Albino Alligator (1996) Script

Why do I always get the shit end of these assignments?

I'd like to ask that question.

{ Man Chuckles On Walkie-Talkie }

{ Man On Walkie-Talkie } What the hell were you expectin', Bobby? Waco?

{ Sarcastic Chuckle } Very funny.

Well, they say it's not the heat but the humidity that fucks you up.

{ Bobby } Wouldn't be so bad if I could find my lighter. You guys have it?

Your lighter, Bobby? Nah, I ain't seen your lighter. You seen his lighter?

Nah. No. Did you lose somethin' again?

{ On Walkie-Talkie } This is Browning.

Listen, Johnson, if you idiots don't keep this channel clear, I'm personally gonna come out there and light you both on fire.

{ Cat Screeching }

{ Browning On Walkie-Talkie } What's he doing?

Well, looks like he's still waitin'.

{ Chattering, Laughing }

{ Trolley Bell Rings }

{ Click } { Man #1 } Yes?

{ Man #2 } Oyeme. It's gonna be 4:00 a.m. Closing time.

You bring what you got. We'll bring what we've got.

No. No, I bring nothing until I see what you got.

You show me first.

{ Alarm Bell Ringing } { Dogs Barking }


{ Man #1 Pounding On Seat } Goddamn it!

What the fuck was that? Let's just slow down. We're in a stolen car.

What? Could you say that again?

You see, I'm having a hard time hearin' ya 'cause the alarm blew out my fuckin' eardrums!

I don't want to risk going to jail for nothing.

Well, jail is exactly what I'm tryin' to avoid.

You know, Milo, at this point, I'm so disenchanted with you, so why don't you shut the fuck up and let me make the decisions?

All right, all right. You want to hang yourself, go ahead.

I got some more rope back here if you need it.

This is Cowlings. Suspect is on the move.

{ Man On Walkie-Talkie } Copy that. A.T.F., keep me advised.

Going to his car.

Holy shit. I think he saw me. What the fuck?

Where's he goin'? What the fuck? Where'd he go?

What's goin' on? He's not gettin' in his car.

Oh, goddamn it. What the fuck? Where did he go?

Aw, shit. Oh, fuck, man. Okay, okay, okay.

He's leavin', but it looks like he changed cars.

He's in a different car. He's in a Lincoln. It's a Lincoln.

Nah, nah, it's a... it's a Buick. Goddamn it. Check that. It's a Buick.

What the fuck is it? A Buick or a Lincoln?

I don't know. Some big, old gas guzzler.

We'll see it when we get down there. We're on our way down, all right?

{ Bobby } I got him. He's comin' right at me.

{ Distant Train Whistle Blowing }

{ Browning } We're on our way, Bobby.

{ Browning } You still got him, Johnson? He's going straight?

{ Walkie-Talkie Squawks Off }

{ Bobby Chuckles } If it ain't my lucky day.

{ Cowlings } Bobby, come in. You there?

{ Milo } I didn't know there'd be guards.

{ Man #1 } You're the alarm guy. I leave that shit up to you.

{ Crossing Bell Dinging }

{ Muffled Crash }

Christ. What was that? The ground. We hit the ground.

No, no. Not that. Somethin' else.

{ Crossing Bell Continues Dinging }

{ Browning On Walkie-Talkie } Hey, Bobby, which way did he go?

Bobby, you over there? Come in, Johnson.

Eh, I guess he found his smokes.

{ Cowlings } Oh, God. Oh, Jesus. There he goes.

There he goes! There he goes. Move!

This is Special Agent Cowlings. We need backup.

I got an agent down on the corner of LeMonde and Main.

Send a medic ASAP. I am in vehicle pursuit of suspect. Over.

{ On Walkie-Talkie } All right. This is Browning. We're on the way.

You're on LeMonde?

{ Milo } Oh, now, wait a minute.

Wait, wait, what?

You ready for this? You mean hearin' things he's gotta say, then no.

No. I ain't ready to hear shit from him.

Jesus. I didn't know you could say that many words in a row.

Ooh. Does that smart mouth bite too? Betcha it don't.

All right. Betcha it don't.

{ Man #3 } Oh, there's someone comin' up on us.

He's movin'.

I think it's a cop. I don't see no flashin' lights.

{ Tires Screeching }

{ Siren Wailing }


We just made a left on Corelli. He's not slowin' down.

Rear ram?

{ Tires Screeching } { Men Grunting }

{ Sign Buzzing }

Down here. Let's go down here. What's down there?

Fuck if I know. A place to hide.

{ Door Slams, Echoing }

Uh, uh, w-we're closed, sonny.

He tripped and fell and bumped his head.

He needs to use your bathroom, if it's okay.

Your friend needs an ambulance.

Hey! Hey! Put your hands where I can see them. Now!

Hey! Hey, you! Get up. Get up!

Put down that cue.

Okay. Lock it. Get up on the table.

Hey, shit face, sit down. Sit down.

Now, you listen up. Here's the news.

Nobody moves, nobody says anything, nobody's gonna get hurt.

We're only gonna be here for a couple of minutes.

You just relax. Drink your beer.

Drink it. Enjoy your evening.

That's easy for you to say. You don't have a gun pointed at your head.

Hey. I said everybody be quiet.

Especially you.

Where's your bathroom? Over there, where it's always been.

Come here. Take him in the bathroom.

Try to clean him up.

Now, when they get out of the bathroom, we're gonna leave you booze-hounds to your drunken lives.

For now, you just sit tight.

{ Sirens Wailing } { Thunder Rumbling }

What do I owe you for this? It's free. Just take it.

The last drink's always on the house.

No, look, I want to pay for it. How much?

Two bucks. Two bucks? For a lousy beer?

You gonna pay for it or not? Big-time gangster like you ought to be able to cough up a deuce.

Did I do something to you in another fuckin' life?

Keep the change.

{ Laughs } You are a big spender. I like that in a man.

Now, I just don't know what it's gonna take to make you shut up.

If you don't bite, then don't bark, doggy dog.

Hey! Shut up!

{ Bartender } Look, we don't want no trouble.

You don't want no trouble, huh?

Then everybody keep fuckin' quiet.

{ Whistles }

{ Coughing }

{ Lowell } Hurry up.

Mr. Cool, huh? Mr. Quiet?

Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Quiet.

You being quiet tells me that you're smart, and smart people sometimes fuck things up... by trying to be clever.

{ Sighs } Now, I hope... that you're not smart and clever...

'cause then we got a problem.

{ Humming }

Now you're gonna rob me? The day just keeps gettin' sweeter.

Rob you? Kinda. What, you don't have a car?

I don't drive. You don't drive?

Then how do you get to work every day? I take the streetcar.

{ Man #1 } Sir.

I've got a car.

It's a-a green Chevy station wagon. It's parked right outside.

Outside? Station wagon, huh?

Chicks must flock to you in a car like that.

Hey, you can take my car. B.M.W. Smooth and fast.

Parked just up the block.

Think I'll take the beemer. Sorry, kid.

{ Telephone Ringing }

{ Ringing Continues }

Whoa. { Ringing Continues }

Just put the phone up on the bar.

{ Ringing Continues }

Hello. No, this ain't Dino.

Yeah, sure.

Who's Dino? That'd be me. It's my place.

No, he's, he's busy right now.

Okay, Dino, your wife, or your girlfriend, or whatever the fuck you want to call her, wants to know if you still need a ride home.

Don't you fuck with me.

Oh, can't blame a guy for tryin'.

Yeah, I just talked to Dino and he said he doesn't need a ride home.

He'll be leaving any minute.

Oh, me? I'm just a friend.

Uh-huh. Oh, it was nice talking to you too.


She seems like a really nice lady.

Does she know you're a no-good, lyin' sack of shit?

Sure does. { Footsteps }

Back up.

{ Telephone Ringing } Shit.


{ Lowell } Put him down. Help me.

Get me a stool. Keep an eye on them.

Damn. Shit.

{ Men Shouting }

Check that door. What's back here?

Huh? What's through here?

Fuck! Where's the back way?

{ Dino } Ain't no back way. { Man #1 } Ain't no windows either.

No windows? What? { Woman } You're in a basement.

{ Dino } Place was sealed during prohibition. No other exit.

Ain't that illegal? { Dino } It is if you don't fix the police.

Well, your fuckin' friends are outside.

Unplug that line.

We gotta barricade this door.

{ Police Radio Chatter }

{ Detective } Mark. Yes, sir?

Where's the report on this man? It's being faxed over, sir.

I want a sound team in the warehouse above the bar, sharpshooters on the buildings west and south, and blueprints for all the buildings in the area.

Get these goddamn cars towed out of here. Right.

You got 'em? It's just ringing.

What do you mean, it's just ringing? Where's my megaphone?

In the trunk. You want it now?

No, tomorrow. Yes. Now, goddamn it!

{ Lowell } Get down from there.

Don't you want to talk to them?

Not yet. I mean, fuck! What's goin' on?

Huh? We've only been in here for five minutes.

Seems like a month of Sundays to me.

What now?

Give me that! Wait a minute!

You want to know what? I'll tell you what.

Get outta here...

Miss Janet Boudreau, 1329 Parkland Drive.


Born February 6, 1956... My ass!

Five foot seven, 120 pounds.

{ Chuckling } Yeah.

Organ donor.

Let me tell you something, miss donor bitch.

You don't know me, right?

But now I know you, right?

Like where you live.

Now, you keep your mouth shut... or you're gonna be "donin'" a lot sooner than you thought.

As a matter of fact, come out from behind that bar... and sit in that stool where I can see you.

Come here.

1329 Parkland Avenue.

Just forget her, okay?

{ Whispering } I want you to keep an eye on these people.

Hey, look. I'm trusting you with this, okay?

Browning here.

No, sir, we haven't been able to make contact with him yet.

Yes, we're sure he's there.

There's a blood trail that led from the accident all the way to this bar.

Yes, the two men are dead, as well as Agent Johnson.

Looks like he just ran them down with his car.

No. No way he could have survived.

No, I won't make a move until you get here.

Should have got married when you had the chance, had kids, settled down,

got a job.

{ Sniffs }

Who you kiddin'?

Come here.

{ Boudreau } Can I go to the bathroom? Not now.

Okay, give me the gun. Here. Give it to me.

Okay. I'm gonna send those pigs out there a little message.

Want me to get you some paper?

What? You're gonna write to them, right?

No. I'm not gonna write to them.

I'm gonna fire off a round, showin' them that I'm serious, that I don't give a fuck about nothin'... and that we don't mind playing hardball.

That ain't hardball. Hardball'd be killing one of the things in here.

Whoa, whoa. Hang on a second.

We ain't gonna kill nobody.

It's a trick. Well, it's pussy league.

No, no, no. It's a ploy, and that's the plan. Okay?

Suppose they storm in? They're not gonna storm in.

Look, these guys, they got procedures.

Okay? They're not independent of thought and action, like us.

They, they got a book, and they gotta follow it right down to the last letter.

Come on. We're the...

We're the ones who refuse to conform to the dictates of the group, and we got them right where we want them.

{ Clears Throat }

An extensive investigation began about three weeks ago when a message was intercepted... saying that the suspect would be traveling to New Orleans in two weeks... with $65,000 suspected for the use of buying guns.

The Montreal police has been contacted, but nothing has come through, although the one guy that I did talk to in the Montreal office... said that this guy was never known to be violent.

All I see is feet, boss.

That's all you gotta see.

You watchin'? Yeah.

I can't believe there's no back exit in this layout.

{ Cocks Shotgun } Shit!

{ Men Shouting }



{ Dino Shouts }

Put down your fuckin' gun! Don't be stupid.

Nobody walks into my fuckin' bar and pulls this shit.

Put it down, or I'll redecorate my bar with your friend's brains.

No, no, no. Come on. Put it down!

No! No!

{ Head Banging On Bar }

You ain't such a fuckin' tough guy now!

{ Glass Breaking }

{ Mark } We don't know for sure anyone died.

{ Browning } I've been told to sit and wait.

Who told you? Michaels.

And do you know what he really wanted to know?

He wanted to know if the media had arrived. Can you believe that?

{ Whimpering }

Uh, ex... Excuse me?

Y-Y-Your friend, uh,

he's, he's awake.


{ Groaning } Hey. Hey.

What's goin' on? You okay?

{ Law } He's okay.

Where are we?

Milo! You want a smoke?

Just some basement bar.

Take one out.

Take one out.

Put it in my mouth. Put it in my mouth.

You're something else.

Anything broken? I don't know, man.


{ Coughing } God!



I hate menthol.

I know.

The ape shows restraint.

I'd go toe-to-toe, but since you're so much smaller... Hey! Enough already.

What are you doin' provoking him? We got other problems.

I'm already bleeding here.

You want to bleed some more? All right!

Maybe after your nose is better.

Would you just keep an eye on these people?

Or better yet, frisk them.

Oh, no. You are not gonna touch me.

Hey, leave her alone. She doesn't have anything. She sure does, boss.

No, she doesn't.

Check the boy.

{ Loud Slap }

Don't cut yourself with it.

Oh, don't you worry about that. I know how to use it.

I'm good with my hands.

Hey, come here.

Come here. Give me the knife.

Don't waste your time fuckin' with this guy.

He's nothin'. If you blow on him, he'll fall down.

Come on. Give me the knife.

{ Chuckling }

Don't fuck with that guy.

Here. You keep it.

Where was I?

Sit over there.

Over there.

{ Blows }

Have you talked to the cops yet?

Fuck, no. I unplugged the phone.

{ Milo } Look. We gotta...

We gotta stall 'em or somethin' so they don't come bustin' in here... before we can figure out what we're gonna do and how we're gonna get outta here.

We need to... We need to bluff 'em or something.

I ain't talkin' to 'em.

{ Milo } Can't let him talk to 'em.

Why don't you let one of us talk to them for you?

{ Lowell } Who the fuck are you?

Guy. M-My name is Guy.

{ Radio Chatter } { Telephone Dialing }

{ Phone Ringing }

Sir, may I ask a question? No.

Sir, are we sure that that's him in there?

I mean, we don't really know for sure now, do we?

I got him back on the line. You got him?

Give me that.

Say again? No, no, no, no. Wait. Slow down.

Just say it again.

I am a hostage, and am in great danger.

If you ever want to see me or any of the others alive, you must comply with our demands.

First, remove all police personnel... from the street in front of the bar.

If this is not done in one hour, one of these people will die.

That is all.

Guess what. She ain't kiddin', you know.

Prison ought to suit you just fine.

Goddamn, that's sick!

Making a hostage send that message.

{ Mark } What about the demand?

He knows we ain't gonna leave. He's buying time.

{ Lowell } Hey, you, altar boy. You want to make us some coffee?

Do I look like your bitch? Come on, man. Just make it.

I never made coffee before. My mom always makes it.

Your mom? What, does she come over and make it for you every day?

No, not every day. Every fuckin' other day. You got a problem with that?

Me? No. Fuck it, man. I'll make it.

{ Milo } No. We got to talk.

Alone. { Lowell } What about Mr. Quiet?

We can see him from here.

{ Boudreau }... Again, but, uh... What?

May I go to the bathroom?

When was the last time you let these people go to the bathroom?

What am I, the bathroom attendant?

Hey, you think we could listen to some Johnny Paycheck?

No! Woman is suffering. Let her go to the bathroom.

Look, no more music, no more questions, and no more fuckin' interruptions.

All right, hurry up and get your ass in the bathroom.

You ready now?

{ Sighs } More than ready.

You said there's no back exits, right?

Yeah. We checked it out, man. There's nothin'.

Well, Lowell, there's got to be another way out of here, if this was a speakeasy.

Drinkin' was illegal then, you know, so the cops would raid these kind of places.

Everybody's got to get out of here fast, and the cops are coming in through the front... so they got to go out the back.

What, through a wall? Look around at this place.

This guy treated this bar like his baby.

He does his best to preserve it the way it was.

He doesn't change a thing. I still don't see no exit.

{ Chuckles } You don't hear what I'm saying.

They're hidden.

So what do we do, some fuckin' voodoo dance?

Rub a fuckin' lamp, and the shit just opens?

Maybe. They don't exactly blueprint this kind of stuff.

Could be anywhere.

Just got to check it out.

We can't exactly ask the bartender.

She might know. Hey.

You feel better? Better?

Yeah, you know, just...

Never mind.

Look, you work here, right?

Yeah. Yeah?

Did, uh, Dino ever say anything to you about a hidden exit?

No. I never heard of one.

And you say you work here? Yeah, I work here; for ten years.

But just 'cause I work here don't mean...

Hey! Lip is what I don't need.

I asked you a simple question.

I happen to know that this used to be a speakeasy, so you, y-you think hard.

Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute.

Now... you're sure that you don't remember him saying anything about, uh, another way out of here?

You think I'm hiding something from you? I mean, I'm...

"Hiding"? We never said anything about hiding nothin'.

That's what you're thinkin'. Hey, shut up and answer me!

{ Man #1 } Hey. I know what you're looking for.

Dino showed me one night.

Just leave her alone.

How far does this thing go?

I don't know. I didn't fuckin' dig it. Ow!

{ Broom Sweeping Glass }

{ Sweeping Continues }

Just go sit down. You don't have to do that now.

Wouldn't have to do anything... if you all hadn't come in here tonight.

We're gonna be gone soon. Don't worry.

I think the one with the gun is crazy.

Crazy and a gun tends to make me worry.

He's not gonna do nothin'.

What about you?

You got a gun too.


But you're not gonna use it, are you?

I don't want to talk anymore, all right?

That... That other one...

You seem like you got a good heart in there somewhere.

The other one's boxed in. Uh, he's scared.

Men do stupid things when they get scared.

Look, why don't... Why don't you just keep your opinions to yourself.


Sure. Sure.

It's just... you're smarter than he is.

You don't want to be a part of this, do you?

Look, please just, don't you think you could get him... to let us go, before he gets us all killed?

I mean, he's... he's in over his head.

He's, he's, he's acting like a...

Oh, he's acting like an idiot.

Hey, shut up.

I don't care how smart you think I am.

You're talking about my brother.

Just go...

Just go sit down, all right?

I meant no disrespect.

Oh, fuck.

Jail ain't an option, you know. Yeah, I know.

You better be fuckin' serious about that.

What do you think? You think I'm... No, no, no, no.

I don't think Milo's got it in him.

Yeah? Well, don't you worry about Milo.

Milo's thinkin' of a way to get us out.

I'm thinkin' all the time, and I'm thinkin' I ain't goin' back to jail no matter what.

So those people out there, I say fuck 'em if we have to.

You with me on that? 'Cause I don't think he is.

Look, when push comes to shove, I'll fuckin' shove.

You know me. Listen to me!

I will not let anything happen to him.

Do you understand me? I'll do whatever it takes to convince him, but I will never hurt him.

It's okay about the tunnel. Don't worry about it.

{ Door Closes }

What time we got? Twelve before 6:00.

All right, kid, scram.

We gotta talk.

It's okay. Go on.

Thanks for the napkins.

{ Lowell } Now, look, their hour is almost up.

Uh, excuse me, but before you guys start your meeting, can... can I please go to the, uh, the...

{ Lowell } Huh? Oh, yeah. Go ahead.

Keep an eye on him, will you?

{ Law } Uh-huh.

{ Browning } How much time?

{ Mark } About five minutes.

I want that call made not one second after the deadline.

What's up with the back door? There isn't one.

What? Here.

The blueprints show the building was built in the '20s.

Believe it or not, there are no other exits.

What, they didn't believe in fuckin' fire codes in this city?

Figures. And the rest of the surveillance?

Nothing. Still deaf, dumb and blind.

Well, let's go make that call, hear what he wants.

{ Lowell } I can't tell, but it looks clear.


Oh, whoa! Shit!

They're pulling something.

{ Milo } What'd you expect, they were just gonna leave?

{ Telephone Ringing } { Lowell } This was a good-faith request.

What's gonna happen, I'm gonna really start making demands.

Fuck! { Ringing Continues }

Think we should let them get away with this? Show them who's boss here!

They think we're clowning around!

I say we whack one of these people for real, man. No more bullshittin'.

Jesus Christ. Don't listen to him. He's a fuckin' sociopath.

What good would that do? You'd still have to get out. Shut up.

Hey, you show the lady a little respect. Uh-oh! Big man!

Look, everybody shut up.

You need a plan.

Talk, talk, talk.

That's all I'm hearing.

I mean, fuck, you have to get out now.

No more waiting.

He thinks so too. { Lowell } What?

Were you talking to this guy?

I didn't say jack shit to him, but he's right.

And I guess they're all geniuses, right?

And I guess that makes me the idiot.

Well, fine, then why don't you all figure this shit out... because all I seem to be doing is fucking everything up.

Calm down.

Just take it easy. We got to listen.


Plan. I'm listening.

Tell them you will let go the hostages, one by one... and instead of releasing us,

release yourselves.


We, uh,

pretend we're the hostages.

Then, uh, tie us up... and, uh, be gone before they come in.

What do you think?

Hey, I'm a sociopath. You know what I think.

{ Milo } We gotta make some demands.

Then, each time that they give us something... we give them a hostage.

Nobody gets hurt.

And then when they're waiting for the final demand, we get the hell out of here.

{ Coughs } Yeah.


{ Milo } I don't know.


There's something missing.

I say we take the kid. What?

He'd be like an insurance policy.

You think these people are gonna talk if we got the kid?

I don't think so.

I want to go. { Lowell } See?

He wants to go. Yeah, if it'll make things easier.

No. Look, I'll go.

{ Law } I like that.

No way. The kid goes, and that's it.

If anybody is gonna go, it ought to be me. L...

You've been nothing but a fuckin' headache since we walked in here, so sit down.

Huh? What? No, I won't say a thing about the kid.

I'll be too busy describing your face to the police sketch artist.

Nothin' better go wrong, 'cause I just don't know what I'd do if it did.

No, no, nobody want no coffee.

Uh, bring me some water over here, would you?

Oh, my God. Here they come. Who? Goddamn it.

{ Mark } I'm surprised it took them so long.

{ Browning } Well, they're here, so we better deal with it.

Oh, check that. You deal with them.

What do you want me to tell them?

Tell them shit. Tell them nothing.

Say "No comment." I don't care.

No, no. Uh, let me talk to them. I know what to say.

{ No Audio }

{ Reporter } What the fuck? You're not ready yet?

Come on, come on. Jesus Christ.

I'd like to get this shot before the sun comes up.

Fuck it. Geez. I'm working with Gilligan.

Excuse me. Are you in charge here? Yes, ma'am.

Hi. I'm Jenny Ferguson, Channel 7 Action News.

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind... answering a few questions on camera for the morning report?

No, not at all.

Great. Excuse me.

That would be great. { Clears Throat }

Okay. You ready?

I'm sorry. What was your name?

Browning. G.D. Browning, A.T.F.

Browning. Okay. Excellent.

Okay? We're ready?

Okay. { Clears Throat }

Hello. This is Jenny Ferguson.

I'm standing out here on Townsend Street, near the south docks.

It appears that an unknown gunman, or gunmen, has taken some people hostage in a local bar.

Now, there has been reports of gunshots.

Apparently it all began after 4:00 this morning... and has continued until now.

Standing with me here now is Agent Browning of the A.T.F.

Agent Browning, can you shed some light on what's been happening here?

Well, it looks like some goddamn stupid motherfucker... has decided to take some poor, innocent fucks hostage.

We've been out here all fuckin' night... trying to deal with this goddamn situation, but there hasn't been a fuckin' break yet.

But we're sure as shit hopeful that everyone will be safe... and that we bring this motherfucker, or motherfuckers, as the case may be, to fucking justice.

How's that?

{ Blowing On Harmonica }

{ Harmonica Continues }

What are you doing? You got the seven. Right here.

I can't make that. What do you mean?

He's got the three. No, no. The three's stymied.

No, it's not. Milo, please. It's blocked.

You can't see it from there. It's completely blocked.

You got to go with the seven.

It's your only shot. Bank it right here.

No, no, no. You got to hit it bottom right, here.

All right, line it up. Take your time.

Get down. Like that. Got it?

{ Milo } Uh-huh. Good shot.

{ Lowell } Don't listen to him. It was a good shot.

It was your only shot.

It would have gone in except this, uh, this cue's a little...

No, yeah. That was a tough one.

I'd say there are tougher things in life, kid.

Yeah, I guess. It's your shot.

I ain't got nothin'.

Albo gator it. What?

Albo gator.

Albo... what?

You never heard of an albino alligator?

{ Milo } No.

What the fuck is that?

Down here we got gators, right?

But every once in a while, one of them little things is born white.

An albino.

He's weak... and useless, except for one thing: Sacrifice.

The other gators will use him to gain new territory.

They send him out in the open, just waitin' to get him killed, 'cause when some rival group of gators... shows themselves in the open, killing the albo gator, they surround and kill their rivals.

No more albo gator, but no more rival gators neither, and new territory is definitely gained.

Deliberate sacrifice... for deliberate gain.

That's a weird fuckin' story, you know that?

Just park that white ball in front of his pocket... so he don't have a shot either.

Albo gator him.

{ Milo } Isn't it almost time?

What time we got?

{ Law } 6:15.

There. It's albo gatored.

Hey, miss secretary.

Hurry up. It's almost show time.

{ Knocking } Hurry up.

Puttin' on your makeup?

This ain't TV, you know. It's radio. Come on.

Could I talk to you for a moment?

We got deadlines. I know. It'll just take a second.


All right. Hurry up. Make it quick.

I'd like to apologize for the things I said when you first come in here.

Oh. All right.

It's about the kid. Yeah? What about the kid?

Well, just, let me tell you about him, okay?

He comes in here a lot. Plays a lot of pool.

I ain't never seen him win.

There's this one guy, right? A regular. Plays him all the time.

He's a hustler, okay? I mean, everybody knows he's a hustler, except the kid.

The kid thinks, you know, it's luck.

Guy's made a lot of money off him.

Lady, this means nothing to me.

Just wait a second, now. I'm not finished yet.

You know how Dino said he paid off the cops? Yeah.

I don't know if that's true, but we've had cops... in and out of here all the time.

You know? I mean, they know Dino. They know me.

Now, if I go out there with you, and I tell them you're my friend, then you are my friend, okay?

I mean, they'll believe me.

Hmm? How's that sound?

I'm still listening.

If you take the kid out there...

They don't know the kid.

I mean, they're gonna question both of you, separately.

Kid's family is gonna be there.

Hard enough to lie to the police, let alone your own family.

I mean, the kid will crack.

I know what's at stake here.

I won't crack.

Well, you haven't cracked yet.


Now, that's what I mean.

I mean, you can't take a kid out there.

You need someone who knows the score.

Someone who's more mature.

{ Clears Throat }


I'II, uh, I'll think about it.


Thanks, Bill. I'm standing out here on Townsend Street...

{ No TV Audio }

Turn up the volume. What?

The volume, turn it up. I saw that clicker.

I can't figure it out, boss. I'll get it.

All I can say is we're involved in a hostage situation... that would involve our commitment to being here... in joint investigation with the New Orleans Police Department.

Can you confirm the rumored deaths? I can't comment on that.

We've heard that two or three agents have been injured or killed.

Like I said, no comment. All I can say is... we're involved in a hostage situation, doing everything we can... to make sure everyone comes out safe and sound.

Thank you, Agent Rose, for your time.

Details are sketchy right now, but we have an unconfirmed report... that at least two officers have been killed.

Reporting live from Dino's Last Chance Bar, All right.

This is Jenny Ferguson for Channel 7 Action News. Okay, turn it down.

Back to you in the studio. Kid, from now on you're in charge of the TV set.

When the news comes on, turn up the volume. Got it?

Can I get my coat? I'm cold.

Yeah, all right, kid.

Three dead cops.

They're gonna call any minute. Are you ready with the note?

Sure. Yeah.

How about you, kid? You ready? I thought you said that...

I know, I did. I'm takin' him. So just, shh.

What about what we said about me... Enough! Enough!

You read the notes, he comes with me. But I know them!

You understand? No more. No more!

Hey, kid, you're doin' the right thing. You know that, right?

What's your name? Danny.

All right, Danny. Go over there and sit with the rest of them.

No, that's great, but even if it's probably right, there's no way to confirm that.

I don't think we should run that, going out on a limb like that.

You know what? Fuck it. Run it. No, run it. Run it.

Guys, this is a great story. If it's wrong, we'll retract it.

{ Ringing }

Make sure she reads this word for word. All right, read this.

"Here are the demands.

There will be no negotiation.

First, an empty bus, with all the windows painted black, must be driven onto the sidewalk in front of the bar.

Once in place, the driver must exit... and no one else will be on it.

The bus must have a full tank of gas.

Second: A small jet must be waitin' at the airport.

It has to have enough fuel to travel 3,000 miles.

Third: There must be no tricks.

If any of these amends... demands... are not met exactly as they are presented, a hostage will die.

For each demand that is met, one hostage will be released."

Very good.

{ Phone Slammed Down }

{ No TV Audio } { Milo } I want to talk to you guys.

{ Whispering, Indistinct }

We ain't gonna really kill anybody, right?



Say it. Say what?

We ain't gonna do it.

Yeah. We won't.

You swear on Mom's grave?

On Mom's grave.

We ain't gonna really kill these people. Yeah. Right.

Now you. What?

I want to hear you say those exact words.

We won't. Swear it.

I don't like swearing on my mother. Come on, just say it.

Come on... Do it!

I swear on my mother we ain't gonna whack no one.

'Less we have to.

{ Rose } Well, the plane is definitely a no-go.

{ Browning } Fuck the plane; he ain't even gonna reach it.

You and the chief agree on that one.

He doesn't want him up in the air, either.

By the way, he has some other ideas too.

He does, does he? He's gonna sit there in Washington... in his comfy chair and tell us to comply with all the demands.

Well, fuck that. I tell you this:

One more fuckin' gunshot goes off, and we're going in.

Game over; good guys win.

I'm gonna nail him before he gets on the bus.

{ Man } 4:00 a.m. Closing time.

You bring what you've got, we'll bring what we've got.

{ Guy } No, no. L-I bring nothing 'til I see. You show me first.

{ Detective } Holy shit. He saw me. What? What?

{ Phone Rings } Let it ring.

We said what we're gonna say.

{ Ringing Continues } Hey, turn it up.

The siege has been going on for over two hours and there seem to be no breaks in the case.

All I do know is that demands have been made by the gunmen, but no report has been made about what those might be.

We do have an exclusive but unconfirmed report of the identity of the man... who is holding these hostages.

His name is Guy Foucard, a Canadian citizen.

He's a wanted, known gunrunner who apparently... What the fuck?

Get 'em up!

What, that... that's me? Guy Foucard, huh?

{ Laughing } I don't know what the...

Suspected gun dealer? My name is not "Guy," my name is "Ghee."

I am not the man they say they want.

Your picture's on the fuckin' screen! Yes!

"Ghee," "Guy," who the fuck are you?

The photo is me! The photo is me, but...

But, I mean, fuck, l...

Maybe he's a cop trying to trick us. I am not a cop.

He's not a cop. He was in here long before this went down.

Right! It's somethin' else.

What? No, nothing. I knew something was wrong.

I never liked your idea.

If he is a cop, I say we waste him right fuckin' now!

He's not a cop. He's got no gun. Right!

He's a liar, tryin' to set us up, tryin' to frame us!

All right, listen to me, listen, listen. Okay.

Tell us who you are and what you're doin' here... Yes. Yes. Okay.

Shut up! And why you're wanted by the Feds.

Or my friend here's gonna start breakin' your fingers. You like that?

Talk to them! Shut up!

They were here! Shut up!

Okay, yes.

You gonna tell us the truth... They know me.

Hey, shut up. Tell us the truth.

And if your story doesn't jibe, he's gonna keep breaking your fuckin' fingers, you got me?

Okay, but these people... Aw, fuck it.

Break one! Milo, stay out of this. Go sit down.

I want him to start talkin'. Okay, okay!

I'm telling you, I don't... This... I am not...

I am Guy Foucard, yes, but... I mean, I am here for business.

I work for the government of Quebec.

In the morning I go to Mexico City for some meeting.

I have free time before the plane, so I come to this bar.

And these, I know these, they know me.

I come here, l...

Fuck, I mean...

An old movie was on TV, and, too bad for me, I stay to watch it late.

Was this guy in here watchin' TV?

He's not a regular, so I didn't pay much attention, but maybe he...

{ Bone Crunching } { Screams }

What ya do that for?

'Cause he's a fuckin' animal. Fuck you, Milo!

The TV was on mute. He couldn't have been watchin'.

Wait! Wait! He's lyin'.

Whoa, whoa, you're right. Don't do that 'til I tell you.

What did you say that for? What? What?

The fuckin' thing wasn't even on! L... I don't...

How it was, I was watching, I don't know, I remember that...

Speak fuckin' English!

The fucking movie was over when you guys come in here.

It was sport news, I think it was...

Sport news? I think so.

Any sports shows on that late? There's one on channel 9.

Right. I think that's the one.

But he wasn't there that long. He came in before... He's a fucking drunk!

{ Mutters In French }

Right. { Bone Crunching } { Screams }

Fuck! That's enough, goddamn it!

Milo, stay the fuck out of this. Some things you're good at; this ain't one of 'em.

Okay! Okay! L-l... The police...

The police are looking for me!

Is that what you w... I mean...

Throw me out there, then. I prefer that to bein' with you fucking guys!

{ Milo } Listen to me!

Doesn't matter what he says.

That's the guy they say they want.

Who gives a shit? It doesn't change the plan.

Aaah! Let him go.

Hey, let him go! Aaah! Wait, wait!

Why are you doing this? Aaah! You must listen to me!

Aaah! Let's go.

Inside. Get in there.

Get the fuck in there!

{ Snorts }

{ Guy, Muffled } You have to listen to me! Please!

I can help you!

We gotta stick with the original plan.

You gotta go to the hospital.

They're not gonna let you walk outta here, they're gonna take you to the emergency room.

For God knows how long. Long enough to get us busted.

{ Guy } I am innocent! You have to listen to me!

Will you shut him up?

Milo, please. { Guy Groans }

We've been given the fuckin' key, man, a gift!

A solution to our problem.

No, man. What the hell are you talking about?

They got evidence. What evidence?

They-They got the car.

The car was stolen.

We say that... this guy stole a car, he got in an accident, he killed the fuckin' bartender.

We could smash his face and make it look like he was in an accident!

What about these people? Don't you...

You think they're gonna just forget what really happened in here?

Don't you think that's a problem? What do you want me to do?

Just give up? Well, fuck that.

I see another way out of this.

The only way out is for us to pretend that we're hostages.

I got a bad feelin' about that plan.

We gotta do somethin' else or we're gonna get nailed.

It's not gonna be long before they put two and two together and figure out what went wrong.

We gotta walk out of this thing scot-free.

Forget the airport, forget jail, forget fuckin' Mexico.

We gotta walk outta here free men.

You see?

Milo, you should go to the hospital without bein'... afraid of gettin' nailed.

You should go to the hospital... a hero.


A fuckin' hero. Johnny-fuckin'-Paycheck wouldn't run to Mexico.

We ain't Johnny Paycheck.

We got witnesses who will talk.

Albo gator 'em.

What did you say?

Sacrifice for our gain.

I didn't want to say it... but that's what I was thinkin' too.

Best kind of outlaw... is a free outlaw.

{ Murmuring }

Where did you get that information, and why did you show that picture?

You know how dangerous that is? I'll call you back.

If you don't tell me where you got that from, I'm gonna run your ass from the scene.

You can't do that. Wanna test me?

Marv! Run this fuckin' news... Okay. All right.

I got it from Montreal, from a source there.

I know his name, his m.o., everything.

You know we won't confirm this. You just did.

Gimme the gun.

Huh? Why?

Just gimme the gun.

{ Lowell } Where you goin'?

Where you goin'? You ain't gonna do it.

Gimme a fuckin' break. { Screams } No!

Goddamn it!

You swore, man, on our mother... that you weren't gonna kill anybody.

Things have changed. They don't want us, they want him.

I'm not gonna let this happen.

Milo, give me the gun. No.

Give me back the fuckin' gun. No, no.

Give me the fuckin' gun! No!

We got things to do. Are you with us or not? Go fuck yourself!

Hey! Aaah!

Enough! We don't have time to deal with this fuckin' shit!

You promised me you'd see this through, no matter what your brother said.

{ Cell Phone Rings }

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

{ Approaching Siren }

{ Cell Phone Rings }

Yeah. Right now? Okay.

They're going in in 15 minutes. Come on!

All right. It's happening.

{ Groaning, Screaming }

{ Continues Groaning }

Where the fuck is he off to?

Where you goin'?

I don't want any part of this, so...

I'm turnin' myself in.

{ Hammer Cocks }

Don't make me fuckin' do it.

{ Uncocks Hammer }

I'm gonna get us outta this.

{ Bell Clanging }

Get the fuck out.

Come on, let's go. Get the fuck out!

All right!

Go! Jesus!

{ All Shouting }

You're a fuckin' liar, you know? Quiet!

You're gonna kill us. Please don't! Please!

No! { Blow Lands }

{ Sobbing } No! Quiet!


Boss? Huh? What?

Why'd you do this?


I wasn't gonna shoot you.

{ Whispering } Why? Why?

Come on.

Come on, I'm gonna get you outta this.

Come on. Did you actually think I was gonna shoot you?

I was gonna get us out of this. All you had to do was shut your fuckin' eyes.

Come on.

{ Sobs }

{ Sniffling }

You can't do this.

Oh, God.

Please, please make him stop.

You can't do this. Listen to your brother.

He was right.

{ Sobbing } You can't do this, you can't be a part of all this...

This murder! Shut up!

Hail, Mary, full of grace... Stop fuckin' prayin'!

The Lord is with thee... Stop it!

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed... Mom.

Is the fruit of thy...

{ Sobs }

What did you say?

{ Sobbing } He's my boy.

My boy.

{ Footsteps }

Danny and me won't say nothin'.

We won't say nothin', you know, about what's happened here tonight.

{ Stammers }

Jack said he would talk, but we didn't.

A-And we won't. We won't.

We won't say anything.

Right, Danny? Right.


Please. Your brother...

Your brother said this was wrong, and he couldn't do it.

I swear. I swear.

{ Sniffs }

You wanna live? Yes.

That's not good enough.

N-No... Why isn't it enough? Please.

You gotta mean it.

You two wanna live...

{ Chamber Clicks }

{ Bullets Clatter To Floor }

{ Sniffs }

{ Snaps Barrel Shut } then you do it.

{ Sniffs }

Do it.

Oh, my God.

{ Gunshot }

There's been a gunshot at Dino's Bar and Grill.

Okay, this is it. Go in now.

{ Grunts, Groans }

{ Machine Gun Fire }

{ Reporter } And yes, there's been lots of gunfire.

Looks to me as if people are coming out now.

Cut back to the studio. I'll be back to you, Phil. What happened inside?

{ Coughing }

{ Continues Coughing }

{ Coughs }

{ Reporters Chattering }

{ Reporter } Are you happy with the way the A.T.F. Handled this?

How does it feel to be a hero?

What? I asked you how it feels to be a hero.

He's not a hero.

I'm sorry. What do you mean by that?

I think what he means is... that... none of us are.

{ Reporters Continue Chattering, Shouting }

{ Reporter } Tell us what happened.

{ Browning } I'm so happy to see that you're alive and well.

We're gonna get you to the hospital.

{ Ferguson } An ending to this siege that began between 2:00 and 4:00 this morning.

We still do not have an official death toll, but there are three survivors.

She may say none of them are heroes, but a lot of us feel differently.

With three survivors out of seven hostages taken, they were certainly all heroes to get out of this situation alive and well.

No one but them knows what that was like.