Airline Disaster (2010) Script

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Good afternoon. I'm Glenn Russell, and is an honor to announce the trip Starquest's inaugural program.

It offers the best Aerodynamic design to reduce Fuel consumption; computerized controls sophisticated and what we believe to be the experience more pleasant to fly today.

And now, at this point, I would like to present chief pilot Joseph Franklin Bill Alexander and his copilot.

Thank you very much! -Joe, Joe!

The Starquest boasts be totally automatic since the takeoff to landing.

Are you afraid of this plan to replace it, that replace all pilots?

No, no. We love to fly.

Also, you always will need pilots.

Who will point when you are flying over the Grand Canyon?

And here you are.

Calm down!

Sorry ... was reflex.


Great reflection. You will it is our security?


Something special?

Paperwork. Diplomatic thing.

None of your business ... whoever.

Okay, you two are good.

-Thanks, man. "Sure.

Take care.

That sucks you should stop at the limit, Gina.

Yes, well ...

I feel that the Secret Service get me out of my field sending to the safety the President's brother.

-So the ball will never get me. -Actually, it would be the right field.


There you are Take care. Thank you.


Hi, dear. You watching?

Hi! No, nothing in the news yet.

Just some pretty pictures of the plane.

Gwen is looking at the conference press onto YouTube.

What the ...?

Hey! Look at the verbiage, young lady.

I really wanted to be here.

I wish we were there, too.

No, you do not. -Yeah, right.

Oh, man. I still can not find.

Hey Gwen, prepare to go to school.

Joe, I gotta go.

I love you. Take care of everything, and I I'll be back for the weekend.

-Right. I love you. -Bye.

This was a TV interview today.

Joe, you got the look on the radio.

Someone stole all our equipment.

Let us, Joe. Forget the crap flight old-fashioned.

This is not fly, Billy.

This is videogame.

Joe, you're a grouchy, grizzled, old Gaga.

Just sit back and enjoy your retirement.

Counting the minutes. Counting the minutes until he can retire away from you with my wife, children, in a beach in Barbados. And without Billy.

It looks delicious. Okay, Let us prepare.

-Hydraulic ... -Adjusted.

Emergency-Lights ... -Prepared.

E-key phone ... -Disabled.

Anti-Ice System ...

And no. This should be disabled, and is disabled.

I know how to fly this thing. Do not worry, right?

Ladies and gentlemen, 're number one for takeoff.

Make sure your belts Security is tight

, and their chairs are upright

, and in the locked position.

Time to shake. Remember, five minutes in and out.

-Molly? Molly ...? Where's your ...?

Go kids! Children go, run!

No. Run! No, no!

Children go, run!

No, no!

You bastard!

-Remember ... -No!

If you cause a problem, will be much worse for their children.

"Come on. -Go!

Come on.

Anda ... Come on!




Tie the children!


-No! -Hey!

Do not forget ...

You are hurting my arm!

-Mother ... -No!

Stay down, guys, look ...

We have problems.


Go, go, go, go!

Hey, go! Go!

Mama ...


Shoot him!


Calm down, Fred!


Melville. What? Damn!

Make sure the residents were there. I'm heading.

-Let me know so I have something new. -Right.

FBI agent Melville ... Julius Reed, the Secret Service.

What is the situation?

The maid of Franklin, Molly, is dead.

We seek fingerprints, and we begin to investigate the neighborhood.

Great. There is something that can help me with this?

What about the surveillance system? Already there?

That surveillance system?

-Go children, run! 6-We install monitoring cameras.

-So should show everything that happened. -No!

Beauty. The way these guys are heads down, we have to search to try get a photo for identification.

Yes, sir, Director.

I understand that you need inform the President.

Yes, sir. Send details as soon we have more to continue.

Yes, sir ... Yes, sir; we find them.

Let's find them.

Fortunately, they are still alive.


You're late!

-Come on. -Shut up!



No! No!

"Come on, its useless! Mother!

-Where are we going? Mother!

Mother! Mom! -Freeze!

Mom! Help!

Gwen! Michael!

No! Mom!

Got it?

You what?

What do you want?

What do you want? What you ...

Morning Edition.

Right. Let's leave it ready for your photo.

Come, get up!

Talk to me!


No. No. .. No!


Look at me, tell the truth!

-Get in! -Hi. Babies, I'm here.

Mom! Mother! "

-You're right. "Oh, no.

I have, I have it.

Lord ... sir.

Lord ... I'm sorry, sir, but it was only the announcement that could use your cell phone.

The seat belt warning Security remains connected.

Is it? Sorry.

No problem.


-Jennifer, right? -I need to sit down, sir.

I need to show you something.

Oh, my God.

What the hell is that?

My agents called me. The pilot's family was kidnapped.

You need to go get it and bring it back to talk to me.

"Who are you? -I'm just an analyst with the FBI, right?

They knew I was on vacation, they know I'm on that flight. So I contacted.

So, if you can get him and bring him back, I'll be here, right?

Hey, princess.

It's Jen. She is alone?

-I think so. "She can bring us champagne?

You're a figure ... Have you worked?

Joe has ... has something very important that I need to show you.

Sure, Nate. Go ahead unlock the door, let it go.

Yes, sir.


And tadpoles as well.

As you can see today's newspaper.

Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, please.

First, to cooperate ... nobody will get hurt.

Secondly, we are all heavily armed, and you do not.

Without heroes, and nobody dies.

Then just sit ... enjoy complimentary peanuts, and not annoy my brothers.

Thirdly ... are not terrorists, this is not a jihad.

Our demands are very simple, all want to go home late at night.

So be good sheep, do I say, and nobody dies.

My brothers will come from the booth to collect their phones.

Remember, your cooperation guarantees that no one gets hurt.

That ...

Submit only the nice men and women.

And finally, for security guard ...

No heroes, and nobody will die. Remember that.

Coast 8-5-Heavy, what is the emergency?

Coast 8-5-Heavy, what is the emergency?

He has a gun pointed at his face.

Now ... open the door.

Então é a sua filha.

Wait a minute! Right? Wait a little, slowly.

Pane ... bassline, central section has a blue button.

Good boy.

Come on. Come on.

Hello. Hello? Forget Static bad on the phone.

Here is the Agent Special Gina Vitale.

I'm in the middle of a emergency.

-Mrs. President. -Good morning, Ms. President.

Thank you. Please okay, someone begins.

Who's down?

Nathan Polansky. He is one of the browsers.

They shot him.

And who the hell are "they"?

Our guess, of Aryan Brotherhood.

The guy in the cockpit or has a mole on the eye or tattoo a teardrop-shaped.

-Does Joe know about Annette? -He knows, Frank ... He already knows.


The guy in the booth Joe gave a cell phone.

He spoke with one of Our staff on site.

DeToro, contact the Starquest.

I have to talk to Joe before making any decisions.

Yes, Mrs. President.

What is the nearest airport that they could land, military or civilian?

Well, probably are on the South Carolina now.

There are six airports main, and not know, thirty, forty airports aviation in general.

We have five bases Air Force in South Carolina But only two commercially behave the Starquest.

-And the military? -We are well.

What? Well, get it.

We have a Secret Service agent assigned to his brother.

Sure, Agent Vitale. You're on speaker with the president. What can you tell us?

Has at least ten of them board. They are all armed.

They have control of plane. They had been shot fired, but it seems the plane was not affected.

-Are you in a safe place? "Yes, yes.

I did this by compartments below the plane.

Vitale're saying can walk freely around?

Yes, ma'am.

Let's take the forms Complete aircraft.

Okay, so Vitale, the know about electronics?

'll learn much more about that.

Sure, it might be useful.

His complete obedience avoid any victim today.

Madam, the companions arrived, and we have contact.

I'll put them on speaker.

Bravo, Tango-one, you're in speaker and speaking with the boss.

Our call sign will be Bravo-Tango-6.

Roger, Six. In waiting.

Bravo-Tango-1 Here is President Franklin.

Tell me what you see and what it means.

The plane seems to still be piloted by a competent crew.

I do not see any evidence of mechanical problems with the aircraft.

I want you to put your sister on the line for me.

Think it is easy to catch e. .. the phone?

ATC, here is the Coasteira 8-5-Heavy.

Could open a channel to the White House, so that we could communicate to Ms. President?

Mrs. President, here is the Starquest.

Mrs. President, is really an honor.

Let me talk to Joe. I want to hear his voice.

Here is Captain Joe Franklin Mrs. President.

Do whatever is necessary.

Very noble.

Sure, you have my attention. Whatever?

Ten of my Aryan Brothers are arrested stupid government charges a federal penitentiary the state of New Jersey.

I want his release immediately and unconditionally.


Ask the Director.

Know that our policy is not negotiate with terrorists.

Yes, I knew it would be a game.

But Joe here, and his family, have been generous enough in give me an insurance policy.

I see.

Know what I want.

Empty fuel.

Okay, okay.

6, here is one. The Starquest is draining fuel.

6, this is Bravo-Tango-2. Just lost Bravo-Tango-3 for the emptying fuel.

6, here are two. She is going to a population center.

The pilot came out?

Sorry, ma'am. We have visuals on a ramp.

Vitale, go pro side panel.


We need you to replace manually dump fuel.

I am here ... what I'm looking for?

Find something that says "Dump fuel emergency "

"Release of fuel," something.

Looks like a Christmas tree. The whole thing lit up.

I do not ... wait.

Wait a minute.

What about "release fuel emergency "?

Probably it is.

Listen. Need to press this button and hold it.


The agent stopped Vitale emptying of fuel.

The fuel is not draining. He stopped being emptied.

"I did not tell him to stop. "I did not quit, never stopped!

Is not responding.

I think all this will let us expel it.

Mrs. President ... we have only 90 minutes of fuel.

You know what to do.

How long before accordance with clear images enough to pass by the NCIC and CODIS?

I have a clue about Karl Hitler.

Have nothing. If I had changed legally in prison five years would be a penalty ten years for bank robbery.

An armed bank robbery to help finance the Aryan Brotherhood.

Arians? Great. Heavily armed psychopaths.

He checked the address it here?

The parole agent said it is up to date.

We will make sure he is still there.

Tell Terry to mount a mobile team in five minutes, and talk to bring plenty of ammunition.

So it was great. They came running ...

Take him out. Now look, Snake.

Mother! "

Honey. Here, here, look at me.

Right. So, good job.

Hey, hear that?

Where do you think is going?

-See our guests ..? No, it will not.


Run as fast as possible on the road. Get help to us, right?


Why me?

How about "because I told you so"?

Come on!

-Damn! -Mommy, Mommy!


Because I had to do this?

Do not worry, Snake. Let's get them.

-No! Drop-it, bitch!

-Stop it! -If you move, you will die.

Okay, go with Dad. Come on!

Hey, kid!

I'm your sister!

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you something.

And believe me, I'm talking about pretty serious.

Next time ... will be in her head.

Sure, you have five seconds get back here, or already was!




Do not!

Get him!

"You okay? -I want to go home!


Move over, kids!

Bravo-Tango-1 stay far away and firm.

In the current trajectory, how long will before they fly over the Atlantic, know, far from the populated areas?

About twenty minutes.

Well, if the plane is on autopilot, we can not assume it, get it back?

We can not attempt to override the whole pattern of his flight?

Well, it's self. There is no signal to be blocked.

There is another option. We are working on an emergency system named "Kitty Hawk" it allows us to take control in flight and redirect it.

To be more specific, is an unfolding the vehicle program unmanned aerial.

We are doing some testing Preliminary adaptation this technology for use in civil aircraft compromised.

Right then, as time for the satellite?

We are now working on it. Ten, fifteen minutes?

Hey, Willie, already found that security?

I'm still looking.

Well .. start to shoot people until that bastard appear.

You! You're the security officer?

"You look like a porthole. You is it? -No.

Hell, you're so ...

Shut up! Shut up!

Hey, Willie, now what? Was he safe?

-Fuck you! -Fuck you!

-What? -Hey!

Want to help me here?

I do not know where he is.

You do not need it.

Where does this go? Where will this lead?

I. .. downstairs. Cargo compartment.


I know that is where the agent Security is hiding.

I'm feeling.

What do you ..?!

Okay, dear.

We have a problem.

We lost the autopilot.

They're obviously taking difficulty controlling the aircraft.

And we can not take control?

Not yet.

We'll have to leave Joe do your job.


The man up there, Bill. I have total confidence in Joe.

Okay, let's go.

Come on!

We will get well soon near those buildings.

Come on, Billy, get it!

-I can not handle it! "Come on, Billy! Raise it!

It's happening again!

I think the rotating stabilizers are functioning again.

This autopilot broke down.

I do not think we'll retrieve it.

Do not worry about the pilot Automatic. You got me here.

While on board, I am the control of the aircraft, right?

What happened to the pilot automatic, gentlemen?

I do not know.

Give me a hand.

You're the security officer?


A cop?

Who are you?

Only the right person at wrong place at the wrong time.

That's it. Are you okay?


Just ... hold on tight.


-Idiot! -No!

Stop, stop!


-Robert will kill you ... -Shut up!

Willie is dead, man.


That should be simple and enjoyable As Robert said!

Yes, well, not Robert is simple and enjoyable.

Is she? Who killed Willie?

Yes, of course it is.

Cursed Willie. Leaving be killed by a whore.

Come on. Let's say that Robert found the security guard.

I do not ... Tell you.

Here is the special agent Vitale, 2-9-4-8-3.

Yes, I'm still in season.

You can put me on hold, but keep writing and I will continue talking in ... Thank you.

One of the kidnappers is dead. I am using his phone ... Perhaps can get a signal.

You know what ... 'll send his number.

Maybe you could get an address.

But ... Hello? Yes!

Agent Vitale, is in back in with the president.

Agent Vitale, what's the latest?

Some passengers were killed. From their side, there is a low.

confirm my original estimate ten hijackers.

Can contact with the security guard?

Agent Vitale?


The governor of Carolina South wants to activate units of Air National Guard with orders to shoot down the plane, cross the airspace of its cities.

-And the idiot wants to be president. -Yes.

If the order to shoot is a given, it will come to me.

-Let this clear. "I will tell you.

We learned that his brother has control of the aircraft.

Mrs. President, we confirm ten Aryan Brotherhood in Fairton.

Why are they in prison?

They fired for about an arsenal five, trying to get some weapons.

We lost three ATF agents.

How are we with the satellite?

We have an uplink to alive, but the integrity data with ailerons was compromised.

Committed to?

There is a flaw in somewhere in the system causing communication problems between the cockpit and the servants who are controlling the ailerons.

If the failures continue, I fear that we may lose control of the aircraft.

We have a connection with the Starquest.

Okay, turn it on.

Mrs. President ... How are my brothers Aryans?

We are talking to director. How are you, Joe?

I'm fine, Mrs. President. So as in Ice Fishing Point George.

We are isolating the ten brothers.

Isolating or releasing For now, we are isolating them.

Isolating ...

This is what the isolation buying ...

But damn!

So you're thinking of play in the water below?

Bill will redirect this flight for us lead to all East Coast cities.

If we play down and rains will debris throughout the east coast.

Bill, make a new plan flight for me, could you?


Do not mess with me.

What is our next step?

Okay, let's go get something to to focus on Point George.

Why is that?

Because they never ice fished Point George. So something is happening there.

We're with him.

Lord, that combines with a truck image we have a camera of a bank in the area where the kidnappers the van disappeared.

And they are stationed in front of the house of Karl Hitler.

What a surprise.

The best approach is to use the bank and then take the truck to cover.

That still leaves the front windows.

Collins, you will monitor and warn you if see any movement.

Let's break down doors and shoot them before they can react.

Today, nobody dies only the bad, right?

Taken control of the airplane.

Although the statute of passenger safety is unknown, there various speculations for ...

First team to go and be in a position now.

You will not end?

Damn it, man. Damn day long.

Mrs. President, the satellite has and a lock is loading.

How long will it take? -Five minutes.

Well, let's go. Where, what is the closest runway?

Charleston. We take them to Charleston.

No. Merritt is a better choice.

It is a military base, not civilian.

Let's take them Merritt then. -Do this.

Bill? What is this?

We seem on fire below.

We'll have to come down and take a look.

No, nobody will leave.

Whether we burn?

I imagine that a plane so advanced has some way to deal with fire.

-I should go there to see. "Nobody is going anywhere!

Mrs. President, Kitty Hawk ready for your command.

How long will it take to get it? -Just sort.

Come on.

Here is General Dillard. We are ready to take flight. Again, the bird fly.

Kitty Hawk has a grip hand with Starquest.

Bill ... are you doing this?

What's happening?

I think the autopilot again.

I'm setting a vector of 142.3 to 27,000 feet.

Sure, the place still Merritt docking closer?

It is close now, but I think we can still do that.

It is as if the plane took control of itself, except it is erratic.

The flaps are turned down.

At this air speed?

I know, I know. He will rip wings right out.

But why the hell is he doing this?

Someone can take the control of the plane out?

No, not that I know ... -Robert!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that such sudden breakdown is taking us to the nearest airport.

Okay, let's go. Come on, raise it.

Something is not right.

She is not responding.

We're going too fast. We are fighting to hold on to it.

What ... You have control or not?

Telemetry is all wrong.

It is not responding to input, she is not responding.

It's coming fast and too low!

Bravo-Tango-6, here is Bravo-Tango-1.

Starquest going straight to the city.

Will have to let it go, Let Joe take it!

Three minutes to landing.

Okay, c'mon, c'mon. Lift it.

Come on, Billy. Lift it!

The engines are kicking.

Jesus, the landing gear going down.

Because someone is lowering it.

I recommend abortion, sir.

Here is Bravo-Tango-2. Wings Starquest are swinging a lot.

Cason, let it go!

Forget it. That's an order!

Kitty Hawk, here is Cason NSA you must abort. Again, it should abort!

Climb. Climb it, climb it.

Upload it!

Let's stop!

We will not stop! Reduce power!

Bring the landing gear up!

See those buildings?

Come on!

His ... great ... beautiful ... whale!

This is Bravo-Tango-2. The Starquest is flying straight and level.

Mrs. President, knows better than that.

I know I tried to take control of this plan somehow and this will cost you.

DJ, open the door.

Is up.

What the hell was that?!

Find the security officer.

Any other agent safety, stand up.

How about three of us give a ride?

Mrs. President, Secret Service reports that the first lady and her children are in shelter.

Her mother is safe. Locate his sister. She is out of the country.

Thank you.

Take that.

Still no sign of movement in the window.

Helicopters in position and waiting.

Tell them that they are ready jumping up and enter.

Come on. Come on, come on!

Come before. Be ready to come quickly to the smoke.

Come on! Come on!

Do not let them use the hostages as shields.

That, my ass is that bulletproof, bitch!


Clean! We have a runner!

I thought I heard something funny.

Let me see your hands.

That was me. I to go to the bathroom.


Sarco-1, the suspect is fleeing a white cargo van.

Go ahead and keep eye contact.

Come on!

Damn! Damn!

Do not shoot! I repeat, do not shoot.

We need the target alive.

Lord, and if he say where hostages are and tell them to be move, or shoot them?

Can you bring the target to a quick stop without killing it?




Oh no, not you.

It, bring it!


You know ... you and my ex-wife have similar qualities.

Perhaps when all this is done, We can get a little bit?

"I do not have it. -Claro.

You have two choices. Can open the folder or ...

What's your choice?

Here! Take it, right? Take it!

This poses a problem.

What we are doing about it, Robert?

It is part of a plan that you have not had privilege of knowing yet, Ralph.

Make sure that I'm not bothered.

I said, I do not have the key! The guy on the other side has the key!

This may hurt a little.



Yes, sir, I will return.

The guys toast. Were burned in the disaster.

Great. Some good news?

I took it from his pocket one of the boys.

We can get some SIM card information.

I have the record.

-Where? Point-George.

Okay, let's go.

The SIM card seems still be legible.

Let's see ...

It has a text message posted at 9:30 this morning:

"Delivery on the way."

Locate your destination.

Lord, have another message text here.

Sent soon after his fall. Only says: "Problem."

Okay, let's hurry. We are running out of time.

Your current position leads to Alexandria Virginia, directly to DC.

If I had to bring down the plane, where would be the best place?

Find a safe place Mrs. President.

We have the Phoenix System.

-What is it? Laser-launched satellite.

This is a five-megawatt laser spatial which vaporizes the metal contact.

Can focus on a target with precision less than a foot in diameter.

We had almost 90% successful reduction targets.

The laser detonates the fuel in the wings, virtually disintegrating the plane, leaving few traces.

If you do, I do it in an area uninhabited, so think of these areas.

Yes, ma'am.

Well, let's start organizing the National Guard, hospitals and service Search and Rescue.

Yes, Mrs. President.

I have already said the key.

-Stay with me. -I do not have the key.

-Stay with me. -I have not.

You can survive it.

Marsha ... Marsha. What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Hey! Stay with me.

Okay, okay.

She's back.

Vitale agent, you are back to President Franklin.

It's the money!

How well "the money"?

Securities, worth of bonds.

Vitale, we have no control aircraft. I may have to bring him down.

Give me more time, Mrs. President. I will try to take him down from here.

-Do not have much time. -I know.


Mrs. President, this is a list of SAT for special circumstances.

His agent Vitale is on board, security officer but so are two messengers.

Let me guess ... are moving cash.

One hundred and fifty million dollars in bonds.

TJ, I want you to know policies of the rich.

Of course I want to download and 100 of those.

-What is going chief? -Forget it, do what I say.

What are you doing out of place?

"Who are you? -I am a passenger.

It is you who is causing all these problems?

Secret Service.

It's the nanny's sister's president, that pretty.

But it will be with the family when you die.

But I found trunk of the family.

"You know where my suitcase is. "I know and you do not.

You're just a bank robber. It's just the money.

It's a lot of money.

Damn ...

And you were already dead.

You must be kidding.

Robert, what's the plan?

Wait, leave here in a minute.

Stay away from the door, princess.

ENGINE DAMAGED Just lost engine power.


We could not have lost the engine.

If not we land now we will fall.

-Do it! -Hold on, hold on.

6, this is Bravo Tango 2.

The charge exploded and it seems the motor was with her.

See any further damage, something more superficial?

Negative, try to get close to see the damage, but walk quickly.

I guess I can not continue flying more.

Tango Bravo 2 if it was pilot could fly this plane?

I did not want.

Okay, let me be clear. If you shoot, I do not think that it is in the air for long.

Mrs. President, reached an information the next 60 seconds.

Were seen six miles.


We can use this fire to bring them to a controlled area?

Mrs. President, this aircraft was equipped with guard and a missile defense system.

What is the chance he keep giving it the shape?

Currently unknown.

Bravo-Tango-two, here is Franklin, is authorized to bring the plane down.

Roger, Bravo-Tango-6.

Zorro-3, Zorro-3.

Locked-defense system. -What was that?

June 2 is here, the missiles were eliminated.

Firing again.

The missile is moving.

What happened?

Bravo-Tango-two, has to abort the mission immediately.

Understood in June, mission aborted.

They have a laser?

-How far are? -They are coming.

Get me the White House.

Yes, Madam.

We gotta go. Come on.

Come on, come on.

President, we waiting for their orders.


Pro floor to the ground!

Do not mess ...

We are not stabilized, 're falling.

6, here is 2, Bravo-Tango-1 just explode.

The laser-worked. -Are you listening?

"No pro airplane. -What happened?

-What happened? Tango-Bravo 2, continue.

Shot him.

-Turn off it, unplug it! Turn off-the laser.

She can not die.

There is nothing to descend. Fly without the engine.

-Damn! -Over, okay?

Let me get off the plane to which these people do not have to die.

-Let me think. -Does not have to think about anything.

It takes just 5 minutes to land and nobody will give a hero.

Guys, we ran out of time.

Do something, do it!

What's the plan?

-I will talk with my brother. -All right.

-Me, Joe. -I am a little busy now.

Do not want to be thick but can go straight to the point, I appreciate it.

Remember when we fish the bay?

-What beautiful memories. -Thanks.

See you there.

This nonsense will not happen and my brothers will not be released.

All-or hurt themselves. -Sure, DC will not accept it.

Well, put the table, we arrived for dinner.

-Hey, that's my sister. -Fuck your sister.

-The search continues ... -I do not believe they shot the plane.

-We have reports that ... "You know what that means.

Sorry, lady.

Sorry. I pity you, soon as we begin to know ourselves.

Do not move.

3 hostages got down here and I'll kill them all!

FBI, right?

Not the loss, I can not keep this plane.

Is dropping.

Can I fly a plane alone.


I lost GPS.

-They are very bad? We flew blind, and nearly out of fuel.

Mrs. President, the plane is DC airspace.

President, I have two waiting in line.

-Joe. 'We have control of the airplane again.

Actually we do not need because we have map, satellite or anything else.

But ... we landed in Dallas.

-Sure, and your family is safe. Thanks, Harriet.

We lost communication.

Are you okay?

Yes I am better than Ben, lodge this baby and get back home.

-How? The old-fashioned.

Let's take it and plant it on the track.

Navigate the brands.

Gina was very kind to me say what you see there.

The Lincoln Memorial at 2:00 approximately 3 km.

The Washington Monument 11.00, five kilometers.

That, slowly, slowly.

Let's try the next port.

We can not give back these conditions.

Your browser does not work levels are not certain.

Never be able to land this thing, we can not keep it that way.

Sure. Gina, I can give a glass of water.

By half, please.

All right, brother?

We hope so.

Thank you.

Capital right, 1:00.

National Park left side. 09:00.

-The wheels are falling. -You have to give me good news.

Joe can not land this plane.

We're running out of fuel. Never succeed.

Gina, I think it would be a good idea to sit down.

Never succeed. Between this and the street prostitutes, the only thing that keeps me trying to land this plane.

They're going straight to building capital.

I was so scared. Are you okay?


Hey buddy.

Do not you ever fly again.

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