Alena (2015) Script

Oak Hill School holds a long tradition.

It's not for the best, but for those who give their best.

As we say at the school.

She gives her best.

We don't normally accept students mid- term.

But we've made an exemption for you.

Since the public school didn't work out.

I'm certain it will work out fine.

Alena was never the one who stalled the problems at her old school.

To be social is vital at this school. You understand that?

She would like to join the lacrosse team. Isn't that right?

It could be a good way to get to know the other girls.

Since you can't live here at the school, Lena.

Alena. Her name is Alena.

A regular n-gon inscribed in a circle oi radius r.

What is the length of each octagon segment?


For any triangle with side lengths a, b and C.

Where angle C is the angle opposite side length c.

Filippa. Stop chattering.

I was just asking Cissi for help. That's hardly chattering.


Watch out you retard. Next time I won't hold back. Got it Lollo?

I'm sorry.

Great girls. Keep it up and the cup finals will be an easy win.

Three minutes break.

I refuse to play in these uniforms.

They're ugly and they stink.

There's nothing wrong with them. They're newly washed.

Then smell for yourself.

Filippa, please Filippa.

Smell them.

Go on and smell!

Maybe they smell a bit. I'll wash them again.

Drink some water now. We start again soon.

New bracelet Filippa?

It's from Paris. Designerjewelry.

Where did you buy it? Bought it?

I got it. From the designer.

Went to celebrity parties. And he was there.

Hello Filippa.

You girls are really good.

How was Paris? I heard you were there last weekend.

So you heard that.

I always wanted to go to Paris.


What was that about? Who does she think she is?

Fabienne look at my bracelet.

Nice... What are you up to?

I mean, last time was quite good.

If you say so...

You can't cross the field while we play.

Sorry, I didn't mean to.

I you wouldn't be so poor, we wouldn't have to play in old rags.

Do you get that?


Would she just burst already?

I want to talk to you. Come!

This is good. No it isn't.

Are you ok? It was nothing.

It was just a ball so...

Do you play? Lacrosse? No I don't.

It's a bit too brutal for me.

I hope to join the team next semester.


Stay out of there.

I neverjoined any team at any school.

You went to many schools?

Enough to know what it's like not to know anyone.

Girls. Girls. Sorry I said five minutes.

If you had any inkling of what Alena has been through, you wouldn't be so mean.

What? What has she been through?

You know I can get you suspended from the lacrosse team.

I'm our best player and the finals are coming up.

I don't care if you loose.

The question is if you want that on your conscience.

But it's not my fault it she walks in the middle of the field.

This is your last warning. Leave Alena alone.

Can I have a drag?

I hardly recognize you.

But the uniform suits you.

In some perverse way.


But I hardly fit in. Even though it's nice to be out of Central High.

Try to lit in. Then they'll like you. Dye your hair blond.

Yeah right.

It will be so cool!

Come on. I'll help you.

Josef in? Wait!


You are crazy.

Fuck that, stand guard instead.


What's going on? It was a thief.

She ran that way.


I'll prepare it.

Working late. Love Mum.

Before Paris, I think we should go to Greece and rent a boat.

What do you think about that?

Sounds good.

How long should I leave this in?

Just a while.

At Filippa's blog she says an agent contacted her in Paris. And said she had it.

You believe in that?

She wrote that she wasn't interested anyway.

She wants to work in finance instead.

Is she so full of herself that she tell for that old trick?

Prostitution is the closest to finance she will ever get.

It's ready.

I'm sure Filippa is quite nice once I get to know her.

There. Done.

What the hell have you done?

It's beautiful.

Be careful with those.

Don't destroy your princess hair!

I look like a freak!

I thought you'd like it. I'll get a hell in school.

You're so much better than them.

Leave me alone!

Hi Dad. Just to let you know we made it to the finals.

Thought you might wanted to know.

Call me when you hear this. Kisses.

“The subscriber can't be reached“.

Can you learn to pick up alright.


Is someone there?

I could have died if it hit the head. Which it basically did.

Who threw it?

Someone from Central High. A terrorist.

You saw them?

You know what kind of people who go there? Immigrants and psychos.

It's creepy.

Someone's at the door?

Sorry I'm late.

Now what has she done? She's pathetic.

What is that, a cry for help? - More like the last warning before a school massacre.

It's always a bullied looser with black hair.

And then, "We never expected it from a nerd like her."

Give me any class picture and I'll pick them out.

I swear that she threw the rock.

Great Lena!

Lena? Lena!

I heard that you are interested in Lacrosse?

The team could use someone like you.

It's supposed to be an elegant sport I can be elegant.

You can come tomorrow. If you got time, and want to.

I'd love to.

I'm not gonna tell if that's what you're thinking.

Or maybe that's what you want?

So this is your hide-out? I didn't know I was wanted.


Yeah right.

Seriously. It is.

It's different, I like it, It's different, I like it, I took the scissors and closed my eyes. But thanks.

It's so nice with someone with their own style. Someone who doesn't look like everyone else.

"I'm so hot with my ponytail and pearl earrings.“"

What are you up to now?

Nothing special. Why?

Seems like Fabienne and Alena have become best friends.

They can't have anything in common.

I don't understand what Fabienne sees in that retard.

Do you? You that are so close.

We better hurry before the Red Army catches us.

Did you name them that? Maybe.

I like it.

I can't believe he said that. Elegant.


You can't say that about Filippa.

She is everything but elegant.

Here we are.

Do you play? Sometimes I only got tea or cognac.

I'll have some tea.

It's my dad's. He travels a lot with work.

We have moved thousands of times.

Why aren't you with him now? I wanted to live here for awhile.

To find some peace. And to focus on my studies.

But dad made sure I didn't have to share a room. It's quite good.

A friend and I had plans to travel next summer.

If we can get enough money.

We want to take a train through Europe.

All the way down to Greece.

And there we would get on a boat. And finally... Paris!

Would? Have you changed your mind?

We will never save enough money.

I've got to go.

What? We just got here?

I've promised to help my mum.

Damn you looked impressed. What are you talking about?

The snail-trail can be seen from miles away.

Josef in, wait.

I think she is nice. Not like everyone else.

I heard that someone threw a rock at Filippa last night.

It almost hit her head.


It's probably someone who she has treated like shit.

What goes around comes around.

Will he let herjoin the team?

I wouldn't be surprised. That shrink does anything for her.

But it's our team. Alena doesn't get that.


Lollo now!

Alena is really good. Don't you think?


Would be a shame it she took your place in the team.

A real shame.

Great game today.


It was fun. - Keep it up and you'll soon be in the team.

You have all the qualities that we've been missing.

You think so?

I know so.



Where is everyone?

Alena. Aren't you going to shower?

We asked if you're not going to shower?

What's the problem? Are you a prude?

It's about time to wash oft that sweat after your little show today.

Are you trying to get away?

You stink.

Who do you think you are?

Thinking you can join OUR team.

Please let me go!

You're going to shower like the rest of us. Hold her!

L0ll0 NOW!

You think you can get away with anything, just because that pregnant cow is helping you.

What's so damned special about you?

Let me guess. You're a fucking psycho right?

I bet you set fire to your last school.

Or something worse?

Here Lollo. You can have her.

What are you bitching about? Don't you like pussy?

You don't know how? There's something wrong with you?

Maybe you don't know how to do it?

You can use this.

Go ahead and bend her up!

Come on, turn on the lights.

Lollo, prove that you are worthy to play in the team.

Lollo, prove that you are worthy to play in the team.

Can we just get this over with?

How's it going you little coward?

Can't you just play along?

You don't stink like they said you do.

Go on! Make her enjoy it.



Hello, Lollo? What's going on?

What have you done? You are so dead you fucking cunt!

What's going on?

Cissi said she assaulted Filippa and Lollo.

Come Alena.

She assaulted me. I am totally beaten up!

And how can I work as a model with a freak nose!!

Calm down. Otherwise I'll suspend you from the team.

You can't do that. I'm the victim here. Not her.

And my parents actually pay for the school Not hers...

You are excused now.

They locked her up. Lena refuses to give her version.

I know Alena is innocent. Our pupils are not to be week.

”Aren't you gonna shower? "”You stink" We have to report this. No.

We deal with this internally. Agreed? "Just who do you think you are?"

I was going to suggest that Lena join the lacrosse team.

That better wait for now. Maybe that's just what Alena needs.

She's got real potential for the team.

“You are a psycho.“ Lena? Lena?

You may join the team.

But one more incident like this, and you are out.

From the school as well.


You were lucky in there. I hope you understand that.

The girls assaulted me. Not the other way around.

Yes I understand. But that's not a reason to fight.

Maybe sometimes one must.

Violence is not the solution.

Do you understand how much I've done for you?

You know just as well as I do, that is was not easy to get you admitted.

They were sceptic and didn't want "problems".

But I believed in you. And I still do Alena.

Alena! I heard what happened.

Alena wait!

If you're lucky she might drop a shoe.

You're making a fool of yourself.

Haven't you had enough for one day Filippa?

What do you actually know about her?

She had to change school. And now a shrink looks after her.

If someone needs a psychologist... Come with me and find out.


If I wouldn't have shown up it would have gone bad. - I don't wanna talk about it.

I should have kicked her hard.

You don't understand shit.

Fucking crap lighter!

What do you mean by that?

You just ruin everything.

I helped you. You should be grateful.

You follow me. It's not normal.

You just make everything worse. Like always.

Do you remember when we first met? You just stood there.

Longing for someone to notice you.

I saw you.

No one will ever want to be with you.

It's not true!


You got Fabienne now.

To hang out with.

You will never stand a chance with her.

See for yourself.

You see?

They are from the same world. Their world.

Not yours.

But fuck them.

Let them continue with their inbreed.

Listen to Josef in.

It's you and I Alena.

You and I forever.


What are you doing here? May I come in?

How did you get here?

I've been stalking you for weeks now. Should I call the police then?

You can always try, but I cut the wires.

Are you hiding something?


Who's this? A friend.

A friend? What's her name?

Do you think you are charming when you do this?

Sorry. Bad morning temper.

It's better once I've eaten.

What do you feel like doing?

I think you should eat first.

I'm not sure if I wanna hang out if you're acting all weird.

They said you might get suspended. What will dad say?

Mum, I told you it wasn't my fault!

I don't have time to talk...

Bitch. I hate you.

So, how's life?


Fabienne is not picking up. Do you think she is with that retard?

What retard? Alena of course.

I went to Central High. On your own? Isn't that like dangerous?

Tessan? What are you doing?

Why did you do that?

She had a best friend, Josef in.

Who committed suicide.

That explains a few things.

Now I got you Tessan!

What's the score?

What are you doing?! Sorry we're playing croquet.

Tessan what are you doing?


Hello, are you still there?

Is that more important than what I got to say?

Watch out! I don't know how to play.

You show no mercy. It's because you suck.

You're cheating. You have a different controller. Let's switch.

I want a re-match.

It's been six months since she died.

How are you feeling?


Do you often think of Josef in?

Will you visit her grave?

She wouldn't appreciate that.

Why not?

Sooner or later we need to talk about what happened.

You have to process it in order to move on.

Well played Alena.

Let's finish for today.

Remember to stretch, we don't want any injuries.

You played well today.


We're not sure if Filippa will be suspended yet.

I wonder if you want to be a reserve, if she can't play.


Is she gonna be in the team? Yes but it's not my decision.

Don't make a scene now Filippa, it will just get worse.

Just wait until my dad hears about this.. Seriously!

Filippa! Don't get angry now.

Filippa take it easy.

Hey! Sorry about Fabienne.

Her dad called and said she was assaulted yesterday.

And now she is hospitalized.

Strange how no one told you.

But then again. Maybe you can't afford a phone.

It was insane, Alena.

From out of nowhere, this lunatic just appeared.

And wanted to stab me, with a knife or something,

How is school?

Filippa is still stupid.

I play lacrosse.

I might get to play in the finals.

Great. That's what you want.

Why did you attack Fabienne? - It's not my fault it she can't ride a bike.

She should get another bike. You are insane.

Did she look as cocky now as when she left your house?

Shut up!

I don't need you. Do you get that?

You just want to control me.

Go to hell.

Josef in wait.


It's not like we'll never see each other again.

You just want to get rid of me. You're such a fake Alena.

No I'm not.

But we have to move on.

I'm gonna make it easy for you.

For the cup finals I want the following players to start Linda J. Alexandra R. Alena S. Annika B. Annika W. Victoria S. Cecilia B.

Tessan A. And Kim W.

What about Filippa?

This can't be true.

One of the teachers threatened to talk with the board.

Regarding bullying - Hazing.

I am sure you understand the situation. But I am the best player.

You may very well be.

But our decision stands firm.

Wait until my Dad hears about this.

Your dad had no objections. That's not true.

In fact, He thought is could be good for you.

To build character.

Skank. How do you spell that?

I get to play in the finals.

And Filippa is suspended.

Will you come and watch? Yes of course.

Alena. Yes?

I really like you.

I like you too.


I was thinking, after the game, maybe we can do something.

Absolutely. Like what?

Maybe we could travel somewhere.

My dad has an apartment in Paris.

And we could borrow it.

I know you want to go.

So we could go during the holidays. And just hide.

Paris? Are you kidding?

I mean if you want to. Yes.

If you come to the game.


Of course.



You were so good!

I didn't think you would make it.

I'd never miss this.

You were so good. I am proud of you.

Let's go to the party right away.

Food stamp trash people.

Some more Rum and coke!


Alright! Easy Alena.

Fabienne! Hey!

Are you Alena?


This is Nicholas and this is Lina.


My dad got that job in Brazil.

What about us?

Tonight's the night!

Too bad we have to hang with each other all night.




What are you doing? I've revealed her.

I got evidence.

Alena is a school massacre freak.

I mean just look at these drawings.

Stop it.

What are you doing? You embarrass yourself.

No I don't.

You don't understand who she really is!

I have the evidences that she is a fucking lunatic.

I'll show you then...

Want to get UP?

They really miss us...

Nice huh?

It's pictures of, you and your friend...


Not these!


There she is.

Sexy pictures.

I've found a letter from your friend.

Josef in.

Do you remember when we had a sleepover.

And we got so drunk.

That night is my best memory of you.

Before I realized what a fake cunt you are.

I thought we had something special. But you used me.

I overheard you talking about changing schools.

To that posh private school.

Is it to get rid of me? To get new friends?

New rich friends?

Good Luck!

They will know you are a freak.

Was she the one who killed herself?

Her friend is dead. Because Alena is a psycho!

Stop her.

Alena. You know why I'm the best at lacrosse?

Because I can strike harder than anyone.

And since you almost broke my nose, we can make it even now.

What are you doing?!

Just run!

You don't belong here! Just get it!


I think you should leave. What?!

Cissi? Tessan?

Filippa it's best if you leave.

Are you serious?!

You are such fakes!

I was the only one who tried to stop that freak!

You are all a bunch of cunts!

I hate you all so much!

You are so dead now.

Do you understand what you've done?

I'm gonna kill you!

No one will ever recognize you again.

Everything would've been fine if you had stayed at your crap school.

I would have won the finals instead of you!

Die! Just die!

I hate you so damn much.

I hate everyone at this shitty school.


Show me that you are something.

Instead of that take little,

What have you done?

That didn't go to well.

Stop it... I can't take it anymore.

I just can't... I want it to be like before.

Before you tried to be like everyone else?

Yes like then.

How could you ever believe you could be like them?

Why did you kill Filippa?

I haven't done anything.

I'm dead. Than I can't kill others.

Stop lying!

I saw you!

Are you going to kill me with those?

With what?



Poor Alena...

What if she knew what you've done...

I hate you!

Leave me alone.

How many times do you have to die to get it?

I hate you.

Can't you just die...


As you want.

Come on Alena.

If you want to get rid of me just do it!

It's up to you. Go on.

Do it.

You don't dare...

You are so pathetic.

It's you and I, Alena.

You and I forever.

You don't dare.

You think you can be like them? Just leave!

Do it.

You don't belong here!

Listen to Josefine.

You and I forever.

I hate you!



What have you done?


We need an ambulance.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

Everything will be fine.

The ambulance will be here soon.

Everything will be fine...