Age of Consent (1969) Script

It's been a great success, Mr. Morahan. Yes.

Shall I tell Mr. Godfrey you're here? No. I can find him.

What are those little red stickers in the corners?

That means they're sold.

Hey, that one doesn't have a sticker. Yeah.

I wonder why that one hasn't been sold.

It's a tapestry. Yeah.

It's very nice.

I think it's good.

It'll look good in that place above the fireplace, you know.

Look, it's not too big and it's not too small.

I guess so.

I wonder what they want for it. Well, how shall I know?

Well, find out, can't you?

Hey, Miss...

I was wondering about these pictures here.

I imagine they're worth a buck or two.

I mean, do they rate high?

Well, that's a matter of opinion, isn't it?

As you can see, most of them have been sold.

Well, this one hasn't.

I like it. Yes.

Yes, you won't find a better Brad Morahan than that.

Actually, there is someone after it, but it hasn't been sold yet.

How much is it?

This one? Just let me find out.

Tai. Tai.

This one's five.

Five, eh?


It's very nice.

Perhaps you'd like to talk it over together.

Well, dear...


Excuse me.

I see it hasn't gone yet.

No. No, it hasn't. Not actually.

Well, it has now.

Let me see. You said five for this one, didn't you?

Good. It's a deal.

I suppose you want to keep it until the end of the exhibition.

Well, yes. Yes, I do.

Well, you can't, bubeleh.

I got a buyer for it already.

It is sold? Yes.

It was really marvelous, wasn't it?

Yes, it was quite a good one.

I could never understand why nobody bought it.

Bradley Morahan does something to me.

Maybe it's because he's an Australian.

He seems to have a vision... Brad! Brad, wait a minute. Brad.

Was that him?

If somebody had told me when I first wanted to be a painter that I'd end up living the way I do, I'd never have started.

I might just as well be making chronometers.

I sit here all day in this bloody little studio, meticulously devising these things that I make.

Beautiful things, Brad, lovely things.

Beautiful, yes. Clever.

Beautiful and cheap at the price.

Godfrey, that's a load of bull.

There isn't a painter alive who's worth the fancy prices that you charge.

It's just lucky for you that people have a blind faith in what they don't understand.

You need a holiday.

I started painting because it was my way of responding to the things that I love.

Light, color, life, people, sensuality.

But I'm out of touch with them now.

I'm indoors behind bars, and I want to get out.

I suppose you'll think it in bad taste for me to mention it, but I must point out that your share alone from the November exhibition will come to $30,000.

And with your chronic alimony situation, I'm sure you can use it.

Godfrey, my friend, I find you revolting.

Take your sketchbook.

You just don't want to understand, do you?

This isn't a bloody sketching expedition!

Could we have a forwarding address? Australia.

Yes, I saw that one coming. Could you be a little more specific?

Brisbane, points north up the Queensland coast.

That's where I belong. But do you belong there anymore?

That's what I'm gonna find out.

Paper! Paper! Get your paper!

Daily! Daily Mail! Paper!

Paper, mister?

Paper, mister? I don't read.

You don't have to. Wrap your peas and pies in it, you big nong.

The first blow in a fresh onslaught against the old enemy drought is being struck in the Emerald district.

Preliminary work has just started on the site of the Commonwealth Government's $28 million Maraboon Dam, Nogoa River.

People in Central Queensland say the scheme is the greatest thing that ever happened in that area.

The beef cattle population now stands at two million, but the new scheme is expected to double that in a few years.

That is a lot of cattle. Let's hope there is a lot of water.

Of more than local interest is the arrival in our midst of world-famous painter Bradley Morahan.

Case of local boy makes good.

Brad had his first exhibition in Sydney in 1946 and now has paintings in the London Tate Gallery, The Richard Gallery in New York... Brad, look, you're on telly.

...and other galleries all over both hemispheres. Right, Brad?

Yes, that's right, Fred.

"That's right, Fred." Brad Morahan, like Australian painters, William Dobell, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd...

You don't want to watch that. I do want to watch it!

...fabulous Whitechapel Art Gallery, has come back to revisit old scenes...

Brad, stop it! "That's right, Fred." Come on. settle down and work.

Come on!

No! Brad!

The viewers would like to hear from you, Brad.

I'm very glad to be back in Queensland where I was born.

I don't have any plans, just wander around a bit and take a look.

Find a beach, maybe, and comb it.

Like Gauguin, huh? No, not like Gauguin.

Like me.

Hello. Meg, this is Nat.

Who? Nat Kelly.

Hello, Nat.

Hello, Meg, how's the girl? Can I speak to Brad Morahan?

Brad Morahan here with me? Whatever gave you that idea?

Don't kid me. The grapevine says you two met at Leonard's last week and haven't been seen since.

Well, the grapevine is wrong, doll.

Well, tell him when he calls I'm looking for him.

He may call. What's the message?

Want to buy him a beer.

Put him in the scene.

I'll tell him. Thanks, Meg. You're a mate.


Old friends unite. Nat's back in town.

Nat, Nat who? Nat Kelly.

The grapevine says we met for dinner a week ago and haven't been seen since.

He wants to buy you a beer.

Talk over old times.

I remember him. He was a nice young fellow.

Nice, shy, quiet sort of joker.

Pal, make way. Make way, please.

Brad, you old bastard!

How about it, Brad? Can you loan us, say, $50?

Jeez, you've done all right for yourself.

Got to make this last. $25 any use?

Fair enough. Hey, Susie! She's a real good pal, is Susie.

She likes it, really.

Now, first of all, we find the birds, take them to the turf club later, and tomorrow we'll take them down to Surfers Paradise. Leave it all to me, sport.

Susie, this is Brad Morahan, an old mate of mine.

He's an artist. Take your clothes off, and he'll immortalize you.

Need one, please, I'm in a hurry.

Excuse me.

Evens on the field, evens.

Come on!

Come on.

That's a sham. Take a swab!

What were you on, Brad? I had the winner.

Even money. Yeah, the game stinks!

Hey, Brad, meet the Birds!

This is the Edna Bird, and this is the Grace Bird.

No, I'm Grace. I'm Edna.

Hi, Brad. Pleased to meet you.

The famous Brad, one of my oldest friends.

Are you really going to paint us, Brad?

Now, that depends, girls, if you do the right thing.

You're a devil, Nat! Isn't he a devil, Brad?

Yes, he's a devil, all right.

Now, why don't you two girls go park yourselves up in the stands, eh?

We'll find the grog, right?

Okay. Bye! Yeah.

I was only kidding you, Brad.

You know what women are like about painters.

They just love the excuse to strip off.

Well, you'll have to find another way to get their clothes off.

No! I've got plans! I've got a train to catch.

Where to? Checkabarame.

You can send me that 25 care of the post office.

Now, sugar, believe me. You'll need a bird in Checkabarame. You'll go off your rocker.

It's a morgue. It's a dump. It's a desert island.

All you ever think about is birds. You're out of your mind!

Now, with me, it's entirely different. I'm like a camel when it comes to sex.

Especially right now, after a week in Brisbane.

You'll come to your senses one of these days.

Oh, no, I won't! Checka-bloody-barame.

Without a bird?

You're in tune with Foreign Kay McKie, the voice of the Great Barrier Reef.

Eastern time is 25 minutes after 3.; oo.

The shack's on the other side of the sand bar.

Take it easy with those eggs.

It's only a couple of hundred yards. You think you'll need a hand?

No, I can manage, thanks.

Cast her off, will you?

I'll be over most days with the mail. I'm out fishing every morning.

I hope it doesn't get you down. This season, the island's pretty dead.

I like it dead.



Come on. Let's find the shack. Godfrey!

Come on out. Come on out.

Come on. Out you come.


Chase them out, Godfrey.

I'll hold the door.

Nicely done, boy. Nicely done.


I hope to God there's a scrubbing brush in that other box from the store.

You know, there's one thing we haven't done.

We haven't taken a look at the dunny.

I think we've found a haven.

We've got it made.

Too old.

There's people here. I hope they leave us alone.

Get lost, you nosy bludger! Go on, go out.

Come on.

Like I said, Godfrey, this place is crawling with people.

Hello, Godfrey.


What's that?

It's the sun.

It's a saw.

Come on.


I see.

Are you selling those?

Do you supply the storekeeper on the mainland?

How much do you want? Depends.

On what? How many you buy.

All right, let's have a look.

They're fresh.

Fresher than if I bought them from the store.

And cheaper.

Does he know that you undersell him?

If you buy from me regular, I'll give you a special price.

That's fair enough.

Cash? Naturally.

I'll take the big crayfish and all the oysters.

For $3.50? That's too much.

$3. Okay, fine.

I said the big crayfish.

What else can you supply?

Prawns, fish, chicken?

Chooks, eh?

What's the market price for a prime-fresh chook?


Can you deliver tomorrow?

You're sure? Yeah.

All right. We're in business.


Jasper, is that you?

Jasper, are you frightening those fowls again?

I've been waiting for you.

One stinking little crayfish!

Where have you been, girl? Nowhere.

Lying slut. Neglecting your work, it should have been full by now!

Do you want us to starve? Leave me alone.

So you can waste your time with some fancy joker who'll have the skirt off you and make you sick in your own guts.

Keep away from him or I'll have the law on him! You're underage.

Like your mother, a bitch in heat under the bushes with every filthy feller in town!

Shut up about my mother.

She died of it, and you'd have gone on your own if I hadn't taken you and raised you!

I'm an old woman, Cora. Look after me.

My friend.

What a feast you're going to be.

You have an appointment with some herbs, garlic and a slow, slow fire.

Chicken bones are bad for dogs, Godfrey. You get mince.

Time for a swim, eh? Here we go.


Come back here, Godfrey! Godfrey, come back!


Good dog.

Good morning! We're neighbors.

Bradley Morahan.

Ms. Marley, of Marley House, under the woods.


I'll get it for you. Thank you.

Here you are. Thanks so much.

We're just going for a walk, Jasper and I.

Settled in nicely?

Yes, thanks. Good.

If you need any fresh vegetables or eggs, do ask.

I'm sure we could come to some arrangement.

That's very kind of you.

I might be able to let you have a boiling fowl, too.

Good day. Good day.

Sit down.

He's been a stray for so long, he sometimes forgets himself.

You mean the dog broke into Marley's and killed the chook, eh?

No, he'd never trespass. It was the chook that wandered into our garden.

Godfrey let out a howl, and the chook flew into the air, dropped down dead of fright.

You're having me on. Accidental death, I would say.


So what could I do? I couldn't waste her.

I didn't even know who owned her.

So you ate her? So I ate her.

What about Ms. Marley?

Well, there's only one thing to do with her.

Apologize, pay for the damage.

Seems fair enough.

Keep that dog under control.

Any more fowl killing and he'll be for the high jump.

Oh, no, I really couldn't. It's too much.

$4, I insist.

Well, we'll make it $2, and I'll say no more about it.

Now, I'm really sorry.

Don't think I'm a fool, Mr. Morahan. I'm well aware of what really happened.

Hello, Godfrey.

$2 in advance for a stolen chook.

This thieving's got to stop! They're a wake-up, Ms. Marley, copper.

Eggs, chooks. What else you take?

Vegetables. It's bloody immoral!

Didn't you like the chicken? That's beside the point.

Who taught you to steal? Me grandma.

You took some of my eggs, didn't you?

That police nark can put you in a home. Do you know what a girl's home is?

Me grandma says she'll send me there if I don't get enough money for food and her gin.

Where's your mother? Dead.


Never had one, not one that would own up to it.

Doesn't the seafood you sell to the store give you enough to live on?

Only pays for the groceries and the gin. Me grandma knows the prices.

I can't cheat her. What do you want to cheat her for?

So's I can hide money and save it.

What are you saving up for?

To get away from here.

When I've got $100, I'm going to Brisbane to be a hairdresser.

I've saved over 50.

I want you to promise not to steal anymore.

If I don't steal, then I can't save, and I can't get away from here.

You'll get nowhere if you're behind bars!

Our deal is off if you don't give it up.

Think it over.


If you stick to your word, I'll try to help you.


$100, eh?

Buy some of your shellfish, see if we can raise the prices of that old skinflint at the store.

I might even...

If I had the materials to work with, I might even...


I might even get you to pose. Pose?

I'm a painter. Know what a model is?

Like that? No!

Like this? No!

Like this? No!


Hold that! Just like that!

This isn't posing.

Don't tell me what's posing and what isn't.

Just don't move.

How much will you pay me?

Money, money, money. That's all you ever think about.

Half a dollar an hour. Take it or leave it.

Okay. Now lie down.

Put this arm around there, like that. Knees up a bit.

That's the ticket.

Just stay still. Keep your mouth shut.


How'd you know I look like that? I got eyes.

Half a dollar.

You said half a dollar an hour.

Well? Well, I've been here for two hours.

That's $1.

You were asleep. Godfrey!

And you've eaten me prawns!

Okay, take it easy. There's a dollar.

Next time we'll get it on canvas.


Here's your Brisbane call. Right.

Thank you.

Sawyers? I want to order some materials.

Send them air freight to Bradley Morahan, care of Cooley's store, Checkabarame.

Checka... That's right... barame.

Two rolls Dutch canvas, six dozen stretcher pieces, 40, 48 inches, two crank-blade palette knives, hog brushes...

Send me some twelves, tens, sixes. Half a dozen of each. Linseed oil, tips.

Right, I'll hold on. We're a bit overstocked.

The deep freeze won't hold much of this stuff.

That looks like a good catch.

There's no demand out of season.

A few groceries and a bottle of gin, the lot.

That's not fair. A man's not in business to give charity.

Exactly, unfair to you, Mr. Cooley. Aye.

Give Mr. Cooley a rest, blondie.

Take them to the pub or the other store up the street.

Are you getting at me?

Okay, two linseeds, four tips, three tins of...

Okay, I'll stretch a point. I'll give you $5 the lot.

Hold on a minute.


Get off yourself.

Cadmium yellow, raw sienna, Cobalt blue, ultramarine... I'll give her $7.

Forget it.

Daylight bloody robbery! I'll make it $8.

$1 2. $10, and that's it.

It's a deal.

You're a smart bargainer, Mr. Cooley.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes.

Yellow ocher, viridian, raw umber, burnt umber, indigo. I think that's about it.

No, you'd better add Prussian blue.

How much is it? 35c.

A box of charcoal, mediums.

What size have you got with canvas boards?

I'll take it.

Yes, I'll buy it. Don't forget the discount.

I'll find out how much the call is.

The stores will take about an hour. All right.

Put these two rolls of wrapping paper in with them.

I'd like my bacon a bit leaner. Too much fat on it last time.

You going back? No, not for a while.

Schooner, please. Just what I was telling Cora.

I'll run her over, and then I'll come back for you, okay?


Little slut!

I'll kill you! I'll get the lust out of you!

I'll take that feeling out of you, you rotten little slut!

On the Great Barrier Reef, you're in tune with Foreign Kay McKie.

Don't forget Sunset Showtime is 5.; oo tonight.

Right now it's 88 degrees, and if you're out there, I hope you're having a real ball because we are here.

No hurry.

You're not keen to get back to the old bag, are you?

Let's have a smoke. I don't.

We'll have a talk then.

A piece of chewie?

You're grown into a nice-looking bird, Cora.

How about it some time?

About what?

Well, you and me.

I've been wanting to get with you, Cora.

Get off me, Teddy Farrell, you...

How dare you!


Don't hold out on me, Cora.

Come on, get them off! Get your gear off, Cora.

On the Great Barrier Reef, number nine in the charts, now number three, a great sound.

You crazy virgin!

Come back! It's supposed to be a compliment, you stupid bitch!

You bloody wait!

Jeez, I only tried to be friendly, Cora.

Shameless slut! Get your dress on!

Don't you ever do that to me again!

Tramp, I seen you down on the beach.

Liar! You tart! Don't call me names.

Don't follow me around. Don't treat me like a child. I'm not anymore!

You're cheating me.

You would if you could. I'm too smart.

I found you out the last time.

I found the money where you'd hidden it, under the pack.

Deal with Cooley yourself. Miserable.

Can't, he's a skinflint.

I'd stand up to him if I wasn't so old and sick.

Last time you went to town, you got locked up for being drunk.


You try stealing from me, girl.

I'll find it, hear me? I'll find it.

Leave me alone or so help me, I'll take you by your old neck and throw you into the sea!


I'm home! Godfrey!

Come, boy.

Hi, there, boy.

Hi, did you have a long day? Sorry I'm so late.

There you are. There you are.

Take it easy. Got a present for you, see?

Guess what it is. It's a ball!

Go fetch it.

There you are, boy. Come on!

I got a bone for you, too.

Come on. That's it, inside.

Some cold beer! Come on, boy.

To dogs.

To painters.

To girls, bless them all.

Bless us all.

It's a triton.

It's beaut.

Would you mind taking your clothes off? Why?

Well, when you're swimming around, your dress interferes with the line of your body.

I'm trying to paint you, not your dress.

Like a real model? Yes.


Dollar and a half an hour? Okay!

I've got $81 saved.


For Brisbane! Yes. Good.

I wonder if I ordered enough canvas.

It's a week now. It should be here soon.

Did I pose well?

Listen. That's the launch.

Maybe my stuff's on it.

Yes, you posed fine! You're a good model, Cora!

You're great!

Got anything for me from Brisbane?

Just some mail and a passenger.

Hi, Brad, me old mate!

Boy, is it good to see you!

Boy, got a hell of a thirst. Got any beer?

Hello, Nat.

Come on.

Gee, what a place to live in.

Strewth. You went a bit mad, Brad.

What's your name, soldier?

His name is Godfrey. Jeez, what's that?

It's the cat. Sit down.

Where and when do we eat?

I'm a man with a pack of werewolves at his heels.

You couldn't lend me $400?

You know bloody well I couldn't.

Oh, well. I'd love to stay a while.

When you hear the strife I'm in, you won't have the heart to put me out.

For a start, my wife has showed up out of the blue, chasing me for alimony.

You know, they can put you in jail in this rotten country for not paying alimony.

I know.

So I says to meself, "I'll borrow from the bank."

So I was about to have a little ding-dong with the bank manager's wife, when the creep comes home unexpected like and catches us.

Do you know what he did, the jealous bastard?

Cut it off! My overdraft.

So what else is left? The races.

You couldn't pick a winner in a one-horse derby.

Right. Now I'm hundreds in the red, and this bookmaker's looking for me.

He's got two gorillas, and they're looking for me, too.

They won't think of good old Checkabarame, eh?

Who would?

I came here to work. Lovely place for it.

I'd like to help you... But you're legit.

I'm working on something important. Marvelous.

I need quiet. I'll be as quiet as a mouse.

I need privacy. I'll see you get it.

You work, and I'll just amuse myself. But carry on as if I wasn't here.


Don't overdo it, Brad.

Where's your ball, soldier? Come on. There it is.

All right, now. Come on.

And off we go!

So long, Brad!

Come on!

Come this way! Follow Mummy's footsteps!

That's it! Come along!

Look, sand! Come on, I'll let you have a run.

There we are. Come along!


Good. Now, up, up, up.

And away!

Come on. Come on, soldier, come on. Come on.

Bring it back. There you are!


He's so small. He's not your size!

Hey, ma'am, don't get the dog excited.

Keep your dog under control.

Help! Save my dog, please!

Stop it! Go and fight your own weight!

Don't be ridiculous.

Aren't you a man at all?

Yes, I am!

Do something! Make them stop!

Jasper's being murdered!

Don't get him so excited. Come on, Godfrey. Come on.

That flaming dog of yours got me into a very peculiar situation!

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Hello, Jasper! Come here.

Here. Here.

You know, I think he likes me.

I'm very fond of animals.

Are you staying on the island?

No, I'm just spending a few days with Bradley Morahan.

You know, the painter. Yes.

I see you've got reservations.

These artistic types. I do know what you mean.

Lonely, poor chap. Begged me to come and join him.

Do go on with what you were doing. I'll just stand and watch, if I may.

I was just going to...

Well, would you care for a cup of tea?

Now, that's most kind of you. Well, please come in.

Thank you. I'll just get my hat.

Excuse me, not that way. Yes.

The front door. My mistake.

That's quite all right. This way. Just watch the branches.

Reckon this is what you were waiting for. Yes.

Seen Cora about? Yes.

She's all right, you know.

Glad to hear it.

People misjudge her, because her mother was the town bike.

Just a good ride for anyone who fancied her.

Cora's different.

Well, luck with your painting.

Ms. Marley, that was a real pleasure.

So refreshing to talk to such an intelligent woman.

Could I impose upon you and call again sometime, maybe?

Anytime, Mr. Kelly.

Perhaps tomorrow, maybe?

Would you care to come to dinner?

Now, that's what I call real hospitality. It would be a pleasure.

Till then, mademoiselle. Yes, till then.

Mr. Kelly? Yes?

Your hat. Oh, well, I never!

Get lost, you nosy bludger!

Blimey. Well, I did, you old bat! Oh, God.

Then we had a cup of tea. And then, I got myself an invite to dinner tomorrow.

You know, a man could do himself a bit of good there.

Nice place, decent furniture, good quality carpets.

You can always tell what people are worth by their carpets.

Nice piece of jewelry she was wearing, too, come to think of it.

Then I ran into this old bag.

And after that, I saw this girl.

You never listen to a word I say.

What girl? That woke you up!

A lovely creature, she was, beaut!

Barefoot, regularly kind of dress, all legs and tits.

What happened?

She clapped eyes on me and took off like a herd of turtles.

I don't blame her, except there's no girl who lives around here.

Well, I saw her. Wishful thinking. Mirage.

Move over, soldier.

Now, Brad, you don't think you could lend me, say, $300?

You talk too much.

That's her! That's the girl!

Hey, she got a wetting out there. Look... Leave her alone! Get in here!

I saw her on the beach yesterday, and you told me it was a mirage. Sly old dog! You charmer.

Trying to put me off the scent, and all the time you had a tart like that.

What do you mean, tart? I'm painting her!

Yeah? That's your story. She's my model!

Look, you bloody fool. Take a look at these.

In the nude, eh? Wow!

Shut up! You artists.

And remember she's my model, and I don't want anybody messing around.

Okay, okay.

I got a bird of me own.

A little more chicken?


Perhaps it could have been left a little bit longer in the oven.

Absolutely no. Cooked to the minute.

The potatoes may not be crisp enough.

To perfection, my dear lady. And the marrow?

Melts in the mouth.

The left side. Of course.

Yes. Here we are.

My mistake. Ladies first. Thank you.

The other side. Here it is.

You're out late.

Best time for prawning.

Oils and canvases arrived.

Damn it, Cora, I've got this pest staying with me.

I can't work with him around.

I'll get rid of him.

I've had my bellyful of him wasting my time, eating my food.

Good night.

Good night.

You dirty old man!

What were you doing down on the beach with my girl?

Oh, Christmas. Sneaking about, corrupting a young girl!

Take your ugly mongrel and your ugly face and get out of here!

Keep away from her!

I'm a wake-up to the likes of you, you horrible old perv!

You know, Isabel, you're the kind of woman that makes a man feel thoroughly at home.

Perfect dinner, charming hostess.

But, Isabel, you are a bit of a mystery. You are, you know.

Am l, Mr. Kelly? Nathaniel.

Nathaniel. Yes.

A woman of your taste and discrimination, and I suspect a private income.

Why do you choose to live in a place like this?

I was born here.

When Mummy and Daddy died, I just stayed on.

Oh, thank you.

But you could have lived elsewhere? Oh, yes.

Oh, dear. That's all right.


No, my father left me an annuity.

But money isn't everything, is it?

Oh, no! Indeed, no!

Are you cold?


My word, I was right about you, Isabel.

Were you, Nat? Yes.

The first moment I saw you, I said to myself, "Now, there's a woman who'd understand.

"There's a woman I'd trust with my most innermost secrets."

In fact, Isabel, I have a bit of a problem.

You being equipped to discuss money matters, I thought I'd ask your advice about it.

See, I regard you not only as a sympathetic and a cultured woman, but also the kind of woman a man could, at a pinch...

Watch it! Take it easy! What are you doing?

Woman, you're crazy! You're out of your mind!

He's got to go. He's got to go.

He's got to go. We're losing time. We've got work to do.

She might run away.

She's saved enough money.


Kelly, you bastard! You've got to go!



I've been raped!

Kelly! Kelly!




Where the hell are you going with my money? Come back here.

No fear! Treat it as a loan, sport!

I'll pay you 7.5%! Come back here, you dirty scut!

I'll get you, you...

Lousy, chiseling, little snake thief.

Cora, how can I find Ted Farrell and his boat?

He's out in the bay, fishing. Blasts!

You got rid of him?

Yes, I got rid of him, all right.

Yes. I got rid of him. Shall we get to work?

About time.

He's at it now. And he's paying her for it.

It's no good.

Turn a bit.

No, the other way.

Other way.

Head down.

Round again. No.

It's the dress.

Take it off.

That's better.

That's good.

All right, rest.

It's coming.

It's coming.

You want to see it?

Do you want a look?

Is it good?

It's better than good. It's alive.

And it's all you.

You're a great girl, Cora. It's all on account of you.

The other night, when you were prawning late, down by the jetty, I was thinking.

I started realizing how much you'd done for me.


Oh, hell. Prostitution!

Get your hands off her, you filthy scum!

Shameless bitch! Not a stitch on!

His hands all over you! And on a Sunday!

Oh, go away. I'll have you up for this!

For what? Prostitution! The girl's underage!

What the hell are you talking about?

You had her underage. Had her and paid her for it.

Damnation! That's not true!

I seen it with me own eyes!

Naked as the day she was born, and you having her! Police will hear.

You stupid old woman! She was posing for me!

In the nelly! Underage! Prostitution! Oh, for God's sake!

Don't you bring Him into it! He won't help you!

She's underage! Come back here, you old perv!

I paid her for posing, for sketches, for pictures!

I never touched her! I seen it!

Wait till the law hears! You'll go inside!

Have some sense, woman! Get out of here!

Paid her! Paid her!

Paid her for your dirty dealings! Used her! Underage!

She had some money off you... Oh, I see.

I'll give you some money if that's what you want.

Now, listen, she posed for me. Nothing else.

Now, take it, shut your face, and leave me alone!

Now don't think you can slink out of it this way!

Money or no money, I know me rights! I know the law!

You won't buy your way out of it with this!

You blackmailing old cow! It's all I've got! Liar!

Cross my heart, I'm broke! Stony, bloody broke!

Too bad.

Harlot! Leave him alone!

You thief! But I'm too smart, girl, as you'll find out.

Too smart for the likes of you!

You should have told her I was painting you.

She'd only have taken the money. Yes, that's right.

But you should've told her just the same. It's all it ever was.


I've got to make her see reason somehow.

It's no use unless you pay her.

You heard me, I've got no money left. My mate got away with the lot of it.

I'll sort it out somehow. Damn it!

Best work I ever did.

It's not your fault, Cora.

Mrs. Ryan! I want a word with you.

Give me that money back! It's mine! You stole it from me!


I'll go down.

She's dead.


Take these.

What's happened?

She broke her neck.

Now the law comes in. Doctors, coroner.

They'll put you in the witness box. Me, too.

We could bury her.

Are you crazy?

It was an accident. All we have to do is to tell them what happened.

The old lady was drunk, fell over the cliff, broke her neck.

It's a wonder it hadn't happened before.

Trouble is, you can't trust the law.

They're always after somebody's blood.

Morahan! Are you there, Morahan! Someone's coming!

Were you looking for me? I'll say. Searched all over.

Ms. Marley said you might be over this side with the Ryan girl.

Well, what is it?

I want to have a talk with you.

What's the matter with that dog?

I'd better go and have a look.

He's probably on to something. Wild pig, maybe.

Mrs. Ryan?

Are you there, Mrs. Ryan?

I'll have a look outside.


Mrs. Ryan?

Hey, what's this, then?

A shoe?

I can see that.

But whose? Cora's?

More likely Ma Ryan's. I think I'll keep this.

There's something strange going on around here.

I'll find out. And don't you go away. We've got things to discuss.



Bear up, now. Tragedy.

But the old lady was well on in years, and when the hands of the clock come round, you gotta go.

That's right.

Tough luck.

We'll shift her in the morning.

Like to come to town with me tonight? My wife will look after you.

Will you stay with Ms. Marley? Quite understand.

There'll be an inquest, I suppose? No, a formality.

Need me?

No. After all, it practically happened under my nose.

Yes, it did.

Nasty experience for young Cora, but. Bit of luck I turned up.

Very lucky.

Now, about this other matter. What other matter?

The matter I came about in the first place.

I may be only a country copper, but I don't miss much.

No one puts anything over on me.

This appears to be yours.

$300. That's mine, all right.

I thought as much. You...

Hello, Brad.

Snake thief! Now, now, now.

And where are my drawings? I think these are the ones, sir.


Now, about proceedings. I'm not gonna press a charge.

Obstruction of an officer in the exercise of his duties...

I'm not gonna press any charges.

You're not? No.

Well, suit yourself, then. I told you so.

Brad and me been mates too long for him to bear me a grudge.

Just get lost, cocky! You don't have to tell me twice.

This place is a morgue, a dump. I'd prefer to be in the cooler.

Good luck with your alimony charge.

That's how I copped onto him in the first place.

Should get at least a year for this if he can't pay.

Temporary embarrassment, a mere trifle.

I've got a dozen friends in Brisbane who'll help me out.

Not this time, they won't.

Brad, could I have my I.O.U. back, if you have it on you?

Here. Thanks, Brad.

Quite a nice-looking nude. Care to sign it?

Good evening, Mr. Morahan. Is Mr. Kelly at home?

No, I'm afraid not. He had to leave suddenly. Urgent business.

Will he be back? No.

I'm sorry.

Well, it was really of no importance anyway.

Good evening, mister. Good night.


I couldn't stay up there. I know.

I was going to come up.

I couldn't let her have the money. I had to get it back.

I know.

Here it is.

You need it. It's for you.

You've got none left!

Thanks, Cora, but you keep it. It's yours.

Hendricks got my money back for me. I'm all right.

Well, it's mostly yours anyway.

No, you earned it!

You're the best model I've ever had. It's gonna be the best work I ever did, too.


Look at that light on there, the way the figure breaks the water.

Look at that line.

The tones of the face need fixing a bit, but no hurry.

We've got all the time in the world.

You only want me for the pictures.

Damn it, Cora, that's not true!



Blast you. Cora, you've got to listen to me.

You've given me back my eyes!

You've taught me to love things again, how to be part of life.


Oh, blast.

That's what I was trying to tell you today on the beach when your grandmother barged in.

I'm alive. I'm a part of...

It's all because of you, Cora! Cora!

And it's all because of you. Don't you understand? Don't you?

What are you going to do about it?