Air Doll (2009) Script

I'm home

I should've listened to you and taken my umbrella I'm dripping wet So I called him outside on his lunch break and I told him, "There's lots of guys waiting to take your place"

Right at the busiest time of the lunch hour, he was just spacing out in the kitchen He's totally useless Who does he think runs that place?


I think he's 3 years younger than me That's right, he's an only child His parents totally spoiled him Unbelievable Well, who cares about him anyway

What do you think? It's so late already Skip the bath tonight?

Nozomi... You're beautiful


Welcome Welcome Yes, just a moment


It's so cold

You're beautiful today, too

I'm off




Moe! Hey, wait!

Oh, I forgot Off you go!

I'm off!

I'm off...

Burnable Burnable Burnable...

Not burnable Burnable Burnable, not burnable Kishida! The stickers!

Thank you Not burnable Not burnable Burnable Burnable...

Thank you

Thank you

Do you remember when that family was murdered in that upper-class neighborhood?

It says here it happened on the 20th of last month A judge and his wife and their daughter, a pianist Each of them murdered in their sleep, late at night The murderer was already arrested He was a failed student Her parents wouldn't let him date their daughter

"Don't copy me

“Mr. Echo

"Mr. Copycat"


Come here Rio!

Yuzu! Yuzuki! Come here Haruna! Come!


Cinema Circus Video Rental Shop

Are you looking for something?

Help Wanted

Here we are!

This hill!

Pretending to go straight!

It warmed you up

I found myself with a heart...

With a heart I was not supposed to have

Movies are made with film Light passes through it and on to a screen Film Right You never watched a movie?

That's just a substitute. You have to watch movies in a movie theater Movie... theater?

Kids these days are unbelievable What have you seen at a theater recently?


You know...

There's this one or...

But you can't beat

"Battles Without Honor and Humanity"

"Battles Without Honor and Humanity..."



Don't worry, don't worry It'll be fine. Don't worry about what your boss told you I don't see you that way at all So don't you worry I can't believe they keep that useless guy in charge What are they thinking? Right, exactly

Thank you very much Thank you...

What are you looking for?



Wasn't "Battles" great?

“I've still got bullets left, Yamamori san"

Didn't you watch Part One?

Part Two is "Hiroshima" Want to rent both?

What are you doing for Christmas, Nozomi?

With your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend, your favorite guy

You have one, right?

No Really?


The first time I asked out my wife was to see “Love Story"

I told a lie Because I found a heart, I told a lie

“Planet of the Apes"

“Purple Noon"

Chaplin's “The Great Dictator"

Junichi likes musicals Musicals are fun movies with singing and dancing

"There's Something About Mary" is supposed to be really funny

The water's just right

You've got to get all the way in

Your only flaw is that your body's so cold

Can you tell?

Smells great It's a popular shampoo I spent 100 Yen more than the usual shampoo

100 Yen makes a big difference Great...

Lucky you You don't age I... found a white hair down there What a shock

I wonder how much longer I can make love with you

So damned pretty

The Winter Triangle

Don't make me repeat myself Can't you ever remember?

There's Sirius And Procyon And Betelgeuse

That's not true You're beautiful, too

No point being jealous of the stars

I am an air doll A substitute for handling sexual desire Nozomi... Always stay beside me

Do you like it?

What is up there?

Up in the sky, there's air And clouds float there At night, the moon and the stars come out It's invisible so you can't see it But it's there You can't see it But it's there Hard to understand

Is that the ocean?

Yes, that's right

Have you never seen the ocean?

No There's so many boats

What does it mean ”To get old?” It means aging and getting closer to death Death ?

Yes Losing life Life...

Even here, you can smell the sea

This smell reminds me of my childhood

Reminds me, too...

You can eat your broccoli

Aren't you going to eat?


Moe, that's not a comb But Ariel was doing it Who?

A-ri-el Oh, Ariel... Right, she was You don't know, Daddy I saw it with Mommy

Oh, excuse me A beer And also, what I asked for before Yes, sir

Hey, you ate your carrot?

Yeah Wow!

You can eat the rest then, too

Hey, what happened?

A blackout?

Is it a blackout?


A birthday A birthday?

They're celebrating the day she was born into this world

Look, a present from your mom Blow them out

Does everybody have one? A birthday?

What's that?

White clover White clover... White clover...

That's a dandelion Is this about to be born, now?

No, it's already wilted

Poor thing But it has to die someday Otherwise the world would be overrun

Hard to understand

What else do you want to know?

I want to know more about you


"5,980 Yen"

I'm home

Were you lonely?

Okabe suddenly took the day off What's he thinking...

I'm an air doll A late model, cheap one...

A girl called Ari or Mari or something, is combing her hair with a fork, like this...

You don't know?

Oh, no...

That must be “The Little Mermaid" It's over here Oh, you have it Thanks I'm sorry...

A movie with a super-bad cop in it Like a totally corrupt cop, making bad drug deals, rotten to the core Rotten?

Yeah. got anything?

Then, how about, “Bad Lieutenant," Abel Ferrara Is it really bad?

It's more than bad Harvey Keitel is the worst The worst...

Why don't you rent "Donnie Brasco," too?

AI Pacino plays a guy in the mafia And Johnny Depp is a cop? Yeah I already saw it Oh, you did

Excuse me...

You can wipe them off with this The lines Lines?





OK, how about Theo Angelopoulos'

“The Beekeeper"



Across the river there's a big DVD store

You can't rent “Dream of Light," You have to buy it

“The Beekeeper" comes in a box set, so you probably can't rent it, even there

Thanks Across the river...

Thank you I'm sorry...

I am useless...

What's your name?

Look at the flowers What's the flower called?

Excuse me

I'm sorry I'm sorry

I'm sorry

Excuse me

Say, do you know a bug called the mayfly?

The mayfly...

Dies a day or two after it gives birth So its body is empty No stomach or intestines It's filled with eggs instead It's a creature that's born only to give birth

Humans aren't so different Pointless...

I'm empty, too...

A marvelous coincidence I'm the same...

I'm all empty

I wonder if there are others These days, everybody is everybody?

Yes, especially, everyone living in this kind of city

You're not the only one

Say, do you know this poem?


You don't know poems?

Doesn't matter

"Life is..."

Life is...

Let's see, “life is..."

Let's see, life is?

It seems life is constructed in a way that no one can fulfill it alone

Just as it's not enough for flowers to have pistils and stamens An insect or a breeze must introduce a pistil to a stamen

Life contains its own absence, which only an Other can fulfill

It seems the world is the summation of Others And yet, We neither know nor are told that we will fulfill each other We lead our scattered lives, perfectly unaware of each other...

Welcome, would you like to buy a cake?

The master has come home Welcome back, Master Or at times, allowed to find the Other's presence disagreeable

Why is it, that the world is constructed so loosely?

I'm Misato How old are you, Misato?

I'm 24


Misato, do you know a good restaurant nearby?

I just started yesterday I understand What do you like?

I like pasta I like pasta, too!

I want Extra Rice I want Extra Rice, too Cancel the ham and cheese hamburg steak Lunch specials?

More water with lots of ice Right away I'll take the lunch special instead The lunch special?

The suspect, Kume, confessed that he had bought one gram from a foreigner for 7,000 Yen when he traveled to Osaka So expensive...

A horse fly, bathed in light, flies in close to a blooming flower

I, too, might have been someone's horse fly

Perhaps you, too, had once been my breeze

No customers...


I hope it'll be OK I like it here...

This store

What's the name of the movie adapted from a Stephen King novel, starring River Phoenix when he was 15?

"Stand by Me"

Correct Great!

OK, then, the Hollywood movie that became Matsuda Yusaku's last film?

Don't look...

Air... You need air...

Where's the plug?


Sorry Don't look...


You're... Fine now A little... while longer...

I'm off

Going to get old You see, I'm going to get old

Were you surprised?

Yeah But...

But I hear there are plenty of others like me Someone said that

Me, too...


I'm not so different I see But...

I guess you're right When I first met you, I sort of felt, that you were just like me A marv...

I hit the jackpot at Pachinko A marvelous... Coincidence



So damned pretty

There's Sirius And Procyon How did you get an Osaka accent?

An Osaka accent?

A movie I saw a movie What was it called...

The other day... How did you feel?

The other day?

In the store Oh, when you breathed into me?


When the air left your body

Was it painful?

Yes It was painful

Having a heart was heartbreaking

Misato's only virtue is that she's young They'll stop spoiling her soon She's just a part-time employee That's all That's right She's not going to last long anyway You don't need to worry about her But...

It'll be fine You know there's no one that can take your place Really?


7:18 PM, the 9th He said, "My pension's gone You stole it, didn't you"

He just kept accusing me over and over, and I just got so mad...

I'm sorry No, no, that happened in Osaka The suspect confessed and has been arrested Don't worry It has nothing to do with you


Nothing at all

I've got work I can't visit until spring Listen, did you come here while I was out?

I told you not to clean up my stuff Did you throw it out?

Well, it's not that important

Why don't you give them to your neighbors?

How strange Your sister's having her second baby next year You don't have to grow apples with us, but it's time you come home

Can't you remember how to take orders? You've worked here for years now It's fine with me if you want to quit There's lots of guys waiting to take your place

What's so funny It's revolting when you smile Sorry

Movies for Crying

Excuse me Hello How can I help?

This one

Thank you for your business

Did you guys already do it?

You did it with Junichi, right?

You don't have to hide it You're seeing him, right?

No Is that your boyfriend?

I saw you in the park You were with him

I bet Junichi doesn't know about that guy

You do this with anybody Girls these days...


Hey, touch me Here Hey, touch me...



I am an air doll

A substitute for handling sexual desire

I am...

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Nozomi Nozomi...

How is it?


The white star of the first magnitude, Procyon The triangle linking those three stars is called The Winter Triangle Got that?

Oh, no, I'll get wet

I have to pee


Um... Nozomi?

You bought her a cake Is it her birthday?


I got one for you, too On the day I welcomed you here I don't know... I don't remember that I really did I took a picture


I found a heart

A heart?

Yes, a heart


I don't know

Tell me, what do you like about me?

What do I like?

You don't know, do you?

Even the name, Nozomi, is your old girlfriend's name

You read my blog?

I'm just a substitute for her


I mean...

Sure, at first, I was lonely without her But now, it's different

No, what am I saying...

Why me?


It doesn't have to be me, right?


The picture...

Listen, will you do me a favor?

Can you go back to being the old doll?

The old doll?

Yeah, the normal, plain old doll Can't you?

You wish I hadn't found a heart?

Yeah It's just annoying This stuff annoys me, which is why I chose you in the first place

I'm annoying...

What a mean thing to say That's not what I mean, it's not You're not annoying, it's humans who are Nozomi!



Thank you

I hate dogs They get old so fast and die before you know it

Having a dog just makes you lonely

Is this you?

Yes I used to be a substitute high school teacher

A substitute?

That's right I was always an empty substitute

Were you lonely?

I wonder...

I can't remember anymore

Do you mind, touching me?

That feels so good

Me, too... See?

They always say, people with cold hands, have warm hearts

Maybe it's just a superstition...

Welcome home

I'm home

I made you, but I don't know the answer

But I doubt even God knows why the humans he made have hearts

Do you wish you'd never found a heart?

I don't know, but...

It hurts

They all started out the same,

but by the time they come back here,

you can tell from their faces whether they've been loved

I think that must mean they all have hearts, too

What will happen to them?

Once a year, in spring, I throw them all away Unfortunately, they're "Not burnable garbage"

Not burnable garbage

After all, once we die, we're "Burnable garbage"

It's not such a big difference

Burnable garbage

Can you tell me one thing?

Was everything you saw in this world sad?

Was there something, anything, that was beautiful?

I'm glad to hear that

Thank you for having me

No, thank you

Off you go

I'm off

I don 't mind if I'm a substitute for someone else

You're not a substitute for anyone

I'll do anything for you That's what I was born for Whatever you want


Yes I can do whatever I want?

Yes, whatever you want

I couldn't ask anyone else, but...

With you...

Something only I can do?


What is it?

I want to let out your air

Let out my air?



Don't worry

I'll breathe into you like before But...


Sure, do whatever you want

Where's your plug?

I'll fill you with my breath

Just like you did for me

I couldn't breathe my breath into Junichi

You alone?

You are alone

What a jerk

I found a heart

Did you see the news?

They found his body in the trash Just across the river

Let's trade

Moe, don't touch the garbage OK Off you go I'm off



Moe! Your gym clothes!




Executive Producers KAWASHIRO Kazumi SHIGENOBU Yutaka HISAMATSU Takeo TESHIMA Masao Development Producer YASUDA Masahiro Based on the original graphic novel ”Gouda's Philosophical Discourse, 'The Pneumatic Figure of a Girl'" by Yoshiie Gouda, published by Shogakukan, Inc.

Producers URATANI Toshiro KORE-EDA Hirokazu Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing Art Direction TANEDA Yohei Production Design KANEKO Hiroki Lighting OSHITA Eiji Sound TSURUMAKI Yutaka Music world's end girlfriend


Production Company TV MAN UNION, INC.

Written, Edited and Directed by KORE-EDA Hirokazu English Subtitles Linda Hoaglund ©2009 Yoshiie Gouda, Shogakukan / AIR DOLL Production Committee