After (2012) Script

Thanks. You are welcome.

Where are you headed?


Me too. Wh... where is "home" for you?


Really, you live in Pearl?

Yeah. I live in Pearl.

Really? Yeah, yeah, on Cannon Avenue.

You live on Cannon? I live on Canon!

What house?

Sorry... that's rude.

You don't have to... No, that's fine.

I live in 318. I'm 310.

Oh, yeah.

What do you do for living?

I'm a nurse. Oh, Wow.

I... I... I'm Freddy, by the way...


What to do you do?

I am... a projectionist.

By day, artist by night.

Projectionist? At the theatre in town?

Yeah. Oh, what kind of art do you do?

Comics, mainly.

Why... for kids?

N... n... not exactly, wait.

Here. I'll... Let me show you...

I have this...

Here we go.

Let me... show you.

Oh, thank you. Sorry.

This is a... something I'm working on.

It's good.


Hold on...

What are you doing? Just wait one... one second.


Yeah, that's it!


I'm just gonna... Oh, yeah. No. Right, completely Thank you. Yeah.

Uh... you know... we should get together sometime, as we live so close.

Yeah... maybe.

Just a coffee. Maybe.

Tea? Milkshake?

Erdbeerflow? Eggnut?

Yohoo? Popperty?

Maybe okay?

You are married? No.

Engaged? No.

You are a nun! Noooo!

I...I'm just going to write fora minute, if that's okay.

Oh, please, please, by all means.


Are you writing about me in there?

Once upon a time there was a pleasant place called Marilyn.


Excuse me, Maryland.

And in this land, there lived a knight...

Damn it.







...see you later, ma'am.



Is anybody home?

Who are you?


Are you all right?

Give me a minute.

I can't tell you how good it's to see someone else.

Freddy right? Yeah.

What the hell is going on? I don't know.

I was searching the town and I haven't found anybody.

Me too.

Can you turn down the music? Oh yeah!

Sorry, these sounds that drives me crazy.

So you never to find... What...

Sorry, you got it. No, you first.

You find anything?

No... I... I thought about going to the police station.

Right. Yeah.

It's a good idea.


Oh, my God!



You know what you are doing?

No, not really.

Is anyone there? We are broadcasting from...

Pearl, can anyone hear me?

Can anybody hear me?

Listen, keep holding and talk. Where are you going?


Is anybody there? Are you holding the button there?



It's weird. It's not working?

It's not only that it's not working, I can't get a frequency.

My TV was just static.

What is that for?

Ever heard of being prepared?

You know how to use that thing?

Are you kiddin'?

When there is two of us, there might be more right?

Yeah, they're probably hold up in a mall somewhere...

What the hell?

What is that?


It's moving. What?

Get in the car.

Come on.

Oh, my God!

This place has been here since I was a child.

Right, it's the old diner.

My God!

Excuse me.

Excuse me? Excuse me?

Hello? Hello? Sir? Miss?

Hi. Hello.



Yeah, I don't think they can hear you.

Hey. Hi, hello?

Hello. Hey.

Hey, I'm...

Hi, hi! Um... hello, hello!

Hello? Hello?


Oh, this is one of the only places in town that hasn't changed much over the years.

Maybe that's why I like it so much.

How's it coming?

I hope you don't mind blood.

Ah, you know I have a strong stomach.

Seventeenth annual fair CARNIVAL

Can you take a little break?

I have something for you.

That was my mother's.

She gave it to me before she died.

But it's yours.

Not anymore, happy birthday!

Thanks Aunt Lu.

It looks better on you anyway.

Moving along about 17 m.p.h.

I remember this. -...the same extensive damage...

What happened?

Freddy, I was...

I was sitting right here, I was...

I was 11 years old.

Tell me, what do you remember after the bus?

I woke up in my bed, I went to work...

I thought it was late.

I was in my studio, I had fallen asleep there the night before, and then I woke up with a full beard.

Like you hadn't shaved in months?

Me too. Not the beard...

Yeah, yeah I got it.

Maybe there was an evacuation.

Because of a virus that causes radical hair growth?

Besides, I mean... the fact that the people were off in a hurry.

So what are you saying?

It's something else.

It's moving about 1.8 miles per hour.

That's about 5 miles to send the terror to the people.

That means that all... take roughly 64 or 65 hours to get there.

That's less than three days.

Let's get out of here, before it gets too close to the car.

I think it's affecting the battery or something.

Are you really gonna wear that?


It's already getting dark.

It's blocking the sun.

I mean, there got to be a way out.

Underground maybe. Not like we have a subway system. But we have a sewer system.

All those miles outside of town?

We need to stock up on supplies, just in case.

Listen Freddy.

How you would considder if we were...

What? Dead? Yeah.

It crossed my mind. And?

It's a possibility.

Yeah, but I'm not convinced that's it, I mean, it could be somehing else, you know like... an alternative dimension, or a parallel universe.

Are you serious?

It's a possibility.

Okay, but don't you think it's strange that there are no other signs of life?

I haven't seen one bird in the sky, I haven't even seen a bug.

Yeah, trust me,

I've noticed.



I need to show you something.

I... I think this is some kind of recording.

Yeah, it looks it's recorded now.


What do you do about this?

Well, technically there has been much progress.

In the latest EEG shows pretty low voltage activity, so the fuse indicates more Delta activity.

Wha... what does that mean? I don't know, rewind it again.

Alpha and Delta. What worries me are... fevers and electrolyted balances...

The diagnosis?

Well, I don't really see any other options here.

Dedicating room and stab to situation, but... honestly, it's a closed door.

Look, take that back Lee. Yeah.

This isn't somebody's room.

Okay. Let's give it a few more days, say that until Thursday?

March 17? Yeah, that works for me.

This is the family D.O.F. (Diameter Occipito Frontalis)

They were talking about someone's brain, Sounds as if they are about taken it off life support.

It's a shame.

I hate it for.

Okay, last chance to wake up Ana.

Holy shit.

If someone is in a coma in a hospital, where would that room be? What?

Where would the room be?

What does this say? What?

Why don't you check the damn hot monitor for me?

You know, you don't have to be such an asshole!

I would not have to be, if you just snap out of it...

It's a 120 beats.

What does that mean? It's high.

How's your heart rate? Why?

I just checked. It's racing, okay?


Sit down.

Come on, sit down, I have really a crazy idea.


Just breathe. Oh, come on!

Just try to calm down.

What are you saying here?

You think this is... Consciousness.

No, this is impossible. Maybe it is, maybe it is't.

Where the hell are you going?

What are you looking for? My room.

What do you think? No.

Come on.

This can't be happening.

You understand that this can't be happening, right?

Well... it is happening, isn't it?

God how do you so easy it? And beside it isn't March 14th.

Maybe it is. That will mean that the bus was two months ago Freddy.

Yeah, and maybe that's why we woke up looking... like walkies.

But if this isn't real, I mean that what you're saying right...

Well I don't know what's real and what's not!

But the voices we heard, were coming from your room, that room, right?

And it seems to be recording constantly, like it's live.

Maybe we've been out for two months.

So why did we wake up today?

What happened to the last eight weeks?

Listen, if what they said about you is true... and if it is really March 14, we have got... Three days.

And the darkness...

That is why the darkness is moving towards us.

In three days, everything will be gone.

How do we get out?

I think we have to go through it.

Have you forgotten, that if we get too close to this stuff, we'll start to feel sick?

And... and the battery and the car strech today.

Worse things are gonna happen, if we stay in there in too long.

Yeah... well, if you have a better idea, I'm all ears.

Just... just stay close to me... okay? Oh sure, you'd like that...

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, you were obviously henning me on the bus.

And not very subtle, right away.

Well, that was before I realized that you are... a complete spas.

I am far from all right Freddy, let's go back!

We will not!


Then hold on!

I've seen this before.

Oh, holy shit!

Maybe I get lucky.

Don't count on it.

One down for a thousand.

I seriously don't feel well, Freddy.

Okay, I know that doesn't mean anything to you.

Yeah, yeah, I feel it too, just... give me a minute.

Where do you think that this chain leads?

You're pale. It's the nicest thing you have said to me all day.

I think we get better out of here.

Wait. What is that?

Come on!

Give me the keys.

Give me the keys.

Give me the damn...

You could not just hand me the keys?

I'm sorry, What the hell was that?

Where are you going?

Just wish me luck.

Oh my God!

Oh God, Freddy!

Well! Shit!

Come on!


Okay, okay!

Aaaahh! Oh God!

Yeah, I think that one's been already here for a while.

Come on, you need to hurry up.

Where are we going? Oh, we know that the roads are blocked, but we haven't tried the water yet.

That doesn't seem likely at this point, does it?

That's a great attitude. I'm sorry.

I just discovered that we are in a coma, and that we might be dead in three days.

And... and now there's some kind of large creature, not to mention I am sure of my mind.. or my soul, or...

You what?

Country geeg?

I was gonna say stranger.

Come on.

What are you doing? It's where I grew up.

The river is back there.

It hasn't looked like this in years.

Phil. Is that your dad?

No. My stepfather.

Hey Bud...

Listen, your mom asked me to, uh... well, to talk to you about what happened at school today.

Nothing happened.

You got into a fight. So?

They say you stole somebody's lunch money.

That is not true.

Listen, I believe you, but uh... your mom... you know, she... she is losing patience with you, Freddy.

You know... after what happened a few weeks ago and now this.

She just wants to ship me out somewhere.

Well, if you're not careful, she's gonna stop threatening, and actually go through with it.

So why don't you do something about it?

Look, she wanted to keep you grounded all day, and I talked to her to let you go to the carnival.

How did you do that? Don't worry about it.

Now, I got something for you. I know you really are not in this kind of thing, but... it's a majorly ball, it's the real deal.

Why don't we go, you know, and hit a few .

Um... yeah... maybe later.

I'm just trying trying to finish something right now.

Yeah, don't worry, no... no problem, I just uh... take a rain check.

Um... uh-hmm... listen, just stay out of trouble, okay?

All I cared about was comics.

They were my escape...

I guess they still are.

What kind of comics is it that you like?

My favorites are hard comics.

You know, supernatural tales of the paranormal, from other worlds.

All the "Cliffhangers".

I find "Cliffhangers" somewhat cruel.

In my opinion, there is nothing better, then a big continue...

"To be continued" is just another way of saying "is not over yet."

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a play writer.

Yeah? Yeah.

I wrote these horrible plays, I mean horrible.

And then we played a plays, pretending I was the one who had written them....

So don't 'critique' my... impressive vocabulary, my genius plot twists.

I have... I have never told anyone, that it was stupid.

No, it's not.

Why did you stop? I wasn't any good.

At least you tell me.

And why do you keep going?

Because I loved it.

And I discovered that... some people are just assholes.

How can they pull you through life support, if it's against the law?

Not if it is a real one.

Why would you do that?

My aunt raised me, she was... basically my mom...

Anyway, there... there was an accident, and she spent the last year of her life... in a hospital bed, unconscious.

And I didn't want that to happen to me.

I'm sorry.

You believe we have... spirits... and souls?

You said soul earlier in the store.

Minds are our souls? Oh, I don't know.

I just wondered if they uh... explore when we sleep, the souls?

Maybe that's what dreams are.

I don't think we should split. I agree.

Do you know that you can tell a lot about a person from their bedroom?

The last thing I need right now is for you to analyze me.

Okay, let's hear it.


You're very need, habit to a fall.

And the way you have got... the little boxes all out placed against the wall.


I see you, with a copy of "Beowulf" for a little light bedtime reading.

You sleep alone, always on the same side of the bed.

And you keep a pillow on the other side, as if it is holding out for someone.

You know you're not alone, Ana.

This is the one you were drawing in your room.


It looks just like the door. And what if it is that?

Huh? Wait.

Look... keys, candle. None of this is real.

So why don't we just imagine our souls out of here?

Well, try it! I have!

But it doesn't make sense, any of it.

Unless it is real.

This place , it could exist in some alternate dimension, some spiritual dimension maybe.

I mean it's obviously a copy of the other town.

One that we live in, but that doesn't mean it isn't real, right?

I mean how do you define real?

I don't know.

August 23, 1992.

That's the day my aunt died, it was... The same day.

What else did you do that day?


Do you want to play a game?

Sure. Okay.

How about this one? It looks fun.

Three shots please.

Let's see what you can do with this.

Don't miss, Freddy. Don't!

Don't miss, Freddy. Idiot.

I heard that!

And she's off.

Hey, why don't you want to take the policeguns?

Just play for one thing and one thing only.

The Spiderman comic. That comic crap is for losers.

My shot.

I forgot that you were for the Teddy Bears.

If you can give me anything. - I would... if you stopped breaking my concentration.

What do you say we go right for the fair's wheel?

And then we start to work on this play of yours.

It's a deal! Okay.

Aunt are you okay? Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.


Uh... so it's okay..

Just getting old, I guess.

Do you want to go again?

No, I can't. - Doesn't matter.

You ain't in for crap!

Come here, damn.

Hey, hey, come on, worke it out.

Then what do you guys say...

We go have some real fun.

I bet Freddy here, has never even been... to a real haunted house.

Of course I have. Oh yeah?

Why don't you prove it? Lead the way.

I guess we just missed each other.

Hey what is it?

That was the day that it happened.

After we got home.

The day what happened?

My aunt and I were superforming my plays together in the living room.

We had these costumes and props.

We took it so seriously.

Well, I did anyway.

Now we pretend there was a full house.

A big cheering crowd in the dark.

And my aunt would always play alone.

She was weak, but she did it for me.

And than we turned, I killed her.

It was my fault.

I set the candles out, and they were too close.

And it... it was my fault, Freddy.

Hey, hey...

Whatever happened, it sounds like it was an accident.

It wasn't an accident, it happened because of me.

Town folding and order at the day, Freddy, and I don't wanna go back to that moment.

Okay, just tell me exactly what happened.

Let's get away!

Under the desk!

What are you doing?

It has the key.

I think I hit him. Did you kill him?

Not even close.

The journey was long and hard.

But the knight kept going, because he wanted to make the King proud, and killed the monster.

Okay, I wait.

That's where the door is, and the chained anchor.

That would mean the chain is roughly...

Freddy. half a mile long.

Okay. Here is the radio static and run, and we are away, here.

So we're safe.

Freddy... I think I may know what that thing is.

Enter the monster, a big gross creature, that eats people.

How old were you when you wrote this?

I told you it was bad. Okay, so... the door from my comic, the monster from your play.

I mean, tell me you know how to kill this thing. You wrote the story.

In the story, a knight kills it, but for that to happen... we are out of knights here.

Yeah, well, we can't get through the door, until we have the key.

And I suppose you have a brilliant plan of how going to get it.

Are you sure you know how to do this?

Yeah, it was a kind of a pyro at high school.

Okay, we mean to make this fast.

What do you think is going to happen if we don't get out?

I mean, you did not sign anything, so you could be okay either way.


Wish me luck.

Oh shit!

You're lousy at it, give it to me.


Freddy, I think these are just the steaks.

Oh shit! What?

We have to get to the car.


What do we do? Try again.

He's dead Freddy. Just try it!

Maybe we should just stay here.

I have a basement.

This house will be gone in a couple of hours.

Let's go.

Come on.

You would not believe how strong the stuff is.

I used to recall off the roof with this.

I can't stop shaking.

Okay. Come on.

Come, come on.

I haven't been in here in a long time.

Even I come here sometimes just to sit.

That must be the seventeenth.

You know? I never asked where you were coming from on the bus.

I was on vacation.

Just by yourself?

It wasn't so bad.

Yeah, I guess we're both hermits.

What's your reason?

My missionaries, I suppose. My projection?

I'm sorry I tried to ply you off on the bus.

It's not what one expects, for just a cup of coffee.

If we don't make it out of here...

I just want you to know...

Are you okay? Damn, it hurts.

Okay, all right.

Cone on, come on...


Take it easy.

Where are you going?

I will not let you die, Ana.

So don't follow me.




Once upon a time there was a pleasant place called Marilyn.

Maryland. Excuse me, Maryland.

And in this land, there lived a knight...

His boss was the king, a fat man with a big beard, named Lord Donbery.

Is it true that this place is haunted?

I bet it is. It was a hospital during the Civil War.

They say the ghosts of the that died... are still on the halls.

After three weeks and a half weeks of travelling, he finally came to the monster's secret cave...

That's me.

What are you going to do?

See those colgalejas in the front porch? I will hit them.

Bull crap, you cannot hit that from here.

Watch me.

I've come to cut off your head.

You are not very good at roar!

Much better, now you feel my sword.

Dirty beast!

Here we go!

Holy crap! Did you do that?

Freddy, come on. I'm sorry.

I didn't know.

Freddy, come here. Don't leave me.

It was wrong... it was wrong...

I don't know where I was... here... It's okay.

It's, is, is...

It's why... why we're here.

No, no Freddy.

Freddy, please, please don't go.

I'm not afraid of you.

Come on.



Where is Freddy?

I can help you?

I'm looking for Freddy.

I am Miss Caretaker.

Come on in.

Let me know if you need anything. Thank you.

Freddy. Hi.

God was at the hospital.

I was so scared.

You were on the bus, right?


Don't you remember?

I remember we had a good talk.

He doesn't remember anything, nothing other than being on the bus.

But, you seems to remember clearly.

This may sound crazy, but...

He was with me in my coma, we were...

we were here in this Town, only we were...

I don't know, I...

He has been having vivid dreams... but he only remembers fragments.

This is yours.

I like to stay with him.

How do you know Freddy anyway?

We grapped from the street from each other.

I don't remember doing, none of those.

You are great.

Did we meet each other before the bus?

In a way.

Because I feel like I know you from somewhere else.

This is me. See?

You remember?


Very bad translatation out of Spanish. Complete overhaul, final correction and editing by Desertkid.