Age of Tomorrow (2014) Script

Age of Tomorrow (2014)

No, I'm Lindsey not left alone.

No, the dog is there.

Sue, do not you think you're overreacting?

Lindsey is almost 17, she'll be fine.

I know it's my weekend with her. I'll make it up to her, okay?

Hello? Sue? Damn.

Hi, this is the voice of Lindsey Meher.

If you are important, leave a message. Unless you're Jerry, you can fuck off.

Hi Lind here, Dad. Please change your voicemail.

I want to make it up to you, because I have to work today.

Shall we go to the movies tonight? I'll see if I can get home first.

And do not forget to feed the dog. And why do not you just stay home tonight?

The last time you went was your mobile empty long enough... to drunk to get home.

The next time your mother will kill me.

I will continue again love you.

Will you tell me what is so important what you could not say about the phone Last night a meteor storm a lot of damage in the country.

Not something we can not handle.

But Colonel... What?

We have bigger problems.

General Magowan, how bad is the situation?

Mac, the president is so concerned that my phone keeps going.

The Pentagon running scenarios.

Their expert, any physicist will be here soon.

I already said, my name is Dr.. Gordon. I have the General speak.

Dr. Gordon...

Have you come through security? Look, he knows who I am.

Sorry, I'm late.

Gentlemen, the last ten years, I kept contacts between NASA and the U.S. Army.

To bring them up to date potential near Earth objects.

And when I see it, there will be a great this way. My God, how big is it?

With all due respect, if it so was the size of a satellite, I was not here.

This is a quarter of our moon.

We are talking about the end of time. And life as we know it.

And based on his speed, I say...

Will it last for 48 hours until it collides with the earth.

Get yourself a cup of coffee for the colonel. You got it.

Check out the seriousness of the situation. Yes, sir.

I have to keep this thing in mind. I will keep you informed.

Mac, you have the best educated people. Now we need the best.

There must be one of us fly to that rock, and get him out of the course of the earth.

Captain Captain James Wheeler is coming. Are you familiar with this mission?

Heard that he is negligent. Has anyone lost on his last mission.

Decide that, but once he is.

Now we have to spend a great alarm. People move to bunkers and shelters.

God help us. Yes.

Had to happen again on my day off.

Sorry, Chris. five men did not show up. They have not even been called.

The meteor shower keeps us pretty busy. There are fires all over the city.

I want injectors that windows there. Come on.

Is there anyone inside? No, LAPD said everyone was out.

I do not think so.

Are you ready, boy? Yeah, you old?

Let's look up the heat.

Did you get him? We need reinforcements.

There is no gain, just us. Great.

Hurry up, we do not have much time.

I heard screaming, she should be here.

The fire, is anyone here? It's safe.

We must find that woman now. I know, is anyone here?

Check those rooms.


Where is she? She's not here.


Come on, it's coming here, hurry up.

There she is. Stay there, we'll come get you.


Is it? I do not know, I think it's broken.

Yes, it's broken.

We need to get you out of here, come on. What are you gonna do, go after her yourself?

What do you do to stop me? Come on, let's go.

It will be okay.

We're almost there.

Help him, his leg is broken.

I go back inside. Chris, what are you doing?

Is he crazy, the roof collapses so.

Why does it take so long? Come on, Chris.

I see him, look.

Is it? Yes.

What did you do? The elevator was broken.

How's the leg? Are you better.

Good thing we short path names are not.

Excuse me, General? Colonel.

Captain Wheeler, thanks for coming.

Do you know Colonel McCanless? Only through hear say.

I heard that he was the best pilot of the Air Force.

We're glad you could come as soon as in the short term.

I think I had little choice. You are always very pushy.

But I can be very clear.

Whatever it is. It is no.

I'm done.


Why are you still wearing that medallions, captain?

I said, I'm done. He's very confident.

How long will you torture yourself?

It's been two years ago.

You're a man lost and you have multiple saved.

That means nothing.

There's nothing I can do to change it. Saving the lives of billions?

Why am I here? The meteor storm that sweeps away the world.

At present, there is a huge asteroid towards the Earth.

We have been told that if he takes... nothing will live more.

Do we have your attention now?

What do you want me to do?

We want you to go there, dig, and explosives plant and that thing blows up... before it is on the earth. How much time do we have Impact in 46 hours.

I'm afraid this is a time sensitive situation. So we have a quick response.

If I do this... It will not happen as before.

We will not send you behind enemy lines. It's more that you send me to hell.



We need your help.

He can watch the world burn-whether he can do something to change it.

My mission...

My team. No exceptions.

Are you sure about him, General?

Sometimes, Colonel, you have rely on your faith.

At ease.

General Magowan. Sergeant Clayton, exploration.

Corporal Cabrera, explosives.

Lieutenant Southard, communication.

Fitzpatrick and Sanchez, pilots.


Meet the Roughnecks.

Al relieved? That's me, when you get back.

Captain Wheeler.

I want you to meet Dr. Gordon.

Pentagons most brilliant physicist. . I just do not know about that If it saves, Doc. Nice to meet you, Captain Wheeler.

I'll show you. Your shuttle

The SI-22: Astraeus.

The Astraeus is made as interceptor with satellite and space emergencies.

We filled up her for exactly one trip. So...

So do not take the scenic route with her.

There are things and drawings for which you have to dig and explosives should be placed.

Do we get any weapons? For the asteroid? No.

However, for safety reasons, there is a closed briefcase with weapons.

We do not make you trigger-happy.

Great, so we got tickets to the end of the world, but we have no weapons.

Do not worry, the government will be your richly rewarding.

How richly? Three.

A hundred thousand? Million.

Start the thing though, I'm ready.

Okay, let's do this. Pack but.

I think we see each other there. We?


Unless you know someone who these rock formations knows better than I do.

I mean, if you know that's that cool.

"We" will be.

You did not think that I gladly would give.

Get her out of there quietly. I just brushed her.

Launch in less than five minutes.

Do you think you understand this?

Sure, after a 30-minute crash course to a trillion government unit to control...

I get it. I thought so Buckle up, everyone.

Taking off in 30 seconds.

If you arrive at the rock there may be problems with the radio contact.

That's why we have these satellite beacon to to amplify signal.


I hope it is tight enough.

Are you ready?

You know I'm ready. You were born ready.

They also have drinks on this flight?

We made it.

Not yet, we still have a while.

That was a ride.

That can not be good.

What the hell is that? Talk to me.

Our set course is not good. We are on a collision course with the asteroid.

That is not logical.

Based on the speed we knew what Our journey had to be gently countries.

It seems that it's slowing down. What?

His estimated distance has been established with the earth.

It inhibits slowly. At least.

Everyone back in your seats. Why?

We're going too fast, it can be rough. Hold on.

Turn the thrusters on.

Come on.

Do you pee in your pants? Do normal.

What's this? Gonzo's rock?

Team, all listen.

You all have the coordinates.

Find your target, and mark them with a traceerstaaf.

Roger that, sir.

Clayton, you're boring.

Cabrera and Southard, you go back to the vessel and make the finished explosives.

Stay together.

Fitzpatrick and Sanchez, you make the shuttle ready to take off.

Understood, Captain.

The clock is ticking.

Team at work. Roger that, sir.

Okay, let's go.

Do not look at me, she's your tourist.

I start here.

An asteroid tooth root treatment the move, Captain.

That is strange. What is it?

I drill, but I'm only 15 meters.

It will be a tough chore to get deeper.

That is not deep enough. Go on.

Roger that, sir.

Come on, we should mark more points. It is curious.

What? There.

See that? A cave.

If there is a passage, there may be also a cave that leads us to the epicenter.

We can load sites there, having We do not dig to destroy this thing.

Team... we examine a cave since that a potentially explosive point can be.

Keep going. What, a cave?

Be careful, we are next landed a cliff, so watch out.

This way. Take it easy, Doc.

Captain James? What you got?


This is not logical.

Captain, do you read me? Go ahead, Southard.

There's something here. What?

Cabrera and I were on our coordinates marking and...

And what?

Something moved, there was a shadow passed. Debris?

Captain, where are you?

Get ready, boys.

What the hell is this?

This is strange.

I think this is nothing. I've never seen anything like it.

What is that?

Do not.

Okay, this is not an asteroid.

Everyone, fall back to the ship.

This whole thing goes back and forth.

Spring quickly.


I got you.

Good work, kid.

What the hell is going on? . I do not know My god, go.

What is that?

Command Center, there's going to be hundreds bogey the atmosphere of the earth.

Can you repeat that, Astraeus?

Enemy planes, you get that? Warn everyone.

Thirty kilometers from Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert, France

What was that?

My God.


Not now.

Come on.


That's enough excitement for one day. Yeah, just relax.

Have you seen anything like this before? What is that?

Station 2-4-9, Hansen here, do you copy? You see this?

You drive too fast, stop. Watch out.

Turn your engine off.

Turn your engine off. I'll call you right back.

What is going on here? This is a limited area.

What are you talking about, our barracks is only one block away.

We have orders to everyone to move. safe bunker Moving? Under whose authority?

That's classified information.

So go back in your truck and I let somebody our escort you.

Captain, what's going on? An invasion.

What's all the fuss? This is not what you think it is.

You're kidding. We gotta get out of here as soon as possible.

Sanchez... Fitzpatrick...

Enemies backwards.



Keep going.

I got you, bitch.

Everyone to the cave. What, I'm not going in there.

Cabrera, lie.

Captain, help me.


Come on, I do not think she's dead.

It does not look promising. We're trapped.

What are you doing?

There has to be some other way. Take cover.

How did you do that?

I think it's the same thing happened to Cabrera happened.

I think they have found a way to teleport, or a wormhole or something.

Earth to Wheeler... They do not give up.

It's our only way out. See you on the other side.

Where did she go? She's crazy.

Maybe not, go. What?

I was wrong, you're crazy. I said, go.

Roger, let's go, Clayton.

It going, guys?

I think so. I'm doing well.

Where are my men?

Do not shoot. I do not shoot at you.

That thing comes around.

Where did he go?


Damn, it's above the truck.

What are those things?

I do not know, I could not see well. They have destroyed the radio.

And killed my men. Great.

Whatever they are, they patrol. And turn off all possible threats.

I can not see. That's because we are under a truck.

Wait a minute.

It's Lindsey.


Dad, I'm so sorry. Will you pick me up? On They came out of nowhere, and now we're trapped.

Where are you? Are you okay? I'm fine, there are other people here.

What do you mean? You're not at home, where are you?

I'm in the city. Dad, what's going on? I'm afraid.

We hear noises, screaming and I...

I know where you are, locking yourself and avoid... windows and doors, okay?

Now tell me exactly where you are.

They rushed to an old office building near Union Station...

Dad, what are those things?

They are dead, because I'm coming to get you now.

Sit tight, all right.

I love you, Dad. I love you too.

What's the plan?

Major? Blake.

Chris Meher. Nice to meet you.


They have surrounded us, but I think they're leaving here.

I think we can go come through that side.

And I can see the weapons that we have in bring security.

What's the plan, boss? I'll go get my daughter.

His daughter is not worth it. She is not so nice.

Dad, where are you?

No, go away.

Come on.

Glad you could come upon us. Party Where are we?

I thought we were coming.

Look at that.

This is not South-central.

What did I tell you?

These things have a technology which is bigger than ours.

They have come to Earth through wormholes.

That's nice, but how do we get back?

Good question.

It is not that we can call for help. Our transmitters do not work here.

Sure we can.

We can use this beacon to us strengthen signal and sending. SOS But it's only for a transmission. Yeah, do it.

It will take some time to recharge.

Give it an hour. Beautiful, go ahead.

Nobody leaves here without my permission, you understand?

What are you, smart guy?

We are on an unknown planet, You do not even know if there is oxygen.

Do not worry, you can breathe.

Crazy girl.

That smells good.

I miss Los Angeles.

Captain, you should see this.

I think we are in their backyard.


That's not all. We are not the only ones here.

They gather people.

Doc, that should really take an hour? Unfortunately, yes.

We'll send an SOS. And hope they come soon.

That's a long wait. And time for those things to find us.

Wait... And those people? What about them, we gotta get outta here.

Sure, and where?

Pack up, we're leaving. Where to?

We go down and we save those people.

Are you crazy? What about us? Stand down, Lieutenant.

These are innocent people who need our help.

The rest can follow me or stay here with their thumbs up their asses.

I said pack. Got it.

Can I have a gun?

Thank you.

We're going.

Try this, the bigger they are the harder they fall.

Come over here. Come and get it.

Precisely, they pick Blake.

Here you are.

I'm glad I lie here.

Come on.

Deb, where is Shawn?

Where did you see him last? He can not just disappear.

I can not go home until they are returned.

There are fires in the city. Call the police.

Try again.

Honey, stop crying. We'll find him.

I promise.

I hope you know which way we should go. We can not keep running around. So Do not worry, we're close.

Come on.

Holy Mary, are you okay? Not quite.

Tim, thank God you're alive.

What's all the fuss? It is the end of the world.

It must be, I have all day seen one yet.

The others took the only working. That there are gear is broken.

We have to use my truck.

We will avenge us.

Where's the fire? I'm going to find my daughter.

And there are some foreigners not so friendly. If I were you I would arm me.

Are you serious?

My family, I have my family.

I must go to my family. Tim.

Come with us.

If it is as bad as you say, then I gather my family.

If the grid not working I have to go.

Stay focused, and be careful.

Good luck, Chris. Take care of yourself, Tim.

Chris, I can not thank you enough. I must return to the base.

It's war. Give them hell.

You drive.


Let's put this back. Let's do it, boss.

Captain, what is it?



What does it do?

What's going on?

Something is not right. What? How do you know?

They are hunting us.

And that there is bait.

The rest will surround us.

Instructions, Captain? Racing... as fast as you can.

This way.

It's gone. Jesus.

My heart keeps pounding.

It's war. Get used to it.

Is it?

I should have. Never her alone Chris, come on.

If only she looks anything like you, then she is okay.

She wants to be anything but me.

I'm no promises. I'm never there.

Do not worry, we'll find her.

We're going to find her.


Guys, we have visitors.

Come on, faster. Hold on.

Lose him.

Chris, when did you last checked?

Will, now get us out of here. Hold on.

Chris, look out.

Thank you.

Now we're even.

Jesus, they Sullivan. That thing keeps following me.

Keep your eyes on the road

The brakes do not work. What do you mean?

Guys, be ready to jump. We're going to jump.

What do you mean? We're going to jump.

Are you ready? I'm not going to jump.

It's okay guys, do not worry. I do not want to spoil your style.

This is unbelievable.

You go where we go. Whether you are left alone.

Sorry. That does not, just be smart.

What are you doing it? Let's go get them.

He was already dead, we could not do anything do for him.

And we do not know how many there are even more.

We have to be smart. Guys, can you keep your mouth shut.

Come on, bitch.




Did you see anything? No, it's safe, come on, let's go.

Where is your daughter, Chris? The block.

Let us take you there.

Oh, no. Should we withdraw?

No, therein.

Come on, quick.

Hide yourself.

Do you think it does not come in here?

That must be a yes.

Chris, what do we do? We need that thing to lose.


What are you doing?

Come on, let's go.

Watch out.

Find your daughter.

What is the reason that I'm here?

The meteor shower that Earth's destroying... nothing will stay alive...

We do not send you back enemy lines... but something like go to hell...

And what about all those people? What's wrong with them?

We have to leave here.

We go there and will save them...

Are you crazy?


Cabrera. Go back, go back.

Humanity needs you...

Who's there?

Who's there?

What are you doing it?

I'll get you out of here.


To bring you. Safety This place? Their?

Come on. I'm going to get you out of here. It's all good.

Please, you do not understand. They have my children taken away.

They have slain me. Stop.

But I'm still alive.

Stop, I can not do that.


I can not.

I will not do that.

Do you have children? Well?

If it were, you would understand. They are your life.

Your reason to live for.

Sorry. Please.


If it was not for me, do it for Ashley, Annie, and George.

You remind me of them.




Captain. They keep us trapped here. Fast. Get me out of here.

It's locked.

Wait a minute.

My God. Clayton.

Focus your hood.

There is still hope for you.

You and Doc escape.

Launch the beacon.

There is still hope for us all.


They can not see you.

You have to go here.

They'll kill you. At the worst possible way.


I'm sorry soldier. Hide.

Stay away from him.

Leave him alone.

Can you understand me?


Can you?

You're not gonna do it, do not you?

You really need to run to that beacon of here.

Do it. Pdf here.

Come on. Do it.

Come on.

No. Do not.

No. Watch out.

How long has it been?

Nearly six hours since Captain Wheeler his last broadcast.

Slightly more than eight since you loss of SI-22 confirmed.

Stay on top down. Continue scanning for their distress.

We men are gathering for the attack, but we need more.

Do you think Captain Wheeler's team...

We spent hours ago Radio contact lost.

Further civilian survivors?

Not much. There is no telling how many there are.

With your permission, I would like all the trained soldiers prepare for the attack.


We are talking about the past chance to save our civilization.

Our lives, our world.

This is not war, this is survival.

Take as many as you can.

Yes, sir.

Follow me. Come on.

Leave a message... Damn.

Quickly. Grab something to block.


Come on, Lindsey.






No. Damn.



Sir, we vacate the area. Come with us. Then you are safe.


Chris. Hey. Meher.

You got through it. I can not believe it.

The rest of my team, who had not. happiness Your daughter?

Away. Included.

You're here now.

If someone can keep safe we will.

I do not think there a safe place.

You are still alive.

I thought they had slain you.

What have they done to you?

I know their plan.

They show you?

She told me.

They? Their queen.

She came into my head, and she told me.

They are a dying breed.

Visits planet planet to collect for her.

Their last queen. And they keep her alive.

My God.

I've seen her plan.

And we're all going to die.

No. You should not give up. Listen, I need you.

We still have the beacon. It should be. Now charged We can contact the command center. Tell them to come here.

And these bastards where they live.


Stay strong with me.

Southard. Captain...

Is it? No, tell me that there is a plan.

We are working on it.

My God...

Suffocate it, asshole.


Hold on. It hurts.

I'll get you out of here. My head hurts.

No. Get out of here. Get out of here.

Command Center, this is Captain James Wheeler. Do you read me? About.

Command Center, this is Captain James Wheeler. Do you read me?

I hope you receive this.

We are face to face with... alien hostiles.

And there came back they abduct people... and bring them to their home planet.

There are some... hundreds in captivity.

We have found a way through one of their space transports to travel... and I suggest that you do the same.

They are a dying, desperate race... and there is still hope to eradicate them.

The asteroid is a launch pad...

Fly there and shoot a bomb in the cave that we have highlighted. traceerstaven with That will make him explode.


My entire team, they died as heroes.

Please, let their death have been. not for nothing Give them hell.

And good luck all.

If you listen to this, you are the resistance.

Humanity's last hope.

Over and out.

They come. And they're going to wipe out your entire race.

Chris. This means you really hear.


We propose the biggest attack on in world history... against a threat like never before.

Early this morning we received a message from Captain James Wheeler.

It was written they hold several civilians caught.

But he also said how they had to fight...

Where we can continue this fight in their and that they wished they had never come here.

Captain Wheeler and his team gave their lives for this information.

And now it's our turn to honor. their sacrifice This is not about politics, or national interest... or protecting resources, this is a fight for all humanity to survive.

And we will.

We will survive.

Now and forever... and the universe will know this, this is our world.

Two teams will fight simultaneously.

Assault and rescue team.

Team will attack the rock the aliens go beyond our atmosphere.

We will focus our attack on the marked targets.

A clear shot would the need to inflate.

Regarding the rescue, Colonel?

We have a captured alien craft.

They take civilians an armed gate.

Transporting them directly to their home planet.

Rescue team, you will be heavily armed, hostiles off-site... bring citizens safe back through the gate.

Let us learn that new world what the meaning of fear.

I'll get you, sweetheart.

Are you ready?

Let's do it.

Dad. Please help me.

The SI-22's are fueled up and ready.

The space, which is a new flying experience for me.

Do not get lost in there, Colonel. We're counting on you.

Yes, sir.

I'm almost done. Perhaps you will feel a tingling sensation.

Eagle Star 1. Warplanes ready. Aim at the marked target.


What's this?

Is there no one?

There's more coming.

Look where we are and go quietly.

I think it seems.


We go towards the building. We go hard.

I want you kill everything that is not human.

Ready? Let's go.

They know we're coming.

Come on, keep walking.

Go down and then left. Go to the main entrance.

Enemy aircraft. Fighters attack.

Is that all you got?

Lindsey. Dad.

Sweetheart. I found you. I found you.

Everything okay? Let me look at you.

Dad, it was terrible. I know, I'm so sorry.

It was horrible. I'm so sorry.

Come on. You must go. Let's get you out of here. Come on.



My God. Dad.

It's good.

It's all good. It's okay.

Take me home, Dad.

Stay with me. Let's go home.

I'm exhausted. We have any missiles.


Am I too late? General Magowan?

That's right.

Lok guests away so I have a clear shot.

You have heard the general. Evasive maneuver. We're going.

Target in sight. Welcome into oblivion.

Fighters retreat.

Excellent work, sir. You're welcome.

Lindsey, sweetheart. No. Stay with me.

Open your eyes, sweetheart. Open up your eyes.

No, Lindsey. Open your eyes, Lindsey. Stay with me.


Please. It's over. It's over.


That's not it.

It's not over.

Not yet.