Adventure Boyz (2019) Script

alicoldplay You don't know me yet, but my name is Sam.

This is my school.

This is my brother, Jake. And that is my Dad.

My mom is the sensible one. How would those boys feel if the last thing they saw of you was a pile of dust?

In a small town ...

... two boys must choose a path. What are you doing?

Playing tennis.

Those devices ... the people that have made them are geniuses. but those geniuses did not expect the kids of today to be sat there all day staring into them. getting out there, getting air in your lungs, dirt in your face.

That is adventure. Beyond the black wind mill, two swallowws hold the key.

Let's just leave it, it's not meant for us.

A twist of fate.

This magnificent castle is now officially a crime scene.

I'm just trying to figure out what kind of people we're dealing with. Dealing with?

Two snotty-nosed little kids.

Two little boys are making fools of both of you. But speed is everything.

I am arresting you on suspicion ... Jake, run!

From the director of "Never Let Go" comes of family adventure film Stolen diamonds, boys on the run?

Are you insane?

The cleaner's son is outside at the back door right now waiting for the diamonds!

Ha, ha, ha, ha. That is ridiculous.

An adventure of a lifetime.

You want to punch really hard? You punch through the bag.

Adventure Boyz Goody, goody, gumdrops.

They work for big powerful businessmen.

On a BMX?

A Ford Family Film