Agente segreto 777 - Operazione Mistero (1965) Script

A microfilm.

Open the curtains.

Is that everything? Everything.

Unfortunately, the microfilm must have been exposed to the light.

The other negatives are lost, but that name, 'Keller'...

It might be a lead.

This must be about professor Keller and his mysterious discovery.

You could ask him. He won't talk.

Here's the report on the man they found dead, chief.

Officially, a cosmetics salesman, he also travelled overseas a lot.

Lived the high life, far higher than his normal resources.

He's also been behind the Iron Curtain recently.

What do we know about Bardin?

The latest communication is still here on your desk.

His letter of resignation.

I never received it, I want Bardin here as soon as possible.

But he's disappeared, how will I find him?

Do what you Want, call the FBI, Interpol, but I want him here.

I'm having such a Wonderful day.

Skiing on snow all morning then water skiing in the afternoon.

You did well to choose Lebanon for our holidays.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Elena is a nature enthusiast.

I'm grateful you've given her so much of your time, doctor Bardin.

Not at all. He's also a great skier.

I find myself taking incredible risks with him.

The lady is kind.

He's always full of great ideas.

I don't think I'll ever get bored of him.

But water-skiing is very tiring, you should get some rest.

Yes, I'll go up to the room. I'll be back in a couple of hours.

Poor Elena.

I can spend so little time with her.

This holiday meant so much to her, but she didn't clear it with my heart.

You'll be better soon. And I'll owe it to you, to your cures.

We were lucky meeting you here.

A good doctor for me, and good company for Elena.

It's a real pleasure for me, I assure you.

I'd really like it if you came to Athens with us for a while...

At least until I'm on my feet again.

Well, I...

I'll have to stay at home, I have a wife, as you know... but Elena will be completely free.

Even with all the treatment, you'll have all the time you want to visit our city... which is very beautiful and interesting.

And what's more, Elena can be your guide.

I think I'll accept your invitation. I'm glad, you'll like Athens.

I'm sure.

And thank you for the offer.

Goodbye, and take care of yourself.

Doctor Bardin. That's me.

An urgent call for you.

Take it, and tell them there's no doctor Bardin in this hotel.


Despite all the skiing, I see you're still full of energy.

Energy and impatience.

It's for you.

Zaref, how did you find me?

Very clever.

No, stop it.

No, not you.

I wouldn't dream of it, it's impossible.

I told you, it's impossible.

I resigned, remember?

I don't want any excuses, understood?

Can you hear me?

Ladies and gentlemen, we'll shortly be landing in Beirut.

Alitalia announces the arrival of flight 213 from Athens.

We trust you enjoyed your flight.

We hope to see you again soon. You can count on it.

There's a car waiting for you by the exit, license plate 80-55-6

My dear Bardin, great to see you again. I trust you had a pleasant flight.

It wasn't pleasant?

You created a lot of problems for us never leaving an address.

Come on, don't be like that. I know Why you're upset.

No, you don't know anything, you've never known anything... and you will never know anything.

Let's settle this here and now, Zaref.

I handed in my resignation. Which I haven't accepted.

Then what are you waiting for?

You're a tough one, Bardin.

Since you inherited all that money all you want to do is have fun.

Of course. It's all women...

You have a strange idea of friendship.

Listen to me.

Whenever you need my help you always make it personal.

Gather all your men together and you'll see, you can handle this alone as well.

Not this time.

You're the only one who can get to professor Keller.

You know him. Keller? Where does he fit in?

Do you think he's capable of selling one of his discoveries to a foreign power?

Why do you ask?

We found some microfilm with Keller's name on it on the body of a murdered Armenian.

Why would anyone be interested in a biologist?

Professor Keller's studies have always focused on cell rejuvenation.

Could you be more precise? It's very simple.

Injecting a substance into an individual, all the cells in their body rejuvenate.

Where does this substance originate? In nuclear energy.

I need to know how far along professor Keller is with his discovery?

You're a doctor and you were his student, he might confide in you.

My letter of resignation? You have the nerve to think about that.

Don't you realise this is serious? And my careers on the line.

You really are a snake, that's what you are.

If I lose that beautiful Greek I'm with now, I'll never forgive you.

Are you sure that man's still on board?

We saw him get on and no lane's some back to land.

Where are you taking me?

The owner of that merchant ship was working with the murdered Armenian.

He might be able to tell us something.

Looks like he doesn't have anything more to say.

These men are serious.

There, it worked.

It's moving.

It's alive, professor.

It really is fantastic. I'd never have believed it.

Thanks, that's enough.

We've made a lot of progress in these last three years you've been away.

I should be happy with the results we've achieved, however...

Remove the circuit.

Terrek, put the animal in the cage and check its reactions every two hours.

Come, Richards.

Have a seat.

I met old Einstein shortly before he died.

He told me; Keller...

If you ever happen to discover something that man can use to cause harm...

Tie it to a stone and throw it in the ocean.

But you've achieved what science has spent centuries trying to conquer.

Yes, but at what price?

I'm sure you remember that my studies were focused on cell rejuvenation.

I succeeded, and far more than I wanted to.

I've also gone beyond the experiment you just assisted in.

You see, for any physically healthy individual, whose heart has given up...

I can give them life again.

Provided it's within a two hour time frame.

You've experimented on a man?

But I'm certain the result will be positive.

Then it's a discovery that will greatly benefit humanity.

I don't think so.

Unfortunately, my experiments have given life to a procedure... that would give anyone the possibility to produce atomic energy for a derisory sum... and men would use it to kill each other.

Can't you hide that part of the formula?

No, anyone could find it if they studied the serum.

Luckily the secret to all of this is in here.

Excuse me, doctor Dexter, may I go? Yes, go on.

Are you really here by chance, or you knew he was back... and you couldn't bear the thought of not seeing him again?

Think what you want. I'll be waiting upstairs for you.

If you believe me.

Do you still need me?

Give me a whiskey. But, doctor...

Yes, I know, the lady told you not to serve me... but you have to serve me, otherwise how will I swallow this?

That isn't a good excuse.

Serve him. Make it a double.

Well? Did you see her?

Yes, I saw her. You talked?

Like that, as old friends who haven't seen each other for years talk.

She didn't seem very happy to me.

But it was my fault, leaving her like that, and...

Forgive me, dear. I need to change for the next number.

Are you sick again?

Don't worry, it's nothing serious.

You're a mysterious man, Bardin.

You were my assistant and, as my doctor, you had a bright future ahead of you.

But who knows why? You decided to leave the profession.

What are you up to now? What do you do?

Now I write, but I haven't completely abandoned my profession.

I only write scientific articles.

That's why I came here to see you tonight.

From what I hear, you can supply me with some highly valuable information.

From a scientific point of view, of course, nothing more.

It's becoming an obsession, I don't know who's spreading this nonsense.

My secretary has been positively assaulted by journalists lately.

Isn't that right, Jeanine?

It's one thing to give information to the first journalist who turns up... but it's quite another to give it to a doctor like me.

Don't forget, I was also your student.

We'd need to see which of the two has the upper hand...

The doctor or the journalist?

Either way, I repeat, I have nothing to say.

My laboratories carry out normal scientific research... that only concern our profession.

We checked the reactions, everything's normal.

Doctor Serene, and doctor Dexter, my daughter's husband.

Doctor Bardin, he used to be my assistant.

Sit down. And you doctor, have a seat.

I've heard that name many times, the professor often talks about you.

Nice things, I hope. Why won't you sit, you look tired.

She was the first here this morning. I was anxious to see the results.

But now, if you don't mind, I must go. I'm very tired.

Of course, my dear.

I'd feel a lot better if you stopped drinking.

If I stopped drinking, I'd be unbearable.

Don't move, I'll call a doctor. No, it isn't necessary.

I'd better call professor Keller. There's no need.

Please, dear, don't move.



Lord's Hotel? Who is this?

Don't worry, I'll take care of it immediately.

Keep him there.

Hurry over to the Lord's Hotel, it's Richards, he's very sick.

He's in Franca Ricci's changing room. I'm on my way.

Is there anything I can do?

It's about a friend, a lively fellow, like you.

He left one day, and we didn't see him for three years.

Is he also a doctor?

When I saw him again today I realised his condition had worsened a great deal.

Tell me, do you know why he came back?

I'm doctor Dexter.

Hello, Richards.

Sorry to trouble you like this, Dexter... but I'm feeling better now.

Don't speak, save your energy.

How many did you take? Four.

It's too many, you know the maximum dose is two.

I'll give you an injection.

You need to come with me.

I'll take you to the hotel, you need to rest.

Is it really necessary? You know it is, Richards.

Shall I come as well?

Call when you get to the hotel.

I'll come as soon as I've finished.

Let's go.

I'll wait for you.

We'll stop by the professor's place, he was worried about you.

It's them.

Show them in, Jeanine.

Help me, madam.

Another attack.

Let's get him on the divan.

Adrenaline, hurry. Get it ready, it's in the bag.

Please give it to me.

It's too late. His heart has given up.

He was taking a lot of stimulants, is that true?

That's right. Poor Richards.

I promised I'd cure him, but he never gave me the time.

Pity, if he'd only arrived a week earlier, I could still have saved him.

I'm sorry about all this, professor.

Thanks, Bardin, but unfortunately it was inevitable.

Jeanine, show the doctor out.

Then go to bed. We'll take care of this.

If you need me just ask. I can stay if you want?

As you wish.

Shall we try? Yes, but we must act quickly.

Is there a call? No, I just want to tell you you're next.

If they call during my number, take the call for me.

The serum and the formula are in the safe.

Here's the key.

I'll disconnect the phone, I wouldn't want my wife or anyone to disturb us.

The formula.

I met Karl Richards two years ago.

In Lisbon.

I was attracted to his sad air of detachment.

At the time, he was returning from the Portuguese colonies...

Where he had gone to find his fortune.

But he had to leave because of the climate.

And you fell in love with him.

And for a year we were happy.

Then I had to go to Rome, where I had found a job with a fixed contract.

And Karl followed me, and he went back to his studies.

But then, one day, I found him distraught.

In an Arabic newspaper, there was a notice that Louise, professor Keller's daughter... had married one of her father's students, Emil Dexter.

Karl told me he had loved that woman.

He had left Beirut because of her.

He didn't want people to think he'd marry her to capitalize on her father's fame.

I realised he still loved Louise.

That he was always thinking of her... and I was just a means for him to forget about her.

And in spite of all this, you stood by him.

He needed me more.

I couldn't abandon him. Continue.

A few days ago, the owner of this place, Mr. Capitini... passing through Rome, he offered me a contract.

Karl was there, and he persuaded me to accept.

He hoped he'd see that woman again so he'd be free of his nightmare.

But they killed him.

Is that you, Zaref? Where are you? What happened?

Listen, a certain doctor Richards, he died in Keller's house...

About two hours ago. Yes, I was there as well.

Yes, Zaref, it's still me.

A truck, it wanted to give me a ride.

Come, I'll wait for you near the corner of the hotel.

Nothing broken, sir?

Doesn't look like it, it all works, even the telephone.

Professor Keller? He's next door.

In the study, with doctor Dexter. Show me.

One of you stay here.

I don't understand, it's gone.

It's gone? What, madam?

The body, doctor Richard's body. It's true, it was on the divan.

Where's professor Keller?

I left him here, he was with doctor Dexter when I left.

Perhaps he was tired and he retired to his room.

Go and see, and ask him to come down for a moment.

What do you think?

A disappearing body, murder, perhaps.

Questions for a normal police investigation.

You don't need me.

Yes, it's professor Keller's house.

No, Mrs. Dexter, your husband isn't here.

Yes, the phone was disconnected.

I'm doctor Bardin. No, you wouldn't remember me.

I'm a former of student of your father. Yes, Bardin.

Unfortunately, there's been an accident here, doctor Richards...

Professor Keller isn't in his room.

He must be in the laboratory. Let's go.

Make sure no one leaves the house.

Over there.

He's had an electric shock.

Luckily they're both still alive. Come on, give me a hand.

They need artificial respiration.

Have the sergeant inform the coroner immediately.

You still think We're dealing with a normal police investigation?

Professor Keller doesn't seem like an untidy man to me.

So it's obvious someone went digging through this safe.

But who?

Karl Richards. Richards, the dead chap.

Have you noticed something very interesting...

All of the living in this affair are present.

All of them, while... the only one who had good reason to be here, because he's dead, isn't here.

I always knew you had a good imagination, but now you're going too far.

We'll search the house and the garden, I'm sure the body will show up.

I came running as soon as I got your call, what happened?

You stay here, I'll take care of the other one.

Why's the coroner here?

I'm the technical engineer, what do I have to do?

Come, see if you can make sense of these cables.

Help me get him in that armchair.

Sit down, professor.

Feeling better?

And you? How are you feeling?

Everything depends on this galvanometer, someone was using it erratically... while it should be used with caution.

It caused a reaction that knocked them against the wall.

Whoever did it was unaffected because they were isolated by the bed.

But this has nothing to do with the apparatus.

It's one of the latest recorders.

Japanese brand.

It's very sensitive, just the slightest sound... and it starts.

It's fragile because it records full band. Make it work.

Lower the volume, I don't want them to hear.

Already done.

I think you should leave me alone with them now.

As you wish, I'll set up roadblocks along the border.

If it's as you say, we'll find him.

Contact me at the office. .

They need to be kept under observation. Do I have to stay?

No, thanks, we'll take care of it.

You can go, major Zaref needs you.

Excuse me, may I have a moment? Yes, of course.

Tell me, madam.

You knew doctor Richards well.

And you were going to marry him, isn't that right?

How do you know?

Some very serious things have happened here in the last few hours...

So please give me your full cooperation and answer my questions.

For the benefit of everyone.

Yes, it's true...

We were supposed to get married. And why didn't you?

Richards left to find his fortune.

He wrote to me regularly for over a year...

Then, in his last letter, he told me he had been afflicted with incurable illness.

So he was giving me back my freedom.

It was the last time I heard from him.

Then doctor Dexter asked for my hand...

And, as it pleased my father, I ended up consenting.

Do you love your husband?

And your husband, madam, does he love you?

There's only one thing that consumes my husband...


And if he loves someone, it certainly isn't me.

Do you think there's another woman?

You decide.

I found it amongst my husband's things.

He didn't even have the nerve to hide it.

This Serene, how long has she been working with your father?

About a year. Can I ask you something now?

Sure, go ahead. Where's Richards?

What's going on? What happened to him?

How's the professor? Father, how are you feeling?

Why Won't you go upstairs? No, not yet.

I see you're a lot better, I'm glad.

You'll make a fast recovery.

My Jacket.

It's pointless, Jeanine, the professor's jacket isn't here.

What kind of experiment were you conducting with professor Dexter?

It wasn't of any particular importance. Sure.

In your research into rejuvenation you surpassed yourself... and tonight you tried to reanimate a dead body.

You're talking nonsense. It's the truth.

It's absurd.

Did you know this recorder was hidden under the bed?

And you, doctor Dexter? You had no idea?

Who could have put it there? Right, who could have put it there?

Please listen, professor.

There, like that.

Remove his jacket.

Open the shirt.

You really want to try?

Besides, what are the risks?

If the experiment works we'll have brought a dear friend back to life.

Otherwise... You're right.

The formula is in the safe.

At this point I wanted to consult my notes, I couldn't make any mistakes.

Here's the key.

I'll disconnect the phone, I wouldn't want my wife or anyone to disturb us.

The formula.

Instinctively, after having consulted them, I put my notes in my jacket pocket.

I went up, I was nervous.

I was too excited.

I disconnected the phone, then I went into the professor's study...

I thought a tranquilliser might have done me some good.

I wasted a bit of time looking for them.

The cardiograph. Reduce the current.

Any reaction? No, nothing.

There, the pupil dilated.

The cardiograph moved. The first reaction.

What does the cardiograph say? Nothing.

It must be jammed.

Wait, let me...

I saw a bright light, I don't remember any more after that.

Me too. Silence, please.

Then Richards is alive.

The experiment worked.

But he shouldn't have gone. He has no control over himself.

He's just a robot.

It will take hours for him to recover completely.

Yes, a robot, in fact I suspect he took the professor's jacket.

It's terrible. Those notes are priceless.

Richards wouldn't take advantage. But he's out of his mind.

Be quiet. Listen.

The rest of it is useless.

As you heard, someone entered the laboratory while you were passed out.

And with you out of the way... they went digging through the safe.

Someone who knew I kept my notes there.

Doctor, come forward.

You're here as well. Jeanine called me when it happened.

Naturally, I came immediately.

As we're all here, I thought it wise to call you as well, doctor.

If you don't need me anymore, I'd like to go home.

I'm exhausted. Sure, you can do whatever you want.

Doctor Bardin, if you hear anything about Richards, call me.

He was a dear friend.

Especially to my wife.

Let's leave, my dear.

Karl. Then you're...

Where am I?

I don't know.

I don't remember. What do you mean?

What happened? Tell me where you are?

I don't know.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

, Zaref, nothing new here, either.

Just some vague clues.

I have to go.

Wait for my call.

Is there anything I can do? Thanks, dear, you've done enough.

You'd better take the day off. Thank you, professor.

I'm tired, tremendously tired. Try to rest.

I promise you I'll get to the bottom of this.

Please stay with him. Of course.

I have another patient to take care of.

I'll come back to see you as soon as I can, professor.

Take care of yourself.

Doctor Serens.

Given that you have the day off, may I have a few hours of your time?

Why, doctor Bardin? Don't worry.

I would want you to reveal any professional secrets.

You'll never succeed. It isn't my intention, I assure you.

Here's my address and telephone number.

Thanks, in that case, if you don't mind, I'll come this afternoon.

, I'll be expecting you.

Yes, wait a moment, I'll let you speak to the owner.

Franca Ricci only comes here to sing in the evening.

Who wants her?

Bardin? He'll find her at the hotel.

Ms. Franca Ricci, please. Yes, she's expecting you, have a seat.

New you know everything. He's alive, but we don't know where.

He's in possession of a secret atomic formula.

A document of great international importance.

A lot of people are interested in it.

And this, you understand, could cost him his life.

You must find him first.

When he's over the shock, he'll call you.

We need to find out Where he is.

Stay at the hotel and call me the moment you hear something.

Just tell me where I can call you.

For the next two hours you can contact me on this number.

It's doctor Serena' number.

Then I'll go to the Phonetician, Where I'll wait for your call.

Don't move from here until you've contacted me.

Remember, it could be very dangerous for Richards, and for you.

Come in, doctor Bardin. I thought you weren't coming.

I'm sure you did.

This is my refuge.

It's here where I remove my work clothes to wear those of a woman.

Not many, from what I see, reduced to a minimum.

I just stepped out of the shower. Evidently.

Please, have a seat.

Said the spider to the fly.

What is it? Afraid I'll devour you?

No, I'm not afraid, you'd never succeed.

Can I offer you something to drink? Don't trouble yourself.

Why are you westerners so suspicious of us?

Not always, only when it's necessary.

Drink mine.

You don't want to? No, I never drink before eating... or being eaten.

Then seeing as the fly has entered the web...

I hope she won't be disappointed.

What does the spider say? Poor fly.

What can I get you?

I'm hungry.

Our speciality is fish. You can have it however you want.

If you'd like a starter while you wait? I'm hungry.

Do you have a telephone? Yes, tell me the number.

If you'll just tell me what you want to eat, I'll prepare it immediately.

Excellent, sir. Hotel Printania, room 205.

And for lunch?

You'll order later. As you wish.

Hotel Printania.

Room 205, please.

Yes, I'll hold.

When someone gets caught in my web, they rarely leave.

Be careful, now I've found you, I don't want to lose you.

Now I get it.

You want it all.

What a mess. I'm so sorry.

But sometimes you end up losing something of your own.

My jade ring...

You lost it this evening.

In Keller's laboratory.

This evening? Why not yesterday?

Because your footsteps were recorded this evening, not yesterday.

Recorded? On your recorder, that you put there...

Which you didn't take back because the police arrived.

I don't understand.

You wanted to record all of Dexter and Keller's conversations in your absence.

Then you returned to the laboratory later with one clear aim.

You went in, you found them both passed out... and you went digging through the safe with the intention... of finding the formula for the professor's discovery... and you lost this. How could I know about the experiment?

Your accomplice informed you, doctor Dexter.

Who's probably nothing but a pawn.

He called you when he went up to disconnect the phone.

He never looked for a tranquilliser, like he told doctor Keller.

What would I have done with this formula?

You already have a high paying customer, all you needed was a photo.

As you did once before.

One moment, I have to listen as well.

Careful what you say.

Doctor Bardin, Richards called.

He's at the Fisherman's Restaurant, on the road to Syron.

Alright. That's all.

Just remember everything I told you.

The Fisherman's Restaurant, on the road to Syron, as fast as you can.



Stupid policman.

Hamed, make sure he stays put. I'll be back in an hour.

Why don't we take my car, doctor Serena?


You took your time.

The idea of tapping doctor Serene's phone worked perfectly.

You go to Richards, I'll deal with the doctor.

Boss, I managed to reel her in.

But she's in a real hurry, she's going to the Fisherman's Restaurant.

I'll take a longer route to buy you time.

Stop at Avak's bar, pretend you've got a puncture.

Capitini, it's me.

The Fisherman's Restaurant. I'm on my way.

Richards will hand over the notes without suspecting me.

A plane to Karachi, Avak Bar, off the motorway.


Don't trust Serene, she's acting alone.

Yes. , I'll see you soon.

Coward. I heard everything.

You're a coward. And you're just naive.

Did you really think I was interested in your lunatic father's humanitarian ideas?

He could be the most important man in the world... and he turns it down. Not me.

I'm not prepared to turn it down.

My father gave you his trust, his help, friendship... and you're ready to betray him.

And you're also ready to accuse someone innocent.

I knew it, he's the only one you care about, your dear, dear, Richards.

What do you think you're doing? I'm going to stop you.

Careful, Louise, if you want Richards to live, don't try doing anything against me.

Let go of me.

What's going on? Sorry, but I'm afraid we have to stop.

There's something wrong with the engine. Can't you drive me to another taxi?

Don't worry, there's a mechanic at Avak's bar.

It's probably nothing.

Relax, madam, I'll be right back.

Hey, how long have you been a taxi driver, Kamal?

He was Working for Capitini yesterday. You're right.

They were implicated in that espionage scandal in Tehran.

It's very important, I must get on the road to Syron.

Would you give me a ride?

Haven't we met before? No, I don't think so.

Maybe at the Phonetician?

Maybe at the quay? I've never been the quay.

Thank you, I don't smoke.

We've arrived. Thanks so much, goodbye.

It was us on the phone, we came straight here.

Who was it? My husband, hurry...

You must warn the police.

Karl is in danger.

Emil wants to sell your formula.

Where's the girl?

She's disappeared. What did you say?

Spit it out. It isn't my fault.

When we arrived, I pretended to look for a mechanic... and then, when I came back, she was gone.


If this goes badly because of you, you'll pay clearly.

Dexter's arrived. He's outside.

Let's go.

All set, Capitini, we can go. Did anyone follow you?

Not that I know of. Good, then Kamal will drive your car.

Me and Adams will follow you. .

I'm so happy.

I've been going out of my mind. Where have you been all this time?

I don't know, dear, my mind's blank.

Go ahead and talk to Richards, we'll watch your back.

You stay here.

Then I found this, they were in the jacket pocket.

Look, it's professor Keller's notes.

And it was these that slowly helped me to remember.

Reading them, it was like going back to my birth.

And I realised what had happened to me.

Yes, dear, but new you need to calm down, to rest.

I'll call for a car, and... There's no need, we'll use mine.

Richards, how are you?

Professor Keller sent me as soon as he found out where you were.

He's anxious about his notes.

How did professor Keller find out Karl was here?

I don't know, someone must have told him, the police.

Come on, give me those notes, and let's go.

If you don't mind, I'll personally return the professor's notes.

Richards we've been looking for you since last night... but this doesn't authorise you to do this.

Please, give me the notes and stop making a fuss.

Fine, then you force me to use other methods...

Either you hand those notes over nicely... or I'll be forced to take them.

You should appreciate life...

You, who already knows what it feels like to die.

Come on, don't be a fool.

Give me the gun.

Get back.

I wanted too much, to live in your arms.

When you're young, you never think about death.

Be happy...

He's got the documents.

Watch my back. You go that way.

Don't move.

Drop the gun.

He's got my revolver.

There are only three rounds left.

I'll try to make him use them.

It's over, Dexter.

Where are they? Inside, professor.

Please don't, Mrs. Dexter.

Your notes. Take them.

If you really want to get into journalism... then write that professor Keller himself destroyed his discovery.

Because he realised there are limits man cannot go beyond, without defying god.

Well, Zaref, you can deal with this alone now.

I have a lot of other things to do.

In that case, my dear Bardin, have a pleasant trip.

I almost forgot...

The acceptance letter for your resignation.

Keep it. There's no hurry.

Anyway, I always know Where to find you.

Don't count on it.

The port, girls. Come on, everyone on land.

Are you happy now, dear? That we're alone.

Alone? With all these people around us?

They'll see. I'll turn off the light.

My dear Bardin, I hope you're not hiding from me.

This is a real persecution.

Take care of it yourself this time.