Age of Summer (2018) Script

Hey! That's my van!

Coconut suntan oil.

Every time I smell it, it reminds me of my first summer on the beach.

It was the mid-80s and my father had just been transferred from Chicago to California, so out we went.

Hey, have you seen Davie Harris?

He was last seen walking towards the water.

No, I'm sorry. Keep an eye out, would you?

It was like I won a lottery of some sort, dodged a bullet of doom.

That move to the beach would affect me in ways I never could have imagined.

My first summer as a junior lifeguard would spark a love affair with the ocean that still burns bright today.

Is that your Ripper?


Man, it's real nice, bro!


Kids from around here don't really have bikes like this.

Yeah, I'm not from around here.

People call me "Minnesota".

Like the city?

Uh, kind of.

Yeah, okay, Minnesota. Okay.

See you later.

Excuse me.

Making the cut by the skin of his teeth.

Number 17, Doug Mills!

Ever since the principal mistakenly said I was from Minnesota, nobody calls me "Doug".

It's always "Minnesota".


Yeah. That was awesome.

I really didn't think I was gonna make it.

This is Woods.

Five months ago when I moved here, we became fast friends.

You could even say best friends.

So what are you gonna do now?

I don't know.

You wanna go play Lego at my house?


I think I was gonna stay out here, I really like the... the weather and stuff.

Okay, cool, cool.

Yeah, I'm gonna go play Lego.

Alright, man.

Brothers till the end. Brothers as we grow.

Nice one.

See you, Woods.

That's Brooke.

I mean not only is she beautiful, but she is totally out of my league, if I even have a league.

What do you say to a girl like that?

Wait a minute!

Hey, sunshine.

You so sure you don't have to check the list?

Am I wrong?

No, no, you right on top.

I'm always on top!

Hey, dude.


That's Mathis with the glasses and Terrance with the shaggy hair.

I don't know them, but everybody knows of them.

See you out there.

Yes, you will.

Oh yeah!


Aren't we just as chockers as a centipede's sock drawer?

Any boofhead can swim in a pool.

Any Flaming Galah can want to do the right thing.


Piece of piss!

Not worth a Zack.

What language is he speaking?

I don't know.

I think it's like Scottish or something.

...out of their element, up the creek, and most often completely a few roos loose in the top paddock.

Only one of you know this.

Rest of you, bogan knob-ends, who haven't pulled a poor poo-pusher from the water, I need you coming like I need a third armpit.

This is making me wish I didn't actually get in.

I don't think that's hypoallergenic.

Right now, there are 15 of you norks.

By this time next week, that number will dwindle.

Some of you will get the chop, some of you will spit out the dummy.

But some of you will dig deep enough and discover the man or woman that you always wanna be, was waiting inside you.

It's my job to scare that out of you mutt polecats.

And I'll tell you what, I'm as mad as a meat axe.

Uh, Sir?

Who in a buzzard's dingly bitch are you calling "Sir", you little bum bandit?

I just wanted to ask if you could maybe abstain from writing on my back.

I have very sensitive skin and break out frequently in hives all over my hands...

Oh, sensitivity?

Oh, crikey!

That's terrible, mate!


Is this flamin' gash of a peckerwood your friend?

Yeah, Woods is my friend.

Welcome to hard times, mate.


What does it say?

It says "peckerwood's friend".

What does that mean? And go.

You're as dumb as a bag of rocks.


The Pacific Ocean is cold, dark, and deep.

Those first few buoy swims were terrifying.

I was slow, but Woods?

He was a whole another level.

I think our embarrassment is what kept us afloat.

No, no, no, mate!

You're with me. What?

Your friend is still not back.

That's your buddy out there.

Give your blood's worth.


Tell my mama not to cry!

Tell my mama not to cry!

Junior guards, we do or die!

Junior guards, we do or die!

Write my time upon my chest!

Write my time upon my chest!

Junior guards, I did my best!

Up, up, up!

Come on now! Formation!

Help your buddy! Help your buddy!

Peckerwood, I'm watching you!

And go!

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!

Keep going! Keep going, I'm watching you!

Alright, alright!

Close race, whose got it? Come on, Scootch! Dig in, Scootch!

Is it swelling or showing signs of irritation?

Mathis, watch your form.




Hands behind your head.

Hands behind your head.

Get up, get up!

Champ, you like you're having a seizure, mate?

30, 31 that a boy, man!



Yeah! Yeah!

You can do it, Minnesota, come on.

Just jump on... yeah!

Got this dude! You got this, Minnesota.

Yeah, Minnesota, don't blow a head gasket.

Back off, man.

You comin' on strong? No.

'Cause I'm ready when you are.

I'm just standing here.

No, back that fuck.

Okay. Hey.

Hold on, I'm leaning in here.

Hey bro, I think you wanna see this... What?

Right here.

Holy shit.

And there it was.

My first glimpse of pubic hair swaying in the wind.

It was those five pull-ups that taught me Felice wasn't like the others.

She was a woman among girls.

Alright, alright, we're moving on!

Come on, get out of here.

I call that the "Bruce Lee".

The Bruce Lee?

Minnesota, that looks like a duck or... that was like Donald Duck.

Wait, do a... do He-Man or something?

He-Man surfing? Yeah, surfing.

He-Man's like a better...

He-Man! He-Man!

And the Masters of the Universe!


Uh... Oh!

Hey so... Hey.

Ew! Gross!

It's beach tar.

Yeah, I know. It's pissing me off.

Well, WD-40 gets it off.

That's right. That's a chemical reaction.

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, whatever.

Uh, hey man, Terrance can be a bit of a dick sometimes, but he's cool, you know?


Yeah, so don't sweat that thing back there.



Hey, you're doing that wrong.


First of all, you're too far back on this board.

Right here.

So this back, pop up...

Back foot back and you balance. Yeah.

You try it.


Dude, that was totally Jedi!

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, something like that, man.

You're goofy-footed, but uh, keep practicing.

You'll get it.





Let's do it.

These guys aren't so great.

Hey. Yeah?

Hold on a second. Um....

You see that? Pshew!

Hey, you uh, dropped this.


Oh, uh, all the rules for a beach...

Do you know this guy?


You're Peckerwood's friend, right?

Uh, yeah.

It's actually Minnesota.


Asshole, stop!

Let's bury him.

Leave him alone!

Here to save your girlfriend?

Why you guys gotta be such jerks?

Tough guy, huh?

Come on, Woods.


It was sort of awful.

See you around, ladies!

You need to get your shit together, Woods.

We're not little kids anymore.


Yeah, I get it.

Okay, good. I want you to be okay.

Thanks, man.

No, no, no, no.


No, no, no!


No, not my Ripper!

Are you sure you didn't... Oh!

Lock it up somewhere else?

This is my chain!


It's okay, it's okay. Trust people!

Oh shit!

Who is that?

Minnesota, don't talk to him.

Minnesota! Hello?

Dude, no!

It's a box, not a cave!

Hey, I didn't ask you to check me out, you pervert!

Oh, okay. Listen this time.

Rock people, you little shit!

Um, thank you.

That was mildly frightening.

Dude? Yeah?

You need a new bike.

At least, I can keep track of mine.

Point taken.

Here, you can have it.

No, I don't...

It's warm.

Dude, it's warm.

That's what I said.

Hey, what are you looking at?

Dude, do you like her?

Look, I think you're good at fighting, but I'm pretty sure Terrance can beat you up.

So maybe you should stop.

I don't know.

What do you know about her?

A lot actually.

For starters, I was in 4th grade when her brother died.

Oh, man.

Yeah, rip tide.

Her dad disappeared after that.

Ve... Shh!

What? Well, what did you just say?

I said her dad disappeared after that.

I think like he went to Las Vegas or something.

Then rumor has it that he just took off after that.

Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, too!

Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, too!

You never leave the tower to take a poo!

You never leave the tower to take a poo!

Runnin' all day in the scorching sand!

Runnin' all day in the scorching sand! Hey, that really hurts.

Sweatin' all day just like we planned!

Sweatin' all day just like we planned! Not what I planned.

Swimmin' in the surf till my eyes bawl out!

Swimmin' in the surf till my eyes bawl out!

That's what the junior guard is all about!

That's what the junior guard is all about!

Hoorah! Hoorah!

Oh God!

There you go.


Oh my God!

I can talk to him.

Come on, man.

Dude, the bag's got... Hey!



Man, uh, I wanna show you something.

What is it?


So Mathis says we can trust you.

Oh, yeah.

I mean... listen, I would say I'm solid unless I have to like kill anybody.

Holy shit! "Meet Mindy.

"She likes posing and kittens."

And I think that mean "pussy." Yeah.

Called a "sexual innuendo".

It makes you think, doesn't it?

Why are you guys showing me this?

'Cause it's... you don't want to see it, man.

No, I mean... I-- Really?

I do.

It's naked chicks, man.

Guys like to look at boobs and shit.


Just thought you'd want to see it.

Yeah, I... I-- I do.

Thank you.

Just uh, familiarize yourself with the material.


Uh, one second!

Uh, yeah, one second!

What? I was getting...

You scared the shit out of me. Sorry.

What... what are you doing in there?

Weren't you... Nothing, just...

Ooh! Just give me your towel, okay?

Why? Give it.

Ow, my neck!

I'll be back.

Okay, bye!

Your turn now.

The only thing that's gonna make this boner disappear is cold water.

That was for sure my fastest buoy swim yet.

Let's go again.

As the summer wore on, I felt like I was learning to read the ocean, knowing what to expect, how to read her face.

I was learning how to talk with her, how to exist within her, how to stay afloat when all she wanted to do was sink me.

Girls on the other hand, that was gonna take quite a while to figure out.

What do you think that homeless guy meant by "rock people"?

I think you should just forget about that, man.

I mean the reality of you actually getting your bike back...

What about rock people?

Uh, my Ripper got... got ripped... ripped off.

Some hobo said something about rock people.

You think they have your bike?

It's a good place to start.

I don't know.

They're dangerous dudes.

What do you think?

Tell him?

It could be funny.


I know these guys.

They buy us beers.

Come by the pier tonight.

I think they can help you out. Really?

But please, don't... don't blame this on me, 'cause you never know, man.

Okay, what time?

Mm, about midnight. Yeah.

The pier's closed at midnight, guys.

Come on.

Thank you. No, but...

Thanks. Isn't that illegal?


I was able to get closer to Brooke in the water than on land.

But strangely, I felt even more invisible.

Without saying anything, she made it very clear that we wouldn't be talkin' out there, at least not until I'd caught a wave worth talking about.

Come on man, I spent a fortune on that.





No, Minnesota!



Dude, you okay?

Hey, thanks for saving me.

Come on! Yeah.

Yeah, I... I-- I'm coming.

Let me out of here!

Look at this rebel.



Are you okay?


Yeah, just uh, lost in thought.

You can talk to me if you want.

About you know, your brother.

I know you miss him. Minnesota.



This... this is mine now.


See you later, Minnesota.


You having a little bit of a moment there.

Who are you?

We uh... we met down on the... on The Strand.

We did?

I don't remember that.

Yeah, you... you liked my uh... my Ripper.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Fancy bike. Mmhmm.

I recognize you now.

Yeah. Mmhmm.

This is my brother, Pans.

Right, Pots and Pans.


Tell P and P about your problem.

You got a problem? What kind of problem?

You need someone knocked around?

Stabbed? Capped?

Are you guys serious?

Who's fucking with you, bro, huh?

I heard something about uh, rock people.

Fuck you.

Rock people?

Who the fuck is goin' around here talking to you about rock people?

Was it the fuck who lives in the box?

He was in a box at the time, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, alright.

He would know.


Alright, look.

There is this guy, alright?

He lives way, way, way, way out there.

He's like the head of the whole thing, right?

He knows about everything that comes in and out of this town.

Everything. Everything.

Murderers, drugs, sex slaves.

Do you like sex slaves?

I just wanna find my bike.


Alright, well, the Rock God would know.

The Rock God would know.

So uh, can you help me out then?

I mean...

Listen, listen... Mmhmm We could get that ship out.


We'll help you. Yeah, mmhmm.

You just gotta do one more favor for us first, alright?

Just a little.

There's this house down on The Strand, alright?

You can't miss it.

It's huge, it's beautiful. Epic place.

This the guy, The Yiz, lives there.

Sleaze ball.

Super famous in the music industry, he's good loaded.

Anyway, on the second deck of his house, he's got a pot on it.

My fuckin' pot, which he never paid me for.

Just grab the plant and bring it back to us.

You do that, we take you to see the Rock God.

So yeah, I've got a question.

This guy has your bike, right?

No, this guy has a marijuana plant.

Wait, marijuana?

It's not for me, it's for Pots.

The kid who will take me to the guy who probably knows where my bike is.

Give me that for a sec.

Got sand in it, dude.

Dude, this guy looks like he can kill you!

So what? So what, dude!

I don't think this is ethical!

It's not, Woods. It's illegal.

Dude, my dad will kill me if I get busted.

You're not gonna get busted, okay?

You're just gonna stand out here and watch.

And if it looks like they see me, you'll make a sound.

Wait a second.

By me making a sound to indicate to you the pending discovery of your lawlessness would make me... would make me an accessory, so that means that if you get caught, then I get caught.

I can't believe you.

All the times I stood up for you, man.



Yeah, I can't really talk business right now, I'm walking into a recording session.

I'm about to pull out the mic.

Oh Barry, it's not even a good time to pop over.

I'm looking for a ménage à trois, buddy, not a jazz quartet.


Where's Yiz?

Looking hot, ladies.

What the hell was that?

Oh! Hey there, cutie.

Yiz is gonna kill you.

You better get those nasty feet off my bed, you punk.


I'm getting my bike back.


Hey, stop!

I will find you and I will kill you!

I'm sorry for this!


My towel! Little turd!

Nothing to see here.

Hey, look, it's pretty hot out here.

I was just thinking maybe you need some sunscreen.

Oh, yeah, sure.

Yeah. Okay.

It's really important than that, like the sun is exceptionally hot out here.

Cannot be too careful.

That's right, I'll take a cut.

Pain in the ass.

You know, my brother here Pans is a great masseuse.

Really? Would you like a massage?

Oh, sure. We'll take turns.

You're gonna get tan lines with these.

Oh my God! Get up, get up, get up!

We gotta go. We gotta go. Bye.

Thank you, Mackenzie. Thank you so much.

Come on, walk. Let's go home.

Bye, Mackenzie. Nice to meet you.

Holy shit!

Are you out of your mind? I did it.

Are you out of your mind?

I got it. Yeah.

In broad daylight?

You guys asked me to get the plant, right?

Yes, not bring it to the beach! I... I got it.

I held up... I held up my end of the deal.

Are you serious?

Here. Take off your shirt.

Here. Take your shirt off.

Hide this.


I don't care if you smoke the whole thing, get it off the beach.

So are we going to see Rock God?

You've lost your nut, kid, over a bike.

You're taking me or not? Yeah, come on.

Right now? Yeah, no time like the present.

Oh, this is about as far as I go.

You'll be alright though.


You said I could... you'd take me to the Rock God.

This is just you know, as far as I go.

He's out there.

How am I supposed to find him?

You got it.


Just stay focused, alright?

Don't fall off the rocks.

Good luck.

I'll see you around, Minnesota.


Just keep going that way, you know.

Excuse me!


Uh, I'm looking for someone.

These guys sent me out here.

Not too many people out here, just the way I like it.


Uh, this guy would probably stand out.



Uh, they call him the "Rock God".


The Rock God!

The Rock God?

Well, from what I've heard nobody has ever really seen the Rock God!

So you... you've heard of him?

Heard of him, yeah.

Whispers, here and there, yeah.

Travel with wind and ride on the waves.

Think you could uh, talk to him for me?

Rock God?

I lost my bike.

I think it got stolen or something.

My name's Minnesota.


I'm placing you in my head.

Yeah, getting a bigger picture.



You know, that's a Lakota word and people full of shit will tell you it means "the land of the sky-blue waters."

That's all some bullshit to sell real estate.

What it really means is "the land of murky water".

You feel like murky water.

Um, I'm really not following you.

Your name, Minnesota.


Oh yeah, that... that's not really my name.

But you gotta filter that water.

It's important.

Let it run through the stream, down the waterfalls, out to the ions, and into the sea.

Are you cold? Yeah.


Uh, thanks.


So uh...

Hey. My... my bike.

We knew we were gonna meet, right?

It's written in the stars.

Wait, wait, wait.

Look at me.

I can see your path much clearer now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You're struggling to understand, right?

Listen, you gotta understand there's nothing to understand.

It's all some testosterone mixing with social pressure.

But you do have the chance of a cosmic do-over.

Yeah? Yeah.

Check it, over there.

My bike?



Like it?

Well, it's not a bike.

But it's something to get around on until the planets align and the universe reveals itself upon you.


Anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

We'll meet again, Minnesota.

Don't lose that.

Hey, Minnesota.

Not gonna come over and say "hi"?



It was a... a gift, I guess, along with the skateboard.

It's from the Rock God.

Rock God?


I've never met anyone who's met the Rock God.

Yeah, well, it's mostly just confusing.

What are you... what are you doing?

You know, just wasting my youth.

You afraid, Minnesota?

Of what?

What comes next?

All these choices we have?

I just wanna get through... today, honestly.

Come on.

Let's get into some trouble.


I'm afraid it's a limited time offer.

Who knows who I'll be in an hour?

You mean "where".


No, I don't.


Just making sure you know, what you're doing.

What's going on?


Let's get out of here.


There's no answers down there, mate.

Look at me.

Oh-ho, there he is.

The big heavy rocks.

I'm not quitting!

We'll see.

Get in line.

Today, Friday, holiday weekend!

Happy birthday, America!

So let's have some two-pot screamers and a whole heap of out-of-control idiots completely off their tits.

Lucky Tony.

Where did you get the board?

The guy in the rocks.

He said he was gonna find my bike.

Now we, the junior lifeguards, are going to prepare our CPR skill!

The Rock God?

He's actually real?


The board is mine until the universe reveals itself to me.

You don't make sense anymore.

What? What does that mean?

Alcohol and water do not mix.

You're running drugs, you're breaking...

I'm running with drugs!

Important difference.

Now we are going to talk about a little situation.

What do you want from me, man?

Say you're still in there.

Say you're my best friend.

Bros as we grows.

A situation involving a flowery little girl.

This is not any girl.

No, no, no, no!

This particular girl is a preggy Sheila.

Now, shirt off, assume the posy.

Today, we are saving two lives.

Without oxygen, a woman and her baby will die.

Here it is.

Now, it's very important that we don't smash up the poor little bugger inside, yes?

So we take our time and we apply the pressure above the baby.

Good, right.

Now, Champ, Peckerwood demonstrate, break off into groups, back in five.

Who wants to go first? I will.

Let's get on with this.



Hey man, you got a problem?

Yes, I'm mad!

I'm mad as hell.

Yeah, I can see that.

You don't have to take it out on me.

It's because of you!

Well, what you want me to do about it, huh?

I don't know. I just want things to go back to normal.

Well, that's never gonna happen, alright?

And that's normal.

Normal people grow up, Woods.

Normal people notice girls, okay?

Normal people get fucking normal!

You don't think I'm normal?

Screw you!

Come here!

Hey, what you got my board for, huh?

You fucking prick.

Nice glasses.


It makes yous look good, brudda.

Feels good.

What are you doing here?

Say cheese, dickhead.


Minnesota! Come on!

High five.


That was crazy! Outrage.

You got me crazy.

Oh, you are a lucky boy.

Those guys are humungous.

They can just... they'll just sit on you.

It's happened to Pans.

Do you remember? It's true.


Worst day in my life.

It wasn't a good day.

You stole the wrong board, buddy.

I didn't steal it.

It was given to me.

Well, look, you gotta straighten somebody up, because people are tryin' to have you killed now.

You gotta get street-smart.

Thanks for saving my ass.

Look, we just hate those guys, alright?

You're not so bad, but we go way back with them.

It had nothing to do with you really. Honestly.

We're just defending our country.

They're Hawaiians, right?

Shut up! No.


Come on!

There's the start, there's the start!

The ocean had warmed up.

My mind was now at ease swimming and I could feel the water glide across my body.

It felt fast.

I wasn't scared of the depth anymore.

Yes, yes, yes. Heave!

It felt like I belonged.

The ocean is about peace and strength.

It's about focus and clarity in your head.

It's about strength and fortitude in your body.

Am I right?

Yes, Tony!

You know that I'm right.

Now, and sometimes the ocean just flat out goes Vegas Baby and pays you.


Now, how about you little wannabes dive down, get your good old Uncle Tony, a fistful of sand dollars, alright?


And then you get to enjoy your afternoon.

Alright? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So why are we still here?

Come on, go, go, go!

Now, here's a gopher.

Nice one, Brookie, good girl.


Alright, nice.

Nice, I like it. Lovely.

Everyone take turns, everyone on the boards.

Nice, breath control, Mathis!

Easy money, right? Yeah, jackpot.

Go Vegas.

Alright, hand 'em over!

The money of your lives.

Here it is.

What about you, champ?

I guess I just don't have it.

Well, regardless, enjoy your afternoon all.

Get out of here.


Come here.

Here, sit in my office.

Saw you out there.

Looked like you were having fun.

Something like that.

Yeah, well, fun is overrated.

Nothing good is ever easy.

Take my job.

They hand me a bunch of pre-pubescent, knob-jockey seppos that I would literally rather drag my clangy sac through infected glass.

Than teach how to be men and women, much less unleash these dingbats in the billabong to save some drowning sook.

You started this with the right boofhead.


I think that is more fitting!


Alright, mate.

You got it bad, man.

How do you get the girl, Mathis?

You don't, dude.

But you learn.

Find a better one later.

You know I if the boat doesn't come to shore, swim to it.

Hey, if you're ever in the mood though, I'll have to whoop to your ass.

Loyalty, you know, right?


Hey, kid's gotta learn to fight his own battles.


Come on, Woods.

Fight back.

It may have been wrong to take Mathis' advice, but I did.

And I never saw Woods on the beach again.

Yeah, I would see him around school and in the neighborhood, but I never imagined that our saying "bros as we grows" would end up meaning "as we grow apart".

What are you looking for?


I guess I was just...

I don't know, I thought there was something out here, I guess it was just in my head.

Oh yeah, everything is in our heads.

Okay, I see.

Real neat.

What do you see? Tell me.

You're tryin' to make me think I imagined all that.

Tryin' to cover your tracks, huh?

I stopped covering my tracks years ago.

It's okay to leave footprints, okay?

I'm kinda pissed, dude.

Everybody in this town has been running my ass off for their own amusement.


Why do you run?

You know, first of all, to save my life.

Remember that skateboard you gave me?

Doorway to the universe or whatever. Yeah.

Yeah, you could have told me it belonged to some giant, angry Hawaiian dudes.

You tryin' to get me murdered?

I have some news.


I have defeated the dark.

I think we all can.

Does the dark have my bike?

The dark has a hold of everything if you let it.

But you can decide whether the darkness has a hold on you or not.

You with me?

It's so easy that it's difficult.

But when you find the key, it's very easy.

Yeah, I guess it doesn't really matter anyway.

It's just a bike.

I'm kind of in deeper now anyways.

That's it.

You got it.


You got what it takes and you always did.

Yeah, California knocks you down, but you bounce right back up.


It's a beautiful lady.

Tough perhaps, but she's full of love.

If you can take it in.

Let the light in.



So I came all the way out here for you to tell me I already have what I needed.

No, you came here for this.

The magic.

Look at my finger.


What are you doing? Just lookin' for some friends.

What are you doing?

Uh, I don't know.

What are you doing, tonight?

T... tonight? Yeah.

I don't know. Just uh... nothin' actually.

Okay, well, why don't you come with me?

Hey mate, you found your bike? Uh, no.

I just kinda gave up.

What's the problem, man?

I don't need it.

You guys ready?

Oh yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

Uh, what? Ready for what?

Spin the bottle.

One of us shouts "seven minutes in heaven"...

Well, you have to go with that person.

Go... go where?


What do you do in the bathroom?

Whatever your imagination can handle.

I can imagine a lot.

Shut up, man!

Alright, let's get this party started.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

You start.


It's your turn, Minnesota.

Alright, big boy.

Let's go.

I'm gonna kiss you, man. Is that alright?

Spin again, dude.

Seven minutes in heaven.


Oh, you guys leaving so early.

You just got here!

Hey, Minnesota.

Where are we going?

We're almost there.


Um, what are we gonna do?

What do you wanna do?


I don't know.

You uh, ever make out with anyone?

I don't know.

I guess.

Let me steer.

It's nice, just a little less spit.

You're so cute.

Not bad for your first time.

Well, who's next?

Ah, the two shark biscuits!

Now get it.

Rescue 3, rescue 3.


This is HQ.

Copy, Tony.

Tony, just got a call about a floating piece of debris outside the cove.

What's you're 20?

That's right, we're about five minutes out.

Swing over there and check it out.

Copy that. On the move.

Lisa, get those kids back to shore!

Alright, Brooke, Minnesota, ready to go work?

Back in the boat.

There he was.

It was the missing boy from the flyers.

Somehow the picture had made him look old, but in reality maybe he was in college.

Be careful with him!

South Bay at 1, South Bay at 2.

And assist vessel 3, over.

Every day...

I miss him every day.

It's okay.

I got you.


Let's get you kids back to shore, eh?

For as much joy as the ocean gave me that summer, the discovery of the body proved it could be cruel as well.

But it wasn't the body that changed me.

Nor Brooke's embrace.

Her reliving her brother's long-ago death?


It was watching Tony deal with the situation and reveal his true colors.

As scared as I was of his attention that summer, I was lucky to have had it.

He made us strong, so that he could trust us.

For the first time, I understood the true meaning of the word "lifeguard".

Well, my little brown sea pickles, you made it!


Look around you.

Lot of hard yakka.

Some of you surprised me.

Some of you didn't have to.

But overall, I have to say that I am...

Proud of all of you complete knob-ends.

But as in the job of life-guarding, there can be no bludgers.

And today is no exception!

Sand work.

Give me a lap around the south tower.

Have a go, you mutts!


No way.

Where the hell did you get these?

Oh, sick!


Clean stroke. Nice!

I'd like to propose a toast. Yes.

To Minnesota for making it this far.


Dude, these are warm.

This is the shit.

Let me feel.

Oh, you're right, it's hot to the touch.

Didn't those old guys have any ice?

We didn't exactly chat.

Just drink it quick.

I'll drink it.




Looks awesome, huh?


You're gonna talk to me out there?

Probably not.

Why? 'Cause I'm not a local?

Something like that.

I was wrong to think I had to say something to get the girl.

And at that age, what is getting the girl?

What I was really looking for was a friend.

I didn't have to say anything, I just had to be there to put in the time and to continue to try.

And if it was meant to be, she'd notice me.