Adventures in Babysitting (2016) Script

You are smart.

You are talented.

Just do your best, and stay calm.

♪ My heart is racing ♪

♪ Can't stop this feeling ♪

♪ My ground is shaking ♪

♪ I... wanna let go, go crazy ♪

♪ Dance on the ceiling ♪

♪ My world is waiting ♪

♪ I... don't wanna stop, give up ♪

♪ I want it all 'cause I just ain't had enough ♪

♪ Keep up, we're gonna show the world ♪

♪ That there's just no stopping us ♪

♪ No one can hold us back ♪

♪ We're gonna break the rules, can't hold us back ♪

♪ We gotta light the fuse in us ♪

♪ I'm livin on the wild side, wild side ♪

♪ No telling what I might find, might find ♪

♪ No stopping 'cause it feels right, feels right ♪

♪ I'm livin on the... ♪ Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my gosh. Sorry. Hey!

Jenny. In a hurry?

Um... hey, Zac.

Uh, yeah.

You know, a big, big interview.


What are you doing in my driveway?

The swim team is having a car wash today, so Dominique is helping me hand out flyers.

So, uh, hey, come by later if you get a chance.

I'll throw in your tires for free. Thank you.

Okay. See ya.

( stammering ) Bye.

Oh, my gosh, Zac Chase wants to polish my tires.

♪ I used to think that good things were so bad ♪

♪ No need to hold back not me, no more ♪

♪ I'm walking this road ♪

♪ I'm taking control ♪

♪ My heart can't say no ♪

♪ I'm livin on the wild side, wild side ♪

♪ No telling what I might find, might find ♪

♪ No stopping 'cause it feels right, feels right ♪

♪ I'm livin' on the... ♪ ( horn honks )

♪ On the wild side, wild side ♪

♪ So ready now, it's my time, my time ♪

♪ No stopping 'cause it feels right, feels right ♪

♪ I'm livin on the oooh, oooh ♪

♪ Don't wanna live my life by design ♪

♪ Locked inside, break out ♪

♪ Break the rules, light the fuse ♪

♪ Something new, that's right ♪

♪ I'm livin' on the wild side ♪

Hey, what's up?

Of course I'm not late.

Okay. I'm not.

You are special, you're an artist.

Everything you do is art.

Why, everything you say, everything you do is just all art, it's just brilliant.

You're brilliant.

Right. You're really good.

Oh, I don't wanna talk about it.

Dude, chill.

Artists don't need college.

I will pay for those parking tickets.

You're bringing me down. I gotta go.

Bye, Mom.


Hi. I'm Lola Perez.

Could you let Mr. Vasquez know I'm here?

Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

Uh, I don't work here.

I'm a finalist for the photography internship.

Me, too.

Sh, sh, sh!

Quiet, please. Voices down.

Mr. Vasquez is having a creative moment.

Yes, brilliant! Perfect-alus! Bravo!

Oh, it's so cool. Weird.

Okay. ( clears throat )

Now, can I have your portfolios?

Mr. Vasquez would like to review them before your final interviews.

Careful. Mine's still wet.

Mine's perfectly dry. Thanks.

Please have a seat.

This could take ten seconds, or ten hours.

Hey, didn't you go to Highland Park?

Um, yes.

I still do.


You were that nerdy sophomore in my senior geometry class.

I'm not nerdy. I'm dedicated.

I skipped the eighth grade, and now I'm on track for early college admission.

Wow. That sounds really fun.

But not.

( chuckles ) Well, I've already got 12 credits, two hundred hours of community service, maintain a 4.2 GPA, and run my own business.

This art internship will perfectly round out my transcript.

Transcript? That's why you're here?

Well, you know, that, and my passion for photography.

Right, right.

Well, do you wanna know what I did my last year before college?

You were accepted into college?

I could have been, but I opted out.

You see, a real artist is a student of life.

Anyway, an internship with Leon Vasquez would fast-track my career as a professional photographer.

( ringtone plays "Fur Elise" )

Professor Anderson, is this about my recommendation letter?

No, I'm actually looking for someone to babysit tonight, because my niece bailed on me.

Okay, uh... - Do you believe it?

I'd love to babysit, but unfortunately, I'm already booked with the Coopers tonight.

Let me know if you can think of anybody.

Sure. Of course. If I think of anyone.

- Thanks, Jenny. All right. Bye.

You're a babysitter?

What's that, like, five bucks an hour?

Try 20. Double time on holidays.

To watch kids watch TV?

( laughs ) You've obviously never babysat.

Yeah, 'cause I obviously have a life.

Oh, magnifico! My exceptional finalists.

Oh, gosh! Way to go, klutz.

A smoothie to an interview?!

Stupendous news, ladies.

I've decided interviews will not be needed today.

Awesome. Sorry, kid, maybe next year.

You wish.

Since you both have vastly different artistic points of view, I feel a more unconventional approach is warranted.

I want you to dazzle me!

Dazzle you? Could you clarify, dazzle, sir?

Take some new shots.

Be innovative.

I want to feel your unique passions for photography.

Oh, cool!

( speaking fluent Spanish )

( speaking halting Spanish )


We'll reconvene Monday, and I'll make my decision.

That gives you all weekend.

May the best artist win. BOTH: She will.

Bye-bye. - Ciao. Gracias.


Well, this hardly seems fair considering the time constraints.

Oh, right. Have fun babysitting.

No! Officer, wait!

Officer, hi. I'm here.

Sorry, miss. It's a loading zone.

But I was loading.

I was unloading a super heavy portfolio for this very prestigious art internship.

I spoke to Mr. Vasquez. Uh-huh.

( ringtone playing "Fur Elise" )



"Fur Elise" is one of my favorites.

( nervous chuckle )

That your boyfriend calling? What? No.

Boyfriend? What boyfriend?

No boyfriend Totally single. Sorry.

Hello, stranger interrupting my day. - Hey, Jenny.

It's Zac.

Look, I know it's short notice, but I just scored great tickets for the Psychic Rockets concert tonight, and I was--

Awesome. I love that band.

But I hate concerts.

They're so juvenile.

Sorry, Zeke. Not interested. Bye.

( sighs )

Whew! Stalkers. What's a girl to do?

Wait, you're still writing?

Uh, officer, I can't get another ticket.

My parents said if I got another parking ticket, I would lose my car keys. Sorry. I'm a rookie.

Can't break the rules.

I'm sure a smart girl like you can find a way to pay her own tickets.

Have a nice day.


Eighty bucks?!

Where am I gonna get 80 bucks?

( "Fur Elise" plays )


Jenny, hi, it's me again.

I'm desperate for a babysitter.

My awards gala is in two hours, and I am the guest of honor.

Are you sure you don't know anybody who can babysit?

I'll pay double.

( cash register jingles )

Of course.

My good friend Lola is very responsible.

I'll send her over. - Great.

Bye. - Bye.

Hey, Zac.

Dirty tires, as requested.

Sorry. We're closed.

Come on, let's go.

TREY: Yes, of course.

My mom's going to some party tonight.

Dude, I said I'm in.

Pick me up in 30 and don't honk the horn this time.

Trey Anderson. Mom! A little privacy.

Kids who spend over $200 on apps without permission don't get privacy, or phones, or tablets.

You forgot to cut off my air supply.

Oh, that can be arranged.

Look, we're leaving for the gala soon, so please, be nice to the babysitter.

Wait, Jenny's coming?

No. Ugh. One of Jenny's friends.

And you need to shape up, Trey.

At this rate, you'll never be responsible enough to babysit.


Bobby Anderson, what have you done to my kitchen?

It's called baking.


Dad promised to take me.

The Sirens are playing the Belles.

I'm sorry, honey. I got the dates mixed up.

It's not every day your mother's research is honored by the National Science Foundation.

Dad will take you to the next derby.

We promise.

Can you get our coats? Yes.

Mom, you promised to taste my frosting.

In a minute. I guess everyone in this family breaks promises.

Come on, Roller Derby's lame.

You're lame!

Guys, don't start.

KATY: Hurry. Jenny will be here any minute.


Okay, bumblebee, I can't decide if I would rather lose feeling in my toes or my heels.

I told you to go with the strappy sandals.

Excuse me, young lady. What are you wearing?

Lipstick. No. Do not be cute.

Those earrings are very expensive, sweetie.

They're one of a kind.

But Mommy, everyone knows diamonds are a must with evening casual.

Off. Now.

If my sister can shave her head, I should be able to wear diamonds.


( buzzing )

( gasps ) Emily Cooper, what are you doing?

You little tattletale! You don't have the right head shape for a buzz cut.

Why don't I give you a buzz cut?

Okay, stop. ( huffs angrily )

Sweetheart, your hair is beautiful just the way it is.

I don't want you pulling any of your pranks tonight, and please be good for Jenny.

( angry huff )

I'm too old for a babysitter.

Me, too.

Katy Cooper, freeze.

I thought diamonds were forever.

( rock music ringtone plays )

Oh, no.

This is not happening.

Hello. BOY: Lola, what's up?

No, this isn't Lola.

I just... I have her phone.

Come to a toga party tonight?

No, I don't wanna come to a toga party.

GUYS: Toga, toga, toga!

( horn honks ) Ugh!

( doorbell ringing )

Hey, dude, what's your name?

You're so cute.

Alison, was that...

Lola? Helen Anderson. So nice to meet you.

Please come on in.

I see that you've met Alison.

So sweet. Yes.

So my niece was supposed to sit, but she flaked because of some silly concert in the city.

So how long have you known our Jenny?

Oh, um, since forever.

We share a love of geometry and... children.

Oh, how unique. Yeah.

Lola, this is Bobby. He has to finish 100 cupcakes for his junior chef competition tomorrow.

Taste my frosting. Sure.

Oh, dig that color, dude.

It's the melted gummy worms.

Oh, Bobby, you didn't.

Mom, all the great chefs improvise.

I'm never gonna win with ordinary cupcakes.

It's not bad, but you could kick it up a notch.

I know. It needs something.

I just have to find the perfect ingredient.

Now Trey is upstairs grounded.

Alison is sulking because of the Roller Derby, and this little precious baby girl is Lady Marmalade, aren't you, my precious?

Yes, you are.

Now she has a very big day tomorrow at the Kennel Club, so she needs complete relaxation, and no stress. No stress for my baby.

Now very important.

The stove and the hot tub are strictly off limits when we're gone.

Make sure that Bobby returns the kitchen to its pre-cupcake tidiness.

Tidiness? I'm creating.

And you would be my personal hero if you could just toss in a couple of loads of laundry.

Laundry. Yes.

Okay, here's the invite and my number.

Oh, hi. I'm Hal Anderson. Lola.

Nice to meet you. Hi.

Oh, no, we are not taking my brand-new freshly detailed SUV into the dirty, grimy city. We're taking the sedan.

You're the boss. Thank you.

Okay, Lola, here is my cell, and the place we're going to be tonight.

Now are you sure you can handle three kids?

Oh, my gosh, what am I saying?

Of course you can. You were recommended by Jenny.

She taught me everything I know. Great.

Hi, Jen. Come on in.

Oh, Mr. Cooper, that's a nice tux.

Okay, honey. Honey.

She did it again.

Katy, sweetheart, what did I tell you about glittering your father?

He needed a little bling.

Okay, don't you worry.

We will clean that right up.

You guys just go and have a great time.

Thank you, Jenny.

Now would you please say hello to Jenny?

Honestly. Look it, I left money so you guys can go for ice cream.

Emily is banned from doing anything to her hair.

Katy is banned from my jewelry box.

Great. Am I forgetting anything?

My three-star party survival kit.

Mints, safety pins and emergency cash.

Take care of our babies. I'll guard them with my life.

We're going out. I know.

Run! Just kidding.

Ooh, hot tub.

Hot tub out back?

Yep. Cool.

Jailer Swift on the attack!


Out of my kitchen!

Fire! Lola, help!

Fire, fire. Help!

Hurry. Fire! Fire!

What? Fire!

Put out the fire! Uh, fire extinguisher?

( "Fur Elise" ringtone plays )

BOBBY: This is bad! LOLA: Get the fire extinguisher.

Hello. Lola?

No, A.J. - A.J. Anderson? It's Jenny Parker.

Why are you answering my phone?

It's the babysitter's phone.

Babysitter? - Yeah.

Your friend. I think her name's Lola.

A.J. sweetie, could you please put the babysitter on the phone?

She's busy. - Doing what?

Putting out the fire.

The fire?!

A.J., don't panic. I'll be right there, okay?

Kids, we're going to the Andersons.

Trey Anderson?

Katy, let's go.

Katy, I mean now.

( alarm blaring ) BOBBY: Come on, hurry!

( alarm continues blaring )

That was awesome.

Wait here, don't move. I gotta get my camera out of the car.


( horn honks )

Hey, let me in, you little punks.

Unlock the door!

Unlock the door!

What in the world is going on here?!


What is on fire?

Hey, girl, what's up? Girl?

( stammering ) What are you doing?

Babysitting. Obviously.

I can't believe this.

This is going to take forever to clean up.

( Lola laughing ) Yeah, it will.

You kids better get crackin'.

Us? ( shutter clicks )

Hey, where's Trey?

Who's Trey?

( knocking )

He's searching for tickets online.

Psychic Rockets tickets at Tiny's Pawn Shop?

He's going to a concert?

That's awesome.

How could you let a 14-year-old kid sneak out into the city?

I'm sorry, how is this my fault?

Babysitting rule number one:

Never take your eyes off the kids. Ever.

Okay, this is bad.

My name, my reputation, my entire college future is just down the drain.

Think, Jenny, think.

He has to get the tickets, right?

I'll drive into the city and bring him back myself.

I know the city. I can get him.

You're the one who lost him.

Relax, girlfriend, I'm just trying to help.

I'm not your girlfriend. I'm not your friend. I don't even know you.

You don't? My mom thinks you do.

Uh, I mean, I was joking.

'Cause, like, I do know her.

We're just not... besties.

Why don't we all go get Trey?

No. Your parents would kill me.

They'll kill you when they find out a total stranger is watching us.

And who's gonna tell them?

Anybody have to go to the bathroom?

No, we can't.

Are you gonna fit all of us in your car?

Okay, but...

BOTH: I'll drive.

I'll drive! Thanks.

( bicycle bell rings )

Okay, we just got passed, ( horns honking ) by a bicycle.

I am not adding a speeding ticket and a stolen car to this disaster.

( horns blaring ) BOBBY: Can we stop at the grocery store?

No, I told you. We're going to get Trey, and then we're heading straight home.

If anyone asks, where did we go, people?

ALL: Ice cream.

You know, a professional manicure could do your hands wonders.

How old are you? Seven.

You know what I was doing with my hands when I was seven?

No, and she doesn't want to.

At least pretend to set an example.

Smile, Jenny. This is no time for pictures.

It is always the time for pictures. Art is spontaneous.

So say cheese! No!

( barking )

( loud rumbling )

JENNY: Okay, guys, we find this pawn shop, get Trey, and get home as fast as possible.

GPS VOICE: Turn left, 600 feet.

Turn left.

Are you sure this is right?

Well, yeah, that's what the GPS says.

Turn left in 200 feet.

Hey, puddle! ( screaming )

That was close. If anything happens to this car, we're dead.

Approaching destination on left.

There it is, there it is.

Park here, park here.

Park here. Okay!

Okay, you guys wait here. I'll go.

Um, Jenny. Oh, Katy.

Why didn't you go before we left?

I didn't have to go before we left, obviously.

It's okay. I'll take her.

No. Babysitting rule number two:

Leave no child behind.

Come on, kids, let's go.

LOLA: Cool car. JENNY: Yes, it's lovely.

Yeah, yeah, we're all set.

Midnight. We bring the varmint, you bring the 100 grand cash.

Yeah, yeah, 100 grand.

Look, this is a sapphire ferret.

There's only three of them in the whole entire world.

You want me to make it 200 grand?

All right then. Midnight.

No funny business. I gotta go.

What do you kids want?

This place is so cool. It's so rustic.

Hey, no pictures.

Watch the camera, man.

Hi. We are looking for Tiny.

I'm Tiny. Who wants to know?

My name is Jenny Parker. I'm a babysitter, and we are looking for a teenage boy.

He came here earlier to buy some concert tickets.

Oh, yeah. You want the Scalper.

Make it quick.

Uh, you know what? That's okay.

He looks busy. We can wait.

No, we can't. Let's go.

Thanks, dude.

Let go.

Stay ahead. Stay ahead of me.

( clears throat ) ( clears throat )

( animal chittering )

Hi there, Mr. Scalper sir.

Sorry to interrupt your little martial arts routine there, but did you happen to sell Psychic Rockets tickets to a kid earlier today?

Maybe I did.

Maybe I didn't.

Well, maybe if we called the cops, and told them there's a weird scary dude with a sword selling tickets to minors, would you remember him then?

Kid paid with ones.

I hate ones.

Hey, little guy. Hungry?

Kid said something about pizza.

I hate pizza.

Pizza? That's great.

That narrows it down to about, I don't know, 4,000 restaurants.

Mario's. It's his favorite pizza place.

I mean, if I was gonna guess.

Guessing? Is that what they call stalking these days?


Bobby, what are you doing?

Bobby, calm down. What is that, a weasel?

BOBBY: I don't know.

JENNY: Kids, don't touch it.

Kids, stay back.

LOLA: Hey, man. Hey, watch it.

What are you doing?!

Hey, the ferret's loose.

I got him. Okay.

Oh, I got him.

That's so cool. Smile.

Hey, I said no more pictures.

JENNY: Lola, no means no.

TINY: Get the ferret. Don't let the ferret get away.

The car's being towed. Let's go!

Where'd it go? ( kids screaming )

JENNY: Hey, wait!

No, no, no. Stop!

No, really, stop.

Okay, go. Hi, sorry.

We did not see the sign. This isn't even my car.

If you could just please unhook it, we're here now. Sure, for 100 bucks.

100 bucks? That's highway robbery.

We should have you towed. ( revs engine )

No, that's fine. 100 bucks.

Debit card is like cash, right? Yeah.

Oh, no. My purse.

I left it at the Andersons.

If you could just please give us the car now, I promise you I will give you the money tomorrow.

I don't do layaway, kid.

Okay, does anyone have any money?

Why do you think I'm babysitting?

I close at midnight.

But you can't just leave us stranded here.

I mean, we're just kids.

Time to grow up. LOLA: Seriously?

No, wait. Don't go!

( kids screaming )

Hey, you better wash that.

BOBBY: That's my mom's car!

Well, what now?

( sighs )


Anybody got any bright ideas?

It's fine. It's totally under control.

We've just got no car, no money, no Trey, and we need 100 bucks by midnight.

It's doable. It's totally doable.

Wait, what about the ice cream money?

Yes, great thinking.


Ten bucks. What's that gonna do?

I saw a bus stop a few blocks over.

We take the bus to Mario's, get Trey, and by then, I'll figure out what I'm gonna do next.

Okay. Whatever you say.

Let's go.

Jenny. Yeah.

I'm scared.

Sweetie, there's... nothing to be scared of.

( sirens wailing )

How can you snack right now?

I'm not snacking. I'm taste testing.

Where did you get the candy?

Uh, in the pawn shop.

Bobby, you took candy from a stranger? They were in a bowl.

I thought they were free. ( frustrated sigh )

Hey! I guess they weren't free.

You kids are in big trouble.

What do we do? What do we do? Run!

( horn honking )

Are they still chasing us?

( screaming )

We can't lose those kids.

They got a picture of me with the sapphire ferret, which would prove that we stole it.

I'm not goin' back to jail.

We can get 'em at that pizza place.

JENNY: Hurry, guys. Let's run.

KATY: These shoes aren't made for running.

JENNY: Children, everyone, on the bus. Go, go, go, go.

Good evening, kind sir.

Six kids. That's 12 bucks.

Is it 12 now? My, my, how times have changed.

Uh, let's just call it close enough. Yeah?

Let's not. Okay, well, the thing is, uh... Karl, we're having, like, a minor situation tonight.

You see, thanks to Jenny, the world's greatest babysitter here, we don't have any additional actual money.

So... Don't listen to her, Karl.

This whole fiasco is her fault.

I think we can all stop pointing fingers and worry about Trey.

Don't pretend to care about Trey.

Honestly, Karl, she doesn't care about anybody but herself.

I care about a lot of things, Karl, like art and expression and photography. PASSENGER: Let's go.

I bet she didn't even know who Leon Vasquez was until today.

I did too. I read all about him.

Please, I saw your portfolio. It's as stiff as you are.

Where'd you learn to take pictures, sweetheart, your computer?

Where'd you learn all this snappy sarcasm? We know it wasn't college.

Enough! Get on and zip it!

If you could just send me the address, I'd be happy to send you the balance. Sit!

Hey, guys.

A.J.? What are you doing here?

Trey Anderson, freeze.

Who's that? His babysitter.

You have a babysitter? I want a babysitter.

She's hot.

You are so lucky we found you.

Hey, Jenny. You look great.

Hi, Trey.

Please don't rat me out, Jenny.

I'll be grounded for life.

Probably till you're 18.

Who are you? Lola.

Technically, I'm your babysitter, so thanks for making me look bad, by the way.

You didn't need help for that. Come on, Trey, let's go.

What about the concert? There's no way you're going to that concert.

Besides, we have much bigger problems to deal with right now.

Jenny got Mom's new car towed.

You drove my mom's car into the city? To get you, and now we need $100 to get it back by midnight.

I don't suppose you losers have any money. I spent it all on tickets.

That's it. Why don't we just scalp Trey's concert ticket to get the cash for the car?

You mean, sell it ourselves?

Exactly. Brilliant.

Wait. It's mine. Oh, cool.

So you wouldn't mind explaining to your mother that her car got towed and her precious children spent the night sitting on a cold park bench in the city.

I have a better idea.

Why don't we just call her now, shall we?

Oh, Helen. ( sighs )

This is so not fair.

Life isn't fair, kid.

Jenny, I really have to go to the bathroom.


Everyone, stay put.

Hey, Bobby, check this out.

Oh, that's so cool.

Bummer about the concert.

Dude, forget the concert. Go for Jenny.

She was totally checking you out, too.

She was? Yeah.

I'm going to the tattoo place.

Cool. Have fun. Go express yourself.

Thanks for the zip. Not even a problem.

Lucky you had a safety pin.

I know. Right?

So did you hear who Zac Chase is taking to the concert tonight?

No. Who? Guess.

Who? Guess.

Who? Dominique Cassidy.


Jenny Parker. Is that really you?

Hey, girls.

Whoa! I never would've thought to see you in the city on a Friday night.

Really? Why not? It's the weekend, right?

I live for fun. Right.

So who are you here with?

Just some friends.

They're city friends.

They're really mature friends.

You probably wouldn't know them.

Help. I'm all twisted.

Oh, poor little girl.

Where's your mommy?

I'll go help you find her.

I have to wash my hands. You can use sanitizer.

Where'd everybody go?



Smile. Lola.

Where are the kids? Uh, specifically, I don't know. Around.

Around? Are you out of your mind? Possibly.

Babysitting rule number one: Never take your eyes off the kids.

Trey, A.J., Bobby.

Uh, where's Emily?

Uh, she's getting a tattoo.

Getting a what?!

A tattoo.

TINY: In and out like stealth ninjas.

Emily, are you okay?

Please, please tell me you did not just get a tattoo.

What? It's henna.

The guy did it for free 'cause he liked my aura.

Cool, right? Super cool.

So not super cool. How could you do that without asking me?

I asked Lola. She did.

Lola... Lola is nobody, okay?

You can't just wander off like that.

Something could've happened to you.

You are my responsibility, okay?

And that better come off with soap and water.

Uh, Jenny. What, Bobby?

Please don't let them get me. Go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go!

BOBBY: Go! Come on!

TREY: Why are the pawn shop guys after us?

KATY: Bobby stole a candy bar.

So give it back. I can't, I licked it.

Come this way. Bobby!


Go this way.

Sh, sh, sh!

( door creaks open, slams shut )

They went this way.

You don't know what way they went.

Sh, sh!

( alarm blares )

We know you're in here.

Just wanna have a reasonable conversation.

SCALPER: Yeah, we're very reasonable people.

TINY: We locked the doors.

There's no way out.

JENNY: Get down. Lola. No way out!

We're not leaving till we get that camera.

My camera?

These guys are crazy.

We need to find another way out.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

That's them. Come on!

KATY: Go away! Leave us alone!

Get down! Stop the belt.

BOBBY: Pick on someone your own size.

You're makin' me jump.

You're not gettin' my camera.

Give me the camera.

( blows raspberry ) Nice going!

Hey, kids.

( laughing ) JENNY: Careful.

TREY: With your legs, with your legs.

Let's go.

TREY: This is so cool. Whoo!

KATY: Come on, guys, let's hurry.

Okay, let's go. Come on.

Come on.

Let's go.

BOBBY: Hey, look out!

Go! Go, go, go.

Go, go. Right.

We can't get around this, guys. There's no way out.

Yeah, there is.

There's an awesome way out.

Oh, yeah!

No, no, no. Yeah.

HELEN: What an incredible party.

I can't believe this is all for me.

Well, you deserve it all.

There's Barry and Donna. Let's say hello.

I should give the kids a call though.

Oh, honey, they're fine.

I don't know. A.J. was so upset about missing the Roller Derby match.

She must be miserable and bored.

Are you ready? You bet.

How did you learn how to do that?

How do you think I got off the roof?

This outfit is so going to need dry cleaning.

Your parents are never going to ask me to babysit again.

If they do, I'd ask for ten bucks more an hour.

Ready? Okay.


Right there.

TINY: Who turned out the lights? Here I come.

Is everyone okay? ( all saying yes )

Let's go sell that ticket.

TINY: You're on my leg. My leg, my leg.

I'm having trouble breathing.

What just happened?

I hate kids.

We could still get 'em at that concert.


LOLA: Okay, I'm gonna do it.

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Yeah, people sell concert tickets every day. It's no big deal.

Here, kid. Guard this with your life, okay?

You can trust me. I'm a Derby girl.

Okay. Hurry up.

We'll just be over here by the taco cart.

Oh, tacos.

Maybe my cupcakes could use some heat.

Jenny, sit on this.

Thanks, Trey. So thoughtful.

Hundred bucks?

Hey, tickets. Just 100 bucks.

How about you, beautiful? a ticket, 100 bucks?

What are you doing, A.J.? Please be careful.

It's the Swift trip chop.

A right chop with a back spin.

It's Jailer Swift's signature move.

Like that would ever work.

Ticket, ticket. Hundred bucks. Ticket.

Concert ticket, hundred bucks. There she is.

Hey, hey. Hundred bucks, concert ticket.

No, how about you?

Hundred bucks? You got one already.

Reselling a ticket at the site of a venue is illegal.

Did I say sell? I meant donate.

I was gonna donate this ticket to a very deserving person, officer.

Oh, no, no, not the police.

Sounds like you're trying to bribe me. No, no, no.

Oh, no!

Stupid kid. Nabbed by the cops.

I see that.

Come on. Oh, but, sir, I didn't do it, I swear.

She'd want a picture of this.

Excuse me, ma'am.

We're looking for our friend Lola.

She's 19, dark hair, snappy attitude.

Yeah, she's getting booked.


Is that, like, arrested? Like yep.

Have a seat, and we'll call you when we're done processing her.

Uh, fat man called Tiny and a tall, skinny guy with a hat. Hood.

And a weird little furry animal thing.

Maybe a ferret. I don't know.

( sighs )

You are aware that lying to an officer of the law is also a crime.

You are aware I'm not lying, officer.

It's gonna be a long night, kid.

I'm never gonna find the perfect ingredient in time for the contest.

Quit your whining. I'm missing the biggest rivalry in Roller Derby history.

Both of you quit your whining.

I'm missing the biggest concert of the year.

Hey, everyone quit whining. Just sit and be quiet so I can think.

You're smart, you are calm, you always have the answers.

Hey, Jenny. Can't we just call one of your friends for help?

My friends are busy studying.

What about your parents?

I told you, they're out of town.

Emily, what did you do?

Nothing. It's just a little hair dye.

Just a little bit of hair dye?

Just a little tattoo. What is wrong with you?

Why are you being so irresponsible?

I'm not irresponsible.

You're just making everything worse.

Now go sit with the other kids so I can figure out what to do.

Okay, you wanted to teach me a lesson, and I get it. I'm sorry.

Can I go now?

I'm not entirely convinced you do get it, young lady.

You have more than a few violations on your record.

Parking tickets, not bank robberies.

This girl giving you trouble, officer?

Next time, keep the fighting in the rink and not the parking lot.

They started it. Yeah, and we're gonna finish it.

Enough already. You three, over there.

The other three, there.

All right. Thank you.

It's Jailer Swift.

It's you.

You're my hero. Yeah?

I've been trying to learn the Swift trip chop for six months.

Let's see what you got.

Not bad, kid, not bad.

But you need some more torque on that back spin.

Like so.

( man snoring )

( snoring loudly )

Congratulations, Helen.

Hey. How are you? Hi.

I'm so proud of her. I know.

( phone buzzing )

Mom, help.

Jenny stole the Andersons' new car, and got us all arrested.

We're downtown in the city... ( yells )

You were right.

Except for the parking tickets, you're clean.

See, I told you. I'm not a felon.

I'm just an innocent babysitter.

And what kind of example do you think you're setting for those kids up there?

You think it's one big joke? No.

Trying to sell concert tickets may not be a felony, but it's dangerous.

Some thug could've snatched those tickets and your wallet.

Then what?

I don't know. I guess I didn't really think of that.

No, you didn't.

Look, you're a smart girl.

But you need to start thinking about your actions.

Those kids up there, they look up to you.

They wanna be you.

They don't even know me.

I'm not even their real babysitter.

I lied to get the job, and I lied to you earlier.

Officer, I'm not a Furry Lisa-loving college student.

I never even heard of Furry Lisa before today.

"Fur Elise." Beethoven.

Right. Doesn't matter.

The truth is, I wanted to go to art school, but my grades weren't good enough to get in, so I didn't even try.

And now I'm up for this amazing photography internship with my idol, and... if I get it, then I'll have another chance to make things right.

I really am an artist, and I really am a good photographer.

And I'm really sorry I lied to you, but you're kinda sorta super cute, and I know I always make mistakes, and I know this was a big mistake, but I just...

I don't think I belong in jail.

Neither do I.

You don't?


Oh, thank you. Sorry.

So do you need any help getting those kids home?

Can I call their parents-- No!

No, we're good. But thank you. Okay.

Let's see if your friends are up here.

Oh, there they are. Lola!

You're okay!

Hi, Katy. Hi, cutie.

Lola! Hi. You guys came.

Say cheese.

Stop pushing. You're blocking my face!

I'll block your face with my foot.

Come on now.

You guys, get out of here now. Go, go!

TINY: We gotta get that camera.

SCALPER: We'll get it. No matter what.

Look at that. That little one, she's got the camera.

Get her. Go, go, go.

JENNY: Come on, guys.

Lola, are you okay? Was it scary? Did they hurt you?

No, I'm totally fine.

Fine? You just got arrested.

It's fine, Jenny. Relax. It's not a big deal.

This has gone way beyond sneaking out to a concert.

You guys, I'm sorry, but we have to call your parents.

ALL: No! You're just gonna give up, just like that?

It's called being responsible. You should try it sometime.

And you should try loosening up.

Be in the moment.

Hey, little girl. Come here.

Give me that camera. You wish!

It worked!

Hey, hey!


( Lola and Jenny continue arguing ) Get her!

Uh, hey, you guys.

BOTH: What, Bobby? Uh, A.J.

Oh, no, A.J.

Help, police! Help!


That's their car.

Keys. Let's take their car.

No, no, that's stealing.

It's not stealing, it's borrowing.

Babysitting rule number two:

Leave no child behind. Or ahead, right? Yeah.

I can't believe that you dragged me out of a party for one of Emily's pranks.

Police don't arrest children.

You heard the message. She sounded terrified.


I'm sure they're just at home, absolutely fine, in front of the TV, watching some ridiculous car chase.

( tires screeching )

Hang on, A.J. We'll save you.

Kids, this is not how a responsible babysitter behaves.

A.J.: Excuse me. Sorry.

Hey, lady, look out.

SCALPER: Out of the way!

LOLA: There he is. KATY: There's the big guy.

Get away from my sister. Yeah!

( panting )

Hey, hey. That's my car!

KATY: Faster, Lola, faster!

Look! There she is.

We can do this. Come on.

LOLA: That was close.

Hey! That's our car!

Stupid ferret.

You can do it, Tiny.

Think of the money. Think of the money.

Professor Helen Anderson.

And thank you so... ( cell phone rings )


( ringing continues ) Okay. Oops.

( line ringing )

( whispering ) My phone called the Andersons.

Hands free, hands free.

Uh, sorry. Babysitter.

( laughter )

Hello. Hello?

( both sputtering )

Helen. ALL: Helen?

Lola, is everything okay?

Oh, totes. Just checking in.

You're checking in with me?

I've never heard of that before.

Uh, babysitter bonus.

It's part of the premium package.

Uh, okay, have fun. Bye.

Bye. Thank you.

Everything is fine.

Everything is fine.

And I'm fine.

Actually, I am... I am more than fine.

Are you gonna explain to Helen why her best friends missed her speech?

Whoa! Did you see that?

What kind of parent lets their kid roller skate in the city after dark?

DONNA: That's unbelievable. The things you see in this city.

There she is right there.

A.J.: Look out!

JENNY: Oh, my gosh, she's headed for the picnic tables.

A.J.! ( all yelling )

Pick up your food. Coming through.


ALL: Yes! Nice, A.J.

Ooh! That's gotta hurt.

JENNY: There she is, there she is.

A.J., are you okay?

A.J., please tell me you're okay.

Everything's good. No scratches. Awesome.

Move, move!

You okay?

Okay, guys, not okay.

Not okay. Not good.

LOLA: Down here. Let's go!

In here.

Front door. I know a guy.

♪ Now put your hands up, now wave them side to side ♪

♪ I got all my people with me and we ready to ride ♪

♪ 'Bout to blow the roof by the end of the night ♪

♪ Lighting up the sky like it's 4th of July ♪

♪ Yeah, you gotta light... ♪ JENNY: Hurry before they catch up. LOLA: Is my camera okay?

Really? You're worried about your stupid camera?

It's not stupid.

I won this camera in my first photography contest.

This camera is proof I have talent.

Whatever. Come on. Let's just go before they come back, all right?

( music slows down, stops )



Sorry. Wrong place. Bye.

Oh, no, no, no. Stop in your tracks.

'Cause you ain't goin' nowhere till we get the facts.

Excuse me? You heard me.

Step on my stage, you gotta spill your rage.

My rage? No, we're fine.

There's nothing to rage about. Come on, kids.


Y'all know how we do. AUDIENCE: Yeah!

It's double true. What?

'Cause if it's your first time..

AUDIENCE: You gotta rhyme!

What? Rap, Jenny.

They want you to rap. I can't rap. I'm a babysitter.

Just say something. Anything.

LOLA: Just go. Be creative.



My name is Jenny Parker.

( scratches )

And these kids are my...


( hip-hop beat playing )

We're in a lot of trouble... and I'm not sure what to do.

( feedback whines )

See, it all started when our phones made a switch.

Lola lied to the parents.

She's been a real witch.


Kid snuck out, the kitchen caught fire.

The car got towed, all because she's a liar.

♪ ♪ Now these bad guys are chasing us.

We almost just died.

I got a tattoo.

Can you let that one slide?

( feedback whines )

This girl is ruining my life.

My job, my reputation.

And if we ever get home, I'm gonna need a vacation.

AUDIENCE: Yeah, tell it, girl!

But no matter what, I won't be a quitter.

Gonna care for these kids, 'cause I'm the

AUDIENCE: She ain't no quitter. She's the babysitter.

She ain't no quitter. AUDIENCE: She ain't no quitter.

EMILY: Go out there, Lola, show 'em what you got.

Yeah? She's really good though.

You can do way better than her.

You think so? Yeah.

Come on.

AUDIENCE: She's the babysitter.

She's the babysitter...

Hold up just a minute, that's not the straight scoop.

This girl's so uptight, she's tied in a loop.

( laughing ) We got ourselves a battle of the babysitters.

Let's rewind this movie an hour or two.

The kid snuck out, I didn't have a clue.

Yeah, that's true.

Okay, I admit it, I don't follow rules.

I'm not good with kids, I'm not good at school.

It wasn't my plan to steal a car, or end up in jail or take it this far.

It's true I lied, but nobody's died.

And these kids are having an incredible ride.

You think you know it all, but you don't know me.

See, I'm more than just Miss Spelling Bee.

You want to be a real artist, take pictures, get gritty, on your first night out in the big, bad city.

You're a cool girl, Jenny, but I'm pretty cool, too. Go, Lola, go, Lola.

In fact, I'm just as great a babysitter as you.


She's right, I'm smart, and I do follow rules.

I work real hard, and I care about school.

There's a time for fun, to let go and climb trees, but I am a real artist; everybody say cheese.

ALL: Cheese!

We ain't no quitters.

We're the babysitters.

They ain't no quitters.

They're the babysitters. They're the babysitters.

They ain't no quitters.

They're the babysitters.

They ain't no quitters.

They're the babysitters. They're the babysitters.

We ain't no quitters.

We're the babysitters.

That's right.

They ain't no quitters.

They're the babysitters, they're the babysitters.

They ain't no quitters.

There they are. Come on.

JENNY: Lola, they're here. Look.

Peace out! Let's go, guys.

KATY: Well, good night. Come on, kids.

TINY: Move! Come on.

SCALPER: Out of the way.

Those are our kids. Can we just...

Stop in your tracks.

'Cause you ain't goin' nowhere till we get the facts!


Jenny, you were great!

That was amazing. I can't believe I just did that.

See what happens when you just let go?

The art just starts to flow.

Well, speaking of flow, we better get going before these guys come out, all right?

Jenny, you were way cool.

TREY: Not cool. You were radical!

She didn't end world hunger, people.

Yeah, I just came on shift, but let me check, okay?

Yeah, all right.

George, got any kids locked up in the back, or babysitters?

None yet.

We don't usually lock up the children until after midnight. ( both laughing )

I'm sorry.

This was mama's one night out.

Thanks, fellas.

LOLA: That was really great. I am so proud of you. JENNY: Thanks.

Hey, you should talk to Emily. She seems pretty down.

Hey, um, I just wanted to apologize about earlier back at the police station.


Just forget it.

No, I won't forget it.

It's been an awful night, but it's no excuse to hurt your feelings.

You're not a child.

You're an amazing, smart, cool girl.

No, I'm just a dork.

Nobody even knows I exist.

I'm just an invisible dork.

You're not invisible. You're beautiful.

And you don't need green hair or tattoos to be noticed.

Just be your awesome self.

I promise you, it's enough.

If he doesn't see that, then... that's his loss.


boys are dorks.

They are dorks.

Thanks, Jenny.

Um, Jenny.

I have something I should probably tell you.

Maybe she meant the North Park station.

It's not that far-- No, no, no.

Absolutely not.

Barry, I am tired, I'm cold.

My feet are numb.

Barry, why didn't you tell me that I was wearing two different shoes?

I thought it was a fashion choice.

You called your parents?!

I'm sorry. She called the parents.

That's it, it's over.

BARRY: Taxi.

That girl looks like Emily.

She's got green hair. You're exhausted.

Emily, you have to call them back and tell them it was a prank.

Here, use mine.

Come on. ( line ringing )

We'd have gotten back faster if we walked.

Of course, we can't walk because of my shoes.

Finally. Maybe it's Jenny.

( phone buzzing )

L. Perez. I don't know any L. Perez.

I'm not answering. Stop.

Hi, you've reached...

Didn't answer. Great. There goes that plan.

Can't you just delete the message?

How? I don't know the code.

Mom and Dad are at the planetarium.

It's not that far from here.

Yeah, let's just sneak into the party, find your mom's phone and delete the message ourselves.

Ooh, sure, no problem, MacGyver.

I'll just take out the security guards with my Taser gun, and then, Katy here can shimmy in through the air ducts.

I'm not dressed to shimmy.

Are you always this negative?

You can't even consider an idea that's a little bit outside the box?

Outside of the box? You just got outside of jail.

Now you wanna crash a gala?

Even if we could make it, there's no chance we'd get the money in time.

Katy's three-star party survival kit.

Mommy keeps a hundred-dollar bill in her fancy coat pocket. Yes, Katy!

No, it's too dangerous.

Come on, Jenny.

There are moments in life where you just have to take a risk and go for it.

This is one of those moments.

What brings you kids here?

We're going to steal money from my mommy's...

Kids. They are so cute.

We're babysitters just taking a little evening field trip to the planetarium.

Field trip? At this hour?

Dude, Jupiter's at opposition.

Best time to observe it.

You're right. You really know your stuff.

My mom's a scientist.

Go, go.


My people.

Lucky I wore diamonds.

No, Katy, you didn't.


It's Friday night. What did you expect me to wear, pearls?

Hey, it's Mom. Where?

Oh, no, this is a nightmare.

No, it's actually a really good picture. It's intense.

Not the picture.

If she sees me, I'll never get that recommendation letter.

How did you forget the Andersons were gonna be here tonight?

I didn't forget. I have it right here on this note.

Where's the note?

National Science Foundation Celestial Ball.

This must be our lucky night.

It sure is.

Ah, do you smell that?

Fresh oregano and a hint of red pepper.

Jenny, coat room's over there.

Everyone duck and cover. Let's go.


And these are my people.

Oh! I can't serve this.

It's original creation.

C'est magnifique.

It's dog poop.

You are dog poop.

I quit!

( speaking French )

What's taking so long? The guests are waiting for dessert.

( stammering )

Okay, I'll distract the coat check person, Jenny, you find the coat.

Great, good. Okay.

Uh, everyone, stay in here.

Trey, Emily, keep an eye on the... kids.

Where's Bobby?

I need sea salt and Mexican chocolate.

Freshly grated, of course.

Who are you?

Assistant pastry chef, dude... sir.

Hurry. Go!

Sea salt!

Oh, my gosh, what's he doing?

It's fine; let the kid do his thing.

We gotta buy some time.

I wanna go to the party, too. Absolutely not, Katy.

Do you remember what my mommy's fancy coat looks like?

You're good. Let's go.

Sea salt!

Thank you.

I can't believe you thought our kids were in the city jail.

Let's just get our coats and go home.

It's Mommy. Katy.

It's your kids, too.

It's Jenny.


No, she's not here, Barry.

I mean, Jenny is babysitting.

She's the most responsible babysitter in the world.

If anything was wrong, she would've called us.

Jenny. There it is.

Oh, no! She's coming!

BARRY: I still wanna go home.

Fine. Go home.

I'm going to get dessert.

You do that.

I have to eat dessert now.

Great. There goes our cash.

Why don't we just go get it?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe the Coopers will recognize me.


But what?

Uh, I never wear heels.

It's easy, you just stand on your toes.


How do I look?

Almost. Not quite. Come here.


Here we go.

No, no, there's no way I'm doing this.

This is never gonna-- Come on, Lola.

There are moments in life when you just have to take a risk and go for it.

This is one of those moments.


Absolutely not.

Even worse.

What is this? Celery leaf.

I don't ever wanna see this again.

Will somebody bring me something innovative?


That's it!

Crushed seaweed. It's so innovative.

I hear he's from the Culinary Institute. Some sort of prodigy.

It's all about the perfect ingredient.

It sure is, kid.

Can I help you, gentlemen?

Yeah, you see some kids come in here?

Who wants to know?


We're their uncles.

Their parents sent us to pick them up.

I think you better wait here.


Yeah, this is Eugene in the lobby.

I got two suspicious subjects heading into Sky Pavilion.

I may need back-up.

( British accent ) Hello, darling. Lovely party.

Where is she?

Look at all the dresses.

( British accent ) Hello, all. Fabulous gala.

Oh, what about that piano player?

Wasn't that "Fur Elise" he was playing earlier?

I don't know.

All I know is this mousse is incredible.

Oh, there's Lola.

Tastes good.

Let me see.

KATY: She looks so pretty. JENNY: Thanks to you.

Oh, I love your earrings.

My husband gave me a pair just like that.

He told me they were one of a kind.

That's what I was told.

These were a gift from my boyfriend.

He's a police officer, a rookie.

So handsome.

How nice.

Oh, I adore your coat.

Is this real wool?

No, it's cashmere. That's what you told me.

Clumsy me. I'll get it.

That's what it says on the tag.

Okay, fine, so they're not one of a kind.

You don't have to lie about it. I didn't.

I swear, honey.

You know what, it's fine, I don't care.

Let's just have fun. I wanna enjoy what's left of the evening.

This dessert, it's a lot of fun.

Well, if you'll excuse me.

Nature calls. Toodles.

Give me the camera. This is not mine.

You brought the ferret!

I ain't leavin' 100 grand in the car.

We gotta stop him before he gets away.

Oh, sorry. Nice party.

( people screaming )

TINY: Come here, buddy. Come on.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Oh, come here.

You little ferret, come here.

Come here. Come to Tiny.

Come to Tiny.

( notes playing discordantly )

Oh, my God!

There he goes. Yay! He's on my foot.

He's on my foot, he's on my foot.

He's on my foot.

I hope we're not missing anything.


Nothing. Crouton?

So... why did you want to do that to your hair?

I don't know.


I'm... boring.

You're not boring.

Yes, I am.

No, you're not.

Tell you the truth, I think you're pretty cool.

You do?


Your music's what's boring.

It is not. Yeah, it is.

Yours is boring.

Come on, guys. Time to go.

Time to go. We got the money. Come on.

A.J., let's go, come on.

I'm gonna get you when we get out.

If you could drive more than five miles an hour...

You just had to let the ferret get away.

Hey, isn't that... ( arguing continues )

It's a long story. No time. Come on.

Uh-huh. A big, fat man named Tiny, a tall, skinny guy in a hood, and a rare sapphire ferret.

MAN: Yeah, can you believe that?

Yeah, actually, I do believe you.

( kids laughing )

LOLA: We did it! I can't believe it.

And with an extra 20 bucks to get to the tow yard.

How did you get an extra 20?

Smart babysitters check both pockets.

Nice going. You know, we actually make a pretty good team.

We do, don't we? Wait.

You know, I really underestimated you, Jen.

Underneath all this stifled perfection, there's a really cool chick. Thanks, Lola.

Yeah, I can totally see why that guy asked you to the concert.

It makes so much sense now.

What... guy?

Uh, uh, I think his name was Zeke.

Zac. Yeah, uh... Sounds about right.

Zac Chase invited me to a concert?

How could you not tell me?

I forgot. You forgot.

That was only the single most important phone call of my life. What did you say?

Uh, not much.

Uh, I might've implied that you possibly weren't interested in him.


Why would you do that?

I was distracted.

You saw how cute Officer James is.

I'm sorry, Jenny, I didn't mean to...

That's great. That's great because now he's there with Dominique Cassidy.

That should've been me at that concert.

Maybe it's not too late.

Of course it's too late.

That show is almost over, and now, we have to get the car and get back home.

Just forget it.

No, I won't. Taxi!

Taxi! What are you doing?

The right thing. You guys, come on, let's go.

Come on, there's still time if we hurry.

You don't have to worry about those guys anymore, buddy.

I'm gonna get you home. ( chittering )

You guys won't be kidnapping any more exotic animals where you're going.

Hey, Hal, I have a message from the security company.

They said the alarm went off at the house earlier, and the babysitter's not answering. Try the home phone.

( phone ringing )

( ringing continues )

Wait, wait.

We don't even have tickets.

Just let me handle this, okay?

Just for once, trust me.

Hi. Ticket.

No, but what's it gonna take to get all of us in?

You know you can't take your camera in, right?

Give it to me, and I'll let you all in.

Right. Right, yeah.

Of course. Yeah.

I'll just take the memory card.

No, no. Stop.

You can't do that. That means too much to you, Lola.

Yes, I can.

Let's go, guys.

Okay, go get your guy, Jen.

Uh, guys, I can't go in like this.

I'm a mess.

I'm on it. Okay.

Come on.

Emily, Trey, watch the kids. Nobody move.

You bet. Got it.

Trust me. I know what to do.

( muffled rock music plays )

What do we do? Jacket.

Sweater. Sweater. Hands up.


Tie your shirt. Tie the shirt.

What else, mastermind?

♪ ♪



You look great!

What do you guys think?

( all exclaiming )

Nice job. Yeah, really.

You look amazing.

Have fun.

I don't think I can do this.

Yes, you can.

Just look at everything you did tonight.

You risked your life, you went to jail, you stole a car, rapped onstage, you crashed a gala and fought off criminals.

Talking to a boy will be easy.


Yeah, I guess you're right.

Thanks, Lola.

Of course. Now go get him.

MUSICIAN: Thank you. Good night!

It's over. What do I do?

Go. Go get him, Jenny!

Go! Just go find him.

Go. He's in there somewhere.




Zac Chase?



What are you doing here? Looking for you.

Me? But you told me to get lost.

No, it wasn't me. Someone else had my phone.

I would've said yes.

You would?

Wait, don't move!

Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry, sorry.

Hold on, Jen.



You look beautiful.

Thank you.


I really have to go.

But you just got here.

I know. It's a long story... and a long night.

I just wanted you to know the truth.

And I really have to go now.

Then I'll come with you.

But what about Dominique?

Dominique? No, she left early with her boyfriend.

She has a boyfriend?

KIDS: Jenny. Jenny!

Jenny. Jenny!

Jenny, I got a missed call from the Andersons, but I thought we should listen to the message together.

All right. Put it on speaker.

Hi, guys. This is Zac.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'm sort of babysitting.

Wow. Their parents must really trust you to take their kids into the city.

Okay, guys, here it is.

Lola, the security company called.

The alarm went off earlier, no one's answering at the house, and we just heard from the Coopers who are looking for their kids in the city jail.

- We're on our way home. I knew it.

I knew this would happen. I knew we would've been home by now if I hadn't broken the most important rule of all.

You never put a boy before kids.

No, it's my fault. I talked you into it.

I practically forced you.

I never should've taken this job.

I thought babysitting was the easiest job in the world, but it's not.

Jenny, I'll take full responsibility.

I'll tell the truth.

You didn't recommend me, we're not friends.

I lied about everything.

Let's just turn ourselves in.

For once, I agree with you.

Now just wait one minute. Yeah.

We've spent the whole night listening to you two argue and whine.

But you two aren't the only ones with something to lose.

We're not? Hello!

I snuck out to a concert.

I skated off in the city by myself.

I used the stove. Started a fire.

Impersonated a chef.

I took my mommy's favorite diamond earrings.

I dyed my hair green, got a tattoo, and told my parents we were in jail.

I'm sorry, guys. Yeah, me, too.

There's no way we'll make it.

Not if we don't try.

BOTH: We ain't no quitters.

Uh, we're the babysitters.

All right, Zac, how big is your car? Let's go.

How long do you think it'll take to get to the tow yard?

Wait! Wait, stop!

( kids yelling )

KATY: Our mom's gonna be so mad at us. Come on.

Just wait.

Wait. We're here. Hey, lady.

We're closed. Come back tomorrow.

We have the money. Just give us the car. We'll be on our way.

Look, girlie...

I'm tired, my feet hurt, and my truck has a flat.

I've had a really long night.

You've had a long night?!

Yeah, so don't mess with Trixie.

Don't mess with the babysitter.

ALL: Yeah!

Everyone's buckled up, right? KIDS: Yes!

Okay, cool, we gotta get home before your parents do, so hold on.

HAL: Slowest valet in the city.


They could stand to hire some more help. I know.

All right, kiddies, we gotta move.

Trey, I need you to get the hose, rinse off the car.

I'll put it in the garage later.

Everybody else, get inside, get on your pajamas fast. Let's go!


Oh... my gosh.

( kids exclaiming )

Look at those bubbles! Mom is going to freak out!

KATY: Lady Marmalade!

Okay, Emily, get that dog into a tub and start scrubbing, and scrub your head and arms while you're at it.

Jenny, Katy, get some towels, start mopping up those suds.

Bobby, A.J., we're on kitchen duty.

Everybody, go, go, go! Now, now, now!

HELEN: How long will it take us to get home?

HAL: We'll be home in 15 minutes, tops.

♪ ♪

The car's done. Dog duty upstairs.

♪ ♪

Wow! Check her out.

( all exclaiming )

Jenny, you guys better get going.

Everyone else, upstairs and in bed. Got it?

All right. What?

Well, we just wanted to say...

We think you're both awesome babysitters.

Yeah. This has been the coolest night of our lives.

For sure. Absolutely.

I met my hero.

I finally found my perfect ingredient.

I went to my first gala.

I missed the concert, but this has been the best night of my life.

Yeah. Ours, too.


( giggles )

Okay, you freaks, everybody get out of here already.

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

JENNY: Buckled up? KIDS: Yeah.

Let's get going.

HELEN: The house isn't on fire. So far, so good.

Now don't tell anyone, Lady Marmalade.

( barks )

( Helen and Hal speaking indistinctly )

Hi! Hi.

You guys are home so soon.

Is everything okay?

Couldn't be better, Helen.

Your children are angels. ( relieved sigh )

Jenny, thank you again so much for everything.

We really hope your night of babysitting wasn't as much trouble as mine.

( laughs ) No. No trouble at all.

( siren wailing )


Officer, I don't think I was speeding, but if I was, there's a very good reason.

I've had a really...

Driving without a license is illegal.

Okay, seriously, you really need to take a night off.

That's a great idea.

How about Saturday?


Yeah, yeah, Saturday works.

Zac. What are you doing here?

Um, returning Emily's headphones.

Oh, my gosh. I can't believe she would've forgotten those.

She technically didn't.

I asked her if I could keep them.

You did?

Yeah. Why?

Um, so I could return them.


And see you. EMILY: Ask her out.

Ask him out!

( both giggling )

Do you...

Wanna go out with me? With me?

BOTH: Yes?


( giggling )


Great, Zac. I'll see you tonight.

Um, you're a little late.

Oh, am I? Yeah.

Sorry. I guess I just needed to sleep in after my date with Zac last night.

Aw, I'm really happy for you guys.

And I want you to know, Jenny, whatever happens today, whoever Leon picks, I'm okay.

Thank you, but you were right, Lola.

I didn't even know who Leon Vasquez was before I read about this internship.

I like photography, but no, I don't love it.

Not like you.

I called earlier and officially withdrew my application.

I'm taking the summer off.

What about college and early admission and your transcripts?

What about fun and free time, and living outside of the box?

Well, uh... since you're such an expert at this college stuff, maybe you could help me with my art school applications.

Sure. Friends help friends, right?


And if you ever need a recommendation as a babysitter, feel free to use my name.

I think I should probably retire.


Um, hey, could you send me the pictures from the other night?

Yeah, of course. I'll send them over to everyone. Come here.

What's this?

Just me being spontaneous.

Um, I'll see you soon.

Yeah, I'll see you soon.

♪ ♪

♪ I used to think that good things were so bad ♪

♪ No need to hold back, not me, no more ♪

♪ I'm walking this road, I'm taking control ♪

♪ My heart can't say no ♪

♪ I'm living on the wild side, wild side ♪

♪ No telling what I might find, might find ♪

♪ No stopping 'cause it feels right, feels right ♪

♪ I'm living on the... ooh, ooh ♪

♪ On the wild side, wild side ♪

♪ So ready, now it's my time, my time ♪

♪ No stopping 'cause it feels right, feels right ♪

♪ I'm living on the... ooh, ooh ♪

♪ I'm living on the wild side, wild side ♪

( barks )