Aftermath (2013) Script

[skateboard scraping]

[ominous ambience]

[pleasant music *]

[Tom voiceover] Land... that's what I do.

Buy land... lots of it.

Then construct apartments, condos...

...the house of your dreams.

That's my job. That's what I do.

My name is Thomas Fiorini.

I own and operate one of the largest construction and development companies in upstate New York.

Became filthy rich doing so.

People ask me all the time, "How did you do it?" or "What's your secret?"

I say, "People skills."

You have to know how to communicate, 'cause you're gonna meet all kinds.

I got a deadline, all right? You're holding people up.

I gotta get this shit done! You're not my boss.

Yeah, well, I'm Tony's boss, so, get it done.

Stop fuckin' around with me.

Stop being a fuckin' asshole!

It's given me a great life.

I have all the toys and vacation homes.

I do what I want when I want.

Pretty much don't have to answer to nobody.

My wife just became pregnant, which sounds like a lot of extra work and inconveniences for me...

...but I'm game. And how hard can it be?

I've seen an episode or two of The Cosby Show.

Seriously, she's crazy about me.

Can't keep her hands off me.

Really can't blame her. I mean, look at me.

I got it all.

Oh, did I mention I was filthy rich?

And she's a monster in the sack.

Just the way I like it.

Life's perfect.

Nothing's wrong, right?

So let me ask you something.

How did I wind up here?

I mean... the fuck did I get like this?

[suspenseful music *]


[alarm clock blaring]

[thump, alarm stops]

[water running]

Never mind!

[Matt voiceover] My name is Matt Miller, Thomas Fiorini's head foreman.

I work ten hours a day, six days a week, and physically bust my ass.

I spend my days managing crack-heads for employees, film complaints from soccer moms who want it, and kiss the ass of an irrational dick for a boss who'd replace me in a second with an illegal Mexican.

And for what?

A shit bonus at the end of the year?

That's my daughter, Crystal.

Beautiful, isn't she?

Wish I could say the same about my wife.

We fell out of love about five years ago.

I mean, look at her.

I guess that's what happens in life sometimes.

Forget about your dreams, and who you were, and just accept that this is it.

Stuck in a life you never wanted.

[ominous music *]

Can I get you anything else?

Thank you.

[woman on speaker] Clean up in aisle six.


Hey! Can you guys lock that up for me?

All right, have a good one.

Looking good.

You guys need anything?

[man] No, we're good.

All right, have a good one.

[female DJ talking indistinctly on radio]

[Matt] Well, in July, our person could change.

[man] Come on, man. Bartender, bartender!

Sam's got dinner waiting for me.

Come on, man, look what time it is.

I can't. You're serious?

I'll see you tomorrow, buddy.

Before you take off, let me introduce you to my girl, Kate.

Oh, hey, Kate. I heard a lot about you.

All right, buddy. Get the fuck outta here.

All right. Have a good night.

Tell your old lady I said "what's up?"

Don't be late.

Buddy, I'm sorry.


[Matt quietly] Fuck.

How was work?

It sucked, Sam.

It always sucks.

I got this framer, Tony, a real fuckoff, who's holding up this house.

You know who that makes look bad, huh?


I look like a fuckin' piece of shit who can't bring a house in on time.

And then I talk to Tom about bringing in another framer, and he takes this Tony's side.

That doesn't sound like Tom.

I know he trusts you.

[Matt scoffs]

He likes you.

Trusts me?

He'll probably wind up replacing me with this guy.


Tom wouldn't do that.

He loves you.

What the fuck do you know?

I mean, really. How the hell would you know?

You, like, the vice president of the company or something?

It's just...

...when he calls here, he's always... so nice on the phone.

Always asking about you and...

...and the baby.

"Just so nice on the phone." What the fuck does that mean?

How many times does he call here, huh?

You say, what, like, he's called here twice in the last nine months?

Has he been calling here more?

Are you two fuckin' each other or something?

Do I have to start worryin' about that fuckin' shit now?


How can you say that?

How can I say that?

How the fuck can I not fuckin' say that shit?


This is bullshit. I have to go fuckin' work and deal with fuckin' shitheads all fuckin' day, and now this shit, this shitty-ass fuckin'--


[alarm clock blaring]

[clatter, alarm stops]

[distant dog barking]

[female radio DJ] It's Donna Frank trapped on this side of your radio...

Guess who I saw hangin' out together this morning.


Tony and the boss.

They were at the coffee shop, parked right next to each other.

What? Yeah.

Looks like somebody's gonna be taking your job.

They want the-- The boss wanted the roof on this yesterday.

All right, all right. You're full of shit.

No. No, that's the talk. That's the talk.

All right.

We better get to work.

[rock music on radio *]

[man] Matty.

[Matt] Hey, what's up?

What's going on with that deadbeat framer over there?

Tony. What are you talking about?

The framer never showed. No punch-out done.

He's not there? No.

He's a low life. Want me to call him?

No, don't call him. I'll take care of it.


I'll meet you over there. I gotta go.

The punch-out's gotta get done. We gotta get outta there.

I'll be over there in a few minutes. Fuck!

I'll meet you over there, buddy.

[radio playing]

[phone ringing]

[Tom on phone] Matt, what's up?

[Matt] Boss, Tony still hasn't finished that punch-out I was telling you about. What?

It's-- It's startin' to fuck up your schedule.

No, fuck that!

Look, nobody fucks with my schedule.

[Tom] Tony!

Yeah, boss?

Tony, what's goin' on?


You are not delivering.

The sheet-rockers left for the day?

Tony, you're fuckin' my schedule up and it's costing me!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I'm just trying' to get these guys yoked, all right?

You're not listening to me?

I want this shit done, and I want it done now!

Don't fuck with my schedule, all right?

It's fuckin' teamwork around here!

[dramatic music *]

You heard the man. It's teamwork.

What the fuck are you starin' at?

Get back to work.


[Tony] It was just bullshit work.

I don't know why Matt's lazy ass couldn't have done it.

Uh, he sits on that phone all day doin' nothing.

I know he knows how to swing a hammer, 'cause he's helped out a lot of other framers.

Well, don't worry about Matt, Tony.

I mean, I pay you in full, don't I?

Just finish the job.

You're right. And that's why I came here.

To apologize, cause I- you know...

I got on my guys right after you left.

Never should've happened that way.

I really appreciate the work you're giving me.

I-I don't wanna lose it.

Is the punch-out done, Tony?

Yeah, I gave Derek at the end of the day.

[Rebecca] Hello?


Hey, have you met my wife Rebecca?

It's a pleasure. I've heard a lot about you.

Don't believe everything you hear.

I won't.

Are we still going out tonight?

Of course, we are, honey.

[clock chiming]

Excuse me, Tony.

[ominous music *]

[upbeat music *]


See ya later.



[alarm clock blaring]

[Female DJ talking on radio]

[Matt] Tell me that is not all the fuckin' lumber we have.

[man] That's all they ordered for you, man.

It's all I got. Aw, son of a bitch!

Son of a-- Bye.

Tony, you better finish that fuckin' punch-out.

[overlapping greetings]

Hey, I'm short four bundles of base.

There's more comin' later. All right, thank you.

How's Kate? Fuck that bitch, man.

Fuckin'... fuck that.

All right?


Aw, fuck! Fuck!

How the fuck can this still not be done?

[Tony] I never get advance warning, okay?

The materials are never here on time.

And even when they are here on time, they don't tell me they're here!

Half the guys on the crew don't know what the fuck they're doing.

The guy's a gavone!

I won't be talked to like that. I won't--

All right, guys, settle down. Settle down, okay?

...not by this piece of shit.

Settle down.

Now, let's get through the list. Let's talk about this.

Stop. I won't be talked to like that...

What a fuckin' pussy.

One wall goin' this way, another one comin' from here.

I'll leave a layout for you down here, if you've lost yours.

Here. It's a present.

12-inch cock. I heard you like that.


Tony, you know I did.

I told you about it at least four times.

You have to put a fireplace there.

You never told me to put it there, man.


Stop lying, Tony. You know I told y--

Who do you think he's gonna believe?

I'm not the ex-con.


First thing you learn when you go to the joint, never lie to your friends.

You callin' me a liar?

Goddamn right, you are.

Fuck you.

[Tom] Tony!

Tony! Fuck!

Tony, don't hit him! Fuck!

Tony, break it up!


The stain is gone.

[dish clatters] [sigh]

Just tell-- Just tell me why. Just--

Why now? Why did you do this?

The guy got up in my face. Tony, that's bullshit.

That's-that's that macho fuckin' prison bullshit.

You know, you'd been doin' so good lately.

We'd been saving for the baby! I...

I can't-- I can't believe this.

Nothing's changed.

We're still-- We're still saving. Look, it's all right.

Yeah, so what if Matt presses charges?

He's not-- He's not gonna press charges.

How do you know that?

You don't know that, tony!

You know, you promised...

You promised you were gonna be there for me and the baby.

I will be there for you and the baby.

So what about work? What are you gonna do?

Nothing changes. Tom and I are tight.

Are you serious?

You think Tom's not gonna fire you?

No, I don't think Tom did.

Tom and I are tight, okay?

I mean, the guy-- The guy loves me.

We're goin'-- We're goin' to, uh, City Tavern in five.

[Tom] I'm sorry, Tony.

It's just something I gotta do.

It's just something you gotta do? Yeah.

I got a kid comin', for Christ's sake.

I wanted to hurt that fuckin' guy today and I...

I held it together.

Oh, you held it together?


You crazy?

What the fuck was that today?

Tony, Matt's my foreman on the job.

I gotta stick behind him on this one, and that's it.

You serious?

You're firing me over this?

I got no choice, Tony.

You're firing me over this.

After all I've done for you.

I got no choice, Tony.


You got no choice.

You don't even know what choice is.

You know how fuckin' lucky you are I didn't do you today?

Now that's makin' a choice...


[tense music *]

[Tom voiceover] Who the fuck does this clown think he's talkin' to?

Why didn't you just do it?

I told you how important it was.

It would've taken you, what, a fuckin' hour?

It was just bullshit stuff.

After all we done for them?

Are they serious?

Yeah, I'm serious.

All fuckin' Matt does is sit around on his ass all day anyway!

It's none of your goddamn business.

Fuck! I mean, this is...

This is-- This is bad timing, man.

This is really fuckin' bad timing.

Winter is right around the fuckin' corner!

You got some fuckin' nerve. I got a pregnant wife!

You're goddamn right it's a bad time!

I am flat fuckin' broke, man.

What the fuck am I supposed to do?

I can't work for two weeks? What the fuck am I supposed to do?

All right, just settle down.

I'll settle down.

Let me talk to him over the weekend.

He'll cool off.

I'll talk to Tom.

We'll work it out.

[stuttering] Where's Matt hang out? Sandy's?

It doesn't matter. Don't go down to Sandy's.

Don't-- Do not go to Sandy's and do somethin' stupid.

I'll tell you what this is. I'll tell you what this is.

He's got it in for us, that's it.

He wants to bring that other framer in

'cause it's his fuckin' buddy.

Pay for that. Eric! Eric!

Goddamn it, don't go to Sandy's!

Hey, hey, hey, don't worry about it.

I will take of this on Monday.

[blues music *]

[music fades out *]

[phone ringing]

Fiorini Construction.

[Tom on phone] Hey, Geri, you seen Matt?

Not yet.

Do me a favor, see if he's punched in, okay?

Hold on.

You guys seen Matt?

Haven't seen him since Friday.

Matt? Haven't seen him all day.

It's Monday, man. Ain't nothin' new.

Uh, no, I haven't seen him yet today, but when you see him, let him know that I need, uh, sixty more feet of this porcelain.

Hey, Fred! up here, boss.

You got a second?

Sure. What's up?

Listen, uh...

..have you seen Matt around?

Nah. Haven't seen him since last Friday.

Well, did he say what he was doing this weekend?

Uh, I don't know. Nothin' special, I don't think.

He's whinin' a lot about Samantha like usual.

Maybe he just cut out.

[construction sounds]

How many more of these do you need?!

Uh... ten.

What are you building? The fuckin' Ark?

[truck approaching]

Tony, what the fuck are you doin'? I told you you were done.

Tom, you're not gonna fire me over that bullshit at the bar.

I was drunk, I didn't know what I was sayin'.


You want me to go apologize to Matt, I will.

But it's winter. Come on.

You can't let me go now. Season's greetings.

Forgive and forget.

Ah, it's winter, season's greetings?

Is Matt here today?

It's Monday. Nothin' unusual.

Oh, yeah? Well, is he comin' in?

How the fuck do I know?


How the fuck should you know?

I wonder what the cops will say to that, Tony.

Matt's missing, and you fuckin' threatened and attacked him on Friday.

How the fuck should you know?

I'd watch what you say to them, boss...

...'cause the ice is gettin' real thin.

All right. Here's my advice to you.

Pick up your check and skate the fuck off of this work site.

You're fuckin' fired.

What the fuck you smilin' about?

I just like watchin' punks get upset.

[truck driving away]

Fuckin' jerkoff.


[Tony] Don't mention none of this to Liz.

Don't mention it to Liz that you got fired?

You don't think she's gonna get a little suspicious, you sittin' around here on your ass all day, drinkin' beer?

We're not gonna sit on our asses drinkin' beer.

We're goin' go out and look for work.

This is temporary.

Gonna look for work? There's no fuckin' work, man.


Real work.

Listen... remember that guy, Bobby?

That guy, tall, bald guy, used to sell the stakes?

I talked to him the other day. He's got line.

He's got line on a job that, I'm telling you, man, it's clean, it's easy, it's in and fuckin' out.

It's like walkin' in there and takin' the money.

That's it.

There is no clean, easy, in and out.

Besides, I can't tell who he's talkin' to, you or me.

Uh, he's got a lazy fuckin' eye.

Don't hold it against him. Just trust me on this.

Clean, easy, in and out.

I've been casin' his place myself past couple three months.

Trust me. Yeah. You've been casino' it?

I don't mean to burst your bubble or anything, but your side of the family just sucks at this sorta thing, okay?

You're not exactly champion thieves.

Hi, guys. Hey.

Hi, baby. How's our big boy?

He's movin' a lot today.

You coming inside?

Me? Yeah.

Nah, I'll let you two lovebirds be alone.

Yeah, go on, go on.

Come on, I made meatloaf. Ah, I don't wanna--

You know what? I'll just go. I don't wanna--

Come on. Huh?

Meatloaf! Yeah?

You sure there's enough for everybody?

Come on! All right.

[police radio chatter]

[suspenseful music *]

Samantha Miller?

Sorry to keep you waiting. Detective Allen.

Right this way.

[police radio chatter continues]


[musical sting *]

Everything okay on the sites?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Anything you wanna talk about?

Not really.

Just a bad day.

Well, I'd really like to talk about something.

Can I have that?

[dishes clinking]

Like I said, baby, just a fucked up day.

It has nothing to do with you.

[musical sting *]

[typewriter typing]

[* The Clash: "Police and Thieves"]

* Police and thieves in the streets *

* Oh yeah

* Scaring the nation with their *

* guns and ammunition

* Police and thieves in the street *

* Oh yeah

* Fighting the nation with their *

* guns and ammunition

* From Genesis

* to Revelation

* The next generation

* will be, hear me

* From Genesis

* to Revelation

* The next generation

* will be, hear me

* And all the crowd come in

* day by day

* No one stops it

* in any way

[song fades out]

[suspenseful music *]

[phone beeping]

[Geri on speaker] There's two detectives here to see you.

All right. Send 'em in.

Thank you.

Mr. Fiorini?


I'm Detective Joseph.

This is my partner, Detective Allen.

Can we have a moment with you?

Yeah. You guys want somethin' to drink?

No, no, we're fine.

Come on in.

How long was Matt employed by your company?

About four years.

And his work ethics?

Excellent. I've never had any problems.

When'd you last see him?

It was last Friday.

He was at work, and he left early that day, around ten.

He got into a fight with one of my framers.

Guy named Tony Bricker.

Now, everybody knows that Matt, my foreman, drinks at another local bar called Sandy's.

He's there every Friday night, usually.

Are you tryin' to say...

...Tony paid him a visit or somethin'?

I don't know.

I think it's possible.

All right.

You got an address for this Bricker guy?

Let me see it, Fred.

Jeez, boss, you scared me. I didn't hear you come in.

How's it goin'?

It's goin'. Any, uh, word on Matt?

No. You?

No, nothin'.

Hey, Fred, remember the other day we were talkin' about Tony?

Well, yeah.

A couple detectives stopped by today.

What did they say?

Uh, they said they'd look into it...

...but that doesn't mean shit, right?

Are you worried, boss?

'Cause you got that worried look in your eyes.


All right, I'm gonna get back to this, uh, electric now, all right?


Looks great in here.

Yeah, it's comin' along. We're almost done.

Yeah, comin' along.

Looks really good.

[phone ringing]


Rebecca, you wanna get that?

[ringing continues]


What the fuck did you say to those fuckin' pigs about Matt missing?


What the fuck did you say to the police?

I told 'em the truth. The truth?

You sent 'em over to my fuckin' house when you know I'm on parole?

Scarin' my wife with your lies?

Do you know how easy an accident could happen to you and your fuckin' wife, huh, do you?

I'll cut you into little fuckin' pieces if you ever tried anything like that again--


Everything all right?

Yeah, everything's fine, honey.

Just work, you know?

That didn't sound like a work call.

Everything's fine.

It's nothin'.

[tense music *]

[phone ringing]

[Tom on phone] Hey, it's me.

[Sheriff on phone] Been a long time. What's happening?

[Tom] Listen, I have somebody I want you to look into.

Tony Bricker.

[Sheriff] All right, I'll ask around, see what I can find out.

[Tom] The sooner, the better.

He's got me a little nervous.

He's a real fuckin' loose cannon.

[Sheriff] Not a problem. Don't worry about it.


[overlapping chatter]

So after the first attack, uh, that was a Friday, and I came back to work on Monday and I was lookin' for him, and he was missing.

Bricker called me at home and he was real threatening.

Being a real wise prick, and...

And then, uh, that was it.

He's still threatenin' me. I was home.

He called me one night, was talkin' a lot of shit.

And after he attacked, uh, Matt on Friday...

...I came on Monday.

Tony was on the site and fuckin' Matt was missing.


We'll put that in the report.

We filed a complaint against Tony with his parole officer yesterday about him threatening you.

We'll let him know about this also.

He's meeting her at, what, two o'clock today?


Uh, so what happens after, uh, his parole officer gives him a warning?


I mean, what's-- What's your next move?

Like my partner said, we'll-- We'll put in the report.

And that's it?

Right now, it is.

I mean, we can't arrest him on a threat, if that's what you're asking.

I don't know. I mean, it sounds like you guys are protecting him.

[laughing] What do you mean by that?

I come in here, I tell you about a convicted felon who's threatening me and my wife...

...and my foreman is missing, and both of you's are laughin' at me?

Whoa... Oh, whoa.

Nobody's laughing' at you, my man.

Listen to me, Mr. Fiorini.

If I was you...


...I would just settle down.

[dance music *]

You see him in here again, you let me know, okay?

[indiscernible dialogue]

Hey, Leo, come on in, I'll buy you one.

No thanks, Roger, I gotta go to work.

So how's work going, anyway?

Roger, you know what the fuck I do for work!

Don't ever ask me about it!

All right?!

All right. Sorry, man.

Fuckin' asshole.

[phone ringing]

Tom, it's me.

You got anything?

I'm at the strip club.

Yeah, he was in here a couple days ago in the afternoon.

[Parole officer] And a Thomas Fiorini, your ex-employer, filed a complaint against you, too, for threatening him.

Both are direct violations against your parole, Tony.

That's why I was just about to call you.

I was the one that was threatened.

I was the one that was attacked.

You expect me to believe that Matt Miller attacked you first?

Yes, I do, Dana.

I've been nothin' but straight with you the whole time.

I've been clean for two years, I've been doin' my best, I've been workin' my ass off.

And now my wife's pregnant.

I mean, you cannot send me back now.

All I need is a job.

You had a job, and you fucked up.

I'm a good framer.

I'll find more work.

You better.

[King] Come on, watch it. Watch this guy, watch it.

Come on, hit her! Hit her!

Hit her, you dumb--

Hit-- Hit her! Hit her!

What the f-- No!

Fuck you, son-of-a-bitch!

Did you see the fuckin' slip that fuckin' jockey gave the motherfucker?

I told you, back the seven!

Get out of here, you fuckin' little crippled bastard!

I'll kill you, I swear to Christ.

Who the fuck are you?

[Tom] Tom Fiorini.

Fred told me to give you a call.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, yeah, he did, he did.

Uh, would-- Would you like one?

No, thanks.

Um, so, uh, Fiorini, huh?

What, uh...

What kinda hardware you lookin' for, Mr. Fiorini.


Just a few handguns.

So, uh, what's the rush?

To be honest with you, Mr. King, had a guy who works for me.

He's a real prick.

He's been threatenin' me.

Really? Oh, I see.

You got a family?

Yeah my wife. She's expectin' our first.

Ah, congratulations.

Ever handle a gun before?

Not so much.

I been lookin' for that.

Ah, here we go. Here we go.

All right?

[racks slide, dry fires gun]

Uh, eh, eh? Now you do.

[racks slide]

Eh, look at that. You're a natural.

So, how much for all these?

Ten thousand dollars.

Throw in some shells, Mr. King?



You're a businessman, eh?

Good, yeah, sure. Why not? Why not?

So, tell me, Mr. Fiorini... much trouble is this guy givin' you?

Enough for me to drop ten grand here.

Well, maybe me and Killer, we could help you out with this.

With what?

You know, we go see the guy, you know?

Have a little-- Have a little chat with him, if you- you get what I mean.

It might just provoke things.

Provoke things?

What do you think, a couple of schmoes gonna have the hardware like we got?

Come on, I'll get you a missile launcher, for Christ's sake.

I'll tell you what.

Ten thousand more, this guy don't talk to you ever again.

Hey, fuck that. Ten thousand more, this guy don't think about you ever again.

Hey, come on, what do you say? Huh?

Have one.

What do you say? One?

Just one. There you go.

Thank you.


The best.


[projector flicking]

[Tom voiceover] Tony Bricker will never harass my wife and unborn child again.

[muffled voices shouting]

I ran into Gary the other day.

He should hook me up with a guy that's got foundations lined up the street.

This guy's a fuckin' scumbag.

This guy's not gonna... [stuttering] like some kinda genie comin' out of a bottle and give us some work. Gary Tantino?

Besides, I can't get involved with him after that episode I had with his sister.

Fuck, Tony.

If we start ruling out everybody you had an episode with in this town, we might as well move.

Now the last guy we worked with was a scumbag, too.

That's the facts. We gotta find work.

Stop takin' everything personal.

What happened to that money you say you been savin'?

[sighs] I got debts, man.

I had to pay off that guy, Cole, and...

Ah, you mean your dealer?

No! No! Yes, yes, he's a pusher.

I told you, man, I ain't doin' that shit anymore.

Plus I had to get that-- Don't fuckin' lie to me!

He's your goddamn dope dealer!

What do I look like? A fool?

I'm too old of cat to get fucked by a kitten, kid.

I've been doin' dope longer than you've been alive, so shut your fuckin' mouth!

You think I fuckin' like it?

You're gonna fuckin' torture me?

I'm broke! What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Yeah, well, welcome to the club, asshole.

I'm broke, too.

What do you want me to do? Go in the alley and blow men?

You know? What am I supposed to fuckin' do?

Turn tricks?

So I can pay my fuckin' heat?

I got a kid on the way. And I can't afford this shit.

I know, man.

60 fuckin' dollars? Yeah.

What am I gonna do with that?

Get through it.

Buy some chocolate bars, but don't do junk.

Thanks for the 60.

I'll figure it out.

I'll figure it out.

[distant car alarms]

[tense music *]

[Tom on phone] I'm telling' you, there's somethin' wrong with this guy.

[Sheriff on phone] Will you relax?

You're just overthinkin' it.

[Tom] No, there is somethin' goin' on.

[Sheriff] All right. He does have a bit of a record.

All right, listen. I'll go talk to him.

After I go to church.

Nice shooting' today, Larry.

You too, Leo.


Trained professionally, you know.

Hey, uh, you wanna grab a drink?

I don't drink, Larry. [banging on vending machine]

Goddamn it.

Come on! [sighs]

I see why.

I don't drink, Larry.


...I gotta get to work. I'm late.

How's, uh... How's work goin', anyway?

Don't ever ask me that question, Larry.

Not ever. Okay?


You stay in trouble.

I'll see you. See you.

[upbeat Latin music *]



[song stops abruptly]

[exhales audibly]

Hello, Officer. Hello, ma'am.

Is Tony Bricker here? I'd like to ask him a few questions.

Mind if I come in?

You got a warrant?

Yes, ma'am, I have a warrant.

What's the problem, Officer?

No problem.

Well then, what are you doin' here?

Well, like I said. I'm just here to ask Tony a few questions.

But, uh, we'll wait till he shows up, okay?

Oh! Speak of the devil.

You invite him?

He's got a warrant. Warrant?

What, you don't believe her?

[doorbell rings]

So where were you on Friday night, Tony?

Where were you on Friday, Sheriff?

Well, I was just cruisin' around in my brand new car, lookin' for people like you.

Just pickin' your feet in Poughkeepsie, huh?


You're a funny guy.

So where were you?

I was at the hospital, visiting my mother with pneumonia.

Want me to call? Oh, no, no.

I'm perfectly capable of that.

Trained police officer, you know?

So, Tony, uh...

I guess you don't mind if I take a look around?

You got the warrant.

Yeah, I got the warrant.

I really appreciate you coming over, Rebecca.

You didn't have to.

I know how busy you are with... and... Tom.

It's not a problem.

I wanted to see if there was anything I could do for you, how you were doing.

I'm doing the best I can...

[chuckling] I guess.

I don't think that you should stay here alone, but...

I think you should stay with us.

That would be very good for you.

Aw... but...

...I wanna be here when Matt comes home.

It's okay.

It's okay. Come here.

It's okay.

[Sheriff] What you got goin' on here, Tony?

Second half of the house.

I see you keep it nice and clean.

So, Tony...

You wouldn't be keepin' any, uh, weapons or, uh, drugs, or anything like that in here, would you?

Oh, no.

Nothin' like that. Nope.

But I'm hopin' for your help, you know?

Yeah, I'm hopin' you can help me find somethin' for that, uh, auction road show, you know?

I was- I was thinkin' that that's Spanish, right?

That could be a Picasso.

Yeah, well, looks like a piece of shit.

What, you're a gardener?

Uh, now and then. One green thumb.

What you grown' out here, Tony?

Well, not much now since it's winter.

Thought maybe you might have a little hydroponics goin' on here.

Oh, not me, Sheriff.

Clean livin'.

Nice bike.

Wanna buy it? 50 bucks.

Nah, it's got a flat.

I'll sell it for 40.

No, thanks. Hey, listen, Tony, I'm gonna get out of here.

Just do me a favor, will you?


Stay in trouble.

I'd like to come back and see you.

You got it.

[tense music *]

[Liz] Why do the police keep coming here, Tony?


Answer me!

I don't know.

Some knucklehead's gone missin' from the job site and, uh, I'm a parolee, what do you expect?

The guy you had an argument with?

Yeah, it was Matt. Yeah.

He was arguin' with me and Tom, and he didn't like it, and he probably got a better offer.

That's wonderful, Tony.

That's just fucking wonderful.

So that's why the guy didn't file a complaint.

Come on, Liz. I'm gonna kill a guy over a fuckin' argument?

You had a little bit more than an argument, didn't you?

Yeah, and I settled it.

They're gonna put you away for life, Tony.

Do you realize that? They're gonna put you away for life.

I didn't do anything, Liz.

What am I supposed to tell our baby, huh?

I didn't do anything, Liz!

You didn't do anything? [knock on the door]

Go to the bedroom. Go to the bedroom!

[dramatic music *]


Hey, sorry to bother you.

Uh, a couple of schmoes from the city, we're lost.

Uh, can you give us some directions back to the parkway, maybe?


Sorry to bother you, really.

It's this way, right? Yeah.

You head straight down the street, first stop sign, wanna get to route nine, headin' south.

You're Bricker, right?

Oh, you ain't lost, huh?

No, we ain't lost.

We got a message for you.

Yeah? What's that?

Stop bothering' your old boss.


They won't give up. Will they?

You see anybody laughin' here, Mr. Bricker?

Bet you won't be laughin' soon.

Look, you're gonna stay away from him.

In fact, you gonna make nice.

Stay the fuck away from him, and anybody else that works for him.

You got that, Mr. Bricker?

And I don't do this, suppose I don't do this.

Then what?

What are you two fuckin' clowns gonna do about it?

Listen, Mr. Bricker, you don't know who the fuck we are, and you probably wanna keep it that way.

'Cause otherwise... how should I say?

Things could get fucked up for you.

They probably could.


[thud] Ow!

You stay the fuck down, you.

[gunshot, scream] Goddamn it!

That fucker shot me in the foot, boss!

Give me your fuckin' wallet. What?!

Give me your fuckin' wallet! Aw, shit, my wallet!

You asshole! My foot!

My wallet, here take my fuckin' wallet.

Take the fuckin' thing. Come on, just get me the fuck outta here.

Oh, my foot.

Take it easy. Take it easy!

Come on, let's go.


Back to New York!

[grumbling] Hurry up.



Oh, my foot.

Come on!

Come on! Hurry up!


[engine sputtering]

[engine starts]

The appliances, cabinets, everything good for you folks?

Great. All right.

Shall we move on to the living room?

[suspenseful music *]

[phone ringing]

Excuse me.


Hey, it- it didn't go so good.

[Tom] Who's this? It's- It's King.

That thing didn't go so well.

What do you mean?

He shot Killer in the foot and he messed me up real bad, I- I might even have a concussion.

[stuttering] You better lay low.


Now you- you want any more fuckin' heat put on this guy, it-it's gonna cost you a lot more money.

This guy's a fuckin' maniac.

[shuts phone]

You gotta be kiddin' me.


Tom? Yeah?

These folks would love it if you changed the carpet in the master bedroom at no cost.

Oh, uh, listen, Scott. Somethin' just came up for me right now.

I gotta take off for a while, but that sounds like no problem.

Thank you, folks. Enjoy the home.




Rebecca. Boo!



You think that was funny?

Uh, yes, I thought it was a little funny.

You almost gave me a heart attack.

How come you didn't answer the phone when I called?

Uh, I didn't hear it. The TV was on.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay, I just...


I worry about you.

You know that.

Are you all right?


[ambient music *]

[birds chirping]

[low-fi Oriental style song playing *]

[Darrell] How's things been?


Can't complain.

How 'bout you guys?

Same... same...

Can't complain.

It's good to see you.

It's good to see you, too.

Real good to see you, too, Tony.

Good to see you, too.

You should come out more often.

Yeah, it's beautiful out here.

It's just... the ride.

It's a... fuckin' hike....

...drivin' to Canada.


Yeah, I guess it is.

How's business?

[nunchucks clatter]


Couldn't be better.

How's, uh, Liz doin'?

Ah, thanks for askin'.

Good. She's- She's pregnant, uh...

She's expecting in a few weeks, actually.

We're excited. Over the moon.


Thank you.

[sighing] So...

What the fuck do you want, Tony?

It's about that favor.

Just name it.

I mean, you name it.

I mean, after what you did for us...

...anything you want.

I appreciate that.

I got this guy...

...and his partner.


Want pictures?

Not necessary.

[suspenseful music *]

[Sheriff] Nothin'.

But this Tony, he's up to somethin'.

I don't know what it is, but he's up to somethin'.

How long have you know this Tony for?

Why do you ask?

I pulled his file.

He's not somebody you should be messin' with.

But don't worry, I'll keep my eye on him.

I'll tail him, scare him a little bit, stuff like that.

I appreciate that, Leo.

But if I was you... didn't hear this from me, I'd get myself a gun.

And if he set foot in my house, I'd shoot him dead.


Shit, I might even ask him over.

So, Tommy... wanna give me that donation now, or should I swing by later?

[recorded voice] Stop. Move away from the cookie jar.

[ominous music *]

[gun cocking loudly]

Oh, no. no, that's too loud.

It's too bold.

Oh, come on, Darrell.

I never get to use this thing.

You wanna use somethin' like this.


[Darrell voiceover] We wanna wear plain clothes.

You don't wanna stand out.

The one that is never seen is the one that is most dangerous.

Grab her right after that.

We'll take separate rides over to his house.

We'll just toss her in the back of your van.

All right? Yeah.

You understand that? Sounds good.

And no stoppin'. We go straight home.

Can I rape her?

Yeah, yeah, you can rape her.

Only after I rape her. Okay.

Hey, Darrell, maybe we could do this thing in the mornin', huh?

I kinda wanna get home.

Good night, Harold.

[ominous music *]


[Tom voiceover] I thought I had this all under control.


I told ya. Shut up.

I told you to bet Cupid's Arrow, and he's gonna win. Shut the fuck up.

I told ya.

I told ya to bet on him!

What the heck was that, man?

Ah, you gotta be kidding me. I didn't even get a call.

Should've bet Cupid's Arrow.

You know, uh, you know I told you that before the race.

You know I was gonna be a jockey before this.

You know I know what the hell I'm talkin' about.

Yeah, would you just shut the fuck up?

If I hear that jockey story one more time, I swear I'm gonna kill ya!

Now stop talkin' and go fix the gosh darn heat!

All right, man. Get the f-- Go ahead.

Well, pay the fuckin' bill, already.


I think we should go visit that Tony again.

Oh, yeah? Why?

What do you- What, do you wanna ask him for your wallet back?

Yeah, but, by the way, who is stupid enough to bring a wallet to that kinda thing?

I mean, he knows where you are now, you know.

He's gonna come find ya.

Then we're gonna see what you do...


Well, I'm all up for that fuckin' day.

Mm, yeah, tough guy.

I told you about that too. You should've listened to me, there.

About what?

You should've brought me along.

For... for what?

What the f-- What are you gonna do there?

What are you gonna do there?

Are you gonna run him over with that stupid chair of yours--

Yeah, yeah.

[elevator humming] Now who's this?

Look, whoever it is, tell 'em I'm not here, okay?

Unless it's that Fiorini guy.

I wanna get some more money off him. I can use it.



A couple of goombas that want--


[silenced gunshots]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait!

You got me, I'm the--


What the fuck?!


[ominous music *]

[motorcycle approaching]



[Tom screaming] No!

[unsettling music *]

[Darrell voiceover] We have your wife.

We want 100 thousand dollars.

Bring it to the Gateway Motel.

Come alone.

You bring the police, she dies.

You don't show up, she dies.

You don't bring the money, she dies.

Wait for us in your room.

We will come and get you, take you to her.

I'm not playin' around here, Mr. Fiorini.

We will kill her and you.

Sincerely, Darrell Slingsberg the Third.

[opera aria playing *]

[Tom] Rebecca!

[Darrell] She's in one piece.

[Tom] Listen, it's all there, all right?

How many problems will you give us?

I just want my wife. I don't want any trouble.

All I want is my wife, believe me.

[Darrell] I believe...

...that you ain't gonna do shit.

Ain't that right, little brother?

Aw, yeah.

A real pussy.

[Tom] Rebecca!

[Darrell laughing]

[Darrell] It's over.

[Tom] Get the fuck off me.

Take the cuffs off him, Harold.

It's over.

It is fucking over.


[muffled scream]

Darrell, is it all there?






[tense, dramatic music *]


[Detective Joseph] How's everything, boss?

Can I get you anything?

[Tom] No, I'm fine.

[Detective Joseph] Well, we just have a few questions.

Shouldn't take long.

[cartoon sounds on TV]

[Detective Allen] Thanks for comin' in.

No problem.

[Detective Allen] Where were you yesterday, Tom?

I was in the city.

[Detective Allen] New York? [Tom] Yeah.

Somethin' special about that?

Somethin' special about that?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there is somethin' special about that.

What part of New York were you in, Tom?

[Tom] I was in the Upper East Side.

[Detective Allen] Let me guess.

Visiting family?

Yeah... wife's mother.

[Detective Allen] Mother?

What'd you do?

[Tom] Sat around, ate.

Talked about the baby comin', that kinda shit.

[Detective Allen] What'd you eat?

She made a nice roast.

[Detective Allen] Oh, really?


[Detective Allen] Any good? [Tom] Yeah.


Tony Bricker was killed yesterday...

...sometime in the morning or early afternoon.

He was killed, huh? [Detective Allen] Yeah.


[gunshot] Reported yesterday morning by Sheriff Biggs.

Hospital confirmed.

[Tom] Any ideas?

[Detective Allen] Not a clue at this point.

I seem to recall you comin' in here last week to file a complaint against the guy.

Now that's makin' a choice...


[suspenseful music *]

I just came by to check things out.

Check on Tony, like you said.

I didn't expect to see you here.

But I see you took my advice.

Took matters into your own hands.

Where's Liz?

Why did you do this now?

This is fucking wonderful.

I don't know.

You didn't kill her, did you?

You don't understand what this guy did to my wife.

[muffled screams]

All right.

Anybody see you?

You sure?

You're sure nobody saw you? 'Cause that's really important.


All right...

I'm not sayin' I'm gonna lose my job over this, but, uh, when I call this in, I fill out that report, your name's not gonna be on it.

Now get outta here.

[detectives chuckling]

[Detective Joseph] Hell of an alibi, though.

[Tom] Why would I need an alibi?

I mean, I'm a home builder, right?

Then I'm the last guy you guys should be lookin' at.

[Detective Joseph] All right, you know what?

You're takin' this the wrong way.

You're trying' to say I killed somebody?

[Detective Joseph] No...

Nobody's tryin' to say you killed anybody.

Nobody's tryin' to say you killed Tony.

What we're doin' is askin' you a few questions.

Doin' our job.

Do your partner think I killed somebody?

I do think you did it.

In fact, I, uh...

I know you did it.

And when we find what we're lookin' for...

...I'm gonna put you away for 25 years.

Maybe life.


[clatter, glass shattering]


[Tom] Rebecca.


[smack] [Tom grunts]

[grunting, heavy breathing]


How's it goin', Eric? Hey. Not bad.

So, uh, where's Tony?

Uh, thanks. Yeah.

[heavy breathing]

I'll tell you what I'm gonna enjoy most about this whole thing.

Oh, man.

I'll tell you what I might do.

I might keep her around a couple days, you know, and just fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her.


Oh, I'm gonna fuck her good.

But don't feel bad.

I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll let you watch the first few times.

How'd that be?

I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?

[Tom screaming] No!


[Tom voiceover] So this is how I got here.

I can't believe it.

By this motherfuckin' piece of shit.

[people chattering]

[dramatic music *]


I'm home!

You up there?



[woman] Is there a problem, officer?

License and registration, please.

[woman] Sure.

Proof of insurance.

You know why I pulled you over, sweetie?

[woman] No, sir.

Possible dog theft.


[Sheriff] There's been a lot of canine theft in this area lately.

You're kidding, right?

[Sheriff] I'm not kidding.

You got tags for that dog?

[woman] Um, not on him right this second.

Not on him?

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take your dog, ma'am.

[woman] What?! Hey!

Yes, ma'am. Hey!

Come on, pooch. Hey!

Yeah, maybe you can meet me down at the dog pound, and we can work somethin' out.

Move away.

You like that? Yeah.

Yes, he's a cutie.

[dramatic music *]

[Tom] What's his problem?

[Tony] I, uh-- He's fucked up, man.

He's some savant. He's like, uh...

[Tom] Well, what's his problem? He's your fuckin' cousin!

Look, you want me to throw him off the fuckin' roof, I will!

Fire him! I don't know what to tell ya.

I told him three thousand times if I told him once.

[Tom] Oh, I gotta talk to him myself then?

I wish you would! I have to!

You guys are fuckin' breakin' my balls!

I'm off-schedule here!