

The word "amended" after "MoU" must be accepted by the German parliament.

I do not defend.

No way our Parliament discussing on short-term amendments.

You understood ?

Should be 2 to 3 weeks for parliaments to decide.

You do not leave this room without a statement.

The ECB will take your cash.

Without cash, your bank will close.

Mr President, an ultimatum to my first meeting?

Because of parliamentary procedures and deadlines, my proposals to save my country are worthless because the MoU is the MoU!

The MoU is what it is and nothing can change the MoU!

As a democrat, I refuse the ultimatum.

You are the cicadas.

After all wasted, you demand that ants are paying for you.

Your country has lied, cheated, wasted.

We are not responsible for previous governments.

Your salaries and pensions are disproportionate.

The Troika has reduced them by 40%.

This is for my people to pay your follies?

The purpose of this meeting is to insult people and their elected?

Take it or leave it !

You sign it "adjusted" instead of "amended"?

You said to straighten my country, Debt was reduced and taxes lower.

It's more than MoU "adjusted".


But the priority is to approve this release and continue negotiations.

I advise my Prime Minister to accept an MoU "adjusted" to resolve the humanitarian crisis.


"Humanitarian crisis" is too political!

Nothing is more political to ignore a human tragedy because it is too political!

10 minute break!

What do you think ?

Accepts "adjusted".

Yes. - They're closing our banks!

We need time.

Remove "humanitarian crisis", it will not pass.

"Adjusted" is important to prevent implosion.

Our parliament will be furious if I give from the start.

Talk to Wolfgang, he will understand.

I must speak to my Prime Minister. We must extend the break.

There is a quiet place.

Accept the adjusted MoU is a surrender.

Our alternatives?

We must give in, they will close our banks!

They will not break us in the first meeting.

It is too long.

Communicating well is not normal.

What is normal?

Choose between our banks close or more austerity, which will destroy our country?

Excuse me !

I have better things to do than being paused endless.

It saves time. See you later.

We won some time.

This is a huge mess.

You have one last chance to sign.

I will sign, but with too political statement.

This is the impasse. You win some time.

Very little.

I'm too old for these games.

Your plan is to be expelled from the Euro?

Non !

But we will not yield under threat.

Your banks closed. More money.

As the Beatles sang:

Money can't buy me love.

Eurogroup The measures have led to demonstrations in several countries who accuse his neocolonialist policy.

This, however, is an organization consisting of 19 Finance Ministers of the Euro zone.

Your analysis of the Eurogroup?

Under the control of Wolfgang.

They try to overthrow you or create chaos and make us responsible.

They make fun of us.

"Meaningless Speech, "Arrogance, narcissism Mediterranean ..."

It's me they intended.

Hollande senses danger, I offered him an official visit.

Speak to Merkel.

It alone can curb Wolfgang.

The President of the Eurogroup.

I'm waiting for you.

Jeroen is a minister, he should not receive it.

He is president of the Eurogroup.

It is a puppet or a puppeteer?

Thank you for hosting me.


That's the statement.

I have come to propose, instead of "amended" or "adjusted"

MoU the word "updated" or MoU "modified".

What you want.

Followed by :

"To help out in the humanitarian crisis."

Then I'll come back with another proposal.


So be.

Thank you.

It will make concessions to reach an agreement.

If you allow them to decide to talk to, they will drop anything.

This way.

They are furious, it will be hard.

The Troika, they are ideologues of the economy, the more fanatical they are poor economists.

They are the leaders of the ECB, the IMF and the European Commission.

They mock the suffering they cause.

VAT increase, taxes on tobacco, alcohol, fuel, cars and rents.

Secondly, decline in the retirement age to 67 years.

You forget about evictions for non-payment of bills.


Here are the numbers.

The projects to validate: falling wages 30% according to the categories.

You've already down 40%.

To enable the repayment of debt, must still down 40%.

So you want to lower the wages of 65 to 70%.

That was the original debt.

There are 5 years old, this was our national income.

Thanks to the brilliant policy you have imposed, our income has dropped by 26%.

And the debt has increased by 6%.

We are not here to listen to your critics, sir.

If you persist, we stop the session.

The previous government committed to sell 14 state airports.

Our government will review it.

We will inform you, that's all.

A German consortium offers 1.2 billion.

This is a good price.

A handout.

No other buyers?

This is a serious German company will apply for a loan at your bank.

A loan that you, Mr. Minister, who represent the state, will ensure.

You want to buy our airports with our money?

You really think I'm going to accept?

Otherwise, someone higher up will.

Excuse me.

Go see Peter.

My article in Le Monde has had its effect.

This is a project that can Juncker breakthrough.

Ok, I'll let you know.


Read it.

Coffee ? - Yes thanks.

The big boss.

I sign that?



The meeting is going very well happen.

The President is right?

It was read and reread.

Mario and Christine?

I just talk with Juncker, Mario, Christine Jeroen it.

It Wolfgang?

Wolfgang No, but when he sees we all agree, it will sell.

The President agrees that no Wolfgang?

Trust me.

Intervene as little as possible.

Delighted to say nothing.

You must say you are for this release.

Come see the President.


Read and tell me what you think.

Even the word "adjusted" disappeared.

You offered me a statement I was ready to accept.

You commissioner of the European Union, can you tell me what is the correct version?

Is it possible to combine some formulas with this ? - No !

Everything that could be retained was.

You will accept this text, which is the contradiction of yours?

I agree with the opinion of the President.

Cross out what is wrong.

You spoil our time!

You torpedoes meetings with disproportionate requirements. What wind!

We are in Europe here!

Your position does not allow you to lift the tone!

Nor to ignore my suggestions!

As president, you have to listen to the members of the Eurogroup.

If you persist, I will make it public.

Please excuse me.

The tension is too strong.

It happens to everyone.

The meeting was due to start there 15 minutes.

Delays promote negative rumors.

Take place.

The Eurogroup meeting did not produce any concrete agreement.

Others followed, long and repetitive ...

with Byzantine discussions Jeroen favored

and statements to convince the world that the Eurogroup was doing to "save" Greece.

They make fantastic proposals.

Driven by an arrogant leftist, poor negotiator.

My efforts to deny or correct the image were diverted against us and against our proposals.

Another grotesque article ... no relation to our proposals.


If you provoke us, it will end badly.

End of meeting.

Tomorrow same time, same place.

Wolfgang wants to send the Troika in Paris!

The Troika has never been to Paris.

The attacks continued in the press.

Our label leftist crédibilisait their lies.

Mr. Minister, you refuse the MoU because you are unable to apply.

Non !

The MoU, which even Spiegel calls ...

"Catalog of cruelties" contains impossible promises.

It caused a human tragedy and economic disaster.

I had Angela on the phone. She talked to the president.

Go to the meeting. Stay calm and firm.

Saves time.

Now or never.

Many do not want to agree.

They want to fool our people and make us bend.

Remains true to our plan of 3 pages.

5 pages.

Mr. Minister, I requested a list of reforms in 3 pages.

There are 5.

Mr. President ...

Besides my technical proposals I would remind this assembly

600 000 people have not been paid for six months and that thousands of young people leave the country.

We want your proposals, not your lamentations.

These 5 pages recall that we remain insolvent.

It is impossible to make reforms As the ongoing austerity and that the debt is not restructured.

It is our people poor to pay your astronomical pensions?

The Minister's list is complete enough to be the basis for an agreement.

Let's debt proposals for another time.

The minister smokes us with its proposals.

The debt must be paid!

A debt is a debt is a debt!

10 minutes !

Wolfgang and Angela are at war. The victim will be Jeroen ...

or US.

It leaves too?

Thank you.

I know ... I understand your opposition but I think an interim agreement would end this stalemate.

I appreciate your gesture.

I'm not your enemy.

But I will not accept any changes to the MoU.

You do not change the MoU. This is the only legitimate basis which will allow us to collaborate.

We take back ?

I think we should approve this list.

I agree with Christine.


You have your majority. - I believe.

I expect this agreement signed with reforms in 3 days. Not in 5.

As for the number of pages, no limit.

A new program and our banks are open.

In the spirit of "constructive ambiguity".

The Troika, institutions ...

We are very dissatisfied with our system!

You have an entire floor au Hilton !

This will be settled by our superiors.

We want the files of ports and shipyards to put on sale.

You are servants.

You demand Minister of documents?

As usual.

Now, make your requests to our officials.

It is an ideological decision, my superiors will not understand.

I'll explain to your superiors.

Come out.

If I have any questions?

You will ask in my teams and I will answer your superiors.

I understand.

The institutions can not bear to be treated well.

The Troika, you mean.

They have a floor at the Hilton.

It's been 5 years they invade our ministries. That's enough !

It is in the interim agreement.

Christine thinks about their safety.

100 officers ensure their safety day and night.

Your relative ambiguity agreement ...

"On constructive ambiguity".

More than half of the deputies did not vote.

With the other half over the opposition, it will pass.

Not without restoring wages and pensions and stop privatization.

This is an interim agreement, the first step towards what we all want.

Let's start by denying the debt.

The refuse is not a political position.

Message from the President of the Eurogroup.

"Your list of requests for the interim agreement

"Must be consistent with the MoU for renegotiation."

Wolfgang took control.

Parliament will not vote a text involving the MoU.

Parliament will explain.

I can sign it bypassing the Parliament.

10 years in prison.

I can sign me?


Only the Minister to sign the Eurogroup.

I'm taking care of it.

The President of the Council of State.

Mr. President, your verdict?

Mr. Prime Minister, a letter from the Minister to creditors to an agreement must have the approval of Parliament.

Your advisor said to me it is the extension of an existing agreement.

A letter like this will set a precedent.

It would require a decree ... which entitles the Minister ... designate.

Prepare the decree.

Wolfgang took control. You should call Angela.

They are like children waiting for Santa.

It comes from the airport by taxi, incognito.

Why the mystery?

Surely someone important Angela protects.

I do not know.

The Prime Minister does not know who it is.

He said: "Listen to him before speaking."

A trusted man ?


There taramasalata? - I'll back in.

Someone with solutions.


Good evening, welcome. I Déa and ...

Good evening.

I am happy to be here, although I do not know why.

Whoever sent you had to say.

I have no idea who sent me.


I found a note on my desk. "Take the first plane to Athens."

You drink?

Not at the moment.

Wims... your decision to return to the MoU cancels all our progress.

Only the Chancellor who sends you can unblock the situation.

I did not know that Angela was aware of my coming.

The return to the MoU means new taxes, cuts in wages, pensions, still limited purchasing power.

What lead to the closure of more shops, increase unemployment, and reduce our purchasing power and tax revenues.

It's a vicious circle.

If it does not change, we go to a regression for the next 10 years.

It's a disaster policy. What about the people?

He chose us to change that, to fight.

It was 4/5 of the way to you.

Take a step. Yield on something.

It does not advance if nothing changes!

It depends on the Troika, as you call it.

Discuss with them.

He played with us.

Angela sent him to close any possibility of dialogue.

Dinner is served.

It looks delicious.

your tzatziki is delicious !

WIMS savored dishes with obvious pleasure, while we exposed him our fears about our banks.

Formidable !

With the fingers.

You have to pay the IMF.

Draw everywhere.

Take the money of pension funds!

It's already done.

Pension funds, university funds, all possible funds were emptied by previous governments, to obey the Troika.

It lasted nearly five hours, it gets without the slightest concession, or for more democracy in the Eurogroup or for greater control of the Troika.

Our insistence came to nothing.

Try to understand that it is to inherit a gigantic crisis without European experience.

You have now.

Your tenacity was noticed in Brussels.

And your colleagues face antagonism who have neither your international experience, nor your talent to debate.

Is it a reproach?

The Eurogroup should be a place of free debate.

Freedom is an essential concept for our democracies.

But freedom must be framed by a system that maintains order.

It's very official and it's too early.

It begins.

We expect the bank closure and she invites him in style.

What is happening?

Hopefully he will not be fooled.

The Prime Minister is not an easy prey.

Angela Merkel, the soft power. charm offensive to study the guest character.

Beautiful coat.

She wants to change the image of his country.

I do not think so.

She has only one strategy: divide and rule.

The meeting between the Chancellor and the Prime Minister lasted 6 hours.

6 hours !

Awaiting the outcome.

The agreement was perfect.

The differences are important, but the desire for change is clear.

Especially after reading your 27 pages, where she congratulated me.

You sincerely believe?

She drops a little to take the maximum.

Sincere, not sure, pragmatic, surely.

She tacking. And do you know what she said?

"Replace Yanis

"And negotiations for the MoU will be much better."

I said, "Okay, "If you replace Wolfgang."

She talked more about it.

What else, apart from the non-replacement?

Create a group of freer discussions Eurogroup which seems paralyzed.

Nice way to divide us.

You and I will introduce our ideas.

There is soon a Eurogroup meeting in Riga.

Your instructions?

Farm on our decisions and on your 27 pages.

In Riga, the meeting without issue.

Our correspondent in Riga.

At the reception in honor of the 19 ministers of the Eurogroup, one of them was missing: the Greek Finance Minister, often criticized for his tenacity in negotiations and his love of the media.

But we were there! Both !

Your room is smaller than mine.

They had put me there for the view.

They put me far away.

What is going on ?

We're together, we listen to you.

I talked to Angela.

Hold on, do not let go.

Move forward in our planning.


What a shame to have replaced your collaborator, Yanis.

We have to continue with what we have.

On commence ?

As in the past, your government must work with the Troika in technical and policy areas. political issues to Ministers technical issues to civil servants.

The Troika must regain its full freedom of action.

Before your election, Greece on track, your debt was manageable.

It is no longer and the deficit increases.

Your debt is unmanageable, erase billions!

Your country can not recover without debt relief.

Without the Troika, So no more liquidity reforms.

Your banks will close and you come out of the Euro.

Without affecting the economies of the Euro.

The output of a single country of the Euro will be an earthquake for all others.

There is a contradiction, Mario ...

Minister, wait your turn.

We want to help Greece but Greece does not help.

It's time to talk about the consequences.

We went in the wrong direction.

I see no other solution than the MoU.

Our Government will do to stay in the EU and in the euro zone sustainably.

Mr. Minister, you have to give carte blanche to the Troika, not legislate without the agreement of the Troika and forget your intermediary agreement.

I expect the agreement signed with the list of reforms in 3 days, not five.

As for the number of pages, no limit.

That's all for today. The meeting was closed.

It seems that the Greek Minister is an amateur.

Is it correct ?

Our discussion highlighted the urgency of the situation.

Their ideological rigidity ruin the negotiations, it will cost them dearly.

Do not post this. I keep it in my book.

Their minister is heterodox.

To monopolize the media, he wants to dominate discussions.

It must be excluded.

It takes a Yanixit.

Mr. Minister!

You avoid them? you are treated saboteur and amateur.

I never fled.

When it comes to the fate of a suffering people, it can take time.

It says you isolated.

I trust the Prime Minister and the Greek people.

It is enough for me.

You fled dinner official because of their hostility?

I was the official dinner yesterday.

Tonight I dine with my team.

Will you be replaced?

I trust my Prime Minister.

Thank you very much !

He would not answer and said to have been the official dinner.

He was surprised fleeing Ministers and questions, answering side.

It is isolated and unable to enforce.

Thank you, Victor.

My public lynching began.

If my replacement is necessary ...

We are like a knitted sweater.

They took a thread and pull on it.

They want you to shoot me down.

We are two in this war.

Thou hast weathered Riga. The proof.

The President of the Eurogroup wants your replacement.

It bored.

It's your fault. Should not talk to him live.

I'll tell him to speak only to you.

You told her ? - No, I have news.

He called me 2 times.


The Eurogroup President called me. He will talk with Yorgos.

We will not accept everything, but we can not always say no.

It seems that Angela think Yanis and Wolfgang are incompatible.

And that paralyzes the negotiations.

I will sacrifice Nicholas and replaced by Yorgos.

Yorgos is excellent.

Please Brussels. It will arrive at agreements.


Nicholas is a researcher, an intellectual, a collaborator, but not the man for complex talks.

Efklis validated the choice of Yorgos not even pronounce his name, alors qu'il the méprisait politiquement and humanely.

You yield all to the Troika!

No. I save time to get to our goal.

Some want to get the MoU.

It will not happen. - It will pass !


The Eurogroup, the public, the European media, all are against us!

We need a break and you will follow it all closely.

In witness?

In man on whom I can rely.

Sit down.

140,000 people voted for you.

142 000 !

142 000 !

Why are you laughing ?

Quitting is to betray their hopes ...

The betrayal would stay and not ...

I do not hear anything !

The betrayal would be to stay not keep my promises.

Always the last word!

What are we doing here? That's your surprise?

We dined with friends. It does not make you happy?


This wine, great!

Thank you.

Who wants the red?

Me. - Me too.

So who starts? - Serve yourself.

I mean, who wants to explain the goal of this friendly small meeting looks like a conspiracy?

150,000 people voted for you ...

142 000 ! - Bravo !

You got the most votes, and you want to give up with a nice letter.

And crap on TV.

This is a conspiracy.

After all your promises radical change.

A well-organized conspiracy.

They accuse you of failures of Europe and Greece.

It's already the case.


More than half members of the government want to sign the MoU.

After being elected to reduce debt, end the rigor and unemployment, restore wages nationalizing banks, taxing church property ...

You want something ?

What do you want ?

Speak !

What have you decided?

It must first that I speak with her.

She does not speak politics.

Sorry. - No, come in.

Sit down.


You're going to sign a new austerity program?

Sakis and Giorgos believe we have a good agreement.

It is a capitulation.

They think we will get a debt relief.

More you make concessions, the more they ask thee.

We were elected to lead the country out of the worst ever imposed austerity.

Do you know what it means

"Repay 3.5% budget surplus for 10 years"?

A permanent crisis!

Except oil countries, no country displays such a budget surplus for 10 years.

Angela wants to see me.

I need you. I have important decisions to make.

I am leaving Brussels, join me as soon as you can.

Secret services believe that thou hast allied with Wolfgang to lead us out of the euro.

Manos too.

And you believe him?

Me no.

I await you in Brussels.

Kim! What are you doing here ?

So this is the Greek world?

The only thing that the Germans can not take us.

So ? What are you doing in Brussels?

Dine together, I have to talk to you.

Yanis ... I must join Yorgos, it is with WIMS and Costelo.

You see the Troika without telling me?

Yorgos and Sakis called me to join the emergency.

I was trapped by the Greeks!

The Prime Minister knows?

The Prime Minister. - He does not want to be disturbed.

I have to see. It's urgent.

Yorgos ignore your instructions and meeting the Troika.

He speaks with WIMS!

Stop with Yorgos!

You've bothered me for that?

Excuse me.

Yorgos n'a plus d'importance.

A Grexit is out of question.

Does not change your program, I call you to read.

I arranged to see Wolfgang privately

On the part of German schoolchildren.

I promised to offer them.

Chocolate against depression!

You should also take because ...

I have to tell you ...

Our economy collapses because of your persistent blockages.

You pay us the money to repay the debt, and we pay you interest.

Mario and his ECB earn a billion a year, grâce à la grecque said.

What is the solution ?

It is up to you.

But I you the summary: institutional reforms in a revitalized economy by debt restructuring.

The solution: sign the MoU or exit the Euro.

I sign your MoU and 6 to 12 months later, the country will be in the same economic impasse.

Your Prime Minister must agree to leave the Euro.


Your chancellor has ruled that.

This requires you to sign the MoU.

Your Prime Minister is considering a referendum.

It is not expected.

There will be one in 2 weeks or 3 months.

To stay or not in the euro.

We want to stay in the Euro.

So vote Yes and sign the MoU.

If you vote No , it will be the Grexit.

Wolfgang, do me a favor.

You are an insider in politics for 40 years.

I am for only 4 months.

Stop telling me what I should do and give me your opinion instead.

If you were me ... you sign the MoU?

As a patriot ...


It's bad for your people.

You are not going to recover.

Think the euro area is unsustainable in the state, need a political union.

It's just.

But meanwhile, must impose rules to save the euro.

You will serve as an example for other discipline.

Your prime minister often speaks to my Chancellor.

It has nothing to offer him.

It's a simple choice: MoU or Grexit.

I like swordfish taken the bait.

They shoot me, they let me go, they shoot me ... they let me go.

This referendum will free us.

The referendum is not enough.

We must be prepared for the future.

They want you to go.

The right wants you assign the current economic disaster.

I did everything with your agreement.

We will be two at the helm.

It's me and the entire left they want to annihilate.

WIMS think you're fleeting.

He is wrong.

That's why I want you by my side.

I decided to make a referendum.

I returned to inform the Cabinet and Parliament.

You two stay here for the Eurogroup. total secrecy until my official announcement.

I need you all.

A referendum ... To win or to lose it?

If we win it, we leave the Euro?

The referendum is to say O ui or Not the MoU.

They'll close our banks.

Merkel m'a for the promise of which it is not.

A referendum is crazy!

What to do after the referendum?

Why a referendum? To win or lose?

The announcement of the referendum makes our deciduous discussions.

We continue without you.

The referendum is an internal matter that does not affect our discussions.

We want the opinion of our people our debates.

How ordinary people can decide a complex issue?

The people he really knows his interests?

We believe that our people can think and decide.

We ask the ECB, Mario, to extend our credit until referendum day.

It is the role of the ECB.

No way !

The ECB has nothing to do with politics.

Mario answer.

We can stop sending cash at any time.

So cause the closure of our banks and you interfere with our referendum.

The next meetings will be without you.

What do the statutes? Can we exclude?

With this referendum, the people tell the Prime Minister to follow the line.

Breaking these negotiations come to nothing, or sign the MoU.

Mr. Minister, the Eurogroup has no statutes, no legal existence.

Decisions are made by the President.

Your decisions, our decisions are not legal, they are arbitrary!

Our decisions are accepted by all governments!

We need adults in this room.


I arrive.

I arrive.

I arrive !

If banks are closing, this is a great advertisement for the Yes .

We will sign the MoU.

For pity's sake, reopen our banks!

Why not sign it?

It would finally be alone!

If they open Monday and closed for lack of cash, it will riot.

There will be a great event, and we will be there.

We in the street?

The government did not take to the streets.

Your idea to limit withdrawals to 60 per day still stand?


We will hold until when? - Until the referendum.

Very well.

60 per day is put in place.

Tell me.

It is where Plan B?

We're ready.

But still ?

The transition to a new currency is painful, difficult.

We will be in a weak position, but it will not come out of the Euro.

Look what we found.

Found 16 billion!

There are 3 years, the ECB has transferred 16 billion for distributors.

The funds are in different banks and the ECB forgotten.

Great discovery, but useless.

Why unnecessary?

It will keep the banks open.

This is theft. It belongs to the ECB.


If my child dies of hunger, I can steal milk.

The left does not fly.

Not after the abuses of the previous governments. these funds to benefit can nationalize our suffering people.

If we want to get out of the euro, yes, we can.

We will neither come out of the Euro, or become thieves.

It starts the 60 day plan.

After the announcement of the referendum, the ECB cut the liquidity to Greek banks, that closed, creating a financial asphyxiation.

These idiots are going to the vote Yes !

They are right because Yes save the country the misery in which the left has plunged.

If the Yes wins, I quit. - The Yes, it is "acceptance of the MoU."

We must continue the fight and not give up.

The Yes offers a solution.

Some will accept it.

We will not hand the country to the Troika.

It is the promise of the Prime Minister.

If the No wins?

It takes us out of the euro, and nobody wants that.

If the people are with us, they will not dare.

If that is the case, creating a new currency and continue to fight.

It was a way to remember our promises to the Prime Minister.

I understood his difficulties and fears.

"Taken as swordfish." This image haunted me.

The referendum night arrived, all indicators gave the Yes winner.

Some of us wanted.

It would be an excuse to stay in power.

In less than an hour, an earthquake of unpredictable magnitude will hit Europe.

And they shall go in the prison of eternal debt.

Subjected to the brutality of the Troika.

Unless one has a No .

A No massive.

Whatever the result, I need you.

Manos think I am the brake that prevents agreement.

With No , we will impose our agreement.

They'll try to make you fold by any means.


A political vision needs time.

Leaving is the death of the visionary and vision.

It is true that the victory of Yes is an end and a solution.

If one resigns, the left disappears.

If it remains, it will make a right policy.

Better it disappears to be reborn one day.

Now, the results ...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

The people are always right, even when he is wrong.

We passed them!

I like swordfish took the bait.

The Germans will destroy us.

It is megalomaniac, he is only interested that his career!

Austerity will be defeated by the growth it will generate.

Do not resign, whatever it costs.

If one resigns, is jail for two.

Our Chancellor has nothing to offer to your Prime Minister.

If we win? We leave the Euro?

Change currency hurts.

It takes us out of the euro, and nobody wants that.

MoU ou Grexit.




It's a trap.

The Chancellor and the heads of state are waiting, they are furious about your victory in the referendum.


The Prime Minister signed the MoU.

The finance minister has resigned.

The Greek Parliament voted 73% for the MoU.

The people have been spilled.

The crisis continues ...

The people...

The people heroically survives.


Adaptation : Flora Pommellet-Papadakis Sous-titrage: Unit