Agora (2009) Script

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The late fourth century A.D. the Roman Empire began to crumble.

Alexandria, in the province of Egypt, still retained some of its luster,...

...possessed one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world:...

...the legendary lighthouse, and the biggest library known.

The library was a not only cultural but a religious symbol,... a place where the pagans worshiped their ancestral gods.

The traditional pagan worship in the city now coexisted...

...with the Jews, and an unstoppable religion up to now banned,...


How many fools do you think have asked themselves? why don't the stars fall from the sky But you, who've had the teachings of the wise, You know that the stars move neither up nor down. they merely revolve from east to west, following the most perfect course ever conceived, The circle.

Because the circle reigns in the heavens, the stars have never fallen and they never will.

But, what about here on Earth?

Here, bodies do fall.

But their movements are not circular but linear.

Watch again.

No, leave it.

So, What mysterious wonder do you all think might be lurking beneath the Earth that would make every single person and animal and object and slaves circular?

What might it be?

The heaviness, lady.



The weightiness.

No, you're both speaking about the same thing, but you're not talking about the primary course.

Have any of you ever wondered that your.. that your feet... your feet are standing on the very center of the cosmos that holds all things together and pulls them together If there were no center, then the universe would be shapeless, infinite, formless, chaotic.

Will it make a little difference if we were here or there or anywhere?

And we'd all be better off never have been born.

Library of Alexandria 391 AD

God, Our Father, Lord of the universe, origin of all things, eternal force of the cosmos, where everything has its beginning and everything its end.

Almighty Serapis, Isis, Horus, Anubis and all the other gods we ask for your protection. both in heaven and on earth...

I don't know what's happening in the market.

I know you also feel something. I've seen.

Tell the master we're leaving.

Can you believe? He was courting me as if I'm one of his conquests.

This Orestes is as foolish as his father.

I already suggested that he devote his heart to another muse one more beautiful than I.

Who? Music.


He didn't find his music.

What happen? 227 ever become 16.

Look at this, it's 14.

They behave like humans! They eat, drink and fornicate!

If my gods eat, drink and fornicate, good for them.

Know this, you who console yourself with pagan images.

Men, women, birds, reptiles!


Serapis! Who could trust the God, need a flower pot for a crown?

Hey you, Christians, how arrogant you'd become now that the Empire allows you to exist.

My father's father saw them slaughtered in the circus and fed to the lions.

Enough! Watch.


I shall now walk across the fire.

If my God...

If my God is the true god, I shall suffer no harm.

If however, your gods exist they will roast me like a pig.


You're a lie!

You'll get what you deserve.

Now, let's see if you can walk cross the fire.

What are you doing?

Stop, you can't do that! Let the man go.

Be quiet pagan or we'd call you in as well.

Whose is this?

Whose is this?

How many times must I repeat myself?

Today, the Christians burned a man.

Right in the middle of the Agora!

I will not have this in my house!

Not in the house of Theon!

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

Master, I beg mercy for your slave girl.

Davus! Get up.

You have nothing to do with this.

I too, am a Christian.

What did you say?

I too, am a Christian. Punish me for the both of us.

So, now they presume to teach us mercy.

Get a whip. Father!

Please wait until you calm before you...

Father, I beg of you. I beg of you

wrapped in a blazing brightness.

It was the flames, stupid.

Then why didn't he burn like the pagan? Tell me.

Leave us...

Come here.


Tell me, is it true that you're a Christian?

I don't know what to say, Mistress. Why not?

If I said yes, that would be a lie.

If I said no, that'd mean I lied to my master. I don't know which one's worst.

Then you should say nothing at all.


Thank you.

I want you to know that the Master is upset with himself about this.

What is that?

Something I made, Mistress.

But it looks like a...

What is it?

It's Ptolemaic System.

It is.

Did you do this?

Earth is the center of the cosmos and revolving around it the Sun and the five wanderers: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Obstinately disobeying the law of the circle.

Nevertheless, Ptolemy shows us that they do obey.

The fact that we see them move in a loop is due to the joint effect of two circles.

One that... travels around the Earth and another lesser circle prophet to each wanderer.

Look, the epicycles. See, it's not heaven or earth.

But our eyes that deceive us.

Well said, Davus.

I'd like you to know that your exposition shows me that you've been paying closer attention than...

One or two..others here.

I tell you, the gods should have consulted me before they created anything.

Why do you say that, Orestes?

It all seem so whimsical!

Why the joint effect of two circles?

Wouldn't it be more perfect, if the wanderers didn't wander... and a single circle gave sense to everything?

Orestes, by what authority do you judge the work of God?

What is wrong with you, Christians?

Can a man no longer open his mouth in this city?

If you criticize creation, you criticize our Lord and you offend us.

You should move out to the desert.

You won't hear anything to offend you out there.

You know nothing of what you speak. None of you.

Synesius, what is Euclid's first rule?

Why the question?

Just.. answer me.

If... if two things are equal to a third thing... then they are all equal to each other.


Now, are you both not similar to me?


And you, Orestes?


Now, I'm actually saying this to everybody here in this room.

More things unite us... than divide us.

Now, whatever maybe going on in the streets. We are brothers.

We are brothers.

I want you to remember that brawls are for slaves and periphera.

Now I think we should all honor Davus with some very well earned applause.

He'll judge us all alive and dead.

And then it will be too late, because only those who believed in Jesus will be saved.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

The Kingdom of God is upon us.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?


Yeah but do you understand like men do?

Do you, not your head, a sheep?

What are you looking at?

Yes, you.

What are you looking here?

Are you Ammonius?

The man who performed the miracle?

Do you want to see a miracle?

Are you the one?

I am.

Come with me.

Jesus went throughout Galilee teaching in their synagogues.

Preaching the good news for you and healing the diseases of sick.

News about him spread going to Syria and people came from all over the world.

That is Theophilus.


For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.

Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.

The word of God!

Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

The Lord be with you.

So how are you able to escape the flames?

The Lord be with you. And with you.

What do you think I did? I prayed.

You probable do not even know how.

What do you have in that sack?

Do you have any food here? It's for my Master.

What's wrong with you?

I have to pay for that with my own money!

What do you need money for?

Look at their faces.


I want you to try it yourself.

And afterwards I will teach you how to pray.

Go on.

The Lord be with you. Bless you.


That is a miracle!

Go on, keep doing it.

The Lord be with you.


Thank you.

Bless you, God bless you.

Bless you.

Hey, slave!

What is your name?


Davus the slave!

Now, you look like a true parabolani.

A true soldier of Christ.

What are they saying now?

Telling them to dance.

The men are now heavy with wine.

All aboard!

Oh what an unfortunate wreck.

Save your servants!

End of Part Two!

Thank you, audience, thank you.

Now, excuse the delay while we move things around and change our costumes.

Good evening Forgive my boldness.

I am Orestes, son of Orestes.

I'm here to...

I'm here to declare my love for Hypatia, the philosopher.

I mean, you all no doubt know for some time now, following her counseling.

I have devoted myself to music.

In the hope of seeking solace in the harmony of its sounds.

But for me, such harmony resides only in my lady.

So, My purpose here is merely to... offer my melody in the hopes of...

Stop talking.

That man will go far, I tell you.

He's my preferred fruit for the banana not the fig, I would have already fallen at his feet.

Wouldn't it be best to please him?



Granting him your daughter's hand. Why don't you ever plan to marry her off?

Hypatia subject to a man? Without freedom to teach?

Or even to speak her mind.

The most brilliant philosopher I know, having to give up her science.

No, that could be death to her.

It's true. Her work is admirable.

That she's brilliant and virtuous.

But Theon, She has not found her gift.

Being a woman, I mean.

Our Father who art in heaven...

Don't let anyone have her.

Please, don't anyone else have her.

Don't let anyone else have her.


Good day, lady.

Good day, lady.

Good day, lady.

Good day lady.

Yesterday, many of you would have seen one of your colleagues present me an ollos I accepted the gift.

And today I wish to make him earn a gift of my own in return.

This is for you.

It is the blood of my cycle.

Orestes you...

You say that you have found harmony in me.

Well, I am suggesting that you look elsewhere because I think that there is little harmony or... beauty in that.

Don't you agree?

Yesterday we were discussing the Apollonian cone.

We discussed the circle, the ellipse, the parabola.

Today we will discuss the hyperbola. Lady!

Forgive me, Lady.

Olympius requires your presence urgently in the Serapeum.

You as well.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, Lord.

How are we to enjoy them force feeding us the faith and customs to people who until recently becoming outlaws?

What's happening? It's despicable. A sacrilege.

Christians have gathered in the Agora.

They are mocking the gods.

We must put an end these insults!

They may not fear him, but they will fear our swords.



Now, what is it you are going to do?

Are you going to attack them?

Are you going to stain your hands with blood for an insult?

To the gods! An insult to the gods!

Well, if you think it is so outrageous then go and announce their acts before the prefect.

One might think that you're protecting them.

I am trying to protect our disciples.

You, are inciting them to be violent murderers.

Theon, as director, you have the last word.

The insult must be answered.

Those Jews amongst you do as you please. This is not your battle.

As for you Christians, you would do well to join those of your own fate.

You will not caused my disciples out of this house!

Glory be to Serapis! And all the gods!

Wait for my command!

No one must suspect us until we have them surrounded.

The clubs are for the slaves. Slaves!

Slaves are all for summon!

Davus, back.

No. Go back.

Death to Christians!

Glory be to Serapis!

Let's listen to her now!

Do you hear any complaint?


This one has lost her voice too!

Their mouths do not speak, their eyes do not see, their nose doesn't smell.

Yet still, pagans come here and kneel before them.

What madness is this?

For the gods!


Take care of your master! Protect it..!

God is one!

Death to the pagans!

You! What are you looking at? Get there and fight!


Are you deaf? I said fight!

I'm a Christian!

I am a Christian!

I am a Christian!

What is Christ? Christ is one!

Death to the pagans!

God is one!

No! No!

The entrance! We must defend the entrance!

What's happening?

Our men are being sent back by the Christians!


It's alright. It's alright.

What happened?

It was his slave.

Davus, get me some cloth some water, quickly.


Synesius, we must get out of here.

Hold him still.

Parabolani are coming!

God is with us!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Close the gates! You know our men are still out there!

May the gods protect them.

Close the gates..I said!

Don't kill him! He'll be our hostage like the others. Did you hear it everyone?

Any Christian you catch is now a hostage.

Take our wounded to the temple and the Christians down into the cellars.

And anyone with a good eye and a good aim up on the walls.


This one is a Christian.

Yes, and those three as well.

If they are Christians, they will go down to the cellars.

Olympius, if you are going to imprison my brothers then you are going to have to imprison me with them.

If it is necessary, I will do that.

If anyone,


dare lay a finger on one of my brothers I swear I'll run in for you.


Look at this!


Thank you.

Since when were there so many Christians?

We'll talk to them to negotiate.

What are we waiting for? What can we expect from a Christian emperor?

Except we'll be put in a sword.

Our sense of positive being the life when his verdict arrives.

Here will do.

No one should leave the group, please.

Are they going to pray all night?


Stay here.

It's safer here.

Just stay with him first.

Synesius! What are you doing?

Lady, sister and mother, May God bless you and protect you.

Move back!

Slaves take it to the back.

Slaves get to the back!

If this three one come out.

It's a disaster.

Father, why don't you leave the dice?

Have you been seen today?

-No. No?

Let's have a look.

Promise me, my child, that... when I'm gone, you won't remember this foolish old man.

I promise.

Remember me as I was before.

Before when I could still think and...

I... work with you and...

I listen to you.

How could I have been so wrong?

Seeing you here locked up because of my...

Father, please.

I wanted you to be free.

I am free.

Hey, Christians.


What's that confident God of yours doing now?

Maybe coffins for you, scums!

So tell me.

Where are the gods now?

Where are they?

Might as well look for others. Others?

Which one? The God of the Christians perhaps?

Such boldness!

What do you think, Lady? You are so bold.

Put the fire out.

You are indeed bold.

Very bold.

I've been thinking about something you said to me.


That day that you criticize the heavenly mechanism and you called it whimsical. Yes, although...


I was criticizing Ptolemy.

For complicating everything with his epicycles.

I don't know perhaps I'm just simple-minded.


No, the heavens should be simple.

So am I right or..?

What if...

What if there were simpler explanations for the wanderers?

There is.

But it is so absurd, so old.

That no one gives it any credit.

What theory is that?

Do you think of Aristarchus?

Aristarchus maintained that the earth moves.

The strange behavior of the wanderers was nothing more than an optical illusion caused by our movement in combination with Earth around the sun.

Heliocentric model. That's right.

The sun would be in the center acting as speaking of it as "King of the Stars".

It would make Earth just..another wanderer. His work was lost in the fire that destroyed the mother library.

This is why we have to take great care of this place.

Our library is all that remains of the wisdom of men.

But everytime you drop an object here.

Who speaks?

Forgive me, Mistress.

I was listening.

Speak up, Davus.

If the earth is moving, every time dropping an object it would... fall further behind.

And the wind would always blow against us.

And the birds would lose their way in flight.

I told you Aristarchus' hypothesis makes no sense at all.

I feel that what you just said can be refuted.

But right now I don't know how.

Make way for the prefect!

Make way!

Make way for the prefect!

Make way!

Listen one and all!

Prepare to hear and obey the verdict of our Emperor.

I, Flavius Theodosius Augustus Emperor and Supreme Head of the provinces of the Orient, having been informed of the events... which recently took place in the City of Alexandria... do hereby declare and command that the insurgents shall be pardoned and freed.

In exchange for my generosity, the insurgents will abandon the Serapeum and the Library immediately allowing the Christians to enter and dispose off the premises

as they see fit.

What are we to expect? They'll destroy everything!

Pagans will leave by the stable.

The Books.

And they will be escorted to their homes.

Obey this, instant!

Keep it together!

Send half of the regiment to the other side. and send the rest later.

Yes, sir.


We won't be able to contain this, not for long.

On the cross! On the cross!

Keep yourself together!

Leave the lesser works.

Which are the lesser works? Just take the important ones. The important ones.

The soldiers are withdrawing!


Have you seen my mistress? Just get over here and help!

They're not carrying so many. We need more help.

Please go and get my father out of here. Get him out of here now.


Go! Go! Go! Go!

Come on, quickly!

Hypatia and her students are still in the atrium.

Are they out of their minds?

If that's what they want, let them burn.

Come on!



Where have you been? Pick up that sack.

Lady We have to go. Pick up the sack!

Why are slaves never around when you needed them?

I was... Move!, move your feet, move!



There is no time!


Leave them.

God is one!



Where are you going?

We have to go! Davus, where are you going?

If he wants to die for our gods, let him.

Please, no. Please don't do this.

Come on! Davus!

Davus, no! Come on!

God is one!

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!




Davus the slave!

Help me with this!

Help me!

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

Pagan sinners!

The Master's wound is festering.

I know.

I know.



You're free.


Hence forth, in Alexandria only Christian and Jewish worship shall be permitted.

Pagan sacrifices, worshipping pagan symbols and visiting pagan temples shall no longer be allowed.

Should anyone commit such an act or dare raise his eyes on the statues of former gods. He shall be punished without penance.

Damn Jews!

Damn Jews!

They're just a bunch of good for nothing thugs, packed animals!

Joran, my dear friend, calm down.

Let Bishop Cyril speak in his own defense.

Prefect our blessed parabolani, Whom he has just called the Beast of Burden.

Devote themselves true enough to carrying burdens. crippled, the sick, the lepers...

And stones!

Prefect, they carry stones.

And now, they burst into the theatre and stone us knowing we will do nothing to defend ourselves.

Because it is the Sabbath!

On the Sabbath you should honor God in your synagogues instead stuffing yourselves with sweet set of theater.

That is why the stones fell upon you.

Prefect, do you hear that? Now, he's threatening us. This is too much.

Friends, there are more things that unite us than divide us.

We are brothers! We're all brothers.

Where would you Christians be without the Jews? Jesus was a Jew!

Jesus was a Jew!

There is..something I find disturbing in what you've told me.

What? Well, Why does Cyril speak of cleaning up the city?

Is he not satisfied with what he already has?

I think he's just trying to frighten the Jews.

But why say it in front of you?

What if really he was addressing you and not them?


Why? I'm as much as Christian as he is.

Yes, but you forget that many of us from your circle are not.

And a full sail, prefect.

Let's go.

-Aspasius, you ready? Yes, mistress.

I would like you to take the sack and climb to the top of the mast.

And now, Lady, Will you finally tell me what the point of all this is?

When Aspasius drops the sack, the boat will be moving forward.

Therefore, the sack won't fall at the foot of the mast, but will fall further back. I would say about...

about here.

And what is so special about that?

Yes! But you were wrong!

Yes, but this is definite proof!

It's definitive. The sack.

The sack behaved as if the boat was stationary.

What does that mean?

I don't know.

But the same principle could be applied to the Earth.

It could be moving around the Sun without us realizing.

-Aristarchus. Exactly.

Why do you torment yourself with that, Lady?

Ptolemy's not perfect but... it works.

Orestes, but you are the one who...

A few years ago, you weren't so pragmatic, prefect.

Well, a few years ago, I talked first and thought later.

I have Cepheus third.



Venus and Mars share house in Aquarius.

My father would have celebrated such a conjunction with a good wine.

The stars will not fall. Oh really?

No, because they're fixed to the lid of their chests.

The lid will open in two hearts and then Jesus will appear.

What chest are you talking about?

Don't you know that the universe is a gigantic chest?

Heaven is the lid on top and the Earth, the ground...

They haven't told this fool that the Earth is round.

The Earth is flat.

Your head is flat.

Read the Scriptures!

If the earth is round, Why don't the people at the bottom fall off?

What about the ones on the sides?

Why don't they slide off?

Think about that.

Davus knows.

Hey, brother.

What do you say?

Is the earth is flat or round?

Only God knows those things.

Leave them on the ground!

Leave them on the ground! That's where they belong.

Lady, you must not lose heart.

Today on the boat you made great progress.

Why do the wanderers bury their brightness?

So unexpectedly.

And what is worse, Why does the sun?

Why does it change size from summer to winter?

Perhaps because... sometimes it is nearer... and other times it is farther away.

But Aspasius Watch.

According Aristarchus, the sun must be at the center of everything.

With us, the Earth, traveling in a circle around it.

Therefore, and this is the key.

We're always at exactly... the same... distance.

Now, if as you just said, we accept the changes in distance then we are forced to add and epicycle to the Earth's orbit.

So it's going to be nearer and then it's going to be farther away.

But now we fall into the same trap as Ptolemy.

Circle upon circles. Exactly!

So I just do not know how to resolve this conflict.

I mean, the only thing we could do is...

displace the sun from the center and well... not to have a center.

It breaks my heart, Aspasius.

So tell me, what do I do?

Rest, lady.


Parabolani! What is happening?

Parabolani, quick! Help!

St. Alexander's on fire!

It is a fire.

Come on!

Gather water! Get the water! Quick! Take this!



Come on, come on!



Parabolani, quick!

Where's the fire?

Where's the fire?

Jews! It's a trap.

It's a trap!

Christians, all.

Last night was a night to deplore.

Now I say to you.

Grieve no longer for our dead brothers.

Weep not.

Shed your tears for the others, for they are executioners.

Yes, yes.

Weep for them. For those who have done this, Know not of God, nor of love nor of parity.

They know not because it is they

who repeat the words of the Scriptures with no understanding at all.

It is they who saw only a man when the Son of God was standing in front of them.

And it is they who in their blindness, mocked him and crucified him.

Yes Weep! Weep for the Jews, those evil butchers of our Lord.

Because God... because God, God, God has already condemned them.

It is God's will.. that they live as slaves cursed and exiled until the end of time.

Cursed and exiled!

Cursed and exiled!

Cursed and exiled!

Lady, do not stop, Lady.

Now all the Jews will want to retaliate.

I'm afraid you don't understand what's really happening.

When this is all over, there will be no more Jews in Alexandria.

I'm sorry for busting in like this.

Lady, you should the risk of coming here.

Where are the troops?

Why are there no more soldiers on the streets?

No army could contain that mob. The entire city is in a frenzy.

Calling to the annihilation of women and children.

A bishop!

A Christian! Then lock him up.


You should have him arrested.

It's not so easy.

Lady, Cyril knows they both share the same faith.

That places our prefect in a very... awkward position.

If he defends the Jews, half the city will rise up against his government.

I see.

But if you choose to do nothing now, I believe Cyril will continue to do the same thing over and over again and until... until there is no one left in this city.

No people for this government to govern.

How naive of me.

How naive of me to think we have finally chose.

Jews out!

First, they kill them then they bury them.

The Bishop of Cyrene.

What is he doing here? I'll find out.

It's my little library of Alexandria.

This is where I teach the children.

An Apollonian cone.

Yes, I built it to teach them about the four curves.

The Circle.

The ellipse.

Orestes should really be here by now.


And hyperbola.

It's truly beautiful.

You know, I often look at it and I always wonder why does the circle coexist with such impure shapes?

When I get to sit here and listen to you again.

I bore you.

It's been a long time since I've done anything but... beat my head against a stone.

Anyhow, there are more important matters at hand.

Forgive me.

Two Christians in the hands of a heathen.

It's an outrage!

It's an outrage!

How many left? I don't know but it smells.


Does God speak with you?

All the time.

Ammonius this, Ammonius that. Ammonius, Ammonius, Ammonius.

Today, he spoke to me so quickly, I had to ask him slow down.

Tell me something.

Do you ever think we're mistaken?


I always forgive and...

but now, I can't forgive.



The Jews?

Well, Jesus pardon them on the cross.

Jesus was God and only He can show such clemency.

How dare you compare yourself to God?


We are still alive.


Because it was His will to save us from the stones.

God wants us here, doing what we do.

Don't you believe in that anymore?

My Lord...

Cyril is a very proud man.

He'll agree to meet, but he wouldn't discuss the Jews, only discuss peace.


My suggestion, as your humble adviser in this affair, is for you to accept.

Let peace be foremost.

Lady, what do you think? Well..I...

I don't think it's very encouraging.

Why would he want to come and see Orestes without any concrete proposals? And there's something else.

He won't come to you.

Demands he meet you in the Library, during the Sunday service.

In the Library? Why?

Only Christians are being permitted to enter the Library since it was stoned.

It is a provocation!

Allow me to suggest.

If you consider your presence so essential why not let yourself be baptized?

The majority of us here, beginning with our prefect, have accepted Christ.

Why not the rest of you?

It's only a matter of time and you know it!


It is just a matter of time?

Well, excuse me... honored member but as far as I'm aware your God has not yet proved himself to be more just or more merciful than his predecessors.


Is it really just a question of time before I accept your faith?

Why, then, should this assembly accept the counsel of someone who admittedly believes in absolutely nothing?

I believe in philosophy.


Just what we need in times like this.


All these years, I've been studying.

With absolutely no life of my own.

And I wonder, what was the point?

Whoa, forget about what was said today.

Is this all life holds for me?

What else?

I doubt anyone could see as a... devoted wife and mother.

I think...

I think everyone in the city knows the story of the handkerchief.


My father loved a woman.

Even he...

Who have I ever loved?

Except you, Libanius.

If I could just...

just unravel this... just a little bit more.

And just get a little close to the answer then... then I would... then I would go to my grave a happy woman.


Why does that mean so much to you?

Right now, this very second, the whole Earth could be moving and no one realizes it.

Except you and me.

Believe me Lady, it's best no one does.

Do you really not think it important?

I don't understand why you insist on moving the ground we walk on.

Well, you saw for yourself what happened on the boat.

Yes, I did. But that does not necessarily mean the Earth moves.

What if it does?

Hypatia, look around you.

Death, horror destruction.

If the stars move in a circle why would they share their perfection with us?

So we do not move...

In a circle.

We don't move...


We do not move in a circle.

Ever since Plato, all of them: Aristarchus Hipparchus, Ptolemy, they have all tried to reconcile their observations with circular orbits but...

What if another shape is hiding in the heavens?

Another shape?

Lady, there is no shape purer than the circle. You taught us that.

I know, but suppose just suppose the... purity of the circle has blinded us from seeing anything beyond it.

The same way that the glare of the sun blind us from actually seeing the stars.

I must begin all over with... with new eyes.

I must rethink everything. I have to rethink everything.

Reading from the first letter of Paul to Timothy.

I desire therefore, that everywhere men should lift up holy hands in prayer without anger or disputing.

In like manner, I desire women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds. Why is he reading this passage?

I don't know, prefect. I assure you it is not the one we agreed on.

That a woman learn in quietness and in full submission. I do not permit a woman... to teach or to have authority over a man,

but to be in silence.

This is the word of God!



Jesus himself knew this when he entrusted his holy legacy to twelve men Men.

Not a woman among them.

And yet, I know of some in Alexandria who admire and even trust in the word of a woman.

The philosopher Hypatia.

A woman who declared, in public, her ungodliness.

A witch!

Dignitaries, it is time for you all to reconcile yourselves with Christ.

This is the word of God.

Kneel before it and embrace its truth.


Is he not going to kneel?

Is he not going to kneel?




I am a Christian!

I am a Christian! You're not a Christian!

I'm as Christian as you are.

Make way for the prefect!

Make way!

I am a baptized Christian!

I am a baptized Christian!

I'll kill you.

I am as Christian as you.

I am as Christian as you are.

I mean, how could such a thing be possible?

The culprit has been executed.

I would like you to take me to the prefect immediately.

Lady, he himself gave the order for you to be confined to the house until further notice.

At the moment your presence on the streets is not advisable.

For what reason?

Cyril has made some serious accusations against you.

And um...

What does he accused me of?


And witchcraft.

I see.

Is something bothering you, Lady?


Why don't you tell me what's worrying you?

Prefect, why don't you bite on it?


The Bishop of Cyrene wishes to see you.

All of you...

Prefect, the wound is not yet closed.

Get out. Get out!

All of you out! Out!

Well, that went well.

You think I had a part on this?

Would I show my face here if I wanted to betray you?

Are you blind? I was, yes, I was blind.

Well, it's my head.

He's wanted all along, it's me... that snake is after.

This government!

This city!

Now, listen.

War is brewing. I know.

I know.

Do you swear your loyalty to me?

To the Empire? Do it.

Condemn him or get out.

I will do it.

On my knees, if necessary.

And not only that.

In a few days, I can gather other bishops from the province and amongst from the desert all against Cyril.

First, I must ask you a question.

Orestes, do you believe in Jesus?

Do I what?

Do you believe in Jesus? Do I what!?

Are you a true Christian?

Or did you like so many others, only convert to prosper in politics? Synesius.

Why didn't you kneel?

What choice did I have? Why didn't you kneel?

What choice did I have?

Betray Hypatia?

Condemn her?

Would you have done that?

I would never offend God.

It's he, he is offending God. He is offending him.

He's twisting his words, he's using the Scriptures.

He read what is written.

How many women do you obey?

How many?

How many do you admire and listen to?

Only One.

Only one.

The Scripture...

The Scripture is correct... and it was in His hands.

Brother, don't you see?

Don't you see the insult to God?

In front of everyone.

I don't know...

I don't know what... what I believe.

You have to tell him.

Go tell him now, Orestes. Tell him you believe in what is written.

Don't tell me. Tell Him.

Tell God.



Many are those who remember today the miracles our beloved brother performed in life.

Like the time he commended himself to the Father and threw himself into fire and was not even singe.

Ammonius, dead of bravely defending your faith in Christ.

I proclaim you a martyr.

A saint.

From now on, you shall be known as...

Saint Taumasius.

We want justice!


May God show us the way, my dear parabolani. Little else can I say to you.

What about the monks of Nitria?

We can win at least 500 of them. plus 500 of our own men...

Do you think that's enough? He's the prefect...

He has a whole army to protect him.


Why don't we do something much more simple and effective?

What are you talking about?

We can hurt him where it hurts most........


That whore. Who?

What if we dared to look at the world just as it is?

Let us share for a moment every preconceived idea.

What shape would it show us? What shape?

You once said that the problem lies in the inconsistency of the sun.

Yes I did, good..good Put it into words.

The sun must be at the center, since we revolve around it.

And at the same time, in another position since our distance from it varies.

Yes, exactly. How?

How could it occupy two positions?

How could I occupy two positions at once?

How could I occupy two positions at once?


Yes, yes. There. And then the other one here.

Keeping the same proportion.

Good. Very good. Now, tie this end to that torch.


I want you to imagine that this is the Earth.

And that each of these flames represent the two extreme positions of the sun in relation to it.

In winter and in summer.

What would happen if both these positions with the two centers of one and the same circle?

But it is impossible, mistress.

Wait. What do we know about a circle? We know that the center of a circle is always the same distance from any point along its perimeter.

Exactly. Yes, so...

What if I divide the center into two... but what I keep constant is the sum of their two distances to the perimeter.

Alright, look. I'll show you. Watch. As I move this rod along the cord, as one segment increases the other segment decreases, and vice versa.

Therefore the sum of the two is always going to be constant.

Do you see that?

Now, what if we apply this to the movement of the Earth?


figure... will be obtained?

An ellipse!

With the sun at one of its foci.

Because, what is a circle except a very special ellipse whose foci have joined so close together that they appear to be one.

Perhaps, I'm completely raving, Aspasius.

I mean, why should this be so? Maybe I'm just...

Maybe I'm...

What do you think?

It could well be solved, mistress.

Well done, we'll continue with this tomorrow.

Get some sleep.

Good night, mistress. Good night.

Thank you.



What are you doing?


Let me see.

Why don't you sit down?

Where is everybody?

Please sit down.

I have..

I have news for you too.

All dignitaries who have yet to embrace the Christian faith are to be baptized in public.

The aim very clear:

It's to add to our cause, all the Christians in the city

decent folk, better to fight for me.

You speak of battling faith.

Very well.

It seems everything seems to have been decided already.

I don't understand why you required my presence here.

I am not a member of government.

No, you are more than that. You are the person I trust most and everyone knows it.

What can I say?


Many years ago,

years ago, you taught us something.


If two are... equal to a third they are... all are equal to each other. Do you remember?

Yes The three of us, we are all good people.

And you, you are as Christian as we are!

Synesius, you don't question what you believe.

You cannot.

I must.


That's a pity, Lady.

A great pity.

Our revered teacher taken away from what she herself taught us.

Or do you think I'm not aware of the insane things you invoke.

Synesius! With Earth moving around the Sun.

What next, Lady, what next?

You must let me go.

Let me in!

I'll go straight to her. Why does she wanna see a parabolani?

Lady! Go away before we arrest you.

Leave! Aspasius!

It's me, Davus. Get off me.

Tell them who I am I know this man, please.

What do you want?

I need to speak to her. I need to speak to the mistress. Where is she?

Mistress is not here. It's urgent! Where is she?

She's at the prefect's palace.

Where? The prefect palace!

Prefect's palace. Thank you. -Get out of here.

Who was that?

He was a slave once.

Wait, please! Wait! I beg you.

If you don't agree, I won't be able to protect you any longer.

I won't be able to have dealings with you neither greet you.


Don't you see?

I can't go on without you.

I cannot.

Without you, I can't defeat Cyril.


Cyril has already won.

Thank you.

I do not need you.


Brother! Where are you going?

We found her!

Come on, walk!

Move it, sinner!



Pagan sinner!

Move! Come on!


Strip her naked!

Get up.

That's it. So that God can behold in all your filth, whore.

The way you knock the prefect so hard.



Look, she's not reacting.

She will scream all right when we skin her alive.

How many of you have knives? None.

Don't stain your hands with impure blood.

Let's stone her!

Let's stone this witch! Get some stones.

Quickly! The ones we throw at Orestes. they are still here.

I'll stay with her.

She fainted.

The body of Hypatia was mutilated and the remains...

...were dragged through the streets and burned in a fire.

Orestes was outlawed forever and Cyril...

...took control of the power in Alexandria.

Later, Cyril was declared a Saint and Doctor of the Church.

Although not any of Hypatia works remains, it is known that she was an exceptional astronomer, well-known for the mathematical study of conical curves.

One thousand, two hundred years later, in the 17th century, astronomer Johannes Kepler...

...described that one of those curves,...

...the ellipse, governs the movement of the planets.