Airlift (2016) Script

And finally...

How do you fit 30 Iraqis in one telephone booth?

Tell them that it does not belong to them!



You're very kind, Excellency.

Oh, I'm a mere Prince, Ranjit.

Answerable to His Excellency.

The Emir.

But Ranjit, you know this deal would mean...

...a lot of your friends will be unhappy with you.

So, how do you explain to them?

To me, profit explains everything.


Always the shrewd businessman.

You should rule, Your Excellency...

...and let me slave in peace.



Sorry, sir?

Donkey, Nair, Donkey!

Your India is fully of them But seems like only I run into them in Kuwait.

Play some music. Okay, sir.

Nair, you're still not a Kuwaiti.

Haven't you learnt anything from me.

Sorry, sir.

Thank you.

Just have a little.

Simu, that's it Goodnight. No, mama...five minutes.

No five minutes, that's it.


Simu. Come on, jump. Jump. Jump.

Jump. Jump. Jump.


Where's my kiss.


Goodnight, sweetheart. Don't be scared.

Rita. - Yes, ma'am. Just tuck her in Keep the door open.

Why is Simu still awake?

Don't worry, we won't be late for the party.

And anyway...she's a kid, not your car...

...that you can turn off with a key.

You've already started?

Decide... whether you want to party or fight?


OK. Let's party.

Nair, your family must be thrilled.

Yes, madam.

It's my daughter's first visit to India.

Look ahead, Nair.

This isn't India.

Ranjit. What?

Fine, fine...take your daughter along too.

She's only four years old...

No one will ask her for any bribe either.

Take her to India. She'll like it.

Be in a good mood. We'll see.

And please don't drink too much. We'll see.

Hey, guys. How are you, Ranjit?

Hello, how are you? Very good. Hi.

Hi, you're looking beautiful. As usual.

Hi, how are you?

So nice to see you.


How are you?


Ranjit, where's Prem? Prem?

I invited him... Hasn't he shown up yet?

You ruined him, and then invited him..

Why would he come?

The Fawad deal was his, Ranjit.

You snatched it.

You should never mix business and friendship It's his problem that he didn't show up.

Even witches spare friends. I am a demon.

How about some blood? No, Mr. Demon.

You drink it. Thank you.

"My heart's lost in those Arabic eyes."

"Your lies have plundered me."

"My heart's lost in those Arabic eyes."

"Your lies have plundered me."

"My heart's lost in those Arabic eyes."

"Your lies have plundered me."

"|t was lying inside my chest..."

" the season of love."

"A single gesture..."

"...and I gave my heart to you.

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave you my heart..."

"Gave it..."

"Magnificent...simp|y magnificent."

"You're just so addictive."

"Sweetheart, you're just too good."


"Your attitude's simply amazing."

"You're so stubborn."

"Sweetheart, you're just too good."

"Every time I looked at you.

"| never thought twice."

"A single gesture..."

"...and I gave my heart to you.

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave you my heart..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave it..."

"Gave you my heart..."

"Gave it..."

Go! Go! Go fast!

You go to the right.


Hold on.

‘Iraq and Kuwait had shared a tense relationship for some time.‘

‘The tension was caused by what always causes tension‘


‘Iraq owed Kuwait 14 billion dollars...‘

'...that Iraq wanted waived.‘ Okay, I'll call you later.

‘They were also demanding that Kuwait produce less oil...‘

'...s0 that oil prices go up...‘

'...and Iraq profits more.‘

‘Amidst these apologies and threats...‘

'...the Iraqis also accused the Kuwaitis of...

'...stea|ing oil.‘

‘We had grown used to these threats by now.‘

‘And believed that the situation wouldn't change‘

‘But we were wrong.‘

‘It did.‘

‘And along with it, changed the identities of us Kuwaitis.‘ Ranjit?

Ashok called. At 3am?

Apparently Saddam attacked Kuwait. Come on, Ranjit.

I am sure there must have been some minor action at the border.

Ranjit...|t's 1990 I've an idea.

Simran and you go to London.

Do you really think there's some kind of threat?

I don't think so.

I'm sure schools will be closed for few days.

You can come back in a week.

And everything will be fine.

Could Saddam have rea||y.. Nothing has happened.

What is wrong with you? Nothing, ljust...

Do me a favour. Go back to bed.

Go! Ijust want to make some calls.

Go. Carry on. - Okay. Go, go.

Kuwaitis! Come out!

This is our land now!

Hail Saddam! Get down.

Hail Saddam!

Hail Saddam!

Hail Saddam!

Hail Saddam!

Hail Saddam!

Hail Saddam!

Oh God! How bad is it? Very bad!

Just when I need them most no one takes my calls.

Did you try Sheikh Faisal at the Internal Ministry?

Don't tell me who to call.

Why are you shouting? I've already tried him, Amrita.

Relax, Ranjit.

The entire Kuwaiti Government is gone.

There's not a single official here.

We're practically without a government, and you are...

Gone? Yes.

They ran away the first chance they got.

Don't they have any responsibility...

...towards their own people?

Amrita... Mummy.

Why is Simu awake?

There's no school today. Go. Go back to sleep.

Rita, please take her inside.

Go, baby. Go inside, please.

Nair, what's happening outside?

Sir, I avoided the main roads...

...and took the highway to get here.

The Iraqi army is everywhere.

They're checking everyone.

They're sparing everyone else...

...but seeking out Kuwaitis and killing them.

Ranjit, why did you call him..? Amrita, mind your own business...

...and let me do mine.

Get the car, I'll go get ready.

Now you're going out too!? Just calm down.

What's wrong with you?

I'm going to the Embassy.

We'll get out of Kuwait once everything's arranged.

Okay. Relax now.

Nair, don't be scared.

Stop the car!

Turn the car off!

Get out! Where are you going?

Do you have any papers?

He's my boss. Nair, don't speak in arabic.

Nair, get in the car. Nair don't speak in arabic.

He's my boss.

Get in!

Play the music

What's that shining in your hand? Give it to us.

Good, good!

Let's go

Come on, move.

‘You must be really happy today‘.

Amitabh Bachchan...?


Mr. Ranjit, yes or no?

If I hadn't passed through that checkpoint today...

...then you wouldn't be still alive, Mr. Ranjit.

Let me guess...

You didn't recognise me.

A year came to Baghdad...

...with your wife Amrita and daughter Simran...

...for a Fundraiser.

And by the grace of Allah... who was your security in-charge?

I was with you for two days...

...yet you don't recognise me.

I am kind of hurt, Mr. Katiyal.

I remember... No! You don't!

Successful people... should only remember important people.

And n0w...sudden|y... I am someone important.

Mr. Khallaf Bin Zayed. Iraqi Republican Army.

At your service. Thank you.

I'll give you plenty of opportunities... express your gratitude.

Like I gave him.


Fawad AI Sayyed.

Your business partner.

AI An Hazir Iraq, Mr. Katiyal.

Now this is Iraq.

And people like you...

...wi|| help us keep it that way.

I'm taking another step towards that.

A small gift.

This sticker.

Put it on the windshield of your car.

It'll be helpful at checkpoints.

Otherwise...we could be meeting every day.

We're friends now, Mr. Ranjit.

If you ever need anything...

...d0n‘t hesitate.

In return...|'m sure you too honor this friendship.

You can go.

Mr. Saini.

Mr. Saini.

Mr. Katiyal, over here.

Thank God you saw me.

It's okay.


Brij! What the hell is happening?

What happened? Calm down.

A 16 year old Iraqi soldier shot my driver.

They dragged me to the Dasman palace.

I couldn't tell if...

...that Iraqi Major was being friendly...

...0r threatening me.

And you're asking what happened?

Come, sit.

Have some water.

We'll sort it out, don't worry.

I am sorry. No, it's okay.

What is the airport situation?

The Iraqis have control over it.

No one can come in.

And there's no question of leaving.

And the Indian Government?

As usual, must be watching the show.

Your Kuwaiti government...

...didn't even wait for the show to start.

They fled.

Policy decisions are not made in hours.

And the entire world's watching the show.

Brij, do something.

Get me and my family out of here.

We have to get out.

Yes. And so do another 170,000 Indians.

But how will you? one thing.

Bring your family here.

Take her.

Look! What a fancy house!

Look, a Kuwaiti Teddy! Dead Kuwaiti Teddy!

There's no point going home. We'll just stay here and...

Joseph, did anyone call from home?


D0 you know how scared I was? Papa!

You have no idea how I brought Simu in here.

Where were you?

Ranjit, please. Let's just leave.

You were saying that we should go to London.

Let's go to London.

Just get us out of here. Nair's been shot.

Are you even listening? Amrita, Nair's been shot.


So were you at the hospital?

How is he now?


Ranjit. He's dead.

What? Yeah...

They killed him... right in front of my eyes.

Little kids are walking around with guns.

Fawad AI Sayyed was hanging off a crane.

Oh my... So what is Ranjit Katiyal worth?

I couldn't even ask about Nair's body.

His wife just called.

Mr. Ranjit, why are you standing?

Please sit. Thank you.

Not here.


There's a price to everything, Mr. Ranjit.

I am ready to pay.

The Kuwaiti Dinar is worthless now.

300,000 dollars for 3 people.

We are five. Five?

My driver's wife and his child.

Driver's wife...

This is your chance to get out with your family.

Don't get involved in social work...'|| only get stuck further.

I'm not the type who gets stuck.

Anyway...| can arrange for your money.

Very good!

Thank you.

How much do we have? Earlier, there were 200.

And n0w.. I'm talking about cash.

Sir, thank God you've come.

It now feels like things will get better.

We're scared.

Please tell us what to do.


Joseph, make a list of our staff and their families.

See if we can accommodate everyone here.

Otherwise, we'll make other arrangements.

Relax everyone.



What do you think you're doing?

Why aren't you getting us out of here?

I can'tjust desert them, can I?

But you can desert us.

Don't you have any responsibility towards us?

Of course I do.

But these people work for me.

They have the same expectations from us... we did the Kuwaiti government.

"How can anyone run from their responsibilities"...

...these were your words. Yes, they were.

But it's easy to make tall claims.

That was my mistake.

But you're making an even bigger one.

And why this sudden urge to be a Messiah?

I have no interest in being a Messiah.

I too want to get us out of here.

But... once I make some arrangements for them.

Take care of yourselves.

Soon we'll make some arrangements.

Did you eat?

Did you eat?

Are you okay?

Give me some space.

Where do you expect me to sleep?

Strange problem.

Calm down.

Isn't there enough of a battle for space outside?

Stop being childish.

Come here. Here.

Come on.

There's space here.

Excuse me.

The toilets have become very dirty.

They're stinking.

You're the boss, aren't you?

That's why I am telling you.

Do you work here? N0!

Let me know when it's clean.

I'm in this room.

Hey, move aside.

I'm not going to be called a refugee along with these drivers and coolies...

Sir, any problem?

Who is he? I don't know, sir.

Around 100 more came here last night.

There are many like him.

More than 1000 Indians are waiting outside.

How did they get here?

Sir, they say they're friends, relatives, etcetera...

...0f our employees.

They had nowhere to go.

So they came here...

...because they feel safer when they're together.'s hard to arrange food for 500 people.

What will we do with 1600?

If you want, I can identify those who work for us...

..and ask the rest to leave?


Hello, sir.

This way.

Ranjit Wasn't Ranjit heading here?

But I heard the situation is pretty bad in the city centre.

Hello, everyone. Hello.

Hey, Ranjit. He's here.

How are you?

Thank you.

Ranjit, you too? In the day?

Saddam has turned everything on its head.

Ranjit, when all this is over tomorrow...'|| have an exciting story to tell your grandchildren.

Like "When uncle Saddam was swirling Kuwait around..."

"...| was swirling a glass of scotch in Kurien uncle's supermarket".

So it'll all be over tomorrow? Of course, Ranjit.

You think America will stay quiet?

So what is America waiting for?

For us to finish our scotch.

Calm down, Ranjit.

They'll keep us afraid of the villain for a couple of days.

Then tell the Arabs, ‘look at what happened to Kuwait.‘

‘Let us in...bui|d a military base.‘

‘And we'll keep you safe.‘ And everything will be back to business.

It's a question of a few days.

So gentlemen, this is everything.

You guys can take what you want.


Ibrahim. Yes, sir.

Ranjit sir...|‘m sure you haven't brought a truck.

So Ibrahim will load up...

...and deliver it to your office.

Tell me something...

Why are we dividing all the food?

Why don't we all gather at one place...

...and take all the stuff there.

You know, if we Indians stay together...

What happened? We Indians?

Oh, come on!

Since when did you become an Indian, Ranjit?

Weren't you always a Kuwaiti.

Ranjit, let's just take the first flight out of here.

Saddam has attacked them.

Why should we be bothered?

What's the bother?

All we need is a big space, that's all.

It's a question of couple of days, Ranjit.

What's the problem? Hold on.

Ranjit is right. Let's solve our own problems.

Trying to help 170,000...

...wi|| only add to our problems.

Come on, Ibrahim.


...outside of this supermarket... nobody recognizes you or me.

We have no standing.

The only thing we have is our identity.

We're Indian, not Kuwaiti.

Together we're something...

If not...


It's old whiskey... but not worth 500,000 dollars, Mr. Ranjit.

I did try to tell you...

Getting involved in social work is a trap.

That's not it, sir.

Once the camp is set up...

...|'|| leave with my wife and child.

As long as you're with us.'re trying to flatter me.

Even the President considers Indians as friends.

You can setup camp anywhere you want.

You have my permission. Thank you.

But why take your family to the camp?

Tell your wife it's safe at home.

You have my word.

Thank you.


Come on.

Excuse me.

There are classrooms at the back.

You can sleep there.

There are bathrooms here too.

There's water available here.

And Ash0k's trying to find out.

You see...we can put up tents here...

...and let people sleep.

Why not.

Ranjit. Yes, Ashok.

The canteen‘s on that side. We can serve them meals in there.

Simu, out of the bus!

I told you to stay right here!

Come on.

Come here.

You can stay here.

This is my "199399-

What do you mean by that?

This is my room. No, we'll shift to some other room.

It should be first come, first served.

I saw it first.

What do you think this is...

‘finders keepers‘?

We'll g0.. N0, no, not at all.

If she's okay...


Come here.

Come on, let's go. N0!

We won't stay here.

We'll all be together here.

It'll be safe.


I found Simu playing with this! A bullet!

You can help them settle down, if you want.

Don't involve us.

Amrita... N0.

When you're ready, pick us up from home.

The Major has guaranteed our safety, hasn't he?

I'm leaving.

Are you coming?

Okay, sit.

I'll drop her home. Okay.

Take care of things.

What are you doing?

Get lost.

Get lost. ls this a picnic?

There's a war going on...

Do you have any sense?

No discipline at all.

Look at him screaming.

Who's that?

It can be only one guy? Who?

My husband.

Let me take him...

While you eat something.

I'll take it... We'll eat later.

Ashok, we've finished our scotch...

Where is America?

Forget America...Where's India?

Around 150,000 Indians are stuck here. ls anyone concerned?

They haven't done anything for us.

It's not like we've done anything for India either.

You might not have done anything.

We send millions of Dinar to India.

They want our Dinar...

...but they don't care about our lives.

If this had been a western country...

...their embassy would've gotten their people out by now.

The embassy can do something...

...on|y if they know that we've setup a camp.

How will they find out? When we.. What's this?

There's no discipline in the camp.


Didn't you hear?

I heard.


Let's go to the embassy.

Kurien, look there. Yes.

Where's everyone? Gone.


Where's Brij?

The entire embassy has been evacuated.

I'm leaving too.

Saddam says there's no point in having two embassies in one country.

All the embassies are in Baghdad anyway.

So will all the Indians go to Baghdad now?

N0 point yelling at me.

Talk to the External Affairs Ministry in Delhi.

They'll tell you what Indians should do.

What nonsense.. Wait. Wait.

Do you have any number?

Someone we can call?

Mr. Mishra, come.

Come on.

Hello, Ministry of External Affairs.

This is Ranjit Katiyal speaking from Kuwait city.


We've been given a few numbers...

By the way, who is this?

Joint Secretary, Sanjeev Kohli.

I wanted to talk to you about...

...the situation of Indians living in Kuwait.

We Indians have setup camp in Apex School...

Look, I don't handle the Gulf Division.

You've been given the wrong number.

Look Mr. Kohli, we need help.

And we need it right now.


I'll communicate this... the Joint Secretary of the Gulf division.

Give me the number to your school.

For two ?

Green chilly?

N0, thanks.

Meher! Meher!

This is where we're going to live?

With these people?

I'm leaving! Dad!

They are killing people outside.

Meher, Saddam has guaranteed...

...that Iraqis won't hurt Indians.

How would they know...

...wh0's Kuwaiti, who's Indian?

Meher...The bank has my entire life's savings...

...not yours!

I'm leaving!

It's okay, dear.

It'll be okay.

Let me do it.

Can I tie that for you.

Allow me...


What did you say?

Are you Kuwaiti?

You go ahead.

Sheer insensitivity.

There's no communication from the External Ministry yet.

While taking our number... Papa!

My sweetie-pie.

Hello, stranger.

This is the first nice surprise after 2nd August.

You hardly ever come home.

S0 I have to bring Simu here to see her father, don't I?

Thank you.

What's going on?

Nothing much. We've been trying to reach the External Affairs Ministry... Delhi for four days, but haven't managed to.

Hello, ma'am.

How are you? Fine.


Come, Simu.

I'll show you something really nice.

I've kept it aside for you.

Are you enjoying all this? What?

I have no idea when you come or go.

I'm trying to sort all this.

Our peop|e.. Our people?

Our people?

Calling Delhi every day, playing Indian Indian...

Since when did you start caring so much about them?

Whenever I spoke about going to India... - Amrita.

Amrita, once we have some clarity from Delhi about the status of our people...

...we‘|| get out of here.

Hello, ma'am. Yeah.

Will you answer one question?

And I'm not asking in anger.

Why? Why all this?

Why this charade?

And what are you suddenly trying to be?


Look at these people. Why?

Amrita, look at them.

Some of them have been working in our office...

...for 5...10...12 years.

But I didn't even know their names.

Unfortunately, now I do.

If we walk away...

...we will be leaving these names behind, notjust any crowd.

It's true, they're not related to us.

But neither was Nair.

And he lost his life.

And it's not like I'm giving up my life for these people.

If I turn away now, won't you ask...

"Ranjit, what kind of a man are you?"


Sir, we're Indians.

We have permission.

We have permission.

Run! Run!

They're coming!


Ismail, Mani. G0 hide the food. Okay.

Good to see you, Mr. Ranjit.

Where's my whiskey today?

Your soldiers came...

They looted our camp.

I am sorry.

But what can they do?

Baghdad sent us...

...but forgot our supplies.

They thought we could depend on your hospitality.

But... why are you so worried?

It's not like they really did anything to you.

Did they?

Maybe they will come back.

I can't stop them.

How do I ensure the safety of my people?

Ranjit! Ranjit! Ranjit!

Now I know for sure you're trapped.

You can all leave Kuwait anytime if you want.

The President, like me, is a friend of Indians.

And he has already permitted...

...|ndians to leave.

You never told me that. You never asked.

And that's why you never told me?

May Allah be with you.

But Ranjit...te|| me..

Where will you go with all these people?

Yes, sir?

Joseph. My medicines are almost over.

I'll look into it, sir.

What if the soldiers come back?

There's nothing we can do, sir.

Joseph. Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

Make a list...

...of the people here.

Write down all their names.

We should know how many people are here.

And what are we doing about food now?

Sir, we still have food for 2-3 days.

Ibrahim managed to hide half the food.

Thank God. Well, that's good.

But why are you calling me?

I already passed on the number to the Gulf Desk.

Sir, no one has called from the Ministry yet.

And they probably never will.

I need your help. What?

Look, Saddam Hussain has permitted... Indians to get out of Kuwait.

But we don't know where to go...

...when or how? lf you could help us, then it'll be really great.

Let me speak to the Minister and call you back.

Excuse me, sir.

Yes, Kohli.

Those Indians stuck in Kuwait...

Talk to Sharma at the Gulf Desk.

Sir, if you could just put in a word. - Kohli!

The Prime Minister's waiting for me.

Father's name, Vasudevan.


Okay, please.


Father's name, Amit.


We must tell sir now.

Ibrahim, have you lost your mind?

You shouldn't have hidden this from me!

If those Iraqi soldiers had found out...

...that she's a Kuwaiti.

They would've shot everyone in the camp.

Sir, I didn't think about that.

I only thought about what they would've done to her.

But honestly, sir...

...what is the proof that we're not Kuwaiti.

Most of them don't have any documents.

Agents have their passports.

Who will believe we're Indian?

Mr. Ranjit Katiyal.

Look, I couldn't find out much.

But I was informed by the Gulf Division that... could possibly go to Jordan.


But Mr. Kohli, many of us don't have passports.

What do we do? I don't know about that.


D0 you have any contacts in Baghdad?

Are you crazy?

He'll go to Iraq?

Do you think it's a picnic?

Those boy soldiers, who haven't even reached puberty...


Ashok, what choice do we have?

You said that so easily but what choice do we have?

Those crazy Iraqis can come back anytime.

They can blow up ourscho0L And what can we do?

Isn't it better that I go to Baghdad?

...Ta|k to some people. I know some people.

We must do something.

We can't just sit here with our hands tied.

Sir, there's a hospital up ahead.

Can we stop there for a minute...

If you don't mind...

Thank you.

Sorry for the trouble, sir.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Papen Papen Indian. Indian.


How did he get this?

Okay, let him go!

QDen the way!

G0! Go! Thank you!

ls someone at the hospital?

I got married 8 days ago.

My bride's name is Shazin.

The ceremony was to be two days later...

...a|ong with the send-off.

But...Saddam sent his cavalry that night.

Shazin is a nurse at the hospital.

And she's been busy at the hospital since then?

No, sir. She's not at the hospital...

...n0r was she at home.

I've been looking for her...

...but I haven't found any trace of her.

Don't go, Ranjit. It's not safe.

Why don't you understand me these days?

Neither of us understands the other.

It's the circumstances that are wrong... Not us.

"| am going to love you so much."

"l'm going to love you 100 times in a moment."

"|f you ever live me."

"| will only wait for death."

"|'ve forsaken the world for you."

"My breath stops on you."

"| love you so much."

"You can never imagine."

"|'ve forsaken the world for you."

"My breath stops on you."

"| love you so much."

"You can never imagine."

Sir, we've setup camp in a school...

You haven't tried it yet.

Have some...

It's called Kleicha.

It's considered Iraq's national biscuit.

I am talking about my prob|em..

I've heard a lot about this boy lately.

But he made only 10 runs in the first innings...

...and then 27 in the second.

I think the selectors don't have a clue.

I mean...they put anyone in the Indian team.

Look, I'm not here for your biscuits...

...nor to discuss anyone's future...

...on the Indian cricket team.

We're all trapped in a war-zone in a foreign country.

And you are... - I am trying to change the subject, Mr. Katiyal...

...because I know what you're facing.

I have no interest in hassling you.

How would we know if...

...everyone in your camp is Indian.

What if they turn out to be Pakistani or Bangladeshi?

We can't issue them passports, can we?

I get it.

Thank you.

Sorry, Mr. Katiyal.

All I can offer you is this Kleicha.

Please take one.

At least take one.

Sir, anything?

Iraqi biscuit. Kleicha.

lt doesn't feel like these are the guys who just attacked Kuwait.

Thank you.

What now, sir?

D0 we even matter to Delhi?

We matter to ourselves.

We'll have to keep trying, what else?

We can't blame Delhi either.

There are many here...

...who didn't care about Delhi until now.

They thought they were Kuwaiti.

That's human nature, Ibrahim.

When you're hurt, you first call out to your mother.

I'll go call Kurien.

Yes, Kurien.

Nothing. Kuwaitis were of no help.

Just as the Indians weren't.

That leaves us with just one option.

I know some Iraqis.

I'll try asking them for help... meet Saddam's Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz.

Mr. Katiyal.

Hello. Hello.

Please. Thank you.

Would you like some tea? No. Thank you.

Have some. Thank you.

Mr. Katiyal, this is what I can do for you.

There's a ship called Tipu Sultan...

...coming from India.

With 10,000 tons of food and medical supplies for Iraq.

Indians have been good...

...when the whole world was against us.

I can allow the Indians in Kuwait...

...t0 go on their ship back home.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Aziz.

Thank you very much.

"The Night's over...and the morning has arrived."

"Happiness has crossed all |imits."

"The Night's over...and the morning has arrived."

"Happiness has crossed all |imits."

"My heart leaps and jumps..."

"...with the beat of the drums."

"Today I want to..."

"Today I want to dance."

"Today I want to dance."

"Today I want to dance."

"Today I want to dance."

Show me that step. Show it.

Hello, Mr. Ranjit.

How many people can get on that ship?

I don't know.

Women and children first.

And then the old men, I know.

Hold on.

Did you take it in writing from Tariq Aziz?

What? Ranjit?

You simply took his word for it?

You must do things properly.

Paperwork is highly important.

I don't know how you handled such a huge company.

That's good news, Mr. Katiyal.

See you soon.

Papa, what else will we see in India?

Well there‘s...there's...

You don't remember? No, sweetheart. Of course I do.

But if I tell you now, it'll ruin your surprise.

"Every heart's high on joy."

"Life will be filled with bliss."

"|'m going to lift my feet and dance all night."

"No 0ne's going to feel tired and sit down."

"We're going to shake the earth with the thump of our feet."

"|ts time for friends to rejoice."

"A|| thanks to God."

"Today I want to..."

"Today I want to dance."

"Today I want to dance."

"Today I want to dance."

"Today I want to dance."


Yes, Mr. Kohli. We were just leaving.

There's bad news, Mr. Katiyal.

UN has enforced an embargo on Iraq.

Which means...nothing can enter or leave Iraq.


Tipu Sultan has been stopped.

Unfortunately, it won't reach you.

It's being turned away to Dubai.

I'm so sorry.

The United Nations has proposed the imposition...

...0f numerous sanctions on Iraq for attacking Kuwait.

The UN has refused credibility... the newly formed Kuwait government after the attack.

They refuted Iraq's claim...

Where are you going?

Where would I go... in this pigeon coop.

We used to have a mansion back in Lahore.

We used to play football...

...and cricket in there!

For years you've been telling me about a place...

...where I'm never going to be able to go.

Laugh all you want, son.

The Indians trapped in Kuwait are faced with a dilemma.

Those who are forced to leave their homes in a jiffy...

...they don't laugh.

Sir... Food is going to be a problem.

What do I do?

Farm the desert?

Why do you come to me?

Solve your own problems.

Saddam hasn't made me the Emir.

Ranjit, what are you saying? What else can I do?

Give them hope, and then shatter it again? And again!

It's not your fault.

And we can't even to talk to those who are at fault.

Stay here!

We're not going inside!

Let's just go.

You can go. I need to talk.

Talk! Talk about what?

I don't talk to sidekicks!

Whom did you call a sidekick?

Who do you think you are?

You've been a trouble-maker since you got here!

He didn't have anything in writing.

He made us pack our bags.

Sit in buses...

...and then asked us to get off. ls this a joke?

He was harping about Baghdad.

Where's Baghdad now?

Forget it. Let's go.

I won't, you go.

You like being a leader, don't you?

A leader has answers.

Do you have any?

You're a big man... would you know what it feels like... have hopes shattered.

Why are you standing there quietly now?

Because he's a big man.

If he was petty like you...

...he'd be talking as much as you, or more.

What do you mean to us?

He cou|d‘ve left with Simu and me days ago.

He still can. But he isn't.

Instead of staying with his family...

...he worries about you all the time.

And at a time like this...

...he left us and went to Baghdad.

You'd be scared to even go to the end of the street.

It's easy to point out mistakes, Mr. George.

But it takes a lot to have the courage to make mistakes.

And he has that courage.

You don't. - So who asked him... to take on our responsibility?

No one did.

You're right.

I even warned him against it.

But what could I do?

Suddenly he developed a conscience...

...and realized he shouldn't be selfish.

He should help others.

Some people have a kind of a... manufacturing defect.

They change during tough times.

He changed too.

You stand here...

...b|aming him for everything.

But you don't rea|ise...Mr. George...

...y0u‘re only standing here because of him.

Because he setup this camp.

Unfortunately, you'll never meet...

...the man that Ranjit Katiyal was 1O days ago.

Otherwise...he was an expert... showing a man his place.

You talk about feelings?

I saw his face when he was told...

...that Tipu Sultan had been turned back.

You feel bad for your family...

Imagine the plight of the man...

...wh0 was hoping to send thousands of families back home?

Any more problems?

Should I go on?

Please, take him inside.

I've already told him...

...Mr. Kohli is back with the Kuwait issue.

The Minister hasn't been answering the phone since.

It looks like he won't go home today. ljust need to talk to him.

I don't get it. You're not even in the Gulf Division.

Everyone else is preparing to leave for the Malaysia conference.

And you're sitting here.

Lata, those people are in trouble.

There's a guy who calls me everyday.

What do I say to him?

I told you that the Minister will support the PWD.

Yes, sir.

Has Kohli left or is he still there?

I think he's gone. Good riddance.

You come in. Here I am, sir.

Sorry, sir. lknocked, but you were on the intercom..

Kohli, stop acting like you're scared of me. - Sir.

Kuwait is not our priority.

Sir, I have only one request..

You know our government is not stable.

There's no guarantee how long we'll stay in power.

Of course not sir.. But you bureaucrats...

...are here until your retirement.

And something will happen only if you want it to.

You're right, sir.

I've been waiting for four hours to say exactly this.

It's been four hours?

Fine... guys handle it.


Yes, hold on Kurien.

Ranjit, it's Kurien.

Hello. Yes.

Fine. That's good.


What happened?

They're running out of food in the camp.

So what are they doing?

Kurien sent Ibrahim to the docks.

There's some holding shed...

...where they used to buy stuff for the supermarket.

He saw some activity there.

Now? S0 Kurien's going there.

He might find something.

Shouldn't you be going?

Why? Are you feeling like yelling at George again?

I go there, return empty handed...

...George blames me, and you yell at him And we get entertained in Kuwait.

Come on, Ranjit.


You're a negotiator, baby.

They can't get what you can.

What if I fail?

You won't.

You won't.

Its not in your DNA

It's definitely not a supply ship.

Seems like they're preparing to leave though Let's go take a look.

Excuse me...are you Indian?

Yes. Why?

No..... Is this ship going anywhere? there a problem?

No, I... Are they letting you out?

We're taking garbage Garbage?

Hey fatso... Come here.

who cares about garbage in the middle of a war?

I do. I am the captain of this ship.

Our company has a contract for this.

Anything else?

Captain, how many people can get on this ship?

Around 500 But don't even think about it.

Can you think about it if I pay you?

Hey... Leave.

Quickly. Double-march.

I can.

But not a single Kuwaiti. Of course. how much for a single person.

5000 dollar. Hey...

Who pays 5000 dollars for garbage?

I can dump garbage in the middle of the sea.

Not you.

Who do I have to take? What do you care about names?

I can pay you 200 dollars per person.

Why would I risk my life for 200 dollars?

You can for 100,000 dollars?

200 dollars per person. 500 people

100,000 dollars It's a two hours journey The money will be all yours.

Let's go, Kurien.

Don't look back, keep walking straight.

Look straight... Wait a minute.


But they won't be my responsibility.


Get the money and the people at midnight.

But not a single Kuwaiti.


The Sheikhs are having a meeting.

They didn't invite us.

Wherever the ship takes you... call Red Cross and claim refugee status.

I've spoken to the captain. lt will be 200 dollars per person.

You can all afford it.

I personally feel, it's a risk worth taking.

This is the army tank, these are guns and this is the Police.

Baby, WhY?

Amrita, Simmu isn't ready yet?

You haven't packed either.

Why pack when we aren't going anywhere?

Papa, give me my book.

Give it back.

Don't be childish.

I think you've forgotten Punjabi.

"|'|| go wherever my husband goes."

Don't force me, Ranjit.

I'm not going anywhere without you.

And like you said...

Our fate is entwined with the fate of the others

Why don't you just admit that your real problem is the garbage.


Sanjeev Kohli, Mr. Katiyal.

You've called after quite a while Where were you all these days?

We||...| couldn't figure anything out But now we're talking to Jordan...

...t0 let the Indians in Amman.


Amman is 1000 kilometres from here.

And we'll have to go through Iraq.

Kohli sir, you can say it so easily.

But how will we get there?

You see...this is the only option we have.

And even that is not confirmed.

Then confirm it Because we can't stay here for long, and that's confirmed Another thing Kohli sir.

I'm sending 500 people on a ship from here.

P|ease...try to get them asylum.

I'll give you the details.

And don't just stop there.

There are still 150,000 left here. will we go with them... you go with Kurien Kurien, look after them.

Don't worry.



Thank you, buddy. Good luck.

Look after everyone.

Ranjit. What did you say?

First women and children and then old men.

But here only the rich are going. This is really, really unfair Mr. Katiyal.

Just because we can't give the money... - Mr. Poonawala...

...| know you don't have money.

And all the people with you don't have money either.

I d0...but I am not going.

There's no point in getting jealous of those who are going.

And anyway, they're paying a price. And us?

Should we look out for ourselves? I didn't say that.

I am still here with you.

Joseph, take the bus. Yes, sir.

Look, Mr. Ranjit.. Hey.. one moment

I'll prove Amrita wrong...

...and go back to being the old Ranjit...

...which none of you will like.

I am doing whatever I can.

Don't ask for more.

Heads down. Heads down.

Spicy Indian food and whiskey.

I know you're a man of your words.

then...why are you cheating?


You said...| am the Emir now.

Wouldn't I know that...'re illegally sending 500 Indians out?

They can still go...

Just pay the price to the Amir.

I've already have.

2 bottles of whiskey and this.

I want 100,000 dollars.

I said I was wrong.

You're not the Emir.

If you were the Emir...

...then you would've know about the deal I made in Baghdad.

What deal?

Talk to the External Minister.

Everyone knows... if the US intervenes...

...|raq will no longer have Kuwait.

But they will definitely have the riches looted from Iraq.

All that money goes to the Swiss Bank.

And your government has asked me to do this for them.

Call Baghdad and let the bus go.

Otherwise your President Mr. Saddam Hussein will hang you like he did Fawad...

I want 100,000 dollars right now.

May I please speak to Mr. Tariq Aziz this is Ranjit Katiyal speaking Mr. Ranjit.

Please, stop.

This is not necessary.

Please, finish dinner.

I insist Major, please.

Ranjit, you never told me about the deal.

There was no deal.

Did you...

I had no other option.

What if he cross-checks?

No one can risk cross-checking with Saddam.

But that Major He'll definitely do something.

I was just thinking that I hope I didn't risk the lives of 150,000... order to save 500.

Mr. Katiyal, at this hour?

Mr. Kohli, I am leaving for Jordan in the morning...

...a|ong with my people.


What happened?

I never trusted the Iraqi army.

The situation here is getting worse.

But you can't go to Jordan just yet.

Look...we just started negotiating with them...

...and they haven't made a decision yet.

Then get a decision taken, Mr. Kohli.

We don't have an option.

Trying to get there with so many people is dangerous.

Staying is Kuwait is even more dangerous.

Give me a few days.

I'm talking to the Civil Aviation ministry...

Mr. Kohli, please hurry up.

Get the Jordan border to open for us.

Because we're leaving.



Can I talk to Amrit Pal?

I know it's late, but it's very urgent.

This is Kuwait and this is Jordan.

The distance from here to here is 1091 kilometres.

And for that I need all your help.

Take as many men as you can.

Ahmed, here you go.

Why can't I come? Why don't you understand?

We're doing this for a reason.

Mr. Poonawala, you get on that bus.

Meher, go with your dad.

Joseph, tell everyone...

...that everyone leaves in groups of 3-4 vehicles. - Okay.

And we all meet at Jahra border. Okay.

And from there we go together. Okay, sir.

Did you make sure some young men are in each vehicle Yes...| did.


Where's Ibrahim.

Sir, I don't know.

Ok don't worry about it.

S0 now you're making a fuss instead of George.

Sir, I won't go.

Not without Shazin.

It's not right for me to go.

I'll stay here, and look for her.

If you want to find her then move ahead.

By staying here you're proving...

...that you've lost all hope to see her.

Try to look for her where all Indians are going.


Good thing we are going from here.

God knows what it will be like there.

Whatever it is, it will be better than here.

What did she say? What?

She's your sponsor, right?

Sponsor... She's a Kuwaiti?

You worked for her, didn't you?

N0, sir...

Why are you getting involved?

He's the kid, not me.

She spoke in Arabic.

You're a Kuwaiti, aren't you?

I'm telling you...

Do you think I'm an idiot?

George sir.

Where are you going?

Why did you get off the bus now?

You need me to get something in writing from Saddam?

You weren't able to, but I found out.

A time-bomb is ticking in the bus. - What?

The woman travelling with Preethi, she's a Kuwaiti.

I know that. You know.

And yet you let her stay in the camp.

If the Iraqi army would have found out...

...they would've cut us all to pieces that day. .

They didn't find out, you're still alive, aren't you?

Let's go. ls this a joke, Mr. Ranjit?

If the Iraqi army finds out...

...that we're taking a Kuwaiti in our bus...

...then our lives will be in danger.

Leave a woman and a child behind to die...

...0n|y because she's a Kuwaiti?

I can't do that, George.


That Kuwaiti life is important to you, ...not ours?

You have no right to do this.

This is wrong.


Ask her to come out. Sir.

Tell her to come out. Sir, where will she go?

You come out first.

Come out.

Come out.

Give me the kid.



Sir, please.

Sir... Come on.

Let's go. Sir.

Come on.

Get down.

D0 I have the right to risk my life...

Or should I get that in writing too?

Get into the bus.

She's Tasneem. She'll be going with us to Amman.

She's a Kuwaiti.

You can come with us, in our car.

"The desire of my eyes..."

" to keep staring at your face."

"My slumbers are fi||ed..."

"...with only your dreams."

"They all lead me to you..."

"...a|| the paths in the world."

"| love you so much."

"You cannot imagine."

G0 meet Mr. Tripathi, okay.

Kohli, we've forwarded the proposal.

And we're talking to the Air-Force chief.

We'll have to Airlift them.

But sir, 170,000 people in Air-Force planes?

I know it's not possible. So then?

The Air India Chief has been summoned in the morning.

Air India planes can do it, can't they?

But, sir...civi|ian aircraft in a war zone?

That's crazy.

Two dates.

Are we breaking a fast or eating a meal?

I'll take it if he doesn't want it.

Here you go.

No, mom, no dates. Something else.

Baby, eat this now.

We'll eat 'ja|ebis' when we get to India, okay.

Good girl.

You must help us with the evacuation.

We're commercial pilots, sir. Not the Indian Air Force.

Look, we already had a word with the Air India chief.


We have to fly planes Into a war zone, not him Yes.

And if we wanted to risk our lives...

...then we would've joined the Air Force.

Why don't you volunteer to fly the plane?

Sir, can I talk to them.

Look, there's no question of forcing you.

It's your choice whether you go or not.

But 175,000 people are waiting for us in Jordan.

And their only fault is...

...that they're Indians, but not our kin.

I can't give you a reason...

...t0 risk your lives for them.

It's best that you find one yourselves...

...that would save their lives.


I've seen so much news.

But never thought that someday we'll be the news.

"|ndian Refugees in Kuwait Because of |raq."

It's so confusing, isn't it?

Oh yes...

The Minister was asking...

...who's going to pay for all this?

I think the Finance Ministry will have to jump in.

Will you talk to them or should I?

You do it, sir.

You see, they have no documents...

...s0 I'll try and get temporary passports issued.



Don't get out of the car?

Officer, Indian.

Indian. We all Indian.

We got permission from President Saddam...

Papers... To go to Jordan.


Show me the passport.

Don't try to ruin things now.

Get back.

Show me the passport.

I don't have passport. No passport.

But we assure you... Kuwaiti.

We're all Indian. Kuwaiti.

Kuwaiti. N0, no, no...we're not Kuwaiti.

Stop it. Stop it.

Passport. Passport. Stay inside, Amrita.

Indian. We're Indians, sir.

Two more people.

I want two more passports. No, no, no.

They are all Indians. We don't have passports.

Kuwaiti? No, no, no...

No, Indian.


We're Indian. Indian. Kuwaiti. - No, Indian.


Dollar. Money. You take your money, I take your wife.

She's a Kuwaiti. Let my boys have some fun.


Stop it. Leave me.





Please, n0...

Please, don't. Please.

Drop your gun...and you all can live.

N0, no, can't be done at your level, Mr. Kohli.

Why are you arguing, Mr. Chapekar?

I told you that the Minister from Kuwait division...

Mr. Kohli, without confirming at the secretary level... the Amman embassy, we can't issue temporary passports.

Please try and understand.

Let people come in...

...and I'll ask the Minister himself to speak to you.

What now?

Will he open the gate?

I wonder what will happen.

Well done Kohli.


Sir, what now?

Where are the others?

Some got down with Joseph.

And the rest are sitting on the buses.

Excuse me. Mr. Katiyal.

One question.. Not now.

Mr. Poonawala, please go sit in the bus.

Not now. Ranjit.

There are flags from all countries...

...but where's the Indian flag?

Do one thing, take her. Yes.

Hold my hand, Simu.

Mr. Kohli, I cou|d've insisted for written orders...

But I am not.

Please hold on.


Yes, Mohan.


They're at the airport. They've already arrived...

...and you're still stuck in red tape.

Mr. Kohli. Will you please keep quiet?



Yeah, I'll do something.

Give me sometime, I'll do something.

Chapekar sir...they are our people.

They've already suffered a lot.

Please don't make them suffer any more... waiting for orders.


Excuse me.

Excuse me.

We're around 170,000 Indians... who've come from Kuwait.

And we've no clue what to do.

Look, all the people standing outside...

...are waiting for the same information.

You have to wait too, please.

Saddam has barged into our homes...

...and you're asking us to wait.

Look...n0 point in getting heated up.

I really don't know anything.



Yes, from Delhi.


Yes, sir.

Okay, sir.

Okay, sir. Thank you.

"The one you forgot... kept remembering you."

"You kept living on..."

"...and he kept dying for you."

"When he heard you moan with pain..."

"...he came to your rescue, leaving everything behind."

"With happiness in your path."

"He's with you at every turn."

"Leaving everything behind."

"The one you forgot... kept remembering you."

"Each of his moment passed worrying about you."


Behram Poonawala.

Yes, next.

Meher Poonawala. Daljit Singh.


Your name?

Ma‘am, what's your name?


Shazin what?

Shazin. Durrani.

And you? Ibrahim Durrani.


"Each of his moment passed worrying about you."

"The world was with you... while he was all alone."

"Each of his moment passed worrying about you."

"The world was with you... while he was all alone."

"The tears that were..."

"With happiness in your path."

How did you decide the seating?

Meaning, who sits in first class...

...and who sits in economy?

Well, I'll just check on that, sir.

Excuse me.

Otherwise it's very unfair.



The first f|ight's about to take-off.

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

The World's biggest rescue operation.

Air India, Indian Airlines...

...and Indian Air Force pilots flew 488 such flights.

The world has never witnessed nor will probably ever witness... a rescue operation of this scale:

India brought home, over a 100,000 of her citizens

...wh0 were stuck in another country.

And we've brought our people back safe and sound.

Congratulations, sir. Thank you.

Thank you. You did it.

Those we never met, and never got the chance to meet later...

Many government officers like Sanjeev Kohli...

...made this possible.

Birdy flew.

Plane flew.

Simu flew. N0.

Mom flew.

I flew. How can I fly?

"The one you forgot... kept remembering you."

Even today I get upset over some problems in India. lam still cynical.

But after boarding that last flight...

...| have never asked, what has my country done for me.

"The one you forgot... kept remembering you."

"You kept living on..."

"...and he kept dying for you."

"When he heard you moan with pain..."

"...he came to your rescue, leaving everything behind."

"With happiness in your path."

"He's with you at every turn."

"Leaving everything behind."

"The one you forgot... kept remembering you."

"Each of his moment passed worrying about you."

"The world was with you... while he was all alone."

"Each of his moment passed worrying about you."

"The world was with you... while he was all alone."

"The tears that were..."

"With happiness in your path."

How did you decide the seating?

"The one you forgot... kept remembering you."

"Each of his moment passed worrying about you."

"The world was with you... while he was all alone."

"Each of his moment passed worrying about you."

"The world was with you... while he was all alone."

"The tears that were..."

"With happiness in your path."

"He's with you at every turn."

"Leaving everything behind."

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"