AfterDeath (2015) Script

Okay! Okay!






I'm sorry!

Okay, okay.





Grab me! Yeah!

Uh! Kiss me.

Grab me! Uh!

Grab them. Come on.

Kiss me.


I'm Robyn.




Sorry, this is, er...


Livvy! I told you it's Livvy!



I'm Patricia.

You okay?

I guess we've just had a bit of time to get used to it.

Oh, Christ! She's at it again.


Of course.

No blood.

How's the nutcase?

She killed herself yet?

You know that doesn't work here, right?

Pat, was it?


Will you do us a favour, Pat? Will you fuck off?

Is she still there?

She keeps doing that "foomph" thing.


What? You'll see.

Right, come on. You're not the only one who's freaked out.

You're going to help me figure this out. What's your name?


It's Onie.


Do any of you know where we are?

We're dead. We're dead. Yeah.

We're all dead.

And realising that, you just thought, "Threesome!"?

Do you remember how you got here?

We were in JJ's. It was a great night.

Tunes were banging. Place was heaving.

But then it started to get fuller and fuller.

People started to get crushed.

And then the noise.

Like thunder.

I thought it was the bass at first, until... it all started coming down.

Panic, screaming.


And, er, next thing I know, I'm soaked.


Hanging on to the cooler I'd nicked from the VIPs.

And then there's the girls.

Freezing, just like me.

Washed up.

But there was no sign of my mate Sean.

He'd rubbed the stamp off his hand and been kicked out.

No fucking nightclub collapsed on him.

We climbed the bank. And that's when we saw this place.

But it makes you wonder...

...what the fuck did we do... to deserve this?

What does it mean?

"Clean slate".

It's Latin.

You wake up dead.

That's about as bad as things go, right?

But then there's booze and there's girls.

And what about the smoke?


What smoke?

The thing that was...

It was on the beach. It made a noise. It was...

It was in here when you three were...

When you were...


She keeps doing it.

She goes, she comes back.

Always right where she was.

How often?

For how long?

It's never the same.

No, towards me a bit. Yeah! That's it.

Got to make your own fun though, don't you?

So did you guys all know each other, before the club?

I don't mean anything by this. Rob, is it?


Yeah, this whole interrogation thing. It's getting kind of tired.

So what should I be doing? Humping the first dead guy I meet?

Ex-fucking-cuse me? Look...

I don't mean to interrupt whatever it was you were doing.

I mean, if you're enjoying it, that's fine. I want to get home.

Do you think we can... go home?

Well, Livvy, if we all pull together and work as a team, then...

Christ! You're in management, aren't you?

Are you a regular at JJ's?

Have we met?

I think I've seen you there.

Why did they keep letting people in?


The evil of money, ladies, always is.

Welcome to hell.

This isn't hell.

Do you think they hang paintings like that in heaven?

Oh... come on!

Well, that's why.

Hell is other people.


The reason it's hell is because of this...

What do you think?


You still not sure?

I'm not going out there.

Because it's so warm and cosy in here?

It was.

Anyway... you don't know what's out there.

Look, I'm going home.

I don't think we can. But you don't know that.

Let's find out.


Where is it she goes when she disappears?

Who really cares? You think she's going back?


Onie, I think you're still alive somewhere.

In the rubble or in a hospital by now.

Maybe time isn't the same here? You just want to believe that.

Have you even looked anywhere else? Maybe there are others like us. Seb?

No. I'm fine, thanks.

You know, my dad always says that people who demand to be listened to really have nothing to say.


Come on.

Is it me or is that lighthouse not getting any closer?

Are you keeping up?


What was that?

Don't stop!

You can't just keep going.

Onie can find her own way back. She'll come back.

She always comes back.

Livvy, you do hear that, right? Do you really want to stay here?

No, we wait for her!

Take it.

Take it!


Go on!

I can't see the house.


What's... Come on!

Come on!


Oh, you have to be joking! What?

That's not possible.

We're back.

Seb? Tricia?

Fuck's sake!


Be careful.


Do that again. I fucking dare you.

You walked in a circle. No.

We were always going towards the lighthouse.

You must have walked in a circle. You know, my dad always says the simplest thing...

Put it to sleep, Pat, will you?

All right. So come on, you two, what the fuck happened?

Something was in there with us.

It took over.

You know, this is my flat.

This room. The table, the sofas, the kitchen.

It's the exact same place I shared when I was a student. The same shitty furniture.

But not the cooler?


That's mental. That's, like, I brought it with me.

Nice place!

The bedroom. This bedroom.

This was my mum and dad's bedroom.

Me and my sister's first bedroom, before we moved to England.

So this is all built from places we know?

The bathroom's mine. It's from the community centre.

My church group.

Bible thumper?


No wonder you're pissed off, winding up here.

Look around. Does this feel like a Christian thing to you?

Well, you're the expert.

What's your bit?

This is. The house.

The outside.

And the lighthouse.

Mum used to take me to Devon every year.

She had a... friend who'd let us use it.

I remember it bigger.

But then you always do, I suppose.

Every year, she'd draw a face on the window.

I'd have to work out who it was.

And then one year she drew this.

Of course, it didn't look like anyone, so I gave up.

It was her way of telling me she was pregnant.

It was just the outline of a face.


We should find something to nail over that.

I want my mum.


Still live at home, just me and her.

She's brilliant on birthdays, my mum!

She's got great taste. Always gets me vouchers.

I always wanted to be a good mum one day.

No hammer. No nails.

And I seriously doubt a tea tray and some forks is going to stop this thing.

Fucking hell-art, man! This wasn't ours.

We had a Predator poster up there.

And then some bird with her knickers pulled aside... shaved.

You are here.

Other beaches, other houses.

It's not just us.

I don't think so.

This house.

It's made for us, specifically.

Let's try something.

What did we do to deserve this? Are you kidding?

If we're being punished, then somebody thinks we did something.

Maybe we should work out what that is.

Oh, yeah! Truth or dare.

I'm not fucking doing that!

What have you got to lose?

There's only one way to play this game.

Right. Shall I start then?

Millions of parking tickets. I always pay them.

Every week, he'd turn his back and we'd take what we could from the pick 'n' mix.

It's a strict house to grow up in.

Are there calories in this?

Always second helpings. Thirds if I could get them.

Gluttony's one of the big seven.

He could afford it and I needed a new phone.

You can't move and not break a rule or it's, "Oh, Onie, we're just disappointed in you... again."

Sometimes I'll have to push through a contract early.

Fudge the date.

Whoa, steady on there! Cheating the paperwork?

Yep. Used an old student's paper to pass my coursework.

Lustful thoughts, thousands and thousands.

I second that.

Me too.

One night stands.

She had tits like this! Out there, whoa! I mean, you couldn't not have a go.

Sometimes when I read a book, I...

Slept with someone else's husband, but I didn't know he was married.

Didn't wear a condom. Crushed up her morning-after pill. Put it in her coffee.



Oh, this is pointless! I don't even feel like I'm getting pissed.

How can you get pissed if you don't have a pulse?

How can Seb get a stiffy?



You've missed quite a big one.

And what's that?

They interviewed me. As a witness.

As a witness?

I... I was accused.

Accused, mind you...

...of some... assault.

A rape.

What was it you were supposed to have witnessed?

I was...

I saw you leave the club with her. And?

She was in no fit state. Oh? You could tell by looking?

She consented.


The way you know that is, is that I wasn't charged.

Do you remember her name?


Do you?


A word.


It's a sin, right? It is a big fucking sin. Yeah, that I didn't do!

I gave her one, yeah. Two, as it goes.

But she knew.

She was awake, she was talking. She wanted to.

And you're sure?

No, I'm confused about it.

You know how it is... a guy knows.

Gives you the look all night.

She wants you to take her home.

You don't get too drunk with a bloke unless you want him to take you home.

Look, I've played your little game. Move the fuck on.

What do you do?


Pure mathematics. And strict parents, huh?


Pure mathematics!

I had a friend who used to hurt herself in school, just like you do.

Her boyfriend said, he said... she never felt like she belonged anywhere.

She didn't want to kill herself. She just didn't want to be anywhere.

Maybe if... now you're here, if you decided you wanted to be...

I don't know. Here.

Whatever you did to this girl... I didn't!

Whatever it was, we're connected.

Maybe we're here because... Maybe we're here because of you.

Who's to say you're so fucking clean?


Okay, we need to calm down. No, we don't need to do anything.

And not because you say so.

I've been through hell because that slut grassed me up.

So say one more word about it... Come on, Seb!

I'm fucking serious! One more word.

Is there...


Choke me, bitch!

Did you hear her? "We should stay here. It's nice."

You colossal prick.

Wow! Judgmental. This is what you get with God botherers.

You lot created this place. You fucking chanted it into existence.

All right, Seb, stop, now!

I did nothing.

Okay? Ask her!

And as for you, I'm fucking a Christian in the afterlife. And you wanted it!

But it didn't fucking work out for you though, did it?

No harp for you. You're stuck here, screwing your last, just like the rest of us.

A fuck buddy in the hell light.

But I get it. I know why you're here now.

It's to make my death fucking miserable.

Hell is other bitches.




Hey, Seb, be careful. Oh, yeah?

I'll beware of the scary faces.

The light probably doesn't even hit you out there. Did you ever think of that?

Don't go too far!

Go too far? We're in Pac-Man, remember?

If you get to the edge, you come right back around.

Wagga! Wagga! Wagga! Wagga! Wagga!

"I've done loads." "Who loves you? I do."

"Oh, is this your fingers? Slam down my fucking throat!"

Fucking bitch!


Did he do it?

Well, it never came to being charged, but...

Yes, she was broken.

He broke her.

I knew it! He had the...

Rapey eyes. Exactly.

Has anyone looked in the mirror?



This isn't what I look like.

I mean, it's me, but it's... better.


Who doesn't love a mirror that lies, right?

Do you like it?

Yeah, it's just... weird.

I have a really blobby nose.

I prefer this.

I just wish I'd got bigger...

Onie's our way out.

She has to be.

Maybe you should stop figuring stuff out for a bit?

You're not helping anyone.

I'll stop when I'm home.

What about the blank slate?

Do you think we were given one, a fresh start, when we got here?

I hope not.

I just broke a guy's hand.

It doesn't count. Probably.

I wanted to hurt him.

That counts.



Fucking stupid cock-teasing cunt!

Shove it up her so hard!

Stupid cock-teasing cunt!

Fucking deserves to be here, yeah.

Shove it up her so hard!

Fucking throat... fucking throat!

She had tits like this! Out there, whoa!

What the...

I gave her one, two as it goes.

You couldn't not have a go!




What's that?

It's, er...

It's my dad's.

I think you're right.

I think I... might be alive somewhere.

Dad must have been holding my hand or...

I don't know.

And you brought that back with you, which means...

The bracelet! You're hurting me! Aah!


If you brought this here, maybe...

...maybe you could take us home?

We've got a weapon.

And a way out.

I like your waiting-and-holding-hands plan.

Best plan yet.

Do you like it here?

I'm just making the most of...

Look... my dad told me about heaven, okay?

Anyway, my aunt... she died.

And I was nine.

She was the best. She had all these trips to the zoo and sneaky gifts.

At her funeral, I asked my dad if she'd go to heaven...

...and he laughed at me.

"Don't be so stupid, Patty. Your aunt was a monster.

She made money stripping bankrupt companies."

Ten people at her funeral.

"And the only people she cared about was your mother and you."

I started crying.

You know, that's the point when a dad's supposed to comfort his little girl.

But she was so... so nice to me.

Surely that meant something? Surely they'd let her in?

But the next day, my dad showed me this book.

The pictures.

Only the pure get into heaven.

I remember that.

The pure.

No one stained.

No one tainted.

No, but I... I just couldn't help thinking, you know, "Maybe she could just sneak into heaven?"

But he laughed at me again.

He said no sinner gets into the house of God.

And if they ever did, the whole afterlife would crumble and rot in an instant.

He said the sinner's a cancer.

He called it eternity insurance.

"Your Aunt Nadine's burning, Patty.

And that's all there is to it."

Eternity insurance?

A fail-safe? That's bullshit.

Where is it? Where the fuck is it?

It comes back here. Did you send it?



This is all down to you. It came after me because of what you said.

And what did she say?

It was on the beach. It chased me.

It pinned me down.

It raped me.

It's not funny!

Wait. It raped you?

You mean up the...


It's because women want to talk about it. You always have to talk about it!


What the fuck?

Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it, stop it.

Shut up, shut up.

Seb, calm the fuck down!

You're not laughing. Isn't it fucking funny?

Hey! What if you said no and I fucked you, huh?

Would that be funny?

What about you, sweetheart? You wanna go again?

It listens to us!

It knows what we've done! Get off!

I'm going to kill you.

I'm going to fuck all of you and I will not be punished!






This is us.

This is all us.

It's a cartoon.

A flick-book.

This is what's happening to the space around us.

The bubble's shrinking.

The house is in the centre of it.

You reach the edge and come back round but now... the edge is just outside these walls.

Time's running out.

Well, what happens when the bubble's gone?

Those things, pressing on the edge of the bubble.


That's going to be us.

Where is he?

The bathroom.

Oh, Onie.

What is it, Robyn?


I was holding on to you and Seb.

But when I went... you stayed.

I'm sorry, it didn't work.

Hey, Robyn.

Robyn, do you want to see something?

I never liked seeing myself in mirrors.

Imagine being one thing and then waking up here...

...and you're me.

His tongue was hanging out of his mouth.



Fat Pat!

I'm so jealous of people who look like you.

What does it want? Ssh!


It targeted Seb... once in the bedroom, once out there.

Both sexual attacks, against a rapist.

What about just now?

What did you just say?

I wish I looked like you.


Seb was right.

It is watching us.

It comes when we're... Screwing.


Why is the mirror here?

We see ourselves as we are here, but you see the old you.

It's like it's here to remind you.

I know you think it's clever. It's not.

It's an animal.

It wants us to know what we are.


It's the worst way to communicate, but we know to fear sin.

Then we should answer back.

Are you sure Seb brought this with him? Yeah.

You saw what happened when it hit the bracelet.

I don't know, I think maybe objects brought from the real world...

So because Seb brought that vodka like Onie brought the bracelet, you think it can hurt it? The box, too?

More than that.

I think it'll hold it.

She wants to go home so badly.

Don't you?

If I could see my mum again...

There's a whole thing with you where you don't think you're any good.

But you are.

What I think is, as soon as you believe that, you'll get to pick and then when you go, "Foomph!"... you'll go for good.

Why me?

We need someone to do whatever it is the demon comes out for.

Seb's dead... again.

We know it comes out for you.

I wish I could take you with me.

All right, you lesbo! Don't get clingy now.

I know you don't... It doesn't matter.

I just like you.

I mean, from the minute I pulled you out of the water, I...

What did it? Who said it?

Onie. Onie was talking. Onie!

I need you in the kitchen now! I didn't mean to...

Come on, what did you say? She was talking about when we got here.

When she pulled me out of the water. She didn't! Seb did!

Onie, why did you lie? I just wanted to impress you.

So you were taking credit for something somebody else did?

No, that's not true.

Right, stand there.

Give me the bracelet.


Onie, I need you to bring it into us. Tell us about the other times.


Just... please try!

Once, erm...

I told my dad a Christmas present was from me.

It wasn't.

Use this to bring it down.

I got thanked for organising a party, but I was just a guest.

I just wanted to be liked.

And I did, I cheated.

I got an old essay and just scanned it and handed it in, like it was mine.

I cheated.


The box.

I cheated. I cheated. I fucking cheated!


It's working.

Stay there!

Can you speak?



What's going on?

Talk to us! Is this hell?

Not... yet.


I can hurt you. Do you understand that?

Now you stop me when I'm wrong.

This is what we know.

We're in some... bubble.

Hell's right outside.

But this is made for us, from us, from our memories.


Tabula rasa.

This house, it's... a fresh start, a clean slate.

Do we get that because we're special?

Not special.

Then why?

Because we all died together?

It's just good timing?

The bubble's shrinking.

When it's closed... we get to go home?

Too... late!

No shame!

Everyone... fails.

Everyone fails?

Heaven... empty.

Even the good are damned.

Nobody gets to heaven. Even the good are damned.

You feel jealousy, pride, anger, lust.

All the things that everyone does, every day.

Fuck! You pull a sickie or steal a parking space.

A baby cries, demands warmth and it's already selfish.

It's fucked! It's a sinner! It's going to hell!

This is... the system.

And now, here...

...all we had to do...

All they had to do... was be good.

I was good!

You know lust is a sin, right?

We just needed to stay good until the bubble closed.

Did you make all this?

You did.

Eternity... insurance.

The fail-safe? It's real?

Hey, bitches!

Guess we can't die twice.


You! Seb, stop!!



Don't... move!

Are you in there, little mate? Hmm?

Little fuck buddy?

You've got eternity, right?

What shall we do?

Can you hear me?

I... hear.

Is it true? Eternity insurance?

If one of us got into heaven, would the whole afterlife be destroyed?

That was just my dad's stupid... Wait!

Does that mean I'm right?

Tell me, please!

Drink up! It's on me!




I'll choke you, bitch!

Good luck.

I'm already dead.

We're joined.

I see what it knows.

It knows what I did.

What we all did.

I'll be punished forever.

You, too.


I think he broke her back.

It was like he was possessed.

But it was still him.

His rage... his hate, his cruelty.



With the power to do anything he wanted.

What if it had been one of us?

Oh, God! Is she fucking tidying up?


She fucking is.



That's not the sun.

Ready to be freaked out?

Not long now...

...and that's going to be us soon.

It's no wonder they reach out.

This must look like heaven to them.


Fuck! I don't know what to say.

Say thank you.

Seb was the worst person it could have possessed.

To be amplified.

But what if it was someone who wanted something different.

Who wanted to get you out of here?

It's a blanket.

And that was just a cool box.

I'm glad you were here.

I know I've made the right decision.


I told her if she just...

If she just realised she was worth something, she could chose where she wanted to be.

She chose!

She chose!

Still looking for answers?

Just killing time.

Stupid thing that happened to us...


A plane crash, sure.

A train, a bomb.

I died holding a pink drink with an umbrella in it.


You're not stupid.

Patricia and Onie.

They wouldn't have even been in JJ's normally.

Why us?

Why you?

Maybe we're here because of you?

Why did they keep letting people in? The evil of money ladies, always is.

Sometimes I have to push through a contract early. Fudge the dates.

People started getting crushed.

Screaming. Blackness.

Christ! You're in management, aren't you?

Livvy, it's coming.

Why were there so many people in there?

Who kept letting them in?

Throw it to me!

I know, Robyn!

I know what your sin is.

I'm sorry but we're just going to have to try my plan now, okay?

That'll do.



Robyn, are you in there?


Do it!


Robyn, I know you're in there.


I know why you're trying to save us all.

It's because you killed us all!

You killed us all and you hid it!

No stamp, because it was your club.

If you're still Robyn under there, you're still looking for a plan, right?


You're going to take me to heaven.


Eternity insurance!

Take me there and the whole afterlife is done.

People get to live their lives and that's it.

Only the pure get into heaven.

No one stained, no one tainted.

And if they ever did, the whole afterlife would crumble and rot in an instant.

I see what it sees.

I see what it can do.

It can go anywhere.

The power is enormous.

I can use it to go home. No, Robyn!

You have to let go of this.

We have a chance to save everything, everyone.

I want to live.

Go back and you'll live every day knowing what's waiting for you here.

Your brother, my mum.

Anybody we love.

Robyn, they all go to hell!

You'll burn with Seb.

Get... out!


You can save us.

And anyone whoever died. Every soul out there.

Every soul ever.

Take me to heaven.

A suicide run, and I'm the bomb.

No sinner ever gets into heaven. Well, what if one did?

To finish it?

End... afterlife.


I'm so sorry!

It was the best I could come up with.


I don't think it will be there very long.


Robyn, we haven't got much time.

We haven't got much time.



Oh, Robyn!

Just go.


Just go!

Hey, Robyn... what if we see God?


What was your sin?

Does it matter?

Call it.


...if you see God, you tell him to go fuck himself.